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Raffle _1 Handmade Quilt Raffle _2 Gift Basket Raffle _3 Canine by jizhen1947


									Raffle #1 Handmade Quilt             Raffle #2 Gift Basket
  Doggies and Doggy Sayings            Doggy and people goodies
($200 Value) – Lenor Lynas          (Over $200 Value)-AKKAOA

Raffle #3 Canine First Aid Kit   Raffle #4 Lighted Stain Glass
   ($50 Value) – Lo Binkley          “Spirits of the Pack”
                                 ($125 Value) – Anernerk Kennel

                                       September 3, 2006.
       M O R E          R A F F L E             I T E M S

Raffle #5 Handmade Alaskan            Raffle #6 Handmade Alaskan
   Native Doll Shadow Box w/ AKK          Native Doll Shadow Box
 ($155 Value) – Terry Wright            ($65 Value) – Terry Wright

                       Artist: Penni Anne Cross

Raffle #7 5 Handmade Dog Blankets ($50 Value) – Sibridge Kennel

Raffle #8, 9 and 10 Raffle Baskets with lots of great dog and
people stuff (each basket Valued at $50 and up)

                           Grab bag Raffle:
          Losing tickets will be put into a large basket for
               all other raffle items not listed above.

Be sure to put the following info on your ticket stub(s): your name,
       phone number & which raffle item you’re trying to win
 (example: #1, #2 or #3, etc). Blue tickets are for items #1 and
          #2. Red tickets are for items #3 through #10.
Please mail your ticket stubs & payment in the enclosed envelope to
  Tammy Martin, they must arrive on or before August 25, 2006.
            Questions? Contact: Tammy at 417-861-1638 or

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