“A Night at the Oscars” by jizhen1947

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     The St. Raphael
     Inaugural Gala &

       “A Night at
     the Oscars”
      March 12, 2011

      1513 Dunster Road
           Rockville, MD

                                Table of COntentS

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Schedule of Events.............................................................................................. 2
Letter from Fr. Jim Meyers................................................................................... 3
Acknowledgments.............................................................................................. 4
Auction Rules ....................................................................................................... 5
Room Layout........................................................................................................ 8
Teacher Gifts and School Items......................................................................... 9
Wine, Spirits and Libations ................................................................................ 12
Jewelry and Gifts............................................................................................... 14
Pamper and Relax ............................................................................................ 19
Photography and Paintings ............................................................................. 21
Family Fun........................................................................................................... 22
Services............................................................................................................... 26
Travel................................................................................................................... 29
Out on the Town................................................................................................ 31
Sign-Up Parties ................................................................................................... 33
Sports .................................................................................................................. 36
Home and Garden ........................................................................................... 39
Live Auction Items ............................................................................................. 40

             Schedule of Events

6:30            Red Carpet Arrival

6:30-7:45       Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails
                Silent auction bidding
                Raffle sales

7:45-8:00       Slideshow: new educational building and
                St. Raphael community

8:30            Drawing for iPad

9:00            Drawing for the front pew at Christmas
                Eve Mass

7:45-9:15       Dinner served (movie themed stations)
                Silent bidding continues

9:15-9:30       Live auction

9:30-11:00      Dessert and dancing






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The Oscar goes to…                                                                    Credits
The 2011 Inaugural Gala Committee would like to thank                   The 2011 Inaugural Gala Committee &
                                                                               Supporting Actors
everyone who made tonight’s production an evening to
remember. In addition to the donations noted in the                    Producers
                                                                       Lilly Brotons
Silent and Live Auction sections of this program, the
                                                                       Claire Drummond
following friends of St. Raphael made generous                         Kate Flaherty
donations:                                                             Christine Maloney
 Thomas E. Gill II and Betty J. Gill
Lucille F. Kessler                                                     MJ Garcia
Mateusz & Grazyna Konieczny                                            Maryann Kearns
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Maier
Joseph & Bernardine Matelis                                            Michael Rose
Elizabeth Myracle
                                                                       Set Design
Dr. & Mrs. James F. O'Donnell
                                                                       Michelle Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. William O'Sullivan                                        Kim Manthei
Martha W. Piper
                                                                       Food on Location
Teresa A. Salsgiver
                                                                       Ellen Sullivan
Raffle Donation—iPAD Jackie and Patrick Smith                          Caroline Washko
                                                                       Corcoran Catering
All the little people –The students of St. Raphael School for
their loving construction of the fabulous class projects!              Script Production
                                                                       (aka. The Program)
                                                                       Nora Fitzpatrick

And we’d like to thank the Academy                                     (aka. The Slide Presentation)
                                                                       Nora Fitzpatrick and Robert Stephens
•      The families of St. Raphael Parish and School for their
       enthusiastic support of the New Educational Building.           Behind the Scenes
•      All of St. Raphael’s staff, current and past, who have joined   Class Projects
       together to create the warm and welcoming atmosphere            Chris Beall
                                                                       Ginger Browning
       we know and love at St. Raphaels.                               Colleen Opack
•      The St. Raphael’s clergy for their support and guidance.        Raffles
•      Mrs. Teri Dwyer for her shining example of perseverance,        Lee DePont
                                                                       Emily Shaw Hannapel
       warmth and optimism.
•      All of you for celebrating with us tonight!                     Extras
                                                              Eileen Donahue
                                                                       Beau Engman
                                                                       Mary Kreins
                                                                       Kim O’Connor
                “If You Build It, They Will Come.”                     Bridget Rascher
   Eternal thanks to Fr. Bill Finch for his dream of a new             Gerri Stoner
 educational building and to Fr. Jim Meyers for making it a            Gina Witt
        reality with all of your continued support.
                                                                       Allen Dudley - “Mr. D”


          Governing Rules of the Auction
•      Upon arrival, each guest will receive a bid card with an assigned number. The
       bidder number will be used for the purpose of placing bids for both the silent and
       live auctions as outlined below.

•      All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds will be allowed. Terms and restrictions,
       if any, vary for each item, so please read information carefully.

•      Each person issued a bidder number ("the buyer") assumes all risks associated with
       the auction. The buyer waives any claim to liability against St. Raphael Parish, its
       elected and appointed officials, members and employees, auctioneer, event
       organizers and volunteers ("St. Raphael"). Neither St. Raphael nor the donor of
       property or services is responsible for any personal injuries or damages to property
       that may result from the use of the property or services sold.

•      St. Raphael reserves the right to add or withdraw, without notice, auction items
       prior to purchase.

•      Though every attempt has been made to describe correctly items in the catalog,
       everything is sold "as is." St. Raphael shall not be held responsible for the accuracy
       of description or condition of the items.

•      Unless otherwise noted, all goods, services and certificates must be redeemed
       within one year of the auction date.

•      Buyer and donor will arrange mutually convenient dates for events and vacation
       accommodations, unless otherwise specified.

•      If more than one buyer is purchasing an item (e.g., two families are splitting the
       cost of a trip), full payment must be made by one buyer. Reimbursement
       between joint buyers is the responsibility of the parties involved.

•      All resort and private vacation homes are offered only to adults or minors
       accompanied by adults.

•      It will be the buyer’s responsibility to arrange for delivery of items purchased, if
       required, unless otherwise noted.

•      Payment in full for auction purchases must be made the evening of the
       Gala. Cashiers will be available after the live auction has ended. Buyers are
       encouraged to register their credit cards upon arrival to expedite the checkout
       process. Checks (payable to "St. Raphael Parish"), Visa, MasterCard and

           American Express will be accepted.

•          At checkout, the buyer will receive a receipt for purchases and will authorize
           those purchases to be charged to the buyer’s credit card.

•          All items must be removed from the auction premises the night of the Gala. Large
           or bulky items must be picked up at the school reception desk between 9 a.m.
           and 2 p.m. Monday, March 14, 2011. St. Raphael is not responsible for any items
           left for pickup after the Gala.

•          All alcoholic beverages purchased must be removed from the premises the night
           of the Gala.

                                    Silent Auction Rules
       •   Each item has a bid sheet listing the minimum acceptable bid and minimum raise.
           To place a bid, write your name and bidder number next to the amount you wish
           to bid on the bid sheet.

       •   Bids will already be printed in whole dollar amounts, and bidders will be required
           to meet the printed minimum raise.

       •   Bids, once recorded, cannot be withdrawn.

       •   There will be staggered closings of the silent auction categories shown on the
           floor plan. An announcement will be made before each closing.
           St. Raphael reserves the right to extend the closings.

       •   At the close of each silent auction category, the highest bidder recorded on
           each sheet is the winner of the item and is obligated to purchase the item for the
           amount bid.

       •   No bids will be accepted after the close of each category.

       •   On a highly contested item, St. Raphael reserves the right to modify the bidding

       •   All items will be held in the checkout area until paid for, receipts issued and


                                  Live Auction Rules
•      To bid in the live auction, raise your bid card in the air, with your bid number
       clearly facing the auctioneer. The highest bidder acknowledged by the
       auctioneer will be recorded as the buyer.

•      Bids, once recorded, cannot be withdrawn.

•      The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid that, in his or her opinion, is not
       commensurate with the value of the item being offered.

•      In the event of any dispute, the auctioneer shall determine the successful bidder.

•      The winning bidder will immediately receive for signature a Buyer’s Agreement,
       listing name and amount of winning bid.

•      A bidder representing a group assumes responsibility for full payment at the close
       of the auction. St. Raphael will not solicit payment from individual group

                                  Tax Information
You will be provided with a receipt for your auction purchases, which you may wish to
retain for tax purposes. Your receipt includes a good-faith estimate of the value of
the item, based on information provided by the donor. Unless otherwise specified, no
professional appraisals have been conducted, and St. Raphael is not responsible for
the accuracy of such valuations. The winner's payment generally is deductible for
federal income-tax purposes to the extent that the payment exceeds the fair market
value of the item. It is advisable to consult with your own tax advisor for definitive
advice regarding the deductibility of an individual item, permissible deductible
amount of any item, and documentation or other substantiation that may be required
for such deductions.




