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Romance without regret Homework

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									The Newspaper for Bishop Guertin High School                                    Volume One, Issue One                    JANUARY 2007

        “Romance without regret”                                                                  Danielle Fontaine
                                                                                                   Managing Editor
                              “Romance Without Regret” was how
                          Jason Everett’s speech was advertised
                          throughout BG. The assembly was held
                          December 5 and Everett discussed the
                          many reasons to remain chaste until
                          marriage. Honestly, I went in with that
                          to-even-listen attitude, and left with a
                          somewhat mixed opinion.
Jason Everett addresses         My first reaction was, I loved it. It
the benefits of abstinence
                             was not the same talk I had heard so
many times throughout my school career. Sure, the message was
basically the same: sex is a commitment and sex can cause many
physical and emotional problems if you are not ready for it. But,
the presentation was unlike anything I had seen.                          Over 600+ students and parents attended “Romance Without Regret”
     Everett engaged the audience with stories, jokes, and
things teenagers could relate to. He also included important            Some other students also disapproved of omitting an important
statistics about STDs and pregnancies that were probably put            fact about the STD called the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).
in just to scare us into abstinence but ended up being extremely        Everett never explained that there is a vaccine for the disease.
informative. Overall, the speech was enjoyable and educational          His “conveniently” forgetting this fact angered some students
about things that I hadn’t heard a million times in my life.            and made them wonder if it was just another speaker trying to
     However, after the “seminar,” a few things bothered my             scare us into not having sex.
fellow students and me. The first thing that was brought to my                Despite the few things that annoyed students, the speaker
attention was the website that was given during the talk. Everett       seemed to get his point across. He spoke frankly and at a level
told the audience that they could visit “”         that everyone could understand. Even though I was left with
Many students decided to look at the site and statements against        a mixed opinion, it may have allowed many people to realize
homosexuality and same-sex attractions angered many of them.            that they also wanted “Romance Without Regret.”

      When many people think of BG,                                                              So how might those definitions pertain
homework comes to mind. While helping
out at open house, it is easy to see that it
                                                      Homework                                   to us? Our pay? Maybe our pay could be
                                                                                                 considered our grades. Instead of being
is a topic on many parents’ minds as well                                                        rewarded for our, as always, of course
as perspective students’, as it seems to be                  Danielle Anctil                     excellent work with money, we are given a
a frequent question.                                           Staff Writer                      passing grade, allowing us one step closer
      Being a college prep school, it is                                                         to graduation.
expected that we as students will get more           To answer that question, one would                   The preparatory definition could
homework than a regular public school           have to define the term “homework”                be compared to studying for a quiz or test
might. Especially whereas most public           the first definition of three listed in the        the day before the class.
schools provide “study” periods for             Merriam-Webster online dictionary is                      But outside of the regular class
students, those schools provide a chance        “piecework done at home for pay”. The            period? A little bit more difficult. Using this
for homework to be completed at school          second definition: “an assignment given to        definition, one could say that this could
rather than at home, which is where the         a student to be completed outside of the         mean anytime other than in the one class
work was intended to be completed in            regular class period”. The third definition       that a particular homework assignment is
the first place, wasn’t it?                      was simply “preparatory reading or research”.
                                                                                                                              See page 7
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                            January 2007                                                                     1
                                                                        Steve Bottari

     When is the last time you called a       one can tell much from mannerisms, eye              As an age group we are now spending
customer service line and either a) you       contact, body language, tone of one’s          on average, 3 hours on-line each night,
didn’t get a computer answering service       voice, and several other factors that we       an we are not only talking on there, but
or b) you didn’t get a phone answering        as humans have honed throughout the            were living vicariously through our
service that was based in India (as the       years in order to accurately interpret         computers.
large majority of customer service calls      what is being said and how it is meant.             A recent AP-AOL poll found that
are now outsourced to the country)?           Through our new technology, all of this        about a fifth of teen IM users have used
     When is the last time you went to a      is lost.                                       IM to ask for or accept a date. Almost that
performance, be it a play, concert, movie,         We are experiencing the same thing        many, 16 percent, have used it to break
or gathering of any kind that required        as in the business world. When we text         up with someone. We now even look for
concentration and quiet and someone’s         and IM instead of calling and talking          love using websites such as Myspace and
phone didn’t go off?                          to a person, we cannot tell what the           Facebook.
     When is the last time you have           person is feeling and we miss much of               While some are impressed with our
been in a car and haven’t seen someone        the conversation. In fact, scientists say      AIM skills, namely, that we can keep half
talking on their cell phone, texting          that more than half of a conversation is       a dozen conversations or more going
while driving, or (my personal favorite       communicated through body language             at the same time, it can be more of a
as my Dad does this) emailing on their        and gesturing, which means that when           distraction than an accomplishment,
Blackberries(commonly referred to as          we partake it texting and IMing, we only       says Naomi Baron, a linguistics
“crackberries” due to the fact that many      get half the conversation.                     professor at American University.
people are addicted to their devices)                                                             “If you have 15 conversations going
while driving?                                Do we care what the other                      simultaneously,” she said, “sometimes
     The answer to all these questions is                                                    you’re just throwing things out there and
simple: not in a while.                                                                      then dashing off to the next customer.”
     Technologyisimprovingandadvances         person has to say anyway?                           Isn’t that how today’s world works
are being made at an unprecedented rate.      At most, employers are noting in               though? Do we even care what the other
In just over 30 years computers have          record numbers that our age groups             person has to say anyway or are we just
gone from being unknown and only              communication skills, not computer             politely waiting our turn to say what we
in the academic world, to the office, to       skills, but rather human interaction           want to?
the home, and now, to the bedrooms of         still are egregious and many teens have             Next time you are going to talk to
kids. While we all think this technology      such a disconnect that employers will          someone, do it in person.
is great, there is a major problem that       not hire them because of their poor                 Get that human interaction, pick
these devices are creating: the lack of       communication skills.                          up that other half of the conversation,
communication skills in today’s world.              It’s getting so bad that many colleges   the non-verbal one, that we all-to-often
     It seems almost poetic and certainly     and universities are now requiring that        miss, and get back the connection that we
ironic that devices such as cell phones and   all students take at least a public speaking   make when participating in interpersonal
computers, devices created for the sole       101 to try an ameliorate this growing          communication.
purpose of communication, are actually        problem. However, just taking a class               If we don’t want to be the generation
the cause of this disconnect.                 certainly isn’t enough.                        that just interacts with computers all day
     We are loosing our personal                   Our excessive dependence on               in a windowless cubicle, if we don’t want
connection with people and it is not          technology is not only changing fashion,       to be the generation that can’t carry on
only affecting business, but society as a     many people now wear phones attached           an intelligent conversation, if we don’t
whole. People will no longer call or meet     to their hip at all times, but also creating   want to be the generation that needs a cell
in person when an email will suffice. This     a shorter attention span for teenagers         phone to survive, if we don’t want to be the
leads to a plethora of problems. One of       and children, an effect that hinders our       generation that ends human interaction;
the major problems is that when reading       communication skills even more. The            then we need to do a little more talking
an email, no emotion is included, so          average attention span of a person is 3-5      and creating personal connections, and a
phrases can be interpreted a number of        minutes times their age; however, studies      little less texting and typing.
different ways (emoticons just don’t do       indicate that this number is decreasing
the trick). But, when meeting in person,      as new technology is being used at an
                                              increasing rate.                          January 2007                                                                 2
                                Let the Mayhem begin
                                                       Kevin Preskenis

