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					sessions                                    Wednesday, July 9
Wednesday, July 9                                104 Muscles on Fire! WO PREMIERE              110 Power Pilates: Core and                   115 Viva Las Vegas Ride!
         TIME BLOCK A                            Steve Boedt                                   Cardio WO PREMIERE                            WO PREMIERE
                                                 This high-energy muscle-conditioning          Power Pilates Faculty                         Special Time: 7:00–8:00am
           7:00–7:45am                           class shows you how to combine                Do you ever feel like there’s not enough      Sandy Blumberg
        No CECs for Workouts                     dynamic movement with traditional                                                           Take a gamble and kick off your IDEA
                                                                                               time in the day for your Pilates workout
100 Back to the Future! A                        toning exercises. Learn to take boring        as well as cardio? Experience this            World experience with a ride that includes
                                                 isolated exercises and turn them into         high-energy and challenging class             everything that is exciting about Las
Taste of Zumba ! WO   ®

                                                                                                                                             Vegas. Your Las Vegas-themed workout
Tanya Beardsley and Beto Perez                   a fun workout. Even without using any         that incorporates traditional Pilates
                                                 equipment, you’ll see how easy it is to       mat with cardio. This class utilizes the      will be determined by a roll of the dice,
Remember the fun and exciting days of
                                                 create spectacular workouts.                  JumpSnap “ropeless jumprope,” kickin’
                                                                                                                                             where rolling a 7, gears you up for a heavy
the original aerobic dance programs?
                                                                                               tunes and a strong powerhouse. Come           hill climb and an 11 means it’s time for a
A Taste of Zumba brings the fun back             105 Boot Camp Bonanza WO                      prepared to move! Prerequisite: Open to       sprint. After each successful achievement,
to fitness by combining high energy               Todd Durkin, MA                               anyone with mat experience.                   you’ll be rewarded with a card for your
and motivating music with unique                 This dynamic, challenging and spirit-filled                                                  poker hand. Best hand wins at the end
moves and combinations that allow the            workout combines bodyweight exercises,        111 GYROKINESIS® Group WO                     of the ride, but like a night out in Vegas,
Zumba participants to dance away their           sport drills and partner/teamwork drills to   Emma Kingston                                 you never know what may happen along
worries. Zumba is a fusion of Latin and          maximize strength, power, coordination        Years before Juliu Horvath created            the way.
international music—dance themes                 and conditioning. You will experience over    GYROTONIC equipment, he developed

creating a dynamic, exciting, effective
fitness system!
                                                 30 unique exercises and drills, more than     GYROKINESIS methodology, which                        TIME BLOCK B
                                                 10 Boot Camp chants, get many great new       systematically and gently works the                     8:15–10:15am
101 Gliding™—Plug and Play                       ideas, and have a ton of fun, regardless of   joints and muscles through rhythmic and
WO PREMIERE                                      your level.                                   undulating exercises. Fluidity is the key.    120 Keynote Presentation
Mindy Mylrea                                                                                   Postures are not held for long periods of     John Gray, PhD
                                                 106 Lean on Me Partner                        time. Instead, postures are smoothly and      See description on page 4 of this
Are you ready to work core, legs, glutes
and upper body in a whole new way? Go
                                                 Workout WO                                    harmoniously connected through the use        brochure.
                                                 Don Bahneman, MS                              of breath, making exercises appear and
beyond boring and traditional. We will
                                                 Join us for this unique teamwork-based        feel more like dance than traditional yoga.           TIME BLOCK C
use gliding discs, steps, tubing and body
                                                 circuit training workout in which partners    Repeated as session #211.                               10:45–12:35pm
weight to transform your tried-and-true
                                                 work together to push, motivate and                                                                   Up to 2 CEC hours
routines into integrated magic. You will
learn mini “plug and play” workouts for
                                                 challenge each other utilizing a variety      112 GRAVITY® ::
each muscle group along with routines
                                                 of fitness tools in some creative and          CoreDynamics          ™
                                                                                                                         WO                  130 GRAVITYGroup® ::
that target the whole body.
                                                 innovative ways.                              Elizabeth Leeds, DPT                          Compound Structures            ™
                                                                                               Think fusion. This 30-minute group            Special Time: 10:45am–12:15pm
102 Core Up WO PREMIERE                          107 STOTT                                     session, on efi Sports Medicine’s              Rob Glick and Elizabeth Leeds, DPT
Christy Taylor                                   PILATES    ®
                                                                                               adaptable GTS machine, integrates
                                                                                                                                             Discover exciting ways to integrate
Your entire core—shoulders to hips—              Intense Sculpting Challenge WO                strength training and Pilates to zero-in      compound movements with this dynamic
stabilizes your body, so it’s critical to keep   John Garey, MS                                on the core. It’s a zenergetic, body-mind     new GRAVITYGroup workout! Witness
it strong. Core Up reviews the musculature       Build more challenge and diversity with       experience with plenty of variety and         some inventive strategies that are
of the core and upper-body muscles,              this Level 4 Flex-Band workshop. You
                                                                                               challenge, pulling Pilates and resistance     intended to target complementary
addresses any misconceptions you may             will learn how to challenge core and          training into the same orbit.                 and opposing muscle groups. We will
have, and provides you with a multitude of       peripheral strength with the resistance                                                     combine instability, muscle group
training techniques that you can use with        provided by the Flex-Band exerciser           113 Dance Duo! WO PREMIERE                    progressions and dynamic motion to
your students and clients right away. Core       and increase exercise intensity in the        Yoav Avidar and Raul Cacho                    challenge the core. In addition, you will
Up is perfect for personal trainers and          areas of neuromuscular coordination,          Here is your opportunity to experience        learn how to create compound movements
group exercise instructors.                      balance, strength and flexibility. Cues and    a top-notch workout with two highly           using the GTS , and how exercise

                                                 corrections for safety and effectiveness      regarded presenters who have joined           sequences progress by joining elements
103 Viva Step Diva! WO PREMIERE                  are also covered.                             forces in this dance-aerobic extravaganza.    that build upon one another.
Buddy Macuha                                                                                   Raul and Yoav have combined the flavor
Let your inner diva out and explore the          108 Peak Pilates®                             of their unique backgrounds (Spanish          131 Hip-Hop Hustle WS
infinite possibilities of step choreography!      MVe Reformer
                                                                                               and Israeli) in symmetric and asymmetric      Chalene Johnson
Learn how to make basic steps fabulous           Creative Concepts WO PREMIERE                 dance choreography to create an explosion     Even your Aunt Betty can do the hustle.
while adding your own style, attitude and        Zoey Trap, MSc                                of style just for you! This is a “must be     Learn how to take the concept of the
some simple tricks. Create new signature         Get in the group groove with a class          there” dance class.                           hustle and incorporate its principles into a
moves that will wow your audience and            that will make your students feel fit                                                        simple hip-hop dance class with a simple
have them begging for more. In no time,          and fabulous. Explore a choreographed,        114 Schwinn® Cycling: My                      line-dance format!
you’ll be a Step Diva legend!                    rhythmic reformer workout infused             Favorite Ride WO
                                                 with dance dynamics. Learn how to             Amy Dixon                                     132 Cardio Dance-ology
                                                 choreograph extra stretches, balances and     Special Time: 7:00–8:00am                     WS PREMIERE

                                                 embellishments that marry movement and        Hit the hills, power the sprints,             Yoav Avidar
                KEY                                                                            chase down the competition and learn          It’s time to dance and Yoav knows every
                                                 music to make your classes extra special.
           L Lecture                                                                           firsthand the definition of the word            trick of the trade. Join this dance-aerobics
         L/D Lecture/Demo                        109 Balanced Body                             “endurance.” This ride has it all, and it     session that will begin with a march or
            Approximately 75% lecture            University: The EXO Workout ™
                                                                                               rocks! Solid Schwinn Cycling principles,      a hamstring curl, and before you know it
            and 25% movement                                                                   top-notch coaching and awesome tunes          you’ll be pirouetting, jetéing, and burning
                                                 WO PREMIERE
         WO Workout No CECs offered              Nico Gonzalez                                 make this a workout to remember as you        up the dance floor. Experience movement
          WS Workshop                            The EXO Chair combines the mindfulness        experience Schwinn master trainer,            that is good for the soul!
                Primarily movement                                                             Amy Dixon’s favorite ride. Detailed class
                                                 of Pilates with the athleticism of
         P Panel Discussion                      resistance bands into a workout that          notes included.
 PREMIERE New Session Never                      will challenge you from the core out. The
           Offered Before                        bands add intensity, variety and support to
 InTensive InTensive Session                     Pilates chair exercises for students at any
                See page 43 for
                                                 level. In this session, you will experience
                more information
                                                 a complete workout with an emphasis on
     Please bring your own yoga mat—             the upper body.
         they will not be provided.

sessions                                 Wednesday, July 9
133 New School Step                           136 Keiser® Cycling: M3                         139 Extreme Interval Training                     143 Childhood Obesity:
WS PREMIERE                                   Stable WS                                       WS                                                Current Research and
Steve Boedt                                   Suzette O’Byrne                                 Helen Vanderburg                                  Practical Tools L PREMIERE
Are you tired of old-school step classes?     For many students, the cycling posture can      Have fun in this intense class that will          Karen Donaldson, MS, RD, LD
Join us for a new take on step! Learn how     be a challenging position to maintain. As       put the work back into your workouts!             This informative session delves into the
we start from basic moves and change          a result, indoor cyclists often experience      Maximize your time and results with               current research on childhood obesity.
them into new, spectacular movement           aches and pains during and after the            interval training. Learn a variety of             It will include case studies and will
patterns! Move like you have never moved      ride. Get instruction on how to effectively     interval formats combining strength,              provide insight on how screenings such
before, and check out this tap-free, high-    activate the inner core to ensure               cardio conditioning, plyometrics and              as BMI-for-age and acanthosis nigricans
energy step workshop. Emphasis is             compensating muscles do not take over           functional movements that can be mixed            are used to diagnose obesity and type
placed on logical combination building,       and the efficiency of the pedal stroke is        and matched to create an intense and              2 diabetes. Participants will walk away
while keeping the fun factor high from        maximized. Help your students experience        innovative workout for your participants.         with several tools to use with kids (and
beginning to end.                             a smooth ride with a body that is both                                                            their parents) for the purpose of improving
                                                                                              140 Training Camp:
                                              stable and strong.                                                                                body mechanics and implementing proper
134 BOSU® Cardio                                                                              Athletically-Inspired Boot                        nutrition and exercise for life!
Express WS                                    137 Contact Boxing                              Camp WS PREMIERE
Shannon Fable                                 Fundamentals WS                                 Peter Twist, MSc                                  144 Resistance Strategies and
This action-packed workshop will deliver      Albert Isordia                                  Boot camps combine strength training,             the Resistance Profile L PREMIERE
an explosion of cardio drills guaranteed      This workshop covers all the skills             yoga, Pilates, cardio and stretching to           Tom Purvis, PT
to raise your heart rate and workout fun      necessary to develop an exciting workout        get everyday clientele into shape. For            We take resistance for granted, but
factor. Innovative movement patterns          program utilizing the time-tested concepts      athletes, preseason training camps take           the truth is that 10 pounds is never 10
can be linked for group fitness or used        of the most conditioned athletes in the         it to the next level, utilizing drills focusing   pounds of resistance on the body. It can
independently for personal training or        world. Jump rope warm-ups, proper               on speed, agility and quickness, Linked           be hundreds of pounds, zero, or actually
circuit workouts. Using the BOSU Balance      stance and footwork, speed and power            System Strength, integrated balance,
                                                                                                                                                become assistance. Every single form
Trainer, learn unique drills that will        drills, and attack and evasion skills will be   core stability, rotary power and anaerobic        of resistance and tool we use provides
challenge your cardio fitness as well as       covered. In addition, you will be properly      energetics to help them be game ready.            variable resistance, but the changes are
improve your balance, agility, coordination   coached on how to safely and effectively        Experience athletic drills and sport-             usually haphazard and unknown to us.
and athletic power.                           use one of the most important tools used        conditioning equipment ideal for use with         Learn to manipulate the variation to alter
                                              in boxing, the punch mitts.                     athletically-inspired clientele.                  benefit and reduce risk and wear.
135 Schwinn® Cycling: Heart
Rate Monitor Training WS                      138 Keys to Successful                          141 Essential Business Tools:                     145 Fitness
Jay Blahnik                                   Corrective Exercise Design L/D                  Networking L PREMIERE                             Anywhere : TRX ™        ®

For years, world-class athletes have                                                          Nicki Anderson and
                                              Justin Price, MA                                                                                  Suspension Training
used heart rate monitors to evaluate and      Effective corrective exercise program           Mary Bratcher, MA
improve performance. However, heart rate                                                                                                        for Function WS
                                              design requires an understanding of the         The process of building effective and             Fraser Quelch
monitor research tells us that most people    imbalances you want to correct. Another         useful business relationships can be very         Challenge and create power, strength,
may not be getting the most out of this       essential aspect involves choosing              difficult for fitness professionals. This           balance and mobility while completing
great training device. This workshop will     and teaching exercises in such a way            active (and interactive!) session explains        an innovative and effective full-body
debunk the myths and misconceptions           that your client learns to adopt these          the fundamental concepts of networking            strength-training program using only the
associated with heart rate monitors, and      new movement patterns as their own.             and includes activities designed to               TRX. This interactive session provides
provide an up-to-date, simplified approach     Discover how to design outstanding              stimulate and inspire success. Discover           a comprehensive review of the exciting
to using a heart rate monitor for maximum     corrective exercise programs based on the       some ingenious and clever ways to create          training capabilities of this new fitness
benefit. We’ll top it off with a power-        principals of motor control, neuromuscular      solid networks with other professionals           tool. Get first-hand knowledge of how
packed simulation ride that will leave you    coordination and effective client               that will bring opportunity, credibility and      a concept so simple can offer enhanced
feeling like a champion. Repeated as          communication.                                  quality referrals to your business.               training possibilities and challenge.
session #335.
                                                                                              142 The Mars Venus Diet and                       Repeated as session #264.
                                                                                              Exercise Solution L PREMIERE
                                                                                              John Gray, PhD
                                                                                              Join Dr. Gray as he continues his keynote
                                                                                                          presentation from the morning
                                                                                                             and goes more in-depth
                                                                                                             on diet and exercise as a
                                                                                                              source of well-being and
                                                                                                               harmony, and creating the
                                                                                                                 right brain chemistry for
                                                                                                                    health, happiness and
                                                                                                                      lasting romance.

