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									                                             THE WHOLE IS GREATER
                                             THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS

           24/7 national emergency hotline

                 Corporate Headquarters:
            185 Oakland Avenue, Suite 150
             Birmingham, MI 48009-3433
                  Toll Free: 888.421.4111
                    Direct : 248.594.1144
                       Fax : 248.594.1133



                                                                Ready for Recovery

                                                                BELFOR is the global leader in integrated disaster
                                                                recovery and restoration services. BELFOR offers the
                                                                highest quality and most comprehensive restoration

            An unexpected fire. A sudden earthquake. A          services in response to natural and man-made disasters.
                                                                In fact, through our unique, coordinated process, we
            slow-moving hurricane that sweeps slowly through
                                                                provide customers every single service needed to help
            a community. Disaster takes many forms and can      return to normal operations. From structural damage

            strike anytime, anywhere. Homes and businesses      repair and clean up to the recovery and restoration of
                                                                equipment and vital documents, you can count on BELFOR
            can be devastated within minutes. Those who
                                                                for a rapid and proven response, and workable solutions
            experience an unexpected disaster are faced with    to any situation, no matter how difficult. We have

            the seemingly insurmountable task of starting       locations across the nation and teams of skilled
                                                                professionals available whether you need a force of
            over. Property owners are faced with the daunting
                                                                three or 3,000.
            questions of: Where do I go from here? Who can

            help me? How do I even begin to recover? The        We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever
                                                                and whenever you need us. With BELFOR on your side, no
            answer is simple. Stay calm. Call BELFOR.
                                                                disaster is too great.
                                                             When disaster strikes, the clock is ticking and timing really
                                                                                                                             Phases of an emergency:
                                                             is everything. Lack of recovery action means the possible
                                                             ruin of equipment, furnishings, electronics and valuable         Response: Getting on site quickly allows our
                                                             documents that have the potential of being recovered. If          technical experts the chance to assess the
                                                                                                                               situation and develop a proper restoration plan.
                                                             there is any water damage — and in many cases there will
                                                             be — mold can take root and lead to a far more extensive         Stabilization: Helps to curtail further damage from
                                                             clean up project with significantly higher cost.                water, mold and the elements, which ensures that
                                                                                                                               increased recovery costs are kept to a minimum.

                                                             Having the right response team can mean the difference           Recovery: Every effort is made to maintain the
                                                                                                                               original structure and recover important items.
                                                             between recovery and failure. In the midst of chaos, you
                                                                                                                               Surprising to many of our customers, BELFOR’s
                                                             need proven expertise to put your business operations             team of technicians can save much of the equipment
                                                             back on track. BELFOR has more than 95 full-service               and documents initially thought unsalvageable.

                                                             offices   throughout     North    America,    strategically
                                                                                                                              Restoration: The final step to getting your business
                                                             positioned to provide maximum response time. By                 back on track — all damage is repaired, equipment
                                                             maintaining effective, full-service offices across the            restored or replaced and things return to normal.

                                                             continent, we can immediately draw from a diverse range
                                                             of in-house experts, capabilities and technologies,
                                                             amassing our resources to complete your job, no matter
                                                             how large or small. Through its geographic reach, BELFOR
                                                             is also able to allocate resources even in the face of
                                                             regional disasters. This geographic proximity to our
                                                             customers and the ability to commit the right resources
                                                             any time, day or night, gives you the time advantage you
                                                             need to speed recovery and minimize loss.

                                                             It cannot be stressed enough how critical a part response
                                                             time plays in a disaster situation. And no one responds
                                                             more quickly or more effectively than BELFOR.

The first 72 hours following a loss are the most critical.
The road from disaster to recovery involves many
                                                              Emergency response
important decisions that can result in numerous               Reconstruction
detours if not considered carefully and implemented           Structural dehumidification
correctly. In most cases, direction from a single-source      Structural cleaning and decontamination
provider like BELFOR can make a tremendous difference         Contents restoration
in your recovery efforts.                                     Mold remediation

                                                              Hazardous materials
With   our    understanding       of   restoration   and      Electronics restoration
reconstruction, we know that one decision often               Magnetic media and data recovery
impacts many others, and must be considered from an           Equipment and machinery refurbishment
overall view of the project. A stand-alone service that       Book and document recovery
may appear at first to present considerable benefits          Consulting services
may not be the best solution in the complete recovery         Corrosion control
process. Only with a unique understanding of complex          Water extraction
losses as well as the total restoration process can the       Emergency power
very best solution be realized.                               Vital records recovery

