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									T h e B e r e a H i g h S c h o o l F o c u s
                                         Berea High School 165 East Bagley Rd. Berea, OH 44017
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2           Berea High Focus
        The Torture of the Last
             Few Weeks
 By: Stephanie Martin
  Editor In Chief
“When senior year rolls around, some students just                                                    DON
                                                                                                       ,” JILL
want to get through college applications and relax
before they head off to the college of their choice,”
The College Board website reports. “Also known as                                    “W NYMORE
senioritis, taking it easy senior year may seem like
a nice break, but is likely to do more harm than                                      C           ID.
                                                                                            RE SA
Most seniors do not know the power that senioritis
has over them. Some people drop out because
they just do not care anymore, while others get bad
grades in their last semester of high school and do          “I gave up and I let my laziness come into play,” graduate of Midpark, Jim
not realize until college what effect senioritis had         Hedrick said. “I am just now applying to college and I am 21 years old. It wasn’t
on them.                                                     just the ‘senioritis’ that made me not go to college it was also the money. But I
                                                             definitely got lazy towards the end and it made me unmotivated.”
“I definitely had senioritis my last semester of
senior year,” freshmen from Kent State and former            Seniors need to realize that not doing their best senior year is not a good way
Midpark senior, Emily Wood said. “I’m pretty sure I          to go. There are many things that can happen and they do not realize all of the
ended up my high school career with a 2.5 GPA. I             consequences.
still had a good cumulative, but my mom hated me
that last semester.”                                         In the article “Some Senior Slackers get a Scolding by Colleges,” Tan Vinh explains
                                                             how senioritis can have a huge effect on incoming college freshmen. Many high
Senioritis is very serious, but nobody takes it seriously.   school seniors believe that they are in the clear as soon as they get accepted into
More and more seniors believe that it is okay to not         college. Seniors drop difficult courses and let their grades slip because they do
care anymore, but what they do not understand is             not know that their admission to college could be revoked or suspended.
that it can affect them in the long run. For example,
some seniors drop out, end up getting declined               “Remember to not give up and to end off your high school career the best you
from their choice of college, or they can even lose a        can,” Jim Hedrick said. “It’s not hard; it just takes a little effort. I know it’s cheesy
scholarship that was awarded to them.                        but ‘Be the Best You Can Be’.”
“We just don’t care anymore; we are ready to leave
BHS,” senior, Jill Moore said.

A lot of seniors gave up already and are ready to
leave, but there are still a few seniors out there who
                                                                                            JUST A
                                                                                                   N EXC
want to end the year well.
                                                                                      TO BE               USE
“I think that senioritis is made up by seniors who have
never really cared anyway,” senior, Dana Delsignore                                   DELSIGNO        DANA
said. “It’s just an excuse to be lazy.”                                                         RE SAID
Some graduates from high school have reported that
slacking their senior year was a very bad choice.

    3                Opinion
COLLEGE BOUND                                                             Mrs. Krych:
     2010                                                                 1.
                                                                                  To succeed in life set your goals and follow your

         I  t’s that time seniors! Graduation is near and for most of
us, college is the next step. Surely for some seniors college may be
                                                                          2.      Look only at what your goals are and not what
                                                                          someone else has in store for you!
                                                                          3.      You are the only one that can take charge of your
intimidating but some of our Berea High teachers want to ensure           life!
us that “No matter how you end high school, the next step is a new
beginning. Be smart, be true to yourself, and remember the best           “Life is not fair- get use to it!”
years of your life are yet to come,” Mrs. Roach said.                     “If you can read this – thank a teacher. If you are reading this
                                                                          in English – thank a soldier.”
        Many of the teachers you had through your four years at
Berea took the time to give some helpful advice to assist you on          Mrs. Makovich:
your new journey to new schools and life.                                 1.         The best advice I can give is take time for yourself-
                                                                          at this point in your life time is on your side. Decide what
Mrs. Roach:                                                               works but only for you, not your friends or parents.
1.        Buy a mini stapler because professors do not have the           2.         Don’t be in a hurry to get a job- Investigate careers
regular classroom supplies; you’ll make friends when it comes time        that fulfill your passions for life because you will have the rest
to turn in papers.                                                        of your life to work!
2.        GO TO CLASS! No one will really check on your atten-            3.         Live within your means- Pay cash for your purchases,
dance, but being there makes the whole experience easier and              save for a wanted item or for a rainy day and budget for
studying for exams less time consuming.                                   something you want.
3.        If you buy a shirt with your college logo on it, make sure
to wash it a couple of times so you don’t stand out as a freshman.        “People who can read… SHOULD!

Mrs. James:                                                               Mr. Dipert:
1.       When deciding what you want to do with your life, pick           1.        My advice to seniors is to enjoy the journey. We all
something you are passionate about.                                       create an image of how our lives will be in the future and are
2.       Set goals and create a plan to achieve them. But remem-          often discouraged when
ber that goals can and will change throughout life.                       things do not go accord-
3.       Go to the library to study!!                                     ing to plan.
                                                                          2.        Many times we
“Dream big, love with all your heart, and be nice to everyone.”           are too focused on the
                                                                          things that have gone
Mrs. Draves:                                                              awry to realize the op-
1.        Coffee shops are a nice place to go and they’ll help you        portunities that the cross-
out a lot in college.                                                     roads in life bring about.
2.        Take on obstacles like they were supposed to happen, it’s       With this in mind we
all a part of the “plan” to make you a better person.                     should appreciate the un-
3.        Have fun, stay away from drama because it will follow           expected because that is
you if you allow it to.                                                   what makes the journey
4.        Coffee will help you stay focused.                              of life unique and enjoy-
5.        Teachers really do discuss with each other when they are        able.
having tests and we decide to hold tests all on the same day…
just kidding :)                                                           “Keep on, Keepin on,”
6.        Treat college classes like a full time job; put in 40 hours a   – Joe Dirt
week and you are “golden.”
                                                                                               Maria Ruggiero and Erin Medaglia
“You learn from those that love you as much as from those that hurt
you,” – Morrie Schwartz

4               Senior Feature
Mr. Avery:
Help on staying focused:
*Diagram drawn by Mr. Avery*

Mrs. Fox:
1.       To my senior class officers and peer mediators/ mentors : Thank you           “The future
                                                                                   – one thin      is purc ha
for making a positive difference at Berea High School by your leadership and                  g you can sed by the present
participation.                                                                       c hildren n         ’t recycle
                                                                                                 eed more           is wasted
2.       Continute to bring peace wherever you go and whatever you do :)                                    models th           time
                                                                                                                       an critics!”

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” – Gandhi

Many say your adolescence years are “the best years of your life”; for some
of us we don’t want it to end; moving on is a scary concept to grasp. Life does
not end at high school, with college you will begin to come into your own, and
develop who you want to be. Be open to new ideas and do not be scared to
be selfish.
This next step in your life will be like a whole new world. You don’t want to go
in with one eye shut.
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments
that take your breath away”
- George Carlin

   5             Senior Feature
     From the academics to the sports, friends and teachers, and the
     few and far between, the BHS seniors will be leaving behind a big
     imprint of their success’ and goofy times.