                                                                                                                                                w w w. i d e a f i t . c o m / w o r l d   23
sessions                                Wednesday, July 9
146 STOTT PILATES                                           147 Peak Pilates®                                          148 Balanced Body

Programming on the                                          MVe Flex and Flow
                                                                                                                       University: Moving
V2 Max Plus Reformer WS
                                                            WS PREMIERE                                                in Rhythm WS
PJ O’Clair                                                  Clare Dunphy                                               M Valentin
This workshop utilizes the unique features of the STOTT     Several creative MVe Fitness Chair progressions will       If you love to move to music, then you’ll love this
PILATES V2 Max, an all-in-one equipment system that         be taught in this session! The first time through each      class that will teach you the ins and outs of creating
expands programming for group classes and private           sequence you will learn the moves, the second and          choreographed reformer classes using a variety of musical
training. Learn how to transform the machine to explore     third time through you will refine the movements and        styles. Whether you are a group exercise instructor
selected essential-level exercises on the mat, reformer     transitions, and enjoy the flow. Move from the inside out   looking to use your love of music and choreography in
and Cadillac. Discover how to cue, correct and modify for   during this Pilates fusion workout designed to improve     your reformer classes, or a Pilates instructor who is
individuals and groups to make the most of each workout.    balance, activate your core and gain a sense of inner      considering ways to add a new twist, this practical class
                                                            control that will be unforgettable.                        will get you started.
                                                                                                                       149 Alignment, Adjustments
                                                                                                                       and Anatomy WS PREMIERE
                                                                                                                       Diane Ambrosini, MA, and
                                                                                                                       Kathy Lee Kappmeier, PT
                                                                                                                       Hands-on adjustments, coupled with creative verbal
                                                                                                                       cues, and tailored to individual needs, provide a most
                                                                                                                       effective means of enhancing student alignment, comfort
                                                                                                                       and safety during yoga practice. Explore biomechanical
                                                                                                                       principles of foundational asanas, and sophisticated and
                                                                                                                       subtle techniques for guiding students into their ideal
                                                                                                                       physical alignment. These methods are also useful
                                                                                                                       for decreasing the potential of physical injury during
                                                                                                                       yoga practice.
                                                                                                                       150 Stretch Fusion: ROM and Core
                                                                                                                       Training (Water Fitness) WS PREMIERE
                                                                                                                       Laurie Denomme
                                                                                                                       Revitalize your flexibility programming with active stretch
                                                                                                                       and core training combinations. Integrate yoga postures
                                                                                                                       and diagonal movement patterns guaranteed to decrease
                                                                                                                       joint and muscle pain. Movements will simultaneously
                                                                                                                       increase balance, muscular endurance and joint range of
                                                                                                                       motion. Take home a variety of teaching strategies and
                                                                                                                       multilevel progressions that utilize drag, acceleration and
                                                                                                                       traveling techniques.
                                                                                                                       151 GYROTONIC® Group WS
                                                                                                                       Stephanie Spencer, MFA
                                                                                                                       Performed on equipment, this class is an introduction for
                                                                                                                       people with no GYROTONIC experience. This participatory
                                                                                                                       class will introduce key GYROTONIC fundamentals and
                                                                                                                       how they enhance the physical body to perform more
                                                                                                                       optimally. The focus of this class is to convey why
                                                                                                                       GYROTONIC principles can enhance or complement a
                                                                                                                       wide array of physical activity. The spiraling and circular
                                                                                                                       motion patterns are key elements in increasing fluidity,
                                                                                                                       flexibility, endurance and strength, as well as improving
                                                                                                                       rhythm and coordination. Repeated as sessions 178,
                                                                                                                       238, 269, 288, 318 and 350.

                                                                                                                       Award-Winning Trends in the Industry P
                                                                                                                       2008 IDEA Award Winners
                                                                                                                       Special Time: 2:00–2:45pm
                                                                                                                       Join us for this exciting panel discussion with our 2008
                                                                                                                       Award Winners! Meet the 2008 Personal Trainer of the
                                                                                                                       Year, Program Director of the Year and Fitness Instructor
                                                                                                                       of the Year and hear them talk about the leading trends
                                                                                                                       in personal training, program management and group
                                                                                                                       exercise. This discussion is sure to peak your interest
                                                                                                                       in your professional future. This session is open to all
                                                                                                                       attendees; you do not need to select it to attend.

        TIME BLOCK D
          Up to 2 CEC hours
160 High-Low Fever WS PREMIERE
Kari Anderson
Get Up...Get Down...Get Moving! Stylized
and explosive high-low choreography
with a definite dance flair designed for
maximal use of the body and unlimited
fun. Complexity progression, seamless
transitioning and performance peaks give
this workout its never-ending challenge
and widespread appeal. Come prepared to
turn up the heat!
161 Step Maneuvers WS
Rebecca Small
Learn how to maneuver your way
around the step like a true professional.
A fantastic lesson in the playful art of
choreography and superb breakdowns,
you will be gliding easily through the most
challenging maneuvers with minimal effort
and maximal enjoyment. This class is for
steppers who are looking for inspiration,
motivation and cutting-edge choreography.
162 BOSU® Skills
and Drills WS
Jay Blahnik and Rob Glick                       165 KETTLEBELL CONCEPTS:                        168 Train the Joes Like                       171 Precision + Control =
If you love the BOSU Balance                    Introduction to                                 the Pros WS                                   Strategic Results L PREMIERE
Trainer and want new ideas for using            Kettlebell Lifting WS                           Todd Durkin, MA                               Tom Purvis, PT
it, this class is for you! Learn dozens of      Michelle Khai                                   Learn how the NFL superstars’ workout         An exercise is much more than a start
exercises, drills, skills and activities that   Learn an effective total-body, low-impact,      program can be used for all your clients.     position and a finish position. The outcome
can be done on the BOSU Balance Trainer         strength, power, dynamic flexibility and         Speed, agility, quickness, core strength,     of an exercise is only as beneficial (or
in a group or personal training setting.        cardio workout that has been in use for         power and balance are infused into            costly) as the precision with which the
Discover how to progress, regress and           centuries. Participants will learn the basic    one workout to create a motivating            motions/positions are performed. It all
adapt each exercise to accommodate              kettlebell movements as well as why             atmosphere that will challenge and            boils down to the quality of the individual
almost all fitness and skill levels with         kettlebells differ from dumbbells, barbells     inspire the athlete in all of us. We’ll use   rep. Explore the influence of controlling
minimal equipment.                              and machines. We will briefly discuss the        the same drills the pros use to improve       mechanical factors such joint position,
                                                history, science and many applications of       overall performance and conditioning;         joint forces, inertia and active vs. passive
163 Schwinn® Cycling:                           kettlebell lifting.                             from young to old, weekend warrior to         support/restraint, as well as intention-
Cycle Sculpt WS                                                                                 competitive athlete, they are all looking     based cuing. Learn to alter your clients’
Mindy Mylrea                                    166 Balance Bow™ Training by                    for results, motivation, accountability and   exercise experience. They’ll be telling you,
Looking for an authentic, convenient and        Ironwear Fitness        ™
                                                                            WS PREMIERE         to be challenged.                             “I never felt it like that before!”
safe way to include a strength component        Arnold Cook, MS
in your cycling workout? Cycle Sculpt will      Learn the most advanced, effective and          169 Creating Additional                       172 Assessment and
show you how to use low-cost equipment          addictive system of balance and focus           Income Streams L                              Reaction—Shoulder
and the space around your bike to               training using Ironwear’s Balance Bow.          Tom Perkins                                   Function WS
integrate an effective strength component       Strength, concentration and reaction            For many businesses, creating additional      Chuck Wolf, MS
into your classes! Learn to cleverly use        speed are key. Learn how to balance             streams of income is a way of ensuring        Understanding the interaction of the
limited space and an interval format to         and how to manipulate your center of            a continuation of their business well into    lower extremity to the upper extremity
create powerful strength sets that not          gravity. This workshop will cover angular       the future. Participants will learn how       is critical to developing a true functional
only round out your cycling workout,            momentum and other balance techniques           additional income streams can assist them     shoulder training program. This session
but help balance some of cycling’s              and methods for measuring improvement.          in generating income during particularly      will demonstrate functional assessment
mechanical stresses.                            The Balance Bow training system can be          lean months and throughout the year,          techniques for the shoulder and how
                                                used to develop simple balance skills or        how to assess and evaluate resources for      they are utilized in developing a program
164 Keiser® Cycling:                            sharpen the most elite athlete.                 additional income stream potential and        strategy for enhanced shoulder action.
M3 One-2-One WS                                                                                 to promote services and products that         Note: This is the first of three sessions
Krista Popowych                                 167 Where Common Sense                          complement current business endeavors.        in the Assessment and Reaction series.
Personal trainers, this is for you! Learn       Meets Creativity L/D PREMIERE                                                                 Enrollment in all three is recommended,
how to implement indoor cycling as an           Don Bahneman, MS                                170 Moving Into                               but not required.
added tool to enhance a client’s training       In this lecture, we will explore the delicate   Management L
program (and expand your skill set).            balance between science and practical           Carol Scott
This workshop reviews proper cycling            application, and how it relates to the          If you’ve ever thought about becoming a
technique, client evaluation, functional        most confusing part of the equation...          group fitness manager, this lecture is for
power tests, programming ideas, practical       your clients. Training philosophies,            you! Get detailed information on what
applications (e.g., triathlon training,         concepts and exercise progressions will         is involved. Performance expectations,
outdoor riding and small-group training)        be explored in detail.                          required tasks, responsibilities and
and sample workouts.                                                                            basic job description are all covered in
                                                                                                this enlightening session. Look behind
                                                                                                the scenes and then make an educated
                                                                                                decision about whether this job is for you.
                                                                                                You’ll get the plain truth about what it
                                                                                                takes to be a great group fitness manager!

                                                                                                                                              w w w. i d e a f i t . c o m / w o r l d   25
sessions                                  Wednesday, July 9–Thursday, July 10

Jumpboard, Level 2 WS
John Garey, MS
Give your clients and classes something to
jump about with this pumped-up session
on the reformer. Increase intensity and
challenge coordination and cardiovascular
fitness using more complex jumpboard
intervals while ensuring safety and proper
technique. Incorporate strengthening
exercises for upper and lower body
and the core. This plyometric workout
will deliver all-over fitness while easily
motivating and maintaining interest.
174 Peak Pilates®
for the Obese
Zoey Trap, MSc
Obesity is a growing health concern.
Discover how to work with obese clients
using a Pilates protocol that will support
their bodies and let them rediscover the
joy of movement. Explore how to select,
adapt and guide Pilates exercises on the
mat and apparatus to provide a full hour
of movement that empowers your clients
and fuels their desire to do more. Unlock
the door to your heart and open yourself to
this rewarding work.
175 Balanced Body

Lizbeth Garcia and Portia Page
By combining the athleticism of the
traditional Pilates chair with the flexibility
                                                178 GYROTONIC® Group WS                        Thursday, July 10                              203 Take the Curl Out! WS
                                                Emma Kingston                                                                                 Bethany Diamond
of resistance tubing, the EXO chair
                                                See description on page 24 of this
                                                                                                      TIME BLOCK F                            It’s purposeful, it’s functional and it’s
creates a limitless variety of workouts for
                                                brochure. Repeated as sessions 151,                     7:00–7:45am                           CURL FREE! Take the Curl Out of your core
beginners, athletes and anyone wanting to                                                             No CECs for Workouts
                                                238, 269, 288, 318 and 350.                                                                   classes. Redefine core to include more
crank up their program. Learn the essential
                                                                                              200 Zumba®!                                     than your spinal flexors and extensors.
principles of Pilates on the chair in this
practical workshop.                                     TIME BLOCK E                          Join the Party! WO                              Learn progressions to better serve your
                                                          5:10–6:10pm                         Tanya Beardsley and Beto Perez                  entire class and knock the socks off your
176 Yoga for Runners WS PREMIERE                       No CECs for workouts                   Zumba’s cardio party kicks it up a notch!       front row!
Simone Hodgkinson                                                                             While incorporating all of the basic
The action of running is predominantly          180 BOSU®                                                                                     204 The Kukuwa Dance
                                                                                              rhythms used in A Taste of Zumba,               Workout WO
flexion, and many runners complain of            Block Party! WO                               additional rhythms are introduced and
stiff ankles, tight hip flexors and pain         Jay Blahnik, Douglas Brooks,                                                                  Kukuwa Nuama
                                                                                              more extensive choreography has been            This class blends Latin, African and
in the lower back. This workshop will           MS, Shannon Fable, Rob Glick,                 added. The routines feature interval
guide you through a range of yoga               Mindy Mylrea, Keli Roberts, Peter                                                             Caribbean rhythms into low-impact,
                                                                                              training with a combination of fast             high-energy cardiovascular, fun-filled,
postures that specifically target these          Twist, MSc, and Helen Vanderburg              and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt
areas of discomfort so you can gain             Join members of the BOSU Development                                                          motivating and extremely energetic
                                                                                              the body.                                       classes. This session will work the small
release, improved running technique and         Team for a block party workout that will
performance. This is an excellent session       blow your mind. Using the BOSU Balance        201 Fat-Free Step WO                            muscle groups of the body.
for personal trainers, runners, yoga            Trainer and the NEW BOSU Ballast Ball,
                                                                                              Fred Hoffman, MEd
                                                you will get to experience a one-of-a-kind
                                                                                                                                              205 Barefoot Core Workout
teachers and group fitness instructors. No                                                     This is one workout that you won’t find in       WO PREMIERE
previous yoga experience is required and        workout that is loaded with drills, skills    the supermarket! Treat yourself to a step       Annette Lang, MS
you do not need to be a runner to attend.       and over-the-top fun! This special workout    class that is rich in fun and energy and        This workout starts with standing and
                                                is limited to the first 100 people and will    will burn the fat right off of you! Learn fun   then moves your whole body through all
177 Stretch Fusion: Core Work                   definitely sell out. This is the one party     and creative combinations that will give        planes of motion. Challenge your core
for Function (Water Fitness)                    that everyone will be talking about!          your students a pure cardio workout!            along with hip and shoulder stability and
                                                181 STOTT                                     202 Cardio Crazy WO                             mobility. You will get a great workout in
Laurie Denomme
                                                PILATES    ®
                                                                                              Mindy Mylrea                                    many different positions that will leave
Experience the powerful effects gained
                                                                                                                                              you feeling invigorated.
from combining various bases of support         On a Roll WO                                  Come see how you can turn the step and
with resistance training in static and          PJ O’Clair                                    the floor into a fitness playground for the
dynamic movement sequences. Review              This session incorporates a foam roller       cardio crazed. Cardio intensity intervals
the integrated relationship of muscles          into exercises adapted from both the          are combined with new fitness drills and
important for hip and back function, and        matwork and reformer repertoire.              games to create this breathless bash.
learn practical core training ideas using       Participants will experience how the roller   Use the step and the floor in all sorts of
isotonic and isometric muscle work. The         targets core stabilizers, cues alignment      wild ways to excite your students and to
use of buoyant equipment will further           and challenges strength through the           keep them challenged and coming back
enhance balance, strength and functional        periphery and core.                           for more.

