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					Arlington Ridge                                                                 January 2011

Monthly Herald
Ongoing Lifestyle
Opportunities at
Arlington Ridge
Bocce Ball
Bicycle rides          CABARET! That's the theme of our second Arlington Ridge Variety
Billiards              Show to be held on Friday evening, January 28, 2011.
Ping Pong
Ceramics               Some of your favorite performers from the first Variety Show will be
Holiday events         returning -- joined by new talent as well. There’ll be music and
Line Dancing           dancing, with great costumes, sets and decorations. The skits will
Lunch Bunch
Mah Jongg              evoke memories of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s along with a number
R.O.M.E.O.             of more contemporary subjects.
Texas Hold „Em
Water Aerobics         Plans have been in the works for several months but serious
Water Volleyball       rehearsals will be ongoing throughout the month of January. We have
Couples Golf           a whole new show and you can expect a very entertaining evening.
Men‟s Golf
Ladies‟ Golf
                         Tickets are $5.00 per person, purchased from any cast member prior
                         to the night of the show. Tickets purchased at the door on the night of
Saturday at the Movies   the performance will be $7.00.
Saturday Morning
 Crafters                So come and bring your friends and family to enjoy the efforts and
Wild cards & game
                         talents of your Arlington Ridge neighbors.

Clubs at AR              Cast members include Martha Beaulieu, Sharon Brown, Peter Fitton,
Readers‟ Club            Beverly Giannini, Joe Gorgone, Arleen Imus, Jan Johnson, Chuck and
Fairfax Players          Dorothy Jordan, Stew Kaplan, Joan Kelly, Carm Monaco, Dave
Friends of Nature        Nelson, Conard Peacock, Ron and Lucretia Vallette.
Singles Network
Women of Faith
Men of Faith                                 Mary Ann Redman and Tony Maida - Directors
Sunday Night
 Supper Club
Travel Club
RV Club
                              FROM THE GENERAL MANAGER

                              We hope you had an enjoyable holiday season and are ready for all the great
                              activities planned for 2011 by the resident Activities and Events Committee.
ADDRESS:                      Please join me in thanking, once again, Kathleen & Steve Campbell and their
Terra Management Services
4809 Ehrlich Road,
                              many helpers for organizing all our holiday decorations around the community.
Suite 104                     Many thanks also to Marian & Jim Florin and Barbara Gorgone whose terms on
Tampa, FL 33624               the Neighborhood Committee ended on December 31st; to retiring CDD Director
Tel: (813) 374-2363           Bob Merriam, and to Kathleen Campbell whose term as President of the
Fax: (813) 374-2362           Activities and Events Committee has ended. It makes us all appreciate even
David M. Felice, President
Stephen Newman, Accountant    more the contributions of time and effort residents make to keep things moving
                              forward as a community. Let‟s all keep that positive outlook!
                              D.R. Horton (new builder) plans on having another informational meeting later
                              this month. Please watch for date and time.
Mission Statement
The purpose of this
                              We encourage residents to look at the Arlington Ridge website –
newsletter is to keep which has many items to read and print, such as:
Arlington Ridge                     Current ARCA Rules and Regulations (revised December 13, 2010).
residents informed
                                     Click on “Documents.”
of what is happening
in our community.                   Current Architectural Control Committee Community Standards (also
Any questions,                       revised December 13, 2010). Click on “Documents.”
comments, additions
or deletions should                 Dates of next CDD and ARCA meetings.
be addressed to
a Newsletter                        Click on “Forms” for: Certificate of Occupancy (not for resales); Change
committee member:                    in Occupancy Application (for resales and rentals); Violation/Work Order;
Marian Florin                        ACC Application for Plan Approval; Request for House Watch; Absentee-                  Vacation Form; and ARCA Resident Volunteer Form.
Kathy DeSutter                      The Monthly Herald newsletter.
Dennis Ahearn                       AR homes for sale/for rent and empty homesites for sale.
mmehrmann@arlingtonridge                             Monthly Events Calendar.
                              If you have not already registered for a log-in password, simply go to our website
                              and click on Request Login. Type in the information requested and submit.
                              Please feel free to stop by, call or email the office
                              ( if you have any questions or comments.
                                                                                  Enjoy your Community!
                                                                                   Dennis Ahearn


This is to inform you that effective January 1, 2011, Cornerstone (out of Orlando) will be taking over the
residential lawn maintenance services at Arlington Ridge. Cornerstone has an excellent reputation and
was selected through the bidding process from six proposals submitted. It will take them several weeks
to adjust to any special situations around your homes so please be patient as they work through the
learning curve.