                   Stand and Deliver
             (Edward James Olmos, Lou Diamond Phillips; 1988)

                      Teacher Gifts and School Items

       100               Family Meeting with Professional Counselor
                         Donated by: Elinor Metz, St. Raphael School Guidance

                         Individual, parents only, or family group. Learn and practice
                         guidelines, ground rules and strategies that will increase the
                         likelihood of positive outcomes to your family meetings. One hour
                         session at counselor's private office in Rockville. (expires 6/30/11.)

       101              SRS Gift Bags
                        Donated by: St. Raphael School

                        Five (5) gift bags with a variety of SRS items Including tag day
                        certificate, tardy pass, lunch pass, homework pass, magnet car
                        sticker, mug, water bottle, golf bag, cookbook, cap, adult White,
                        Polo-golf shirt, adult zip sweatshirt, lunch bag, and grocery bag.

       102              One Week of Lunches Provided by the First
                        Grade Chefs, I Mean Teachers
                        Donated by: Lucy Mascola and Jen Polsky

                        No need to pack a lunch. Let the first grade team do the work. Mrs.
                        Mascola and Mrs. Polsky will provide a healthy lunch for your little
                        one all week. You didn't know they can do lunches too! Your child
                        will pick from a menu of their specialties to be delivered daily.
                        Lunches will include everything needed to satisfy your child's
                        hunger. As a real treat at the end of the week, your child will enjoy
                        their teacher-prepared lunch with the chefs themselves!

       103              St. R’s Chef for a Day
                        Donated by: Eileen Bell

                        St. Raphael’s Top Chef! Let your child try his/her hand as a top chef
                        with Mrs. Bell for the day! Your child will get a behind-the-scenes
                        tour of the kitchen where “it all happens.” Your child will help prep
                        for the school lunch and get to help serve up that lunch to all the
                        students and teachers. What a fun way to see what really goes on
                        preparing lunch and get a hands-on experience! Free hot lunch
                        included! Up to Five (5) children included.

       104   Mr. D Does Your Birthday Party!
             Donated by: Mr. D

             Surprise your child (or your spouse) with a party by the famous Mr.
             D. Do not worry about the entertainment or the festivities as Mr. D
             will take charge and take no prisoners! This package includes: two
             hours of Mr. D as the DJ and MC of the party, popcorn machine,
             cotton candy machine, and moon bounce. Need we say more!
             Your child will love you and you will love the ease of this party
             package. Just add kids. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Expires

       105   PE Teacher for a Day
             Donated by: Mr. D

             Talk about an experience! Let your child get a chance to be Mr. D
             for the day. Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and
             wears comfortable clothes for this one! Spend the day planning,
             teaching and “being” Mr. D. Your child will help Mr. D teach PE ALL
             day! Your child will also get to help pick the games for each class.
             Whether it is basketball, baseball, hockey or any other group
             game, this is a total score! Date to be decided upon. Expires

       106   Tech Support in Your Home
             Donated by: Gerri Stoner of Tech Angel

             SRS's personal Tech Angel will come to your home and clean up,
             tune up, and bless your personal computer. Up to 4 hours of "hands
             on" time!

       107   Dinner for You and Your Family Prepared by
             Patty Quinn
             Donated by: Patty Quinn

             Ms. Quinn will come to your home and prepare a gourmet meal for
             you and your family! You even get to choose the meal from a list of
             her specialties.

       108   Lunch for a Week
             Donated by: Maureen Owens

             Bon Appétit! Don't worry about making lunch for one entire week.
             Mrs. Owens (SRS Barefoot Contessa) will create an exquisite meal
             for your child each day for a week. How cool to have one of your
             child's teachers bring them lunch. This isn't bologna! The child can
             make suggestions but the final decision belongs to the chef. All
             allergies and dislikes will be factored into the menu. Expires
             5/13/2011. Specific week to be mutually decided upon.

       109   Dress Code for the Day
             Donated by: Teri Dwyer

             Decisions! Decisions! Let your child decide what to wear… for the
             entire school! As the winning bidder, your child will get to decide
             the dress code for a day. There are so many choices, Spirit Day,
             Sports Fan Day, PJs, Crazy Hat, Twin Day, Silly Socks, Backwards
             Day, Red, White and Blue Day, Crazy Hair Day and more! Let your
             little fashionista make the call! Your child will get to make the major
             announcement of the date and dress code at morning meeting
             one week before the actual day. Date to be decided and
             approved by Mrs. Dwyer. Applies to SRS only. Must be within the
             out-of-uniform guidelines in SRS Handbook.
       110   Red House Boat Bag Customized with
             St. Raphael School Logo
             Donated by: Sharon Discavage of The Initial Endeavor

             Red House boat bag with inside pockets and key hook customized
             with St. Raphael logo. A pocket monogram can be added at
             request of buyer.

       111   A Stadium Throw Customized with St. Raphael
             School Logo
             Donated by: Sharon Discavage of The Initial Endeavor

             Stay cozy at your favorite sporting event with this fleece throw
             customized with the St. Raphael school logo. Family name or
             monogram can be added after the Gala.

       112   Lands’ End Gift Pack
             Donated by: Lands’ End

             Handsome medium size zip top canvas Lands' End tote with the
             school logo and a $25 gift card.



       Days of Wine and Roses
             (Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick, and Jack Klugman; 1962)

                          Wine, Spirits, and Libations

       200                Private Wine Tasting for 10
                          Donated by: Sugarloaf Mountain Winery

                          Sugarloaf Mountain vineyard is Montgomery County's premiere
                          winery, situated in picturesque Dickerson, MD. Our award winning,
                          Bordeaux style wines are made and bottled in our state-of-the-art
                          winery. Please contact the tasting room within 2 weeks of the
                          auction close to validate the certificate.

       201                Six Bottles of Wine from Different Regions of
                          the World
                          Donated by: Denio and Martha Zara

                          Experience flavors from all around the world with these wines. Six
                          Bottles of wine from different regions of the world. Let the flavors
                          take you away! Basket includes a wrought iron bottle wine holder.

       202                Wine and Food Pairing Samples for Two in the
                          Linganore Winecellars Tasting Room and
                          Guided Tour
                          Donated by: Linganore Winecellars
                          Impress that special someone and be impressed yourself! Enjoy a
                          wine and food pairing samples for two in the Linganore
                          Winecellars Tasting Room & guided tour. Certificate is valid for
                          food & wine pairing weekends, 2011 only.

       203                Wine Decanters and Basket of Entertaining
                          Donated by: Tricia and Mike Rose

                          Let's get this party started. All the things you need to entertain
                          family and friends. Includes wine and wine accessories: nuts,
                          crackers, chocolate and much more.

       204    $50 Gift Certificate and Gift Basket to The
              Bottle Shop
              Donated by: The Bottle Shop

              So many wines, so many decisions. Not matter what the mood,
              these wines will only add flavor. Basket includes Santa Margherita
              Pinot Grigio, Marques de Tomares Crianza, Little Ragghi Crackers,
              2 Vosge Exotic Chocolate Bars and a $ 50 gift certificate to The
              Bottle Shop in Potomac.

       205    Wine Tour by Luxury Limousine
              Donated by: A Touch of Class Limousines

              Two tickets for one of A Touch of Class 2011 Group Maryland Wine
              Tours. The tours are 5 hours and include visiting up to three
              Maryland Wineries. Transportation is provided in a luxury limousine
              provided by A Touch of Class Limousines.

       206    Private Wine Tasting for 20
              Donated By: Total Wine and More

              What a remarkable opportunity! Treat your friends, family and
              fellow wine lovers to a private wine tasting for up to 20 people.
              Total Wine & More can fashion a private wine tasting which is
              certain to impress you and your guests. Select between a seated
              gathering with a class style atmosphere or a walk around event,
              where your guests cannot only learn about the wines they taste
              but are also able to mingle. Total Wine & More will provide eight
              hand-selected wines, stemware, an educational handout for
              tasting notes and a private room within our store. One of our wine
              experts will be on hand to present and discuss each delicious wine
              featured during your two-hour private wine tasting.

       207    Wine Basket for Any Occasion
              Donated by: St. Raphael's Pro-Life Committee

              Wine for thought! Think about this basket as you end a long week
              or start a fabulous weekend. This basket contains all the elements
              needed to relax and enjoy no matter where you are. The wine
              basket includes 6 bottles of wine, candles, candleholders, candy,
              summer sausage, crackers, olives, nuts, chips, 2 wine glasses and
              silk rose spray.