sessions                                      Thursday, July 10
206 Strength Without                            212 GRAVITY® :: Blast                            221 Water Class Design InTensive                  224 Drums Alive™: Step and
Boundaries WO                                   and Furious WO                                   Bethany Diamond                                   Drum WS PREMIERE
Robert Lindsey                                  Rob Glick                                        Special Time: 8:00am–12 Noon                      Carrie Ekins, MA
Innovative alternative strength-training        Sample a variety of classes, each one an         Finally, a tool to assist you in developing       Step and Drum combines the pulsating
ideas for any situation or clientele.           intense 15-minute superset on the GTS    ®
                                                                                                 your water fitness classes! Take this              rhythms of the drums with the powerful
Whether you train out of a facility or out      by efi Sports Medicine . Work shoulders,
                                                                                                 class design sheet back to your club              movements from step and dance aerobics.
of your car, this course is for you. During     biceps, triceps, back, chest, buns, legs         and reformat your water fitness classes.           It is a unique high-energy step, dance
this session, you’ll break away from            and of course, abs! All five GRAVITYBlast         Add variety and purpose to the classes            and rhythmic experience. This dynamic
traditional methods of strength training        sessions in sequence challenge a different       you teach with this easy-to-use                   workout is not only for step enthusiasts,
to discover new ways of building muscle         muscle group for effective full-body             programming tool.                                 but for anyone wanting to experience a
using kettlebells, medicine balls, bands        resistance training designed for everyone.                                                         new way to combine the positive benefits
and bodyweight drills.                                                                           222 Timeless High-Low                             of rhythm and step aerobics into their
                                                213 Step Jam 24 WO PREMIERE                      WS PREMIERE
                                                                                                                                                   existing programs.
207 STOTT                                       Shaun McGeahy and Larisa Settembro               Steve Boedt
                                                In this workout there is a little bit of step,   Join this high-energy workout based on            225 Core Off the Floor!
                                                                                                 the classical high-low with a bit of a
Fitness Circle Flow WO
                                                a little bit of dance and a whole lot of                                                           WS PREMIERE
                                                jammin’ going on. This workout is a bit          dance flavor. This class starts with basic         Shannon Fable
Sally Belanger
                                                sassy so get ready to jam... Step Jam,           movement that is familiar to most group           Tired of endless crunches? Then let’s
Increase strength, flexibility and muscle
                                                that is!                                         exercise instructors, and culminates in a         take the Core Off the Floor! Remove
tone with the dynamic Fitness Circle
                                                                                                 high-energy, challenging workout that is          the crunches, get off the mat and put
resistance ring. This energizing workout
                                                214 Schwinn® Cycling:                            appropriate for all levels.                       kettlebells, medicine balls and BOSU   ®

will help you develop greater body
awareness. Cues and corrections for             Our Favorite Ride WO                                                                               Ballast Balls in your hand! Learn to

                                                Juliane Arney and Amy Dixon                      223 Step: The Big Picture                         swing and clean, lift, shift and shake, or
safety and effectiveness will be included.                                                       WS PREMIERE
                                                Special Time: 7:00–8:00am                                                                          throw and catch while engaging muscles
                                                                                                 Kari Anderson
208 Peak Pilates®                               Hit the hills, power the sprints, chase
                                                                                                 Creatively utilizing both traditional and
                                                                                                                                                   so deep you’ll wonder what your core
MVe Hard Core
                                                down the competition and learn firsthand
                                                                                                 non-traditional step moves helps us
                                                                                                                                                   training has done for you all these years.
WO                                              the definition of the word “endurance.”                                                             These functional training movements
                                                                                                 achieve an intense physical and mental
Clare Dunphy                                    This ride has it all, and it rocks! Solid                                                          will teach you how to use momentum to
                                                                                                 challenge for the ultimate full-body
Get the best of both worlds: strength           Schwinn cycling principles, top-notch                                                              your advantage and operate in a vertical
                                                                                                 workout. This step workshop emphasizes
moves combined with traditional Pilates         coaching and awesome tunes make this a                                                             manner. Exercises are multiplanar,
                                                                                                 the benefits of going from A to B (and
chair moves. Together, they give you a          workout to remember as you experience a                                                            multidirectional and multi-effective.
                                                                                                 way beyond!) in a systematic learning-
total-body workout guaranteed to make           ride delivered by Schwinn master trainers
                                                                                                 enhanced environment. Complexity and
you sweat. Even if you have never seen          Juliane Arney and Amy Dixon. Detailed
                                                                                                 success can be long-term partners if the
the MVe Fitness Chair, you’ll experience        class notes included.
                                                                                                 journey makes sense and the workout
eccentric training in a new way.
                                                215 Cycle Karaoke Party! WO                      rocks. Club tested—for demanding clients
209 Balanced Body                               Buddy Macuha                                     year after year!
University:                                     Special Time: 7:00–8:00am
Reformer                                        The breakout hit of the 2007 IDEA World
                                                Fitness Convention in San Diego comes

                                                                                                   CuLturE Shock
Rhythms WO                                      back with more songs and more laughs!
M Valentin
                                                Step up to the stage, get on a bike and
Move with rhythm and flow in this
                                                start singing! Cycle Karaoke Party brings
exciting reformer class to music. Exercise
                                                the love of singing to the world of indoor
sequences, progressions and cuing work
together to create a seamless experience        cycling. You’ll sing your favorite songs
                                                from the past and present while pedaling
                                                                                                       SHOWCASE AND MASTER CLASS
of length, strength and unadulterated fun.
                                                to a steady beat. Compete against other
210 Pilates 50/50 With                          performers, then be crowned Cycle
Resist-a-Ball      ®
                       WO                       Karaoke Champion!
Linda Freeman
Experience this new Pilates workout that                TIME BLOCK G
will sculpt your booty AND strengthen                      8:05–9:55am
your core. It consists of 50% standing                      Up to 2 CEC hours
Pilates work that integrates Pilates
principles into lower-body work, and 50%        220 Going for Greatness!
Pilates mat work to strengthen the core.
                                                Todd Durkin, MA
Learn how to create your own standing
                                                Special Time: 8:00am–12 Noon
work by discovering the four base
                                                When do you ever get the chance to step
movements, intensifiers and mood-makers,
                                                out of your business in order to work on
as well as effective cuing techniques.
                                                your business? This highly experiential
This class is a sell-out, “booty-lifting-ab-
                                                hands-on session will give you a head
sculpting” class that will top the list at
                                                start on devising practical solutions to
YOUR club!
                                                current issues, fears and challenges.
211 GYROKINESIS® Group WO                       Todd will facilitate and coach you through
Stephanie Spencer, MFA                          the same business exercises he uses                SHOWCASE
See description on page 22 of this              personally and with his staff of trainers.         Check out the Culture Shock Showcase, a dance concert on
brochure. Repeated as session #111.             Here is your opportunity to gain valuable          the Performance Stage in the Expo Hall on Thursday, July 10,
                                                business skills that will keep you Going
                                                for Greatness.                                     from 4:30–5:00pm, then again from 5:00–5:30pm.
                                                                                                   MASTER CLASS
                                                                                                   Immediately following this performance, join them in the
                                                                                                   Culture Shock Master Class from 5:45–6:45pm., where you’ll

                                                                                                   learn the latest hip-hop moves in this interactive session.
                                                                                                   There will be a donation of $10 to participate in this Master Class and all

                                                                                                   proceeds will go to Culture Shock, a non-profit organization.

                                                                                                                                                   w w w. i d e a f i t . c o m / w o r l d   27
sessions                                   Thursday, July 10
226 Schwinn® Cycling:                         229 Stretch Sequence                            232 Inside a Client’s Head:                    235 Peak Pilates®
Ultimate Time Trial WS                        Solutions WS PREMIERE                           What’s Going On? L PREMIERE                    MVe Circuit

Keli Roberts                                  Jay Blahnik                                     Mary Bratcher, MA                              Training WS
Your opponent: the clock. Your goal: a        The perfect stretch sequences can be            This unique and informative session will       Clare Dunphy and Zoey Trap, MSc
personal record. Your intensity: high-end     difficult and time consuming to put              help trainers understand the psychological     Experience an intense circuit training
endurance. It’s a test of legs and lungs in   together. Sometimes you need a 5-minute         reasons behind “crazy” client behavior         workout featuring the MVe Fitness
a simulation of cycling’s most challenging    routine for just the neck and shoulders         and what’s going on inside their heads!        Chair and the brand-new MVe Reformer.
competition. Learn how both individual        for a regular client, and sometimes you         Attendees will also learn about the most       Clare Dunphy will lead you through an
and team time trials work, how athletes       need a 15-minute routine for the whole          common mental obstacles facing clients,        energized, music-driven cross-training
train for them, and how to incorporate        body after a cycling class. This workshop       ways to approach and overcome them             workout of Pilates fitness fusion exercises
these techniques and challenges into          is designed to provide you with a variety       and practical strategies for leading clients   on the most versatile line of Pilates
your classes! Now let’s experience an         of short routines for all areas of the          to success.                                    equipment available. Bring a towel and
authentic time trial challenge where the      body. They can be used independently or                                                        get ready to MVe!
road is flat, the pace intense, and the only   together for powerful results.                  233 Yoga Integrated Science
rider you can count on is you.                                                                and Flexibility L/D PREMIERE                   236 Balanced Body
                                              230 Plyometric Progressions                     Lauren Eirk                                    University:
227 Keiser Cycling: M3                        for Athletes and Everyday
                                                                                              This lecture/demonstration will explain        Teaching
Extend WS                                     Clientele WS PREMIERE                           the science behind yoga as it relates to       Tactics and Tools WS
Suzette O’Byrne                               Peter Twist, MSc                                range of motion. You will experience yoga      Lizbeth Garcia and Portia Page
Coming off a cycle can leave you feeling      Power and quickness is built from a             techniques that explain biomechanical          Learn to teach dynamic, inspirational
hunched over and shortened. Yoga-             foundation of strength and stability.           principles through isometric resistance        and energizing reformer classes from
inspired multi-segmental stretching will      Chances are your clients have a solid           training, and explore how range of motion      the ground up in this practical workshop.
restore a functional posture and allow you    foundation and are now ready to take the        is different for every person due to their     Exercise sequences, progressions, cuing
to feel extended, open and full of ease.      next step. See how you can progressively        given structure, neuromuscular function,       and equipment management are covered
The techniques learned in this workshop       implement plyometrics into their                genetics and history. Common adjusting         to make your classes run smoothly from
will help you to maximize your time during    programs. Try new drills and exercises, as      techniques will also be addressed.             the very beginning. Teaching mixed-level
the cool-down phase of any class.             well as new physical challenges that will                                                      classes and accommodating clients with
                                              add excitement to their training sessions,      234 STOTT
228 Kick Box Round II WS                                                                                                                     limitations will also be covered.
                                              helping to reinvigorate their minds and         PILATES     ®

Thomas the Promise                            bodies and bust through plateaus.               Athletic                                       237 Yoga-Core-Fusion™
This session incorporates the basic                                                           Conditioning on the                            WS PREMIERE
and advanced boxing skills needed for         231 Your Image, Your                            V2 Max Plus WS    ™
                                                                                                                                             Diane Ambrosini, MA, and Kathy Lee
punching and footwork. Physical fitness        Success! L                                      John Garey, MS                                 Kappmeier, PT
and martial arts components will be           Nicki Anderson                                                                                 Utilizing three traditional sun salutations
                                                                                              This workshop is designed for instructors
integrated for a scientifically-designed       Every good business person knows that                                                          as a foundation, this workshop introduces
                                                                                              and trainers working with very fit and
system that will provide the proper work      to attract clients it is necessary to project                                                  creative sequencing that fuses core
                                                                                              accomplished athletes. Using the STOTT
and active rest intervals required to         an image of professionalism and trust.                                                         methods with the traditional wisdom
                                                                                              PILATES V2 Max, an all-in-one machine
optimize physical conditioning.               However, your business image isn’t just                                                        of many popular hatha yoga styles.
                                                                                              that combines the functionality of the
                                              defined by your personal appearance.             professional reformer with the key             Learn inspiring ways to design well-
                                              All aspects of your business, from              features and benefits of the Cadillac,          rounded classes that meet the needs of
                                              marketing materials to customer service to      you will experience the multitude of           various student populations by simply
                                              accoutrements, reflect who you are. Learn        programming options this equipment             blending essential ideals, poses and
                                              what elements are critical to projecting a      allows. See how this complete-body             breathing techniques.
                                              successful business image.                      workout retrains muscles that may have
                                                                                                                                             238 GYROTONIC® Group WS
                                                                                              become unbalanced.
                                                                                                                                             Stephanie Spencer, MFA
                                                                                                                                             See description on page 24 of this
                                                                                                                                             brochure. Repeated as sessions 151,
                                                                                                                                             178, 269, 288, 318 and 350.
                                                                                                                                             239 GRAVITY® :: High Voltage
                                                                                                                                             Circuits WS
                                                                                                                                             Jeffrey Groh
                                                                                                                                             Personal trainers often create circuits
                                                                                                                                             to boost their income and challenge
                                                                                                                                             their clients with new movements.
                                                                                                                                             This session combines functional
                                                                                                                                             exercises using the GTS , the floor,

                                                                                                                                             medicine balls and most importantly, your
                                                                                                                                             body weight! The most important element
                                                                                                                                             within this circuit is the functional
                                                                                                                                             understanding behind each movement.
                                                                                                                                             Learn WHY we do each exercise and the
                                                                                                                                             functional chain reactions throughout the
                                                                                                                                             body during each movement.