    “My favorite memory of BHS would definitely be running our own
    school pep rally. It was rebellious and hilarious, something I will never           “I liked last year’s winter forma, I
    forget. Camp MiBroBe wasn’t too bad either!” Victoria Jagoda              think that was the year that our class officers
                                                                              got to plan the dance, and it was lots of fun!
    “Favorite memory of BHS was the drama club, marching band, all the And I enjoyed the actual dance too.” Ashley
    different friends I have met and became close with along with all the Kozak
    wonderful teachers we have!” Cierra Larson
                                                                              “Sports and the times with teammates.” Chris-
    “Art class with Cassie Jerman! Oh or Wheel Chair adventures with tina Collart
    Will Kasper” Nolan Grame
                                                                              “Marching band; Disney for sure!” Nikki Gib-
    “Getting all dressed up and going to the Friday night football games son
    to support our boys!” Brianna Lester
                                                                              “Cross” Andrew Kilgore
    “Drama club, naturally, especially doing Little Shop of Horrors Junior
    year. And my only regret is not joining marching band sooner, be- “I would also have to say the students pep
    cause it was such a blast!” Stephanie Ilavsky                             rally, or “riot” as some like to call it…even
                                                                              though I got the blame for it, it was worth the
    “My favorite Berea High memory would be the student pep rally. It trouble.” Aaron Young
    was rebellious and it was the first time that the administration listened
    to the students and it was definitely a unique moment in Berea history
    linked to our class.” Mitch Brooks

    “Mine would have to be the play, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown,
    as well as the time in Meister Singers when Dr. Ferrante broke into
    “Free Falling” by Tom Petty and it turned into a jam session. Or
             the informal sing off of “Don’t Stop Believing” between
             Berea and Midpark before the “Viva Gloria” concert in
             December.” Charlotte Robson

6         Senior Feature
    “I hate to be cliché and say marching band, but that’s probably it! I also
    loved Mr. Gorsuch’s class last year.” Adrienne Ellis

    “Mr. Reynold’s French Class and of course the student pep rally! This was
    the key defining moment where we as students brought back school spirit
    and where we made a stand. We proved that our voices can be heard,
    when we stick together. Sounds like something Sir Gandhi and Dr. King
    did (civil disobedience) it’s a beautiful thing.” Louis Keung

    “My goofy basketball practices” James Vodan

    “France, marching band, and AP physics” Eran Karanouh-Schuler

    “Drama club – all the way from Godspell to You’re a Good Man Charlie
    Brown. We are a family that nothing else compares to!” Ellen Morales

    “Visual Effects Class with Byz and Cassie and oh can’t forget about Cross
    Country!” Eddie Holecko

    “SWC and all the crazy memories in (and out) of choir class. Mr. Fer-
    rante is the best! Also all the wonderful, heartfelt conversations with Mrs.
    Roach. She’s made my senior year worth while.” Emili Hofer

    “When my friends Matt and Doug and me were walking in the park and
    i fished a tandem bike out of Coe Lake.” Phil Murphy

7             Senior Feature
LIFE                           AFTER                                           HIGH                       School:
a look into the seniors of 2010’s future!
      Matt Horning and           Maggie    Shullick

          When students think of senior year, they immediately think of Prom,
being the top of the student ladder, and above all graduation.
 But have other students ever wondered what a senior in high school does
after they leave the hallowed halls of BHS?
           Here’s an inside look into the future plans of some of the students
leaving BHS and what some staff members would like to remind them as they
take the walk at commencement.
          For most after their high school careers are over, its on to the big
halls of college. Seniors like Vinnie Pezzulo and Cynthia Hyvarinen ringed in
with their college choices.
  “I’m gonna go to Cleveland State for accounting for two years then go to
Urslin college for nursing,” Cynthia Hyvarinen said.
          Some students like Vinnie Pezzulo aren’t staying around Northeast
Ohio when they get their diploma.
    “I’m actually going to Cincinnati for Forensics and Criminal Justice. No
football though,” Pezzulo said.
          But some seniors like Alisha Prestwood have plans of not continuing
their education after high school.                                                      “Travel and see the world, take any
  “For now I’m just         going      to stay at hom e and keep working
at my job,” Prestwood said.                                                             and every opportunity that comes
          As for the AFS students, it is mostly a return to their countries, but they   your way.” Ms. Papa said.
also have their own plans.
   “Once I get back I’m gonna go to college. Don’t ask what kind of college;
I’m just going to college,” Tess Hiemstra said.
          Some seniors like Sarah Stuart and Kristen Gerda have plans to go
into medical fields like nursing.
          Even some staff members had words of advice for the seniors.
   Regarding her future plans when she was a high school senior and what to
expect after graduation Mrs. Schindler said, “Not to worry about the past.
Just worry about the future.”
          When asked if her plans worked out the way she wanted she
informed us that, “No they didn’t. I just went to college and then I went on
from there,” Schindler said.
          Mrs. Schaeffer also gave some advice and talked about how her
high school plans worked out.
  “Get as much education as you can.” Schaeffer said. I just wanted to get a
job, get married and settle down. I’d say I accomplished all those things.”
          Other teachers like Ms. Papa also say to get as much education
but also as Papa put it, “Travel and see the world; take any and every
opportunity that comes your way.”
          But the advice given by all the teachers seems to be the same to all
Just keep getting educated.

   8               Senior Feature
Really, how clean is
B e r e a H i g h ?
     Chelsea Kovalcsik

                                                                                     “ I thin
                                                                                     school that our
         “                    , I definitely think that the custodians take
extra good care to keep the school clean” Mrs. Baumgartner said. “It’s just that
students are lazy when it’s time to clean up and put things away.”                   cleane much
                                                                                            r than
         Many students at Berea High have seen mice running around, dust
                                                                                     - Mr. S       most”
bunnies, and litter all on the ground; but really how clean are our schools?

          “I think our school is cleaner than most,” Berea High custodian Mr. Star
said. “For as old as the building is, it’s really good on the inside”

         “Once in a while a mouse comes in from the fields because students eat
                                                                                            ere’s alwa -
in rooms and leave it all around; it draws in the mice,” Star said.

           Star recommends that kids just eat in one room, the cafeteria, which      “... th           ve
                                                                                             for impro
would make the cleanup of food scraps and wrappers easier to do. If the kids
ate just in the cafeteria it would eliminate the mice.
        “And when I say mice, I mean one every couple of weeks, we don’t have
mice everywhere; plus we have a lot of traps to catch them,” Star said.
         “I believe the custodians do a good job of keeping the schools clean,
but there’s always room for improvement,” sophomore Donovan Robertson said.          -Dono    Robertso
        “I have been to other schools like Westlake and Brecksville and they are
way cleaner looking than ours, even Midpark looks cleaner than Berea.”

        Robertson said that it is not just the custodians; it is a group effort              “Also seeing more custodians during the
between the students and staff.                                                      day might help,” Rhodes added.

         “Students could stop littering or pick up trash they see, and custodians             Mrs. Baumgartner believes that students
could put a little more elbow grease into it,” Robertson said.                       need to take pride in the school and realize that it
                                                                                     is old.
        Unlike Robertson who has never seen a mouse in Berea, Junior Melissa
Rhodes has seen quite a few by Mr. Peoples room and the Band wing.                            “If they see something laying around pick
                                                                                     it up and recycle it, this alone would make a huge
          “In Band last year at the back of the room there was a mouse stuck to a    difference!” Baumgartner added.
sticky trap, I screamed like a little girl!” Rhodes said.
                                                                                              “I think we’re very fortunate for our
        “Clean is an environment without litter, dirt, and is a healthy place for    custodial staff” Baumgartner said. “I haven’t been
people to be,” Rhodes said. “Berea doesn’t really match these”                       to other schools so it wouldn’t be a fair assessment
                                                                                     comparing schools”
        Rhodes suggests preaching about unclean schools to the students to help
them realize that littering is not helping anybody.