              Breakfast at Tiffany’s
             (Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, and Patricia Neal; 1961)

                                  Jewelry and Gifts

       300                   $100 Gift Certificate For Stella & Dot Jewelry
                             Donated by: Georgiana Bricker

                             Hard decision but yours to make. Treat Yourself! Choose from a
                             variety of gorgeous jewelry by Stella & Dot. You won't find these in
                             any store! Add some style to your life…….and your outfit!

       301                   Akoya Pearl Necklace
                             Donated by: The Stuart Family

                             Add the perfect sophisticated finishing touch with a classic strand
                             of Akoya pearls (7 mm). 14k yellow gold clasp. Length measures 18

       302                   Red, White, and Blue Lap Robe
                             Donated by: Catherine Pope

                             Do you think you are patriotic enough, not without this hand
                             crochet Red White & Blue lap robe.

       303                   Lenox Dove Candy Dish
                             Donated by: Catherine Pope

                             For those of you with a classy sweet tooth. Perfect gift for home or
                             office. Add that classic touch with this Lenox dove candy dish with
                             gold trim.

       304                   Nine Necklaces with Earrings to Match
                             Donated by: SR Sodality

                             The St. Raphael's Sodality handcrafted (9) necklaces with earrings
                             to match, pinks, blues, greens made from semi precious stones.
                             Something unique, beautiful and fun!

       305                   Lilly Pulitzer Gift Package/The Preppy
                             Pink Pony
                             Donated by: Eileen and Mike Donahue

                             Add a little color to your life with this Lilly Lover's Package. Spring is
                             just around the corner and it is time to get colorful! This package
                             includes Lilly Pulitzer Backpack, Key logo, Headband, Interchange-
             able watch, 8 Tumblers, Notecards ( 24 assorted), Photobook,
             Notebook, Dry Erase Board and Pens. Don't think you can get any
             preppier? YES YOU CAN! Use this $25 Gift Certificate to The Preppy
             Pink Pony. Talk about making a statement! Don't be understated
             this spring! Be the envy!

       306   Flip Video UltraHD
             Donated by: Hal and Vicki Swaney

             The Flip UltraHD camcorder combines Flip Video's signature shoot-
             and-share simplicity with the power of vivid, vibrant HD video. With
             120 minutes of record time, you'll never miss another minute again.
             And because of UltraHD's pocket-sized portability, you'll truly be
             able to capture HD video anytime, anywhere. Highlights: digital
             zoom; compact design; flip-out USB interface; built-in editing and
             sharing software.

       307   Flip Video UltraHD
             Donated by: Bill and Barb Scharf

             The Flip UltraHD camcorder combines Flip Video's signature shoot-
             and-share simplicity with the power of vivid, vibrant HD video. With
             120 minutes of record time, you'll never miss another minute again.
             And because of UltraHD's pocket-sized portability, you'll truly be
             able to capture HD video anytime, anywhere. Highlights: digital
             zoom; compact design; flip-out USB interface; built-in editing and
             sharing software.

       308   A Basket of Ribbons
             Donated by: Rosemarie L. Buckley

             Ribbons Galore! Whether you are wrapping presents or putting
             that finishing touch on a display, this basket contains every type of
             ribbon imaginable. Grosgrains, silk, wire, bows are all included.

       309   Painted Platter
             Donated by: Ginger Browning & Amy May

             A platter all your own. Pictures of each family member will be
             painted on a platter to use for years to come. What a great way
             to start a tradition or a great gift.

       310   Tie from Vineyard Vines
             Donated by: Vineyard Vines

             Won't you look handsome in this thin stripe woven men's tie from
             Vineyard Vines. 100% imported, woven silk, handmade in the USA.


       311   Tory Burch Spring Tote Bag and Tory Burch
             Cosmetic Bags
             Donated by: Lauren Vassallo

             Nothing says spring like the perfect straw tote! Enjoy the classic
             look of Tory Burch with this roomy handbag. This package also
             includes large and small leopard print cosmetic bags.

       312   Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi
             Donated by: St. Raphael Parish

             The amazing wireless reading device where you can read books,
             newpapers, magazines, just about anything at the touch of a
             button. This package includes the Kindle, a carrying case and a
             $25 gift card to purchase e-books.

       313   Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi
             Donated by: Bob and Sandy Shamburek

             The amazing wireless reading device where you can read books,
             newspapers, magazines, just about anything at the touch of a
             button. This package includes the Kindle and a $50 gift card to
             purchase e-books.

       314   A Gift from Fenwick Floaters
             Donated by: Fenwick Floaters

             Enjoy a $50 gift card to Fenwick Floaters - retailer of outdoor
             furniture, personalized buoys, pottery and gifts for the home. This
             gift also includes a tote bag and t-shirt.

       315   Genuine Oscars Poster
             Donated by: Michelle Aldridge

             Enjoy this framed poster from the (real!) Oscars. Straight from
             Hollywood! This 27" x 39" poster would be a wonderful way to
             remember the evening! Take Oscar home with you!!

       316   Holy Cross High School Spirit Basket
             Donated by: Holy Cross High School

             Holy Cross fans will love this spirit basket filled basket with Holy
             Cross t-shirts, sweatpants, lunchbox and magnet for your car.

       317   St. Raphael School Uniforms for Girl and
             American Girl Doll
             Donated by: March Uniforms

             Your little girl will love dressing her doll in these adorable clothes
             that match her school jumper and gym uniform.

       318   Gonzaga Spirit Basket
             Donated by: Gonzaga College High School

             Is God Purple? Gonzaga fans will love this spirit basket filled with
             Gonzaga purple Under Armour Sweatshirt, T-shirt and Gonzaga
             baseball hat.

       319   American Girl Kanani Doll
             Donated by: American Girl

             Meet Kanani, our 2011 Girl of the Year! She loves to share the
             aloha spirit of Hawaii with others. Kanani arrives wearing a bright
             tropical dress, a faux hibiscus flower, a pretend kukui nut necklace,
             and ruffled sandals. She’s soft and huggable with long hair for
             styling. Includes the Aloha, Kanani paperback book

       320   American Girl Doll and First Communion Dress
             and Veil
             Donated by: Priscilla & Jim Pulliam and March Uniforms

             Your girl will love her My American Girl doll! This doll features blond
             hair and blue eyes and is 18 inches tall. She comes with the Real
             Me Outfit and a charm-keeper necklace. Comes with Beautiful
             Communion dress donated by March Uniforms.

       321   "The Pampered Baby" Basket
             Donated by: Barbara Gray

             Enjoy a $50 gift certificate from "The Pampered Baby"! Get
             personalized diapers, announcements, and monogrammed
             towels all for your new baby.

       322   Pearl Necklace
             Donated by: Rina Chaves

             Enjoy this jewelry for yourself or give it as a gift. A handmade
             26 inch fresh water pearl necklace with a pewter clasp.

       323   Graco Baby Diaper Bag and Baby Essentials
             Donated by: Eve E. Brooks
             Be ready for that next baby shower or your next baby! This green
             Graco diaper bag filled with hats, mittens, onesies, and bibs. A
             wonderful addition for your "new additon.”

       324   Bulova Ladies’ Watch
             Donated by: Greenan & Sons Inc. Fine Jewelry

             Get on your Oscar bling! Be the envy of all with this Bulova ladies'
             12k white gold bangle watch with pearl dial. Something you can
             win and wear!

       325   Hand-Knit Scarves
             Donated by: Mary Powell at Mary Charlotte Designs

             Beautiful accessories for yeur round enjoyment. Seven hand-knit
             decorative scarves for any season. Great for yourself or to give as
             gifts to friends, or for Mother's Day.

       326   Hand-Knit Scarves and Matching Earrings
             Donated by: Therapeutic Threads – Jeanine Lamb

             Stay warm and be fashionable with these originals by one of St.
             Raphael's own parishioners. Three sets of hand-knitted scarfs, along
             with handmade earrings. Elegant and stylish to spoil the woman
             you love!

       327   One Pin and Earrings Set and Two Pins
             Donated by: Chopmark Designs

             Wearable Art - Intricately cut design on mother of pearl with the
             simplicity of the Oriental flavor. Express yourself with these unique
             creations that are sure to impress!

       328   Beautiful Jewelry by Barbara Schuler
             Donated by: Barbara Schuler

             The finishing touch to any outfit! Treat your mom, your sister, your
             grandma, that great friend or yourself with a sterling silver, multi-
             colored chalcedony and fresh water pearl bracelet. Matching
             earrings to complete the look! Talk about Oscar glam!


