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									        Abstracts of Graduation Project I MCCS390-32121, 32222 in 2006/2007 2nd semester

A1. Experiment on Intrusion Detection System
Today, the network is most important for business, many kind of hacker want to steal personal
information through the Internet. We want to know how the attacker attack and how the
webmaster defends the attacker attack in detail. For this reason, we had chose this project
which title was suggested by Angus Wong .The title of the project is “Experiments on Intruder
Detection System”. “Experiment” means that our project do not programming many things
just like writing a lot of functions, a beautiful graphical user interface or show the powerful,
useful on business result . We try to use a software call “SNORT” and show what we can
understand. How the “SNORT” uses and shows the result like a testing way.

A2. Student academic performance analysis system
Today, both teachers and school principal regard student score analysis as an important means
to monitor teaching and learning quality. However, traditional student score management
system lacks support in this aspect and teachers have to perform their analysis manually.

Our system generates statistical summary with graphs to help teachers and administrators to
analyze student performance. It provides interactive reports to reveal the score distribution
and trend of a specified subject in a class, a report to compare the scores of different subjects
in a class (e.g. F.1 A), and a report to identify underperforming students in the whole grades
(e.g. all classes of F.1). The system can also import scores from Microsoft Excel files.

A3. Student portal - assignment submission system
In the past, students can’t conveniently submit their assignment until now. Just only have
about the computer assignment widely through the Internet to submit. So we suppose to
design a program that allows students to use this program to submit their assignments. That is
in electronic version.

This program will run in the web server. Students need to go to this web page and login their
student ID and password before they can get access to the functions. They can see all subjects
that need to accomplish in this semester. So they can click on the course and entering the
corresponding page. This page shows how many assignments they need to finish and submit.
In the teacher side, teacher login and they can see another subject set the time to compare.
They can design their subject and the assignments for submission. They can also select the
time if the students fail to submit before the due date.

           Abstracts of Graduation Project I MCCS390-32121, 32222 in 2006/2007 2nd semester

A4. Bluetooth Remote Control
Nowadays, mobile phones have many functions, e.g. communication, media player, digital
camera. In addition, many mobile phones support wireless communication protocol and J2ME
programmability. This makes it possible to turn the phones into networked computing

This project implements a remote control for a personal computer through the wireless
Bluetooth network. After connection, the user can use the mobile phone to control the mouse
and send hot keys to a PC application. This can be used, for example, to control a slide
playback in Microsoft PowerPoint.

B1. Electronic Document Delivery System
This project is to provide integrity and non-repudiation services to storage system. Our
system provides digital signing and verification services to users on the utility of electronic
certificate so that files stored in our server are all digitally signed. It is a client-server based
system with web interface for easy management. An applet on the client side handles signing
and verification tasks. While in the server side, a well organized file system is to maintain
files for clients at different levels. Our solution facilitates and encourages digital signature at
file storage in existing network systems.

B2. Denial-of-Service experiment: Syn-flooding
Our project implements a Linux Kernel Module (LKM) that launches SYN-flooding attack to
targets in a network. SYN-flooding attack is to make a target running out of network
resources by creating unexpected amount of traffic with faulty TCP/SYN packets so that it
can't work properly. If it is a server, it would be unavailable to serve its client. Two types of
flooding attacks are experimented in this project: SYN-flooding and reflective flooding. The
concept of SYN-flooding is to half open connections with the target without completing TCP
three-way handshaking process. Reflective flooding will masquerade a 3rd party to open
connections with the target. It also results in not completing the handshaking process so that
the target is withheld. We also observe that the impact to the target varies depending on its OS
types. A simple evaluation work is included.

        Abstracts of Graduation Project I MCCS390-32121, 32222 in 2006/2007 2nd semester

B3. Web Based On-line Questionnaire System
There have been dramatic advances in the development of web-based questionnaire. Our
project provides a whole process at designed question and check questionnaire reporting.
Unlike other types of traditional questionnaire, web page design skills and computer
programming expertise play a significant role in the design of Web-based questionnaire. We
need difference web program language such as ASP (server side), JAVA script (client side)
and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) those three technical languages are combined our web
questionnaire. Our project must be integrated and inventible for each user, difference invalid
input also take care of web program. Our project topic is web questionnaire, but not just a
questionnaire on web. We need provide integrates questions and answers creator, thought the
SMTP spread our questionnaire, and use programming calculates our report data is advantage
for web questionnaire. So we create a unique design questionnaire interface for user, SMTP
service, e-mail address book, four difference report types function and some convenient page

B4. SMS Broadcast System
In case of sending SMS by the mobile phone, this program can be sent the SMS over the
computer. It can be more easily to send the SMS. Beside, while staying at the foreign, the
payment of the SMS is more expensive, since it will charge the payment for oversea, however,
while using this program, the payment will charge as a local payment, since it is through the
internet to reach the local operator, so money will be saved. Also, it has a function for
recording phone list. Normally the phone list is limited from the mobile phone. However, it
has much more among space to manage the phone list data.

