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Sack Solutions Newsletter II - Billerud


									       SACK SOLUTIONS

We shoW the Way to better business

end customer
– the driving force behind the development
of billerud’s new sack concepts
billerud is now launching a completely
new series of sack solutions focusing
on sack demands made by brand
owners. Five unique designs that,
depending on which solution the
customer chooses, satisfy the different
demands the end customer makes on
a sack for packaging powder goods.

Billerud’s five innovative sack concepts are actually three           “The stores, of course, want their products to have a long   ces and a sack can be marketed as biodegradable in accor-
different technical solutions with a moisture barrier as the       shelf life and large demands are made on a functional           dance with EN-13432”, says Peter.
common denominator. Normally, the moisture barrier for-            moisture barrier in markets where relative humidity is             QuickFill® SingleTex is the cost-effective single-ply
ces the user to prioritise either productivity during filling or   high”.                                                          design while QuickFill® FlowTex is the result of a patented
protection against moisture, two aspects that are normally            “Throughout the development process, the intention has       functionality principle where the focus is on high producti-
contradictory. With the new concepts, the end customer can         been to utilise the beneficial Billerud QuickFill® products     vity during filling.
get both long-term product protection against moisture as          as an important component of the designs, while at the             “Sometimes, it’s the powder goods that determines which
well as a high filling productivity.                               same time satisfying the end customer’s requirements,           design is most suitable for the customer. QuickFill®
                                                                   whether it’s a question of moisture protection, high produc-    FlowTex is a very good choice for titanium dioxide,
   We are very satisfied                                           tivity during filling, good printing surface or a pronounced
                                                                   environmental focus”, says Peter Åström.
                                                                                                                                   gypsum and other materials that are difficult to fill”, says
                                                                                                                                   Peter Åström.
   with the whole offer.                                           A comprehensive offer
                                                                                                                                      “We are very satisfied with the whole range of sack solu-
                                                                                                                                   tions and both tests in the sack laboratory in Karlsborg as
   all trials show excellent                                       The five different solutions give the customer a wide range
                                                                   of alternatives. QuickFill® PrintTex, QuickFill® BioTex and
                                                                                                                                   well as trial runs and functionality tests out at our custo-
                                                                                                                                   mers show that all five designs work very well. Also, the
   functionality                                                   QuickFill® UltraTex are all sack solutions which deaerate
                                                                   via a channel system in the top of the sack. QuickFill®
                                                                                                                                   customers don’t need to make any costly investments in
                                                                                                                                   order to begin to use one or more of the sack solutions in
                                                                   PrintTex has a clay-coated outer ply with very good printa-     our new series”, says Peter Åström.
“We have developed five different concepts in order to be          bility while QuickFill® UltraTex is the choice for a custo-
able to present the end customer with a range of offers sui-       mer focusing on long product shelf-life.
table for all types of products depending on what the end            “For customers with a pronounced environmental profile,
customer is focusing on with his sack solution”, says Peter        we have QuickFill® BioTex with a biodegradable free film.
Åström, Product Development Engineer at Billerud.                  The film is manufactured from renewable bio-based resour-
                                                                                                                                          detAils of new sAck concepts, pAge 2           »
                     Boost                                                sAck producer                                   new services                                    Billeruds'
                     your BrAnd                                           cochepA                                         for sAck                                        seminArs
                     with A                                               chooses                                         improvement                                     spreAd
                     white sAck                                           Quickfill®                                                                                      knowledge
                                          With the domestic market for
                                          building materials expanding,
                                          more and more sacks are
                                          being manufactured for in-
increases                                 store sale. but competition for
                                          consumers can be tough.