     It all came so fast. We were all              But, apparently, the aforementioned
basking in the excitement of the short        only counts 80%.
weeks of October and Thanksgiving and              Our progress hasn’t been measured
Christmas vacations. But that excitement      just yet. Obviously, we need another
is over, The New Year is here, and that can   20% determinant.                              school and teachers continue with their
only mean one thing…MIDTERMS!                      Not just Bishop Guertin, but most        teaching. EVERYTHING about our
     Yes, ever since my freshman year at      of America’s traditional (and non             normal lives continues in addition to
BG, the New Year and post-Christmas           traditional) high schools have decided        the needed extensive preparation for
thrill has been squelched by the              that we, the exhausted students, need         our dreaded midterm exams.
daunting subject. Put objectively, for        just one more factor in calculating the            We don’t have HUGE class reviews
all the probably most timid freshman, a       type of student we are.                       for them. It’s hard to get to our teachers
“midterm” is a large, 90-minute test that          So what is the solution? Let’s have      if we need help (I mean how do you say,
covers all of the information learned         an ultra-cumulative exam. Mr. Fussell         “I never really understood chapter 3 and
since August. We are slated to begin the      even makes the preparation sound              while you’re at it, could you help me
exams on January 16—the first day back         somewhat easy, “regular study and             with the homework you are assigning
from a long Martin Luther King Day            active participation in the instructional     now from chapter 13?”).
weekend.                                      process…”                                          In reality, our gradual and
     Thankfully, some of our teachers apt          So what is the problem? I agree that     progressive review is minimal at best.
for less conventional midterms such as        midterms compel us to review what we          We all do the last minute memorizing
projects, class presentations, or assigned    have learned during the past months           and we all create acronyms in place of
essays.                                       and that they quite possibly reinforce        understanding the material completely.
     Yes, these can allay some of the pain,   our knowledge. But, the environment
but nothing can excuse the mayhem of          during the pre-midterm chaos is what is
that intimidating four day week.              the most frustrating.                             So, are midterms really a
     But has anyone ever taken the                 Let’s rewind to December 21, 2006.         good determiner of how we
chance to consider why exactly we have        We are about to leave for our 12-day
midterms?                                     Christmas and New Year vacation.                        are doing?
     For this—what appears to be such         Chances are that our teachers have
an ambiguous question—I asked both            sent us with plenty of homework and                Hasn’t anyone—or if not known
Mr. Fussell, Vice Principal of Academics      scheduled tests and quizzes for the week      someone—that has done exceptionally
and Mr. Goyette, Vice Principal of            we get back.                                  well all year, but then proceeded to
Student Life. Mr. Goyette infers that they         Just in case we don’t have anything      bomb the exam? Is that because you or
are just like any other exam, “to assess      better to do.                                 your friend hasn’t really been getting
student progress up to that point.” Mr.            BG is a school of serious, intelligent   it all year long? Are the other hundred
Fussell believes that their purpose is “to    students and we all leave school on           grades so misguiding?
provide for a comprehensive assessment        the 21st with the best of intentions for           Or is it just that someone had a bad
of material learned in the first half of a     our break. We all plan on studying and        day or just couldn’t devote the equivalent
full year course.”                            digging out some old files from the            of hard work (that he or she has been
     But isn’t that just more of the same?    beginning of the year and seeing what         devoting all year long) to study time for
                                              we can accomplish.                            that one exam?
    Point being, we have been “assessing,”         But what happens? Remember, the               Our academic system leaves room
practicing, evaluating, and working like      key here is that we are on Christmas          for mistakes. Every student from the 2.0
dogs all year long. Our progress has been     break. Meaning, that chances are, there       GPA’s to the 4.5 GPA’s have made mistakes
determined through one report card,           will be festivities, parties, and other fun   somewhere on an exam. Everyone has
two progress reports, and hundreds of         that will call for some much needed           awkward days. We are human. But with
other grades in between. Our parents          “R and R.” And before we know it, it is       repetition and practice, we overcome
have “conferenced” with our teachers          December 31 and we are behind on our          irregularities and triumph.
and we see our progress through section       ambitious plans.                                   But with midterms, one mistake and
quizzes, chapter quizzes, chapter tests,           We barely make it to Wednesday           you’re out. All your valiant efforts for the
and even cumulative unit tests. We            the 3rd and then reality comes back to        past 90 days of school (that’s 540 hours
complete projects and write essays. I         life—we have several massive exams in         in a classroom plus homework time)
think those suffice for determining such       13 days.                                      can go out the door in 90 minutes.
progress.                                          And life does not slow down.
                                              Our everyday activities keep us after         Have fun, everybody.                          January 2007                                                                3
Politics/World News
                                 The Iraq Study Group
                                I THINK A BIT OF BOTH...