240 Fitness                                          TIME BLOCK H                           252 Not Your Momma’s Step WS                  255 Schwinn® Cycling:
Anywhere : TRX™        ®
                                                      10:15am–12:05pm                       Patrick Goudeau                               Music Magic WS
Suspension Training                                    Up to 2 CEC hours                    Step outside the box and stimulate your       Rob Glick
for Core Performance WS                                                                     body and your mind with this incredibly       Music matters! And this workshop is
                                             250 GRAVITY :: Up Close

Leigh Crews                                                                                 fun and challenging workout. The              designed to teach you where to find,
This workshop will provide a focused         and Personal WS                                choreography is EXCITING. It moves and        how to choose, and how to use music
look at how to use suspension training       Special Time: 10:15–11:45am                    it’s definitely going to make you sweat!       in your classes to create rides that are
techniques to build the strongest and most   Jeff Groh and Helen Vanderburg                  Whether you master all the layers or          motivating and inspiring beyond belief!
functional core ever. A full progression     Energize and revitalize your private, semi-    choose to stay with the base moves, this      From purchasing music online to playing
of movements is provided to suit every       private and small-group personal training      routine is one BIG dance party on the step!   amateur DJ with editing software, and
client, from the deconditioned to the        sessions! The extensive exercise library       Refreshing and innovative...definitely NOT     from making class play lists in minutes to
high-performance athlete, along with         developed for use on the highly adaptable      YOUR MOMMA’S STEP!                            using your iPod in class, Music Magic will
several fast-paced workouts using the        GTS by efi Sport Medicine lets you guide
                                                 ®                      ®
                                                                                                                                          inform and inspire you to move in a digital
                                             your clients toward increased strength,        253 Step Surplus WS                           direction. Unleash the power of your music
TRX for core performance! Repeated as                                                       Christy Taylor
session #320.                                flexibility, balance, power and endurance.                                                    and embrace the technology.
                                             This course in GRAVITYPersonalTraining   ®     Step Surplus is overflowing with HOT new
241 Assessment and                           gives you a new way to make the most of        choreography, and HOT new combination-        256 Keiser® Cycling:
Reaction—Foot Function WS                    your valuable time.                            creation concepts. See how easy it is to      M3 Data WS
                                                                                            create and teach a surplus of new step        Krista Popowych
Chuck Wolf, MS
                                             251 Groove FX WS                               combinations using a combo creation           One of the most intricate and beneficial
Understanding the interaction of the
                                             Rebecca Small                                  blueprint that will help you to implement     features of the M3 lies in the cycle’s
foot and its relationship to the upper and
                                             Groove FX is an achievable aerobic             proper transition and music selection.        onboard computer. Through easy step-by-
lower extremities is a critical component
                                             program with essences of dance. It is a        You will take home three new step             step instructions, you will learn how to
to developing a comprehensive training
                                             salubrious selection of street, disco, dance   combinations, as well as four mini mix-       maximize the computer in order to provide
program. This session will demonstrate
                                             and hip-hop routines set to a melodic          and-match combinations that can be used       feedback to your students. Learn how to
functional assessment techniques and
                                             mix of sounds and rhythms. Groove FX           for months to come.                           manipulate power output, gear, cadence,
how the information they provide is
                                             captures the spirit of dance, combines it                                                    heart rate, time and distance to create
applied to enhance foot action for all                                                      254 Double Step Explorations
                                             with fun and delivers real fitness results.                                                   new drills, enhance current drills and
clients. Note: This is the second of                                                        WS PREMIERE
                                             A must for all non-dancers wishing to                                                        maximize motivation. The M3 computer
three sessions in the Assessment and                                                        Yoav Avidar
                                             have a boogie!                                                                               will bring your class together in a way
Reaction series. Enrolling in all three is                                                  Don’t panic! You may be entering
recommended, but not required.                                                              uncharted territory but Yoav is the perfect   you never thought possible. Repeated as
                                                                                            guide. Hand in hand, you will step off        session #365.
                                                                                            the edge and bring new creations, new
                                                                                            relations between participants, and new
                                                                                            traveling patterns that will make even the
                                                                                            most conventional stepper willing to join
                                                                                            the experience. Two steps, a good attitude,
                                                                                            and there is no land we can’t conquer.

                                                                                                                                          w w w. i d e a f i t . c o m / w o r l d   29
sessions               Thursday, July 10
                                           257 Authentic Cardio Boxing WS
                                           Albert Isordia
                                           Long before boxing and kickboxing became buzz words in the
                                           fitness industry, real boxers were shadowboxing to music to
                                           improve rhythm, timing, agility and speed. Now you can add
                                           these skills to the great cardiovascular benefits gained by
                                           millions. Get back to the authentic fundamentals by learning
                                           to perform actual boxing techniques derived from the ring and
                                           add a shot of adrenaline to your cardio workouts.
                                           258 Knee’ded Answers—Understanding
                                           the Knee WS PREMIERE
                                           Don Bahneman, MS
                                           This workshop will review the anatomical, biomechanical
                                           and physiological background of the knee. Common injuries
                                           to the knee, such as patella-femoral pain and tendonitis will
                                           be discussed. And finally, stabilization, strength and power
                                           exercises will be presented to improve overall function of
                                           the knee.
                                           259 Comprehensive Trunk and Spine
                                           Conditioning L/D PREMIERE
                                           Kevin Dunn, MPT
                                           From stabilization exercise to core training, the literature is
                                           loaded with buzz words and catch phrases. The body doesn’t
                                           know, or care, about these descriptive titles. A thorough
                                           understanding of spinal mechanics and resistance forces is
                                           necessary for good exercise design. Gain an understanding of
                                           the rules of the body by exploring the intricate world of joints,
                                           forces and muscles. Learn to examine the specific functions of
                                           individual muscles and their relationship to spinal mobility, and
                                           explore the truth about various forms of passive stretching.
                                           260 Off-Center Ball Training WS
                                           Jonathan Ross
                                           Take core training with stability balls to the next level. This
                                           workshop will introduce you to new concepts in stability ball
                                           training that will help you get more from your core workouts
                                           and arm you with endless options for new exercises by moving
                                           your center of gravity off-center from the ball.
                                           261 A Great Fitness Manager: Duck
                                           or Eagle? L
                                           Bob Esquerre, MA
                                           Why is it some fitness managers can “bob and weave” and
                                           “roll with the punches” and consistently deliver on their
                                           commitments and hit their goals (the Eagles), while others
                                           can’t leave their corner of the ring without tripping over their
                                           own shoelaces (the Ducks)? Learn how to perform a self-
                                           evaluation in relation to 21 benchmark skill sets to success
                                           and develop an action plan that will have you soaring with
                                           the eagles!
                                           262 Stroller Strides®
                                           Franchising and Fitness
                                           L PREMIERE
                                           Lisa Druxman, MA
                                           Franchising is being employed by more businesses than ever
                                           before. The success rates of franchising are much higher than
                                           that of starting an independent business. This session will
                                           focus on the process of becoming a franchise owner and how
                                           to evaluate and find the right one for you. In addition, if you
                                           are considering franchising your own business, you will learn
                                           whether or not your business is right for franchising and how
                                           it is done.
                                           263 The Unique and Powerful Coach/
                                           Client Relationship L
                                           Kate Larsen, DCC
                                           Impacting clients’ lives is the intent of the work you do
                                           day to day. Wellness coaching is an additional service that
                                           helps create and maintain healthier lifestyle habits while
                                           expanding clients’ views of well-being. We will explore the
                                           trends, distinctions, roles, methodology and training involved
                                           for clearly determining if coaching is a professional role you
                                           would like to play in your career.

sessions                                 Thursday, July 10
264 Fitness
Anywhere :     ™

TRX Suspension

Training for Function WS
Fraser Quelch
See description on page 23 of this
brochure. Repeated as session #145.

Workout for Men WS
Angel Garcia
Adding these specially-designed STOTT
PILATES reformer exercises to your client’s
routine will boost athletic performance
and strengthen the core to minimize the
risk of injury. Participants will learn how
to tackle this total-body workout for
optimum strength, endurance, agility
and conditioning.
266 Peak Pilates®
Seminar: Focus
Clare Dunphy
Get an in-depth look at how to deal
with common hip concerns in a studio
setting. This seminar will provide you
with a before, during and after session
approach. Learn what to ask the client
before beginning, which exercises to use
during the session as assessment tools,       269 GYROTONIC® Group WS                       273 Creating Sport                           276 KETTLEBELL CONCEPTS:
what to look and listen for, how different    Emma Kingston                                 Conditioning Circuits WS PREMIERE            Bell Butt   ™
hip concerns affect movement and how to       See description on page 24 of this            Peter Twist, MSc                             Keli Roberts
identify compensatory patterns. Develop       brochure. Repeated as sessions 151,           No more recycled boot camp moves!            Use this ancient device to shape up the
an understanding of how to progress           178, 238, 288, 318 and 350.                   Come experience a real sport conditioning    part of the body every single class member
students safely in successive sessions.                                                     circuit based on exercises, techniques       is interested in—the butt! It’s hard to
                                                      TIME BLOCK I                          and training tools used and tested by        find a better tool that works all the major
267 Balanced Body                                       2:45–4:35pm                         thousands of professional athletes.          muscles of the lower body in such a short
University:                                             Up to 2 CEC hours                   Experience a circuit that trains the body    time! Learn some very basic moves behind
Roll, Release,                                                                              as a functional whole. Agility, balance,     kettlebell training and how to orchestrate
Relax WS                                      270 Hip-Hop Hit List WS PREMIERE              integrated strength, partner drills,         a beginning-level, 20–30-minute group
Nora St. John                                 Juliane Arney                                 aerobic and anaerobic energetics             exercise class that will have everyone
Learn simple self-massage techniques          Groove, funk, jam and rock to the Hip-        and good times are all built into this       walking funny until they see you again!
using the foam roller and small balls to      Hop Hit List! This is choreography that       invigorating workshop.
release tension, improve joint function and   will make you look good and is set to                                                      277 Myofascial Release: The
decrease pain. You will love the relaxation   music you can get your hands on NOW!          274 Schwinn® Cycling:                        Key to Eliminating Pain and
and release that comes from these simple      You’ll pick up teaching techniques and        World-Class Coaching WS                      Dysfunction WS
exercises. This workshop introduces the       professional tips that are bound to get       Jay Blahnik                                  Justin Price, MA
concept of self-myofascial release and        your classes moving. Kick-start your hip-     The best indoor cycling instructors          The fascial system is an important, but
its appropriate application for Pilates       hop classes and turn up your level of cool!   know how to get the most out of their        often overlooked, system of connective
teachers, personal trainers and group                                                       students’ performance. This workshop will    tissue that spreads throughout the entire
                                              271 Step—The Rhythm is                        review the characteristics of world-class    body. Restrictions in the fascial system
exercise instructors. None of the exercises
taught require contact between the client     Gonna Get You WS                              coaches, and show you how to apply           can cause postural malalignments,
and the trainer.                              Rob Glick                                     them to your indoor cycling workouts to      asymmetries and muscle tension—this
                                              One of the hottest trends in step is to add   maximize results. Specifically designed       spells pain! This hands-on workshop will
268 The New Yoga–Pilates                      rhythm. In this workshop, we will focus       for instructors who are familiar with the    help you understand the fascia and how
Blend WS PREMIERE                             on just how simple and fun adding rhythm      Schwinn Cycling Coaching Pyramid. Now        to use specific exercises to keep it healthy
Linda Freeman                                 can be.                                       is your chance to perfect your coaching      so you can improve client fitness and
Discover the unique combination of                                                          style! Repeated as session #404.             eliminate dysfunction.
                                              272 Drums Alive™: Power
standing Pilates blended into standing
yoga sequences to sculpt, strengthen and      Beats II With Live Drums                      275 Where the Studio Meets
stretch the lower body with a focus on
                                              WS PREMIERE
                                                                                            the Road WS
                                              Carrie Ekins, MA                              Fraser Quelch
spinal alignment, cuing and technique.
                                              Power Beats II is a dance and rhythm          Understanding the real world of training
Then finish the class with a combination
                                              celebration! You will feel and experience     and racing can revolutionize how you
of yoga and Pilates mat work on the
                                              the pulsating rhythms, dynamic                teach. What really happens on the road?
ground. This amazing blend will impress
                                              movements and powerful percussions of         How do teams work together to fight
your members with something new and
                                              this new and unique high-energy dance         the wind, to win the sprint? What is the
will give you new tools for your body-mind
                                              and rhythmic workshop. Drums Alive            difference between a time trial and a
teaching toolbox.
                                              combines traditional aerobic movements        team time trial? Learn the ins and outs of
                                              with the powerful beat and rhythms of the     these and other cycling elements and how
                                              drums. It is a workout for the entire body,   to integrate them into your classes.
                                              mind and spirit!

