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Facebook Profits on Steroids


									   Facebook Profits on Steroids

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                                                        Facebook Profits on Steroids

                   Table Of Contents
1 Why Put Your Business On Facebook............ 6
 Changing The Way We Do Business............................................. 6
 Social Networking And Web 2.0 .................................................. 7
 Why Facebook? ........................................................................ 8
 Your Customers Are Your Friends...............................................10
 Develop Your Network ..............................................................11
 A Free Service, But Don't Abuse It! ............................................11
 The KISS Principle ...................................................................12

2 What You Need To Succeed ....................... 14
 Get A Referral .........................................................................14
 The Handshake........................................................................16
 The First Product You Sell: Yourself............................................17
 Opt For A Casual, Conversational Approach .................................18
 Classic Internet Marketing: Storytelling ......................................19
 The Call To Action ....................................................................20

3 How To Generate Income .......................... 22
 Market Your Own Products ........................................................22
 Use Affiliate Marketing..............................................................24
 Advertising Revenues ...............................................................25
 Sell Services ...........................................................................26
 Invest ....................................................................................28

4 How To Establish A Facebook Presence ..... 30
 Create A Profile .......................................................................30
 Find Friends ............................................................................32

                                                   Facebook Profits On Steroids - Page 3
                                                        Facebook Profits on Steroids

 The Sales Call To Action............................................................35

5 Identifying Your Target Audience .............. 38
 Your Sales Brand .....................................................................38
 How To Locate Clients ..............................................................39
 Psych Them Out ......................................................................44

6 Strategies For Sales Promotion.................. 46
 Facebook Pages .......................................................................47
 Networks ................................................................................48
 Groups ...................................................................................49
 Virtual Gifts.............................................................................51
 The Wall .................................................................................51
 Social Ads...............................................................................52
 Beacon ...................................................................................53

7 Applications For Marketing ........................ 55
 Facebook Marketplace Application ..............................................56
 RadicalBuy ..............................................................................56
 Appsaholic ..............................................................................57
 Business Cards ........................................................................57
 Introduce Me...........................................................................58
 ProBook Facebook Application ...................................................59
 Ebay ......................................................................................59
 Garage Sale ............................................................................59
 Free Gifts................................................................................60
 Other .....................................................................................60
 Final Word On Applications........................................................61

8 Creating Your Own Application ................... 63
                                                       Facebook Profits on Steroids

 Characteristics Of Viral Applications ...........................................63
 How To Make Money With Your Application .................................65
 Creating It To Sell It ................................................................65
 Creating It To Market It ............................................................67

9 Building Your Business Using Facebook..... 69
 Direct To Your Outside Website .................................................70
 Know Your Product Niche And Market .........................................75
 List Building ............................................................................76
 Consulting ..............................................................................78

10 Things To Avoid On Facebook .................. 79
 What To Do If You Are Warned Or Banned ..................................84
 The Most Important Thing To Avoid On Facebook.........................85

Resources ...................................................... 87
                                               Facebook Profits on Steroids

      Why Put Your Business On

The global economy is here to stay and the Internet is one of its primary
vehicles of commerce. The old ways of doing business are quickly changing
to be replaced by entrepreneurs who know how to reach customers all over
the world and in the privacy of their own homes. However, to do that,
today's business owners have to be technically savvy to reap some of the
benefits of the Internet. They have to change their way of thinking about
how to run a business and they need to go to places where there are
potential clients ready to be approached for a quick sale. This is where
Facebook comes in.

Changing The Way We Do Business

In the past, the only way to do business was through a retail or mail-order
store. Either way, to find your customers you had to either do substantial
marketing research on your own, a mass-mailing campaign, and/or have a
storefront business that attracted walk-ins. That limited most small
entrepreneurs because they needed a large amount of startup capital just to
get started with their business.

The Internet has changed all that. Now, you don't have to hire someone to
do market research to find your customers. You can speedily find them on
your own in social networking communities like Facebook. With the power of
email and other electronic applications, you don't even need to spend money
                                                Facebook Profits on Steroids

on a mailing campaign. And, you can even have a business that has a virtual
storefront and no retail space and do very well too.

In addition, the Internet has changed the dynamics between people who sold
services like advertising or their own products, to make it advantageous to
them to go with small players to do some advertising or selling of their own
products online. The biggest change is that the Internet has made the act of
starting your own business much easier and given everyone an equal
opportunity to become a success! It just takes a little know-how and a bit of
persistence to eventually establish yourself as a business on the Internet.

Social Networking And Web 2.0

At first, the Internet was developed by scientists as a repository for
information. It was only later that it began to be exploited for marketing and
entertainment purposes. As technologies got more sophisticated, pure text
messages began to be replaced with video and music clips. People began to
gather into different communities to share not only information, but anything
and everything that was of interest to them. Communities like eBay took off
for auction sites and MySpace is popular with many teenagers. Facebook had
its one defined marketplace when it first started: college students.

As these community sites grew and started to extend their influence, they
became known as social networking sites. In addition, a new moniker of
“Web 2.0” was given to anything on the Internet that fostered a sense of
community versus straight informational downloads. In that respect, many
people see the first version of the Web as being very straight vanilla, almost
like a news read, and Web 2.0 is for anything beyond that that is more
interactive with surfers becoming community participants too.
                                                Facebook Profits on Steroids

Why Facebook?

It became obvious, quite quickly, that where people gathered online there is
a huge potential for traffic generation and eyeballs to your business and
products. However, places like MySpace attracted a younger crowd and
weren't suitable for business purposes, unlike Facebook. Since Facebook first
started as a place for college students to meet other college students, it was
natural for it to expand into the professional market once these students
graduated. Not only that, but it is one of the fastest growing social
networking sites out there with over 75 million registered users online.

In this ebook, you will learn how to use Facebook to develop a business that
is not only profitable, but cutting edge. As the Internet and social networking
evolves, you will be stepping into markets on the bottom floor as an early
adopter of Internet technology for business purposes. We will guide you
through the process to help you navigate new and exciting areas in business
that can give you an idea of how wide the marketplace really is on the

You will learn the following:

      Chapter 2 – You will go about learning how to use a community site
      to develop a business. It takes quite a different mindset than one
      where we know the person is walking into our store with a product
      already in mind, ready to buy.
      Chapter 3 – We will tell you different ways you can generate income
      using various strategies that make use of the Internet's power to mass
      market quickly and effectively.
      Chapter 4 – Learn how to setup a Facebook presence that is
      attractive to people who will want to get closer to you and become
      loyal customers.
                                               Facebook Profits on Steroids

      Chapter 5 – Find out how easy it is to locate customers and your
      target market using features already present in Facebook.
      Chapter 6 - We will go over different ways to promote your products
      and your business through Facebook networks, groups, and social ads.
      Chapter 7 – This chapter will talk about the use of applications within
      Facebook and some which make sense to investigate for your business
      Chapter 8 – If you want to become very sophisticated in the world of
      Facebook, you can attempt to create your own application. We'll tell
      you some of the pros and cons of doing this and how it can help your
      Chapter 9 – Ways to expand your business model will be discussed,
      including an offline website (outside of Facebook), traffic conversion to
      sales, information product markets, list building for future promotions,
      and offering consulting services.
      Chapter 10 – As with any new activity you attempt for your business,
      there is a whole list of things you should avoid to help you succeed
      more quickly. Some business techniques may seem great for business,
      but ultimately kill your reputation on social networking sites leading to
      banning of your account. So, we will discuss what to avoid to keep
      yourself in good standing with your customers and the Facebook staff.

Facebook is really the ideal onsite community to develop a business. You can
even link it to other sites and show your eBay listings or other information on
Facebook. More and more social networking sites are trying to engage each
other to broaden their appeal and service offerings. You may find that adding
your profile into Facebook can zoom sales somewhere else, and vice-versa.
                                                Facebook Profits on Steroids

Your Customers Are Your Friends
Unlike a regular business interaction, interactions in Facebook are more
social. In fact, the main reason Facebook exists is to socially gather together
and meet other people. Doing business on it was not the main reason it grew
and this has become an offshoot of a popular place to meet. It doesn't mean
that the staff of Facebook frowns on doing business on Facebook, since they
even have a marketplace for you to do so. However, if you want to be
successful on Facebook then you have to learn how to do business in a
different way.

Here, you will have to spend some time becoming an active participant of
this site to generate some business leads. It is important to start building a
network of friends because eventually those friends will also be your
customers. However, you can't approach someone with a solicitation like:
”Friend”, would you like to buy my x product?” This is obviously a solicitation
even if you are using the word “friend.” Being a friend means much more on
social networking sites than just a word. They are your trusted network and
the people who will help you promote your Facebook profile, and thus, by
default your business. But, the trick is that you never hard sell your friends,
you always have to approach them with the soft sell.

If your friends buy your products, they might share the results with groups
or it will show up on their news feed. Facebook is set up to tell other friends
about what their friends are doing, whether it is installing an application or
buying your product. There are so many different interconnected pieces to
Facebook, that you must remember to be polite and professional to everyone
you meet, even those that may want to antagonize you. You never know who
will read that exchange and get the wrong impression about you and your
business, rather than wondering why somebody else is being unpleasant.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

Develop Your Network

As you start to attract attention through your interaction on Facebook
online, you can start building a network of people who are interested
in you and your products. This is very helpful to build a contacts list
and customer database. Whether someone buys or not, remember
that they are a potential customer and try to get them into your sales
pipeline. This can be done a number of ways to help convert traffic
into sales.

You will have to devote some time to building your presence on
Facebook and some of this can be outsourced as you become more
successful. It isn't an overnight, turn-key, operation and every
Facebook business should be as unique as the business owner. In fact,
this is the primary reason people join social networks: to express their
unique identities. So, in order to build a network of people who would
be interested in your products, you need to concentrate on resonating
with people's unique identities. For instance, if you were selling tattoo
designs online, you might want to create a group on Facebook on what
makes designs appealing to some people and not to others. This is less
informational and more identity oriented and would attract people who
are interested in providing their opinions in your target market.

A Free Service, But Don't Abuse It!

Facebook is a free online service open to everyone. It used to be that
you had to be a part of someone's immediate network in order to be
invited to join Facebook. That was because it dealt mostly with college
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

students who were still enrolled originally and it was intent on
spreading by word of mouth. Now, the service is open to everyone and
attracts a number of young professionals.