                                                          Kevin Preskenis

     Here it is. The Iraq Study Group.              Picture this in your minds, “When            The world is a mess right now. Syria,
The two most brilliant men in the world        you invite wolves into the kitchen to help    Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea
James Baker and Lee Hamilton have              with dinner, don’t be surprised who gets      are looking to take power and change
come to enlighten the misguided Bush           eaten.”                                       the course of world history. We have
administration on how to “win” in Iraq.             It is clear who influenced this           Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda making
All of the answers to our problems will        conclusion. Jim Baker has a record of         death pledges to kill any civilized person
be solved within the 84 page document.         trying to make peace with Islamic fascist     that crosses their paths.
What a day for America!                        organizations.                                    President Bush has been—and will
     Has anyone else received this                  Serving as Secretary of State under      always be—steadfast with his policies
message from the news? I know I have.          Bush ’41, he recommended that the US          and guiding values. So, now is not the
But then again, if you are watching CNN        relinquish settlements on the West Bank       time to be foolish and pretend that the
or reading The New York Times, this            to make peace with Palestine.                 Middle East is not fomenting into an
message just might have been jumping                So, Mr. Baker, here is a little bit of   American-hating killing machine. It
off the headline.                              information on—whom you would                 won’t fly and won’t get us anywhere.
     The Times recently leaked a story         like to be—our new allies. The State              The Baker-Hamilton report is a
reporting how the Baker Report will call       Department Report on Terrorism in April       good thing. It was doctored and has
for a substantial pull-out of US troops        said: “Iran and Syria provide a unique        been embraced by both Republicans and
from Iraq. Well, Mr. New York Times, you       safe haven, substantial resources and         Democrats. It makes some suggestions
are wrong. The Iraq Study Group is not         guidance to terrorist organizations.”         that probably have some validity.
recommending such dramatic action.                  The bottom line is that Iran and Syria       President Bush understands that
     The reason for all of this bedlam is      do not want peace. Remember, they are         Iraq has problems.
the leftist media and the cut-and-run          Islamic fundamentalist whackos! We are            But even more compelling, he
crazies thinking that Christmas came           a western capitalist society! We get in the   understands that we need a victory in
early for them this year. But unfortunately    way of their world power, annihilation        the country to continue to squelch the
for them, there won’t be much under the        of Israel and a mass conversion to Islam.     threats that face us abroad.
tree even if President Bush acts on some       Iran has routinely expressed its desire           And with bipartisanship, we can
of the reports recommendations.                to have the U.S and Israel wiped off the      triumph.
     Generally speaking, the Baker-            face of the planet.
Hamilton report speaks in generalities.             So why do we want to make friends
     It does not call for any substantial      with these people? Well, the report
pull out of forces, nor does it give           believes that, although hostile to the
a timetable on troop reductions. It            U.S, Iran and Syria do not want to see
suggests that the Bush administration          Iraq burst into chaos.
shift some of our manpower to continue              That’s just not true. When, and if,
to train and advise the—what we want           Iraq falls into the pinnacle of chaos, the
to be—burgeoning Iraqi army. So, at its        Shiites would dominate and then favor
core, it is just restating the obvious: yes,   Iran. Iran and Syria are waiting to take
we do eventually need to leave Iraq.           over some new territory.
     But there is one major, major                  But thankfully, President Bush has
problem here. The report urges President       rejected this outright.
Bush to seek help from two of Iraq’s                Hate him or love him, President
close neighbors, Syria and Iran.               Bush is a man that sticks to his principles
     There is only one word to describe        and is not going to be considering this
such course of action: irresponsible.          report as the be all and end all of an Iraq
                           January 2007                                                              4
                                                                               Politics /World News

                              It’s the Strategy, Stupid
                 The Baker-Hamilton Report and the Call for Change

                                                              Mark Rizzo
                                                               staff writer

     Let’s face it. The War in Iraq is         as grim as it seems over there, there is still a   possible outcome. However, if the political
complicated. We the people hear one thing      chance to save the millions of Iraqi’s facing      offensive is implemented, Iran and Syria
fromthePentagon,onethingfromtheMedia,          a civil war, the thousands of soldiers putting     could be reasoned with, and with their help
and something completely different from        their lives one the line, and the political        to control their borders, the insurgents
both of those results from the White House.    image of the USA from debacle that Iraq            and the flow of weapons into Iraq. Talks
n fact, the Bush Administration has            has become. The solution, they say, would          with these nations would also be required
received a lot of criticism for it’s almost    constitute a 180 degree turnaround for             to deal with the Arab-Israeli conflict, or
naïve, overly optimistic view on the           the United States. Number one on there             else the talks would all be for naught. As
situation in Iraq. And shortly after the       agenda is restoring the balance of power in        difficult as it sounds, if a real effort were to
Democratic Party’s wins in the Congress,       the American government. The situation             be put into it, it would be entirely possible.
the President has finally confirmed that         in Iraq is complicated and divisive, and if             Another incredibly important part
which the Pentagon has been saying for         all Americans are not represented fairly, it       of the solution is the phasing out of US
the better part of the year: the current       could end up splitting the nation in two.          troops. The best way to do this, according to
strategy is not working. And with succinct     Both political parties need to be recognized       the commission, is to increase the amount
timing, the Baker-Hamilton Commission          in order for the planned solution to               of military trainers we have operating in
announces its findings. And lo and behold,      work, not just the party of the current            Iraq, as well as imbedding more troops in
the Commission has confirmed the fact           president. Second, the US needs to work            Iraqi units. By increasing the amount of
that we can no longer “Stay the Course”.       to achieve strong and lasting agreements           trained soldiers, and adding to the quality
     The Baker-Hamilton Commission             with the leaders of the other countries            of these forces, we will not have to have as
was assembled by the Congress last March       in the region and around the world in              many divisions stationed in Iraq. And if
as a way to conduct a bipartisan review        order to enact any real and meaningful             we make it clear to the Iraqi government
of the situation in Iraq. Comprised of         changes that will benefit the Iraqi people.         that these changes will be made (necessary
five Democrats and five Republicans,                  “As of now, the situation in Iraq             due to the nature of the Iraqi government,
the panel included a number of                 is grave, and quickly deteriorating”. By           which I will explain below), the nation will
powerful political leaders, such as            calling for a political alliance with the          be guarded by primarily Iraqi Battalions as
former Supreme Court Justice Sandra            nations in the region to help keep Iraq            soon as 2008. This will require a degree of
Day O’Conner and William J. Perry,             stable, the US can simultaneously strike           cooperation with the Iraqi leaders though,
former United States Secretary of              a blow against terrorism, improve the              and they must prove to its citizens that it
Defense.AftermeetingwithmanyAmerican           future for thousands of Iraqis, and regain         can adequately defend its people’s ideas
politicians including the President himself,   international credibility lost due to the war.     and lives. If their government cooperates,
along with numerous officials from all          The main challenge to stability in the nation      and makes progress towards achieving
of the surrounding nations, they have          is the sectarian violence. Iraq exists at the      a set of milestones for the construction
a grim tale indeed to tell about Iraq.         border of the Sunni Islamic world and the          of their government, and if the political
     The most important two points in          Shia Islamic world. The sectarian division         offensive is combined with the phasing
the 84 page PDF file that was the Baker-        inside this nation could potentially spread        out of US troops in a coordinated
Hamilton Report were these: if serious         to other nations nearby if the violence            fashion, the US, Iraq, and the whole of
changes are not implemented right away,        spirals out of control. This would result          the Middle East will be better off for it.
the consequences will be severe, and that      in a humanitarian crisis in even the best
                                                                                                                    continued on page 6                             January 2007                                                                      5
                               It’s the Strategy, Stupid
                  The Baker-Hamilton Report and the Call for Change
                                                                                                                 ... continued