                                                                                                                                         w w w. i d e a f i t . c o m / w o r l d   31
sessions                                    Thursday, July 10–Friday, July 11
278 Assessment and                               283 STOTT                                      289 Dynamic Sport Warm-Up                           Friday, July 11
Reaction—Back Function WS                        PILATES     ®
                                                                                                for Strength and Power WS                              TIME BLOCK K
Chuck Wolf, MS                                   Prenatal Pilates on                            Douglas Brooks, MS
Understanding the interaction of the             the Reformer WS                                Learn to optimally and safely prepare for
                                                                                                                                                         Up to 2 CEC hours
lumbar and thoracic spine and its                PJ O’Clair                                     vigorous activity by using a structured pre-
relationship to the upper and lower              This innovative workshop will help you         activity warm-up. You’ll get the science       300 Breast Cancer Survivors
extremities is a critical component to the       take moms-to-be from the traditional           that supports dynamic controlled warm-         Fitness Plan InTensive PREMIERE
development of a true functional training        matwork variations to modifications             ups over static stretching when prepping       Josie Gardiner and Joy Prouty
program. Assessing back function hinges          on the reformer. Drawing on the latest         for activity that requires acceleration,       Special Time: 8:00am–12 Noon
on how the feet, lower extremity and             medical information and ACOG guidelines,       speed and agility. Leave this session          This comprehensive program was
pelvis are integrated in their actions.          anatomical and physiological changes,          with a number of innovative warm-up            developed with Dr. Carolyn Kaelin, director
This session will demonstrate functional         risk factors and movement considerations       drills and understand when to stretch          of the Comprehensive Breast Health
assessment techniques for the back and           will be discussed with an eye to providing     and when to prep!                              Center at the Brigham and Women’s
how this information is implemented              a safe and effective workout. Workouts                                                        Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. It is
for the purpose of enhancing movement            will be concentrated on second trimester               TIME BLOCK J                           the first program to develop individual
for all populations. Note: This is the           concerns, although considerations for                    4:45–5:45pm                          protocols that are specific to the different
final installment of three sessions in            those in first and third trimesters will also           No CECs for workouts                   surgeries and reconstructions. This getting
the Assessment and Reaction series.              be addressed.                                                                                 started program will teach instructors and
Enrollment in all three is recommended,                                                         290 STOTT                                      trainers everything they need to know to
but not required.                                284 YogaFit® Seven Principles                  PILATES     ®
                                                                                                                                               provide their breast cancer clients with a
                                                 of Alignment WS PREMIERE                       Total-Body Toning WO                           safe and effective program.
279 Keys to an Achievable                        Beth Shaw                                      Sally Belanger
Outcome L PREMIERE                               Learn the essentials of hatha yoga             A combination of two distinctive               301 JUST DANCE! WS
Tom Terwilliger                                  biomechanics and related anatomy to keep       energizing workouts, the first uses a           Patrick Goudeau
Simply setting a goal for most clients           the body safe during your yoga practice.       weighted toning ball to sculpt and define       Combine both fitness and dance into
is not enough to create lasting change.          This workshop will teach you about             the arms and upper body. Then get sleek        one amazing workout! You won’t have
You’ll learn the powerful 8-step Keys to         YogaFit’s Seven Principles of Alignment        and strong from head to toe with a             a problem getting or keeping your heart
an Achievable Outcome (KAO) process.             (SPA) principles and teach you how to          seamless combination of toning                 rate up in this nonstop, fun-filled cardio
Knowing what they want, why they want            build strength and flexibility safely.          ball resistance and STOTT PILATES              explosion. Patrick will demonstrate how to
it, where they are now, how they will                                                           precision using exercises adapted from         mix movement and fitness together for an
achieve it, and how they’ll know they’ve         285 Yoga PLUS                                  the matwork repertoire.                        effective, dynamic body challenge. So, get
succeeded are only five of the powerful           WS PREMIERE
                                                                                                                                               your groove on, get ready to sweat and
steps in achieving anything you and your         Lauren Eirk                                                                                   let’s dance!
clients want.                                    One of the hottest new trends in Western
                                                 yoga is to add resistance to train muscles                                                    302 Zensational Step WS PREMIERE
280 Helping Clients Move                         that are being used in yoga postures.                                                         Fred Hoffman, MEd
Beyond Diets and Into Health                     By adding external forces to the already                                                      A body-mind STEP class? Why not?
L PREMIERE                                       challenging internal resistance created by                                                    Discover a unique and innovative approach
Nicki Anderson                                   yoga, you can challenge the body in ways                                                      to step training using simple choreography
It seems that 90% of clients coming              that you have never felt before. Discover         “I must say, the                            set to gentle music constructed in
through our doors want to lose weight.           more of the science of exercise mechanics                                                     three-quarter time. Original, creative and
And if it doesn’t happen fast enough, they       and resistance training.                        opening ceremony                              relaxing, this session is guaranteed to
quit! The most challenging job we have                                                                                                         soothe the senses while providing
                                                 286 REACH: Fluid Strength
as trainers is educating our clients about
the importance of exercise versus pant           WS PREMIERE                                    was the BEST I have                            an efficient cardiovascular workout.
                                                                                                                                               Come discover this unexpected addition
                                                 Kari Anderson
size. This lecture will help you understand
the mindset of the serial dieter and             To extend in dimension or scope, REACH is       attended! What an                             to your group fitness programming. It’s
                                                                                                                                               truly Zensational!
provide you with the strategies to help          an evolving and fluid mix of ballet-inspired,
them discover healthy living as a better         fitness-infused training for total-body           inspiration! I have                          303 Follow the Bouncing Ball
alternative to chronic dieting.                  strength, flexibility and control. From                                                        WS PREMIERE
                                                 standing to floor, turned-out and parallel,      been to many IDEA                             Robert Steigele
281 The Key to Function                          the body and mind will be challenged with                                                     Cardio with the ball has never been so
Comes From the Feet L PREMIERE                   exercises to help improve body awareness,      conventions and this                           much fun! Try some new movement
Greg Roskopf, MA                                 stability and control. This popular hybrid                                                    variations that will get you sweating and
We walk on them all day. We expect               workout focuses on using the ultimate            was the BEST yet.                            having a blast with the ball. Different
them to handle the forces of gravity             fitness tools: body, floor and space for an                                                     styles of movement, from athletic to
and ground reaction forces. Functional           intense release of energy all its own.         THANK YOU for your                             dance, will be included to give you lots of
                                                                                                                                               new ideas.
exercise is dependent on proper foot
                                                 287 Water Fitness Lab
mechanics, so why do we give them such
little attention? In this class, you will gain
                                                 WS PREMIERE                                      professionalism! I                           304 BOSU® Ballast™
                                                 Tatiana Kolovou, MBA                                                                          Ball Core Challenge WS
an understanding of the impact muscle
function has on overall foot mechanics
                                                 A workshop designed to refresh content          am more motivated                             Keli Roberts
                                                 for new water fitness instructors and                                                          Using new stability ball training
and its relationship to overall function.
We will discuss the special properties of
                                                 give new ideas to veteran ones. We will        than ever and ready                            techniques on the BOSU Ballast Ball will
                                                 discuss why land exercises cannot be                                                          add fresh elements to abdominal and
various shoewear and orthotics.
                                                 done in the pool, understand functional        to make a difference                           back training. You will learn many new
282 Nutrition for the Long Run                   progression for muscle group work in                                                          core exercises that effectively challenge
L PREMIERE                                       the water, and get ideas for dozens of
                                                 moves and progressions. Experience the
                                                                                                 in my community.   ”                          every muscle in your power center
Pamela Nisevich, MS, RD, LD                                                                                                                    while simultaneously improving overall
Become informed about which                      power of water and learn how you can                                                          movement capabilities. If you think you’ve
macronutrients really matter (and where          take advantage of this liquid resistance          —ELAINE REEVES                              seen it all with regard to stability ball core
can you find them) and how much energy            machine for maximum results.
to supply for pre-event fueling, during-
                                                                                                      GJONOVICH,                               training, think again!
                                                 288 GYROTONIC® Group WS
event fueling and post-event recovery.
Discover non-traditional sources of              Stephanie Spencer, MFA                              Member since 1996
fuel and how to store fuel along the             See description on page 24 of this
26.2-mile journey.                               brochure. Repeated as sessions 151,
                                                 178, 238, 269, 318 and 350.

sessions                                 Friday, July 11
305 Schwinn Cycling:                          307 Definitions WS PREMIERE                     309 Training the Pregnant and                311 From All-Star to Super

Get Smart WS                                  Eve Fleck, MS                                  Postpartum Client WS PREMIERE                Star L PREMIERE
Shannon Fable                                 Creating muscle definition requires             Annette Lang, MS                             Chalene Johnson
This workshop guides you through the top      a combination of cardiovascular and            Learn the recommendations from the           The difference between All-Star and
five current controversies in indoor cycling   strength training. This hybrid class           American College of Obstetricians and        Super Star instructor status lies in the
related to pedal speed, power, riding         achieves the best of both worlds through a     Gynecologists (ACOG) for exercise during     details rarely discussed. Fine-tune your
techniques, intensity monitoring and more.    non-stop circuit of intense cardio intervals   the pregnant and postpartum periods.         instructor image, chic appeal and vocal
Get clear, research-based explanations        and challenging strength moves using           You will also learn about the pelvic floor    inflection with practical application that
and tangible drills you can use to answer     little or no equipment.                        and core integrity, postural concerns, and   will immediately take even the most
the tough questions. This session is                                                         how to change up your clients’ workouts      advanced instructor to the next level. We
specially designed for instructors who        308 No More Back Pain!                         throughout the pregnancy and after           highly encourage all participants in this
have not yet attended the complete            Getting a Grip on the                          delivery. Most importantly, you will learn   session to take session #337, which is a
Schwinn Cycling Instructor Training
                                              Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Girdle WS                     how to think through any movement and        continuation of the information taught in
Course or those interested in an update       Justin Price, MA                               be able to decide if it should be done or    this lecture.
on best practices from the Schwinn ®
                                              This fully-interactive hands-on workshop       how it can be modified for safety.
Cycling program.                              reveals the functional anatomy of the                                                       312 Leader as Coach—
                                              lumbo-pelvic hip girdle and teaches            310 The N.E.A.T. Freaks Guide                Secrets to Profitability,
306 Keiser® Cycling: M3                       you how faulty movement patterns               to Burning Calories L                        Performance and Employee
Power WS                                      and/or biomechanics lead to structural         Phil Block, MS                               Retention L
Krista Popowych                               malalignments. You will learn how to           N.E.A.T. stands for non-exercise activity    Kate Larsen, PCC
The amount of work completed in a given       assess imbalances of the lumbo-pelvic          thermogenesis. A complicated title for       The leader of a department or club
amount of time by a cyclist is known          hip girdle, learn an array of corrective       one of the most revolutionary and            can make or break its success. To be
as power. Increasing the intensity and        exercises, and have the opportunity to         interesting topics of modern exercise        an outstanding leader, it’s critical to
challenge of your indoor cycling class can    create your own. These techniques will         science. This lecture will wow you with      understand the difference between being
be accomplished by manipulating power.        help to alleviate your clients’ pain and       the current research and application of      a coach leader and a manager. Get a clear
In this workshop, you will experience         improve function.                              this amazing concept.                        understanding of what makes a leader
and learn how to effectively instruct your                                                                                                create a winning team and what qualities
students to use speed, resistance and                                                                                                     make a team falter and struggle.
intensity to power-up their next indoor
cycling class. Repeated as session #405.

                                                                                                                                          w w w. i d e a f i t . c o m / w o r l d   33
sessions                                  Friday, July 11
313 STOTT                                   316 Advanced Magic Circle                      319 GRAVITYPilates® ::                         333 Play Ball! With
                                            Workout WS PREMIERE                            Reformat Amplified WS                           Resist-A-Ball      ®
Jumpboard Interval                          Cecile LeMoine Bankston                        Elizabeth Leeds, DPT and                       Jackie Camborde
Training WS                                 Wake up your body with this ultra-             Helen Vanderburg                               Whether you’re teaching kids, teens or
Sally Belanger                              challenging workout using the magic            Pick up the pace in this dynamic, new          adults, everyone loves to get on the ball
Learn to challenge and motivate your        circle. New and innovative exercises will      Pilates session and give your clients          and play. This action-packed workshop
clients and classes using innovative        have you standing, sitting and lying down,     a taste of intensity that isn’t standard       brings a whole new bag of tricks to
and simple jumpboard combinations,          while reaping the benefits of a well-           fare for most Pilates workouts. Try            your stability ball classes. Learn how to
separated by intervals of upper- and        rounded workout in the process.                innovative movement patterns that              sequence by incorporating traditional ball
lower-body strength and flexibility                                                         will inspire participant success at any        exercises, drill-based partner work and
                                            317 The 5K Water Workout                       fitness level while challenging greater         games for everyone. Be prepared to rock,
exercises on the reformer. This ultimate    WS PREMIERE
cardiovascular and total-body strength                                                     stability, strength and control. Reach         roll and laugh your way through this fun-
                                            Tatiana Kolovou, MBA                           beyond traditional Pilates movements           filled session!
interval class challenges the core and      This is your chance to draw recreational
elevates the heart rate while focusing on                                                  and experience a faster paced workout by
                                            and competitive runners to the pool! Learn     blending familiar and new exercises.           334 Core Adrenaline WS PREMIERE
proper jumping technique.                   the essential coaching skills for deep                                                        Nico Gonzalez
314 Peak Pilates®                           water technique and workout design that        320 Fitness                                    Put together strength training and Pilates
Power Tools WS                              directly translates to training on land. You   Anywhere : TRX™         ®
                                                                                                                                          mat and you have a fusion class. Introduce
                                            will leave this workshop knowing how to        Suspension Training                            core stabilization techniques and you have
Zoey Trap, MSc
                                            design a workout format equivalent to a                                                       a Core Adrenaline rush! Experience an
Ever wonder how to help students connect                                                   for Core Performance WS
                                            3-mile (5K) run filled with authentic drills                                                   entire-body workout by building long lean
more deeply to Pilates exercises? Explore                                                  Leigh Crews
                                            and ideas, and free of joint stress.                                                          muscles in a fun group-exercise setting.
how to use small props like bands,                                                         See description on page 29 of this
power circles and small balls to deepen     318 GYROTONIC® Group WS                        brochure. Repeated as session #240.            335 Schwinn® Cycling: Heart
the experience of the intermediate mat
exercises. Have fun and learn how to
                                            Emma Kingston                                  321 Sports Nutrition                           Rate Monitor Training WS
                                            See description on page 24 of this                                                            Bethany Diamond
approach these exercises in new ways.       brochure. Repeated as sessions 151,            Products—What Works,
                                                                                                                                          See description on page 23 of this
                                            178, 238, 269, 288 and 350.                    What Doesn’t L
315 Pilates Core Challenge WS                                                                                                             brochure. Repeated as session #135.
                                                                                           Elizabeth Applegate, PhD
Ana Caban                                                                                  Trainers are always being asked about          336 Keiser® Cycling: M3
An accelerated core-focused Pilates                                                        the efficacy of sport nutrition products.
program designed to tone and sculpt the                                                                                                   Empowerment WS
                                                                                           This session will address the current          Nancy Burrows
abs and the entire body.                                                                   information on fueling for exercise,           Creating an empowering indoor
                                                                                           sports drinks and fitness waters, energy        cycling experience for your students
                                                                                           bars, use of carbohydrate gels and other       requires more than just a challenging
                                                                                           carbohydrate products such as Sports           workout. This session will introduce
                                                                                           Beans . Recovery products and their uses

