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									                     Group Exercise Program

                     The purpose of this section of our training
BP Wellness Center

                     modules is to familiarize you to all that goes in to our
                     very successful group exercise program. Our program in
                     WL4 currently houses 2 group exercises studios, 22
                     classes, 14 class formats, 16 regular instructors, and
                     several substitute instructors as well. With the addition
                     of the Helios Plaza, we will have 2 additional studios and
                     expect to grow in the number of participants as well.

                     The group exercise coordinator, Jennifer Daniel, oversees
                     all aspects of this portion of our program, from entering
                     participant data to invoicing and budget for both WL4 and
                     Helios Plaza. Jennifer joined the Wellness Center team in
                     June of 2006 and the group exercise program has
                     continued to grow since then.
                      Growing Numbers
BP Wellness Center

                     The number of different group
                     exercise participants has grown in
                     size over the past few years, with
                     a 300% increase from 2006 to
                     2008! The next slide shows in detail
                     the participant numbers since 2006,
                     And what is projected by the end of
                     Class Participant Statistics
BP Wellness Center

                        2006             2007            2008          2009            2009
                       1 facility       1 facility      1 facility     1 facility    2 facilities

                        1 studio        1 studio        2 studios      2 studios      4 studios
                      8 instructors   10 instructors        15             16          20 – 25
                                                       instructors    instructors    instructors

                       13 classes      16 classes       21 classes    22 classes       35 – 40
                       7 formats        9 formats      12 formats     14 formats      20 – 25
                          138             250+             570          700 - 800 participants
                      participants     participants    participants            projected
                         Tracking Attendance
BP Wellness Center

                     Group exercise participant attendance is
                     collected from 2 sources:

                     •    Attendance Sheets
                         – Located inside a notebook in each classroom
                         – participants write their name for each class they
                           attend and check off each day they attend a class
                     •    Class Logs
                         – located on wall by stereo
                         – each instructor records the number of
                           participants for each class
                        Tracking Attendance
                     Staying on top of all the new group exercise participants
BP Wellness Center

                     can be a timely task since it is all entered by hand. At the
                     end of each group exercise session or quarter, several
                     things must be updated:
                     •    Attendance Sheets – all names from the attendance
                          sheets are entered into the excel sheet, any names
                          of people who did not attend this quarter are
                     •    Class Participant List – all names must be added to
                          the participant list for the year. If they did not
                          attend the previous year, they are coded as a new
                          member for the current year.
                     •    Group X Distribution Lists – any people new to the
                          classes this year must also be added to the correct
                          group x distribution list
                     Updating the Group X Schedule
BP Wellness Center

                     The schedules are updated regularly through
                     several methods:

                     •    Monthly/Quarterly – the handout schedules are
                          updated as needed by the month or quarter
                     •    Weekly – the schedules for post on classroom doors
                          and online are updated on a weekly basis
                         – This is to keep class participants up to date on class
                           cancellations and substitutions
                         – The schedules to be hung on classroom doors must be
                           laminated before hanging

                     All schedules are saved in the schedules folder under
                     the shared drive in the group exercise folder
                                Break Weeks
                     •       There are quarterly break weeks throughout
                             the year where classes are not held (see group
BP Wellness Center

                             exercise calendar, saved on shared drive under group
                             exercise folder)
                         – This is done in order to stay within budget, give us a
                           chance to collect data, and give the instructors some days
                           off around holidays
                     •       The break weeks are as follows:
                         –    The   week of spring break for the area
                         –    The   week of memorial day
                         –    The   2 or 3 weeks around Christmas
                         –    The   week of Labor Day
                     •       Off-the-Schedule Classes
                         – The group exercise coordinator attempts to come up with
                           a few classes for during break week that won’t cost the
                         – These may be videos, trial classes, or
                           instructors willing to teach at no cost
                           Instructor Meetings

                     Quarterly in-services or meetings are held with all
BP Wellness Center

                     instructors by the group exercise coordinator. These are
                     normally held the week before a break week.
                     These meetings are normally held off-site at Sandy’s
                     Market where we cover the cost of lunch buffet for all
                     During these meetings we discuss everything from
                     updating the phone list, code of conduct, issues and
                     safety, to planning for the next quarter.
                     This is also a great opportunity to meet and greet as
                     most of the instructors have busy schedules and never
                     meet each other.
                         Evaluating for Excellence

                     •     The instructors are evaluated through an online
                           survey to participants on an annual basis, this survey
BP Wellness Center

                           is created in survey monkey.
                     •     All instructors must achieve an overall 90% or
                           higher approval rating from the participants.
                          – This is looking at excellent and good responses only
                            from 11 different criteria they are rated on (see next slide).
                            A score card is created from the survey results and the
                            previous year’s ratings will be compared to the current
                            year’s ratings.
                          – we take total number of excellent and good responses and
                            divide it by the total number of responses to get an
                            approval rating for each criteria.
                          – The average of all 11 approval ratings is their overall
                            approval rating.
                     •     Other methods of evaluating instructors:
                          – Class observation by group x coordinator,
                            attendance at meetings, # of class participants
                            and comments from participants
                     Group Exercise Survey
                     •       The areas that the instructors are
BP Wellness Center

