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American Red Cross Fire in by pengxuebo


									         Fire in downtown Terre Haute February 2006 – Picture by Chapter Volunteer Jim Legg

       American Red Cross Wabash Valley Chapter
           It’s vital. It’s personal. It’s local.
              And, It’s Here Because of You
         Annual Report to our Community for July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006

Proudly serving the people of Clay, Greene, Parke, Putnam, Sullivan, Vermillion and Vigo Counties thanks
to the volunteer and financial support of Wabash Valley individuals, corporations, foundations and United
Welcome Putnam County!

                                                       Since 1917, local volunteers have been delivering the
                                                    Red Cross mission here at home. Originally, the local
                                                    Chapter served only the City of Terre Haute. Today, we
                                                    serve seven counties!

                                                       Effective July 1, 2006, Putnam County joined with
                                                    Clay, Greene, Parke, Sullivan, Vermillion and Vigo
                                                    Counties to form today’s dynamic Wabash Valley
                                                    Chapter. We look forward to working with the people
                                                    throughout Putnam County. Together, we can further
                                                    maximize community resources to meet the increasing
                                                    demand for Red Cross services in Putnam County and
                                                    extend outreach and development activities throughout
                                                    the County.

                                                       Putnam County Red Cross past Board Chair Ken
                                                    Heeke states, ‚This is a positive move for the volunteers
                                                    and the service that they provide to Putnam County. The
                                                    Certified Service Delivery Unit model allows our local
                                                    volunteers to focus their energy on delivering quality Red
                                                    Cross programs to Putnam County and focus less on
                                                    larger management issues and challenges.‛
                          Serving the
                          Wabash Valley             Under the partnership, Red Cross services will
                                                 continue to be provided by Putnam County volunteers
out of the Putnam County Unit office. A minimum of three seats are available on the Wabash Valley
Chapter Board of Directors to which Putnam County residents may be elected. Debra Hacker, Ken Heeke
and Ginger Scott were elected to represent Putnam County on the Wabash Valley Chapter Board of

   To help support this new partnership and to expand the existing partnership in Clay County, the
American Red Cross Great Lakes Service Area awarded the Wabash Valley Chapter two grants. A $30,000
grant helped to underwrite the hiring of Greencastle resident Christine Klinger as the Community
Development Director. A second grant was awarded to start a direct mail fundraising strategy in Putnam
County and to expand the existing direct mail fundraising program in Clay County.

   Compassion and generosity from local citizens have made it possible for the local Red Cross to empower
people with lifesaving information and skills, respond with caring disaster relief, keep local military families
connected, and save lives! Over the past year the Wabash Valley faced many adversities such as home fires,
flooding and tornadoes. We must remember that the need here at home is constant and great. Your
Wabash Valley Red Cross Chapter is vital, personal, and local. And, it is here because you volunteer your
time and give your financial support!

   Although space does not allow us to list the names of every volunteer and every donor, we personally
extend our deep gratitude to each and every one of you who throughout our 2006 fiscal year shared your
financial support and volunteer spirit.

   If you have not already joined us, don’t wait any longer to find out what you can accomplish and who
you can help through the American Red Cross Wabash Valley Chapter. –
Tom Sawyer, Board Chair & Carol Stevens, Executive Director
  Mission Statement: The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by
 volunteers and guided by its Congressional charter and the Fundamental Principles of
the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disaster and help
                people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

                                                      against a wall. When Joey sought out some toys
                                                      on the other side of the wall, flames were already
                                                      coming out of the fire box.