                        The Big Chill                    	

             (Kevin Kline, Glenn Close, and William Hurt; 1983)

                            Pamper and Relax

       400               $30 Gift Certificate to Cahra Salon
                         Donated by: Cahra Salon

                         Enjoy a Spa experience at Cahra Salon and Spa.

       401               Spa Basket
                         Donated by: Anonymous

                         Pamper yourself with this extraordinary assortment of beauty

       402               $65 Gift Certificate to Stephen Anthony Salon
                         Donated by: Stephen Anthony Salon

                         Gift Certificate for one haircut by Tiran at Stephen Anthony Salon
                         in Rockville.

       403               Ladies’ Shopping Night at Ginger Boutique in
                         Donated by: Ginger Boutique

                         Enjoy a ladies’ shopping night where you and up to 30 women
                         can enjoy wine and cheese while you shop this upscale boutique.
                         You will receive a $50 gift card and enjoy 10% off the entire store.
                         Ginger Boutique carries selections from cutting edge designers
                         who offer updates on classic silhouettes.

       404               $270 Gift Certificate to Elizabeth Arden Spa
                         Donated by: Red Door Spa

                         Signature escape spa package with massage! Includes a Red
                         Door signature 50-minute massage, signature pedicure, signature
                         manicure, and a makeup refresher.

       405               $120 Gift Certificate to Salon ILO
                         Donated by: ILO Salon

                         Mentioned in In Style, Washingtonian, Allure, Marie Claire and
                         Vogue magazines, ILO Salon for over 25 years continues to set new
                         standards in individual style and professional hair care. They offer a

             variety of services specially tailored to suit your schedule, including
             innovative cuts, creative color, nail care, waxing, and more. ILO
             honors originality, innovative techniques, and most of all, people—
             our staff and our clients. Located in the Book Hill area of upper
             Georgetown. Gift certificate for shampoo, haircut, blow-dry and

       406   $32 Gift Certificate to Cartoon Cuts
             Donated by: Cartoon Cuts

             Has your child's hair gotten too long? This is the answer for you.
             Enjoy TWO gift certificates to Cartoon Cuts. Includes Shampoo &

       407   $65 Gift Certificate to Studio Ten83
             Donated by: Studio Ten83

             Gift certificate for shampoo, haircut & blow-dry with Raimonda.

       408   $120 Gift Certificate to Kindle & Boom
             Donated by: Kindle & Boom

             Enjoy a Haircut and Kerastase treatment with Eddie at Kindle and





                    One-Hour Photo
             (Robin Williams, Connie Nielsen, and Michael Vartan; 2002)

                            Photographs and Paintings

       500                   Photography by Mark Gregory
                             Donated by: Gregory Fine Portraits

                             Celebrate your family with a beautiful portrait by Gregory Fine
                             Portraits. Included is a $1,200 certificate towards photography
                             services. An in-studio consultation is required prior to every portrait

       501                   Two (2) Gift Certificates for a Professional Photo
                             Session and an 8 x 10 Photograph
                             Donated by: Ikona Photography

                             Treasure your memories with a professional photo session:
                             contemporary, spontaneous, creative! Each gift certificate
                             includes one "8 x 10" photograph. Each session is within the
                             Washington DC area, includes telephone consultation, is valid for
                             up to a family of four and will last up to two hours. Winning Bidder
                             must fill and return an enclosed card within 14 days from receipt.
                             Expires 9/30/2011.

       502                   Photography Session and CD
                             Donated by: Rachel Garay Photography

                             This gift certificate entitles you to one photo session for up to 4
                             people and a CD of approximately 15-25 edited/retouched
                             images. On location or in studio (studio size limits people to 3). Must
                             be booked by 6/12/11.

       503                   Family Fun Paintings
                             Donated by: Ginger Browning

                             Pick your favorite "family fun" photograph and turn it into a small
                             black and white ink painting and/or an impressionistic oil painting.
                             This certificate entitles you to a $300 credit towards a painting of
                             your choice. Brochure and prices enclosed.



                    Finding Neverland
             (Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, and Julie Christie; 2004)

                                   Family Fun

       600                A Day of Photography with a Member of the
                          Washington Press Corps
                          Donated by: Christy Bowe

                          Spend a day shooting pictures (professional camera provided)
                          with a credentialed member of the Press Corps. Shooting tips
                          along with an insider view from a professional photographer
                          promises to provide an adventure to remember for years to come.
                          Places that we cover are Capitol Hill, The National Press Club and
                          The White House. A high resolution CD of the pictures that you take
                          will be provided. This item is recommended for ages 8 and up.

       601                A Day at the Beach All-in-One Basket
                          Donated by: Mary Lou Korzenewski at W.C. & A.N.
                          Miller Realtors

                          Enjoy a Day at the Beach with this basket, which contains all the
                          activities for the kids to have fun on the beach for hours. Includes
                          sand toys, water toys, beach bin and cute beach towel. End the
                          day with margaritas for mom and dad… oh just a day at the

       602                One Week of Camp at the "Fun For All, All For
                          Fun" Sports Camp
                          Donated by: Maryland SoccerPlex and Discovery
                          Sports Center

                          This certificate entitles you to One Week of “Fun For All, All for Fun”
                          Summer Camp. One lucky girl or boy will get to enjoy a full week of
                          sports, games, field trips to Splash Playground and Mini-Golf. Full
                          Day camp runs from 9am to 4pm and is for ages 5-13. Camper
                          can choose from one of eight weeks: 6/20 - 6/24; 6/27-7/1; 7/5-7/8;
                          7/11-7/15; 8/1-8/5; 8/8-8/12; 8/15-8/19; or 8/22-8/26.

       603                Whitetail Ski Resort
                          Donated by: Whitetail Ski Resort

                          Hit the slopes at Whitetail Resort. Have you been thinking of going
                          skiing and just never go around to it? Here is your chance! The
                          winning bidder will receive TWO LEARN TO SKI OR SNOWBOARD
                          PACKAGES at Whitetail Resort in PA. Become a ski bunny or do

               some radical flips on a snowboard. Whatever it is you decide
               Whitetail is only a few hours away.

       604     Earth Treks Rock Wall Climbing with Mrs. Long
               and Mrs. Bosnick
               Donated by: Earth Treks Wall Climbing and Mrs. Long
               and Mrs. Bosnick

               Higher and Higher! Get out there and climb! Mrs. Long and Mrs.
               Bosnick will host five students in grades 3-5 for an adventure to
               remember. With more than enough climbing for any skill
               level, Earth Treks boasts an oversized bouldering area, two
               leadable arches, and tons of top-roping. Rockville is Earth Treks'
               second largest and most featured gym. This fun will have your kids
               climbing the walls. Expiration date 6/11/11.

       605     Great Kids Village
               Donated by: Great Kids Village
               Get your party started with this certificate for $100 off a theme
               party package from Great Kids Events (formerly Andy's Parties).
               Locations in Silver Spring and Gaithersburg.

       606     Old Pro Golf in Ocean City, MD and Gift
               Certificate to Countryside Café
               Donated By: Old Pro Golf

               One 10-game pass to Old Pro Golf in Ocean City, MD and a $25
               gift certificate to enjoy breakfast, or lunch at Countryside Café in
               Fenwick Island, DE.

       607     Weekend Guided Tour of the National Zoo
               Donated by: The National Zoo

               Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Take advantage of this weekend
               morning guided two-hour tour of the National Zoo which can
               include up to 10 of your favorite friends. Participants are required
               to be four years or older. It is a zoo out there--tour it!

       608     Potomac Woods Pool Membership
               Donated By: Dan and Debbie Howley

               Splish, Splash a pool bash! Cool off this summer with a pool
               membership to Potomac Woods Pool! Applies to 2011 season only
               and current PWSC members are ineligible.

       609   The Elvis E Show
             Donated by: Richard Ernst

             "Elvis E" will appear at your home, place of work, restaurant or
             other facility in a ‘70s Elvis jumpsuit on a mutually agreed upon
             date/time and perform a 22-minute show, giving scarves to ladies
             and a lei to the guest of honor (if applicable), then pose for photos
             for 8 minutes. Winning bidder also gets an "Elvis E" t-shirt and CD.

