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					         Washington – Oregon – California – Arizona -
                     Nevada - April 18-27
April 8, 2008
Dear Parents and Students:

This letter is the final info for our annual Spring Senior Music Tour. Please read it through carefully with your child and
keep this copy at home for your own reference and in case you have to contact us.

Note: Parents, please keep this information at home and return the forms only.
The dates of the tour will be Friday, April 18 to Sunday, April 27. We will miss 4 school days due to both Fridays being
non-instructional days. Please ask your teacher for assignments or study materials that you can work on during the bus
travel times. The general itinerary is on the next page. Specific times and some locations on the itinerary will be adjusted
or added before we depart and emailed out to parents.

Payment: The final payment is due before the tour. Check with Mr. T to see how much you owe.

The remaining balance owing for ______________________ tour is:                           $ ________________
                                                 student’s name                                 amount owing
Please call me if you have any questions regarding your balance. 778-808-4955
Dates:          Friday, April 18, 6:30 am in the morning until Sunday, April 27 at approximately 3:00 pm.
Cost:           The total cost for the tour is $1000. This cost includes transportation, hotel accommodations, a West
                Coast Music Road Trip t-shirt, attractions: EMP in Seattle, Dune Buggy ride in Florence, Disneyland pass,
                Grand Canyon all breakfasts and 4 dinners.
Meals:          You will need to bring money for 9 lunches (if you bring a bag lunch on the first day) and 6 dinners. I
                suggest that students bring $150+ for meals and snacks. This may vary depending upon your appetite.
                There are several restaurants enroute and in the vicinity of our hotels where we can make arrangements
                to eat in chaperone groups. Spending money for souvenirs is recommended at your discretion.
Travel:         We will be traveling by 56-passenger coach bus equipped with washroom, DVD and CD player. If you
                want to bring DVDs to watch they must be rated Family (G), PG or PG-13 and the teacher/chaperones
                will screen the choices. Please label any personal DVDs or CDs with your name. We will be bringing a
                second vehicle – Mr. T’s Chevy Suburban for several passengers and some equipment. We will take
                turns having small groups of students travel in the Suburban with several chaperones sharing the driving.
Documents:      Everyone will need at the minimum a birth certificate and school ID or valid Driver’s license or a Passport
                to enter the United States. Non-Canadians and Landed Immigrants will need their passport, US Visa,
                and a visitors card (which is available at the border). I would like these documents copied and sent along
                with the forms attached just to ensure that we all have the correct documents before we leave. I will not
              be using theses copies as a official ID, YOU MUST BRING THE ABOVE DOCUMENTS WITH YOU
              WHEN YOU TRAVEL!

Insurance:    You need to arrange for travel insurance. This is a necessity as the charges for medical assistance in the
              US can be formidable and we do not want to risk any unforeseen costs to students and their families.
              The cost is minimal and can be ordered online, at your BCAA office, or through your local insurance
              broker. Here is a site that I am recommending that I will use:
              AIG Travel Guard and costs approximately $16 for a student.

              Or if you prefer to compare policies and quotes check out this site which reviews some options:

Chaperones:   We have 7 chaperones for 53 students: Mr. Steve Thompson (teacher), Mrs. Ilka Vogt (teacher), Mrs.
              Jane Thompson (RN/Mr. T’s wife), Mrs. Kim Janzen (mom), Mr. Bob Shatford (dad), Mrs. Denise Frohlich
              (RN/mom), Mrs. Dana Lynch (RN/mom).

              Students will be supervised in chaperone groups with about 8 students per group with a chaperone in
              charge. These groups will have some flexibility throughout the tour but students will always have a
              chaperone group for close supervision.

Packing:      In addition to what you might normally bring on a 10 day trip, here are some important items:
               uniform (all black including black dress shoes with blue Titan Music tie/scarf) – jeans for our informal
                uniform which will be jeans and the ‘royal blue’ tour T-shirt
               instrument (labelled with your name & school)
               music in a folder marked with your name & school
               a folding music stand for our concerts labelled with your name (if you have one)
               swim suit (no towels needed) for hotel swimming pools
               rain jacket & sweater in case of bad weather
               entertainment: books, card games, board games, mp3s (be careful to keep with you)
               wallet or purse with food and spending money
               ATM and debit cards. This is a good option for getting cash in the US.
               Traveller’s cheques. Purchase from the bank; record their numbers.
                US Cash. Purchase some US cash to use until you can use your debit card or traveller’s cheques..
               Passports & ID Check the valid dates on your passport. Copy your passport and other ID and leave a
                copy at home and also give a copy to Mr. T.
               Carry proof of insurance coverage. Know how to contact your insurer, and make sure that your
                travelling companions,and someone at home, knows how to do so as well.
               Luggage Bring only one small to medium size suitcase or athletic/duffle bag and a carry-on backpack
                for on the bus. We are limited in the amount we can take because the bus is full and we have
                instruments and equipment to carry. Remove old luggage tags. I.D. inside and outside all luggage
                Don’t forget to pack…
               Good walking shoes that are worn in, extra glasses if you wear them, Ziplock bags, camera and charger,
                memory cards, medications in original containers, cell phone and charger if you need one, sunglasses,
                sunscreen, snacks

