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									                                 ST. MARY OF MT. CARMEL
                                  SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION

be registered and participating members of the     Spanish Baptisms are held the First and Third
parish. Please contact the Rectory during the      Sundays of each month at 1:00 PM. Please
sixth month of pregnancy to schedule for a         contact Sr. Marilu at the Rectory on
parent preparation program, which is held the      Wednesdays to schedule.
first Wednesday of each month in the St.
Patrick's Room at 7PM.           Baptisms are      SACRAMENT OF ANOINTING: (Care of Infirm
scheduled the Second and Fourth Sundays of         and Elderly): The Rectory may be called at any
each month at 1:00 PM.                             time for the Sacrament of the Sick.

SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION:                       R.C.I.A.: (Rite of Christian Initiation for
Saturdays 3:15 PM—4:00 PM at St. Mary of           Adults): For information about RCIA, please
Mt. Carmel, before or after daily Mass, or any     contact the Rectory.
time upon request. Parish Family Penance
Service: Scheduled Advent and Lent.                SOCIAL CONCERNS / ST. VINCENT
                                                   DEPAUL FOOD PANTRY: Food distribution
SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY:                            every Thursday 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM and in the
Arrangements should be made one year in            evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in St. Lucy
advance with the officiating Priest. Those         Hall (Convent Basement, French St.).
desiring to receive this Sacrament must be
registered for at least six months and be          ADORATION—FIRST FRIDAY OF THE
participating members of St. Mary of Mt.           MONTH FOLLOWING THE 8:00 AM MASS
Carmel Parish.                                     UNTIL 5:00 PM. SIDE UP SHEETS, ON
                                                   BULLETIN BOARDS, IN VESTIBULE OF
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

First Reading: Sirach 15:15-20
This passage from Sirach gives strong,
unequivocal emphasis to free will in every
person. Before each of us is set, sin or virtue,
                                                                  READINGS FOR THE W EEK
life or death, and each of us are free to choose
                                                               Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
the one or the other.
Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 2:6-10               Sir 15:15-20; 1 Cor 2:6-10; Mt 5:17-37 or 5:20-22a, 27-
Paul explains to the Corinthians that there are                        28, 33-34a, 37
two different kinds of wisdom — the wisdom of                              Monday
God and the wisdom of the world. The wisdom                       Gn 4:1-15, 25; Mk 8:11-13
of God is mysterious, but this wisdom has been                            Tuesday
revealed “to those who love him” through the                   Gn 6:5-8, 7:1-5, 10; Mk 8:14-21
Spirit.                                                                  Wednesday
                                                                Gn 8:6-13, 20-22; Mk 8:22-26
Gospel: Matthew 5:17-37                                                   Thursday
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells the                        Gn 9:1-13; Mk 8:27-33
people he has come to fulfill the law. He speaks                            Friday
strongly against murder and anger, against                         Gn 11:1-9; Mk 8:34-9:1
adultery and lust, and against false oaths and                            Saturday
lies. He warns the people that unless their                        Heb 11:1-7; Mk 9:2-13
virtue exceeds that of the Pharisees, they “will
not enter the kingdom of God.”
SAT 02/12
8:30 am (SJ)   Richard Iuliucci             FRI 02/18
Req by         Jack & Sandra Marinella      7:00 am (SJ)   Augie Sorrentino
4:15 pm (SJ)   Rose & Tom Baglivo           Req by         Rose & JoAnn
Req by         Rita & Anthony Scaffidi      8:00 am (SJ)   Cheryl Perone
5:15 pm (SA)   Dominic Ranere               Req by         Pat & Warren Noto
Req by         Frank & Nancy Scianni
                                            SAT 02/19
SUN 02/13                                   8:30 am (SJ)   Frank G. Donio
7:00 am (SA)  Carmine J. Penza              Req by         Rose Rubba and Family
Req by        Family                        4:15 pm (SJ)   Anthony & Clara Macri
8:00 am (SM)  John Ingemi                   Req by         Family
Req by        Ann DiFilippo                 5:15 pm (SA)   Lando Vannucci
9:00 am (SJ)  Gertrude Presti               Req by         M/M Paolo Piscitelli
Req by        Joanna & Bob Conn
              Salvo Santi                   SUN 02/20
Req by        Daughter                      7:00 am (SA)  Richard Weckerly
              Charles "Doc" Tomasello Sr    Req by        Wife and Girls
Req by        Charlie, Lisa, Brian          8:00 am (SM)  Maurice Simon
              Bill Scordo                   Req by        Theresa & Russell Sharp
Req by        George & Carol Chmielewski    9:00 am (SJ)  Anne DeLuca
              Joseph Criscillo              Req by        Family
Req by        Daughter                                    Jack Ordille
11:30 am (SM) Madeline Bartolone            Req by        M/M Cosmo & Georgia LaMazza
Req by        Joseph Bartolone                            Barbara Rotellini
11:30 am (SJ)                               Req by        Phyllis Siegel & Family
Spanish       Marquerita Valentino                        Frances Pagano
Req by        Geraldine Monestero           Req by        Ron & Elaine Fisher
6:30 pm (SA) Nancy Ball                                   Frances Pagano
Req by        Betty                         Req by        Antoniette Glorioso
                                            11:30 am (SM) Leigh Anne Fucetola
MON 02/14                                   Req by        Marie Fucetola
7:00 am (SJ)   Charles Francis Berenato     11:30 am (SJ)
Req by         Family                       Spanish       Antulio Roldan
8:00 am (SJ)   Albert & Jennie Lippi        Req by        Mary Claire Capp
Req by         Son Robert                   6:30 pm (SA) Panarello & Capelli Families
                                            Req by        Jane & Gene Hoopes
TUES 02/15
7:00 am (SJ)   Victor Bagliani
Req by         Mom and Dad
8:00 am (SJ)   John Ingemi                      PRIESTS FOR MASSES THE WEEK OF
Req by         Betty & Joe Maimone                       FEBRUARY 19-20