       610   Father Charlie Pizza Party
             Donated by: Father Charlie Cortinovis and Domino’s

             Pizza delivery! Let Fr. Charlie delivery a pizza party to your child's
             classroom. One lucky class will enjoy a pizza party delivered and
             hosted by Fr. Charlie. Drop that lunchbox and don't worry. Lunch is
             on him! On a mutually agreeable day, the students will enjoy lunch
             and chat it up with one of our favorite priests. Stories and
             Q &A session by Fr. Charlie included! The party will end with a treat
             (one of Fr. Charlie's favorites!) and an experience your kids will not
             forget! This opportunity is for one class to enjoy during one lunch
             period during the school day......does it get any easier?!

       611   Mass Celebrated in Your Home by Fr. Meyers
             Donated by: Fr. Jim Meyers

             What a unique opportunity to have Pastor Meyers celebrate Mass
             in your home. Commemorate a special occasion or anniversary,
             or perhaps simply invite friends and neighbors to Mass. These are
             the experiences that make our Catholic community at St Raphael
             so special. Date to be mutually agreed upon.

       612   Mass Celebrated in Your Home by Fr. Charlie
             Donated by: Fr. Charlie Cortinovis

             What a unique opportunity to have Father Charlie celebrate Mass
             in your home. Commemorate a special occasion or anniversary,
             or perhaps simply invite friends and neighbors to Mass. These are
             the experiences that make our Catholic community at St. Raphael
             so special. Date to be mutually agreed upon.

       613   Reserve the Front Row for the 2011 First
             Donated by: St. Raphael School

             Your family will be pleased to know that they will have a
             guaranteed front row seat to witness this very momentous event
             for your child.

       614    Children’s Books & Board Game
              Donated by: Catherine Pope & Child's Play Toys

              For a rainy day or any day! This basket includes a wide variety of
              hard cover/board books for your young reader and Heximania for
              your older kids.

       615    Kids Indoor Pool Birthday Party
              Donated by: Tom and Ellen Sullivan

              Invite up to 10 of your closest friends to your very own pool party
              Enjoy an exclusive indoor pool party at the Sullivans' home with
              pizza and cake provided. Date & time are to be mutually agreed
              upon. Ages 7yrs-13yrs. Individuals must provide own towels. Please
              note, there is no lifeguard on duty! *swim at own risk*

       616    Gift Certificate for Beginner Cake Decorating
              Donated by: Leslie Goldman-Poyourow

              Create cakes for any occasion! This certificate for 1 person to
              attend a beginners cake decorating class on August 9, 2011 7pm-
              9pm. (Exp 8/9/2011).

       617    Art Party for Up to 8 Kids
              Donated by: Yolanda Prinsloo a.k.a Yo-yo

              5-8 lucky children will celebrate art. Let Ms. Yo-Yo host a party with
              an artistic flair. Children will learn the art of creating ceramic
              pieces. Each child will create a piece of pottery by demonstrating
              the pinch, spin wheel and other methods. Each child will also get
              to decorate and have the piece glazed as the final touch. Who
              would not want to spend an afternoon (2 hours) at a real art studio
              learning from one of the best.



                 The Right Stuff
             (Sam Shepard, Ed Harris, and Dennis Quaid; 1983)


       700              Personal Training and Sports Memorabilia
                        Donated by: The Krivka Family

                        This certificate includes a movement assessment screening, a
                        free month of personal training and a 25lb Russian Kettle Ball.

       701              Learn How to Quit Kit (SmokEnders)
                        Donated by: Michelle Aldridge

                        If you've failed cold-turkey or by using nicotine-replacement
                        therapies (patch, gum), it is because you are only addressing the
                        physical - not the psychological - aspects of smoking. With
                        SmokEnders, keep on smoking for the first five weeks while you
                        learn to quit. Then spend the final two weeks acquiring the skills to
                        live happily FOREVER as a non-smoker.

       702              Rockville Concierge Doctors
                        Donated by: Dr. Aimee Seidman

                        No insurance needed! Take advantage of this new type of
                        medical care. One year of free medical care includes doctor
                        visits, blood work, strep tests, wellness visits etc… Quick turnaround
                        for a doctor’s appointment. Spend on average up to one hour
                        with the Dr. Experience healthcare that is convenient and all
                        about you. Doctors available 24/7. This offer is good for 16yrs and

       702              Two Private Yang-Style Tai Chi Chuan Classes
                        Donated by: John Lamb

                        Learn either the Simplified Tai Chi 24 form or sometimes called the
                        Beijing form (this form consists of 24 movements) or the Cheng
                        Man-Ch'ing short form that consists of 37 movements. The one-
                        hour class typically consists of Qi Gong breathing exercises, basic
                        footwork practice and form practice. Expires 12/31/2011.

       704              Personalized Stationery by Penny Bear Printing
                        Donated by: Christy Deitz

                        Personalize any correspondence with this cute and fun stationery.
                        Use this $50 certificate towards a purchase of Penny Bear
                        stationery. Add that personal touch! Expires June 2011.

       705   Personal Training by Troy Wentzlaff
             Donated by: Troy Wentzlaff of Troy's Total Training

             Bathing suit season is just around the corner. Get that body you
             have always wanted or get started in the right direction with Troy's
             Total Training. This certificate of $100 is good for 1 Hour of personal
             training with a core home program.

       706   Residential Real Estate Appraisal
             Donated by: Emily Shaw

             Certified residential real estate appraiser Emily Shaw with 24+ years
             experience appraising properties will perform an expert appraisal
             on the Montgomery County residential property of your choice.
             (Applies to non-complex properties; value estimates $900,000 and
             under.) Expires 9/12/2011.

       707   Four (4) One-Hour French Lessons
             Donated by: Laure Quesnel

             Four one-hour French lessons which may include literature, songs,
             history or geography according to the will and level of the student.
             Tutoring would take place at teacher’s home, by appointment.

       708   Six Hours of Tutoring
             Donated by: Marguerite (Peggy) Weldon

             S.A.T. training or tutoring for any course (any grade level). I've
             trained over 1,000 students for MCPS, and I'm happy to tutor any
             subject (except French or German).

       709   Mothers Helpers
             Donated by: Megan and Emma Witt

             Sometimes we just need a little help. Get that extra set of hands
             and some time to relax with the help of the Witt girls. This certificate
             entitles the winner to a day of mother's helping from Megan and
             Emma Witt. Date to be mutually agreed upon.

       710   First Communion Invitations
             Donated by: MJ Zafis-Garcia of 1busyma Designs

             Enjoy personalized First Communion invitations in the design of your
             choice. Samples shown are among several styles available; see
             complete design options at www.1busyma.com. Invitations are
             half-sheets (5 1/2 x 8 1/2) on card stock with matching envelopes.
             Auction item includes up to 20 invitations; additional invitations
             may be purchased at $2 each.

       711   At Home Color Consultation
             Donated by: Susan Sands

             Put down the quarts of paint and color samples that offer
             hundreds of confusing possibilities. Breathe easy with a free Color
             Consultation by Susan Covell Designs. Susan has over 10 years of
             experience designing and painting homes in the Washington area.
             Let her simplify the process of choosing paint colors for your rooms,
             finding just the right combination for your taste and style.

       712   Express Wax at Touchless Carwash
             Donated by: Touchless Carwash

             Get your ride gleaming with this $50 gift certificate for an express
             wax at Touchless Car Wash.

       713   Brite Smile In-Office Teeth Whitening Package
             Donated by: Dr. Clementina Perez-West, D.D.S. at
             Kantakevich, Doring & Perez-West

             Package includes one gift certificate good toward a Brite Smile In-
             Office Whitening Procedure ($650 value), one Sonicare adult
             electric toothbrush ($150 value), one Sonicare children’s electric
             toothbrush ($58 value), one jumbo bottle Listerine mouthwash, one
             package Phos-Flur Anti-Cavity Rinse, one Closys Oral Health
             System, Agent Cool Blue Disclosing Rinse, assorted toothbrushes,
             floss and paste.