    9              Feature
Can a Lack of Sleep be Equivalent
to being                      intoxicated?
                                                  Andrea Wheat

 D    indicates that 1/3 of
 automobile fatalities are a result of drunk driving. Drinking
 leaves a person impaired, slow and depressed, but can a
                                                         says that students are now busier
                                                                  than ever with school work, homework, projects, jobs,
                                                                  and all the above that people do not have the time for
 lack of sleep give one those same effects?
                                                                   “Since I have a busy day with school work,
                                                                  projects and home life, It cuts into my bedtime. I most-        states     that    69             ly get five hours of sleep at the max, which leaves me
                                                                  groggy in the morning,”Brenda Richardson, senior, said.

 percent of high                                         proves that with 900,000 teen
                                                                  pregnancies that occur each year, it is no wonder why
 school students                                                  so many teens are sleep deprived. The National Re-
                                                                  search Projects indicates that new parents lose 400 to

 get less than 7                                                  750 hours during their child’s first year.

 hours of sleep                                                   “During the night, my baby would wake up screaming
                                                                  her lungs off and I can’t get back to sleep unless she
                                                                  falls asleep. Then when I wake up in the morning, I’m all
 nightly, instead                                                 drained, tired and can’t pay attention in class,”
                                                                  Rachel Barca, senior, said.

 of the recommend-                                                A lack of rest can have many detrimental effects to

 ed eight to nine                                                 one’s health. says that sleep de-
                                                                  privation can impair our ability to think logically, handle

 hoursThe National Study research project work
                                                                  stress, maintain a healthy immune system, trigger heart
                   , which affects their performance at           disease, depression, hypertension, tremors, slow reflex-
 and or at school.                                      says      es, horrible memory, and even mimics psychosis, which is
 that seventeen hours of sustained wakefulness leads to a de-     a loss of contact with reality.
 crease in performance, which is equivalent to .05 percent
 blood alcohol level. That is only three points under the drunk   Most of the time, when a person is extremely sleep de-
 driving limit.                                                   prived, he or she goes through a quick two to 10 sec-
                                                                  ond sleep without knowing it. It is called micro sleep. A
                                                                  person’s eyes can still be open during micro sleep. That

10 Feature
 is extremely dangerous for drivers who are out on the road
or handling dangerous equipment.                                 concentration lapses. That is even worse than going without
“It is extremely im-                                             Unless Freddy Krueger is out to get teens in their sleep, teens
portant that I’m wide                                            should be getting at least 9 hours of sleep per night says
                                                        Sufficient sleep rests the brain, collects
awake for my construc-                                           memory, restores and replaces cells, and repairs any dam-
                                                                 age the body has succumbed.
tion trade because I
                                                        indicates that sleep also lowers cortisol
handle dangerous equip-                                          levels in the brain while a person is sleeping, which leads to
ment, and one false move,                                        a bright and chipper morning. In order to get a good night
                                                                 sleep, it is important to establish a set bedtime that will give
I might get severely in-                                         a person at least eight hours of sleep at a minimum, turn off
                                                                 all electronics such as cell phones, computers, laptops, and etc
jured,” James Walker,                                            off at night. Also sleep with eye pads so extra lights around
                                                                 the house will not disturb a person’s biological alarm clock*.
Berea Resident, said.
                                                                 “I make sure the temperature is just right in my room. Then
                                                                 I do my nightly routine and make sure I’m in bed at a fixed calculates that there are        time, and awake at a fixed time,” Mary Cobb, Cleveland
60 million Americans who suffer from chronic insomnia each       resident, said.
year. Insomnia is a condition where one cannot or is having
trouble sleeping at night. Most insomnia patients or people       *When we sleep around bright lights, it affects a person’s bi-
who cannot sleep at night prescribe to sleeping drugs that are   ological alarm clock, which is the body’s automatic response
made to alleviate sleep issues, but sleeping medication can do   to waking up on its own. The National Research Projects says
more harm than good.                                             that sleeping with bright lights turns off a “neural switch” in
                                                                 the brain causing the chemicals that help a person sleep in says that sleeping pills depress the central ner-      the brain to decline within minutes.
vous system which can lead to slurred speech, staggering judg-
ment and uncertain reflexes when one wakes up. Also alcohol       British Ministry of Defense has been able to reset soldiers’
may be considered as anesthetic because it suppresses the        body clocks so that they can go without sleep for 36 hours.
rem stage of sleep, putting a person into a coma like sleep,     Tiny optical fibers embedded inside their special glasses
only to wake up feeling miserable and groggy.                    project a ring of bright lights around the retina of their eyes,
                                                                 fooling them into thinking it is time to wake up.
 With 17 hours of being awake equivalent to a .05 blood
alcohol content, The National Research Projects claims that
there was a man who broke the world record of being awake
for 18 days, 21 hours, and 40 minutes long during a rocking
chair marathon, but the record holder reported hallucinations,
paranoia, blurred vision, slurred speech, and memory and

11 Feature
                 rt      as                                Brett Boehm & Willy Sutton
     re               hq     te
                        ua       ro
    flooding,               ke         id                                                                                    These
looting, killing,             s           s                                                           conspiracy theories have put
catastrophe… the end
                                                                                            fear into many regular citizens.
of all? There are multiple
                                                                                   One of these theories predicts that there were
scientific theories existing that are
                                                                         four previous ages of humanity, each individual age being
leading regular citizens to believe that
                                                               ended by a major catastrophe. Multiple theories include the last day
2012 is going to be the end of the world.
                                                         of our age, which is December 21, 2012.

          If there’s one thing that’s true about the
                                                                 Neil Churnega, BHS student said “…if it was confirmed that the
year 2012, it would be galactic alignment. On
                                                         world was going to end, I would just live my life.” He also said, “I don’t think
December 21st, 2012 the entire Milky Way galaxy
                                                         the world is going to end.”
will be in a perfect 90o alignment. There is scientific
evidence to back this. There are also many                       “ Everything is going to be normal,” Zeke Whitty said. He also
conspiracy theories leading people to believe that       added, “if it was confirmed that the world was going to end, I would ask
December 21st, 2012 is going to be the end of the        God to forgive me of my sins.”
world as we know it. There are many differences
between these theories, but one thing they all have               “The world will not end in 2012, but I could concur that there will be
in common is that there is no scientific research or      a catastrophic event in the near future,” Takuya Otsuka said.
evidence that a doomsday is going to occur.
                                                                  Jerrell Crawford believes that the world will end in 2012 due to a
                                                         catastrophic event and believes that extraterrestrial life can help us.

         On the other end of the spectrum, many                 “I would build a spaceship or be in space already because I would
people believe Earth will enter a new Era of             be working for NASA,” Jerell said.
human innovation and/or enlightenment. We are
                                                                  Mr. Braaten, the World History teacher at BHS, believes that absolutely
part of a 26,000 year Myan cycle that is going
                                                         nothing is going to happen. He does believe that there will be a new age of
to end on 12/21/2012, and Myan research proves
                                                         technology. If it were confirmed that the world is going to end, Mr. Braaten
that this date is the correct date, but no research
                                                         would “read my American Government textbook.”
proves that the world will end in destruction. There
are many conspiracies and predictions about the                   Mr. Stratman, Astronomy teacher at Berea High School, believes that
end of the world, and every couple of years there         December 21st, 2012 will be a normal day just like every other day and will
always seems to be a day to be afraid of. For             go about it regularly. “We are so close to 2012 that we would see something
example, Y2K (a.k.a. year 2000), 6/6/2006, and            such as Niburu coming towards us.” He continued to add...
the upcoming 2012.