                                          how to get them to choose
proFitability                             just your sack? the packaging
                                          arena knows.
with decades of experience and
know-how of sack paper and sacks          The Packaging Arena specialises in packa-
combined with a good methodology          ging know-how. The organisation, which
and tools, Billerud helps customers       gathers players in the packaging industry,
all over the world to optimise their      tests packaging solutions directly on consu-
sacks. And there are almost always        mers. And which sacks sell best?
improvements that can be made – in          Nina Kask, Business Development
design, choice of paper, filling pro-     Manager at The Packaging Arena:
cess, distribution and sales. In short,   “White sacks with 4-colour print catch the
all the stages involving filling and      consumer’s eye the most. Emphasising one’s
distribution of products packed in        brand and logotype is important and is very
paper sacks.                              effective on a white sack”, says Nina Kask.
                                          Her answer is based on scientific and statisti-
sack solutions is a comprehensi-          cally assured test methods.
ve offer from Billerud aimed at all
the players in the value chain for        eye-trAcking And interviews
sacks. In our unique Sack Lab, the        In a large study recently carried out by The
strengths and weaknesses of sacks         Packaging Arena, a group of consumers was
are evaluated so that we can present      placed in front of a simulated store shelf con-
solutions to packaging-related pro-       taining about ten sacks. The test panel con-
blems. Many of our customers are          sisted of professional craftsmen and DIY
surprised when they see the               customers.                                                                                                              Boost your BrAnd with
laboratory’s results. It is almost
                                                                                                                                                                  A white sAck
always possible to improve a sack
and reduce the amount of material
                                             White sacks with                                                                                                  •	 White	sacks	catches	the	consumer’s	eye
used while retaining strength and
functional performance.
                                             4-colour print catch                                                                                              •	 White	sacks	are	perceived	as	containing
                                                                                                                                                                  higher quality products

Billerud has the world as its work-
                                             the consumer's                                                                                                    •	 A	simple	but	attractive	design	that
                                                                                                                                                                  enhances the brand is strengthened by
                                                                                                                                                                  a white sack paper
place and collaborates closely with
leading machine manufacturers. We
                                             eye the most                                                                                                      •	 Four-colour	print	is	better	on	a	white		
                                                                                                                                                                  sack paper
know that the choice of material is       By measuring the test panel’s eye movements                                                                          •	 Avoiding	full-cover	print	will	optimise
always an important factor behind a
strong, functional sack and efficient
                                          with so-called eye-tracking, Packaging Arena
                                          was able to determine which sacks attracted
                                                                                                  choose a white sack                                             deareation and functionality in addition
                                                                                                                                                                  to a better appearance
processes. Consequently, we are
very proud to offer the world's best
                                          the most attention and which sacks held the             and increase your sales                                      •	 White	sacks	sell	better
                                          consumers’ gaze the longest.
range of sack paper and sack solu-          Eye-tracking was followed by in-depth
tions for products in powder form –       interviews and a questionnaire where the sub-          AppeArAnce determines QuAlity                           nal if it is provided with a handle and has
Billerud QuickFill®.                      jects indicated which sacks they perceived as          In addition to attracting attention, the sack’s         openings and seals that are easy to handle. A
                                          having the highest quality and which sacks             appearance is also important when it comes              functional sack is also perceived as being of
we are happy to share our know-           they would prefer to buy.                              to how the consumer perceives the quality of            higher quality”, says Nina Kask and adds:
how, and do so frequently. Billerud         “There is a clear correlation between the            the product. Good instructions on how to                “There is a lot to be gained by considering the
provides world-class technical con-       packaging the consumer notices the most and            handle the product play a large role, but the           appearance of the sack. In general, between
sulting services and arrange training     the packaging that tempts him the most to              print should preferably not cover the whole             60 and 80 per cent of the consumer’s purcha-
and seminars for the industry at          buy. A sack perceived as being of good quali-          surface of the sack as it reduces the impressi-         sing decisions are made in the store”.
regular intervals. But above all – we     ty also increases the consumer’s desire to             on of quality.
can promise greater profitability         purchase it”, says Nina Kask.                            “A sack is perceived as being more functio-
and better margins.