WED 02/16                                   Sat 2/19       4:15 pm (SJ)         Fr.Neal
7:00am (SJ)    Theresa & Joseph Monestero                  5:15 pm (SA)         Fr.Tom
Req by         Geraldine Monestero          Sun 2/20       7:00 am (SA)         Fr.Neal
8:00 am (SJ)   Rev. Nicholas Rinaldi                       8:00 am (SM)         Fr.Conaty
Req by         Geraldine Monestero
                                                           9:00 am (SJ)         Fr.Tom
7:00 pm (SJ)
Spanish        People of the Parish
                                                           11:30 am (SM)        Fr.Ron
                                                           11:30 am (SJ Span)   Fr.Amando
THURS 02/17                                                6:30 pm (SA)         Fr.Tom
7:00 am (SJ)   Barbara Cusack
Req by         Lynn Bessey
8:00 am (SJ)   Joseph & Mary Presti         THE RECTORY WILL BE CLOSED ON MONDAY,
Req by         Family                       FEBRUARY 21 FOR PRESIDENT'S DAY.
                           SIXTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME - FEBRUARY 13, 2011

                                                                        PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR
Dear Friends:                                                           SICK: Maryann Acquarolo,
                                                                        Frank Amedio, Jr., Madeline
                                                                        Andaloro, Chris Bakey (Fr.
A good part of our being created in the image                           Chris'   nephew),      Nancy
and likeness of God is the fact that we can                             Baach, Charles Ballin, Maria
reason and make informed choices—and                                    Barone,      Cathy       Biro,
those choices, like the God who loves us, are                           Carmella Betzale, Michael
loving choices, i.e., informed by the Lord’s      Bucci, Joseph & Anna Capelli, Karl Carlone, Anna
love. Our baptism mystically roots us in the      Cassano, James Castor, Bob Conn, Anita Curran,
death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus          Jeanette Dawidczyk, Sue DiMeo, Joanne Scardino
Christ. This is God’s ultimate act of love on     Dixon, Jack Donio, Rosemarie Ebert, Mary
behalf of all human kind. So when we hear as      Falcone, Karen Falotico, Rita Farren, Elaine, Frank
we do in today’s passage from the Book of         & Chris Fezza, Barbara Foster, Pina Franchina,
Sirach that if we choose, we can keep the         Sadie Fucetola, Nancy Garchinsky, Butch Gillis,
commandments, we are reminded that we             Robert Greenbaum, Jean Jones, Nick LaGuardia,
have the capacity to love and to choose to do     Sr., Jean Liberto, Dorothy Losasso, Carole & Jim
so or not to do so. In our continuation of        Mandis, Msgr. Tom McIntyre, Susan Monopolli,
Jesus’ great sermon we hear that our choices      Josephine Oropallo, Anthony F. Pagano, Matthew
originate from what is in our hearts. Again, at   Parisi, Angie Paggi, Amy Pantalone, Jean Paynter,
Baptism, the love of the Lord—the Spirit—is       Catherine Reaves, Rita Rehmann, Nancy Sacco,
                                                  Austin Sandell, Rita Saunders, Edwin Silipena,
placed within our hearts. But we can allow
                                                  Elberta Staiger, Stephen Terruso, Nicholas
life’s difficulties and disappointments do a      Thiesen, Adelina Tundis, Angelo Scaltrito, Margie
number on us and thorns, brambles and             Vallieu, Shirley VanKeuren, Pam Virgilio, Jim
eventually stone walls sometimes threaten to      Williams
suffocate that love. What choices can come        Please call the Rectory to add a name to our
from all that debris that engulfs and threatens   Prayer List and please let Father Tom know if
to suffocate our hearts are bitter words and      any parishioners are in the hospital. After three
spiteful actions. However if we ask the Lord      months, the names will be removed unless you
to help us in our struggle to turn toward Him     inform us otherwise.
and toward one another in love, we can say
“yes” to the Lord and to life. L’ Chaim! To       DECEASED OF THE PARISH -
Life!                                             Antoinette Kolodziej, Norman W. DeVries, II, Judith
                                                  Baisch, Robert Santoro
With peace and joy!
                                                  CALLING ALL ALTAR AND ROSARY SOCIETY
      Fr. Tom                                     MEMBERS AND OTHERS ....
                                                  to do altar linens for St. Martin dePorres and St.
                                                  Anthony of Padua churches. If you can help,
                                                  please call the Parish Center at 704-5945 and
                                                  leave your name and number with June.