                                                                              …there is no scientific
           There are many different theories                           evidence that Nostradamus
existing today including that of extraterrestrial                      was correct, everything has
life, the collision of Nibiru (aka Planet X) and                       been philosophy.” - Stratman
Earth, black holes, and natural disasters including
flooding, fire, and landslides.
    12 Feature
 Running to Win!
        “ unning a 5k would make you an athlete, r u n n e r s are true
                                                                                                         Chelsea Kovalcsik

                                                                                        It would definitely make
athletes” senior Dann Herwerden said.                                                  me a better athlete...
         Herwerden doesn’t just enjoy running, he loves it! He said that it has            - Lauren Scheerer
naturally helped him to develop a great mind set, gain experience with racing,
and help him to overcome his fears. Also it gives him “that justification to eat a
second piece of cake,” Herwerden said.

       While running a 5k is a great way to get in shape, stay healthy, and
add years to a person’s life, preparing for it takes time.

“To train for a 5k race you should be running 30-35 miles a week, which means
you have to take time to work up and let your body adjust to the mileage” Berea
Cross-Country coach and runner Barb Hunter said. “You need to establish a base
and get a good fitness level,” Hunter said.

         Hunter has been running a long time and from going to states at the
high school cross-country level, to qualifying for the Boston Marathon she has a
lot of experience with proper training and attire.

        “Shoes are equivalent to tires of a car, you can’t put Hummer wheels on
a Volkswagen,” Hunter said.                                                Tiffin cross country meet - third biggest meet in
         People with flat feet need a board-last shoe and high arch runners the nation.
need a slip-last shoe. A board-last shoe is for motion control and a slip-last shoe
is considered a cushion. Wearing the wrong type of shoe will lead to shin splints
or knee pain. Wearing sandals will also lead to injury.                                      Scheerer does not really enjoy running but
                                                                                   could see herself becoming a serious runner if she
          “Sandals are bad; they make you walk differently, land differently, tried. She would train for a couple of months for her
shuffle, curl your toes while you walk, and change stride lengths. They should just first race, making sure to eat right and work her way
be cut off; they are bad, bad, bad,” Hunter said.                                  up.
         “I heard that sandals are bad for you, but I still wear them anyway,”          “Running a 5k would be hard for me because
sophomore Lauren Scheerer said. “I agree with them being bad for people, but I have never run one before, but I would give it all I
they are fashionable, and I don’t wear them a lot,” Scheerer said.             got,” Scheerer added.
          Scheerer has never run a 5k before but thinks that it would be great for          Unlike Scheerer, sophomore Angie Holecko
her body, health, and mentality.                                                   has been running for a few years and knows a 5k is
                                                                                   not hard for her.
          “It would definitely make me a better athlete because running is involved
in practically every sport,” Scheerer said.                                                 “Running is so much fun because it just makes
       Once you get past the running sucks                                            me feel good about myself and once you get past
                                                                                      the running sucks part, you really start to enjoy it,”
     part, you really start to enjoy it!                                              Holecko said.

               -Angie Holecko                                                                  Holecko has run cross-country and track
                                                                                      since seventh grade and has always enjoyed it.
   Running a 5k would make you an                                                              “Running has been a big part of my life,”
   athlete, r u n n e r s are true athletes!                                          Holecko said “and the reason that I have met a lot of
            - Dann Herwerden                                                          my close friends”

   13 Feature
                                                            Lissa Gettys

F              acebook and Myspace, two social
networks used to connect with others by, sharing
pictures, and stories have recently become the
                                       Many        can
recall great parties they attended with student
paparazzi on site, capturing all of their actions
leading to doxens of posted pictures on Facebook
and Myspace.
                                       Facebook and
Myspace have been the cause of a good percentage
of high school students being unable to attend their
school of choice and college students being kicked
out of theirs.
    reports a new survey
of 500 top colleges found that ten percent of
admissions officers acknowledge looking at social
networking sites to evaluate applicants. A lot of
                                                         “They can come BACK to haunt you”
students enrolled in college and that apply for
college do not understand how their pictures posted
on these sites diminishes their chances of success. A
picture really does say “1000 words” and they are
not always positive words.
           Many BHS staff members have a Facebook        “crude”. BHS’s guidance office secretary Mrs. Vasicek seems to not be as
account but choose not to accept students as friends,    critical as college admissions officers when it comes to criticizing/looking over
such as BHS’s head librarian Mrs. Scriven. She has       Facebook and Myspace pictures for possible admission.
no students as friends and does not accept their                    “We all do silly things,” Vasicek said.
request.                                                            Mrs. Vasicek knows about the pictures posted on students’ pages and
           “It’s just for friends and family,” Scriven   she personally thinks “They can come back to haunt you,” Vasicek said.
said.                                                               Senior, Brianna Lester has pictures on her Facebook account from
           English teacher Mrs. Duiker on the other      birthday parties, Saint Patrick’s Day, New Years Eve and other types of
hand does have students as friends on her Facebook       parties. She is fully aware of what colleges look for/at and she plans on
account.                                                 attending Bryant and Straton College.
                      “They must have graduated,”        “I have nothing to hide,” Lester said. Sadly, others have things they should hide
Duiker said. She admits to looking at some of the        but instead flaunt it for all to see.
students pictures when she has time. Duiker says more
than the pictures, what students say on Facebook
irritates her most.
           “Sometimes the language bothers me,”
Duiker said. She refers to the language usage as

   14 Feature
          Safety First: Campus Security

      Charlotte Robson

                                                       “First try to talk to them
                                           (campus security) and then if there
                                           is still a problem, the student should
                                           take it (the problem) to their adviser,
                                           each student has one… or their
                                           RA; they are there to support the
                                           students, especially the freshman,”
                                           Berea High School senior guidance
                                           counselor Mrs. Susan Kelley said.
          When students go to                          Campus security is there to
college they have a heightened sense       keep you safe and to help you out
of freedom. For once students are free     of dangerous situations.
from the nagging telling them who                      “They are nice, unless
they can see, what they can do, where      of course you’re doing something
the can go, what they have to do etc.      wrong,” Baldwin-Wallace Alumni
This can be very liberating, but, it can   Dominique Gambrell said.
also become a problem.                                 Although the security may
          College campuses, though         not always look friendly in a time of
promising freedom and fun, may             need, they will be more than willing
provide opportunities for dangerous        to help you.
situations. When this happens, students                “They are not very
are able to rely on campus security.       good cops, I mean, they wander
          Each student will have a         around, but they look mean and
different experience with campus           unapproachable,” Tri-C student
security, some positive some negative      Sarah Gilbert said.
but there is a general consensus that                  But where would someone
utilizing campus security services is      find information on their colleges
always a good idea.                        campus security?
                                                       “It is really nice; most
                                           freshman orientations give out a
                                           brochure or flyer or some sort of a
                                           notice that details what the security
                                           is on campus,” Mrs. Kelley said.

