Communism and Paranoia by cuiliqing


									    Communism and Paranoia
 The Cold War was fought with
  propaganda, espionage (spies),
  economic, and political pressure and
  some armed conflict.
 Plus there was the ever
  present fear of
  nuclear war
The Cold War Comes to Canada
Sept 1945 – Igor Gouzenko was a
Russian working in the Soviet Embassy in
He defected – (deserted his country)
  and asked the Canadian government to
  protect him and his family
gave the government secret files revealing
  Russian spies in the
  Canadian, US and British Government
  were stealing important information, like the
  plans for building the atomic bomb.
 Result
   fear of communism and communists (the
  “Red Menace”) spread
  Fighting the Spread of Communism
1947 – Truman Doctrine
 US policy to support people around the world
  who were being threatened by communism.
 The US foreign policy to
  stop the spreading of communism by providing
  economic aid and military support.
Marshall Plan
 Goal – give money to European countries to
  help rebuild and help them resist the advance of
 Canada and US sent billions in money and
  equipment to Europe
                  Berlin Airlift
The city of Berlin had also been split into 4 zones.
  Problem: The allies could only get to Berlin
  through Soviet controlled East Germany
June 1948
   USSR blockaded the route to Berlin, an act of
The West airlifted food into Berlin for 15 months.
Result :
 Allies believed that a stronger military
  presence in Europe was necessary to
  prevent Soviet expansion.
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Canadian PM Louis St Laurent – encouraged
   an alliance of democratic countries in the North
   Atlantic region.
Result - 1949 -- NATO
   North Atlantic Treaty Organization was
it was agreed that an attack on one member
   was an attack on all.
Members of NATO
US       Canada      France     Britain    Holland
Italy    Iceland     Portugal   Belgium    Greece
Turkey   Spain       Denmark    Norway
West Germany     Luxembourg
Building Defences against
1949 – Mao Zhedong, communist revolutionary,
  took control of China and his opponents,
  supported by the US, fled to Taiwan.
USSR announced it had discovered the atomic

 Arms Race
 competition between USSR and US to build
  nuclear weapons
1955 -- USSR -- angered by the formation of NATO,
                formed the Warsaw Pact
 Members of the Warsaw Pact
  USSR Czechoslovakia Romania Hungary
  Poland East Germany       Albania     Bulgaria
DEW Line – Distant Early Warning
to protect against attacks by long
  range bombers, the US built radar
  stations in the North.
  first time that US military personnel were
  stationed on Canadian soil

 North American
Aerospace Defence
1957 – USSR launched Sputnik I, first rocket into
Could travel higher, farther, and faster than bombers
  and could carry nuclear warheads.
New intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs)
  were built and could reach a North American city in
  30 mins.
May 12, 1958 – US and Canada established a joint
  air defence called NORAD
North American Aerospace Defence Command
fighters, missile bases, radar all controlled from a
   central command base in US.
  The Red Scare in North America
United States
US Congress formed
  “Committee on Un-American Activities”
led by Senator Joseph McCarthy
Goal -- to find any communists
became a “witch hunt”
  anyone suspected of being a Communist
  could be persecuted, fired, blacklisted
  (prevented from getting a job)
PM Louis St. Laurent
 refused to outlaw communism because
 it was not democratic (was against freedom of
  speech), but an RCMP special branch kept an
  eye on anyone thought to be a communist.
Premier Maurice Duplessis
 feared communism and hated unions.
“Padlock Law”
  police allowed to raid places in search of
  “revolutionary material” and shut down any
  organizations and newspapers thought to
  be communist.

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