                                                          BUS TRIP TO SEE "MARY POPPINS"
 First Reconciliation will take place on
 Thursday, February 17th at 7PM in St.
 Joseph Church.
                                                    Mary Poppins bus trip to the Academy of Music in
                                                    Phila., Friday March 25th, showtime 8pm
                                                        FOOD CERTIFICATES for Shop Rite, Super Fresh,
 MEETING FOR FESTIVAL MAILING....                       Bagliani’s and Inferrera’s are on sale after Mass
 will be held on Wednesday, February 16th at            each weekend or at our Parish Center Office at 226
 7PM in St. Anthony Hall. Anyone interested,            French Street during the week from 9:00 to 3:00.
 please come and join us.                               Five percent of each sale is profit for our Parish

                                                        ST. RITA SOCIETY
FLOWERS FOR THE ALTAR                                   Meetings held the first Monday of the month
If you are planning to donate flowers for the           starting in February in the St. Joseph Room of the
altar at one of our worship sites, please let the       Parish Center, 7pm, All are welcome to join us!
parish office know two weeks in advance so
that we do not order flowers as well. Also,             TAX LETTER - If you are in need of tax letter for
please remember that no flowers are to be               the year 2010, please call the parish office and
placed on the altar during the season of Lent.          leave your name and phone number.

                                                        ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING FOR CHICKEN
                                                        BBQ .... Monday, February 21st at 7PM at St.
             AVISOS PARROQUIALES                        Anthony. All are welcome to attend this meeting.
                                                        The Chicken BBQ will take place this year on
 Hermanos y hermanas de la Comunidad                    Sunday, June 5th, at St. Anthony.
                                                         COLLECTION the week of February 5 & 6
      MIERCOLES: Misa en Español (7:00 pm).             2011
      MIERCOLES: Preparación Bautismal                       lst collection    $12,467.00
       después de la Misa en Español.                         2nd collection    $ 2,750.00
      PRIMER y TERCER DOMINGO de cada
       mes: Bautismos en Español (1:00 pm).              2nd Collection the weekend of February 19-
       Registrarse con anticipación.                     20th will be for Debt Reduction.
       Registrarse con anticipación para iniciar la
       preparación y reservar la fecha.
                                                                   PARISH REGISTRATION
         Nota: Por favor, las registraciones se          St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Parish Welcomes All
         hacen en la parroquia (MIERCOLES:
         12:30 pm – 7:00 pm).                            No matter what your present status in the
                                                         Catholic Church, no matter what your current
                                                         family or marital situation; no matter what your
                                                         past or present religious affiliation; no matter
                                                         what your personal history, age, background,
CAP Phase 2 - Bullying Prevention ....
                                                         race, etc.; you are Invited, Welcomed,
Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 12:30 pm, St.
                                                         Accepted, Loved and Respected at St. Mary of
Joseph      High      School,  Hammonton         and
                                                         Mt. Carmel Parish.
Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 7:00 pm, Notre             ---------------------------------------------------------------
Dame School, Landisville. To attend one of these                             Parish Registration
classes, please call the CAP registration line in the              (Please drop in collection basket)
Office of Safe Environment for Children, Youth and       Name: ______________________________
Adults       at     856-583-6165       or       email    Address: ____________________________
ddiggons@camdendiocese.org to register. Please           City: _____________________ Zip _______
register at lease five days before the session you       Phone: Home: ________________________
would like to attend.                                    Daytime: ____________________________