               The Accidental Tourist      
             (William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, and Geena Davis; 1988)


       800                 One-Week Vacation in Lakefront Cottage
                           Donated by: John and Aleta Phillips

                           One week in lakefront cottage on Lower Kimball Pond, Fryeburg,
                           ME. Close to White Mountains, MT Washington Valley, NH. Enjoy
                           swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, canoeing, and relaxing. Available
                           June, September and October. Sleeps 9 people. Expires

       801                 Two Night Stay in a Deluxe Room at The Westin
                           Diplomat Resort and Spa
                           Donated by: Westin Hotels

                           Discover a place where you can be at your best. Upon entering a
                           Westin hotel, you are welcomed with sights, sounds, and scents to
                           stir your soul and replenish your spirit. Most rooms offer balconies
                           with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. All rooms have
                           Westin's signature Heavenly Bed and Heavenly Bath. Choose from
                           a variety of dining specialties and a wide array of recreation and

       802                 Fabulous Saturday Night Stay at the W
                           Washington DC Hotel
                           Donated by: W Hotels Worldwide

                           Next to the White House head on over to the W Washington D.C.,
                           where Italian Renaissance meets modern cool. With commanding
                           rooftop views of major landmarks, W-Gate is all about stately

       803                 Bethany Beach House
                           Donated by: Bricker and Deitz Families

                           3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom townhouse sleeps 6-8 people (pull out
                           couch). Located in Bethany Beach, DE in the community of
                           Bayside at Bethany Lakes approximately 2miles to the beach.
                           Bayside offers a shuttle service to and from the beach as well as
                           indoor/outdoor pools, tennis courts, clubhouse game room, fitness
                           facility, play ground and more. One-week rental 6/11/2011 -

       804   4 BR/3BA Florida Home on the Naples/Bonita
             Beach Border. Includes 4 Separate 1-Week
             Donated by: Judy and Les Greenberg

             Enjoy 1 week in our beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 full bathroom
             Florida home in a gated community. Located on the
             Naples/Bonita Beach border and only 20 minutes from the Fort
             Myers airport. The house has an in-ground pool, a huge lanai,
             and backs up to a pristine lake. Big enough to sleep 8 (one
             king bed, two queen beds and two single beds) and that is the
             maximum capacity. No pets. Black out dates are March 12 –
             April 24; June 15- June 26; August 20 - August 28; December
             24-December 31. Expires 12/31/2011.

       805   The Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, MD
             Donated by: John C. Grimberg Co.

             A quiet hideaway of casual elegance and nautical charm. Come
             relax and indulge using this $1,500 gift certificate.

       806   3 BR/4 BA Penthouse in the Marriott Grand
             Residence in South Lake Tahoe, CA
             Donated by: Jennifer and Scott McGraw

             Enjoy this 3 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom condo unit located at the
             Marriott Grand Residence in South Lake Tahoe located at the
             base of the Heavenly Ski Resort. Available Friday 7/15/11 to Friday
             7/22/11 or 8/12/11-8/19/11. Unit includes full kitchen, 4 full baths, 3
             king beds and pull outs - sleeps approx. 6-10 people. Unit includes
             washer, dryer, flat screens, fireplaces. Access to resort pool, hot
             tubs, fitness center. Resort located next to restaurants, shops and
             gondola. One mile to Lake Tahoe - private beach access.



                        High Society
             (Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra; 1956)

                              Out on The Town

       900               Two Tickets to Old Times and Two Tickets to the
                         Merchant of Venice at the Shakespeare
                         Donated by: Dr. and Mrs. Edward Healy

                         Get a little culture back in your life. Experience the theater
                         Shakespeare style. 2 tickets to Old Times and 2 tickets to the
                         Merchant of Venice at the Shakespeare Theater. June 16, 2011 at
                         8pm. BB 10 & 8 Landsburgh. Two tickets to Merchant of Venice July
                         21, 2011 at 8pm. Seats 017 & 019 at Harman Hall. Date and times
                         can be changed to any show during the run. Tickets can be
                         picked up at WILL CALL.

       901               Coral Cantigas Tickets
                         Donated by: Coral Cantigas

                         Washington's Premiere Latino Chorus. Enjoy 20th Century Madrigals
                         by some of the most prolific composers of Latin America. Hear the
                         beautiful works of Antonio Lauro (Venezuela), Blas Galindo
                         (mexico), Carlos Guastavino (Argentina), and Morten lauridsen
                         (U.S.) among others. This certificate includes two tickets to Canto Y
                         Poesía: Sonnets of the Night on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 5pm at
                         Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church in Bethesda.

       902               The Newseum
                         Donated by: The Newseum

                         Learn what is going on in the world and how the news affects our
                         everyday lives and the world around us. The Newseum is a 250,000-
                         square-foot museum of news that offers visitors an experience that
                         blends five centuries of news history with up-to-the-second
                         technology and hands-on exhibits. Enjoy 4 general admission
                         tickets that are valid for two consecutive days. "Visitors will come
                         away with a better understanding of news and the important role
                         it plays in all of our lives," said Senior Vice President Joe Urschel.
                         "The new Newseum is educational, inspirational and a whole lot of
                         fun." Expires December 31, 2011.

       903   Two Tickets to Any Performance Presented by
             Donated by: Strathmore

             The theater, a concert or a show, the decision is up to you! Enjoy a
             performance at Strathmore! Located in North Bethesda MD. Two
             tickets to any performance presented by Strathmore. Expires

       904   Good Eats at Four Restaurants
             Donated by: Great American Restaurants, Kate &
             Geoff Flaherty, Mama Lucia, and Uncle Julio's

             A plethora of good eats to choose from with this package. Enjoy a
             $25 gift card for any Great American Restaurant, Silver Diner for
             $30, Mamma Lucia for $50 & Uncle Julio's for $25. Bon Appetit!

       905   Againn Tavern
             Donated by: Againn Tavern

             The Tavern is a place friends and family gather to enjoy traditional
             pub fare and comfort food. We pride ourselves in using sustainable
             seafood, organic meats, and sourcing from select local farms. The
             Tavern offers an extensive list of single-malt Scotch, whisky, beer
             and wine selections, hand-crafted cocktails and personal Scotch

       906   Ruth's Chris Steak House
             Donated by: Shirley and Paul Noone

             An incredible meal makes the perfect gift! Enjoy this $150 gift
             certificate to Ruth's Chris Steak House.

       907   Clyde's
             Donated by: Clyde's Restaurant Group & Mary Anne

             Enjoy lunch or dinner at any Clyde's Restaurant with this $100 gift

       908   Normandie Farm
             Donated by: Mr. Cary Prokos

             Brunch, Lunch or Dinner! Enjoy the country French cuisine and
             ambiance at Normandie Farm Restaurant. Use this $100 certificate
             towards a meal and experience to remember.


              The Social Network     
                (Jesse Eisenberg, Rooney Mara; 2010)

                            Sign-Up Parties

       1000           ShadowLand with Mrs. Polsky, Ms. Greaney and
                      Mrs. DeGraba
                      Donated by: Jennifer Polsky, Taylor Greaney, Carol
                      DeGraba and ShadowLand Laser Adventures

                      Laser tag! As an adventurer you will interact with an ever
                      changing environment of lights, ramps and sounds. Enjoy this
                      opportunity with 3 of the most adventurous teachers at SRS. Take
                      the afternoon to run around and "tag" the opposing team as you
                      learn to play laser tag at ShadowLand Laser Adventures. This
                      package of 3 passes (good for 3 students to enjoy 1 game
                      together) will be something you will never forget! Date to be
                      agreed upon. Takes place at the Gaithersburg ShadowLand
                      location. Parents are responsible for transportation. Cost is $50 per
                      child. Expiration Date 6/10/11.

       1001          Make Your Own Pizza Party
                     Donated by: Eileen Bell

                      Pizza Pizza! This is an opportunity not to be missed! Let your child
                      be one of only 8 kids to learn to make the perfect pizza. St R’s
                      famous chef, Mrs. Bell, will teach your child how to mix, knead and
                      toss the perfect pizza dough. They will take it a step further adding
                      sauce and all the toppings for that pizza your Italian grandmother
                      made in Italy. The pizza chefs will also get to eat their creations.
                      Cost is $35 per child.

       1002          Kids Bowling and Pizza Party
                     Donated by: Bowl 300 and Donna Long, Taylor Greaney,
                     and Maureen Owens

                      Four (4) kids hit the lanes with Mrs. Owens, Ms. Greaney and Mrs.
                      Long! You won't strike out with this trio! Spend time bowling at
                      Bowl 300 and lunch to follow. There are no gutter balls here ( they
                      block them!) and what a score! Game fees, shoe rental and
                      lunch all included. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Parents are
                      responsible for transportation and teachers are responsible for the
                      fun! Cost is $45 child.

       1003   Party Like a Rock Star!
              Donated by: Patrick Eibel

              Have you ever wanted to be in a Rock Band? Now, you and four
              friends can party like real rock stars by having a pizza - and - Rock
              Band party with Mr. Eibel at his house! Opportunity for Five (5) third
              through fifth graders. Date to be agreed upon later. Expires
              6/14/11. Cost is $35 per child.