15 Feature
           Each college’s security varies, but
the common forms of security are the “blue
phone system” which consists of telephones
located at various parts of the campus that
are linked directly to authorities, there is also
an escort service through the campus police
which can be requested at any time.
           “I know that one form of security on
the Bowling Green Campus is an on campus
police station with their own jurisdiction,”
senior Phil Murphy said.
           The campus security can also
double as a locksmith if you have locked
your keys out of your car or locked yourself
out of your dorm. Usually information about
your college’s security can be found on their                 It does not matter which school you go
website.                                            to, you do not have to be attending a private
           “They (campus police) are always         college in order to have reliable campus
around, everywhere you turn they are there,         security. Whether you go to Toledo University,
if you are scared leaving the library or            or across the street to Baldwin-Wallace each
any other building they will walk with you,”        school has campus security.
Gambrell said. “If you lock yourself out of                   According to both
your car or dorm they’ll let you in.”               University of Toledo and Baldwin-Wallace
           Much of campus security relates to       have 24-hour emergency response devices and
making smart decisions and using common             patrols, student patrols, late-night transport/
sense.                                              escort service, controlled dormitory access.
           “It kind of ends up being a maturity     University of Toledo even has the additional
thing,” Mrs. Kelley said. “Students go to           security of a crime prevention officer and
college, and they can become carefree               bicycle patrol by campus security.
and fearless. The students think that nothing                 “Make smart decisions, don’t drink
bad will happen to them. Take everything            with people you don’t know, don’t leave your
seriously. Air on the side of caution; let the      drink alone, and be careful of your friend’s
authorities know immediately if something           friends, and don’t walk around campus drunk,”
has gone missing, or if your swipe card has         Gambrell said.
been used or stolen. It is in a way a life                    There is always crime; it is always a
lesson, like losing your bank card.”                bad idea to walk alone at night and things
           When Students go to college they         may happen. Living on a safe campus is not
have a feeling of invincibility, they believe       an excuse.
nothing bad could happen to them. But                         “It’s a safe campus ( B.W.), but not
security is there because it is necessary,          all of them are, it is a crazy world. Always
it does not matter which college a student          anticipate something. Keep that mindset and
chooses, each school has its security risks         you’ll be fine,” Gambrell concluded.
and each college has security measures that
they take. It is important for the student to
know what security is available in the event
they should find themselves in a dangerous

16 Feature
                                                        their child’s mother. Many do not keep contact, and even more do not

                 Te Ce d
                                                        know who the father is. According to The Cleveland Pregnancy Center, 40

            ves ena nte
                  cy lan
                                                        percent of mothers aged 15–17 had sexual partners three to five years
                                                        older, with multiple partners.
Pa ir R nan ve                                            The Cleveland Pregnancy Center does all it can to aid all mothers and

                                                        fathers, even providing information for adoption and the controversial
           eg Cle

                                                           In a telephone interview, The Cleveland Pregnancy Center confessed,
                                                        “[that] while we do not all support abortion…ultimately it is not our
       Pr T he

                                                        choice. The mother has an option to follow though with an abortion or

                                                        not…the controversy should be in the decision making process, not the
                                                        act they chose to portray…regardless of personal morals, we support all
  ren ole

                                                        requested information,” Donna Stanley, operating representative said.

                                                          The Cleveland Pregnancy Center does not provide abortion services,

                                                        but does supply informational brochures concerning services and other
                                                        methods of alternative birth at their facilities.

                                 Phil Murphy
                                                                “The price of an abortion varies based on a
                                                                number of factors, including length of pregnancy,
                                                                type of procedure used, anesthesia choice,
    The Cleveland Pregnancy Center has had a                    and geographical region,” Mrs. Palac, Family
  very strong impact on Berea with its programs                 and Consumer Science teacher said, “Some
  dealing with teenage parents.                                 abortions may cost as low as several hundred
                                                                dollars while other abortions may cost several
    According to the Cleveland Pregnancy Center,                thousand dollars. Beware of abortion providers
  about one million female high school students                 that seek to collect non-refundable fees before
  became pregnant and gave birth in the year                    providing counseling and before giving you an
  2009; and only 40 percent of teenagers who                    opportunity to consider all risks in making your
  have children before age 18 go on to graduate                 decision.”
  from high school, compared to 75 percent
  of teens from similar social and economic             The Cleveland Pregnancy Center does all that is requested, and all that
  backgrounds who do not give birth until ages          they can to ensure healthy lives. While not always agreeable, they hold
  twenty or twenty-one , that being said, it is         their own.
  important that young teens have some source
  of information and support. That is where the
  Cleveland Pregnancy Center comes in.

     They provide free information including, but not
  limited to: Parenting Support, Pregnancy Testing,
  Pregnancy Mentoring, Post-Abortion Healing.
  The pregnancy tests provided by The Cleveland
                                                              “...regardless of personal
  Pregnancy Center are 98% effective after six
  weeks of the first stages of pregnancy.                      morals, we support all
     “I went to the [Cleveland Pregnancy] center for
  help, and honestly without them I would have lost
                                                              requested information,”
  my mind and my little girl,” a student said.

    However, when it comes to fathers to comment,
  the quotes are hard to write.

    Eight out in ten cases, the fathers do not marry

    17 Feature
Summer 2010: What’s in
                                                          But short shorts are not the only fashion must have this season.
                                is here
                                                          According to Allure Magazine, this year’s seven fashion must
                               which means        haves are floral prints, denim, “sporty” clothing, tribal prints, pastels,
                                                  sparkles, and the draped look.
                               it is time
                                                          Not only is the clothing going to be different,
to clean out your closets and make
                                                  but the make-up is changing too. Smokey eyes and
room for summer 2010’s newest
                                                  bright eye shadow is in and although it is hard for some
trends.                                           people to pull off, the red lip is back.
        This summer’s fashions are very
different from last summers, and designers
are putting new elements into fashion and                   This season’s bold make-up is going to be paired with easy to
bringing out their retro side.                    handle hair. “Boho” braids and buns are in, and say goodbye to the
                                                  bang fad because a symmetrical hair is in. Stick straight is out and
        The 80’s are coming back and not          texture is in, although long hair is still popular the pixie cute is making
everybody is loving long hair. But no matter      its return.
what your opinion, the style has changed
drastically.                                      “I’m so glad that straight hair is going away, I’m ready for girls to
                                                  start embracing their natural curl,” Jamie, a hairstylist at Regis Hair
         “I’m really happy that most clothes      Salon said.
are changing because most of the popular
styles now are ugly,” Daniela Smith, a                    Even though some do not like short hair, it is going to be a
student at Strongsville High School, said.        good thing for balancing out the now popular chunky accessories.
         One big change this year is the
pants. Put away those bermudas because
short shorts are back, and the boyfriend                   Even though Uggs are cute, it gets a little too hot to be
jean is starting to overpower the infamous        sporting them in the summer. Some styles that everybody will be
skinny jean. Leggings with heavy print            seeing this year are gladiator sandals, wedges, ballerina flats, ankle
and bright hosiery are very popular and           booties, TOMS, bright sandals and bright elements, lots of straps, and
wearing sweat suits, which would previously       of course, flip-flops. Because neutrals are popular, bringing bright
be known as “bummin’ it,” is going to come        colors into your outfit is popular through your shoes and accessories,
back. Also neutral tones and ripped, torn,        including plastic headbands, leather purses, jelly bracelets, necklaces,
or patched denim is in along with animal          scarves, and big earrings.
                                                          As you can see, the 80’s are making a come back and retro is
           “I’m not too happy that short shorts   the new thing to do. This summer is all about being comfortable and
are back.” Gail McCauley a mother of              bold.
two said. “They’re cute but some girls take
it a little far and I would hate to see my                 “I really like the new styles, it’s easy because I already have
daughter walking around in barely there           a lot of the prints that are popular, but I like to shop so I don’t mind
shorts.”                                          looking for new clothes,” Alex Fathauer a freshman at BHS said.

