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Part 1: Demographic information
1. Gender: Male/ Female

2. Age:     20-25years /    26-30 years /       31-35 years /   36-40 years

3. Where do you live:      Hong Kong /      China (Guangzhou or Shenzhen)

4. Occupation:

5. What is your salary($ for HK, ¥ for China):

            -10000 in HK; 2000-5000 in China)
             -15000 in HK; 5000-10000 in China)

6. How many percentage of your salary are you willing to spend for skin care per month?
     <20% / 20-40%            40-60%          60-80%         >80%

7. When did you start caring your skin?

8. What type of skin you have?
    Dry / Normal to Dry /                   /     Normal to Oily /     Oily/   No idea

9. What the problem(s) does your skin have?
          a.    Acne eruption (暗瘡/青春痘)
          b.    blackhead (黑頭)
          c.    spots (age spots, sun spots etc.) (斑點: 老斑和曬斑)
          d.              雀斑)
          e.    wrinkle (皺紋)
          f.    acne scars (痘疤)
          g.    dry skin (皮膚乾燥)
          h.    sensitive / allergic skin (敏感皮膚)
          i.    oily skin (面油過多)
          j.    Others (please specific):

10. Background of the skin problem(s) caused?
      Innate / Inherit / Personal lifestyle / Accident /             Work /    Others:

11. What kind of information you would like to obtain when seeking the skin care

12. Please choose the following skin care issues that you had ever tried to help with:
           a.    Clear up Acne eruptions (清除暗瘡/青春痘)
           b.    Clear up blackheads (清除黑頭)
           c.    Minimize size of pores (令毛孔縮小)
           d.    Decrease oilyness of skin (減少面油)
           e.    Diminish the appearence of capillaries on the face (緩化毛細血管在面
           f.    Lighten skin complexion or hyperpigmentation areas (淡化皮膚黑色素)
           g.    Restore skin elasticity (回復皮膚彈性)
           h.    Hydrate the skin (濕潤皮膚, 給於水份或鎖住水份)
           i.    Smooth skin texture (使皮膚更滑)
           j.    Diminish flakiness of skin (去皮膚角質)
           k.    Lighten Acne scarring (淡化痘疤)
           l.    Diminish wrinkles and fine lines (淡化皺紋及細紋)
           m.                            :

13. What is/are the common source(s) where you acquire for the information of skin care?
           a.     Internet
               (official websites of cosmetic companies,
               forums, blogs, websites about health, e-mail etc.)
           b.     Newspaper / Magazines / Poster
           c.     Brochures / pamphlets
           d.     TV / radio advertisement
           e.     Family, friend, co-workers etc.
           f.     Professional (eg. Beauticians, doctors, pharmacies etc.)
           g.     Others (please specific):

14. What kind(s) of the format of information are more attractive to you?
          a.     Audio-visual (eg. TV)
          b.     Print format (eg. Newspaper, Poster)
          c.     Electronic format (eg. Files from Internet)
          d.     Audio eg. (Information from Friends/family/Doctor/Beautician)
          e.     Other (please specific):

15. How do you justify the trustfulness of the sources?

16. What approaches do you usually use to care skin? (multi-answer)
          a.    Skin care products / services
          b.    Balanced diet
          c.    Lead a healthy lifestyle
          d.    Drinking water
          e.    Fruit mask
          f.    Exercises
          g.    Others (please specific):

17. If the skin care methods can work properly, will you recommend them to friends?
  Part 2: Previous experience
  In this part, please memorize your last experience of using skin care method.
  18. What was the last skin care method you use?

  19. Where did you get the information about this skin care method?

  20. Why did you consider this approach/product?

  21. If it was a skin care product, what was the brand of the product?

   22. For the following sections, please give the scale of how you considered the influence
       of the factors that affect your selection of this skin care method
       22.1: Internal facts / Individualistic
          Factors               very low        low         moderate      high    very high
1. Personal preference              1            2              3           4          5
2. Previous Experience              1            2              3           4          5
3. You own knowledge                1            2              3           4          5
about the approach(es)
4. Brand loyalty                    1            2              3           4          5

   22.2: External factors
           Factors             very low      low          moderate        high    very high
1. Socio-economic                 1           2              3              4         5
2. Friends or family’s            1           2              3              4         5
3. Advertisements in TV,          1           2              3             4          5
newspaper, magazines etc.
4. Brochure and pamphlets
4. Discount of the                1           2              3             4          5
5. Internet                       1           2              3             4          5
6. Professionals                  1           2              3             4          5
7. Effectiveness of the skin      1           2              3             4          5
care method(s)
8. Easy-to-use of the

  23. Does the skin care method effective or efficient?

  24. Any side effect?

     *** This is the end of the questionnaire. Thank you for your kindly participation. ***

Pre-Interview (Before Cases study):

At the beginning, you need to identify a problem of our skin that you don’t satisfy with
and want to improve mostly now. Please indicate which part of your skin you want to

And what is the problem your skin with:

You have 3 days to search for the information about the problem and the method to
overcome it. In these 3 days, you need to keep a journal of how (strategies) you find the
information. Whatever you can come to a solution or not, this information will help us
much in understanding the information seeking behavior of you.

We will provide you a guideline to help you in your journal.

Method 1:
a. Searching process:
   (What specific information are you seeking for? How long is the searching period?
Who and what is/are involve in the process?)
b. Result:
   (Are you satisfied with the results? What comment do you have?)
c. Trustfulness of the result (for you):
   (Will you trust the information you get? If yes, what is the percentage?)
d. Conclusion:
   (Final comments)

Method 2:
a. Searching process:
b. Result:
c. Trustfulness of the result (for you):
d. Conclusion:


Open-end Interview Questions after the 3-day information seeking:

Ask the Questions 1-8 in part 1;

9. What source did you start with to get the information? And why?

10. Was it easy to achieve the information you want?

11. Did it provide you the detail information?
12. How long did you spend on seeking information from this source?

13. Are you satisfied with the acquired information?

14. What other source(s) where you seek information to deepen your knowledge about
the skin care method?

15. What were the problem(s) you encountered with when seeking for the information?

16. Can you get sufficient information you want from these source(s)?

17. How do you justify the trustfulness of the sources?

18. Among all the source(s) you mentioned, which one do you think provide the most
useful information for you to make your decision?

19. Do you have your own preference to choose the skin care method?

20. Do you use multi skin care methods at a time? If yes, what are the methods?

(Choose one of the questions between 21 and 22)
21. Overall, you have come to a conclusion of a skin care method. What reasons did your
decision based on?

22. Overall, you still can’t have a conclusion of any skin care method. Why? What do
you think is not enough for you to make decision?

Now ask Questions 22 in part 2.

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