BELFOR is the leader in service delivery and single-

source accountability, assuring both the insurer and

insured the most direct path to complete project

satisfaction. We weigh the benefits and expenses of

competing technologies and procedures to determine

the quickest and most cost-effective method of quality

restoration and reconstruction. We then implement
                                                                                                         A temporary tent city was constructed
procedures with the utmost precision and care. From
                                                                                                         in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan in
coast to coast and around the world, BELFOR turns
                                                                                                         Pensacola,   FL   to   house   BELFOR
chaos into orderly recovery and ensures continuity of
                                                                                                         workers as they worked to help the
operations. With a proven track record of service,
                                                                                                         community recover.
integrity and success, you can count on BELFOR for your

recovery and restoration efforts from beginning to end.
Damage is a dynamic entity and does not cease at the end of a catastrophic
event. If left unchecked for even a short period of time, on-site corrosive
properties, contaminants and exposure to the elements will only increase
the potential of further loss. That’s why quick, efficient emergency service
response is paramount in the first step to any successful recovery process.

At the moment BELFOR arrives on the scene, our clients know that this point
will be as bad as the damage gets. First, we stabilize the environment so the
damage grows no further and everything from that point forward begins to
improve. Secondly, we seek to shorten the recovery time needed to restore
the use of the client’s physical assets (building, files, machinery, office
contents, etc.). Failure to move decisively and effectively will ultimately
result in more extensive damage and extended time frames in the recovery
process. With years of emergency response experience, our team is trained
to analyze each situation and react aggressively with an integrated,
coordinated approach to the specific issues at hand.

Health and safety issues are our first consideration and the ability to quickly
secure property, erect safety barriers or initiate emergency structural
repairs to allow access for crucial restoration are all important aspects of
the response scenario. Next, mitigating damage to critical operational
systems, computers, electronics, vital records, valuable contents, machinery,
inventories and structure is time-critical and directly impacts the financial
loss of any business.

BELFOR has the in-house expertise, equipment and technology to immediately
address and implement the best-response procedure regardless of the
disaster. It takes a professional to determine specific problems that exist in
each situation and the proper steps to take to ensure the work is done right.

                                                                                             We stabilize the environment so the damage grows no
                                                                                  further and everything from that point forward begins to improve.
                                                          2. Board Up                                                 3. Safety Inspection

                                                          Securing a space and sealing it from the elements is        Oftentimes, incremental repairs must be made to secure
                                                          important to ensure that no further external factors will   areas where larger restoration work can proceed.         In
                                                          infringe upon the facility. While “boarding up” may seem    these areas and in all of our efforts, the safety of your
                                                          simple, BELFOR’s resources and experience ensures           employees and our team members is a BELFOR priority.
                                                          this important step is done quickly and correctly. We       That’s why we partner with professionals like engineers
                                                          have access to the manpower and materials to be on          who evaluate the entire site to determine issues like the
                                                          the job almost immediately. In addition, our team’s         structural integrity of the building, while industrial
                                                          experience allows us to make technical decisions that       hygienists run tests to ensure proper air quality standards
                                                          prevent further destruction and potential permanent         are met. In addition, our experienced teams are adept at
                                                          damage to your structure.                                   working in dark, dank and often smoldering spaces. With
                                                                                                                      the assurance of a safe environment, our employees
                                                                                                                      have the peace of mind to move forward with their work
                                                                                                                      in the quick, efficient manner for which BELFOR is known.

1. Evaluation

The damage apparent to the naked eye is not always
the extent of the damage in an emergency situation.
BELFOR brings in technical experts such as engineers
and architects who make immediate decisions that will
determine the critical path of remedial efforts and
ultimate restoration. While these specialists check for
issues like thermal stress in a fire situation or the                                                                                                                               4. Temporary Power
extent of water damage and potential for mold, another
team is evaluating the damage to equipment and                                                                                                                                      BELFOR has a national service agreement with Aggreko,
machinery.    Through      a   combination   of   these                                                                                                                             one of the country’s leaders in auxiliary power supply.
professionals’ expertise and quick reaction time, a                                                                                                                                 Experts in their field, Aggreko provides the equipment
remediation plan is developed to move forward as                                                                                                                                    and the manpower we need usually within a few hours of
efficiently as possible.                                                                                                                                                            our call. This immediate access is an important part of
                                                                                                                                                                                    our quick-response abilities.
                                                                                                                        7. Demolition