18 Feature
Sweet, sweet                                                                 healthy
                                  poison                         or a

           Sugar, sugar, sugar! Everything you eat has some type of sugar
in it, from the pop you had at dinner to that apple you ate at lunch.
                                                                             Ashley Mauer and Emily Szaramowski

Now, whether it is natural or not, that is the biggest question for many
            Many artificial sweeteners like Sweet ‘N Low and Splenda,
contain chemicals such as saccharin, sucralose, and perhaps the most used
chemical, aspartame. Many people do not realize that they consume
these chemicals every day and just as many people have mixed opinions
about them.
           Some doctors and researchers claim that these artificial
sweeteners may lead to bladder and other types of cancers. This has
been supported by a study preformed on lab rats in 1977, when the FDA
decided that saccharin was unsafe for human consumption.
           Saccharin can be used in many food products such as, jams and
jellies, canned fruit, most types of chewing gum and even in toothpaste
and mouth wash. Saccharin has a large range of sweetness, for it can be
200 to 700 times sweeter than regular sugar.

                                                                     Aspartame, a popular sugar substitute, can be found in
                                                           anything from Orbit gum to yogurt and is 200 times sweeter than
                                                           regular sugar. And, it is the number one sugar substitute for most
                                                           complaints of side-effects or other issues relating to the artificial
                                                           sweetener. Uncomfortable bloating, “…intestinal distress and
                                                           headaches from products sweetened with aspartame,” can be
                                                           possible side-effects from using artificial sweeteners, said Mrs.
                                                           Palac, who is the teacher of Family Living and Joy of Cooking.
                                                                     Sometimes when people decide to go on a diet, prompted
                                                           by wanting to look thinner or by underlying health issues, they may
                                                           rely on the use of artificial sweeteners instead of natural sugar to
                                                           help reduce their calorie intake. This may actually be a bad decision
                                                           rather than a good one. Because you are not getting the calories
                                                           that you would get from using regular sugar, some people then tend
                                                           to eat more and thus, gain weight instead of losing the pounds that
                                                           they want to. But, on the other side, there are some benefits to using
                                                           artificial sweeteners on a diet.
                                                                     “I think they are important to giving someone that ‘sweet’
                                                           taste that some people crave during a weight loss program or a
                                                           reduced sugar or calorie diet,” said Nurse Lynne, the BHS nurse.

19 Special Feature
            To find out how much aspartame you can
consume daily, simply divide your weight (in pounds) by
2.2 and then multiply that number by 50.
            So, if you were a 120 pound female, you
would be able to consume 2,727 mg of aspartame in a
            One 12 ounce can of diet pop contains
up to 225 milligram, an 8 ounce drink that is made
from powder can contain up to 100 milligrams, and
an 8 ounce container of yogurt can contain up to 80
milligrams of aspartame.
            “Like everything moderation is the key,” said
Nurse Lynne. Nurse Lynne pointed out that sometimes,
artificial sweeteners are helpful in weight loss but that
it is not likely because most of the artificial sweeteners
on the market cause you to crave more sweets and such
because of the chemicals in them and the way your
brain registers the lower amount of calories that have
been consumed.
            “They (artificial sweeteners) have a benefit for
certain people with Diabetes Type I and II,” said Meg
Cusick, a dietitian.
                                                               A more natural approach to real sugar substitutes is, Truvia. Truvia
                                                     was developed, made and distributed by the Cargrill Corporation. Unlike
                                                     white sugar which is made from the sugar cane plant and is completely
                                                     natural, Truvia is made from the leaves of the stevia plant and is all natural
                                                     as well.
                                                               Truvia is considered the safest alternative to natural white cane
                                                     sugar, by most experts. While it may be the safest alternative, it is tougher
                                                     to find when dining at restaurants or other places, such as fast-food chains.
                                                     Many places do not offer it, simply because many people are set on using
                                                     artificial sweeteners and chains may think that the response to the natural
                                                     sugar may not be as widely accepted.
                                                               When it was first released, many Truvia users was said to have an
                                                     offending aftertaste which has since been improved and complaints have
                                                     declined about the aftertaste. Truvia is in supermarkets across the country in
                                                     products like Coca-Cola.
                                                               Truvia is also said to have no negative side effects since test were
                                                     done in 2006. But the studies have shown that there are some major draw-
                                                     backs being presented to researches that studied the side-effects of Truvia.
                                                     The side-effects can last for a mere four weeks to a whopping sixteen
                                                               PepsiCo, Inc. is also marketing throwback Pepsi and Mountain Dew
                                                     until February 22, 2010. The throwback Pepsi and Mountain Dew will have
                                                     real sugar in place of high fructose corn syrup, which is the second ingredient
                                                     behind water in the drinks. They will also use the original can and plastic
                                                     bottle label for that eight week period as well.
                                                               “To me, the Pepsi Throwback pop is like a million times better tasting
                                                     than the now regular pop that contains corn syrup; it seems almost a little
                                                     bit sweeter. And, I like the fact that it’s better for you,” said Ashley Mauer,

 20 Special Feature
                                                                               Amanda Richmond and Liz Gribble
                                                                                                                                         ine, and de
                                                                                                              mon once     in a magaz                    show
                                                                                              “I saw Poké                               “I wanted to el-
                                                                                                                          Smith said.
                                                                                                   phomore A
                                                                                                                  dam                        too. Back in
                                                                                   to buy it,” so                             y bought it                r kids
                                                                                                         in  the end the                  to see othe
                                                                                    my  friends, and e would always go in                             r about
                                                                                                      ol w                              t each othe
                                                                                    em entary sc ho                we w    ould rag a
                                                                                                  kémon, and
                                                                                    playing Po                                                       dia and
                                                                                                     er.”                               sses of me
                                                                                     w ho was bett               these    games, ma                     imagin-
                                                                                                 Along with                               everything
An example of one of the many Pokémon movies, The Rise of
                                                                                                                     sed   . There was                     droom
                                                                                                      were relea                           s, cards, be
Darkrai was the 10th Pokémon movie to be released.                                   m  erc handise                 olls,  action figure pular Saturday
                                                                                                    Pokémon d                   the ever p
                                                                                      able, from               ng books,                             eo games
                                  In                                                    ccessorie  s, colori                , and eve  n sequel vid
                      was rele the late 90s a v                                       a
                                                                                                        ision progra
                                                                                                                         m                                  ns. This
                                                                                                                                           rystal Versio l of
                                ased to                    id
                                               North A eo game                         m orning telev on Silver, Gold and C                           a tota
                               a craze                    merica
                                                                                         nown as Po
                                                                                                       kém                               n, making
                    around                  in                      tha                k                                 n ew Pokémo                      rded by
                              the conti elementary sc h t                                             added 101                             ighly rega
                   known a                 nent. The               ools                 generation                    ect,    and was h
                              sP                        games w                                        res to coll
                  shortly a okémon Red an                          ere                  252 creatu                                                        n I was a
                              fter wer                  d Blue, a                                                                         u plush whe
                                          e joined                 n                     fans.                               You, Pikach                    my mom
                             Pikac hu                  by Poké d                                     “I had the
                                                                                                                     Hey                      day, while
                                         Edition.               mon                                                       r   said. “One                   u flew out
                             Th                                                                          Will Wingle idge Road, my Pikach
                a c hild s e games focus                                                  kid.” junior                     r  R                          for like ten
                           et out in                   ed on R                                             down Cente                      rn around
               ous mon                  a                       ed                        was driving                        at her to tu                    Hey You,
                           sters to world of 151 va ,                                                     . I screame
                                                                                                                        d                     t me a new
               become                  “Catc h                   ri-                       the window                    n’t.  My mom go                   threw it at
                           th                      ‘em                                                    t she would                       same, and
              the way e Pokémon ma all” and                                                 minutes, bu                    it  wasn’t the
                           p                         ster. Alo                                             t I told her
             sters ag layers battled                           ng                           Pikachu bu
                          ainst oth                  their mo
            the evil                  ers, fou                 n
                         Team Ro                  ght aga -
           leaders                  cket, an                 inst
                        to collec               df
          the top.                 t badge aced gym
                                                s and ris
                                                           e to
                        It didn’t
         games                       take lon
                     to                           g for th
        lar desp become incred                               e
                      ite the o                ibly po
       Color te                  utdated                  pu-
                    c hn                       Game B
       dren cou ology because                             oy
                    ldn’t aff
      platform                ord any many c hil-
                   s.                       new
      game, N To spread the w gaming
                 intendo                      o
     for the g               released rd of the
                 ame, ho                    tons of a
                            ping tha
    come as
                popular                 t it would ds
                             as it wa                 be-