                                                         Pat escorted Joey outside and instructed him
                                                      to go to the neighbor’s house and then she
                                                      phoned 911. She grabbed her 8 lb., 12-year-old,
                                                      white dog Casper and her purse. She had seen
                                                      small flames curling toward the ceiling in the
                                                      bedroom and realized why fire training
                                                      emphasized staying low in order to escape
Chapter volunteer Pat Richey, her grandchildren and
                                                      suffocation. The top three feet of the living room
Pet Casper are all safe after home fire!
                                                      were veiled in smoke; but, closer to the floor she
                                                      could bend over and breathe clearer air as she
   Pat Richey, a 16-year Vermillion County Red
                                                      headed outside. Pat’s deceased husband (in
Cross volunteer, gained intimate insight into the
                                                      2004), Dave, a plumber by trade, (who was a
problems and emotions of fire victims when her
                                                      volunteer fireman and chief for many years and
own home in Clinton was totally destroyed last
                                                      helped initiate the EMS program in Clinton
                                                      Township, Vermillion County) had taught her
                                                      how to escape from fires.
   "After a fire, when I see fire victims staring
into space, a million miles away, I know exactly
                                                         When she left the house she thought she
where they are. They are in their past, thinking of
                                                      would be able to return in a couple of hours and
what they no longer have. They are lost."
                                                      clean up a small mess. She never dreamed that in
                                                      a short time the fire was already in the walls
   Pat’s journey of loss and ongoing recovery
                                                      heading for the attic and roof.
began innocently enough on December 15 after a
supper with her three grandchildren. It was five-
                                                          "Dave probably would have grabbed the fire
year-old Joey’s turn to stay overnight with his
                                                      extinguisher and fought the fire; but I had to get
granny. While Pat was winding up some home
                                                      out because of my emphysema and asthma.
office work after the others had left, Joey was
                                                      Afterwards, it’s almost like you lose yourself
busy with some toys, but then he sought out Pat,
                                                      within yourself. You know people are around
asking her to "come look." He had taken candles
                                                      you, talking to you. I remember Dave’s fellow
and lit them from the fireplace to "make the
                                                      firemen fighting the fire and the chief on his
living room look pretty." She scolded him gently,
                                                      knees talking to me. I remember a lot of the
emphasizing that he needed her to supervise that
                                                      conversations; but, it wasn’t real. I kept thinking
kind of activity. She had only returned to her task
                                                      ‘I lost my husband of 34 years last year, and now
a short time before Joey summoned her again,
                                                      I have lost the home that he and I picked out
exclaiming, "It’s really bad!" Like most
                                                      together. What else is going to be taken away
grandmothers, she thought, "What have you
                                                      from me?’"
done now?"

                                                          In 1990, Pat accompanied her husband on a
   What Pat saw was a malfunctioning stainless
                                                      fire run to a mobile home in which the family lost
steel fire box bursting with flames. The box was
designed to serve as a fireplace and was set up
everything. Her anger that no shelter, food or
clothing assistance was offered to them led her to
call the Red Cross. Until that time, she thought
Red Cross only helped with blood donations.
When the Red Cross responded quickly to the
family’s needs, she was sold on its helping
philosophy and has donated her talents in many
capacities since then. The highlights of her
volunteer record include being a member in 1992
of the original Disaster Action Team covering
Vermillion and Vigo Counties; she was on the
Board of Directors for two terms and in 2005 was
appointed to the inaugural class (totaling only
18) of Honorary Life Directors for having served     Fire destroyed Pat Richey’s Clinton home.
a minimum of six years on the Board in a
leadership position. She has been a disaster            "When it was apparent that I had lost
course instructor, an Armed Forces Emergency         everything in the fire, unlike a lot of victims we
Services responder, a member of the Emergency        work with, I knew that my Red Cross family was
Services Committee and a Chapter Disaster            going to be there for me. I have always wanted to
Readiness Exercise and Evaluation (CDREE)            help families affected by fire, and this has made
facilitator (for the Great Lakes Region).            me even more aware of their feelings. People
                                                     gave me shelter, clothes, cards and even a gift
  Pat claims that her affiliation with the Red       shower to provide some of the necessities for
Cross has figured significantly in the two crucial   setting up housekeeping. Their outpouring of
events in her life.                                  concern and compassion and reaching out to me
                                                     has meant so much."
   "When my husband had a massive coronary
attack in our living room, I was able to apply          The next chapter in her recovery seems
CPR, which I had learned from Red Cross              promising. In August, she will be moving into a
training. I am so thankful that I had that           new house in Clinton. At the time of the fire, Pat
knowledge, and I didn’t stand there thinking         was the township assessor. In just a couple of
‘What am I going to do?’                             months, it seems likely that she will be elected
                                                     Vermillion County assessor. Typical of her
                                                     optimistic view of life, she ended this interview
                                                     with a soft smile and, "We are, after all, neighbors
                                                     helping neighbors."