If you think that because it is free, that you can do anything you want
on this community, you had better think again! The community is
monitored by the Facebook staff to make sure that people are abiding
by the terms of the service agreement. If you are doing something
against the terms of the agreement, you can expect your account to
be banned or suspended. Without your account, you won't have a
business presence. So, be sure to read the terms of the agreement
before starting. You don't want to lose your account due to ignorance.

The KISS Principle

The formula for Facebook appears to follow the KISS principle (Keep It
Simple, Stupid). The layout is more generic, making a more favorable
impression as a business site for professionals. You will be asked some
simple questions to register to help you start creating a network
without knowing anyone online yet. They will ask you for your high
school and graduation date, your college and graduation date, and
your town. This will help put you in touch with people you might
already know.

Most everything that is used on Facebook is kept to a simple format.
You can search for people by way of businesses, schools, or
geographical areas. You can even search by search terms in the
Friends Finder and pull up all people with the word “computer
                                           Facebook Profits on Steroids

programmer” or such in their profiles. This can be a very quick and
simple way to look up people in your target demographics. All of the
categories for searching groups also have subtypes that make your
searching for specific demographics very simple and easy. But, before
we get into the actual way to work with these features, let's discuss
the proper mindset you need to succeed in a social networking site like
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

     What You Need To Succeed

If you are from the old school of marketing, you might think you have
to psyche yourself up for a whole lot of fast and furious cold calling,
except instead of using the phone you'll use email. This type of activity
is called spamming and unsolicited sales emails are a great way to get
your account banned. So, you have to learn the art of the soft sell
while trying to establish a business presence in Facebook. The
immediate intent of reaching out to contact others should not an
immediate sale, but actually it should be about building relationships
and establishing a growing network. This takes time and it takes

In some cases, you will be using some of the more gentile mannerisms
taught as classic marketing maneuvers, except instead of doing it in
person, you will be doing it online. If you have ever been a consultant
in the real world for any line of work, you probably already have some
of those skills. All you have to do now is translate them into an online
web of business contacts.

Get A Referral

One of the easiest ways to build a contact list, and also the most
effective, is to get a referral from someone you already know. In fact,
Facebook was created on this premise when it originally was created
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

with a closed network that you had to be invited into by someone else
to access. This is no longer the case, and you can simply choose to
sign yourself up without a referral from anyone. However, then you
find yourself in Facebook and you're all alone! Instead of sending out
emails to anonymous people, you should always start to try to build
your network with people you already know who are on Facebook. This
way you never find yourself in the position of having to make an email
cold call. Someone will have already introduced you as a friend. This
will give you a degree of credibility when you go to approach people
you don't know on Facebook, who you would like to get to know. If
you have no friends, you can bet others will not trust you as easily as
if you have a few friends on your side already willing to vouch for you.

When you sign up, you will be asked for a variety of personal
information. You should be truthful with where you went to school,
where you live, and where you work (if you don't mind an employer
finding out you are on Facebook). Some people have even tried using
screen names, but found that when building a business, it makes more
sense to use your own name. After all, hopefully you are not online to
post pictures of the latest frat party, but rather to make money. So, if
you keep to some decent business standards, you shouldn't have to
worry too much about using your own name and it can help to start to
brand you as an expert in some field.

The reason for using your own personal information is because you are
going to use it to find your friends! If you go in and can find no one
there who knows you, you will have to start trying to make friends,
without having any friends to speak of. That's like being the new kid in
school who no one knows, no one trusts, and everyone thinks is a bit
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

weird. Friends are important because they can help you establish your
identity and verify who you are. And, identity is everything in social

So, after answering the profile information, you can start to look for
people who might have attended school with you at some time in the
past, your prior co-workers, and even people in your specific
geographical area. Another great way to find people you already know
on Facebook is to think about the types of organizations you have
joined in the past. Is there a church you attended? Plug in the church
name in the friend finder and you will be surprised how many people
pop up. Any organization is fair game, whether it is a library book club
or a business organization. It doesn't hurt to look and it can be a great
way to establish a presence from the physical encounters and time
you've already spent doing your regular activities in your area.

The Handshake

Any savvy marketer will tell you that if you meet someone new, you
shake hands firmly and you look the new person in the eye and try to
establish some personal rapport, as soon as possible. Well, when you
find those friends online, you're already a bit ahead of yourself
because you should have some rapport from past associations. Now,
all you need to do is seal the electronic deal by sending them a
message that you want to be their friend. So, in a way, you have to
re-introduce yourself to them as if they were a semi-stranger because
you are online and they can't see you through their PC screen.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

When you find someone you know, you can choose to “Add as Friend”
and then a message box will pop up. Here, you can remind your old
friend of who you are and what you shared together. Did you sing in
the same choir at church? Why not say:”Hey, Buddy, great to see a
fellow choir member here online! What have you been up to since we
last saw each other?” It's always great to ask a question to get a reply.
The idea is to establish that handshake, make it as firm as possible by
identifying who you are and their connection to you, and then try to
establish a rapport or connection with them so that they will agree to
add you as a friend.

Keep in mind that there are advantages and disadvantages to
networking online. Sometimes they are often the same thing! For
instance, the great advantage to online networking can be that you
can approach many different people to try to build your network, in
much less time than if you tried to do this physically. The
disadvantage is that so many people are trying to get to know each
other, that you can quickly be lost in the crowd or simply ignored by
people who no longer want to be anyone's friend! Hopefully, by
starting out with people who you already have some relationship with
in the physical world, you will have a firm footing in the cyberworld to
help you grow your network bigger when it comes time to do that.

The First Product You Sell: Yourself

Now, that you have someone's attention, you might think it's time to
make your sales pitch. Hold on! The first product you have to sell on a
social networking site is yourself. That means that these types of
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

interactions will take a little longer upfront than conventional methods
of marketing where you are trying to contact as many people as
possible and then issuing a sales pitch in the hopes you get someone
who is ready to buy. That's a very quick way of alienating all your
friends on Facebook and they probably won't come back. Since your
friends lend your online presence a degree of credibility and trust,
once all your friends leave, you are basically bankrupt on a social
network. You might as well leave and start a different profile (although
Facebook only allows one profile per user) or a use a different site.

So, instead, focus on getting to know your friends a little better and
finding out what about their identities has attracted them to you.
Then, promote that part of your image more to gain more people from
their network to join your own network. You should try to remain in
your targeted niche for the products you are selling. So, if you are
selling mail order office products, you shouldn't try to promote an
image of non-professionalism and get all your friends from the local
pub to join.

Now, if you were selling sporting goods, the same crowd could yield
great sales leads and buy a lot from you in the long run. So, do sell
your traits, but gear them to your image and the identities of those
people you are trying to attract. The more interesting you are to them,
the more likely they will tell a friend about what you are doing on your
Facebook account.

Opt For A Casual, Conversational Approach
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

Unlike the real business world of corporate sales, Facebook doesn't
give you kudos for putting on a virtual tie and acting robot-like. Your
main intent may be to eventually make a sale, but that is not the
intent of Facebook or its creators. So, you don't want to send out a
vibe that you are only on Facebook to do business. In the corporate
world, a business-like demeanor is seen as very professional and
efficient, on Facebook, it's deadly.

You have to remember that your audience on Facebook is one made
up of college students or young professionals, for the most part. They
still haven't spent a whole lot of time in the corporate world and are
more likely to view this type of approach as irritating and somewhat
ridiculous. They will also immediately go on the defensive if they think
they are being cultivated for some sales gimmick and your behavior
will clue them in rather quickly.

So, you don't want to act like a professional salesperson or marketer.
You want to act a little more congenial and try to reel them into your
virtual world by giving them a little trail of bread crumbs to lure them
into your fairy tale world.

Classic Internet Marketing: Storytelling

Now, this is where the marketing model diverges completely from the
conventional model. In a conventional model, you might get up in
front of a group of people (particularly if you are consultant) and
explain the benefits of your products or services to the people
                                              Facebook Profits on Steroids

attending your sales presentation. It would be geared to be snazzy,
eye-catching, and full of information that meets the customer's needs.

In Facebook, this will only bore people to tears and send them
scurrying to the exit door. Instead, after you establish rapport with
someone, you will want to opt to begin to reel them into your sales
funnel using storytelling as your main technique. Of course, this can
take a little longer, but this is not really a business proposition, it is a

Some of the greatest examples of this type of marketing technique for
online sales can be seen at eBay. Who can forget the story of the
Virgin Mary   grilled cheese sandwich? It wasn't just the image of the
Virgin Mary that made it sell for $28,000 and become an Internet story
for weeks, it was also the story behind the grilled cheese sandwich
that helped increase its value in the eyes of the Internet bidders. The
person who posted the sandwich claimed it was 10 years old and
responsible for helping her win $70,000 at a casino. And, as proof of
its holiness, the sandwich was said to have never exhibited signs of

While we all find this story incredibly humorous, the fact is she walked
away with $28,000 from the auction of a grilled cheese sandwich. And,
that's the power of storytelling when it comes to Internet marketing.

The Call To Action

At the end of every classic sales pitch is the “call to action.” In
Facebook, you can't solicit other people but you can sell your benefits.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

So, the call to action may be more of a soft sell at the end of a
personal communication and it should be done in stages. The first call
to action might actually be in your signature file that goes with your
emails in private communications. It can give an example of how
you've helped others achieve some goal of their own and how you can
help others too. Then, you should ask them to contact you for further
information or to go to a particular product or service in the
marketplace to get what they need to solve their problems. If that
doesn't catch someone's interest, don't push it. Instead, build a
relationship and after four or five interactions, you can then begin
selling them a little harder on your products and services.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

       How To Generate Income
Generating income online is probably easier than generating it offline,
for an entrepreneur. The reason for this is that this that the startup
costs have been significantly reduced and the World Wide Web (WWW)
is much more egalitarian than real life. If you were an entrepreneur
trying to get an advertising contract with a major company in real life,
your odds would be slim to none. On the Internet, however,
advertisers are relying on the average Joe to plug their products and

The same is true if you have a product that you've developed and are
trying to market in local retail stores. The time and money you have to
put in to get it into a single store can eat up any profits you might
obtain from the sale. It's a lot of work and you haven't even begun to
generate income. The Internet makes that process easier too by
allowing you several avenues to sell your wares online simply by
placing photos and descriptions of them on the Internet in the right
areas. We will discuss, in this chapter, five different ways to generate
income on the Internet and how they can be adapted to Facebook.