                                                                    Pokémon Blue and Red Versions, featuring two of the three starter Pokémon,
                                                                    Blastoise (Blue) and Charizard (Red).
  “Charizard was always my favorite Pokémon. How can you not love a giant
  fire-breathing, flying lizard with an attitude problem?” -Janel Nice

   21 Entertainment
                                                                                                                                           l Gold
                                                                                                                               e origina
                                                                                                               the  plot of th               Poké-
                                                                                                   es follow                     res, and
                                                                                      T he remak                    new featu on are able
                                                                                                      long with                    m
                                                                                           ersions, a                  Your Poké ikac hu Edi-
                                                                          an  d Silver V ewer generations.                    ecial P
                                                                                         the n                        the Sp                   after
                                                                          mon from hind you, similar to ests to partake in
                                                                           to follow
                                                                                         be                      e   qu                       er was
                                                                                                    tons of sid time. The Pokéwalk
                                                                                         there are       r the firs  t
                                                                            tion, and                                                ake.
                                                                                                                         to the rem ke.” senior
                                                                                             e game fo
                                                                             de feating th              ee    addition             rema
                                                                                            out as a fr lSilver is a great                       phics
                                                                             a lso given               So   u                       great gra
Pokémon SoulSilver is one of the new remakes to the famous                                 “Pokémon ked that it had the that it came
                                                                                                      “I li                       and
second generation games, Silver and Gold.                                                  ed said.                    versions,           émon wit
                                                                              Teresa Re mond and Pearl                          your Pok
                                                                                            Dia                         carry
                        Pokémon wa                                             from the                     You can
                                        s so pop                                               kéwalker.                  urrito.”                  you
           it was even b
                            anned from so ular, that over the years             w ith the Po Bell’s On-the-go B meter that allows
          such sc hool w                      me elementa                       you, like
                                                                                                           alker is a
                                                                                                                                       it, so yo  u may
                                                                 ry sc hools. O
          the game wa
                             as Fairwood
                                                Elementary,                       ne         The Pokéw m your game into gains experi-
                           s distracting                          believing tha                           fro                  okémon
                                            to the student                         t          Pokémon              lk. Your P                 d connec
         stop students
                           from sneaking                       s. But this did   to insert           as you wa collects items, an
                      But as most              in their Poké                     n’t
                                                                                  stroll w ith them          okémon,
                                     crazes do, th                goods.                        les wild P                free gifts
         eventually die
                            d out over th               e Pokémon fa
                                                                            ndom   ence, batt kéwalkers to get
                                                                                               r Po
        in the series,
                          and many sto
                                            e years. Peop
                                                                le lost interest    with othe
        were coming                        pped buying
                          out every coup                      the games th
                                             le of years.                       at
                    There were a
       ries along the                 few fans who
                           way, althoug                   stuck with the
       of new gene                         h. They witne                     se-
                        rations, and                         ssed the rising
       Ruby, Sapphi                      new games su
                         re and Emera                       ch as Pokém
      Diamond, Pe                          ld Versions a                     on
                       arl and Platin                          nd Pokémon
      total of 493                        um Versions.
                         Pokémon, it                        With a grand
     ‘em All”.                           seems imposs
                                                           ible to “Catc
                 As Marc h 14
     of the ever p               th, 2010 cam
                       opular Silver               e around, a re
    leased. The re                       and Gold Ve                   make
                       makes are kn                        rsions was re
    and HeartGo                          own as Pokém                        -
                      ld. With the                          on SoulSilver
    popularity in                     release of th
                      Pokémon jum                       ese games, th
   old fans buyin                     ped again, w                         e
                      g the remake                       ith tons of th
                                       s.                                 e
               “I am plannin
   man am I ex                 g on purchasi
                    cited!” senio                 ng HeartGold
  used to love                      r Charlotte d                      and
                   Pokémon and                         ’Arras said.
  reviews so fa                     I’ve heard no                        “I
                    r. After all,                     thing but goo
 ing people a                        who doesn’t                         d
                   nd taking na                        like annihilat-
 against manl                     mes with cute
                  y hardcore Po                      girly Pokémo
                                   kémon?”                              n          Pikachu is feeling good! Many of the Pokéwalker’s features are dis-
                                                                                   played here.

 22 Entertainment
                                                    r Katie
                                           .” senio
                                  walker ed to have a
                         e Poké s want
               love th               y                    n’t like
 “I for one id. “I’ve alwa n, who would ing,
          etz sa ocket, I mea und rampag
 Steinm              p
           r in my                 300-po
  monste of carrying a heir pocket?” ké-
            a                       t                  Po
  the ide thing snake in opularity of
            ea                      p                   tudents
    fire-br The returning S, as many s with
                                   BH                  ay
                        through                e hallw               w
              visible lling down th em with fello e
     mon is          n stro                ing th               avorit
                see                   nect                eir f
      can be walkers, con discussing th
       their  Poké           ners, a .
                  lker ow              ns                     tereste
        Pokéwa with other fa ay also be in Poké-
                   n                    sm                   as
         Pokémo BHS Pokéfan titles known                              endo
                               upcom ersions for t         he Nint
                     of the              V                         is
                                                        ersions d to
          to hear k and White                   these v
                      c                   for                     ime
           mon Bla elease date                         ut is cla
                       r                    th e US, b 10.
           DS. The unknown for mn of 20                                  re
                  ently                  autu                    ough a
                         in Jap   an in               ased th on, Zo-
                                              en rele
             release What has be nd new Pokém dark
                                              ra                   ese
                                   f two b               rua. Th            ,
                         n tities o -evolution Zo ir own movie
               the ide             pre                   the
                           nd its                star in
                roark a on will even eir games.                                 The new released Pokémon Zorua and Zoroark are displayed
                            ém                   th
                 fox Pok e release of                                           in the new battle style of the upcoming 5th generation games.
                                                                                                 “I personally
                                                                                                                 am not too fo
                                                                                               generation so                      nd of the fift
                                                                                                                 far.” senior Ta                  h
                                                                                               think they pro                      bitha Seidel
                                                                                                                bably should                       said. “I
                                                                                              ing new gene                       have stoppe
                                                                                                               rations after                    d mak-
                                                                                             out, although                      the second o
                                                                                                               I am a fan o                    ne came
                                                                                             generations.”                     f the third a
                                                                                                                                             nd fourth
                                                                                                        But these Po
                                                                                            many that a                 kémon are o
                                                                                                            re sure to be              nly two of th
                                                                                            coming Black                     introduced in             e
                                                                                                             and White V                      the up-
                                                                                           100 new Po                         ersions. With
                                                                                                           kémon introd                        at least
Above is the Japanese title artwork for Pokémon White Version. It is                       generation,                     uced with eve
                                                                                                          plenty more                       ry new
one of the two upcoming titles, including Pokémon Black Version.                                                           are bound to
                                                                                                      This would m                         come.
                                                                                          total with the              ake nearly 6
                                                                                                            release of th              00 Pokémon
“I admire Pokémon because there’s not a specific                                           to the alread
                                                                                                           y hi
                                                                                                                            is game, add
age group to it. I’ve seen five year olds playing,                                        inability to ca gh number of 493. With
                                                                                                           pture every                         the
                                                                                        games (witho                       single Pokém
and even 30 year olds playing. There aren’t many                                                          ut trading w
                                                                                                                         ith multiple d
                                                                                                                                          on in
                                                                                        games), catc
games that people of all ages can play like that. I                                     bit near imp
                                                                                                        hing every Po
                                                                                                                          kémon may
                                                                                                       ossible and                       seem a
mean, unless that person is 60 years old and living                                    will do whate                   tedious. But
                                                                                                                                      some fans
                                                                                                         ver it takes to
in their mother’s basement or something.”                                              Pokémon ma
                                                                                                                            become the