       1004   Bedtime Stories at School
              Donated by: Anne McCarthy

              A night of Books, Activities and Surprises with Mrs. McCarthy. You
              didn't think reading could be so much fun! This is a bedtime story
              your kids will never forget! This night will include a story, an activity
              (designed with the book in mind) and a surprise that any young
              reader will cherish. This is an opportunity for 4 lucky children. What
              a fun way to experience reading. Let your child get a chance to
              see the new library in a different way. For grades K and up. Date
              and time to be mutually agreed upon.

       1005   Lunch and a Movie with Mrs. Vassallo
              Donated by: Mary Ellen Vassallo and Potomac Pizza

              Hit the town with Mrs. Vassallo. This is all play and no work! On any
              Saturday or Sunday afternoon (mutually agreeable) 4 kids will meet
              Mrs. V in the Kentlands for pizza at Potomac Pizza and a "G" movie.
              What a great afternoon with such a great teacher! Parents are
              responsible for transportation.

       1006   Kids Night Out with Mrs. Landers and
              Mrs. Novajosky
              Donated by: Helen Landers and Mary Novajosky

              Kids Night Out! Put on your PJs and get ready for some fun! Mrs.
              Landers and Mrs. Novajosky invite 6 guests to show off their PJs for a
              night of laughs, fun and a movie! Children will watch a movie, have
              milk and cookies and say their prayers all with the two greatest
              Kindergarten teachers ever! Bring your sleeping bag, blankies,
              snuggles or pillows too! Date to be mutually decided. Children ages
              5 and up. Time 5:30-7:30 Place: Kindergarten Classroom.

       1007   Fr. Meyers as Guest Bartender at Old
              Anglers’ Inn
              Donated by: Old Anglers’ Inn

              A night to remember with a host who is unforgettable. Join our
              Father Meyers as he mixes and mingles at happy hour sponsored
              by Old Anglers' Inn. The opportunity is not to be missed. The party is
              two hours with open bar and appetizers for 20 very lucky people.
              Beyond cocktails, you will enjoy live music, good friends and stories
              to last a lifetime. The party does not stop though—after 2
              hours happy hour pricing will apply. So get your outfit, your
              camera and your name on this list! Date to be mutually agreed

       1008   SRS Movie Night for Grades K-5
              Donated by: Claire Drummond, Lilly Brotons, Kate
              Flaherty, Angela Ray. Popcorn machine rental
              donated by Strosniders Hardware Store

              Take 3! That is 3 hours for you parents. Drop your child off at school
              for a night at the movies ( aka the Trumpet Room). And head out
              for a nice dinner on the town. Let the kids come in their PJs, bring
              their sleeping bags and pillow pets. The feature movie will be a "G"
              rated flick appropriate for kids grades K-5. Drop off is 6pm and pick
              up is 9pm. 45 Lucky children will enjoy the movie, popcorn,
              lemonade and time to play with friends. This sign up is for SRS
              students only (sorry no younger siblings). $15 per child. Date is
              scheduled for Friday, April 8, 2011.

       1009   St. Raphael Beach Party...From Nantucket to the
              Jersey Shore
              Donated by: DeSalle, Flaherty, MacDonough, Rose,
              and Witt families.

              "St. Raphael Beach Party...From Nantucket to the Jersey Shore."
              Come as Annette and Frankie, Gidget and Moondoggie, or even
              Snooki and The Situation. Prizes for best dressed. Horseshoes,
              volleyball, paddle ball, bocce ball, chip & putt, and old-fashioned
              bonfire. Open bar and a banquet of food around poolside dining.
              DJ dance party with karaoke requests and line dance instruction.
              Bring your bathing suits or a change of clothes just in case you
              need to cool down. Party will be Saturday June 18, 2011 and will
              start at 5PM. Hosted by DeSalle, Flaherty, MacDonough, Rose,
              and Witt families. Location is the Roses’ home in Potomac, MD.

       1010   First Inaugural Sunset Tour of St.Raphael's New
              Educational Building Hosted by Fr. Meyers and
              Teri Dwyer
              Donated by: St. Raphael School

              Teri Dwyer will take 25 people on a private tour prior to the grand
              opening. Be amazed by all that is new! The tour will wind through
              hallways, classrooms, the new cafeteria, multi-purpose room,
              science lab, computer lab, and more. The tour will conclude with
              a wine and cheese reception hosted by Fr. Meyers. The reception
              will take place in the library where guests will watch the sunset
              through the floor-to-ceiling windows. This is an opportunity not to
              be missed! This exclusive tour will take place on March 18, 2011 at
              6:00 pm. The tour will begin in the foyer of the old building.


                    Any Given Sunday   
              (Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, and Jamie Foxx; 1999)


       1100              Four Tickets to NCAA Basketball Tournament
                         Donated by: Emily Shaw Hannapel

                         Hoop Dreams! Score a total of four tickets to the NCAA 2011 Men's
                         Basketball Tournament at the Verizon Center. These tickets are will
                         be either for four tickets for the first session, four tickets for the
                         second session, or possibly two tickets to each session. See the
                         action from the beginning! Date: March 17, 2011, Section: 409,
                         Row M, Seats 13-16. Teams and times to be determined.

       1101              Argyle Country Club Golf for a Foursome
                         with Carts
                         Donated by: Donnie and Katherine Simpson

                         Argyle Country Club offers a championship golf experience - from
                         your opening warm-up shot to your last putt on the eighteenth
                         hole. Argyle's premiere golf course features pristine rolling hills,
                         mature hardwood trees, dramatic elevation changes and some of
                         the finest playing conditions in the region.

       1102              Arnold Palmer Invitational Autographed Golf
                         Field Flag
                         Donated by: Mike and Jennifer Cowan
                         A great keepsake for the golf enthusiast, this gift includes an
                         official Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Field Flag, signed by world
                         famous Arnold Palmer! Among his achievements are: PGA Player
                         of Year - 1960 and 1962; and PGA Tour Leading Money- Winner-
                         1958, 1960, 1962, 1963.

       1103              2010 The Tour Championship Golf Field
                         Flag Autographed
                         Donated by: Mike and Jennifer Cowan

                         Autographed Field Flag by all 30 players of the 2010 The Tour
                         Championship. Players include Jim Furyk (The Tour Championship
                         winner), Luke Donald, Retief Goosen, Nick Watney, Paul Casey,
                         Charley Hoffman, Ernie Els, K.J. Choi, Zach Johnson, Camilo
                         Villegas, Ryan Moore, Kevin Streelman, Tim Clark, Geoff Ogilvy,
                         Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan, Ben Crane, Robert Allenby, Bubba
                         Watson, Jason Day, Kevin Na, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Bo

              Van Pelt, Matt Kuchar, Steve Stricker, Adam Scott, Ryan Palmer,
              Jeff Overton and Martin Laird.

       1104   Jim Furyk Autographed Driver
              Donated by: Mike and Jennifer Cowan

              Fore! Winning bidder will receive a driver autographed by Jim
              Furyk. Furyk was awarded a prize just as meaningful as that $10
              million bonus he received for winning the FedEx Cup: He was
              voted by his peers as the 2010 PGA Tour Player of the Year. Furyk
              was favored to win the award with his three PGA victories,

       1105   Signed "Gary Williams" NCAA Basketball
              Donated by: Ken Durst

              Hoop Dreams! Own a 2002 NCAA Championship basketball
              signed by University of Maryland coach Gary Williams.
              including the Tour Championship to win the FedExCup. He was
              second on the money list and in scoring average to Matt Kuchar.

       1106   2011 Terrapin Home Soccer Game for 4
              Donated by: Ken Durst

              Enjoy a certificate for admittance for four to Maryland Terrapin
              Soccer. The certificate is valid for any one, men's or women's
              home game in the 2011 regular season; subject to availability.
              Check out umterps.com for schedule. Go Terps!
       1107   Capitals Tickets for March 31, 2011
              Donated by Michael and Laura Mulreany

              LET’S GO CAPS! Any fan of "the red" would want to get their hands
              on this! 3 Seats Lower Level Preferred section 109 Row J, at the
              Verizon Center. Washington Capitals vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
              Thursday, March 31, 2011 @ 7:00 pm.
       1108   Four (4) Certificates for One Round of Golf at
              Renditions Golf Course
              Donated by: Scott Orndorff and Megan Laverty

              Renditions features replicas of holes from courses that have hosted
              one or more of golf's major championships: The Master's, The US
              Open, The British Open, The PGA Championship, plus a hole from
              The Player's Championship (golf's "fifth major"). It is a tribute to the
              traditions and the greatness of the game. Brochure(s) included. No
              blackout dates but must call for tee time up to 14 days in
              advance. Expires 12/31/11.