                                                     - This article is contributed by Chapter volunteer
                                                     Joyce Lakey

           We were there. . . Because of YOU
                    Disaster Services: There for you – Night and Day

                           Fire Is the Number One Disaster in the Wabash Valley

                                                         safety net to disaster families, a safety net that
                                                         can keep these families from being added to the
                                                         numbers of long-term homeless people in our
                                                         community and it is helping to save lives
                                                         through Red Cross disaster preparedness
                                                         education which empowers Wabash Valley
                                                         citizens with the knowledge they need to create
                                                         safer homes, schools, workplaces and
                                                         communities by minimizing potential injury and
Most of us will sleep soundly tonight without            destruction.
experiencing an emergency. In fact, we take it for
granted. But for many local families, that very             Wabash Valley Red Cross Disaster Services
sense of personal security at home literally goes        are vital because the Wabash Valley Red Cross
up in smoke. Home fires are the number one               Chapter is the only local humanitarian
disaster to which the Wabash Valley Chapter              organization ready and prepared to provide
responds. In fact we respond to over 100                 around the clock aid and comfort immediately at
disasters each year and approximately 95% are            the scene of local fires, floods and other disasters.
fire related.
                                                            Wabash Valley Red Cross Disaster Services
   We respond to disasters based upon the                are personal. Just ask any of our volunteers such
unique unfunded mandate placed upon the                  as Barb and Ray Pridemore in Sullivan County,
American Red Cross through its Congressional             Pat Richey and Freida Rutan in Vermillion
Charter and subsequent mission to help people            County, Diandre Stone and Mary Todd in Parke
prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.         County, Carol Allen and Martha Loughmiller in
Even though we are armed with a national                 Clay County, Jim Legg and Joyce Lakey in Vigo
mandate, the Red Cross is not a government               County, Tom and Teresa Ellis in Greene County,
agency. It functions as a private humanitarian           or Lu Ann Beaman and Debbie Hacker in
organization with public responsibility.                 Putnam County …all have met with disaster
                                                         families. . . families that often times are already
   Nowhere is this work more compelling than             struggling to meet their daily living needs and
right here in the Wabash Valley. Because                 without the Red Cross, when they need help the
disasters strike around the clock…your local Red         most, would be facing homelessness and an even
Cross Chapter has to be ready to respond around          longer battle to return to normalcy.
the clock. When local fires or other disasters
strike, the Wabash Valley Chapter responds                  Wabash Valley Red Cross Disaster Services
immediately, without regard to cost per our              are local. It all starts here at home with a new
mandate. This takes trained people both                  volunteer recruited and trained; a disaster family
volunteers and paid. It takes a continuous               helped with food, clothing, lodging, critical
investment in cutting-edge technology. It takes          medications, mental health support and other
vehicles, equipment, supplies and relationships          basic needs; a Kindergarten Class at Ernie Pyle
with others in the community. And, it takes              Elementary and a second grade class at Linton-
thousands of dollars each year for the direct            Stockton Elementary learning from a Red Cross
assistance provided to Wabash Valley disaster            worker how to make a family disaster plan and
families.                                                how to put together a family disaster supply kit.

  When the Wabash Valley invests in the                     And, we are there because of you.
Wabash Valley Red Cross, it is helping provide a
            Health & Safety Education: Training, Empowering, Protecting

                                                        employer was concerned enough about their
                                                        employee family to acquire an (AED) and train
                                                        personnel to use it and learn other skills such as
                                                        CPR. TRW had the AED for two and a half years
                                                        before it was ever used the first time—on Jerry.
                                                        "The foresight the management at TRW had in
                                                        purchasing this medical instrument and training
                                                        the personnel in using it definitely preserved our
                                                        family. For that in itself, TRW should be
                                                        commended. We will be forever grateful for
                                                        everyone at TRW for their efforts to save my life."
Jerry Bailey’s life saved by TRW employees trained in
Red Cross CPR/AED by the Chapter                           Jerry’s children, Christina, 26, Susan, 23, and
                                                        Matt, 18, and his wife, Connie, all believe that
                                                        "prompt response, medical alertness and
    March 15, 2006 was a monumental day in the          exceptional care made all of the difference in
life of Jerry Bailey; but he doesn’t remember a         Jerry’s ultimate recovery." Before the attack, he
thing about it. Jerry had a near fatal heart attack     exercised faithfully and lifted weights. He hopes
during a rest break at his 13-year machine              he will be able to resume those activities. Right
operator job at TRW in Marshall, Ill. The               now, he is limited to doing yard work.
company assembles electronic circuit boards
mostly for the automotive industry.                       Jerry has already proven that he is a fighter
                                                        when it comes to physical conditions. In 1997, he
    "I don’t think much about what happened, but        was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, a form of
if someone asks, I’ll tell them," Jerry says.           lymphoma. Following extensive treatment, he
                                                        continues to be disease free.
   A friend told him afterwards that he just
suddenly collapsed. Ten co-workers immediately             The quick and knowledgeable response by
responded and literally saved his life, after which     trained volunteers to Jerry Bailey’s critical attack,
he underwent two surgeries. Those co-workers            plus his company’s concern for the welfare of its
were all taught by Lynn Hannah, who had been            employees, is the happy ending to a story in
trained by our chapter in CPR/First Aid and as an       which the Wabash Valley Red Cross exemplifies
AED (Automatic Electronic Defibrillator) Red            its motto of preparedness.
Cross Instructor. Her team members were all
trained by her, using the Red Cross curriculum,         - This article is contributed by Chapter volunteer
and certified through the Red Cross.                    Joyce Lakey