                                        - Marisa Wieneke
  23 Entertainment
       m er
  Su ic 20 10                                                                            HOUSEO

                                          be able to see the concert clearly.
                                                                                                         Ingr id
                                                                                                         on w/
                                                   Some concerts that will be at Blossom
                                                                                                tt Morr i
                                          this summer include; Sugarland, Phish,
                                          Dave Mathews Band, Tom Petty and the Ma
        W     hether you enjoy rock,      Heartbreakers, and John Mayer along with 6/17/
                                                                                                    10Mike &
                                                                                                          ur ing
rap, country, heavy metal, or even        multiple others.                                 Ike feat
                                                                                                           park s
                                                                                            Jordin S
some oldies, there is probably an
upcoming concert this summer that                  The GROG shop is a third concert
                                                                                               ith Kate
might catch your eye.                     venue located in Cleveland Heights and w
                                          typically hosts more of a rock genre of music, Voeg               Public
           The House of Blues,            whether the band is well known or local. Some     6/27/10
GROG shop, Time Warner Cable              concerts which will be held at the GROG shop       Enemy
Amphitheater, and Blossom Music                                                                             Cyndi
                                          this summer includes The Devil Wears Prada,        6/29/10
Center are some of the most popular                                                                           / David
                                                                                              Lauper w
                                          Miss May I, Hawthorne Heights, The Spill
venues in our area and have many,         Canvas, and Cute Is What We Aim For, these
many exciting concerts, of all music                                                          Rhodes
                                          are some of the more well –known bands.                             Lamb of
genres, happening in the next couple                                                          7/29/10
of months.                                         And finally, the last concert venue          God with                   -
                                                                                                              d 3 Inch
        The House of Blues Cleveland
                                          is Time-Warner Cable Amphitheater, which             breed an
                                          is similar to Blossom by being outdoor and                           od
is located in the East 4th street         located in Cleveland. It has been the home            es of Blo
entertainment district and hosts all      of the Vans Warped Tour for the Cleveland              BLOSSO
types of genres of music all the time.                                                                     M MUSIC
                                          area for years now, and will continue to do so        TER:                   CEN-
This summer they will be hosting many     this summer which will host over eighty bands
famous music artists including Drake,                                                           06/05/1
                                                                                                          0 S
Jordin Sparks, Kate Voegele, Cyndi
                                          July 8. More upcoming shows for Time-Warner
                                                                                               06/12/1 ugarland
                                          this summer include Earth, Wind, and Fire, The                 0 Phish
Lauper, and Lamb of God, just to          Bamboozle Roadshow, 311, and Limp Bizkit.           06/20/1
                                                                                                         0 Toby K
name a few.                                                                                   06/25/1             eith
                                                   “I might be attending Warped Tour
                                                                                                        0 Dave M
                                                                                             Band                 atthews
         “I am pretty excited for the     2010 this year,” senior Henry Delventhal said.
Drake concert at the House of Blues,”                                                        07/08/1
senior Jerrell Crawford said.                      There are many concerts going on this    God & G ynyrd Skynyrd
                                                                                                      uns Tour
                                          summer and if you enjoy music, you should see Michaels o              w/ B
        Another concert venue is                                                                       f Poison & ret
                                          if one of your favorite groups or performers Special                    38
Blossom Music Center and six out          are coming to an area near you!
of nine students surveyed said this                                                        07/20/1
                                                                                                    0 To
was their favorite concert venue to                                                       the Hear t m Petty and
attend.                                                                                   Drive-By            and
        Blossom Music Center is
                                                                                         08/13/1 ings of Leon
an outdoor music venue located                                                                    0 John M
in Cuyahoga Falls, there is a huge
pavilion where seating is available         NICOLE KOLIS
and then there is more seating on
the grass just behind the pavilion.
However, wherever you sit, you’ll still
  24 Entertainment
          2010: Favorite Movies
         Movies are an important part of a teen’s life. Many good ones came
                                                                                                        Amanda Hallas
out in the 2009-2010 school year, such as The Blind Side, The Hangover, and

the record-breaking box office hit Avatar. Although these are favorites of many,

others also really stood out this year.
                                                                                            Cinema should make
           “The comedy Stepbrothers was really funny. A lot of my friends and
I liked it,” sophomore, Ronnie Clark-Street said. Stepbrothers came out in July         you forget you are sitting
2008, but still has people talking about it. The plot is about two obnoxious middle
aged brothers who still live at home and become a family when their parents
marry each other.

         “It’s one of the funniest movies ever. It’s better than a mango even!”
                                                                                        in a theater.   – Roman
Clark-Street said.

         Another favorite was the 2009 horror/comedy Zombieland. It involves
two men who try to survive along with other people in a world completely full of

        “Zombieland was my favorite this year,” freshman, Elise Kouris said. “It
was funny and scary. A few of my friends saw it and said I should.”

       There were also those who were not quite sure which they liked best, or
how many movies they even saw!

          “I’ve seen more movies this year than I can remember if you don’t count
the theater,” “I like most of them, but they’re not all good. I would say worse,”
senior, Andrew Kilgore said. “I would best recommend Zombieland though.”

          There were also those who liked the most recent movies that just came
out last month to a few weeks ago.

         “The Backup Plan was probably most popular this year,” sophomore,
Heather Swinnerton said. The Backup Plan is a comedy about a woman who
conceives babies through artificial insemination, and then meets the “perfect man”
the very same day.

         “I like funny movies, so I would see it again!” Swinnerton said.

         According to, the rating was 4.1 stars out of 10 for The Backup

         Other high ratings for movies were The Proposal, Angels & Demons,
Clash of The Titans, and Angelina Jolie’s latest action hit, Salt, is predicted to be
a box office smash.

         Any genre of movie can be successful and with a good cast and plot,
people will more likely go and see it. As Roger Ebert once said, “Every great film
should seem new every time you see it.”

  25                        Entertainment                                                                    June

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