Market Your Own Products

If you decide to market a product or service, be sure it is something
you stand by and that it resonates with you personally. First, and
foremost, Facebook is a social networking platform. If you are selling
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

products that don't appear to resonate with your profile or your
mission in life, people will quickly spot you as a marketer and you will
not get many people wanting to be your friends. The key is to always
market products that you believe in and that make a difference in
other people's lives. That way, when they see who is selling an item, it
won't reflect badly on you and your Facebook profile.

On the Internet you can market your own products at a fraction of the
cost it would take to promote them physically from one retail store or
outlet to another. Examples of products that do very well on the
Internet are virtual products like reports, ebooks, music downloads,
photographic content, and anything that you can sell in electronic
format that might appeal to someone viewing it online. These products
are usually referred to as “info-products.” The nice thing about info-
products is that they lend themselves very well to low overhead costs.
You can produce one product and it takes no effort to create multiple
copies and have them delivered automatically through autoresponders.
Your sales cycle is very short and your costs are minimal.

You can also market physical products that you deliver in your
geographical area or through postal mail. Of course, this takes a lot
more effort and you would have to include shipping costs to the price
of your product to be able to make a profit. You can even choose to
offer your products in several different formats. For instance, maybe
some people want the electronic download and others want a physical
book. You can offer them a variety of different formats and pricing to
find one that suits them.
                                              Facebook Profits on Steroids

Multilevel marketing can also be done on the Internet and Facebook. If
you've found a product that you want to market, then you don't
necessarily have to own the rights to produce it, just the rights to
distribute it. And, you might find it easier to recruit people in your
down line using Facebook.

The applications to use for marketing your products on Facebook is
called Marketplace and RadicalBuy. We will discuss more about this
application in Chapter 7.

Use Affiliate Marketing

You can also do affiliate marketing online. This is where someone else
pays you to sell their products for them. The commission you receive
on the sale will depend on the affiliate offer you are promoting. In
some cases, you can get up to 50% of the sale, if you pick the right
offers. Here again, you should pick things that resonate with your
profile in Facebook. Affiliate marketing links could end up cluttering
your profile page, if you included them as website links, and probably
people wouldn't appreciate them. So, affiliate marketing on Facebook
can be a little tricky. You should be a little stingy with the number of
affiliate links you post on your profile or within your status line. This is
an area you can update daily with new offers, but if you do it too
much, you will turn off people who come to view your profile.

You should also want to start to build a demographic section of people
on your email list who are already in your sales funnel from your
contacts on Facebook. Once they opt-in to your email list, you can
                                                  Facebook Profits on Steroids

start to contact them about your affiliate offers off the Facebook
platform. This means that you might have to also set up some ads
within Facebook to generate the cross-section of people that you want
to market to. Or, you might start them into your sales funnel by
offering a free resource on your profile in exchange for their email
address. This way, you've not placed affiliate offers on your profile
directly, but you have gathered the necessary information to start
generating a mailing list for affiliate offers.

The application to use for affiliate marketing on Facebook is also
RadicalBuy. We will discuss more about this application in Chapter 7.

Advertising Revenues

There are a number of people generating revenue through sponsored
ads, Facebook Social Ads, and pay per click ads on Facebook. If you
end up with a large cross-section of people are friends that might be
easy to market for a particular advertiser, then they might be willing
to pay you for some sponsored ads, however, this can't be done on
Facebook without violating the terms of the service agreement. So,
you can still attempt to get advertising revenues from sponsored ads,
but they aren't allowed to be put directly on your Facebook profile.
They will have to be placed elsewhere, on your personal website, or an
outside blog. The trick is to have them pay for the ad for a period of
time, like a month. Then, you have a residual monthly income coming
in from a single text link, banner, or button on your other content. You
can direct Facebook viewers to your other areas by way of links on
your profile, even if the sponsored link is not directly on your Facebook
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

profile. This can generate significant income from your Facebook
profile in a short period of time by building relationships within
Facebook first, before you market them elsewhere.

Facebook also offers Social Ads. They come in CPC or CPM variety. The
cost to you as an advertiser choosing CPC ads would be based on a
pay per click ratio. The cost to you as an advertiser choosing CPM ads
are based on a cost per number of impressions ratio. So, you either
pay for some action, like a click on the ad, or for the number of
eyeballs who see you ad. Even though you are paying to get your ad in
front of other people, you should be able to figure out how that
converts to additional sales in your business model. If your business
increases significantly then the ads can be well worth running.

You don't necessarily have to sell your own products with Social Ads.
You can sell affiliate offers and other types of advertising. There are
people who don't even have a Facebook presence online who just buy
ads and generate income through this model. They aren't interested in
getting friends or being on a social networking platform, they are just
interested in the advertising and potential revenues from running
small ads to generate business for themselves or others.

Sell Services

Facebook can be an excellent resource for professionals who sell
services. That's because the Internet has made it very easy for people
who need your services to connect with you, regardless of whether you
are in their geographical location or not. Add to that the technological
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

advancements that make online consulting and teaching very simple,
and you can see that there are quite a few advantages to selling
services online.

The down side of selling services, instead of products, is that your time
is limited. If you don't make good use of the technology available to
help distribute yourself over multiple platforms in digital format, you
could easily find your profits being limited by the amount of time you
have. Some of the ways this dilemma can be resolved is to outsource
the smaller tasks, so that you can concentrate on the ones that are
highly profitable and need your particular attention.

You can sell many different types of services online, but they should
resonate with the persona that you've established on Facebook. If you
are a business consultant, for instance, your profile shouldn't have a
collegiate feel to it, even if you are in Facebook. Some people make
the mistake of thinking that the Facebook audience still only includes
college students, which isn't true. There are more and more
professionals going online and these people will want to see profiles
and services that speak to them too.

The types of services you can offer are many. You can choose to offer
custom services for anything out there from graphics design and
computer development to social services. You can mentor people one-
on-one either through a chat or phone service. You can set up
individual plans for people you are coaching on any number of goals,
from business to personal life goals. You can even offer these services
in digital format like downloadable media files that offer them the
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

chance to view whenever they have time. You can even offer email
support on the downloadable media and classes for a set fee.

You can even sell your own services as an Internet marketer on
Facebook. Are there any local businesses that want to enter the social
networking media? Well, you could be the person to offer them that
service. You can set up a profile for them, using their details, and use
their credit card information to buy them Social ads and build their
business for them online. You will have to show that the services you
provide are actually helping them to promote their business in order to
be a successful Internet marketer. Once they are up and running, you
can even charge them a monthly fee to manage their online profile
and businesses as a social networking presence manager.


Other popular ways to make money on the Internet are through
investing schemes. Some people buy foreign currency online and
others are becoming more invested in peer-to-peer lending schemes
like If that is where your interest is in making money
online, you can still use Facebook to generate leads for people who
might have good investment information for you. You can also use the
affiliate program from your investments to help generate extra cash.
However, the best way to invest in Facebook is to invest in yourself.

You can invest in yourself through Facebook by building up your
reputation and becoming a participant in groups that will help to build
up your online skills and money making capabilities. Social networking
                                          Facebook Profits on Steroids

is a great way to meet people who are already successful at doing
something that you may just be starting to get into. You can add them
as a friend and hopefully generate a one-on-one relationship either
through emails or groups. This way, you can get much of the advice
and information you need to succeed on your own with only a small
investment in your time. From there, you might even learn other ways
to invest online that you can use with Facebook to help generate even
greater profits.
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

   How To Establish A Facebook
The key to a great business model on Facebook is relationships. In
order to build relationships, you start with yourself. What makes you
interesting? Why would someone want to be in relationship with you?
This is the question that you must answer when you set up your
profile. The more the profile represents you and your business, the
more you will attract the type of person who might end up buying
something from you. The second step is to make some friends!

You can't do business on a social network without friends. These are
the people who are going to vouch for your authenticity and credibility.
So, you want to start with people who know you. This can be done
easily through the Friend Finder feature in Facebook. Finally you will
want to network with other people of similar interest. This is where
you will begin to expand your friends from people you know to people
you originally did not know before you contacted them. And, then,
once you've established friends and begin to build a list, you will want
to make sure your products and services are out there to buy in the
right way. You will want to have the art of the soft sell down pat and
you will want to eventually have the Internet version of the “call to
action” available at the right moment.

Create A Profile
So, you've logged in and now you are faced with a blank page and no
friends. Don't let the initial vanilla layout fool you about the power of
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

the profile to draw attention to you as a business. It is the fact that
the profiles are so clean and uncluttered that attracts professionals
and people who hate MySpace to Facebook. You will want to keep your
own profile somewhat uncluttered, but put in the information that best
brings you business. It is also a violation of the terms of service to
create more than one user profile per person, so keep that in mind.

Here again, we have to warn conventional marketers that the profile
page is not a sales page. Those long-winded sales pages that include
every known benefit that might draw a buyer in, with the option to buy
at the end? Well, that's not good Facebook marketing. Your profile
should not look like a sales page because the audience in Facebook will
recognize it and be turned off by it.

Instead, create a profile that includes many of your own interests and
activities, even when they seem to have nothing to do with your
business. It may seem unusual for a marketer to spend time on the
Internet posting their favorite books and music online that have little
to do with their products or services, but that's going to help you build
social relationships. So, although you might be joining to create a
business person, you private persona is essential to share on Facebook
if you want to be accepted as part of the community. This can cause
some discomfort with regular marketers, but you don't have to
disclose everything. Just enough to making make a connection with
someone else. You never know what someone will see on your profile
that will click with them, it could be a movie you watched, a book you
read, or hobby you engage in. This type of profile not only helps to
make you more approachable, but it also will come in handy when you
are searching demographics later.
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in Facebook on your profile
is not including a picture. Even if you are not photogenic, no one likes
the idea of conversing with a huge question mark, which is the default
picture on your profile. A personal picture is actually the best idea, and
again, that can make some people uncomfortable. Facebook is about
genuine connections and human relationships, so if you can't get into
that spirit you may end up being hampered down the line. If you can't
find it within you to post a picture of yourself, upload at least some
picture. Some people are intrigued by photos that are blurred or show
only part of a face. This might send the wrong message, however, if
you are trying to appear genuine and likable.

Don't worry about everyone on Facebook or the Internet seeing your
profile. There are privacy options that allow only friends on people in
your Facebook network to see your profile. There are very few public
profiles online. All they will show in the listing is a thumbnail of your
picture and your name. You will have to accept someone as your friend
most of the time or belong to the same network for them to be able to
view your profile.