     This will be by no means a simple task.         Up until recently, any questions about             This document makes this clear:
With the increased amount of violence           the ineffectiveness of the occupation of         there is no perfect solution. Even the
in the region, people have lost faith in the    Iraq were met with answers that told us that     Diplomatic Offensive has its flaws, namely,
government and have turned to sectarian         everything was fine and that we needed to         believing that people would be willing to
militias. Sunnis, who have been largely         trust that the White House knew what it was      sit down and civilly discuss the matter of
excluded from the new government, have          doing. Our plan was to walk into Baghdad,        what to do with the nation. But one thing
formed various terrorist cells who work to      oust Saddam, and bask in the adoration           is clear. The current policy is not working.
subvert the Americans and the Shia –led         of a liberated people. Recent polling gives      Even the Bush Administration has been
government. These bandits attack Shias,         the United States a chilling perspective         forced to acknowledge this. Within days of
who then have to rely on the militias and       of how effective our “strategy” has been.        the article being published, the President
death squads. As the militias terrorize the     Only 36% of the citizens of Iraq approve         announced that a strategy change was in
Sunnis, more and more of them join the          of the direction the nation is headed, 79%       the works, because current policies were
terrorist squads. This violence has spread      of Iraqis have a mostly negative view of         ineffective. And now, with valuable time
to four of the 18 provinces of Iraq, and        the influence of the United States in the         slipping away, it is of the utmost importance
these four contain about 40% of Iraq’s total    country. And finally, 61% of Iraqis approve       that the United States focus on creating a
population. In the three years we have          of attacks on the US led coalition forces. In    bi-partisan government capable of putting
been there, we have successfully ousted         our attempt to protect the United States         the people of Iraq’s issues on the table as
a dictator, set up a democracy, and kick-       from terrorism, we have turned a once            articles of the utmost importance, and that
started a self-sustaining chain of religious    stable, if despotic, country into a breeding     we embrace a multi-lateral diplomatic effort
violence that will likely continue for years    ground for anti- US feelings, and driven         in order to protect and stabilize the region.
to come unless proper measures are taken.       up the recruitment for terrorist cells in the
     The major militias such as the Mahdi       Middle East. And now, unless the gaping
Army, led cleric by Moqtada al-Sadr,            holes in the strategy are dealt with swiftly
which is estimated to be as large as 60,000     and efficiently, the country will face anarchy.
strong, have seized tremendous power due        If that were to happen, nearby countries
to the weak government of the country.          will rush in to protect their own interests.
Not only does al-Sadr control one of the        Turkey might send troops into Kurdistan
most powerful militias in the nation, he        to prevent it from declaring independence,
also joined President Maliki’s coalition        which would cause a rebellious fervor
government. And because he is adamantly         among Turkey’s Kurdish population.
against the Americans being in Iraq, the        Iran could move into Shia southern Iraq,
three departments of the government             and gain control of the all important oil
he controls (Health, Agriculture, and           fields. Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces would
Transport) refuse to work with Americans.       converge on Afghanistan with a new zeal
This is incredibly hampering to US              that would negate any good done there
attempts to rebuild the infrastructure of       in the wake of the ousting of the Taliban
Iraq. And because of the religious tension      in 2001. Terrorist cells like Al-Qaeda
throughout the country, Sunni Arabs are         would paint the collapse of the nation as a
being persecuted even as the government         victory, and would hurl wave after wave of
is trying to rebuild. In some primarily         bombers at the United States and its allies.
Sunni districts, electricity is only provided   Ethnic cleansing and religious violence
for two hours a day, and trash and clean up     would spread all across the Middle East.
crews come through so rarely that there
are trash heaps waist high in the streets.

                            January 2007                                                                   6
    Homework (continued)

given in, but this itself seems to conflict        Could the success of Bishop Guertin        only a slightly larger load of homework
with the “home” in homework. If not          students be reflected in the amount of           improves the grades of students and
necessarily needed to be done at home,       homework they receive? Based on a               helps them in in-school studies.
then why is it called homework?              quick poll of ten students, BG students         This may also be due to the idea that
     This is due from the intent of          tend to get an average of 1 ½- 2 hours          while BG focuses on providing students
the teacher. When a teacher gives an         of homework per night(not including             with skills needed to graduate college,
assignment for homework, they intend         reports or projects). Generally, public         many public schools, while they may
for students to do it one their own          school students get on average less             encourage students to attend college,
time, usually at home (this is where the     than one hour of homework per night             tend to focus more on getting all of their
“home” part comes into play), and that       (Reported in a CBS news article). On a          students to graduate high school.
it be completed to reinforce and develop     schedule similar to Bishop Guertin’s, if             One thing is for sure. The stress
the in-class lesson and ability of the       a public school student had a study it          Bishop Guertin places on schoolwork
student to complete and to understand        would be an hour long. On an average            contributes to the success rate of the
the material. (The above information is      day, this would give the student enough         students. BG’s focus on academic
taken from           time to complete their assignments              success by using homework to enhance
     What is the intent of Bishop Guertin    within the period. They would have no           skills seems to be giving Bishop Guertin
teachers? As stated on the school website,   need to take their books home at night,         students an advantage over students of
the academic program of Bishop Guertin       unless they chose to study.                     other schools. Although the “extra” work
is “designed so that any student who              Bishop Guertin, with students              may at times be aggravating, irritating,
successfully completes the requirements      having more homework on average,                seemingly useless, and just a headache
may move on to college”. BG is a high        has 95-98% percent of students going            to us students, it is time well spent.
school that prepares students for            on to college, while public schools with
the expectations, requirements, and          less homework have an average of 34%            Come Do an Extra Hour of Homework
workload of college, regardless of what      of graduating students continue on to           a Night and go to college!
campus it may be. With rates of about        college. A major factor in the difference
98% of graduating students moving onto       in college attendance rate, along with
a higher education, BG has succeeded in      other more minor factors, may be that
their purpose.

          BG Takes Gold                                                         Kevin Preskenis
                                                                                                                Aditya Ashok
                                                                                                      Copy Editor/staff writer

    From December 6 to December 9,
the Bishop Guertin Model UN team                   They worked hard.
attended their first delegation, held at      Committees met everyday
Princeton University in New Jersey.          from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and
    In its first year of existence, Bishop    mostof the students were
Guertin’s Model United Nations team          up even later meeting
certainly fared well.                        personally with another
    The fledgling team was honored            delegate or preparing
with two awards: a verbal recognition        for the next day. They
for Oliver Judd, who represented Sudan       debated, discussed, and
on the African Union and the “Best           wrote resolutions for
Delegate” for Elizabeth Anderson, who        internationalissuessuchas
represented the United States on the UN      terrorism, humanitarian
Security Council.                            aid, and drug and narcotic
    “I was honored and quite surprised.      trafficking.
I never thought that I would have won                                                    BG’s Model United Nations Team
an award in my first year as a United         Sumi Sinha, team captain, saw the
Nations delegate,” says Anderson.            trip as “an intellectually rigorous,            planning to attend other delegations
    “I think [our winning two awards]        but rewarding experience.” Sinha                later in 2007 at the University of Chicago
reflects the hard work that the entire        represented the nation of Qatar and was         and The Massachusetts Institute of
team put in,” says Judd.                     selected to serve on the UN Security            Technology.
    Coached by Mr. Brian Jackson and         Council with Anderson. They were only                “I am looking forward to subsequent
Mr. Peter Champagne, the team consisted      two of 15 students world-wide to serve on       delegations”, says Elizabeth.
of 14 BG juniors, sophomores, and            the prestigious council.                             Mr. Jackson and Mr. Champagne are
freshman and represented five countries:          The team enjoyed their hands-on             certainly proud of their team’s success.
United States, Qatar, Switzerland, Sudan,    lesson in international civics and is           “I was just blown away,” says Champagne.
and Azerbaijan.                          January 2007                                                               7
                                 A Test of Endurance                                                      Sam Howe
                               The Inside Look into Hockey tryouts                                       Sports Editor