                                                                                                                        Our trained experts move quickly to determine a selective
                                                                                                                        demolition process, which removes the sources of
                                                                                                                        contamination and helps to stabilize a structure. We seek
                                                                                                                        to remove only what is damaging the integrity of the
                                                                                                                        facility and will impede the efficiency of our restoration
                                                                                                                        process. BELFOR’s experience with the insurance industry
                                                                                                                        helps us to determine the best demolition path to achieve
                                                                                                                        our ultimate goal of restoring the value of your facility.

                                                              6. Corrosion Control

5. Water Extraction &                                         Smoke, soot, acid, water and other potential sources of
Dehumidification                                              contamination and corrosion have a direct and indirect
                                                              impact on structure, contents, computers, records,
Whether it’s a natural disaster or fire, water is usually a   machinery, work in process and other essential business
component of an emergency services situation. Damage          functions. By using stabilization techniques such as
to drywall from large amounts of standing water can be        applying a lubricant that actually displaces water and
fairly obvious. However, water most often finds hidden,       ambient humidity, we can keep equipment from becoming
void spaces and contact with cellulose materials can          impaired and reduce the amount of restoration and long-
lead to the onset of mold. BELFOR’s water extraction          term costs to our customers. BELFOR’s immediate
and desiccant dehumidification capacity is among the          action mitigates potentially damaging effects and paves
best in the world. Through our exclusive partnership with     the way for a smoother cleaning, decontamination and
Aggreko, a worldwide leader in the production of power        restoration process.
and dehumidification equipment, we are able to respond
faster to provide the solutions you need. Time is critical
and environmental control can prove to be the primary
difference in preventing further structural damage and
saving valuable documents, machinery and electronics
from the effects of corrosion.
No matter what the precipitating event — fire, flood,          BELFOR expertise touches virtually every aspect of
hurricane or earthquake — the aftermath of rebuilding          contracting required to rebuild and restore your operation.
or reconstructing is a complex process involving a             In time-critical environments, no one comes close to our
variety of different parties, all of whose needs must be       level of response, experience and track record of results.
met for a successful outcome. Property owners,                 Relax and count on BELFOR to help you in every step of
managers,    insurance     companies        and   adjusters,   your recovery.
architects, engineers, local municipal authorities and a
multitude of subcontractors must work as seamlessly
as possible to fully restore property value, control
                                                                BELFOR's Reconstruction Capabilities
costs and limit business interruption. The involvement
                                                                   24-hour emergency response
of this many individuals has the potential to lead to a
                                                                   Site containment/temporary shoring
chaotic, confusing situation. This confusion usually
leads to lost time, as well as the possibility that                Intrusive investigation/selective demolition

essential issues will be overlooked.                               Emergency power

                                                                   Full scale carpentry

BELFOR’s expertise in understanding the reconstructing             Complete electrical, mechanical and plumbing

and contracting process is virtually unmatched. With over          Complete exterior envelope reconstruction

50 years experience, we have managed a variety of                  Construction defect reconstruction
restoration projects such as major retail establishments,          All roofing configurations
restaurants, multi-family facilities, hotels, schools,             Interior build out and finishes
churches, plants, factories and more. In addition to our           Complex installation and interior finishes
in-house staff, we work with specialty trades, engineers           High-rise reconstruction and restoration
and architects to enhance project effectiveness and
                                                                   Historic reconstruction and restoration
speed. We have maintained strong relationships with
                                                                   Machinery/factory line implementation
skilled contractors who undertake procedures efficiently
and we also work closely with insurance companies and
                                                                                                                             Reconstruction is more complex than original construction
adjusters to expedite claims.
                                                                                                                             for many different reasons.