  What Jerry and his wife, Connie, like to
emphasize about his experience is that his

On behalf of everyone in our community whose life has been saved by someone trained by the Red Cross,
we thank you for your vital, personal and local support. And, if you, your family and your workplace are
not prepared to respond to sudden illness, accidents or disaster emergencies contact the Chapter today to
                                       learn how you can save a life.
 Armed Forces Emergency Services & International Services: Responding to Need. . . Here at
        Home and Around the World

   Armed Forces Emergency Services targets a unique                                         investment in cutting-
group of families in the Wabash Valley. They are the                                        edge technology. It takes
wives, husbands, sons, daughters, parents,                                                  outreach to our local
grandparents, brothers, and sisters of those who leave                                      military families via mail
their families behind to put their lives on the line, so       and face-to-face pre-deployment briefings to area
that, each of us and our families, can be safer.               Guard members and their families.

   Military families not only have the same kinds of             Armed Forces Emergency Services is vital because it
challenges and family crises as our families… from who         keeps our local military families, who are separated by
will take the kids to their basketball game? Who will          deployment, connected.
go to the grocery? Who will take care of an ill
grandparent? But their challenges are even greater,               Armed Forces Emergency Services is personal.
given that, they live with times of long separation.           Unfortunately, in the past year, representatives of our
They can’t just pick up the phone and call their service       local Chapter attended the funerals of two local soldiers
member when there is a family crisis. In fact the only         killed overseas and Bonnie Lu’s experience shared with
humanitarian organization they can call to get an              you below is a very personal tragedy.
emergency message to their service member is their
local Red Cross Chapter.                                          Armed Forces Emergency Services is local. It all
                                                               starts here at home with a telephone call from a family
   Because emergencies and crises strike around the            member to your local Red Cross Chapter.
clock…Your local Red Cross Chapter has to be ready to
respond around the clock. This takes trained people               And, we are there because of you.
both volunteers and paid. It takes a continuous

                              I have been a Red Cross Armed Forces Caseworker for 10 years. Over that
  time, I have had the privilege and honor to help so many military families. I recall so many of their
  heart wrenching stories of death, life-threatening illnesses and sudden accidents. Some callers cried and
  had a difficult time composing themselves. Others were very stoic. But, with each call, I could sense
  the feelings of shock and despair. Every time I answered a call, I felt like I was doing something small
  but important to help the family deal with their real life crisis.

     Never did I think that the day would come when I would work my own military case. But the day
  did come. Last spring, my beloved mother’s health began failing. My nephew serving in the Armed
  Forces stationed in the Middle East was very close to my mother. When it became apparent that my
  mother was not going to survive, I worked the case just as I would had I been doing the casework for
  another family. I could have called another case worker; bu,t I just felt that I was the one meant to
  connect my mother and nephew. While my nephew was unable to come home, he was able to call my
  mother and speak with her over the phone. I saw the look in her eyes that conveyed just how much that
  conversation meant to her in her final days.

     Now, when I answer an Armed Forces call, I know that I am not just doing a small thing. I am doing
  a really big thing for each and every family, something that cannot be done through any other
  organization. Something only the American Red Cross can do. – Bonnie Lu

    International Services: As part of the International Red Cross Movement, we reconnect families separated by
natural disaster, war or internal conflict and educate the Wabash Valley about international humanitarian law.
   It takes many community volunteers and financial contributors to deliver the critical Red
   Cross mission of preparing for, preventing and responding to emergencies in the Wabash
        Valley. Below is a list of honors bestowed upon volunteers and benefactors at the
                     Chapter’s Annual Membership Meeting in May 2006.
           The event was sponsored by Thompson Thrift and hosted by Clabber Girl.