Please contact the Administration office (728-2186) if you experience any problems.

                                                    Thank you,
                                                    Dennis Ahearn, for the Board of Directors
Activities & Events Committee by Marian Florin:

The Arlington Ridge Activities & Events Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month in
the Crafts room at the CCSC. Ten minutes at the beginning of each meeting is set aside for residents
who want to bring us their comments and suggestions.

Our first meeting this new year is on Wednesday, January 12, 2011, at 11:00 am in the Crafts Room.
We will be planning the calendar of events for 2011. Fresh ideas from residents would be a welcome
contribution to our discussion.

Committee Officers for 2011: President, Marian Florin; Vice President, Kathleen Campbell; Secretary,
Mela Ayd; Assistant Secretary, Joan Shadeed, and Treasurer, Janet Miller.


Committee and Club Chairpersons:

Is there news about your committee or club that you'd like to share with the community?
Perhaps your meeting date has changed or you're planning an event for 2011....

If so, please send the information to Kathy DeSutter - – and we'll include
your news in the following month‟s issue of the Arlington Ridge Monthly Herald.

                                                                          Thank you!
                                                                          Marian Florin



Bingo will be held on Friday, January 7th and Friday, January 21st at 6:00 pm in Fairfax Hall.
$8.00 for 10 games and $2.00 for jackpot. Daubers sold separately. Come for the fun!


If you‟re planning on having houseguests, please call or stop by the Administration office (728-2186) to
request GUEST ID CARDS. In accordance with the ARCA Facilities Use Policy, all guests over the age
of 18 must be able to produce their ID card upon request.

If you don‟t have a Resident ID card yet, they are now available at the Administration office. Just call for
an appointment on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or Thursday from 9:00 am
to 1:00 pm. The office is closed on Fridays.

                                St. Charles Theater reopening Saturday,
                                              January 8th
                                      Movie Showtime: 6:30 p.m.

Weekly movie notices will be sent to your email address from the Movie Committee to notify you of the
“movie of the week.” Be sure to check the white board in the theater for movie listings and any changes
that may become necessary.

The January 8th movie showing is contingent upon the CDD‟s repair status of the equipment.

                                                     Thank you,
                                                           The Movie Committee


                     Sunday Night Supper Club

                     What were you doing on December 12th? Some of your friends and
                     neighbors spent the evening with other friends and neighbors at the
                     Sunday Night Supper Club's annual progressive dinner.

They enjoyed appetizers at the home of Arlene Imus and Jerry West, salads at Ann and Ed Rzepka's
home, and dessert and coffee at Barbara and Joe Gorgone's home. As usual, food and company were
excellent! Won't you think of joining the group for the February dinner? Look for the sign-up sheet on
the bulletin board in the Charleston Center Social Club. Any questions, contact Margie Kaplan
at or 787-9850.

Wishing everyone a very merry holiday season and a joyous 2011!

The next R.O.M.E.O. (RETIRED OLD MEN EATING OUT) will be a breakfast at:

                                      THE SILVER CRICKET
                                      360 S. HWY 27/441
                                      Lady Lake, FL
                                      352 - 561-4441

Monday, January 10, 2011
Meet & Greet in Tennis Court Lot at 8:30 am
Bob Lucas 352-787-5240

                     My outdoor Crotons were looking really sad after the cold weather. I covered
                     the plants but, after reading this article, realized that was not enough. I‟m
                     sharing this information since many in the community have these plants.
                                                                        Mela Ayd

General Information on How to Care for Crotons - Landscape Use
Crotons are shrubs that can grow up to six feet or more in height and width. In South Florida
and in warmer parts of Central Florida, they are evergreen. Commonly used as accent and
foundation plants, they can be used effectively in mass plantings and in planters. Crotons can
be grown in full sun or partial shade and, once established, they are drought tolerant.