At BELFOR, we understand that an experienced project
manager can make all the difference in the world between
chaos and calm for everyone involved. That’s why we hire
and train only the best leaders with proven track records
and elevated communication skills. BELFOR project
managers deftly balance the shortest length of business
interruption with the proper reconstruction techniques to
ensure your building maintains its value.
                                                              Mold Remediation                                               absolute best in the industry offering our customers
                                                              BELFOR offers comprehensive mold abatement and                 effective solutions in the fight against mold.
                                                              remediation services from initial air quality testing and
                                                              mold identification to remediation and final clearance         Hazardous Materials
                                                              testing. In fact, BELFOR has published remediation             In the case of a hazardous materials situation, BELFOR
                                                              guidelines based on the Environmental Protection               partners with RMCAT Environmental. RMCAT has the
                                                              Agency’s outline for indoor air quality. Drawing heavily on    experience, resources, and infrastructure necessary to
                                                              input from the scientific community, these guidelines          provide fast, reliable emergency spill response services.
                                                              have become a standard for the treatment of mold not           Like BELFOR, the company maintains a team of
                                                              only for BELFOR, but also for the entire industry.             professionals on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
                                                                                                                             This team consists of response managers, chemists,
                                                              Mold spores are around us all the time; however, they          foremen, equipment operators and response technicians
                                                              thrive in moist, dark, indoor areas. Since water damage        ready to immediately respond, stabilize and clean-up
                                                              accompanies almost every disaster situation, mold is a         almost any hazardous material spill.
                                                              potential problem if recovery action is not taken
                                                              immediately. Dark and lacking sufficient air flow, wall        Through the years, the company has assembled a unique
                                                              cavities provide notoriously great host environments, and      array of experience within core management and field
                                                              mold can root in organic materials like sheetrock, carpeting   teams to support a wide range of environmental services
                                                              and wood flooring in less than 12-24 hours and become          including non-emergency services such as in-plant
                                                              visible in less than 72 hours. A mold problem doesn’t          services, waste management/removal services and
                                                              mean you have to demolish and rebuild. However, without        remedial construction projects of all sizes and complexity.
                                                              swift and proper action, mold can quickly grow to massive      This is buoyed by a rigorous training program to ensure
                                                              numbers and lead to health problems that will negatively       employees are kept up-to-date on the latest in hazardous
                                                              affect your restoration process.                               material containment.

                                                              Sadly, over 50% of the mold remediation projects BELFOR
                                                              performs result from inadequate water clean up, which            Through our partnership, BELFOR provides the following
                                                                                                                               hazardous materials handling specialization services:
                                                              could have been avoided with proper structural drying.
                                                              That’s why we offer a response plan that addresses                 Emergency spill response

                                                              facility damage issues and limits potential down- time             Removal actions

                                                              and costs. BELFOR combines the use of specially trained            Asbestos lead abatement

                                                              technicians and scientists with the most up-to-date                Facility decontamination & demolition
                                                              dehumidification and air purifying equipment available             Storage tank system cleaning, demolition & retrofit
BELFOR is proud to have contributed to the mold remediation   today. Through years of scientific knowledge and research          Waste management and removal
guidelines of IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and     combined with decades of practical experience, BELFOR’s            Containment and recovery system
Restoration Certification).                                   mold remediation team has developed into one of the
                                                                                                                                 Construction
With many clients, their first thoughts in a disaster         you rapid access to materials undergoing restoration. Our
situation tend to relate to structural damage. However,       team is also specially trained in the handling, packing and
the contents of buildings often present further, more         recording of valuable documents such as stocks, medical
significant losses in the form of valuable books, records     records and library materials to ensure they are returned
and important papers that end up damaged by fire, flood       in the same order as when they were received. From the
or bacteria. In the case of water, deterioration begins as    smallest medical record to an entire library system, trust
soon as moisture is absorbed into the paper and ruination     your vital records recovery project to BELFOR.
can happen immediately or slowly over the course of
years. Sometimes, a book may even feel dry, but without
                                                                 Audio tapes                   Maps
professional measuring equipment, you cannot accurately
                                                                 Blueprints                    Microfiche
determine if it is still holding enough moisture to support
                                                                 Books                         Microfilm
mold and bacterial growth, or attract insects.
                                                                 Compact discs                 Negatives

                                                                 Data files                    Paintings
Not long ago, damage usually resulted in the items being
                                                                 Diskettes                     Parchment
discarded or returned to use in an unsatisfactory condition
where they continued to deteriorate and contaminate the          Documents                     Photographs

workplace, library or home with mold, mildew, soot or odor.      Drawings                      Plans