     It’s called the Crucible. The final            The next day, was, thankfully, a lot     making one of New Hampshire’s most
daunting test that forces one to search       better. The coaching staff seemed to          competitive high school hockey squads.
deep inside their hearts and minds to         relax, having made their intentions clear     The last day had a wide agenda, taking
find a mental strength, team spirit, and       on the onset tryout. Tuesday the 22nd         place over an elongated three hours of ice
physical agility they never knew existed.     featured a scrimmage between mixed            time. For the first hour, there was more
Now, from that description, I could           teams of freshman and sophomores the          of the intense skating similar to that of
either be describing the last segment         first hour, then a scrimmage between           the Monday and Wednesday sessions,
of Marine Corps Boot Camp that tests          mixed teams of Juniors and Seniors            only much worse. At one point, there
everything a Marine recruit has learned,      the second hour. The game-situational         was a full forty-straight minutes of pure
or the four-day hockey tryout that            scenarios allowed the BG coaches to           skating drills, so tiring even Varsity team
Bishop Guertin Hockey Head Coach              gain insight into how each player would       veterans, the ones who had survived this
Gary Bishop oversaw at the Skate 3            perform during the season. They made          tryout before, were clearly exhausted.
Arena in Tyngsboro. Bishop, who is            hockey-intelligence; playmaking and           But Gary Bishop was not sympathetic,
entering his 16th year as BG’s Varsity        anticipation, center stage, while giving      to say the least. Looking at his tired
Hockey’s Head Coach, obviously wants          the players an opportunity to showcase        players, he merely commented, “That’s
only the toughest on his bench come           their passing and puck-handling skills.       a skate you should be able to do even if
this season. In a game that is often won      This day showed that a high school,           you haven’t skated in five years.”
by a the team who can skate the hardest,      division 1 hockey player must not only             Next, the freshman and sophomore
fastest, and longest, it is no wonder as to   be a skating machine, but an intelligent,     players skated through drills (while the
why Bishop created such a intimidating        unpredictable weapon on the ice.              juniors and seniors headed upstairs
test for his players to face.                      Wednesday the 23rd featured more         to “Big M’s Gym”, a facility housed in
     The first day of tryouts was Monday,      scrimmages, and then the process              Skate 3-BG’s home ice- that is owned
November 21st; a day that, in the words       braked for Thanksgiving. On Thursday,         and operated by BG Hockey assistant
of one participant was “a very painful        BG hockey players slept not from an           coach, Marc Mantone), emphasizing
two hours” in which they “pushed you          overeating of turkey, but from exhaustion     a fast, finesse style of play that coach
to your limit.” The coaching philosophy       caused by the previous two days ice time.     Gary Bishop seems to be supporting
fundamental to this first day was actually     On a day where it is highly practiced to      this season. The coaches looked over
quite simple: skate them, skate them,         thank God for all we have, those trying       the passing, shooting, and puck-control
and then skate them some more. Then,          out for BG hockey roster positions            abilities of each player, with lots of
when they throw up, skate them again.         thanked Him for a quick chance to             offense men vs. defensemen situations.
It was a grueling session that quickly        escape from Bishop’s commands, as well        Next, the juniors and seniors took the
separated the men from the boys, a day        as the fact they had survived through         ice, the final session of the tryout. After
that let everyone know exactly the kind       the first half of tryouts.                     these last drills had been completed,
of intense hockey they had signed up to            Then, the last day thankfully came.      Junior Varsity team cuts were made, and
play. The severe power-skating had been       So much effort had been put into three        tryouts were finished. The following
designed to loosen off any off-season         days of showing the BG hockey staff           week’s Monday housed the first
rust that accumulated, even though the        exactly what one could do on skates, and      practices for both teams, and then on
majority of the players trying out were       now there was only one opportunity left.      Wednesday, the final Varsity Team cuts
just finishing up fall seasons in some         There was joy, as the brutal process was      were made, sending additional players
of New England’s more elite junior            nearing and end. However, there was           to the JV squad. The boys had skated,
hockey leagues. It was also a wake-up         also eagerness to play well, staying out on   the decisions made, and now the teams
call, a cold, unforgiving welcome to BG       the ice as long as possible to persuade the   created.
hockey for freshman hockey newcomers,         coaches you were an intelligent choice,
letting them know exactly what the BG         before time ran out on Friday and you
                                              either made it, or were cut, having to                             continued page 9
program is all about; winning by giving
200% effort every moment on the ice.          wait till next year for another shot at                          January 2007                                                               8
                         A Test of Endurance
            The Inside Look into Hockey tryouts (continued)
     Gary Bishop had a very important         exactly what I believe Bishop Guertin
reason for all the skating. The finesse        wishes to implement this season.
style of play emphasizes skill, speed,           But why such grueling tryouts? Simply
and puck movement, while putting less         put, Bishop Guertin is serious about
importance on size, strength, and hitting     its hockey, and Gary Bishop has built
abilities. This style was first introduced     a program that arguably hosts the best
to the world by the legendary Soviet          division 1 team in New Hampshire, if not
Union Red Army hockey teams in                Northern New England. Obviously, he is
the late 1960’s, and was refined in the        doing something right, and consistently
European Elite Leagues for most of            finds the best players.           BG Fans,
the 70’s before being introduced to the       however, have not seen a championship
traditional, aggressive, hard-hitting         in a couple of years, too long a drought
NHL style of play created by Canada           for a powerhouse like our high school.
                                                                                                Zack Bradanack - 2007 Varsity Hockey Team
when Europeans began playing for NHL          Unfortunately, the team has a bad habit
franchises in the late 70’s. The two styles   of putting up impressive regular season
had a convergence in the 1980’s, and this     records, only to fall early in the playoffs.
                                                                                             The author would like to thank the many
hybrid was first showcased by the 1980         Hopefully, this year will change all that.
                                                                                             Bishop Guertin Hockey Players that gave
U.S. “Miracle” team, and is now used in       At the end of the season, hopefully with
                                                                                             him indispensable information about their
the NHL today by many teams. The new          a state Division 1 hockey championship
game plan encompasses speed, agility,         in hand, maybe then will the players see       November tryouts, without which this article
precision, and clean, efficient hitting,       the method behind the madness of the           could not have been completed. Thank you
                                              Bishop Guertin Crucible.                       for your cooperation and insight into such a
                                                                                             great program.