Emergency:    In case of emergency you can phone Mr. Thompson’s cell at 778-808-4955
              Hotel: We are staying in good quality hotels – Holiday Inns and Comfort Inns. Each room will have 2
              queen beds and sleep a group of 4. Rooming lists were formed this week. Any adjustments to the
              rooming will be made on the tour at the discretion of Mr. Thompson. The phone numbers of our hotels
              are on the itinerary.

Behaviour:    While on tour, you are representing our school and also Langley as a young adult and performer. Please
              keep this in mind when making a decision, especially one that could have consequences that may affect
              both you and others on the tour or otherwise. In serious circumstances you could be sent home at your
              own or your family’s expense. 
Rules:        1. The ‘Golden Rule’ pretty well sums it up: treat others as you would like to be treated in all
                 circumstances: your travel mates, chaperones, hotel guests, performers, bus driver, etc… We have a
                 great reputation while on tour, let’s continue to build that rep. 
              2. Listen attentively to all instructions. Be quiet, focused, and mature – yes it is possible!
              3. Keep your ID on you and this sheet at all times so you can contact someone in an emergency and so
                 you know where to be and when.
              4. Stay in a group of 3 or more at all times. If you are going somewhere, ask a chaperone.
              5. Watch your own stuff: purse, instrument, luggage, jacket, mp3 player – it’s your responsibility!
              6. You may socialize in each others rooms with the following guidelines.
                        boys in boys rooms and girls in girls rooms
                        mixed groups can meet in common rooms which we will assign sometimes.
                        if someone does not want guests, respect their wishes
                        no guests after curfew

This promises to be an exciting event for our Senior Music Students. Please contact me if you have any questions
regarding the tour.
Steve Thompson,
Titan Music Director
Cell: 778-808-4955

Performance Programs to be chosen from the following:
Titan Senior Concert Band                                       Titan Vocal Jazz
English Folk Song (#3)                                          Java Jive
John Williams                                                   Operator
Danny Boy                                                       Blue Skies
William Tell                                                    Route 66
Hockey Night in Canada                                          Blackbird
Hymn for the Fallen                                             When I Fall In Love
Titan Senior Jazz Band                                          Titan Concert Choir
The Big Dance                                                   Walk a Mile
Jumpin’ East of Java                                            Jabula Jesu
Blues Bros Revue                                                John Kanaka
Sophie                                                          Irish Blessing
Jazz Police                                                     Witness
Minnie the Moocher                                              Prayer of the Children
West Coast Music Road Trip 2008 T-shirts (informal concert dress with jeans) included in your cost.

                            Design Front                                   Design Back
                                                 Langley School District #35
                                                  FIELD TRIP MEDICAL FORM
Name of Student                                                Grade
Care Card Personal Health No.                        Date of Birth
Family Doctor                                        Phone
Name of Parent/Guardian
Hm. Phone ______________ Bus. Phone _________________ Cell Phone ________________
In case of emergency contact Parents/or
Name                                                 Phone

Please note any health problems, physical handicap, emotional difficulty, behaviour problem, or other factors
which may limit full participation in this program. Use back of sheet if necessary.

Has the student had a previous injury which would require special first aid treatment should another injury
occur? Explain

The student has received the regular immunization program administered in B.C.for diptheria, pertusis &
tetanus (DPT; tetanus and diptheria (Td); polio; measles, mumps & rubella (MMR).
Yes No (circle) If no, please explain

Contact Lenses Yes No (circle)
Child is subject to
( ) asthma           ( ) ear ache            (    )   fainting               ( ) tonsilitis
( ) eye infection ( ) sensitive skin         (    )   sinus problems         ( ) seizures
( ) nightmares       ( ) bronchitis          (    )   high blood pressure ( ) nosebleeds
( ) headache         ( ) bed wetting         (    )   kidney problems        ( ) dizziness
( ) frequent colds ( ) dislocations          (    )   motion sickness        ( ) sprains
( ) pulled muscles ( ) sleep walking         (    )   severe allergies (describe below)
( ) other (describe below)