USDA HARDINESS ZONES: 9b-11 (Arlington Ridge Zone 9b)
Outdoor plants need to be raised in Zones 9b to 11, areas where the temperature does not drop
below freezing. Keep plants at a temperature between 60˚ and 80˚ F. This will maintain optimal
leaf production. Temperatures below 50˚ F damage the plant.

Place plants in a sunny location. The color of the leaves is affected by how much sunlight the
plant gets. Bright sun fades red and oranges. Not enough sun will prevent the leaves from
changing from green to their mature coloration.

Water the plant as often as once a day if the plant starts to wilt. A slight wilt won't hurt plants,
and it's a good indicator of when the plant needs water

Take cuttings in the spring or summer and root them in a 1:1 combination of perlite and
Sphagnum moss. They should be ready to be repotted after a month.

   Friends of Nature meet the first Wednesday of each month in the Crafts room at 3:30 pm.
Arlington Ridge Readers Club

We’re starting the New Year with an outing to The Villages
on Tuesday, January 25th. In a private room at Red Sauce
Restaurant, the members will meet for lunch and a discussion
of their first book of 2011, The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

The Arlington Ridge library is maintained by the Readers Club and we welcome your donation of
books. Donations should be newer than 1994; no technical, children's, or coffee table books,
please. Fiction and non-fiction are accepted. Contact Carole Biske at 314-6977 with your


                                              The Greenside of Things

     I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday and we wish you a very Happy and Healthy
New Year.

       Just a reminder to please keep fixing your ball marks on greens and to fill your divots
while you‟re playing or waiting on the group ahead.

       We will spike the greens this month as the colder weather has sealed them up. This will
help the greens breath as it will loosen up any compacted areas from traffic and mowing. A light
topdressing and fertilizer will follow.

         We‟ve had an extremely cold start for this season and have already experienced several
frost delays. It feels like last year‟s weather pattern, though we hope it won‟t last quite as long.
Driving or walking on turf that is frosted will damage or even kill it. When the grass is slightly
frozen it becomes brittle and driving or walking on it severely damages the cell division/structure
within the grass. The grass will turn black for a day or two and then, depending on the severity,
it will either die or remain brown for some time. I have included a link for your convenience on
the effects of frost:

       My thanks to the Pro Shop staff for their help with frost delays as I know this can be pretty
stressful as golfers get impatient. As always they are here to help you, so please respect our
rangers as they are trying to keep up with the rounds we are putting through. They are also very
helpful with the outside play, reminding them to fix ball marks and fill divots. This is something
we all should be doing throughout our round to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

       Just a quick note to remind you that any rope or stakes may be removed from your trees
after one year. I have noticed many palms that no longer need support from the wood braces.

Ron Hibbard, CGCS

(Please note new email address.)

On behalf of Budd Security and all of the security officers, I extend best wishes to the residents and
employees of Arlington Ridge for a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

A big thank you to all of the residents who have been calling the gatehouse during the evening and night
to advise us of expected visitors. It‟s very helpful to security when we know who will be visiting and for
how long. By calling ahead it saves time and makes it unnecessary for security to call you for approval,
especially late at night.

The visitor passes are now numbered and dated. Passes can now be tracked by matching the
information on the pass to our log-in roster. If your guest is staying more than a day, an extended
expiration date can be added to the visitor pass so your guest will not have to be logged in every time
they enter the property at night.

You may use the visitor lane if you have any issues with visibility of the keypad or if your remote gate
opener is not working. You are always welcome to use the visitor lane at any time.

I encourage you to let me know if you have any concerns or comments regarding security, and to call us
at 728-6312 anytime between the hours of 6:00 pm and 5:00 am to report any unusual activity.

Thank you, and stay safe.

                                                                   Henry Glover, Site Supervisor


                                       BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!

                                              PRIME RIB BUFFET

                                           at Chesapeake Bay Grille

                                            Saturday, January 22nd

                                                     $14.95 pp

                               RESERVATIONS REQUIRED Call 315-0066
                                         Limit 100 People

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