Berlin Wall _ Berlin Airlift

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					Berlin Wall & Berlin Airlift
 Aim: How did the blockade of the
 Soviets effect the Superpowers in
            West Berlin
• Do Now: Why did the Berlin Airlift effect
  East Germany ?
• (1) It cause the people in east Berlin to
  leave and go to west Berlin
• (2) The Berlin government made the Berlin
• (3) The people of east Berlin didn’t want to
  be controlled
    Causes of the Berlin Wall
• United States, Great Britain, and France
  combined their three zones into one in the
  western part of Berlin
• The three nations didn’t have a written
  agreement with Soviet Union guaranteeing
  access to Berlin roads and rails
• So Stalin thought if he moved quickly he
  could take over west Berlin
• So Stalin closed the highways and rail
  routes into West Berlin which ended up
  with no food or fuel reaching the city
               Berlin Airlift
• Was started by the superpowers to
  attempt to break the blockade.
• American and British officials started to fly
  in food and supplies into West Berlin.
• The superpowers mission to aid west
  Berlin boosted American prestige around
  the world.
• In May of 1949 Soviet lifted the blockade
  because they realized they were beaten.
           The Berlin Wall
• The Berlin Wall was made to split the city
  into two.
• The wall was made of concrete topped
  with barbed wire.
• Khrushchev build the wall because a lot of
  people was leaving east Berlin causing an
  economic problem
Berlin Wall
              Berlin Crisis
• In east Berlin almost 3 million people or 20
  percent left because they wanted to be
  free in west Berlin instead being in a
  communist rule in east Berlin
• Since 20 percent of their population left
  east Berlin the people departure also
  dangerously weakened the economy
• Khrushchev realized the problem and
  wanted to fix it
• So at a summit in Austria he threatened to sign a
  treaty which would enable the country to close
  all access roads to west Berlin.
• President Kennedy refused to let that happen
  Khrushchev declared he wanted peace
• Kennedy’s determination and Americas superior
  nuclear striking power cause Khrushchev to do a
  surprising move and build the wall
Map Of Berlin
                Cold War
• The Berlin Airlift relates to the cold war
  because it help cause more problems for
  the Soviets
• The Berlin Wall was a move to help east
  Berlin from a failing economy
Berlin Airlift
Division of Germany

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