                                                                                                                                          several techniques that will inspire and
                                                                                           will also be discussed.                        motivate your students to strive for new
                                                                                                                                          physical challenges as well as renewed
                                                                                                     TIME BLOCK L                         psychological awareness. Learn how
                                                                                                     10:10am–12 Noon                      to instruct by invitation, incorporate
                                                                                                     Up to 2 CEC hours                    visualization and imagery drills, make
                                                                                                                                          music your road map and use more
                                                                                           330 GRAVITY® ::
                                                                                                                                          empowering techniques for improved
                                                                                           CoreDynamics        ™
                                                                                           Special Time: 10:10–11:40am
                                                                                           Elizabeth Leeds, DPT                           337 From Super Star to
                                                                                           Think fusion. This workshop incorporates       Rock Star WS PREMIERE
                                                                                           a 30-minute group session on efi Sports         Chalene Johnson
                                                                                           Medicine’s adaptable GTS machine, which
                                                                                                                                          How does one move from Super Star
                                                                                           integrates strength training and Pilates       to Rock Star status? This session will
                                                                                           to zero-in on the core. It’s a zenergetic,     give you the opportunity to learn AND
                                                                                           body-mind experience with plenty of variety    practice teaching skills that are rarely
                                                                                           and challenge pulling Pilates and resistance   taught, but are infinitely necessary in any
                                                                                           training into the same orbit.                  instructor training program. Learn how to
                                                                                                                                          communicate and demonstrate movement
                                                                                           331 Hip-Hop Academy
                                                                                           WS PREMIERE
                                                                                                                                          with a captivating quality that wows,
                                                                                           Milo Levell                                    motivates and inspires others. Participants
                                                                                           The counts! The music! The era! Discover       are encouraged, but not required to
                                                                                           the differences between funk and hip-hop,      register for session #311, which precedes
                                                                                           and delve into the music, the movement         this workshop in time block K.
                                                                                           and HOW to break it all down. Don’t be         338 Training the
                                                                                           misled, this workshop is for experienced       Impingement Client WS
                                                                                           instructors as well as the instructor who      Chris Gellert, MPT
                                                                                           wants to learn how to teach this very          This interactive lecture and hands-on
                                                                                           special style of dance.                        workshop will discuss the pathomechanics
                                                                                           332 I.C. Step WS                               and functional anatomy of the shoulder,
                                                                                           Rebecca Small                                  the pathophysiology of shoulder
                                                                                           Experience a step class with a difference.     impingement, and common treatment
                                                                                           By exploring the elements of Intensity and     plans. Post-rehabilitative training
                                                                                           Choreography, Rebecca will take you to a       exercises with rationale will also
                                                                                           level that you never thought possible—         be provided.
                                                                                           a step class that is high in intensity, but
                                                                                           also high in choreography. This session
                                                                                           comes complete with all the tools
                                                                                           you need to teach an I.C. class to your
                                                                                           students tomorrow.

339 Manipulating Integrated                    344 Fitness
Training and Balance L                         Anywhere :      ™

Douglas Brooks, MS                             Advanced TRX Suspension

Is integrated balance training effective       Training Techniques WS
at improving performance, or is it as          Fraser Quelch
some professionals suggest, nothing            Learn challenging suspension training
more than entertainment training used          exercises that are being employed by
by other trainers? Join what promises to       top athletes around the world to bring
be a spirited discussion that is research      their performance to a new level. This
based, rather than an emotional rant.          workshop integrates advanced training
Demonstrations, explanations and science       techniques and bodyweight actions in a
will be linked to place this controversial     strong experiential environment that is
subject into proper perspective.               guaranteed to challenge even the most
                                               conditioned athletes.
340 Functional Anatomy—
Myofascial Slings WS PREMIERE                  345 STOTT
Anthony Carey, MA                              PILATES     ®

Functional training is guessing without        Matwork for Breast Cancer
understanding functional anatomy.              Rehabilitation WS
Myofascial slings are windows into a           PJ O’Clair
deeper appreciation of true anatomical         Many more women will survive breast
function. They are literally the link in       cancer today than ever before. This
connecting the interdependent parts of         workshop will discuss various treatments,
the body. This workshop will help you          including surgeries and reconstruction,
understand how they relate to functional       as well as the exercise requirements
movement patterns for more effective           for each. You will learn matwork-based
program design.                                exercises focusing on range of motion for
341 Assessing Our                              the shoulder girdle. We will concentrate
Assessments L PREMIERE                         on establishing mobility, restoring posture,
Greg Roskopf, MA                               ensuring proper biomechanics and
Trainers have a variety of assessments at      developing core and peripheral strength
their fingertips. Most involve subjective       to address muscular imbalances created
evaluations, which only provide us with        from the surgeries.
an assumption of what may be wrong. In         346 Balancing Breath
this course, we will take an objective look    WS PREMIERE
at the assessment tools that are being         Kathy Corey
used in the industry today. Trainers will be   Learn how proper breath patterns can
given the foundational tools to properly       enhance movement of the core muscles.
and objectively assess client mechanics.       This class will help you to develop an
These new tools will allow us to be more       understanding of dynamic alignment and
accurate in our exercise recommendations.      the effects that breath patterns can have
                                               on balancing the spine. Core strength
342 Maximize Fat Metabolism
                                               exercises are presented to create more
and the Caloric Burn L PREMIERE                balanced movement patterns. This session
Len Kravitz, PhD                               utilizes the spine corrector, which provides
Finally, one of the most comprehensive         the perfect tool for ultimate rotation of the
lectures ever explaining the detailed          spine through its varied ranges of motion.
physiological and metabolic aspects of fat
metabolism. Participants will learn, from      347 Flow States of Yoga
a cellular perspective, the major terms of     WS PREMIERE
fat metabolism, the hormonal regulation        Beth Shaw
of lipolysis during exercise, the effect       Join us for the ultimate body-mind
of exercise on fat oxidation and much,         workout. In this workshop, you will
much more. Six excellent programs that         experience repetitive flows and long holds,
maximize caloric expenditure will also be      which work muscles in a variety of ways.
presented. A must-attend session               Isometric contractions and strong pulsing
for fitness professionals wanting to            movements create strength and enhanced
optimize the weight management goals           mental focus.
of their clients.
                                               348 The Eight-Step Path™ for
343 SpeakSuccess: The                          Yoga Class Design WS
Language of Leaders L PREMIERE                 Juliane Arney
Bob Esquerre, MA, and                          Assemble your fitness-focused yoga
Ilene Bergelson                                class with this easy-to-follow plan that
We have more managers who are not              guarantees an engaging yoga experience
leaders than managers who are leaders!         with logical progressions, consistent flow
This weakness causes fitness managers           and plenty of variety. If you love yoga and
to be bosses and not managers who are          love to teach group fitness, but hesitate to
both entrepreneurs and leaders. What are       take on a yoga class of your own (or just
the missing ingredients? Communication         feel stale with the sequences you know),
Skills! This interactive lecture/workshop      come learn the method that will keep the
will teach you how to improve your             yogis in your class fully satisfied.
communication skills so you can become a
more effective manager who is a leader as
well as an entrepreneur!

                                                                                               w w w. i d e a f i t . c o m / w o r l d   35
sessions                                 Friday, July 11
349 Aqua Dance WS                             361 Step Simplex WS PREMIERE                  363 Get to the Core With                       369 Stretching—A Modern
Carrie Ekins, MA                              Rob Glick and Rebecca Small                   Circuit Training WS PREMIERE                   Approach WS PREMIERE
Contemporary and cultural dance               One of the hardest things to manage           Fred Hoffman, MEd                               Jacques Henri Taylor
meets the water in this exciting aqua         when teaching step is the variety of          Circuit training is alive and FUNCTIONAL!      Stretching is a staple of the preworkout
aerobic dance workout. Traditional and        levels. From new step participants to         Learn a minimum of 10 different                warm-up. We use this tool in an attempt
contemporary movements from Celtic,           Step Divas, we have to have a plan that       functional core exercises in this complete     to prevent injury and soreness, improve
African, Latin and aerobic dance are          will make them all feel successful. See       core conditioning circuit. Experience          range of motion, decrease pain, and
combined with aqua principles to create       how you can develop strategies to take        balance training, core conditioning, trunk     enhance speed, agility and power.
a fun and effective way of working out in     combinations from simple to complex so        stabilization techniques and postural          There are a multitude of stretching
the water. Magical moves and mystical         you can easily manage a multilevel class      alignment exercises using a variety of         strategies available to us. Which ones
music will both revitalize and rejuvenate     where everyone will have a great time         equipment while creating a fun and             are most beneficial and why? We’ll
you as you enter the world of Aqua Dance.     AND a good workout!                           effective workout!                             explore these strategies, invent new
                                                                                                                                           ones, discuss the facts and dispel the
350 GYROTONIC® Group WS                       362 Strength Training                         364 Schwinn® Cycling: Class                    myths about stretching.
Stephanie Spencer, MFA                        Program Design (For                           Design in No Time WS
See description on page 24 of this            Group Exercise)                               Juliane Arney                                  370 The Science Behind
brochure. Repeated as sessions 151,           WS PREMIERE                                   Creating, organizing and finding music          Eating Organic L
178, 238, 269, 288 and 318.                   Shannon Fable                                 for your cycling classes can take a            Phil Block, MS
                                              Spend less time designing your strength       tremendous amount of time. This                Even though many health professionals
       TIME BLOCK M                           training classes and deliver quality          workshop will provide you with a whole         intuitively realize the benefits of organic
          2:30–4:20pm                         workouts that will reach all ability levels   new way to approach class design,              eating, we rarely get to hear accurate,
          Up to 2 CEC hours                   in one class with the Elevated E3 Program     making it easy for you to develop your         research-based perspectives on the
                                              Design protocol. Start thinking like a        own great workouts in no time! Learn how       subject. Find out how the research really
360 Disguise Your Workout                     personal trainer in the group exercise        to compartmentalize and catalog indoor         backs up what we always thought!
as a Turbo Party! WS PREMIERE                 room and create workouts that are             cycling sets so classes are simple to
Chalene Johnson                               well designed and delivered even with         remember, inspiring to coach, and highly       371 Communicating With
Experience the power of fun. Feel the         constraints such as limited weight, limited   motivating for your students.                  Older Adults L PREMIERE
motivation of chants, dance, cheers, sound    equipment and multiple ability levels all                                                    Deborah Redder
                                                                                            365 Keiser Cycling:
effects, martial arts and boxing all in one   in one room. This simple system will have                                                    Learn a new kind of “CPR” for safe,
wildly fun fusion workshop.                   you working smarter, not harder.              M3 Data WS                                     effective and fun presentations from
                                                                                            Krista Popowych                                SilverSneakers , the nation’s leading

                                                                                            See description on page 29 of this             group exercise program for older adults.
                                                                                            brochure. Repeated as session #256.            Participants will take away three
                                                                                                                                           new tools for proven communication,
                                                                                            366 Buff Bodz ‘n Little Bodz                   programming and retention techniques to
                                                                                            WS PREMIERE
                                                                                                                                           meet the needs of older adult exercisers.
                                                                                            Leigh Crews                                    Verbal and nonverbal communication,
                                                                                            Parent–child circuit workouts! The focus       cross-functional workflow patterns and a
                                                                                            is on family fun with interactive circuit      succession for retention model will offer
                                                                                            activities that involve the parent and         fitness professionals new strategies for
                                                                                            child in tandem. Is it work? Is it play?       communicating with older adults.
                                                                                            You decide. Get a whole playground full
                                                                                            of creative ideas for interactive circuit      372 Change of Life...
                                                                                            training stations that will challenge          Change of Body! Beat the
                                                                                            strength and endurance while creating          Mid-Life Fat Trap L PREMIERE
                                                                                            cross-generational quality time for            Nancy S. Cetel, MD
                                                                                            families and a new market for your group       If you or your clients think you are gaining
                                                                                            fitness program.                                weight and you are in your forties or
                                                                                            367 What the Hips Lack...                      fifties, it’s probably not all in your head.
                                                                                                                                           In this session, we will cover the basics
                                                                                            Hurts the Back WS                              of mid-life physiology for both genders,
                                                                                            Anthony Carey, MA
                                                                                                                                           as well as how hormones can affect the
                                                                                            Limitations and dysfunctions of the hip
                                                                                                                                           ability to control weight, metabolism,
                                                                                            joint result in a transfer of responsibility
                                                                                                                                           muscle mass and fat distribution. Take
                                                                                            to the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is
                                                                                                                                           home practical recommendations that
                                                                                            not designed to work the way the hips
                                                                                                                                           your clients can immediately apply to their
                                                                                            do, and the outcome is often low-back
                                                                                                                                           lifestyles, nutrition and daily living.
                                                                                            pain. 85% of all adults will experience
                                                                                            low-back pain, and recognizing the             373 STOTT
                                                                                            contribution of the hips is key to long-term   PILATES     ®