                                Dr. Drake’s Office receives the Paul M. Thrift Excellence in
                             Fundraising Award at the Chapter’s Annual Meeting in May 2006
                                    For their “Flamingo Flocking” Fundraising Event

Jadcore Inc. Award                                               Youth Award
Hamilton Center Inc.                                             Joel Young (Greene Co.)

Board Service                                                    Benefactor Honoree
Tom Ellis (Greene Co.)                                           United Way of the Wabash Valley
Tom Sawyer (Vigo Co.)
                                                                 Heather Lynes Exceptional Service
Disaster Services                                                Barbara Pridemore (Sullivan Co.)
Don Woodward (Vigo Co.)                                          Ray Pridemore (Sullivan Co.)
2005 Hurricane Volunteers (All Counties)                         Patricia Richey (Vermillion Co.)

Armed Forces Emergency Services                                  Paul M. Thrift Excellence in Fundraising
Mary DeVault (Greene Co.)                                        Dr. Stanley Drake’s Office
Health & Safety Lifesaving Award                                 First Financial
Nancy Aukerman (Vermillion Co.)                                  The River

     Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement:
    Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity, Universality
                                     WE Can’t Do It Without YOU

      “We at Jadcore, Inc. are very proud to be associated with such a well respected and well managed charitable
       institution as the Wabash Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross. I sincerely urge the members of the
  manufacturing community at large to forge a closer relationship with the local chapter. It is not just an important
    tool to assist in the training of employees regarding CPR, safety and disaster preparedness, it is a bridge to the
   community of people that work throughout the Wabash Valley to offer a collective prayer. . .the prayer that says,
                        when disaster strikes, help is there.” – John Doti, President Jadcore Inc.

  In addition to the many individual donors who make financial gifts to the Chapter, our corporate
partners also are essential to our financial stability:

     Jadcore Inc. has given the lead gift to the Chapter’s Annual Save the Day Campaign for ten years
    running, leveraging thousands of dollars turned into help by Chapter volunteers and employees

      The Burger Group: Chrysler* Jeep*Dodge*Yamaha; Time Warner Cable; and Old National are the
          lead Sponsors for the Chapter’s Annual Golf Classic at the Country Club of Terre Haute
                                   Other Golf Classic sponsors included:
Ambucare                                                 Aaron Luttrell DDS
Auto House                                               Myers Engineering
John Baker                                               Darrell Peigh State Farm
Bill Bryan                                               Scott Peters
Clabber Girl                                             Pfizer
Columbia House                                           Shaun Rosselli
Data Management Shredding                                Steve Scheid
Dever Distributing                                       Sue Seyfert
Bill Dunbar & Assoc. LLC                                 Carol Stevens
Eldon Dunford                                            Terre Haute Savings Bank
First Financial                                          Thompson Thrift
Hamilton Center                                          Union Hospital
Health Source LLC                                        Volkers Group
Hulman Print                                             Wabash Valley Asphalt
IN Ctr Sports Education                                  Williams & Associates
Integrity Communications                                 Wright Shagley & Lowery
Laborers’ International

 The Annual Family Safety Fair is made possible through the support of Paitson Brothers Ace Hardware
                                & Just Ask Rentals, Pepsi and Frito-Lay

         Hulman & Company Foundation supports the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

                  Thompson Thrift sponsors the Chapter’s Annual Membership Meeting

           CF Industries annually supports disaster and health & safety service delivery needs

  And, the United Ways of Clay County, Greene County, Putnam County and Wabash Valley annually
                            contribute to the Chapter’s operating budget
                                 It All Starts Right Here At Home
                                     And, You Have the Power!
                           Support Your Local American Red Cross Today

   You can support the services of the Wabash Valley Chapter by volunteering your time and talent and
                             making a financial contribution. Contact us at:

                               American Red Cross Wabash Valley Chapter
                                         700 South Third Street
                                Terre Haute IN 47807       812-232-3393
                                Greene County Unit         812-659-4043
                                Putnam County Unit         765-653-4614
                                Sullivan County Office     812-268-4607

                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                          (as of June 30, 2006)
Thomas H. Sawyer, Indiana State University (Vigo Co.)                Chairman
Holly Pies, Vigo County School Corporation (Vigo Co.)                Vice Chair
Adam Fischer, Thompson Thrift (Vigo Co.)                             Secretary
Tom Ellis, Retired (Greene Co.)                                      Treasurer