                                                         ( ) New Parishioner             (   ) Address Change
                                                      ANNOUNCEMENTS OUTSIDE THE PARISH

                                                      FUNDRAISER - KIDS BINGO
                                                      TO SHOW MRS. PASQUARELLI HOW MUCH WE
   SANCTUARY CANDLE the week of February 13 -         CARE ..... Date: February 27, 2011. Time 11:30
                                                      am (Doors open at 10:30 am). Place Elm Fire Hall
           St. Joseph Church in memory of             569 White Horse Pike, cost $15.00 (all money will
             Theresa & Joseph Monestero               be donated to Mrs. Pasquarelli) Win a game: pick
             Req by: Daughter Geraldine               a basket of your choice. For tickets or more
                                                      information contact Rose Arena 609-517-3003,
       St. Martin dePorres Church in memory of
                                                      Donna Kramer 609-892-7349, Jackie Sirolli 609-
                 Virginia (Ginny) Peles
                    Req by: Family
                                                      352-6189. Special thank you to the Girl Scouts
                                                      who have donated their time to this community
 Flowers on altar at St. Anthony this weekend given   service.
 by John and Mary Galea
                                                      St. Padre Pio Pre-Cana team will be sponsoring a
                                                      Pre-Cana session on February 25th and 26th,
                                                      2011 at Our Lady of Pompeii Church, Vineland, NJ.
                                                      If you are planning to be married this year, please
The following children were welcomed into the
                                                      register by calling George & Terry VanLeer at 856-
parish family of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel during the
                                                      629-7711 or you can call the parish office at 691-
month of January:
                                                      7526.     Cost for the program, which includes
                                                      refreshments on Friday and breakfast and lunch on
Arturo Garcia-Alvarado Jr, child of Arturo
                                                      Saturday and all class materials is $75.00 per
Armando Garcia Sarabia and Maria Rosa Alvarado
                                                      couple.    Please register early as sessions fill
Edwin Martinez-Ordaz, child of Victorino Martinez
and Nicolasa Ordaz
                                                      DIVORCE CARE SEMINAR AND SUPPORT
Alexander John Nees, child of Billy Norman Nees
                                                      GROUP ....
and Jessica Ann Trasferini
                                                      for Adults and Divorce Care 4 Kinds workshop will
Emily Ann Stalba, child of Thomas J. Stalba Jr.
                                                      be held on Wednesday evenings at Our Lady of
and Karen M. Benkovich
                                                      Peace parish (St. Mary's Church), 32 Carroll
Sophie Grace Sabella, child of Christian Matthew
                                                      Avenue, Williamstown, in the Parish Center.
Sabella and Diana Lee Rusnal
                                                      Both programs will begin on February 23, 2011
                                                      from 7 PM to 8:30 PM and will continue for 13
                                                      weeks. We welcome anyone who is separated or
                                                      divorced to attend and we encourage you to
March 25-26, 2011
                                                      register your children in the Divorce Care 4 Kids
St. Michael's Church, Long Branch, NJ
                                                      program (ages 6-12). For more information or to
7-9 pm, Friday, 9 am - 4:30 pm Sat.
                                                      register, please call Debbie at 856-881-4133 or
Lectures, interactive exercises, discussions,
                                                      email: debbiewolk@hotmail.com
scripture to enrich, enhance and strengthen
relationships. Topics: communication - resolving
                                                      CASINO BUS TRIP: Sponsored by Knights of
conflict - managing anger-healing past hurts-living
                                                      Columbus Pallotti Council 3471 Thursday February
"in love" - and more.
                                                      24, 2011. Departing from the Carnival grounds
Cost $139. per couple (early reg deadline Mar. 1)
                                                      @5:15 pm. Cost $20.00 includes free buffet dinner
$169. per couple (thereafter) Each couple receives
                                                      and $10.00 slot credit @ Resorts Casino in Atlantic
a free copy of Janet Pfeiffer's The Secret Side of
                                                      City. Please call to reverse your seat, Steve
Anger. Call Janet Pfeiffer @973-697-1904 to
                                                      Cappuccio at 609-377-4489.
register or email

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