                                                                                            function and prevention.                       Foam Roller Challenge,
                                                                                            368 Trainer Accountability—                    Level 2 WS
                                                                                            Responsibility and                             John Garey, MS
                                                                                            Preparation L                                  In this Level 2 workshop, you will learn
                                                                                            Greg Roskopf, MA                               how to add further challenge to the foam
                                                                                            In an industry where there has been a          roller routine. Using the roller’s unstable
                                                                                            major shift toward exercise rehabilitation     nature while reducing the base of support
                                                                                            and corrective exercises, many trainers        will increase the challenge to strength and
                                                                                            recognize the impact they can have on          balance. Cues and corrections for safety
                                                                                            those who are currently being medically        and effectiveness are also covered.
                                                                                            managed. We have to ask ourselves,
                                                                                            are we really prepared to work with
                                                                                            injured clients? What impact does
                                                                                            exercise have on an injured client and how
                                                                                            do we know if it is even beneficial? These
                                                                                            questions and more will be answered in
                                                                                            this special session.

sessions                                  Friday, July 11

374 Downward Dog Meets the                     377 SilverSplash® WS PREMIERE                           TIME BLOCK N                           383 BOSU® Complete
Hundreds WS PREMIERE                           MaryBeth Marotto                                           4:40–6:30pm                         Total-Body Sculpt WS
Buddy Macuha and M Valentin                    SilverSplash is an older-adult group water                Up to 2 CEC hours                    Keli Roberts
Combining the body-mind disciplines of         fitness program designed to enhance                                                             Blast your body from head to
                                                                                               380 Zumba Gold WS PREMIERE
yoga and Pilates will bring your training to   each individual’s quality of life and daily                                                    toe while strengthening your core and
a new level. See how asanas and Pilates        function. This special program utilizes         Josie Gardiner and Joy Prouty                  improving your balance! Using the BOSU
movements can flow freely, smoothly and         the physical properties of the water to         This dance program uses the traditional        Complete Workout System, you will learn
rhythmically from one to the next with a       enhance agility, range of motion and            Zumba international and Latin dance            clever, simple ways to progress, regress
soulful beat, while providing a challenging    cardiovascular conditioning. Instructors        rhythms and is specifically choreographed       and adapt each exercise to accommodate
workout and a feeling of relaxation.           will learn how to choreograph water             for the active older adult. Both the music     even your beginner clients or students.
                                               moves using a kickboard to develop              and dances are fun and easy to follow so       You’ll get more exercises than you can
375 Balanced Body                              strength, balance and coordination for a        that everyone can do it!                       carry home, and renew your ability to
University:                                    format that is safe, fun and effective.                                                        use the BOSU Balance Trainer for
                                                                                               381 Step—From Mystery
Stretch,                                                                                                                                      sculpting the entire body!
Strength, Stability WS PREMIERE                378 Yo-Nia WS                                   to Mastery WS
Nora St. John                                  Carlos Rosas and Debbie Rosas                   Robert Steigele                                384 Schwinn® Cycling:
                                               We invite you to experience this creative       Did you file away last year’s combos            InterACTION WS
Transfer Pilates mat exercises onto the
                                               and expressive movement system                  because you didn’t remember how the            James Gekko and
new lightweight Pilates Arc and create

                                               that combines the power and grace of            presenter broke them down? Learn               Tatiana Kolovou, MBA
classes that are fresh, inspiring and fun.
                                               movement with simple still postures             how to master the techniques of                Are you looking for ways to put more
Learn new and traditional exercises
                                               designed to deliver strength, flexibility,       teaching combinations. Whether you             excitement into your cycling workouts? Do
for increasing core strength, improving
                                               balance, mobility, agility and stability.       choreographed them yourself, or you just       you wish your students interacted more?
neuromuscular integration and correcting
                                               Yo-Nia is an excellent compliment to yoga,      picked them up from the last conference        This workshop is designed to provide
alignment. This workshop includes several
                                               Pilates and traditional styles of stretching.   session, you will be able to bring these       you with skills, drills and clever tricks
class formats with detailed handouts on
                                                                                               moves successfully to your class.              of the trade to create more interaction,
all the new exercises.                         379 Nutritional Strategies for
                                                                                               382 Repeater What? WS PREMIERE                 motivation and teamwork in each class.
376 Vinyasa Flow With                          Endurance Athletes L                                                                           Take away new ideas you can use with
                                               Elizabeth Applegate, PhD                        Yoav Avidar
Resist-A-Ball      ®
                                                                                               Whether it’s 3, 4, 5, or even 7 knee           your students on Monday morning!
                                               Endurance athletes have very special
Linda Freeman                                                                                  repeaters, it might be the solution for your
                                               nutritional needs. Dr. Applegate will
Discover how to sequence yoga asanas in                                                        next step class. Be inspired by learning to
                                               discuss training cycles and their impact on
a fluid manner while using the Resist-                                                          build up (and break down) choreography
                                               nutrient needs, macronutrient concerns,
A-Ball. You’ll come away with several                                                          using repeaters. Yes, repeaters! Here’s
                                               and eating and hydration strategies for
flowing patterns, using various ball                                                            your chance to get some inspiring, creative
                                               competition. This session also includes
positions. The dynamic nature of the ball                                                      and challenging step ideas that will last
                                               menu and meal planning ideas.
allows for smooth transitions between the                                                      you a long time.
many different postures.

                                                                                                                                              w w w. i d e a f i t . c o m / w o r l d   37
sessions                                 Friday, July 11
385 Keiser® Cycling: M3                       387 Functional Proprioceptive                389 Skier’s Edge—Training                      391 Understanding the
Geared Up WS                                  Training WS PREMIERE                         for Speed and Fitness WS                       Research: The Core L/D PREMIERE
Nancy Burrows                                 Fraser Quelch                                Douglas Brooks, MS                             Annette Lang, MS
Geared Up is an action-packed workshop        Create a peak gluteal contraction with a     You don’t need to be a world-class             Core training protocols have been under
that will utilize numerous cycle training     simple arm motion! Fire your calves with     downhill racer to benefit from this session.    considerable scrutiny and there are many
techniques taken straight from the            a reach of the foot! Understanding how       Take home new training ideas for various       questions that need to be answered, like,
road. You will ride away with a stronger      our body is driven to react to our actions   snow sports, including cross-country           “Is the core wired to fire automatically?”
understanding and how-to application of       and how we can harness this incredible       skiing and snowboarding. This challenging      Perhaps the most important question
cycling elements such as time trailing,       proprioceptive power is redefining the        and creative ski conditioning class trains     is, “What exactly does the research say
drafting, pedal stroke and more. This         way we train our clients. Learn how to       all the elements your clients (or you!) need   and how do we use this information to
workshop will connect your indoor cycling     use this powerful technique to create        for a podium finish or a great ski vacation     help our clients to progress safely and
experience to the world of outdoor riding,    functional chain reactions that will         experience. Don’t confuse general sport        effectively?” This session will review the
creating a whole new indoor cycling           increase muscle activation and bring your    conditioning with ski-specific training!        most current information available on core
experience to enjoy.                          clients to their peak.                                                                      training. In addition, we will discuss the
                                                                                           390 Superfoods—Super                           necessity of cuing and how it is used with
386 Older Adults: A Multitude                 388 All About Muscles and                    Charge Your Body! L PREMIERE                   our personal training clients and class
of Modifications WS PREMIERE                   How to Best Train Them L                     Cindi Lockhart, RD, LD                         participants.
Gay Elliott                                   Len Kravitz, PhD                             Certain nutrient-packed foods can improve
80% of people over 65 have at least one       Using interactive computer technology,       energy levels, protect against chronic         392 Training the
chronic disease. How do you modify the        see the intricate mechanisms involved        disease and prolong a healthy life. These      Adult Athlete L
side plank to an individual with tendonitis   in muscle force production for strength      foods are readily available in the grocery     Peter Twist, MSc
in the shoulder? How do you incorporate       and hypertrophy. Learn all about muscle      store and can easily be incorporated into      The adult market for sport conditioning
cardiovascular conditioning into a program    metabolism, motor unit recruitment,          the diet. We will discuss the nutrition        is growing at a fast rate as aging fitness
with students who have osteoarthritis         eccentric versus concentric overloads,       information and health benefits of these        and sport enthusiasts become more in
in their knees? If you have students or       volume versus intensity training             superfoods as well as shopping and             tune with the benefits of a functional
clients with chronic conditions, then this    considerations, and age-related              preparation tips.                              approach to training. A snapshot of fitness
workshop is for you! You will be shown a      phenomena of muscle. We will discuss                                                        research with respect to the aging body
multitude of modifications for exercises       what really happens to muscles as they                                                      is followed by exercises, training
that will keep the older population moving.   grow. And finally, get the newest research                                                   guidelines, scheduling considerations,
                                              on the best training program designs for                                                    program design and recovery
                                              improving strength and hypertrophy.                                                         requirements. Find out how you can
                                                                                                                                          market to and service your adult clientele.

sessions                                   Friday, July 11–Saturday, July 12
393 STOTT                                      398 Pilates Total Toning WS                    403 Vertical Steptacular!                    410 Is Your Personal Training
PILATES       ®
                                               Ana Caban                                      WS PREMIERE                                  Business on Track? L
Active Aging, Level 2 WS                       Pilates has been the core conditioning         Lynne Skilton-Hayes                          Douglas Brooks, MS
PJ O’Clair                                     method of choice for models, dancers           It’s time for another dimension. Turn        Effective time management and client care
Building on the foundation developed in        and athletes for decades. This program         your step vertical and incorporate your      that is centered on service is the hallmark
Level 1 of this series, this workshop will     combines Pilates with added resistance in      neighbor’s bench into the choreography.      of any successful personal training
continue to show exercise variations for       order to dynamically train the total body.     It’s fun, interactive and sure to spice up   business. This session will hone in on the
those whose mobility does not permit                                                          your current step class. This workshop       top 10 time management strategies that
                                               399 Take Your Offline                           will show you the progressions and           are proven to work for the busy trainer.
them to exercise on the floor. In addition to
exploring movements that incorporate the       Presence Online! L PREMIERE                    transitions you need to teach the latest     Learn why first-rate customer service will
gentle resistance of the STOTT PILATES         Biray Alsac, MS                                in choreography. Enjoy the atmosphere        give your business the “intangible edge” it
Flex-Band exerciser, you will work
          ®                                    If you want to connect with the Internet-      created when you do it duo and move step     needs to move ahead of the competition.
through a number of exercises performed        savvy client of today, it may be time to       to step. It’s steptacular!                   In addition, you will learn six key
in a supported standing position.              consider a more dynamic approach to                                                         elements that are closely tied to success
                                               developing your online presence. Your          404 Schwinn® Cycling:
                                                                                                                                           over the long haul, how to monitor your
394 Peak Pilates         ®
                                               professional reach can expand beyond           World-Class Coaching WS                      business for quality, and how to identify
Rhythm in Motion                               geographic boundaries and into a world         Helen Vanderburg                             the common traps that even successful
WS PREMIERE                                    market. Learn cost-effective ways to           See description on page 31 of this           trainers may fall into.
Clare Dunphy, Sonia Rodriguez and              leverage this global audience through the      brochure. Repeated as session #274.
Zoey Trap, MSc                                 Web. Develop online authority, enhance                                                      411 Connecting With
                                                                                              405 Keiser® Cycling: M3
Feel the rhythm of your body, your breath      client–business communication and                                                           Clients—A Trainer’s First
and the beat as you move through this          increase your health-fitness resources.         Power WS                                     Priority L PREMIERE
mindful and uplifting workout. This new        In this lecture, we’ll take a look at how      Suzette O’Byrne
                                                                                                                                           Annette Lang, MS
age circuit begins with the rhythmic           popular Web features like YouTube,             See description on page 33 of this
                                                                                                                                           Experience and education are not enough
exercises of the mat and turns them            Blogger and Facebook have changed the          brochure. Repeated as session #306.
                                                                                                                                           to sustain a successful training business
upright to bring Pilates vertical. Finally,    way we exercise the Web.                       406 The FITSTIX™ Cardio and                  if we are unable to connect to each
put your Pilates in motion and express                                                        Core Program for Kids                        individual. Let’s challenge ourselves... Are
yourself through a dance segment that           Saturday, July 12                             WS PREMIERE                                  we judging instead of helping? Are we
allows you to release your joy and set                                                        Karen Joy Allen                              talking instead of listening? Are we telling
your spirit soaring.                                   TIME BLOCK O                                                                        the client what to do instead of helping
                                                          7:30–9:00am                         How do you give kids a total-cardio
                                                                                              workout while building muscle endurance      them find their own way, within their own
395 Pre- and Postnatal Pilates                            Up to 1 CEC hour                                                                 parameters? Learn how to be infinitely
WS PREMIERE                                                                                   and tone in the entire body? Discover
                                               400 Boogie Remix 2008                          this multilevel, mixed-impact workout        more effective by improving your ability to
Cecile LeMoine Bankston
                                               WS PREMIERE                                    that utilizes the Fitstix. Each Fitstix is   make a connection to a specific person.
With the American College of
                                               Juliane Arney                                  under a pound, allowing for quick and
Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) now
                                                                                              safe movements. Keeping rhythm with
                                                                                                                                           412 What’s Hot Now!
recommending exercise during pregnancy,        Here’s a new formula to make you sweat
                                               while shakin’ it without regret. Treat your    the musical beat will keep them moving       Consumer Trend Watch
more and more pre- and postnatal women                                                                                                     P PREMIERE
are choosing Pilates as their program          members to what just might be the fastest      and wanting more. Shake up your kids’
                                                                                                                                           Jay Blahnik, Chalene Johnson and
of choice. This informative workshop           hour in the gym. Simple steps. High            workouts with the Fitstix!
                                                                                                                                           Michael Tchao
will give you the medical guidelines,          energy. Hot new songs. Variety. We won’t
                                               just dance...we’ll BOOGIE! Don’t miss your     407 Postural Programming for                 One of the best ways to be a popular
and information on common problems                                                                                                         instructor and high-profile trainer is
associated with this population such           chance to take home new routines and           the New Millennium WS
                                                                                              Fraser Quelch                                to be on the cutting edge of consumer
as low-back pain, sciatica, sacroilliac        teaching tips from the latest version of
                                                                                              Postural dysfunction is prevalent in our     trends. Learning what consumers really
dysfunction and diastasis recti.               this cardio dance extravaganza!
                                                                                              modern society. Understand what factors      want from their exercise program, what
396 Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing                    401 Wall to Wall—The                           and mechanisms have contributed to this      tools, devices and equipment they are
WS PREMIERE                                    Business of Hip-Hop WS PREMIERE                and learn new strategies and techniques      interested in using to improve their results
Lauren Eirk                                    Milo Levell                                    that can be readily applied today! This      AND knowing what influences them can
It is difficult enough to decide which of       From the time you walk into your class,        session includes a hands-on workout          go a long way in helping your classes
the many hundreds of postures to give          until the time you leave the building, you     as an example of how these postural          grow, your client base increase and your
to our students. Now we have to come           are ON! Like a rock star, every little thing   approaches are put into practice, and        visibility soar! Come hear from some of
up with creative sequences to help our         you do can make or break your success.         how they can help to fight the battle         the industry’s leading consumer experts in
students be successful while practicing        In this very different workshop, you will      against gravity and enable us to win the     health, fitness, exercise and technology,
them. This workshop will demonstrate           learn how to run a successful hip-hop/funk     postural war.                                and learn what their predictions and
the logic involved in several flowing           class. We will discuss everything from                                                      expectations are for our industry in 2008
sequences while moving the body in a           choreography and music to clothing and         408 Shoulder Training—Every                  and beyond!
variety of planes of motion. Using a safe,     client relations. You ask the questions,       Which Way But Loose!
                                                                                              L/D PREMIERE                                 413 STOTT
microprogression of postures, you will         anything, from wall to wall!
                                                                                              Charlie McMillin, MS                         PILATES      ®