Find Friends

As we mentioned earlier, finding friends is not as hard as it may first
seem when you log into your blank profile page. Facebook makes it
extremely easy to get started building a network of friends. If you are
truthful with your profile, you will start to find people easily by looking
for them in the various categories that match your own profile. In fact,
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

if you filled out all the schools you attended, you are almost
guaranteed to find someone online to be your friend, particularly if the
school experience was recent. You can even find coworkers from all
the jobs you've had in the past if they are members of Facebook.
Facebook will give you these options at the very bottom of the “Find
people you know on Facebook” page. They will already have links set
up to point you in the right direction saying: “Find classmates from
(name of your school here)” or “Find current or past coworkers.” It's
just that simple to do after you've already filled out your profile

Once you locate someone who is a potential friend, be sure to click on
the “Add as friend” link. It will notify them that you are out there and
want to be included in their circle of friends. You can even add a little
message in the request, which is highly recommended. A great way to
make sure you get a positive response is to remind them of how you
know them and reminisce a bit or ask a question. This will help them
to realize that here is someone from their past that they already know.
This is important because people forget names and faces, as well as,
some people get multiple friend requests and you can get lost in the

Finally, you will want to also search your email addresses from various
accounts you might have to see if you can locate someone on
Facebook who is already an email buddy. Not only can you locate
people through your email address book, but there are also options to
AIM buddy list and Windows live contact. When looking for friends you
already know, be sure to explore the friend finder interface carefully.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids


Once you have a few friends signed up who can vouch for your
credibility, you can start trying to network. Before that, it might be
anyone's guess whether the profile represents a live person or a
creation of someone's active business imagination. So, friends are
crucial to giving your profile some authenticity. And, we all know that
people do not buy products or do business with people they don't

Now, you will want to join some networks. This will be under your
Accounts link. After getting into your account page, you will want to
select the network tab. You might already be included in a network,
others you will have to join. University networks may require you to be
a current student with an email address on the university server to
confirm sign-up to the network. You can only join up to five networks.
Now, don't confuse networks with networking. After all, networks
facilitate networking on Facebook, but you can network with anyone
whether you join their network group or not. Probably for that reason
and the groups option, Facebook is staging out networks in the near

So, see, networking in Facebook is not difficult. That's because there
are already various networks and groups in existence on Facebook,
from geographically based networks to university networks. In fact, if
you filled out your hometown, you can easily start to network with
people in your area by clicking on the name of your home town in the
profile. Voila! Now you see one of the most powerful features of
Facebook and why you should be accurate and thorough when creating
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

your own profile. It will lead you to numerous networking opportunities
based on your profile alone, whether a network or group for that
particular demographic exists or not.

Networking, as mentioned earlier, can also be accomplished by clicking
on any link in your profile. If you want to find people who might have
a book you read in common, just click on the title and Facebook will
come up with all the members who picked that as their favorite book
too. This can lead to very interesting and social ways to network and
get market leads. For instance, if you were selling beauty products,
you could go to and find out what might be selling under
beauty books. List that as one of your favorite books, click on it, and
find many other people who make a perfect demographic for your
business. Then, you can ask to be their friend by noting in your
message that you both like the same book. You haven't sold them
anything yet, but they might be more inclined to add you as friend if
they perceive you and they already have a connection.

The Sales Call To Action

In most conventional marketing, your call to action comes at the end
of every marketing interaction and it usually is pumped to be a hard
sell. This is the wrong approach for Facebook where this type of
maneuver will easily get you branded as a marketer and persona non-
grata in the community. So, you must try to follow a more subtle
approach in your call to action. You must think about why you are on
Facebook and how you can contribute to the community. You have to
change your mindset from one of selling a product or service, to
                                           Facebook Profits on Steroids

understanding that a call to action can mean various things on a social

One thing you will want to attempt to do is to move them off Facebook
to your own website or sales page elsewhere, so your sales call to
action will not just be about making an immediate sale, but preparing
them to enter your sales funnel.

For that reason, you can ask them to:

     Read your blog
     You can post some excerpts from your outside blogs into notes
     and have them continue reading offline to your personal blog
     where affiliate offers and such won't be as jarring. In fact, many
     marketing experts believe a blog to be the ideal transition point
     from Facebook to your own website.

     Sign up to a mailing list
     Once they are on your blog or website, you can ask them to sign
     up to a mailing list in exchange for some free item.

     Download a file
     You can do this to establish a rapport with your viewers and to
     help you promote your business.

     Join a group
     Many marketers find people in groups are a great way to start
     building a mailing list and contacting people one-on-one. Also,
     you can post your links to outside offers in any group you create.
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

      Post a comment
      Write an interesting note? Want to know about something on
      Facebook? Whether you ask a question or just ask for feedback,
      you can get people to comment and thus help you build
      community and rapport. It will also help you to gear your
      products and services to the likes and dislikes of your audience.

      Order a product
      Finally, you can do this, but you want to be very careful not
      violate the terms of the Facebook service agreement. You also
      don't want to lose your friends just as you've started figuring out
      Facebook's networking possibilities.

Don't forget that you can promote your own products and services in
your email interactions with people. Just use a signature file for your
outside emails and always look for an opening where a particular
product or service may solve someone's immediate problem. Then, it
will be a case of you being helpful, not so much being driven to make
a sale at any price.
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

          Identifying Your Target
In order to figure out what audience to target, you have to understand
the types of people who join Facebook. is website
dedicated to understanding what people are doing on Facebook by
tracking the applications that are being created and downloaded.
They've broken down the types of communications that occur in
Facebook into three categories: identity, factic, and other.

Factic would relate to communications that one engages for the sake
of the social task being performed. For instance, when someone hands
you something, you automatically communicate, “thank you” even
though it performs no function directly other than to be polite. The
biggest category of communication is identity, which comprises about
43% of all communications on Facebook. This should tell you that
people who join Facebook are interested in asserting their identities,
whether individually or as a group. And, that's how you are going to
attract people to you and figure out your sales demographics too.

Your Sales Brand

Your profile is your sales brand on Facebook. It is your identity and, as
such, is the brand that will either attract or repel people to your
products and services. If you've spent a good deal of time setting up
the perfect profile, it will help you to generate interest in people
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

joining as friends. So, you identify who you are first and foremost.
Then, you will want to continue to communicate this identity through
your Facebook interactions and eventually participate or create
communities that strengthen this identity. The reason for this is
simple: If your brand, or identity, appeals to people on Facebook, then
it will flourish and generate traffic and income.

How To Locate Clients

After you've established your own identity, then you want to locate the
demographics within Facebook that will resonate with your brand. This
is straightforward marketing philosophy. In order to make your
marketing efforts pay off, you want to either approach or engage
people who might be likely to buy them. If you waste your time just
chit-chatting with everyone, you may end up being the most social
person in Facebook, but making poor sales. So, you should always
seek to engage people in the demographic segment that is likely to
buy your products and services, as well as engage in social
interactions. You can do this several ways: by using the search bar,
Lexicon, or polls.

Using The Search Bar

One of the first ways to locate a demographic that might be beneficial
to your business is to look at the professions of people who might be
interested in your products. Are you selling physical fitness products?
Look up physical fitness trainers, yoga instructors, and/or sport
coaches. These are three very viable demographics for these products
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

and they are based on people's professions. So, by opening the search
bar and just typing one in at a time, you can easily locate people in
these professions and begin to start building a contact list.

When you get results from the search bar, they will pull up on an “All
Results” tab. However, don't fail to notice that there are other tabs
available that can narrow down your search metrics much more
efficiently. They are broken down into their own tabs as follows:

      This tab will show you all the people who matched your search
      query. You will have to check each individually to see where the
      search term was found in their profile to see if it makes sense to
      add them to a potential contact list. If the keyword you searched
      shows up in areas like hobby instead of the job title, you may
      have to decide whether they could be a serious buyer or not. You
      want to create a streamlined list of contacts that have good
      potential, not every person who's name shows up in the results.

      This tab will show you all the pages created by people on
      Facebook. They typically represent businesses, interest groups,
      non-profits, or even political campaigns. These are not for
      individuals as much as for groups, so keep that in mind if you
      are wanting to sell to individuals. If you are looking for business-
      to-business interactions than the pages results can steer you in
      the right direction.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

      This tab is for groups created by people, not just businesses.
      They can comprise anything under the sun. They typically do not
      like to be marketed, but can be a great resource for developing
      new friends and to learn how people in your demographics are
      interacting. You can join a few groups and start to network this
      way very efficiently.

      If you have some local events that you are using for marketing
      purposes, or you want to connect with people specifically in your
      geographic zone face-to-face, then you can check out the events
      page. You may find groups of people in your area who make a
      perfect sales demographic for your products or services.

      These are tools helpful to your marketing efforts, not people. So,
      you will be able to find helpful applications that might be
      highlighted in the application tab by using your demographic
      search result. They won't lead you to buying customers though
      unless they are tools to help you do that.

When you are building your contact list, be sure to check out as many
tabs as necessary to get a good cross-section of people and businesses
that might be helpful in your search.
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids


Lexicon is a feature in Facebook that measures trends in different
content posted to Facebook. It can be used as a market research tool
by comparing how popular different search terms, associated with your
products or services, are on Facebook. It can also give you an idea of
what people are saying about these keywords as it tracks the
information that is posted to the Wall section of each person's profile.
This is an area where people post messages to each other and it can
give you an idea of what the latest buzz is in Facebook and help you to
capitalize on that interest level. Or, if you are trying to decide whether
your cat or dog products might sell better, you can compare the trends
by placing the words “cat, dog” into the Lexicon search area. Then,
you can see that dogs are talked about more than cats recently. You
can put in up to five words separated by commas to search this way
and get a good idea of recent trends in Facebook.

It may be difficult to find a direct link to Lexicon, so we are providing it


Polls are a great way to figure out what is of interest to people who
are coming to your profile or who are in groups. You will want to either
get permission to post a poll to a group or be the group's creator. This
is not a free service, so it can cost you a bit to do market research and
demographics investigations this way. If you don't want to pay to do
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

it, you can always use your contact list from a group you created to
direct them to a survey outside of Facebook using a free tool like Or instead of using the poll tool, you can conduct
a poll in the discussion area of a group to get started without spending
any money. This is a great way to get feedback on whether your
products and services can use some enhancements or if you might be
able to cross-sell some new product or featured based on a new
underutilized need in your market segment.