                                          Billerud's new sAck concepts with moisture BArriers
                                            Quickfill® ultratex               Quickfill® Biotex                Quickfill® printtex              Quickfill® singletex              Quickfill® flowtex
                                          •	 Durable	sack	design	with		    •	 Sack	design	with	a	pronoun- •	 Sack	design	for	demanding		 •	 Cost-effective	packaging			        •	 Sack	solution	for	high	
                                             extremely good moisture          ced environmental focus        printability and appearance    solution                              performance filling
                                                                           •	 Outer	ply:                    •	 Outer	ply:                    •	 Single-ply	design	in	both			   •	 Outer	ply:
                                          •	 Outer	ply:                       White performance se             clay-coated print                white and brown 110-120           White QuickFill® se
                                             White performance se                                                                               gsm
                                                                           •	 Inner	ply:                    •	 Inner	ply:                                                      •	 Inner	ply:
                                          •	 Inner	ply:                       brown QuickFill® se or           brown QuickFill® se or        •	 Nanoperforated,	surface		 	       brown QuickFill® Xrun
                                             brown QuickFill® se or           brown QuickFill® plus            brown QuickFill® plus         	 treated	HDPE	free	film
                                                                                                                                                                               •	 Patented	deaeration	sys-
                                             brown QuickFill® plus
                                                                           •	 Unperforated,	biodegrada-     •	 Unperforated	HDPE	free		 	                                         tem where both the outer
                                          •	 Unperforated	HDPE	free		 	       ble biofilm from billerud        film between the plies                                             and the inner ply act
                                             film between the plies           tenova bioplastics                                                                                  together with the free film
                                                                                                            •	 Deaeration	via	a	channel			
                                                                                                                                                                                  to create high deaeration
Mikael Strömbäck                          •	 Deaeration	via	a	channel			   •	 Made	of	renewable	bio-	 	        system in the top of the
                                                                                                                                                                                  during filling
Sales & Marketing Director,                  system in the top of the         based raw material               sack
Billerud Sack Solutions                      sack
                                                                           •	 Deaeration	via	a	channel			
                                                                              system in the top of the

allowed us to gain
new markets”
For	Moroccan	sack	producer	Cochepa,	high	quality	demands	are	
a matter of high priority. With high-porous, low-weight sacks,
cochepa’s customers can increase their profitability – and the sack
producer can gain new markets.
Cochepa, which manufactures packaging            customers who have converted to a better
and sacks for industrial use, has decided to     sack paper seldom regret it.
invest in high paper quality. Atmane Said,         ”They are pleased with the solution.
Managing Director and owner of Cochepa,          However, any problem occurring is conside-
explains why:                                    red to be a result from our choice. We then
   ”We’ve always trusted in high quality         have to help our customers find the source
paper. It gives high productivity in our         of the problem, and that is when the help
machines and adds performance to our             we get from our paper supplier is funda-
customers, says Atmane Said. Cochepa is          mental”.
one of North Africa’s leading sack manu-
facturers and the company supplies sacks to      leAding mAnufActurer
a fast-growing market. Cochepa has used          To satisfy the market’s increasing demand
QuickFill for ten years. Their range inclu-      for good printability, Cochepa has invested
des 2-ply solutions with the new paper qua-      heavily in new printing technology. All
lity QuickFill® Xcel 70 gsm, a choice that       Cochepa’s traditional printers have been
has lead to a substantial weight reduction       replaced and are now fully equipped with
per sack.                                        high quality doctor blade chambers. A new
   ”QuickFill has been a good choice for us.     ink station has also been purchased.
It has allowed us to gain new markets. It has    Cochepa provides a very high level of ser-
given us tools to win over low-quality paper     vice when the customers are interested in
sacks thanks to the possibility of lowering
grammages and reducing sack size.”                   We've always
“we explAin the performAnce”
Atmane Said says that it sometimes can be
                                                     trusted in high
a little bit difficult persuading customers to
invest in high quality sacks.
                                                     quality paper
“Today, most of our customers are striving       high-quality sacks.
to reduce their costs, and unfortunately           ” We propose a free trial and give our
many buyers do not trust that a lower gram-      customers a guarantee of quality. If the
mage with a higher paper quality could be        customer is then not satisfied, we supply
better. We must therefore explain the per-       them with the quality they originally requi-
formance of the product and the possible         red, at the same price. It is like a
cost reduction due to a lower breakage rate      gentleman’s agreement”, says Atmane Said
as well as a higher speed in the filling pro-    and continues: ”We want to continue to be
cess. The environmental aspects are also         among the leading companies in Morocco
important for our customers, and the possi-      and West Africa. I think a good part of our
bilities of reducing their carbon footprint”,    success came from our choice of Billerud
says Atmane Said. However, those of his          as our main paper supplier.”