   Guertin is looking good
         Bg Boys VArsity Owns the Ice
                                        Lauren Miller
                                 Creative Editor/Staff writer

Five games into the season, the Boys          each other. By the end of the game BG
Varsity Hockey team is currently unde-        had accumulated 5 more goals, courtesy
feated. They won 6-0 in their first game       of Cory Rice, Peter LaFosse, Matt Gould,
against Hanover High School, which is         and two by Ted McKenna. McKenna
ranked number one at Hockey Night in          and LaFosse each got a hat trick.
Boston. Then against Nashua North,                 Guertin’s next victim was Pinker-
Pinkerton Academy, and Nashua South,          ton Academy, some actual competition.
they won 13-0, 4-1, and 6-2, respective-                                                        Taylor Wood waits patiently for some action!
                                              There were no goals scored in the first
ly. They also recently destroyed Central      period. Half way into the second pe-
High School, 13-1.                            riod, Derek Morgan had a sweet goal                The boys then went on to beat
     In the game against Nashua North,        that went right in the five-hole. The           South 6-2. Ward Gleason scored in
BG made quite a first impression. Kyle         rest of the points were made in the third      the first period, and then again in the
Curry scored 8 seconds into the game,         period. Bobby Loranger shot the puck           second period, 8 seconds after Kyle
followed by goals by Derek Morgan, Ted        upstairs and scored unassisted, to which       Curry. Zach Musgrave had two goals,
McKenna, and Ward Gleason. The first           the Astros responded with a goal of their      and Austin Sullivan got one as well.
period ended with two goals by fresh-         own. Derek Morgan scored again, and               The team has a total of 42 points
man Peter LaFosse. In the second half         Ward Gleason scored with two minutes           thus far, averaging about 8.5 points a
of the game, Kevin Conley and Zach            left to wrap up the game for the Cardi-        game. Bishop Guertin is undoubtedly
Musgrave scored within 25 seconds of          nals.                                          the best team in town. I just hope they
                                                                                             don’t get bored this season.                          January 2007                                                                     9
                                    Cardinal Sports
                                                                            Believe or Not
                                                                     There Is Snow up North
                                                                                            Erin Donovan
                                                                                              Staff writer

                                                             During the period between                 There are full day and half day
                                                             Thanksgiving and Christmas,          races. The full day races consist of
                                                             the team held try-outs and           two slalom and two giant slalom
                                                             performed their dry season           races. The half day races only have
                                                             training regimen. Dry season         one discipline. Six boys and six
                    2007 Ski Team                            training consists of stretching,     girls are chosen from each team to
                                                   running, and other exercises designed          compete in a meet. The best four
                                                   to prepare our skiers for the highly           times are then added up to make the
     Imagine racing down the face of a             competitive season. After Christmas,           team’s final score.
mountain at increasingly greater speeds            the team starts its practices on snow.               “The team is very determined
while navigating a giant slalom course as               The snow practices take place on          and optimistic that we’ll have a
your teammates, fans and family members            Mondays and Wednesdays at Pat’s Peak.          successful season,” said Mrs. Schreck
cheer you on. This is what meets are like for      On the mountain, they practice on the          when asked about the 2007 ski team.
athletes on the Bishop Guertin ski team.           slalom and the giant slalom runs. A                  The Bishop Guertin community
     The team is made up of nineteen students      slalom run is a zigzag ski course that is      wishes the best to the ski team as they
who are coached by Mrs. Schreck and assisted by    laid out with flag-marked gates.                train and compete in their meets.
Mrs. Gettel. This year, the team welcomes three         The team holds its meets at Pat’s Peak,   After all the hard work they’ve put
freshmen and three new sophomores. The team        Mt. Cranmore, Mt. Sunapee, Waterville          in, it’s all downhill from here.
is proud to have seniors Christine Page and Greg   Valley, and Wild Cat Mountain.
Kana as their captains.

                        Be Sure to Support All Our Winter Teams!

                             January 2007                                                                   10
                       Arts & Entertainment
     Empty Bowl
     Supper and
    Coffee House
           Matt Connolly                                Danielle Anctil
              staff writer                                 staff writer

                                                  Bells rang out and filled the John-
                                             Louis Collignon Gymnasium on the
                                             evening of December 12th.
                                                  On this night, over 80 Bishop
                                             Guertin students gathered to put on a
                                             winter concert. Beginning at 7:30, the
                                             first half of the performance featured
                                             the chorus and then the jazz band, both
                                             under the direction of Mr. Bill Whitney.
     On Friday December 8th Bishop           Chorus began with an arrangement
Guertin sponsored it’s annual Empty          of “Lord of the Dance”, composed by
Bowl Supper and Faculty Coffee House.        Sydney Carter and arranged by John
Mr. Don Greenwell, Mr. Dan Gurall,                                                            Along with Timothy Jenkins
                                             Rutter. They then continued on with          on piano, the present handbell
Mrs. Erin Beaulieu, and Mr. Mark Lajoie
all headlined the night. Joining them was    three of seven movements of “Frostiana”,     choir has only two members, seniors
Mrs. Erin Beaulieu and her husband, Mr.      composed by Randall Thompson. To             Melissa Trepanier and Emily Tardiff.
Kenneth Calabria, Mrs. Pat Daly, Mrs.        conclude the choral section of the night,    During their sweet-sounding and
Regina Olesen and her husband, and           the traditional holiday song “Carol of the   pleasant performance, both girls
Mr. Bill Whitney. Mr. Calabria emceed.       Bells” by Mykola Leontovich and Peter        demonstrated talent and perseverance-
Mr. Gurall opened the night with some        Wilhousky was performed. In terms of         and also exhibited courage in performing
soft acoustic rock before turning it over    amount of members, the chorus has            in front of a fairly large crowd,
to Mr. Lajoie for “La Jige de La Joie,”      expanded greatly from last year and          something many people do not have the
which got everyone moving, and some          their diligent efforts to improve even       nerve to even think about doing. For any
religious Christmas songs, accompanied       more were clearly evident through their      students even just considering possibly
by his trademark puns. Mr. Lajoie also       strong and harmonious performance.           joining in the future, director Kathryn
had to deal with the only heckler of         Following the chorus was jazz band,          Jenkins and the members of the choir
the night. Mr. Greenwell got the most        performing a selection of tunes including    would definitely welcome your interest
laughs for an act that night. First he       “Fast Break” by John Edmondson,              in becoming a ringer.
attempted to play his guitar with boxing     “Summertime” by George Gershwin and              Finally, also under the direction of
gloves, and later on gave the audience a     arranged by Dave Rivello, and a unique,      Mr. Whitney, the Bishop Guertin High
treat with one of his trademark “Tairy-      swing version of the classic “The Little     School Band played a selection of songs
Fales” at the request of one of his health   Drummer Boy”, arranged by Joe Jackson.       beginning with “Finlandia” by Jean
students. Perhaps the most stunning          The admirable musical talents of all of      Sibelius, followed by “Bolero” by Maurice
performance of the night was Mrs.            the jazz band members were revealed in       Ravel, and finished the evening concert
Daly and Mr. Whitney performing a            the enjoyable selection of songs.
rendition of an Elton John classic, but                                                   with the winter song “Sleigh Ride” by
                                                  After a brief intermission, the         Leroy Anderson. The concert band has
not before Mrs. Daly told a joke about
a decapitated motorcyclists’ girlfriend..    audience was brought into the Christmas      worked extremely hard after school
Mrs. Olesen and her husband singing          spirit by the members of the handbell        three days a week since September, and
old country ballads, one of which Mr.        choir performing “O Come Little              their work seemed to pay off in their
Olesen described as “The story of us,”       Children” and “A Quiet Christmas”            pleasurable show.
which moved the crowd. Mr. Whitney           (both by Douglas Wagner). And quiet it           The students’ efforts paid off well in
followed with an amazing electric bass       was.                                         a concert enjoyed by all who attended.
solo leaving the audience speechless.
Before the author had to leave, Mr.
Greenwell performed an encore, ending
the author’s night with a beautiful,
unplanned duet with Mrs. Beaulieu.
Mrs. Beaulieu also performed some
acoustic with her husband, Mr. Calabria
set the “Standard” of the night with ‘20s
and ‘30s hits and also told a joke about a
man who did one good thing in his life
and a motorcyclist.                         January 2007                                                            11
                                                                            DVD REVIEWS
Reviews                                                                            WINTER 2006
                                                                                         Jake Crisp
                                                                                         staff writer

