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    The most famous individual anti-armor weapon in history is now in U.S.
hands. Airtronic USA is announcing their production of the RPG –7 rocket-
propelled grenade launcher along with a complete complement of ammunition –
all manufactured in United States facilities. The Airtronic USA product is a
combination of the simplicity of action and operation of the original RPG-7 design
matched with American manufacturing precision and technology. The final result
more than speaks for itself in terms of accuracy, ruggedness, simplicity, and
effectiveness on target.

   Airtronic USA will be supplying US Governments agencies and our allies with
a dependable, well-known design in a package fitting with the upcoming century.

Airtronic USA was formed in 1993 for the manufacture of medical and aviation
electromechanical devices. Over the last ten years, Airtronic has transformed itself into
the nation’s largest manufacturer of destructive devices and military spare parts – notably
the M203 40mm Grenade Launcher for use by the US Department of Defense and
qualified agencies. Additionally, Airtronic manufactures over 60% of the components for
the M2 HB Browning heavy machinegun as well as many other spare parts used by the
Department of Defense. The CEO of Airtronic USA is Merriellyn Kett, Ph.D., who has
brought a unique marketing and business development sense to the firm. The president is
Robert Walter, who had brought engineering and manufacturing innovation to aid the
company in its growth.

See the Airtronic USA RPG-7 and other innovative defense products at Booth 6649
[Badger Barrels] at Shot Show 2009

Contact for interviews with President Walter can be arranged during the Show

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