Nancy Aukerman, R.N. (Vermillion Co.)                   LeRoy Liston, Linton Elks Club PBO #8666
Rod Bosley, Union Hospital (Vigo Co.)                   (Greene Co.)
Linda Buckner, Frito Lay (Vigo Co.)                     Martha Loughmiller, Columbia House (ret.)
Mark Carros, WTHI-TV (Vigo Co.)                         (Clay Co.)
James Chesterson, Indiana Air National Guard            Vicky Meier, Sycamore Manor (Vigo Co.)
(ret.) (Vigo Co.)                                       Dale Obracay, Time Warner Cable (Vigo Co.)
Robert Chrisman, Foster Care Plus (Vigo Co.)            Tasha Roberts, Hamilton Center, (Vigo Co.)
Nicole Drake, Dr. Stanley Drake’s Office (Vigo          Ginger Scott, Wabash Capital (Putnam Co.)
Co.)                                                    Crystal Thomas, Indiana State University
Rita Drake, Dr. Stanley Drake’s Office (Vigo Co.)       Student (Vigo/Putnam)
James Dunbar, John’s Dental Lab (ret.) (Vigo            Rick Waggoner, State Farm Insurance (Vigo Co.)
Co.)                                                    Doug Wasnidge, Hi-99 & The River (Greene Co.)
Eldon Dunford, IVY Tech (Sullivan Co.)                  Mark Watson, Rowdy Williams Law Firm (Vigo
Teresa Ellis, Retired (Greene Co.)                      Co.)
Ken Heeke, First National Bank (Putnam Co.)             Mark Wilson, Green Acres Auto-Truck Plaza
Whitney Kos, St. Mary of the Woods student              (Vermillion Co.)
(Vigo)                                                  John Zeller, Health Source LLC (Vigo Co.)

                                             CHAPTER STAFF
Carol Stevens     Executive Director               Sue Seyfert       Health & Safety Director
Ken Grissen       Finance Director                 Tammy Young       Greene County Coordinator
Bonnie Lu         Emergency Services Director      Dorothy Unger Experience Works, Sullivan Co.
Jennifer Ripple   Health & Safety Instructor       Christine Klinger Community Development Director
                                                                     Clay & Putnam Counties
Statement of Financial Position for the 12-Month Period Ended June 30, 2006
Ending Net Assets                                           $790,625

Statement of Activities for the 12-Month Period Ended June 30, 2006
Total Contributions, Revenue and Gains                      $397,331

Expenses and Losses
Program Services
    o Armed Forces Emergency Services         $ 32,878
    o Disaster Services                        194,678
    o Health Services                           80,834
    o International Services                     8,995
Total Program Services                         317,385

Membership and Fundraising                      70,228

Management and General                          55,525

Other Losses                                   114.076

Total Expenses and Losses                     $557,214

Statistical Highlights for the 12-Month Period Ended June 30, 2006, By County Served

                                      Clay    Greene     Parke   SullivanVermillion     Vigo    Other   Total
Disaster Relief Services
People Helped                            77        74       21          50      27       446              695
Meals Served                            195                 60                  30       253              538
Disaster Operations                      19        20        6          17       9        70              141
Disaster Welfare Inquiries                                                                 2                2
Disaster Preparedness
People Trained                                     459                 14               1,469            1,942
Material Pieces Distributed           1,687      2,732   1,094      1,415     1,246     7,774           15,948
Volunteers Trained                                                                        744              744
Armed Forces Emergency Services
Families Helped w/ Emergency Com-
munications or Financial Assistance      35        18        9          16      15       101       13     207
Guard/Reserves/Family Members
at pre-deployment briefings              30        35        9          11      20       308        1     414
International Services
People trained                                                                            30                30
Material Pieces Distributed in Schools 390        425      135         222    1,405      425             3,002
Health & Safety Education
People Trained
CPR and First Aid                        78         91     197         101    1,382     4,814     389    7,052
Water Safety & Lifeguarding               1         12      18                  199     1,280       8    1,518
Basic Aid Training (BAT) for Youth       58        104                 114       44       346              666
Together We Prepare                                  5                                     17               22
Material Pieces Distributed           1,540      1,763     802         943     993      5,229           11,270
Scrubby Bear                                       200      42          30     124        542              938
Babysitting                                         18                  12                  5               35
Referrals to Other Organizations         71         76      27          55      44        339       1      613
Fairs and Colts Camp                                       400         100              9,650           10,150

Totals                               4,162       6,012   2,814      3,083     5,529    33,774     412   55,786
We’re Here

   Because of YOU

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