great interest in Billerud during world expo in shanghai
billerud attracted great attention                During the World Expo in Shanghai,            and distribution processes, profitability can   kets and products. We believe that
                                                  Billerud had the Swedish Pavilion at its      be increased and paper consumption redu-        FibreForm will have a major impact as it is
during the World expo in                          disposal for a whole day. Sack producers,     ced. This is also very good for the environ-    formable and can replace plastics for seve-
                                                  trade associations and brand owners were      ment”, says Mikael Strömbäck.                   ral applications”, says Mikael Strömbäck.
shanghai. the company held                        represented when Billerud held a seminar
well-attended seminars for the                    on the importance of the sack and sack        prize for Billerud’s new pAper
                                                  paper for functionality.                      Billerud’s presence in Shanghai was cove-
cement and sack industries and                       “We’ve been successful in increasing       red by the Chiness press, radio and TV. In
                                                  know-how and awareness in Asia as             addition to the Sack Solutions seminar,
brand owners of consumer-rela-                    regards sack performance and the              Billerud also presented its new unique
ted products.                                     importance of paper for productivity and      stretchable paper – Billerud FibreForm.
                                                  functionality”, says Mikael Strömbäck,        The paper received the prestigious Ringier
                                                  Sales & Marketing Director for Sack           Technology Innovation Award for the pack-
                                                  Solutions at Billerud.                        aging industry.
                                                     “By choosing the right paper and adap-        “Billerud offers packaging papers, solu-
                                                  ting the design of the sack to the filling    tions and services for many different mar-      Billerud attracted great interest during
                                                                                                                                                World Expo in Shanghai.

Asian cement and                                                                                   better performance with help from