Medications All medicines should be clearly labeled with the child's name and the information below. All
medications must be controlled and in the possession of the first aider (except for allergies). Use back of form
if additional space is needed to list medications.
Name of medicine                                             Used for
To be administered by                                                   Quantity & times
Permission granted by                                                   Given how

 In case of emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the supervisor(s) to
 provide necessary treatment for my child.
 Parent/Guardian Signature                                                   Date
                   School District #35
                   LFMSS Sr. Music Tour 2008
                   April 18-27, 2008

                               BEHAVIOUR CODE OF CONDUCT CONTRACT

This trip is an opportunity for the students participating to perform together as an ensemble and to travel down
the coast of the United States. The trip does not come without obligations on the part of students and their
parents. The following is a contract of obligations as mandated by the Langley School District #35.
                                                                Steve Thompson, Music Teacher and Tour Director

During trips taken by any school in the Langley School District students are expected to:
  1. Comply with the Langley School District policy and regulations #7016 which specifies that this field
      trip is an extension of a school district activity and as such is governed by the district policies and
      regulations. Rules and regulations therein will be enforced at all times. Students and teachers are
      considered to be „in-session‟ 24 hours per day for the duration of the trip.
  2. Comply with the laws and regulations of the communities we are visiting.
  3. Comply with the regulations of the accommodations and attractions we are visiting.
  4. Follow explicitly the safety instructions of the tour‟s organizer, Steve Thompson, and parent chaperones.

IMPORTANT: All students and families need to be aware that non-compliance with these expectations
may result in the student being sent home at the family’s expense. Expenses include, but are not limited to,
bus fare, air fare, other travel related expenses and chaperone accompaniment expenses. Also, as the adult
responsible for student conduct, I (Steve Thompson) am obliged to report any illegal behaviour or activities to
local authorities. Any legal proceedings that result from such incidents will be the responsibility of the parents.
Costs include but are not limited to legal costs, travel costs, judgements and chaperone accompaniment
expenses. Finally, consequences may also include suspension from Langley Fundamental Middle and
Secondary School.

We the undersigned acknowledge that we have read this contract in full and have read the Langley School
District Policy and Regulations #7016. We acknowledge and agree to the policy that non-compliance of, either
the rules outlined in this contract or in #7016, may result in school suspension and/or expulsion from the trip at
the family‟s expense.

Dated this _________ of ________ 200__

Parent/Guardian Name (Please PRINT)                          Student Name (Please PRINT)

Signature of the parent/guardian                             Signature of student
                                          School District #35
                                CONSENT AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY FOR
                                      INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL

I, ______________________, am the parent/legal guardian of ______________________ (“the Student”).

I have been informed by Steve Thompson, teacher at Langley Fundamental Middle and Secondary School, of an
opportunity for my son/daughter to travel to the West Coast of the USA on Friday, April 18, 2008, and
returning Sunday, April 27, 2008, and supervised by Mr. Steve Thompson and chaperones.

I hereby give consent to the Student to participate and be involved in the International Field Trip and to the
travel arrangements and activities for the International Field Trip set out in the itinerary which I received.

I am aware and understand that participation in the International Field Trip involves certain inherent risks,
dangers and hazards which may result in serious personal injury or death or other loss or damage to property. I
have been informed that the International Field Trip involves bus travel. Further I agree that there may be other
risks, dangers and hazards which may arise which are not reasonably foreseeable at this time.

I release and agree to indemnity and hold harmless the Board of School Trustees of School District No. 35
(Langley), its officers, employees and agents (“the Board”), from any personal injury, death, property damage,
or loss sustained as a result of my son/daughter‟s involvement or participation in the International Field Trip
arising out of any cause whatsoever, including negligence.

I understand and accept that the Board may at any time cancel the International Field Trip for appropriate
reasons including travel advisories indicating international air travel is unsafe or the destination is unsafe.
Accordingly, I agree to waive any and all claims against the Board for any monetary loss arising from the
cancellation of the International Field Trip.

I understand that during the International Field Trip the Student may incur additional unforeseen financial
expenses (e.g. for reasons of safety or for failure to comply with the code of conduct) and I agree to pay such
expenses and to waive any and all claims against the Board and its employees and agents for any such expenses
that are reasonably required.