                             rated on that make up their overall
                             approval are:
                         –   Safety of the class/instructor teaching style
                         –   Cueing
                         –   Attention to student form
                         –   Instructor’s form
                         –   Variety
                         –   Music
                         –   Intensity
                         –   Motivation
                         –   Professional appearance
                         –   Approachability
                         –   Ability to show modifications
                           Class Attendance
BP Wellness Center

                     •    All classes must have a minimum of 6
                          participants per class to remain on the
                     •    If a class is regularly showing less than
                          6 participants, then it is in danger of
                          being replaced
                         – In this situation, a meeting is normally held
                           with the instructor and group exercise
                         – The group x coordinator may decide to
                           remove class at next month or next quarterly
                           session if attendance does not improve
                         Instructor One-on-One’s
                     •     After all the survey results have been
BP Wellness Center

                           compiled, the group exercise coordinator
                           arranges one-on-one meetings with each
                           instructor to go over their score card.
                          – Not only results from the survey discussed in this
                            meeting, this is also a chance for us to get some
                            feedback on how we are doing.
                     •     If an instructor has a rating below 90%,
                           then some brainstorming is done on how
                           this rating can be improved
                          – The group exercise coordinator may choose to re-
                            survey the class in a few months and if the rating
                            is still below the 90%, then potential replacement
                            of the class or instructor
                         New Instructor Process

                     The on-boarding of a new instructor involves a few important
BP Wellness Center

                     pieces of paperwork:

                     •    First, the instructor must fill out 2 forms, a vendor
                          maintenance form with their address and name as they
                          want it to appear on the check, and a W9 form.
                     •    Then a sample invoice for the instructor is created by
                          the group exercise coordinator
                     •    Lastly, all 3 pieces of paperwork are faxed off to
                          Barbara Aguilar.

                     Once the paperwork is processed, Barbara sends back a bill
                     box #. This number must appear on the invoice for the
                     instructor to be paid.
                         Instructor Invoices
                     •   The group exercise coordinator handles all invoicing for
BP Wellness Center

                         the instructors. This system was started by Jennifer in
                         order to keep everything uniform and to ensure all
                         invoices were submitted for payment at one time. A new
                         invoice format was created in excel last year by Jennifer
                         to include the IISN logo.
                     •   Invoicing for the instructors is done once a month. A
                         copy of the previous invoice is made but the following
                         must be updated: date created, number of classes
                         taught, dates classes were taught, invoice number
                     •   Invoices are not submitted until the beginning of next
                         month in case of a last minute class substitution or
                     •   A sample invoice is pasted on the next slide. All
                         Instructor invoices are saved under,
                         K:\Group Exercise\Instructors\Invoices
                     Check                                                                                   Invoice No.           30001
                     Credit                                            BP Wellness Center
                     Other                                             200 WestLake Park Blvd.
                                                                       Houston, Texas 77079


                              Customer                                                                        Misc
BP Wellness Center

                              Name       Instructor Name                                                      Date      6/1/2009
                              Address                                                                         Bill Box# 32-xxxx-300632-02
                              City                             State             ZIP                          Rep       Jennifer Daniel
                              Phone                                                                           FOB

                                 Qty                               Description                                Unit Price       TOTAL

                                  1      Cardio Classes                                                        $ 35.00 $            35.00

                                                                                                              SubTotal     $        35.00
                              Payment     Check                                                Tax Rate(s)

                              Comments Payable Upon Receipt                                                     TOTAL      $        35.00
                                   Name Jennifer Daniel
                               Signature                                                          Office Use Only
                                    Date 6/30/2009

                                                                         Class Dates: May 21

                                                     BP Wellness Center - Creating a Culture of Wellness!
                     The group exercise budget and actual cost
BP Wellness Center

                     spending are looked at on a monthly basis.
                     Once invoices are complete for the month, the
                     group exercise coordinator enters the cost for
                     each instructor that month into an excel sheet.
                     This is an ongoing sheet for the year used to
                     ensure we are staying within budget and
                     where money can be saved.
                     Communicating with Participants
                     One of the things that sets our group exercise
BP Wellness Center

                     program above the average group exercise
                     program is the communication with the
                     participants. Jennifer sends out e-mails to
                     participants not only regarding updates,
                     cancellations, and substitutions; but also about
                     how our program has grown and improved. At
                     the end of the year, slides are contributed to
                     an end of the year slide show by each of the
                     wellness staff regarding the statistics and
                     overview of their special part of the wellness
                      program. Jennifer passes her group x slides
                      along to the class participants as well.
                     An inventory of all the group exercise
BP Wellness Center

                     equipment is kept on our shared drive
                     under the group exercise folder.
                     This is updated as needed when
                     something is broken or replaced, new
                     equipment is ordered, or when a
                     re-inventory of the equipment is done.
                     The equipment is normally re-
                     inventoried twice a year.

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