Mini-feeds show the actions that you've taken as a member of
Facebook from the most recent to the less recent. It will show what
networks or groups you've joined, when you edit your profile, or added
friends and applications. You can view other people's mini-feeds on
their profiles too on the right-hand side to do some market research
on what interests particular targets. This can be helpful if you notice
people are doing the same sorts of things across a particular segment
of your market groups.

News Feeds

These are different that Mini-feeds in that they are automatically
generated by Facebook to keep friends connected and to use content
in a viral manner. What stories show up on your news feed depends on
a number of different variables from what your privacy settings are to
what your friend's privacy settings are. Sometimes stories show up
just because Facebook finds them interesting. At any rate, watching
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

the news feed is another good way to figure out what your friends and
potential customers are interested and especially, when some topic is
about to go viral.

Psych Them Out

Now, that you've done your research and identify your demographics,
you want to be able to convert Facebook users to paying customers.
For that you have to learn how to communicate with people in your
demographics in the language they are most comfortable hearing. It
doesn't mean you have to go into college slang, just be aware that
some words may be better sales tools than other words. You should
strive to remain authentic to your persona, but always with a warm
and approachable style.

As mentioned earlier, you will want to appeal to the identity of the
individual or group you are addressing. You should stress how your
product or service will enhance or promote their individual identities.

You will want to try to move them off Facebook to your other selling
venues. Otherwise, it is very difficult to mass-market to individuals on
Facebook. You can offer a single product now and then, but to get
them into a sales funnel that will show them all the offerings you have
on the web, it's a good idea to move them away from the Facebook
profile. One way you can do this is to offer them something for free in
exchange for signing up with their email address to receive the free
offer. This will allow you to market them with emails that can send
them information to them directly. Or, you can tell them about a blog
                                          Facebook Profits on Steroids

that is off the Facebook network, and from this intermediary step you
can market them to your website later.
                                           Facebook Profits on Steroids

 Strategies For Sales Promotion

At first it may not seem obvious how to promote your products and
services on Facebook without either getting banned or ignored. First
and foremost, Facebook is a social networking site. People who place
ads on other people's walls or sent unsolicited sales messages will
quickly get into trouble. There are genuine ways to promote your
business, however, on Facebook which makes it unique from MySpace
and other types of social networking sites. There are Facebook pages
which were set up as a concession to businesses and organizations
who wanted some page to promote their businesses, rather than
themselves. These can be used to put information about your
organization and some of your offerings without getting into trouble.

You will also want to join networks that are within your geographical
location, school, or work areas to provide viewing access to your
profile for people who might be searching for something along the
lines of your business. Groups, as mentioned earlier, are different than
networks and can provide a great way to meet people one-on-one and
rub elbows with marketers that are already successful in their niche.
You can even do a little promotion of your business in these if you
don't consistently spam the group.

You can use gifts as promotional marketing materials, much the same
way a conventional marketer would give away free pens or mousepads
to promote their businesses. And, finally, advertising can get your
                                              Facebook Profits on Steroids

message across to many people whether they are in your network or
not, circle of friends or not. Don't forget that anything on your profile
can also be used to market to others, if you do it with a little subtlety.
You don't want to be caught spamming anyone's wall or emails.

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are similar to profiles except that they are used for
businesses, organizations, and a number of different types of interests.
You can expect to see a Facebook page about a restaurant just as
easily as you might spot a Facebook page on pets. There are several
categories to choose from: a local business, a brand or product, or an
artist, band, or public figure. The interesting thing about Facebook
pages is that you don't necessarily have to be the celebrity to put up a
page about your celebrity. It can be a fan club or a Facebook pages
extolling the virtues of Nutella, if that's what suits you.

The Facebook pages works very similar to profile pages except that
they are public. They have some of the same features as your profile
page like a Wall and the ability to upload files. They also have
discussion groups and and a way for fans to join your Facebook page.
The service is free and promoted virally throughout Facebook and even
comes up in the search results. The actions that people take on your
Facebook page are also integrated in the news feed and thus your
product or service can spread virally through word of mouth. If you
use Facebook pages in conjunction with Social Ads, you can increase
the chances of your product getting viral momentum.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids


Networks are important to join because they allow other people in your
network to view your profile without necessarily having to add you as
a friend. So, if you are interested in having advertising links and
marketing to a wider audience, you will want to join as many networks
as you can. Unfortunately, you are limited to five networks and most
you have to have some identifying email address to confirm in order to
join the network. So, you can't just say you work at IBM, you actually
have to have an email address in that domain to prove that you work
there before Facebook will sign you up for that network.

The exception to that rule is the geographic location network. You
should pick a geographic location where you do most of your business,
not where you live. The reason for that is that you may not be allowed
to change your geographic network that often and you can only choose
one. So, make sure you are careful when you choose the geographic
network you would like to belong to. Facebook will not require an
email address or anything for your geographic network.

The other types of networks you can join besides the regional and
work networks are school networks. For these, you will have to have
an email address under the school's domain. So, if you are a person
who is soon to graduate, make sure you get in the network now,
before it's too late and you lose the email address necessary to
confirm that you are indeed a student at that school.

One of the interesting thing is that Facebook is now saying it is
phasing out networks. Seeing that Facebook was built around the
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

concept of school networks, it will be interesting to find out what they
plan to do with this area. Keep an eye out for future developments in
this area, but until that happens be sure to add your networks
immediately upon joining Facebook. It will also give you access to view
other people's profiles in the networks that you claim.


There are two ways to promote your business using groups. You can
join an existing group and join in the discussions and at the right
moment promote your product. If you do this too much, you will be
labeled a spammer, so it's not the best way to promote your business
through a group. Another way, which is very effective, is to create
your own group. This provides several benefits to joining an existing
group. You can control what segment of your demographics to target
with a group topic and you can put up your own advertising in the
group without offending anyone.

You don't want to create a group about a specific product or service
you are offering. No one is going to join an obvious ploy to market
your wares. Instead, you will want to choose a topic related to your
products or services and then use the group to help you promote your

If you have no idea what might work, simply check out the existing
groups on Facebook. Look up groups that are in your niche market
area and see what they are doing to make the group successful. Then,
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

you can take the same approach to help you build a group that
attracts members and is successful too.

One of the most important marketing tools for your group will be the
name that choose for it. If you choose to name it something bland, it
won't attract much attention. You typically want names that are long
enough to promote some interest, but short enough to be catchy so
that they will go viral. In fact, T-shirt sayings can best exemplify
catchy titles or slogans that might work on group names too. It
doesn't mean you can't be serious, if you are dealing with a serious
topic. But, if you are trying to capture a younger crowd you might
want to try something humorous or trendy.

Examples of groups with good names in either the serious or flip
categories are:

   •   Six Degrees of Separation (376,341 members)

   •   I Don't Care How Comfortable Crocks Are, You Look Like A
       Dumbass (865,097 members)

   •   You know you're from North Carolina when...(21,522 members)

As you can see, it doesn't really take a genius to figure out a good
name for a group.

To advertise your group, you will want to join existing groups and post
about it on the wall or join discussion groups where you can announce
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

its creation. Part of social networking is joining in and participating, so
don't expect people to just storm the front door after the group
becomes active. You do have to do a little legwork to get people
through the door. As the creator of the group, you will be responsible
for adding posts and keeping it from becoming filled with spam or
hostile posts.

You want your group to have quality and substance so that people will
want to join and feel they are benefiting from being there. This will
help you to increase the number of active group participants and help
you to build a contact list for people who can potentially become your
friends on your profile or customers from the ads you place in the

Virtual Gifts

Virtual gifts are not free, they cost a dollar each to send. However, you
can add a little message to them and this will end up on the recipient's
friends news feeds. So, in a way you are paying to advertise your
product. Virtual gifts should resonate with the recipients' identity to
promote a sense of personal affirmation and to get them to appreciate
the gift.

The Wall

The wall is an area of each person's profile where messages can be
posted by other people who are visiting the profile. You can put any
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

message you want on the wall and it will be public. You can use this to
research the market trends of people's interests and you can also post
some message about things that might interest specific people in your
circle of friends. Be aware that if you spam the wall consistently with
sales ads, you will probably be blocked, and if the staff of Facebook is
alerted you could end up being banned from Facebook.

An interesting way to use the power of the wall, is to look for people in
your circle who have a high number of page views on their profile.
These would be people who have a lot of friends or send a lot of
activity to the news feeds. That's the only way to tell what type of
page views they might be getting. Then, target these people for your
comments on their wall in a way that pulls the people viewing back to
your profile.

Social Ads

Finally, Social Ads are a paid avenue for advertising on Facebook. The
nice thing about Social Ads is that you can target a specific
demographic within Facebook, unlike Google AdWords. You can target
it by different categories: age, gender, interests, locations, and more.
You can set up a campaign in either the CPC or the CPM model and
choose your budget. In the CPC you are purchasing advertising based
on clicks and the CPM model is for impressions.

Social ads appear in news feeds and to the left of the Facebook profiles
and can be paired with a friend's action. So, not only will you see that
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

your friend took some action on your website, but you will also have
an ad served in the news feed as well.

Social Ads come with its own metric measuring feature called
Facebook Insights. It gives you an idea of how well your ads are
working and what you might change for another campaign. It will tell
you who has engaged your ads and who hasn't providing some market
research directly from the ad you choose to place.


Another feature on Facebook that deserves a mention is Beacon. It
used to be a standard opt-in for everyone on Facebook, but users
complained and now you the basic setup is that you are not
automatically opted in to Beacon, you have to tell Facebook you want
to opt-in to this special feature. The reason for this is that Beacon was
a feature that tracked some specific actions that your friends did on
your website and then broadcasted that information to everyone by
way of news feeds or added as a story to a profile. Some of the actions
that might be targeted are buying a product, getting a service, adding
a wish list item, or more.