Dated this _________ of ________ 200__

Signature of the Parent/Legal Guardian                         Signature of Witness

Signature of the School Administrator

                                        (Please return by Friday, April 11)

Dear Mr. Steve Thompson

I have read and am informed about the proposed field trip to West Coast USA (see itinerary)
on April 18-27. I request that my child
        (date)                                                  (student's name)
participate in this field trip.

I understand there is a cost involved and have enclosed the balance owing - $         with this form.
In the event of an emergency when a family member cannot be contacted at home, please try to reach one of the
following emergency contacts:
Name                                                           Phone:

Name                                                           Phone:

Care Card Number:

Medical Information Update (please include any medical or health concerns):

     I, the undersigned parent or guardian of the above-named student, request that my
     son/daughter be allowed to participate in the event described above (or to the series of
     events listed on the back of this form).

     Both my son/daughter and I understand that the Langley School District, Pupil Discipline
     Policy applies on all field trips. The use of alcohol or drugs and/or inappropriate student
     conduct may result in suspension from school. Students engaging in these behaviours are
     liable to be sent home at their family's expense.

     Parent/Guardian Signature

     Student Signature                                        Work
               th                                                            nd
Friday, April 18                                        Tuesday, April 22
6:30 am         Load bus & vehicles                     7:00 am        Wake up & eat continental breakfast in
7:00 am         Depart Langley for Seattle                             hotel
8:00 am         Border crossing                         8:00 am        Depart for Anaheim
10:00 am        Arrive at EMP for tour                  4:00 pm        Arrive in Anaheim
                Choir to sing in lobby                                 Spend rest of day and evening in
1:00 pm         Visit Tower Records in Seattle                         Disneyland
1:30 pm         Depart for Mt. St. Helens               11:00 pm       Return to hotel & lights out
2:30 pm         Tour Mt. St. Helens Monument
4:00 pm         Drive to Seaside. Eat dinner            Wednesday, April 23
7:00 pm         Campfire & wiener roast on beach        7:00 am      Wake up & continental breakfast at hotel
10:00 pm        Back to hotel & lights out              8:00 am      Day at Disneyland
Saturday, April 19                                      10:00 pm     Return to hotel & lights out
7:00 am        Wake up & eat continental breakfast in
               hotel                                    Thursday, April 24
8:00 am        Depart for Cannon Beach & Tillamook      6:00 am        Wake up & eat continental breakfast in
9:30 am        Visit Tillamook Cheese Factory in                       hotel
               Tillamook, Oregon                        7:30 am        Depart for Grand Canyon
11:00 pm       Eat lunch at Tillamook Farmhouse Café    3:00 pm        Visit Grand Canyon
12:00 pm       Drive to Florence                        6:30 pm        Depart for hotel in Kingman
2:00 pm        Rides at Sand Dunes                      8:30 pm        Check in to hotel
6:00 pm        Check in to Hotel                        10:30 pm       Lights out
7:00 pm        Eat dinner
10:00 pm       In room & lights out                     Friday, April 25
                                                        7:00 am         Wake-up and eat continental breakfast
                                                        8:00 am         Depart for elementary concert
Sunday, April 20                                        10:00 am        Depart for Las Vegas
7:00 am        Wake up and eat continental breakfast                    Visit Hoover Dam enroute
               at hotel                                 1:00 pm         Arrive in Las Vegas for lunch
8:30 am        Depart for church                        8:00 pm         Arrive at hotel in Reno
9:00 am        Choir sings at church TBA
10:30 am       Depart for California!                   Saturday, April 26
6:00 pm        Arrive in San Francisco                  7:00 am        Wake-up and eat continental breakfast
               Check in to hotel                        8:00 am        Depart for Eugene Oregon
7:00 pm        Dinner                                   12:00 pm       Lunch enroute
                                                        2:00 pm        Concert at Seniors’ Residence
                                                        3:00 pm        Depart for Eugene
Monday, April 21                                        8:00 pm        Arrive hotel and have dinner
7:00 am        Wake up & eat continental breakfast at   9:00 pm        Return to hotel for Celebration
               hotel                                                   Gathering
9:00 am        Sight see in San Francisco               10:30 pm       Lights out
1:00 pm        Perform in Ghirardelli Square or
               Fisherman’s Wharf                        Sunday, April 27

5:00 pm        Dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf              7:00 am        Wake-up and eat continental breakfast
8:00 pm        Return to hotel                          8:00 am        Depart for Langley
10:00 pm       In room & lights out                     12:00 pm       Lunch enroute in Seattle
                                                        4:00 pm        Cross border
                                                        5:00 pm        Return to school for pick up

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