   A Preview of                                    Once the holiday season has ended, and the lawn decorations stashed away (or not
                                                   for the lazier among ye), you will most likely find you self swimming in a pool of gift
   An Innocent                                     cards or other “I thought this would be easier then actually looking for a present” type
                                                   presents. Well I’m here to tell you about a few DVDs that
       Man                                         came my way that may or may not be worth your not-so-
                                                   hard earned cash.
             Michael Plesac                        1.       Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest
                staff writer                       This DVD release of the most popular movie this summer
                                                   was met with lots of anticipation. Firstly, let me say I enjoyed
Currently on the best seller list is John          this movie, although it does have a cliffhanger ending which
Grisham’s latest, and also first nonfiction          will probably annoy you. The movie is packed to the brim
book, An Innocent Man. Featuring                   with crazy special effects and action, all you expected from the
Ron Williamson, a baseball player, this            first film. As for the actual DVD content, the various special
real-life scenario describes his arrest            features on the DVD are more then enough to tide you over
and conviction of murder, of which he              until the next release, if you’re the type of person that enjoys
did not commit. The novel is fun and               watching special features (all 3 of you). Ultimately, I would
                                                   personally wait until the release of the inevitable Platinum
entertaining to read and contains a                Collectors Edition box set, which should contain all three
complex plot similar to John Grisham’s             films when they’re released.
other fictional mysteries. The book goes            2.       Superman Returns
into detail on how Williamson’s case               When this film was released, many people had high expectations. I personally thought
was poorly treated, and how small town             this movie was a letdown. But, if you enjoyed it, you will find a lot of content on the
justice is carried out, or, in this case, how      DVD. It is also available in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats, for you fancy kids with
it is cut short.                                   your expensive dvd players (or PS3s).
Set in a rural Ada, Oklahoma, the book             3.       James Bond Ultimate Edition DVD Collections 1-4
frequently discusses the death penalty as          These DVD sets are great because I for one have wanted to own a collection of these
well as DNA analysis. An Innocent Man              movies for sometime. The bad news about this is that, while each of the collections has
is recommended to people interested in             great movies, they always seem to put at least one bad movie in each. Sure everyone
                                                   loves Goldfinger, but do I really want to see Moonraker in the same package? Another
criminal justice, law, or just general mysteries   bad point is that you know you’re going to have to buy the films all over again when
of excitement. Many of the people narrated         they release the box set containing Casino Royale (You will Only Pay Twice). Either
in this book are living and work in the same       way, this is the best you’re going to get and if you’re even a remote fan of the series
town of Oklahoma today.                            you’ve got to get these. Oh yeah, and see Casino Royale sometime, because, well, it’s a
                                                   lot better then Moonraker, whatever that means.

                                                                        The Tempest
                                          On Friday, January 5th, Bishop Guertin’s drama club presented William Shakespeare’s
                                          The Tempest. This play is set in a wintry, secluded corner of Battery Park, New York
                                          some time in the near past. The tale tells of a homeless gypsy who
                                          is exiled there in a world of magic. Sorceress Prospera and her fairy
                                          Ariel, conjure up a wild storm which wreaked havoc for all. Everyone
                                          enjoyed this wonderful play... well done!

       Cathryn Philippe
       plays the role of
       Sorceress Prospera                                                                                  Tempest photography
                                                                                                         courtesy of Br. Ralph Lebel                              January 2007                                                             12
                      Of Vice and Men
                                       Alexa Keane
                             managing editor/staff writer

     The replacement of the WB and             counterpart will react a certain way,        now claims the title of the quickest and
UPN networks with the new CW has               either with a giggle, a cringe or a sigh,    wittiest on television. Unlike Buffy,
brought a lot of changes to prime time.        indicating the intended emotion instead      whose battles we fought against the
     Let’s begin Tuesday night. We get a       allowing the viewer to decide for            supernatural world, - where the good
mix of the pleasant and not so pleasant.       themselves. I can’t help but think that      and evil were cosmic- Veronica’s battle
The WB, without a doubt owes it last           if Lorelai and Rory, world class cynical     grows from within people- which is a
few years to Gilmore Girls. That goes          brainiacs, could watch this show, they       great deal more sinister. Buffy was always
without saying. That show carried the          would hate it.                               saving the world-literally; Veronica
network when it was experiencing rough              However, with the scripts lacking       saves people that no one else really cares
times trying to savage other shows like        in greatness, the actors have not given      about.
Angel and Everwood. That fact is not           up hope. Alexis Bledel still portrays             Let’s not get the wrong impression.
true because of the actors- but because        innocent, Mensa-bound Rory, and              Veronica didn’t wake up one day and
of Amy Sherman Palladino, the creator          Lauren Graham is still holds the             say “Hey, I think I’ll try to be a detective
and head writer of Gilmore Girls. She,         position of star player, running at full     today!” Veronica’s interest in solving
along with her husband Daniel Palladino        speed, giving all she can to show the TV-    mysteries is a function of circumstances.
shared the task of writing the show for        watching world that hard work pays off.      Her father’s business and her own
the past six years. But at the end of last     Unfortunately, the now-slumming show         social survival depend on her ability
season the husband and wife duo hung           shows Lauren Graham’s well deserved          to outsmart those who treat her with
up their hats and passed the writing           Emmy slowly slipping away. For six           ridicule and mockery.
torch to David Rosenthal.                      whole years, Lorelai in Gilmore Girls has         When Keith Mars, Veronica’s father,
     So, did Gilmore Girls loose its heart     been agonizing, amazing and thrilling to     claimed he believed that Jake Kane was
when it lost its creator? Unfortunately        watch. It is horrible that now, Rosenthal    somehow involved in the murder of his
not, in fact it achieved the opposite.         wants to blend her into traditionalism,      daughter Lily Kane, the Mars family was
Rosenthal made it nothing but heart.           take away her speed that became her          stripped of their respect and high stance
Lorelai is now, very uncharacteristically,     claim to fame and morph her into             in the prestigious Neptune society.
might I add, swapping wedding vows             another predictable television lead.         Following that, Veronica’s mother,
with Christopher, and Rory is hopelessly            Let’s hope that Lorelai will soon       Leeann, left town because she couldn’t
devoted to London- based Logan. Where          realize how out of character she really      handle the loss of status. Due to these
is all this love coming from?                  is and begin to right all the wrongs         events, the murder of her best friend, her
     In season seven viewers don’t get         in her life. And let’s keep our fingers       loss of social status and her crumbling
to see the same show they have been            crossed that Rosenthal will do the same,     family life, Veronica became determined
watching for all these years. All the light-   comprehending his faults and attempting      to turn her grief into something more
weight storylines, flowing scripts and          to salvage Gilmore Girls before it totally   powerful and productive. She uses all
emotions in the show that used to be           “jumps the shark”.                           her resources to solve any crime from
displayed along side flighty music pieces,           Now onto the better side of Tuesdays.   dog-knappings to homicides.
whether cheesy songs sung by the town          “If a school bus, traveling forty miles           Besides the crime solving gig,
troubadour (Grant Lee Phillips), or the        per hours drives off a cliff and plunges     Veronica also deals with the trials and
funky-yet fun- Sam Phillips scores, have       ninety feet into the jagged coastline…       tribulations of everyday teenage life.
been substituted for countless scripted        how many seconds did the six high            Of course it wouldn’t be TV if it didn’t
reaction shots, clichéd doorstep love          school students, their teacher, and bus      have a few interesting twists including
scenes, enormous holes in the script           driver have to contemplate the fact that     a Private Investigator dad, a billionaire
solely for sentiments, and above all-          they were about to die?” Veronica Mars       boyfriend, and a pal in a motorcycle
sincerity. Gilmore Girls used to be the        knows. She also knows who made that          gang--- and she still finds time to get the
most upbeat show on television. Its            bus claim the lives of eight innocent        “money shot”.
tempo was unstoppable. Now Rosenthal           people, who murdered her best friend              People believe that you can’t attain
fills the show with gaps of silence. When       Lily Kane, and who is responsible for        knowledge by simply sitting in front
has Gilmore Girls ever been known for          the string of rapes at Hearst College. You   of the television set. But those are the
its lack of talking? The quick wit and         know what mystery she hasn’t solved          people who haven’t tuned into the CW
proverbial ping-pong-match dialogue            yet? WHY NO ONE IS WATCHING                  on Tuesday and 9. When watching
used to be frowned upon by critics. But,       HER SHOW!                                    Veronica Mars, you aren’t just watching
now that old saying comes into play,                Premiering in 2004, Veronica Mars       her solve the mysteries so are helping her
“you never know what you had until it          was thrown to the side as a Nancy Drew       solve the mysteries. This show teaches
is gone.”                                      slash Buffy The Vampire Slayer combo,        the importance to pay attention to small
     On Rosenthal’s Gilmore Girls, a           but after two years on air, people are       details- details that, in the end, could be
character delivers a line, and their           finally starting to notice this show, which   the difference between life and death.                           January 2007                                                             13
            Worst Case
     What to Do When Faced
       with High School