Well, people didn't necessarily want all their friends to know what they
were buying, particularly if it was some other friend's birthday present
or a bit embarrassing to have broadcast across Facebook. So, now
Beacon is still online, but when your friend performs this action on
your sight, they receive a message to opt-out of the broadcast if they
want to. So, now the dilemma is whether it's worth it to use Beacon or
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

whether you will alienate people performing actions on your profile
because they know they are being watched. It's too early to tell if the
backlash of negative sentiment towards Beacon will continue amongst
Facebook users, but one should be careful anyway about what one
chooses to try to broadcast across Facebook, especially if it is
associated with your profile.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

      Applications For Marketing
The user interface for Facebook is relatively clean. You won't see a lot
of extraneous things on your profile, but that doesn't mean you don't
have the choice to add extra features to your Facebook account. And,
in fact, if you want to do some marketing on Facebook for your own
products and services, you will have to install the Marketplace
application to be able to buy and sell on Facebook, it doesn't come

The types of applications that are pre-installed on your profile are:
photos, video, groups, events, and notes. These applications are listed
on the left-side of your profile under the search box. You can add new
applications by clicking on the word “Applications” and then choosing
to "Browse" more applications. From there you can add new
applications by clicking on the application name and opening the
description and reviews area. To the left hand side, you will see a
button to “Add Application.”

The Facebook applications area is not the only way to discover new
applications for Facebook. There are tons of websites devoted to
Facebook applications from serious applications to games and quizzes.
You can also check out your friend's profiles to see what applications
they've installed and that will also give you an idea of whether you can
trust the application to work or not. You should always read the
reviews and decide to install or not based on whether it suits your
purposes or not. The applications are not guaranteed to work by
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

Facebook, since they are provided by third-party developers, so it's
important to do your research.

Some of the applications that are very useful for marketing on
Facebook are: RadicalBuy, Appsaholic, Introduce Me, and Business
Cards. We will go every each of these applications and tell you how to
use them to get the best results on Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace Application

Facebook Marketplace, once installed, will offer you a place to list
things for sale, housing, jobs, and classified ads. There is even a spot
for free stuff too. The opportunities will be divided up by your
networks. So, don't be surprised if you don't see everything on your
Facebook from the entire site. It is set up to be a community
marketplace, so it makes perfect sense to see only those listings from
people in your network. That is why you want to setup your network to
be the place where you mostly do business, not where you live. It is
the basic area where people within Facebook go to do commerce
within Facebook. However, it doesn't complete transactions between
buyers and sellers. That is done offline between the two parties.


RadicalBuy is another marketplace application that is more robust than
Facebook Marketplace. It will allow you to recommend products to
people on your contact list. You can get feedback and offer feedback
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

on market transactions. You can cross-sell between RadicalBuy and
Facebook Marketplace. It makes it easy to collect payment, unlike the
Facebook Marketplace. It offers users the ability to collect payment
using Paypal, Google Checkout, credit cards, and more. You can even
choose affiliate offers through RadicalBuy, if you want to include that
with or without your own offerings.


This application is for people who have created their own applications
and want to monetize them. We will go over creating your own
application in Chapter 8. However, if you choose to do this, you will
want a way to track the performance of your application and to place
ads on it so that you can get a return on your investment. This
application claims to be the #1 Facebook ad network for application

Business Cards

The idea behind the Business Cards application is similar to a
conventional business card. Except instead of handing it to someone
for future reference, you can attach your business card to Facebook
messages. You can browse other business cards and make connections
that way too. It is a sort of visual way of establishing your identity in a
way that keeps you from having to keep writing the same thing over
and over. This application was a bit buggy in its inception, but appears
                                               Facebook Profits on Steroids

to have been fixed to allow a person to edit the business card
information once it has been entered.

Introduce Me

Introduce Me allows people you know on Facebook to introduce you to
people they know. It facilitates networking. The application is placed in
the profile making it easier for people who stop by to introduce you to
other people they know.


Since you are in a social networking environment, word-of-mouth from
trusted sources can make the difference between a sale or a near
miss. And, with this application, people can simply go to your site and
add their testimonial very easily. The fact that their user name will be
associated with the testimonial at times means the testimonials hold
more weight on Facebook. Although this application is also still a bit
buggy, it bears looking into. Right now, if people post a testimonial on
your site, it may be difficult to delete it.


This application is good for consultants, tutors, and pay-by-the hour
types of people who can do business over the phone. The application
will provide you with a special phone number to use for your business
                                           Facebook Profits on Steroids

and allow people to call you directly on that number once they pay a
set fee that you set. The phone call will be directed to a phone number
of your choice. Now you have your own way to set up an anonymous
pay-to-talk phone number.

ProBook Facebook Application

This is an application that allows you to add information about yourself
in a professional directory. Friend and people you've contacted can
offer feedback and rate you, which will give potential employers some
measure of your worth.


This application will allow you to combine the power of Facebook for
networking to showcase your eBay goods. This can work very nicely as
people will often buy from people whom they trust. If you are in
someone's network, it's likely you have a certain degree of authenticity
that other eBay sellers won't have without Facebook profiles.

Garage Sale

If you have a whole lot of stuff lying around that you want to get rid
of, and don't want to incur fees for listing them on eBay or some other
third-party site, you can use the Garage Sale application. There is a
commission charged for any sale that you make, but it is only 5%. It
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

will do transaction processing too and your friends can use credit cards
to buy the items from you online. This application is still a bit new,
however, some people swear by it and others have some trouble
installing it.

Free Gifts

Want to send gifts but not spend $1 each? There is an application
called Free Gifts that will allow you to do just that. These work just like
the paid gifts in that you can add some text to your gift for the
recipient to see. So, they make a nice way to stay in touch with your
friends and add a bit of marketing oomph too.


There are some applications that show a lot of promise but may not be
at the stage where they can be used with any reliability or they may
not be in use enough to make that judgment. Developers are always
working to improve their applications and remove the bugs from them,
so you need to check back with them to see if they look like they are
starting to gain traction. Here are a couple that you should keep an
eye on in the future, for business purposes:

   •   Welcome Box
       This was actually pretty popular for a while, as it allowed people
       to post a welcome message on their Facebook profile that was
       individualized to the person visiting. Unfortunately, when people
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

       figured out they could use it to pull the photo off another
       person's profile into the Welcome Box, it began to be used by
       some prankster's to make people take a double-take, sometimes
       with some very nasty associations near their pictures. So, the
       developer has removed that option, but it can still turn out to be
       a very good application in the future, and this is certainly one to

   •   E3Buy
       This application does not have enough fans to be able to say that
       it works with any certainty, although the concept is very good.
       You would be able to set up eBay like auctions on your profile
       without having to pay eBay commissions. Seeing that eBay now
       has a ban on infoproducts, it may be just such an application
       that brings people into Facebook from the eBay crowd.

Final Word On Applications

Applications are coming out every day as the opportunity to make
money with them increases. Many people and even companies are
joining the bandwagon to develop an application that goes viral and
creates a sensation in Facebook. This will eventually lead to more sales
exposure, and even monies, if the application is monetized. So, you
can check out new applications as they come out by browsing the
applications, but you should always be a little wary of being an early
adopter of an application. It may not work and it may cause problems
and Facebook does not support third-party applications.
                                           Facebook Profits on Steroids

If you are trying to locate new applications, you can see them under
the “Newest” tab when you are browsing applications. There is also a
“Recently Popular” tab, a “Most Activity” tab, and a “Most Active
Users” tab. You can check the profiles of your friends to see what
applications they've installed to get a good idea of which ones work
well and would appeal to your demographics.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

 Creating Your Own Application

You can develop your own application and this is a highly profitable
area, however, it usually takes a team of people to develop the
concept and market it successfully. You will want to try to make a
unique application that appeals to people's identities, as that is the
main type of user that exists in Facebook. The more it ties in to
current events or popular culture, the more likely it will be accepted
and turn viral. And, that's the whole point of creating an application –
to get it to spread virally over the Internet. However, you will have to
have several skills to do that.

You will want to be able to program an application, you will want to
develop a winning concept by doing proper market research, and you
want to be able to test and support the application when it is released.
This can take someone who is either exceptionally talented or a group
of people with some financial backing to make the application happen.

Characteristics Of Viral Applications

There are some things that we do know can enhance the chances of
your application going viral. They would have the following
                                       Facebook Profits on Steroids

Opt-in for friends
You will want to be able to allow people who install the
application to invite their friends to install it too. This makes the
process of spreading it just that much easier. You cannot insist
that they invite their friends in order to use the application
because that's outside the terms of Facebook's service

Post to news feeds
Once a person installs the application, it should convey that
information to the news feed to help other friends figure out that
a new application has been installed. Friends may decide to try
the application that they see their friends using.

Unlocking extras later
This characteristic can be programmed so that it motivates a
person to use the application more often and send it to more of
their friends. For instance, the Send Good Karma application
unlocks new karma gifts for every five friends that the user
sends. This is what helps your application to become more
popular as people try to see what new features are unlocked the
more they use it.

Everyone loves a freebie and there's no reason you can't include
them with an application. The types of freebies you can consider
are things like blog postings, a compatible application, or other
little tools to make the user want to come back for more.
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

How To Make Money With Your Application

There are a variety of ways to make money with your application. You
can create an application and sell it on an application marketplace for
a one-time fee. You can sell ads with the application to help pay off
the costs of developing it. You can charge something to use the
application or charge a commission from a sale generated by the
application. Or, you can get sponsors and partners who want their
name associated with a Facebook application to provide monies for
development and implementation.

Creating It To Sell It

There are some definite advantages to selling an application after
you've created. Some of the positive aspects of selling an application

       Instant Return On Investment
       You get an immediate payback from the application regardless of
       whether it takes off or not. You don't have to wait for a lot of
       people to sign up to get back what you put into it in time and
       development. And, there's no guarantee it will be successful
                                              Facebook Profits on Steroids

      Contract Out For Bug Fixes, Enhancements, and Support
      You can then hire yourself out to the buyer for bug fixes,
      enhancements, and general support of the application. If that's
      not your cup of tea, you can leave that to some other
      programmer and get busy on building a different application. The
      choice is yours.

The disadvantage of selling your application right away is that the
return on your investment is usually a one-time affair. There are
various places online where you can sell an application once it is

      Mashable Marketplace
      Also known as “The Web 2.0 Marketplace.” This website offers an
      area to list your application for a $50 listing fee.

      You can create a listing for 14 days for your Facebook application
      on The simple Facebook category makes it easy to
      see who is selling what and whether anyone is bidding.

      This blog is willing to list your application for free, and it is rather
      new to do this. So, you have to keep checking to see how many
      people take them up on their offer.

      You can set up an auction for your Facebook application for free
                                              Facebook Profits on Steroids

      on this website. The listing itself is free, but there are fees for
      additional features to the listing, like highlighting and bolding.

If you choose to keep the application and market, there are other
ways tool make money on it, besides just hiring out for programming.