B5. Firewall in Linux
Nowadays many devices that are working on the Linux operation system, such as IP router,
NAS (Network Attached storage). They are important services but only require comparatively
less resources in the system. In the projective study the reuse of out dated machines to provide
such network services. Our project focuses on sliming up a open source stable operating
system, Linux, for a specific services in the network. We have implemented a network
firewall that filters traffic by the iptables as it is task-oriented, our Linux system build up by
installing software package step by step, it’s size is 65 mb in the final.

        Abstracts of Graduation Project I MCCS390-32121, 32222 in 2006/2007 2nd semester

B6. Pocket Wikipedia
Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia on the Internet, is becoming more and more popular today. It
provides a place for people to share and obtain knowledge and information. However,
imagine the case when people want to read some Wikipedia articles while they are on trip, or
when there is no online computer nearby. This project provides a portable solution where
users can read interesting Wikipedia articles in their PDAs without going online.

In brief, our system offers the following functions:
    Users can search and browse the articles of Wikipedia.
    They can bookmark their favorite articles and download them as a package to their PC.
    They can export these articles to their PDAs for offline reading.

In addition to the selected articles, our system will pre-fetch articles referred by the user’s
selection. These articles will be trimmed and simplified for easier reading on the PDAs.

B7. Course Syllabus Publishing
In this project, we developed a Course Syllabus Management System, C.S.M.S. It is a course
syllabus management system. It performs high efficiency of course syllabus management
functions includes creating new course outline, modifying and deleting existing course outline.
Moreover, C.S.M.S also provides output function for publishing the course outline into web
document and MS Word document. By using XML for building the structure of the course
outline, the course outline is extendable and standardized. Different templates can be built for
different formats of course outlines.

C.S.M.S. helps lecturers to generate standardized format of course syllabus and output with
the same layout with different according to different courses, so they can have their
standardized course outline which can be opened and print in MS Word and browser.

        Abstracts of Graduation Project I MCCS390-32121, 32222 in 2006/2007 2nd semester

B8. RFID Technology. Experiments on EMSS (Electronic Management Stock System)
RFID Technology is very convenience and simple to handle each goods. RFID system can
detected each goods automatic. We don’t need to touch the goods. But bar code system that
have to need touch by manual. That is not convenience that than RFID. Although RFID
system cost is expensive than Bar code. But RFID can help customer to reduce cost and lost
goods. Now there is many company have used RFID system for their inventory, car park,
body, animal, etc.

We will introduce RFID how to process for each goods. First, we need to assign a code for
the goods. The information will be saved into computer or server after the tags is scan by
reader. Later we can check back the goods in internet or server. RFID function can be
detected in anywhere by automatic when reader install a tag with antenna.

B9. Timetable Management System
In this report, we would introduce an application system named “Timetable management
system”. Through this system, administrative staff can enter class information and the system
can perform basic error checking, e.g. time conflict. In addition, students and academic staff
can look up their timetable in real-time, print that out in PDF format, or export the class
information to Google Calendar in iCalendar format. In order to ensure stable performance
and low costs of the system, we have utilized PHP, MySQL, Apache and CSS in its

        Abstracts of Graduation Project I MCCS390-32121, 32222 in 2006/2007 2nd semester

B10. Active Lifestyle Web Calendar
Active Lifestyle Web Calendar is the most powerful calendar compare with all the open
source web calendar because it allows you to access in the calendar schedule for a group of
person (multi-user function). If one company doesn’t need for most of the staffs coming to
work in office, such as Insurance company and Design Programming Company, active
lifestyle web calendar is your best choice as working partner. We can login into the web
calendar at your home or anywhere else by authorizing your username and password only,
and then you are able to see everyday schedules posted if there are some necessary things
should be announced. Each staffs has assigned in different privileges; for admin level, it is the
most powerful privileges as it allows you to read write and modify. For manager level, it is
the second powerful privileges as it allow you to read and write. For employee level, it allows
you to read only.

We are choosing this topic as our graduation project because the business field is becoming
computerized. Most of the company working with Outlook Express as their contact
application, as I think the dependence in Outlook Express is not quite completed and perfect.
It allows you to lost the data easily if the network is broken. In my point of view, it should be
replaced by Active Lifestyle Web Calendar because it is more activate and you can go
through in the website at anytime you like. Also, the inference is designed in user friendly
field, no matter you are the first time to come for joining our web calendar, you would easy to
understand and take control on it


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