undoubtedly leave with new inspiration
for your practice.                             402 Lean Legs, Great Glutes                    Everybody worries about shear in the         Pilates With
                                               WS PREMIERE                                    knee. It’s the shoulder, however, that is    Props, Level 1 WS
397 Submerge, Integrate,                       Linda Freeman                                  most susceptible to this force. Explore      Angel Garcia
Balance WS                                     Learn how to integrate some WOW into           1001 ways to address the shoulder with       This innovative and upbeat mat workout
Bethany Diamond                                your lower-body training for the lean          exercise while minimizing the potentially    features some small props (or toys),
The dynamic medium of water makes              legs and great glutes everyone wants!          detrimental forces for those individuals     including the Flex-Band , Fitness Circle
                                                                                                                                                                   ®                  ®

balance poses both easier to accomplish        Get to the trouble zones from all angles       that are most susceptible.                   and toning balls. You’ll learn how to create
and harder to sustain. Learn how to use        and in all positions, using both unilateral                                                 a workout that is sure to inspire you and
this method of incorporating balancing         and bilateral work and core-integrated         409 Courting Corporate                       your clients. Focusing on strength and
yoga poses into a water fitness class.          exercises. This workshop definitely steps       Fitness L PREMIERE                           agility, this routine will leave your clients
This unique method of utilizing the            it up a notch while offering levels in order   Ingrid Knight-Cohee, MSc                     feeling strong and streamlined, and will
properties of water for balance and            for all participants to be successful. Group   The corporate world is beginning to          serve to improve their game—even if their
resistance will challenge and invigorate       strength training for 2008 is here!            recognize the relationship between fit        game is life!
you. Body and mind integration is                                                             employees and a healthy bottom line.
essential in this workout.                                                                    Learn how to best approach, nurture and
                                                                                              develop corporate clients by discovering
                                                                                              how to best match your services to an
                                                                                              organization’s diverse needs.

                                                                                                                                           w w w. i d e a f i t . c o m / w o r l d       39
sessions                                   Saturday, July 12
414 Mastering the Mat                           419 Training Times Two—                       425 Sneaker Camp WS PREMIERE                   430 Pure Power YogaFit®
WS PREMIERE                                     Partner Training L                            Eve Fleck, MS                                  WO PREMIERE
Kathy Corey                                     Krista Popowych                               Experience a workout like no other. This       Beth Shaw
This course focuses on how to properly          When done correctly, training two clients     nonstop, nonchoreographed workout              Experience the dynamic flow and
teach and perform mat work exercises,           at one time can be extremely successful.      brings boot camp deeper into the group         challenge of the ultimate yoga class. Push
with special emphasis on developing core        Partner training is often more economical     fitness world by setting it to music. Then      it to the limit with hard-core moves that
strength. Explore various ways to progress      for your clients and can be very lucrative    switch gears and use your indoor space         produce a hard and flexible body. With
through the movement patterns with              for you. Review some solid business           for outdoor-style drills. No equipment, no     emphasis on the breath and extreme
attention to core awareness and control.        ideas for partner training; plus, learn how   fluff and no whining!                           fitness flows, you are challenged to listen
Learn new ways of connecting mat work           you can effectively handle two clients by                                                    to your body, go at your own pace and
patterns with innovative transitions.           organizing and managing a challenging         426 Female Fysics L/D PREMIERE                 explore the body-mind connection. Power
Precise positions, continuous flow and           workout, while ensuring a client-centered     Katy Santiago, MS                              YogaFit provides a total-body workout that
dynamic alignment will be emphasized.           environment. Training Times Two is twice      You probably know that women are more          enhances strength, cardiovascular fitness,
                                                the fun and double the results.               likely to seek personal training than men.     balance and flexibility.
415 Everyday Yoga—Focus on                                                                    Statistics tell us so. This course will show
Healthy Backs WS                                                                              you how slight mechanical differences,         431 Balanced Body
Leigh Crews
                                                        TIME BLOCK P                          coupled with gender-related habits and         University:
Low-back pain is a common complaint.                      9:20–10:35am                        situations, set the female client up for       Feel Good
                                                          Up to 1 CEC hour
In this workshop, you will focus on the                                                       knee, pelvic floor and foot problems.           Mat Workout WO
entire back, and experience a targeted          420 #1’s WO                                   Be prepared to wow your clients with           Nora St. John
yoga practice designed to strengthen            Patrick Goudeau                               information they never knew about their        Using foam rollers and resistance bands,
the muscles surrounding the spine,              What is the ultimate dance party? Well,       own bodies. Men are strongly encouraged        enjoy a creative and flowing Pilates mat
while creating length and suppleness            it is the best combinations done to the       to attend!                                     class designed to awaken and align your
and reducing stress. Learn specific              greatest hits of all time! It’s easy to                                                      body for a day of active adventures. This
modifications of traditional postures that                                                     427 Alliance for a Healthier
                                                follow AND you’ll hear chart-topping hits                                                    class combines traditional Pilates exercises,
will improve their effectiveness relative to    from all genres of music. We follow the
                                                                                              Generation—How You Can                         myofascial release work and imagery into a
the spine, as well as enhance relaxation        verse, chorus and hook so the routines        Get Involved L PREMIERE                        centering and balancing experience.
and decompression in this vital area.           are simple to learn. You won’t have this      Jordan Parks
                                                much fun with any other workout...#1’s        Learn about the collaboration between          432 Nia®–Cardio Fusion: In
416 Yoga After Breast Cancer                                                                  the Alliance for a Healthier Generation        Bare Feet WS
WS PREMIERE                                     is a testament to the impact of music
                                                on movement.                                  (a partnership between the American            Carlos Rosas and Debbie Rosas
Helene Saidi                                                                                  Heart Association and the William J.           Nia is a cardiovascular fitness-fusion
With the proliferation of breast cancer         421 Cornered! WO PREMIERE                     Clinton Foundation) and IDEA Health &          conditioning program performed in bare
diagnoses, you may have a student or            Michele Carmichael                            Fitness Association. These two powerful        feet, with no repetitive jogging or jumping
client who is recovering from breast            CORNERED? Get into the corner! Discover       organizations have come together to fight       up and down. Fusing the best martial arts,
cancer treatment and/or surgery. This           new variety with choreography you             childhood obesity. You’ll learn about the      dance arts and conditioning arts, including
workshop will teach you how to help             already use! Learn to utilize familiar        work that the Alliance is doing in schools     yoga, Nia delivers somatic body learning
students/clients by using yoga poses            movements in a whole new way with             through the Healthy Schools Program and        and expressive whole-body conditioning,
and stretches to regain range of motion.        this high-octane, goosebump inducing          how you can get involved to help kids in       while emphasizing joy and pleasure.
You will learn which movements are              workout! We use two steps to form a           your community. This is IDEA’s newest
contraindicated in order to prevent             “corner,” and then move seamlessly and        Inspire the World to Fitness initiative and
                                                                                                                                             433 Pool Circuits for Older
future complications, as well as the            logically from one to the other. Learn new    we hope you’ll be a part of it!                Adults WS PREMIERE
importance of the body-mind connection          ways to milk your favorite combos and                                                        Gay Elliott
for a full recovery.                            have too much fun along the way!              428 Travel the Fitness World                   When working with older adults in the aquatic
                                                                                              L PREMIERE                                     environment, it is our goal to keep it fun,
417 Walk This Way! Moving                       422 24Dance WO PREMIERE                       Fred Hoffman, MEd                               simple and effective, while insuring their
Meditation WS PREMIERE                          Tahneetra Crosby and Angee Maw                Got the travel bug? Then make                  comfort in the pool. Circuit training is a great
Shakta Kaur Kezios                              Get on your feet! This workout combines       international presenting a reality! In this    way to keep them moving and cognizant of
Breathe new vitality into your clients’ lives   a variety of dance genres, from disco and     session, you will discover where to find        their intensity. Come see how you can keep
while you expand your training offerings        hip-hop to striptease and African! Dance      teaching opportunities, how to negotiate       them engaged and energized while providing
with walking meditation. You’ll learn to        like no one’s watching!                       contracts, what is essential to know           a workout that is safe and effective.
train both individuals and groups, and to                                                     before your departure and what to expect
synchronize their walking steps with their      423 Schwinn® Cycling: My                      upon your arrival. Fred shares practical       434 Power Pilates: Archival
breath for increased energy, mental clarity,    Favorite Ride WO                              tips for overcoming language barriers,         Mat, Standing Exercises and
mood control and a sense of well-being.         James Gekko                                   working with translators and successfully      More! WS PREMIERE
No special equipment needed except for          Hit the hills, power the sprints, chase       bridging cultural differences when             Shari Berkowitz
good walking shoes.                             down the competition and learn firsthand       teaching fitness in a foreign country. So       Film, photos and elders have shown us
                                                the definition of the word “endurance.”        start packing...and bon voyage!                many exercises created by Joseph Pilates.
418 Synch and Swim WS PREMIERE                  This ride has it all, and it rocks! Solid                                                    We wonder why some exercises are not
Laurie Huntzinger                               Schwinn Cycling principles, top-notch         429 STOTT
Special Time: 8:00–9:00am                                                                                                                    done anymore. With others, we know
                                                coaching and awesome tunes make               PILATES      ®

                                                                                                                                             right away! This fun, information and
Synchronized swimming is a rhythmic,            this a workout to remember as you             Mini Flex-Ball Workout WS

dance-like form of swimming. In this                                                                                                         challenging workshop will offer you the
                                                experience Schwinn master trainer             Sally Belanger                                 opportunity to play with these great pieces
session, participants will learn some basic     James Gekko’s favorite ride. Detailed         This energizing workout incorporates
synchronized swimming figures, drills,                                                                                                        of history. So bring your powerhouse and
                                                class notes included.                         the 12-inch Mini Flex-Ball to create           your sense of history! Please note: this
techniques and formations, play with                                                          total-body strengthening and conditioning.
musical rhythms, and have a whole lot           424 Keiser® Cycling: M3                                                                      session is not for novice Pilates instructors.
                                                                                              The exercises will work on improving
of fun! Your muscular and cardiovascular        Powered Up WS                                 posture, core stability and back mobility,     435 Top Ten Staff Energizers
strength and endurance will be                  Nancy Burrows                                 while lengthening and strengthening the        L PREMIERE
challenged. And, oh yes, those deep-core        Are you ready to get powered up? The          surrounding musculature. Participants          Tatiana Kolovou, MBA
stabilizers will get a workout like no other.   amount of work completed in a given           will utilize the STOTT PILATES Five            Who said that the role of program director
                                                amount of time by a cyclist is known          Basic Principles while learning how            does not include group facilitator and
                                                as power. Increasing the intensity and        to add variety and fun to traditional          motivational speaker? Add one more
                                                challenge of your indoor cycling class can    matwork routines.                              talent to your skill set, and make sure you
                                                be accomplished by manipulating power.                                                       have the resources to help you succeed.
                                                Through speed, intensity and resistance,                                                     In this session, you will learn the top ten
                                                this workout is sure to deliver. Experience                                                  ideas that are guaranteed to get your staff
                                                M3 power!                                                                                    to connect, brainstorm, communicate and
                                                                                                                                             develop together.

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