Creating It To Market It

If you own the application, you can still sell space within it. If the
application is viral or theme-oriented to a specific market, this can be
a viable way to not only recoup programming expenses, but to exploit
the Facebook market to produce income on the creation of an
application. The way to make money with an application is to either
monetize it or to partner with sponsors who are willing to pay for the
roll-out of the application, providing you some benefits as well as
upfront income.

      Sell ad space
      You can create an application with the idea that you will be using
      it for marketing purposes too. In that case, you can include ad
      space into the application that can later be sold in chunks to
      online advertisers. Appsaholic and other applications available in
      Facebook help you to sell ad space within your own application.
      Obviously, you have to be sure that your application isn't just a
      promotional tool for advertising or you probably will be pulled
      from Facebook. You are allowed to sell ads in your application,
      but that's not what the entire application should be about.
                                       Facebook Profits on Steroids

Sell virtual items
This is like the gifts application that will allow people to buy
virtual gifts and send them to friends. You sell items like ring
tones or even physical items too.

Use affiliate marketing
Maybe you don't want to sell ad space or create items to sell,
then, you still have the option to include affiliate marketing
offers in your application. This will use your affiliate id and
provide some income based on how many people click your ads.

Viral marketing
If you give away the application, you may still end up making
money on it, if it provides branding for a website where you sell
products or services. Don't think that you have to collect money
upfront to make money at the end.
                                              Facebook Profits on Steroids

   Building Your Business Using

There is only so much marketing Facebook will allow their profile
owners to do on its website. They police the website very carefully to
make sure it doesn't become just an avenue for advertisers, full of
spam and advertising tricks that will turn off their core audience. For
that reason, if you want to build your business using Facebook, you
will eventually hit a wall within Facebook.

You will have to start to learn how to use Facebook as a part of your
sales funnel to other avenues where you can sell products
indiscriminately without offending Facebook policies.

Some of the ways you can do this is to advertise your outside website
within Facebook, hoping to capitalize on the traffic and draining some
of it to your own venues. Another way to do it is to convert friends into
customers, but again you don't want to spam them with business
offers as this will get you booted off Facebook. You will want to have a
market niche and decide which types of products and services can be
most easily converted to sales within Facebook.

Another way to build a business through Facebook, without actually
making direct sales at the point of contact, is to start building a
contact list. This list can be the starting point of a very effective sales
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

funnel. Finally, you may decide that what people want on Facebook
isn't so much your products or services, but your identity. You can still
capitalize on that by choosing to do consulting using various tools
within Facebook that make it easy and profitable to do.

Direct To Your Outside Website

You will want to do a fair amount of self-promotion on your profile
page. Include in the profile page your outside website URL, as the first
way to generate views and sales from your Facebook activities and
contacts. This can be done in several places:

      Under My Websites
      This is an area that allows you to include your favorite websites.
      You cannot add descriptions about the websites here, so all it will
      be is a URL. You can still get hits this way because people who
      cross your Facebook profile will be curious about your likes and

      Add To Your Wall
      Sometimes people won't take the time to click on the your
      websites, but they do take the time to scroll and view your wall.
      Add a “share a link” to your wall so that your website URL is
      more prominently displayed. This is also a good area because
      you can give a description of the site and add some enticing web
      copy to bring attention to the link.
                                           Facebook Profits on Steroids

      Incorporate your web copy to Facebook
      You can do this with various applications and features within
      Facebook. If you own a blog, you have the postings directly
      imported to your Facebook profile through the notes feature. If
      you want to show comments or discussions in your Facebook
      profile from your own websites, then you can use applications
      like Comments Site Conversations to do that. There are several
      applications that will allow you to embed your copy into your
      Facebook profile.

      Embed outside copy to Facebook
      Maybe you are selling ring tones or music. You can also put up
      promotional videos with your services on outside websites like
      YouTube and then embed that to your Facebook profile directly
      using the Facebook link in Youtube. You can then put where to
      buy, your URL, in your YouTube video too.

The step to bringing customers to your outside website, even if you
are happy with sales within Facebook, cannot be overstated. If you
rely on any third-party website to develop your business, and do not
establish some way to bring those customers under your own
umbrella, you may find that what seems like insignificant policy
changes to Facebook could wipe out your business model and your
customers in a day. So, always, always, try to retain control of your
own business model, whenever possible.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids


Of course, having someone visit your own unique website is not
enough to make a sale or even build your business. Directing people to
your outside website, away from Facebook, is just the first step. Next,
you will want to convert a visitor to a subscriber. What's the
difference? The difference is that a visitor is someone who is
anonymous and who is never entered into the sales funnel that you
should have developed to sell your products. A subscriber is someone
who has willingly given you their email address so that you can now
attempt to market them, but hopefully not in a way that will make
them unsubscribe.

So, there are two types of conversions we are interested in:
conversion from visitor to subscriber and conversion from subscriber to
customer. Let's discuss both of these so that you get a good idea of
how to proceed once you have someone visiting your site.

In the first type of conversion, we want to create offers that appeal to
someone visiting our website. We want to create an irresistible offer
that grabs their attention and makes them stampede right to your
door. You may think that's hard to do on the Internet, but it's really
not. The thing that will bring them to your door is your sales copy.
Don't just add a “contact us” button on your website home page and
expect people to offer up their email for no reason at all. People need
a little nudge to allow you to add them to your contact list.

Some ways to do this is to:
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

      Offer a newsletter or report
      Why did they come to your site? Did they want information on
      foreclosures? Maybe offer them a free and helpful newsletter or
      report that can give them the type of information they are
      seeking, for free as long as they sign up to your mailing list.

      Create time-limited offer
      Maybe there is some hot commodity everyone is interested in
      and you are in the right market for it. Like a close-out sale, you
      can also have a close-out offer for signing up to a mailing list
      that is limited to a certain number of days.

      Give out a sales coupon
      If your site is set up to automate coupon codes, you can offer a
      visitor a discount coupon for signing up to your email lists. Now,
      you not only have them on your mailing list, but you've also
      given them an incentive to buy.

And, if you check any marketing book, you will probably find hundreds
of more strategies to convert a visitor to a subscriber.

Now, the second type of conversion that is crucial is to make them a
customer. Again, your sales copy will play a key role, but you will
eventually have to have them move off Facebook to close a
transaction. The reason for this is that even in the Marketplace,
Facebook does not collect monies. There are some applications that
will allow you to do this, but they may be limiting your sales. You want
to offer your customers the choice to use ALL the payment options
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

available to them: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or anything else that
seems reasonable. If they don't have the cash, especially in the right
format, you may end up losing a sale. You may be doing business
online, but money is still the primary currency exchanged in the
marketplace to purchase products or services.

You also have to have a strategy to convert your subscribers to
customers. Do you have a sales funnel and a marketing strategy or
are you just hoping your products or services appeal enough to make
a sale?

You have to have a sales funnel online because the face-to-face
contact is limited and without email contact or Facebook contact, you
appear to be disinterested in engaging a friend, as well as a customer.
So, you should build a plan to send out emails and roll-out products
and services in some enticing and fun format.

Do you know what you will be pushing in December, when the
Christmas holiday is going to spur sales? You should. Do you know
which demographics in your customer base like which products and
services you offer? You should. Then, you can market them for repeat
sales offering similar items or services, thus cross-selling and
increasing sales. All of this is accomplished by setting up market
research in Facebook, having polls, making offers on a scheduled basis
and really listening to the customers' needs. Then, you won't be
wondering if luck and chance will be smiling on you. You will be
making your own sales luck.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

Know Your Product Niche And Market

Many people doing business online prefer virtual products like ebooks,
music downloads, and graphics. However, you can really sell anything
you want online or on Facebook, if it doesn't violate the terms of the
agreement, from real estate to tax preparation. What you want to do
is to understand your product niche and what demographics will have
a natural interest in your products or services. Once you figure that
out, you can then customize your products or services to the online

For instance, say you are a songwriter that sells your own recordings
through a download service. You can promote your business on
Facebook by dedicating songs to your friends and getting exposure
that way. This not only appeals to people's identities, but will allow
them to hear a snippet of a song you might be selling in its entirety on
another site.

Another source of products that can appeal to all users of Facebook
are those that have something to do with the topic of Facebook. So,
it's not just applications for Facebook that you can sell, you can also
create ebooks, like this one, that you can market on Facebook. Or, if
you are very technically talented, you can set up podcasts, Youtube
videos, and tutorials to help people learn how to use and enjoy

There are a number of things you can't sell on Facebook. These include
firearms, alcohol, mailing lists, and even stocks. Like eBay, Facebook
does enforce its policies by terminating or suspending an account. If
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

you are in doubt that you can sell something on Facebook, be sure to
look up the guidelines to make sure you are complying with the terms
of the agreement.

List Building

There are limits to how fast you can build your contacts list on
Facebook. There is a daily limit of 50 new friend requests per day. So,
don't think this is as easy as sending out a spam to every user of
Facebook. It takes time and is deliberately set up to slow mass
marketers down so that the contacts stay genuine. That shouldn't
dissuade you in building your list, just remember to try and keep it
real and go for quality contacts, not quantity.

The way your build your list is essential in helping you to define your
market niche. If you are just picking up contacts without really
verifying if they have a similar interest to your business products or
services, you are just making additional work for yourself and the
probability of a future sale is pretty low. The best way to attract the
type of people who would be likely to buy your products and services
in the future is to project the proper image that appeals to their

Start with your immediate friends and business contacts who might be
interested in approving your friend request. This will help to get your
profile a reputation for not being friendless. And, you want to have
something on your profile that will attract the people you are
targeting. You can include notes from your blogs, Youtube videos you
                                              Facebook Profits on Steroids

like, the lists of your favorite books, music, and films. Anything that
speaks to someone as being appealing to their identity and aligning
with your core business will be sure to attract the type of friend you
are looking for.

Join the networks that are going to be beneficial to you, whether
geographically or by association. Look for people who are posting to
groups and discussions in your core niche that may be high level
networkers who can point you in the right direction for getting higher
exposure or more friends. You can also build your own group and try
to cultivate friends through this activity.

You can get email addresses from within Facebook from your friends
profiles, but you are not allowed to spam people just because you can
view their email address. For this, you need their expressed consent to
use their email address to contact them. Also, the email addresses are
embedded into the profiles as images, so it's not as simple as
collecting them all in one place by exporting them out of Facebook.
There are always third party people creating scripts to do just that, but
if you do use them, Facebook can recognize the script running and will
automatically ban you from Facebook. It is a violation of Facebook's
agreement to collect or harvest email addresses from profile pages.