Today, BELFOR has developed the technology to restore            Files                         Slides

important papers, books, files and documents including           Film                          Transparencies

film and x-rays. We can now return these damaged articles        Laser discs                   Vellum
to stable condition, restore their appearance and extend         Library materials             Video tapes
their useable life. However, the sooner our technicians          Magazines                     Vital records
begin, the sooner deterioration is halted, minimizing the        Magnetic media                Whiteprints
need for restorative procedures.
                                                                 Manuscripts                   X-rays

BELFOR has maintained its position at the forefront of
vital document recovery through consistent research and
development, coupled with proprietary processes and
equipment. Whether you need standard forms of
remediation such as low vapor pressure dehumidification,
or complex processes like vacuum freeze drying, thermal
freeze drying, molecular sieve, microwave technology,
irradiation technology or more, BELFOR can deliver the                                                                      Vacuum freeze drying is a complex and unique
most appropriate solution to fit your needs. In addition,                                                                   method of drying printed documents.
our computerized inventory management system gives

                                                                           Following a fire, flood or other form of contamination, manufacturing
                                                                           equipment, machinery, mechanical parts and work in progress can suffer
                                                                           irreparable damage from corrosion, abrasion or seizure. Immediate
                                                                           stabilization can be accomplished by protecting affected surfaces and
                                                                           through effective environmental control that often alleviates the need for
                                                                           expensive or time-consuming replacement.

                                                                           Not only can restoration achieve considerable financial savings — up to
                                                                           90% compared to the replacement cost — but more importantly, it is the
                                                                           quickest way of ensuring business resumption and the retention of
                                                                           business clients.

                                                                           Important manufacturing items such as key tooling, injection mold, test
                                                                           fixtures and even work in progress may take months to replace even if the
                                                                           up-to-date drawings are available. Restoration offers a valuable, cost-
                                                                           effective solution. Even when long-term reliability cannot be guaranteed or
                                                                           replacement lead times are extended, interim decontamination and
                                                                           restoration may allow manufacturing operations to continue while
                                                                           replacements are obtained.

                                                                           Our trained technicians work with equipment manufacturers and the
                                                                           client’s own staff to ensure total confidence is maintained throughout the
                                                                           recovery process. And, when machinery requires repair or remanufacture
                                                                           in addition to decontamination procedures, our BELFOR CNC Machinery
                                                                           Services can provide the necessary expertise to complete total
                                                                           restoration and proper reinstatement.

Machinery and equipment restoration can achieve considerable fundamental
savings up to 90% compared to replacement costs.
While electronic equipment such as computers is surprisingly resilient to
even the worst forms of contamination, proper mitigation and safeguarding
actions are required to prevent long-term damage. BELFOR is a pioneer in     We have created and implemented a host of
the field of decontamination and recovery of technical equipment. Based on   innovative methods for saving sophisticated
the work of our research and development division in Germany and our         electronic equipment as diverse as desktop
experts around the world, we have created and implemented a host of          computers and servers to power station control
innovative methods for saving sophisticated electronic equipment as          systems and medical equipment.
diverse as desktop computers and servers to power station control
systems and medical equipment.

With over a quarter of a century’s research, development and recovery
experience in electronics restoration, BELFOR provides a total solution to
every conceivable contamination such as floodwater (including total
submersion), corrosive soot from fire, acid vapors, mold, environmental
contaminants, pollution caused by production processes, sea salts from
overseas transportation and toxic contamination.

Our highly skilled technical staff, working on-site in our dedicated labs,
utilizes the latest technology to ensure that inspection, decontamination
and testing of all equipment is carried out to the highest standards. Our
procedures, which include the use of static dissipative workstations and
flooring, specially developed chemical processes and ultra fast vacuum
drying techniques, are all ISO 9000 approved. Additionally, through close
cooperation with manufacturers and service representatives throughout
the restoration and certification process, we can safeguard maintenance
and warranty agreements.

