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									Addressing End-Of-Life Realities

We have a tendency to treat death as though it is some sort of taboo subject, but the fact
is that it is as natural as birth and something that we will all face at some point. If you
are engaged in planning for your elder years there is no way to do so responsibly without
taking a healthy and balanced look at the realities of aging and eventual death. There are
issues of personal comfort and dignity to address, and the fact is that there are financial
aspects that most responsible people would want to take into consideration as well.

By any logical barometer there is a difference between a medical problem that needs to
be treated by a physician and the matter of dying when that time finally comes. Medical
science can use tubes and technological devices to keep people alive when they are in a
terminal condition, and this is routinely done, but is it appropriate? Does it benefit the
person who is dying? Might they be more comfortable at home in a loving, warm, and
familiar environment coming to terms with this natural process?

The financial ramifications are another matter of concern. 60 Minutes did a show on the
costs of dying in 2009 and their findings would suggest that we may want to reevaluate
the way that we approach death. The fact is that 75% of deaths in America take place in
nursing homes and hospitals, and upwards of 20% of people pass on in the intensive care
units of medical centers. The cost of a day in an ICU unit can reach $10,000; this
contributes to the stunning fact that in 2008 Medicare paid doctors and hospitals $50
billion for treatment given to people in the last two months of their lives.

How you feel about being kept alive for the sole purpose of avoiding death through the
use of artificial means when there is no hope of recovery is a personal matter. You can
take control of these decisions for yourself by executing a living will within which you
state your wishes concerning life support and any other end-of-life matters that you want
to address. A health care proxy can also be included to empower someone to make
medical decisions on your behalf should you be unable to do so for yourself. These
advanced directives enable you to pass on with dignity in the manner of your own
choosing, taking these delicate decisions out of the hands of your loved ones.

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