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					         SUMMER TERM 2011                                  KG 1

            Wk 8 - beg Mon 20th June                             Wk 9 beg Mon 27th June
                                                           Whole-School SCIENCE WEEK
         Camping                                           - MOVEMENT
         France                                            Grandparents’ Day - ‘Our Grandparents’

Children moving into KG2 in September have now been
placed into one of 4 pastoral colour groups, each group     Thursday 23rd June: French Day— All children
cared for by key adults. KG1 staff know all of the chil-   who attend on Thursdays are invited to come to
dren well & have carefully considered how best to          school taking ‘France’ as the theme. Posters have
                                                           been distributed with ideas for dressing-up.
group the children. However, whichever group you
child is in, the children spend their days ‘together’
enjoying the company of friends in the whole group
and interacting with all members of staff.
The children are quietly being prepared for the tran-
sition & will be spending time in the KG2 classroom.       Tuesday 29th June: Grandparents’ Day 12.30
The majority will take the move into ’Big Kindergarten’    Following the Rec - Yr6 performances in the mar-
in their stride. KG2 staff are well aware of those who     quee, grandparents may wish to visit their
                                                           grandchildren in KG. The children are looking for-
are a little more sensitive and will of course meet
their needs as you would expect.                           ward to showing off their classrooms & their
Please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Jeavons or Mrs      work. Grandparents are very welcome to take
Willis if you have any                                     their grandchildren to enjoy activities & a tour of
concerns whatsoever.                                       the school. Children should be signed-out in the
                                                           usual way & signed-in if returning to KG for the
Accompanying this newsletter is the booking form for       remainder of the afternoon.
                                                           Further details accompany this newsletter
confirming sessions for the Autumn term and provi-
sional sessions for Spring term 2012.
                                                           Tues 5th July:
Please return the form by Wed 22nd June.
                                                           End of year Teddy Bears’ Picnic
It may help to know that, in addition to the wide range    For all children in KG1. Children not normally in
of daily activities & experiences, addressing each of      school on Tuesdays are invited to participate.
the 6 areas of learning, children in KG2 will              They should arrive at 9.30am (children with sib-
 participate in the following weekly timetabled ses-       lings may arrive at normal time) & be collected at
sions (in the mornings):                                   12.45pm. The picnic will be provided by the
                                                           kitchen. The children’s favourite Teddy / Cuddly
Mon: MFL - blue/green gp
         PE - orange/purple gp                             is invited to the picnic too. Home clothes may be
Tues: Music - blue/green gp                                worn.
         Forest School - orange/purple gp
Wed: Forest School - blue /green gp
       (swimming? optional) MFL-orange/purple gp
                                                           Holiday Club:
Thurs: Swimming - available to all but optional
                                                           Parents are reminded that in
         Music - orange / purple gp
Fri:    PE - blue / green gp                               order to take advantage of early booking
        All - KG & REC Assembly                            discount, bookings should be made by Friday
Details of the swimming sessions, together with a con-
sent form will be circulated prior to swimming sessions

                                                                                                 Week 8 / 9

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