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   Welcome to Atmanjai. Our facility is situated on Phuket, a resort island located on
the southern tip of Thailand. Here, you can experience the silence through Nature’s
sounds, which are evident everywhere in this natural setting. Cool, balmy breezes
continuously move across this relaxing tropical paradise, which sits ocean side.
Clients and guests are welcome to lounge poolside under thatched roofs surrounded
by palm trees enjoying Nature’s finest. All of this provides a peaceful backdrop to
support personal healing.
   Our intention is to provide the most complete and satisfactory experience to you.
In that regard, firstly, we offer a complete physical cleansing and detox experience
while giving all the attention you need to make your stay with us as comfortable and
successful as possible.
   In addition, we also recognize there is no separation between the mind and body,
so our experienced staff is ready to serve and support you in whatever way you
require to insure you get the best care.
   We also understand this support does not end with the completion of your program,
but continues after you leave Atmanjai. We will stay in contact with you, especially
during the days and weeks you’re transitioning into your regular lifestyle. We know
how important it is to continue the positive results we expect you will achieve during
your stay with us.
   We have created several programs to choose from, which range from a simple raw
food cleanse and detox to a very thorough one that affects cleansing at the deepest
level. Hopefully, whatever you choose will meet your individual needs, so you can
achieve the best possible results in your cleansing and detox experience.
   Atmanjai Wellness Center is equipped with 12 newly furnished private rooms
where much of your cleansing and detox experience takes place. Your comfort and
care is always our first concern, so the space provided for this has been custom
designed to ensure those needs are sensitively met. In addition we have a large outside
area, which faces the ocean, for doing yoga that begins first thing in the morning. To
enhance your massage and spa experiences, we also provide a private air conditioned
room, as well as a private, open-air ocean-side space.
   What, perhaps, sets Atmanjai apart from other similar facilities is our sincere
commitment to give the same attention to your emotional state as we do to your
physical detoxification experience. It’s now recognized, even in modern medicine,
that there’s a direct relationship between the mind, emotions and physical body, so if
we are to effectively deal with the physical we must give the same attention to
addressing any emotional issues that may be present as well. Otherwise, whatever
positive results you’ve received from the physical Detox program, in the long run,
may be of limited value.
   The years of experience and expertise of each member of our staff is available to
provide a high degree of professionalism, along with the best of human care and
compassion. We completely respect where every client’s personal journey lies,
therefore, we’re not looking to fix or change anyone. That’s a decision each person,
who chooses to come here must make. We recognize our role is to provide a
genuinely safe and nurturing healing environment utilizing ancient and modern
modalities to support you in healing the body, mind and spirit in this peaceful oasis.
   The following are several good reasons for you to consider doing this program:
      More energy,
      Clearer thinking,
      Less illness
      Healthy relationships
      A Healthy, longer life.
     One of the important ways we use to remove toxins is through doing colemas. So,
what is a Colema? To start with, the Colon or Large Intestine holds the waste
produced mainly from the digestion of food. As a result of poor eating habits, wrong
food choices and stress, the colon accumulates fecal matter that if not removed over
time becomes lodged and impacted, which is known as “mucoid plaque.” Eventually,
this becomes a reservoir for toxins that affect the health and well-being of the body
and mind.
   A Colema, which is similar to an enema except it works more deeply and
efficiently, removes toxic waste. Each painless session takes less than one hour, as the
Colon begins to be emptied of its sometimes long-standing contents. If you don’t
remove what has become dry, hardened fecal matter, over time the toxins created
from this deposited waste move into the blood stream and circulate throughout the
body. The result is physical and/or emotional discomfort that eventually manifests
into chronic or degenerative disease.
   While going through the Colon Detox, it’s best to give the body a rest from regular
eating, since it takes tremendous amounts of energy to digest food that puts a lot of
strain on the body, particularly the Colon. Thus, our programs eliminate food, with
the exception of the Raw Fast.
   You might compare this Fasting and Detox experience to your automobile. Every
so often you make sure your car is serviced by changing the oil and filters. Also, you
insure that your vehicle gets a periodic tune-up, because if you don’t your car will
begin to breakdown. The body like a car is a machine that needs regular servicing,
which a program like ours provides. The body’s filters and channels must be regularly
cleansed and the accumulated build-up of toxins from modern life removed.
   What causes chronic disease and ultimately a premature death is a result of
blocked filters and channels in the body. The difference for most is that we religiously
service our cars, but rarely give that same attention to our bodies. Without such
upkeep, along with good thoughts, good diet and exercise, minor and then major
breakdowns in functioning are inevitable. Remember, we can always replace our
vehicles, but we’ve been given only one body, so take care of it and use it well.
   To stay physically healthy for a lifetime involves keeping the body, the breath and
the bowels moving, along with a balanced, relatively stress-free life. The programs at
Atmanjai involve firstly, eliminating old, dead waste matter from your colon so that
all your cells can receive proper nourishment. Secondly, we offer yoga to support you
in learning how to move your body, breathe correctly, and to meditate. Essentially,
our goal is to support you in creating balance in your life, which we also address by
giving psychological tools and support to deal with possibly long standing emotional
issues that may contribute to your present condition. With balance there is flow, and
when flow is present in the body, disease cannot exist.
   Even if your diet and lifestyle are healthy but you live in an over-crowded, over-
stressed and polluted environment, as most of us do, from the air, food and water we
drink and bathe in, toxins can rapidly build up in the body causing blockages in the
tissues and channels, which become the host for chronic disease. It’s more than likely
your body suffers from toxicity if you experience any of the following conditions on a
regular basis: constipation, headaches, gas, allergies, insomnia, fatigue, depression,
irritability, low immunity, body odor from the mouth and organs of elimination,
including the skin, and general aches and pains.
    We sincerely look forward to serving you, and our commitment is always to be
up-front in regard to what we feel is the most appropriate direction to go in getting the
quality care you need. Thanks for taking the time to read this brochure. Whatever
choice you make, whether it’s with Atmanjai or another center, we sincerely wish that
you have the best possible outcome to support your health and well-being.

    For details on our programs, including the cost along with accommodations, in
addition to a more detailed explanation of our programs, go to our website:

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