       1109   Signed "Brenda Frese" Basketball, T-shirts,
              Signed Team Picture
              Donated by: University of Maryland Women's Basketball

              The 2006 National Champions Maryland Women’s team coach
              Brenda Frese Signed Ball. This package includes two (2) Maryland
              vs. Duke 2-2-2011 game T-shirts and 2 signed 2010-2011 Team
              signed pictures. What a score for any Women’s Terrapin fan!
       1110   One Week of Soccer Camp
              Donated by: Golden Goal Soccer Academy

              Score a goal with this one! The winning bidder is entitled to one
              week of camp at the The Golden Goal Soccer Academy. Your
              child will develop soccer skills through clinics, drills and games. You
              can choose a full day or half day schedule. Half day is from 9am-
              12pm and is recommended for younger athletes. Full day runs
              from 9am to 3pm and includes an hour for lunch and free time.
              Morning sessions focus on improving specific skills and afternoons
              focus on actual games and scrimmages. Sessions are: July 11-15 @
              Whitman HS; July 25-29 @ The SoccerPlex; August 1-5 @ Bretton
              Woods; August 8-12 @ SoccerPlex. Offer good for summer of 2011.
       1111   Mid-Atlantic Volleyball Instruction
              Donated by: David Ladington

              Certificate entitles the bearer to one 3-hour instructional volleyball
              clinic to be conducted by an instructor of Mid-Atlantic Volleyball.
              Instructor will provide volleyballs and teaching tools. Bearer must
              provide location and volleyball system.

       1112   Bootcamp Birthday and/or Personal Training
              Donated by: Katie Howard at Bootcamp Birthday and
              Personal Training

              You decide! The winner can enjoy private personal training
              sessions or have a fitness themed birthday party for up to 15 kids!
              All equipment provided.

       1113   Get Fit at Fitness First
              Donated by: Fitness First
              Interested in feeling and looking your best? Get started with this
              fitness session at Fitness First. Includes one free month membership
              and one free personal training session.



                       The ‘Burbs
              (Tom Hanks, Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher; 1989)

                          Home and Garden

       1200            Concrete Bench
                       Donated by: Concrete Jungle, Inc.

                       Perfect for either a feature in your home or that quiet spot by your
                       koi pond, this Zen inspired bench comes to us from the artisans at
                       Concrete Jungle. Hand cast and diamond polished, this unique
                       piece will be treasured for generations.

       1201            Plow and Hearth
                       Donated by: Plow and Hearth

                       Enjoy a cozy night by the fire with this basket of essential from Plow
                       & Hearth. Includes fatwood starter fire, extra long matches, tote
                       bag and tin for wood storage.

       1202            Autographed Books and Lunch with Renowned
                       Catholic Author Russell Shaw
                       Donated by: Russell Shaw

                       Signed copies of five books by widely known and read Catholic
                       writer, speaker and former communications director for the U S
                       Bishops and St. Raphael school grandparent (to Lee & Caroline
                       Hannapel) Russell Shaw! Autographed books are: Writing the Way:
                       The Story of a Spiritual Classic; Nothing to Hide: Secrecy,
                       Communication and Communion in the Catholic Church; Good
                       News, Bad News: Evangelization, Conversion and the Crisis of Faith;
                       Papal Primacy in the Third Millennium; Does Suffering Make Sense?
                       If the winner would like, lunch will be arranged with the author.
       1203            Cabinet Design Service
                       Donated by: Cindi Sobel

                       Need a “new” vision of your house or that creative flair to make an
                       old room look new but don’t have time? Let your personal
                       designer do it for you! This certificate entitles the winner to one-
                       hour professional design consultation in your home for interior
                       design or design/build services. Get a designer’s perspective to
                       redecorate a room using items found throughout your house or let
                       her help you put the finishing touches on a room that just needs
                       that polished look.


       Live Auction
       Kindergarten Class Project

       Our kindergartners lovingly hand-painted two beautiful blue
       Adirondack chairs for their contribution to the auction. They used
       their fingers to form tiny colorful spring flowers that are grouped
       into a cross on the base of each chair. You are sure to love each
       sweet detail of these special chairs. The children also painted a
       lovely terra cotta planter with their unique handprints forming a
       flower garden. These pieces certainly will breathe a breath of
       spring air onto any porch, patio, or backyard.

       First Grade Class Project

       The First Grade class created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for our
       Gala. The children hand-painted a beautiful ceramic vase,
       creating gorgeous flowers with their own fingerprints. As an extra
       special touch, each child’s name is woven into the stems of the
       flowers. This is truly a unique gift from the children that would add
       beauty to any home.

       Second Grade Class Project

       St. Raphael’s second-graders created a gorgeous piece of
       artwork that perfectly celebrates their special sacramental year.
       Each child designed and hand painted a beautiful ceramic cross.
       These crosses were then mounted on a striking mosaic frame that
       surrounds a glass mirror. The effect is stunning! In addition, each
       child in the second grade personally handcrafted a clay bead to
       be included in the class-wide project. This rosary is unique
       treasure that would be a wonderful remembrance of their First

       Third Grade Class Project

       Our third graders have simply outdone themselves! For their
       contribution to the Gala, they worked together to create a
       beautiful free-standing mosaic birdbath. They each placed small
       pieces of glass tile in stunning shades of blue and aquamarine
       onto the birdbath. The end result is nothing short of spectacular.
       This birdbath would certainly enhance any backyard or outdoor
       living space. The children also hand painted two charming
       wooden birdhouses to complete their gift.

       Fourth Grade Class Project

       For their contribution to the Gala, our fourth graders collaborated
       on a stunning ceramic platter and four coordinating dessert
       plates. These dishes display each child’s unique personal touch as
       the children created a garden of pansies made with their own
       fingerprints. The platter is made all the “sweeter” as it also features
       a beautiful flower painted by St. Raphael’s own gifted resident
       artist, Ginger Browning. This dessert set truly is delicious!

       Fifth Grade Class Project

       Talk about deserving an “A” in art! St. Raphael’s fifth graders are
       truly dynamite with decoupage! For their contribution they craftily
       covered letters with bold and brilliant craft paper to spell out the
       words “LOVE,” “FAMILY,” and “LAUGH”. These letters were then
       individually sealed and are ready to be displayed on a wall, shelf,
       or piece of furniture. They are truly unique items and are
       guaranteed to be great conversation pieces.

       Scavenger Hunt in the New Educational
       Donated by: Teri Dwyer

       Dwyer the Explorer! Where is the Map!? Let your child be one of
       the first to get an extensive tour of the New Educational Building!
       Mrs. Dwyer’s Scavenger Hunt will take your child through the
       hallways, classrooms and even the new library to see the building
       in a whole different way. Clues will take your child from room to
       room, allowing him or her to explore all that is new! And who
       better to be your guide and scavenger hunt leader than Mrs.
       Dwyer herself! This is an opportunity only 12 children can
       experience. Let your child be a New Building Explorer! Surprises
       throughout the hunt! Date to be decided and approved by Mrs.

       Principal for the Day
       Donated by: Teri Dwyer

       Let your child feel the power! The winning bidder will be “Principal
       for the Day”! Your child will lead the morning prayer service with
       the entire school (alongside Mrs. Dwyer), get a behind-the-scenes
       tour of the NEW office, check in on lunch, visit classrooms and
       complete the daily tasks of the day as principal. Points to consider:
       includes lunch with Mrs. Dwyer, phone call to you from the
       principal’s office (a good call!) and a picture of your child as
       principal to remember this special day. Mutually agreeable date
       with Mrs. Dwyer.

       Reserve the Front Pew for 2011 Christmas Eve
       Donated by: St. Raphael School

       Reserve the Front Pew for Christmas Eve Mass at 4pm. How exciting
       to know that you and your family will have guaranteed front row

       Corcoran Dinner for Twelve
       Donated by: Corcoran Caterers

       Your Corcoran inspired event for 12 will leave your taste buds
       tingling, and your memories dancing. Our approach to culinary
       excellence and unparalleled event preparation will exceed your
       expectations and leave your guests enchanted. Event to be held
       at hosts house and alcohol not included.


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