              Trish Manzanero
                                                              Student Profiles
                  staff writer

     Cue the Jaws music; it’s that time of year.
Yet again, those dreaded midterms are fast                    Henrich-                                Kevin Smith
approaching. Since we have yet to discover a
time machine which will enable us to bypass
this stressful period, it seems that our only
option is to battle through the exams. With
a large portion of our grade on the line and
half a year’s worth of knowledge to cram back
into our minds, the popular question seems
to be “How will we survive!?”
     I’ll skip the boring old suggestions like
“study your notes,” “stay focused,” blah, blah,
blah. No one likes to be bashed over the head
with the same thing over and over again; it
would kill brain cells and we could use as many
as possible with exams. Now where to start?
    1)   A good way to begin is to TALK TO YOUR
         TEACHER; they created the exam, thus
         they’re probably your best source for tips
         on how to study.
                                                      Nickname:         Dee                     Nickname:        I don’t have one
    2)   Try to AVOID CRAMMING the night
         before. Save the cardiac arrests and         Age:              14                      Age:             15
         anxiety attacks for later in life. Spread    Grade:            9                       Grade:           9
         out your studying and focus on your          Hometown:         Nashua, NH              Hometown:        Townsend, MA
         “problem” topics.                            Favorite Subject: Intro to Literature     Favorite Subject:Math with
    3)   FRIENDS + SAME CLASS + STUDY                                   with Mrs. Stone                          Mrs. Weilgoszinski
         GROUP = GOOD THING.                Try       TV Show:          24                      Favorite Movie: Anchorman
         mixing studying alone with studying in       Favorite Single Out: Heaven by Live       Favorite TV Show: House
         a group. Sometimes another person’s          Favorite Movie: Wedding Crashers,         Favorite Single Out:
         perspective can give you new ideas or
         new information.                                               Rent                                     Too hard to answer
                                                      Sports:           Dance                   Favorite Movie: Anchorman
    4)   EAT HEALTHILY! Without junk food to          Hobbies:          Dance,                  Sports:          Baseball and
         weigh you down, you’ll have more drive                         Horse Back Riding                        basketball
         to get through those study sessions. So,
         as hard as it may be, step AWAY from the     Why BG?           Because I did not       Hobbies:         Guitar, Football,
         twinkies!!                                                     want to go to my                         and sports in general
                                                                        other school choice     Why BG?           My brother comes
    5) TAKE BREAKS! Your brain can only soak                            because it was to far                     here so I had to
        up so much information at one time. For
        your own sanity, take little siestas.                           from my house and       Best experience
                                                                        not many people were    at BG so far:     Freshman
    6)   GET SLEEP GET SLEEP GET SLEEP!!                                going                                    orientation was
         The five more chapters you stayed up          Best experience                                             wicked fun
         until 3 a.m. studying will do you no
         good if you are passed out on your desk.     at BG so far:     Meeting everyone        One thing people
         Unfortunately drooling does NOT count                          in our class new and    don’t know
         towards your grade.                                            becoming friends        about you:        I had lyme disease
          Now STOP! Deep breath. Remember             One thing people                                            and mono at the
they’re just tests, not Armageddon. Next Friday       don’t know about me: Not Available                          beginning of the
will be here before we know it. In the meantime,                                                                  year.
however, if anyone would like to build that time
machine, I’ve got a Mr. Washington who would
like to meet you *wink wink*

                          January 2007                                                            14
                                            Around Campus

                                              A little holiday cheer was
                                            spread at a special luncheon
                                                   sponsored by the
                                                   Student Council

                                                                              Owen Butler participates
                                                                              in the Ping Pong

Christmas food baskets were collected and
           then distributed to
      Corpus Christi Food Pantry                                                                             Students find time to work out in the
                                                                                                                        weight room.

                                                                                The Art of Chinese

                                                                           On November 21st, Sophomore
                                                                           Jenn Lee and her mother, Lily
                                                                           Lee gave a presentation on the
                                                                           Art of Chinese Lettering in Mrs.
                                                                           Dinan’s Intermediate Art Class.
                                                                           This tied in very nicely with a unit
                                                                           on watercolor painting which the
                                                                           students are presently studying.                                January 2007                                                                       15
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          Ms. Michele Alafat
            Mr. Neil Pare
           Br. Ralph Lebel
          Club Moderators

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