BELFOR prides itself on results. Through the use of specially developed
diagnostic software and testing, BELFOR customers will have complete
confidence when restored equipment is returned for operational use.
                     Research & Development                                       companies can use in settling losses. Packages include
                     Few in North America have the disaster recovery              not only recovery information, but also beneficial items
                     resources possessed by BELFOR. Our comprehensive             such as construction schedules and research into local
                     support, outstanding logistical skills and trained           building departments to determine code upgrade issues.
                     personnel are complemented by our in-depth technical         We can also hire experts like engineers to assess
                     services solutions for any kind of fire or water damage.     structural damage and determine the quickest, most
                     BELFOR remains on the cutting edge in such areas as          cost-effective means to recovery. In many cases,
                     mold remediation and equipment restoration by                BELFOR can be retained by insurance companies in a
                     combining a scientific base with extensive experience        “Clerk of the Works” position to oversee repairs being
                     from damage situations.                                      completed by outside contractors, and also to monitor
                                                                                  and control costs.
                     Through applied research and development of chemicals
                     and restoration procedures, our staff works both at
                     incident sites and in our own well-equipped central            Access to resources worldwide
                     laboratories to constantly develop new solutions in            BELFOR employs some of the world’s leading experts
                                                                                    from a host of disciplines that relate to the areas of
                     restoration technologies. Our standards in quality control
                                                                                    restorative treatments and applications:
                     and technical transparency match the requirements of
                                                                                     Document technicians
                     even the most demanding of customers. Over many
                                                                                     Mold experts
                     years this technical support has enabled us to continually
                     push the boundaries of restoration. Even in sensitive           Chemical scientists and engineers

                     areas, such as clean rooms in semiconductor factories,          Engineers for machines, electronics and structures

                     our technical support team provides the excellence that         Accredited technicians for drying technology
                                                                                      and measurement
                     makes recoveries in this field possible.
                                                                                     Accredited engineers for asbestos removal

                                                                                     Environmental scientists
                     Consulting Services
                     Through our consulting division, BELFOR is available to         Accredited contingency planners

                     act as experts for insurance companies in determining           Experienced restoration practitioners for seminars
                                                                                      and training
                     loss amounts in disaster situations. BELFOR combines
                                                                                     Physicists
                     our in-depth knowledge of site damage and recovery
                                                                                     Environmental scientists
                     experience to put together a complete package insurance

                     Our standards in quality control and technical
                     transparency match the requirements of even
                     the most demanding of customers.
Red Alert: Because Your Response is Critical
                                                                       Red Alert immediately implements these critical
A disaster does not have to result in total devastation. Your          response actions:
response and actions during the first 24 to 48 hours may be
                                                                        Stabilizes the premises making it safe and secure
critical in determining whether your business ever fully recovers.
                                                                        Mitigates and prevents further damage
Through our years of experience, BELFOR has developed the
                                                                        Immediately recovers salvageable assets of value
Red Alert response program that shortens response time and
                                                                        Assesses the full scope of damage
limits your financial impact and recovery process, so you can
                                                                        As part of your team, implements actions to restore
resume operations and service your customer base. Partnering
with a proven specialist like BELFOR can mean the difference              your facility and equipment to working order

between effective operational recovery and further disaster
                                                                       As a Red Alert member you will receive:
as time marches forward and you lose equipment, resources
and potentially, customers.                                             Emergency service, 24 hours day or night,
                                                                         365 days a year

Planning Before Disaster Strikes                                        A dedicated account representative available
                                                                         to assist you in aspects of both pre- and post-
Red Alert membership begins with the development of
                                                                         loss recovery
structured response procedures that integrate seamlessly
into your current continuity or recovery plan. Our Red Alert team       Expert assistance in emergencies of every
                                                                         type and size — from a major fire to a simple
will meet with your staff to discuss your priorities and important
                                                                         burst pipe
business functions. We educate ourselves in regard to your
critical systems, facilities and vital records before a disaster        Effective action in the rescue and protection of
                                                                         assets the minute our BELFOR Red Alert team
strikes, saving hours, days and even weeks in potential lost
                                                                         reaches the site
recovery time. We can often recommend practical and proven
solutions to potential problems before they become reality,             Immediate integration of the Red Alert plan with
                                                                         our BELFOR offices in Europe, the Middle East
adding value as a key partner in your recovery efforts.                  and Asia

Immediate Action
One call to our 24-hour priority hotline puts Red Alert into
action. Our experienced personnel immediately responds to
your needs, interacting with your key staff to ensure that all
appropriate parties are operating in unison to meet your
priorities. With more than 100 offices and over 3,000 employees      BELFOR offers various service levels of the Red Alert
worldwide, BELFOR is able to allocate resources instantly for        program. Your BELFOR representative will be happy to
superior response. In addition, because of the geographic            provide you with any information needed to help choose
diversity of our offices, no regional disaster can impact our        the plan that is best suited to your individual needs.
response—ensuring that we can always consistently and
effectively respond to your needs.                                   Contact us for more details at 8OO-856-3333.

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