sack industries                                                                                    technical
participated in large                                                                              consulting
seminar                                                                                            services
sack solutions’ training
& seminars are intended
for brand owners and                                                                               Fast filling speed, attractive print and superior strength. the demands
producers of paper sacks                                                                           on modern sacks have never been higher. billerud sack solutions is
all over the world.                                                                                now offering converters and brand owners the opportunity to have
last spring, billerud                                                                              the performance of their sacks evaluated – and improved.
held a large seminar
                                                                                                   Sack paper and sack design play a very                printing & surface evaluation service
in indonesia.                                                                                      important role when it comes to productivity       higher print quality on sacks is becoming an
                                                                                                   in industries where sacks are manufactured,        increasingly important component of the
                                                                                                   filled and handled. With the right material        customer’s work on profiling his products in
“We want to share our knowledge about sack                                                         and the right design, production and proces-
                                                          exAmples of                                                                                 the market. sack lab evaluates the sack
functions, which we have built up, and it’s                                                        ses can be optimised, thus leading to higher
important for us that our customers get the               seminAr suBJects:                                                                           paper’s printability as well as the print on the
                                                                                                   profitability.                                     sack itself. the service provides guidelines for
best possible performance out of our produc-          •	Paper	and	pulp	production                                                                     how technical printing problems can be sol-
ts. In addition, we want to have an ongoing           •	Paper	properties                           recommends improvements                            ved and for improving the print on the sack.
dialogue with our customers and learn about                                                        Sack Lab is Billerud’s own sack laboratory,
                                                      •	Environmental	aspects
their wishes and requirements. Seminars are                                                        which utilises sophisticated equipment and
an excellent way of meeting each other”,              •	Printing	technology	and	sack		                                                                   deaeration performance service
                                                                                                   technical expertise to find solutions to
says Mikael Peterson, Technical Consulting              designs
                                                                                                   packaging-related problems. Analyses are           the sack’s deaeration functionality determines
Manager at Billerud.                                  •	Sack	production                            adapted to the customer’s powder goods and         the effectiveness of the filling process. this
                                                      •	Filling	technology                         recommendations for improvements are               service consists of an evaluation of the deae-
   the seminars                                       •	logistics                                  included in all the services offered by            ration capacity of the paper, the sack wall
                                                                                                   Billerud Sack Solutions.                           and the ready-made sack.
   cover many areas;
                                                  externAl lecturers
   conversion, filling                            External lecturers from e.g. Windmöller &
                                                                                                                                                         moisture Barrier performance service
                                                                                                                                                      Moisture	barriers	preserve	product	properties	
                                                  Hölscher and logistics company Schenker          Billerud technicAl
   and logistics                                  share their experiences and knowledge.           consulting services
                                                                                                                                                      and extend the shelf-life of the contents.
                                                                                                                                                      using standardised measuring methods,
                                                    Material savings are possible with the right
                                                                                                                                                      the barrier's performance and capacity to
Peter Adams, Business Manager at the              paper, and this is just what the South Korean      sack design service
                                                                                                                                                      provide moisture protection is tested in the
Australian Detmold Group, feels that this         sack producer Kumpoong Co. Ltd achieved          a comprehensive analysis of the sack’s struc-      most demanding conditions such as a tropical
type of seminar is useful for the industry.       when it began to use 2-ply QuickFill 90 gsm      tural design from choice of paper to gluing        climate with very high humidity.
   “I enjoyed all the presentations; the mix      two years ago. The company is saving even        and finished sack. sack lab also analyses
will have an effect and interest in the market.   more now after having replaced all its 4-ply     other quality aspects of sack manufacturing
The level of detail provided was at the right     sacks with 2-ply sacks.                          as well as checking that the design is suitable       filling performance service
level, and we are reviewing this information        “When considering lightweight packaging        for the choice of powdered goods.                  the sack paper and the sack’s design are cru-
as to how we will use Billerud products in        following a Billerud seminar, our choice fell                                                       cial for an efficient and dust-free filling pro-
the future. The venue provided easy access        on the Billerud QuickFill Concept, which                                                            cess. With a specially equipped industrial fil-
                                                                                                     strength performance service
to both the Billerud team, and the other          became the theoretical foundation when we                                                           ling machine, sack lab can study filling
attendees and provided a great backdrop to        implemented our lightweight project”, says       a strong sack is crucial for a minimum of pro-     speed, pressure build-up during the filling
network with everyone”, Peter Adams says.         Kim Young Su, General Manager of                 duct waste and efficient handling at every         process and product leakage in an authentic
                                                  Kumpoong Co. Ltd.                                stage of the logistics chain. sack lab measu-      production environment.
                                                                                                   res relevant paper properties, including tear
                                                                                                   strength, tensile strength and stretch, and
                                                                                                   carries out drop tests in order to detect any
                                                                                                   weaknesses in the design. the objective is to      Technical Consulting Services can be
                                                                                                   increase the sack’s strength while retaining or    ordered through Billerud's local
                                                                                                   reducing its grammage.                             representatives.

                                                                                                     SACK SOLUTIONS
                                                                                                      puBlisher:                                 magnus olovsson
                                                                                                      mikael strömbäck                 
                                                                                                                                                 Jonas Almkvist
                                                                                                      peter Åström
                                                                                                              please visit

Some 70 representatives of the Asian and South East Asian construction material and                   mikael peterson                            production
                                                                                                           Widén&Malmqvist AB
sack industries participated in Billerud's seminar in Indonesia this spring.

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