So, if you are going to do that, you are left doing it the hard way:
generating friends and then writing it down on paper or in an outside
spreadsheet – one by one. Even doing this, if you spam them, they
can complain and have you banned. So, the next best thing is to try to
get them off Facebook to your own website where you are free to
harvest their email address in exchange for a freebie.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids


Selling consulting services is very appropriate to Facebook since you
are first selling based on how you appeal to someone's identity. They
will figure out whether you are attractive based on the image you
project, and this makes selling consulting services much easier on
Facebook than products and services. There are even applications like
Ether that can make telephone consulting easy to track and bill.

Don't limit your consulting services just to one area. You can build
multiple streams of income by offering various consulting services. The
only thing to remember is that your income will be limited by the
number of hours in the day. If you are selling personal services, you
will have a hard time increasing your income unless you increase your
rate or find some way to offer those services electronically via pre-
packaged tutorials and courses that don't require your presence when
they are being viewed. Or, you can hire other people to work for you,
through sub-contracting, as long as you are honest with your
customers that you aren't doing all of the consulting services. This can
detract from your business model if you don't train people to be the
type of consultants you trust to carry your name and reputation.

On the other hand, if you can train people and have a good way to
check the quality of your consultants, then you can build a very
profitable business in a short amount of time using other people's time
to increase your bottom line. Then, your role becomes more of a
marketer and less of a consultant.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

   Things To Avoid On Facebook
As we've discussed various strategies to make money and build a
business on Facebook, we've also indicated some strategies that will
surely fail or get you banned. It's important to realize the boundaries
of the playing field so that you do not make beginner's mistakes.
Getting your account banned is not only embarrassing, but it also is a
sure way to kill your business opportunity or at least delay it a long

In this section, we will go over some of the things we've asked you to
avoid earlier, as a reminder, and include new things that you should
be aware to avoid. Many of the techniques that are banned from
Facebook are viewed as “black hat” tricks by webmasters all over the
Internet. They are just more enforced within Facebook so that it
remains a community of trusted connections, instead of another place
where your privacy is invaded and your email box is stuffed full of
spam. If you are wondering if something is wrong to do, you can
always check the terms of your agreement, but if it's frowned upon in
other circles, it's bound to get you banned on Facebook. Always err on
the side of caution and protect the investment of time you took to
build your profile and generate friend contacts.

Here is an overview of things you should avoid when on Facebook,
either because they violate the service agreement or because they will
produce poor results, or both:
                                      Facebook Profits on Steroids

This has to be the number one item that will quickly get you
recognized as “persona non grata” on Facebook. Not only will
you be reported to Facebook, but one friend will tell all their
friends, and pretty soon no one will accept your friend requests.
Remember, the soft sell is the way to go with Facebook, and
even this should be done only in places that are appropriate –
not on other people's walls or private messaging multiple people.

Multiple profiles
As stated earlier, Facebook does not allow multiple profiles,
some with different names or identities. This is strictly against
Facebook's terms of service and will get you banned. Aside from
that, people who genuinely know you, may figure out you have
multiple inauthentic profiles and begin to question your
judgment and authenticity. The best way to go is to promote
your own genuine name and image, rather than attempting to be
everything to everyone.

Fake personas
You must use your own name to set up a profile. There have
been cases where Facebook could not believe that either a
famous person wanted their own Facebook profile and banned it,
or that a person was named something wacky by their parents.
You will have to prove it is your name, if they happen to
question your choice of names for your profile.

Using nicknames
Along the same lines, you aren't allowed to use nicknames in
                                       Facebook Profits on Steroids

your profile. It must be the full name given at birth, not some
pseudonym, even if that pseudonym is the name you normally
use in your business. If it doesn't pass the authenticity test, it
will be banned.

Representing something other than a human being
No, you can't add a profile for your business, your pet, or your
imaginary friend. The profile has to represent one individual and
that individual has to use their own legal name.

Harvesting email addresses
No doubt you will come across third party software scripts that
will try to do things that you are told are against the terms of
service, like harvesting email addresses. If you use them, you
will very quickly be spotted by the Facebook staff and be
banned. Don't take the chance. It's always best to just abide by
the rules of service and work within the guidelines.

Poaching friends from other friends
Okay, so this is probably going to be one of the ways you
network, but if you do it too much it will surely point you out as
someone who is only interested in building a large friends
contact list. When building your list, always seek to add quality,
not quantity.

Being seen as needy
This happens when you send out too many private emails, spam
the inbox, or constantly send gifts and application invites for no
                                         Facebook Profits on Steroids

other reason than you want attention. People will quickly learn to
ignore your overtures and you will be left with no contact at all.

Cloaking ads
This is when you use scripts to change paid advertisements
content that is viewed by Facebook versus what a viewer might
see. This is also referred to as “gaming ads” and can get you

Selling private ads on your profile
This is against the terms of service, even though some people do
it. If you do it and get caught, you will get banned. So, you will
have to decide whether the risk is worth the income, but it
normally isn't.

Selling inappropriate items
There are some products that are not allowed to be sold online.
Check the terms of service to make sure you aren't attempting
to sell something that is not allowed.

Using offensive content
This can be anything from religiously offensive content to
pornographic material. You won't really get a chance to defend
the content you posted, you will either be warned or banned for
“offensive content” and you will have to appeal that decision.

Adding too many friends at once
You do have a limit of 50 friends per day, but excessive activity
will get you tagged as a spammer. So, you don't want to attempt
                                       Facebook Profits on Steroids

to hit your limit every day, instead let your friends contact list be
built in a more natural manner so as not to attract too much
attention from the Facebook police. There is also a maximum of
5,000 friends to your account, so you won't ever have more than
that on your list, so quality is important to obtain more than

Excessive poking
There are applications that allow you to poke people as a way of
getting the attention of people you like, but many people find it
ultimately annoying. Facebook will suspend an account and issue
a warning for excessive poking and may ban you if the offending
behavior continues after the warning.

Too much self-promotion
We have given some tips for promoting yourself on your profile
page, but this can raise a red flag. Be careful not to attract too
much attention to your own self-promotion by continuously
posting too many posts to your own wall.

Joining too many groups or networks at once
This will clue the staff at Facebook that you are harvesting
contacts. So, be careful not to add yourself to too many groups
or networks at once. Instead, spread them out over time and
take the time to contribute to discussions with posts that are not
self-promoting but add value to the community.

Using copyrighted material as your own
If you post copyrighted material as your own on your profile, you
                                           Facebook Profits on Steroids

      will be tagged for banning. Always seek to give credit or use the
      links in given outside websites to make sure the Facebook staff
      can see where you got the material you posted in your profile.
      This can also be cause for banning if you take a copyrighted
      video and then change it to suit your tastes.

What To Do If You Are Warned Or Banned

Don't panic, there may still be a way to get your account back. Don't
get angry and spout venom to the Facebook staff because these are
the people who you have to ingratiate yourself to so that you get your
account reactivated. Instead, take an apologetic tone, try to figure out
what you did wrong, and write an email to one or all of the following
email addresses requesting that your account be reactivated:

Sometimes, the email you receive from the Facebook staff can be
ambiguous about what you did to cause your account to be
suspended. You can ask for an explanation, but that doesn't mean
they have to provide one. If you can't make heads or tail of the
message you receive from Facebook, the best thing is not to demand
an explanation, but ask what you can do to make sure you do not
trigger any suspensions in the future. It can be tricky, especially when
the reason they give is that you were suspended for “too much
activity.” This generic reason could be anything from adding too many
friends at once, sending out too many pokes, installing too many
                                           Facebook Profits on Steroids

applications at once, or just posting to your profile too much. They
may not even know what exactly flagged your account for this
message, but your best bet is to apologize, lay low for a while, and ask
that they re-instate your account.

If you are re-instated and then subsequently get the same email that
you've been banned for “too much activity” it will be harder to get
your account back. So, try to stay within the guidelines of Facebook to
keep your account active and the Facebook staff happy.

The Most Important Thing To Avoid On

You have to remember that while building a business on Facebook can
reap great profits, it can also be taken away in the bat of an eye. As
long as your business is on a third-party platform, they hold the
strings and any change in policy or even ownership of the site can
drastically affect your business model. For that reason, the most
important thing to avoid on Facebook is keeping your entire business
on Facebook.

You can build a wonderful contact list and start to reach the 5,000 limit
only to have your account banned for some unknown reason. Do you
have that list of emails offline too? How many of those customers were
you able to convert to subscribers on your own website ventures? It's
not enough to just build the list and keep it in Facebook. Always have
an exit strategy, in case somebody new comes on the scene and
threatens to pull the rug out from under you.
                                            Facebook Profits on Steroids

If you are using applications to help simplify collection of monies or to
facilitate consulting services via telephone consulting, do you know
what you will do if that shuts down tomorrow? Better to have a backup
plan now than to be caught with no way to earn your keep as the
systems are down. There is no guarantee that any third party platform
you use will be in business tomorrow and that's why you must learn to
convert your Facebook contacts into your own customers who know
where to reach you outside the Facebook platform.

Learning how to do business on social networking platforms is a new
way of doing business. You can learn great techniques that can make
you an effective marketer on any site by studying ways to increase
your sales on Facebook. Everything that you learn in Web 2.0
strategies can give your business the competitive edge it needs to not
only make great strides in business, but to differentiate yourself from
your competitors too.

While they are still trying to make that sale in the old ways, pouring
money into television and radio advertising, making the hard pitch,
you will be coasting your way into sales that are based on authenticity,
trust, and familiarity. You will eventually be closer to your customers,
can listen to their needs better, and should be lean and mean in
operating and advertising costs. You will have positioned yourself to be
a leader in the next generation of online businesses taking off right
                                              Facebook Profits on Steroids



RadicalBuy – An application that allows you to buy and sell things to
your friends for a commission. It is like a classified listing service, but
you can leave feedback. It is located here:

Appsaholic – An application that helps developers sell advertising
with their new applications. It will even track the performance of the
advertising campaign too. It is located here:

Business Cards – An application that mimics the real-life business
card function of networking and introduction. You can attach a
business card automatically to your Facebook messages. It is located

Introduce Me – An application that lets your friends introduce you to
other people in their circle of friends. This is great for networking and
contact list building. It is located here:
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

Testimonials – This application serves as a form of personal
reference for others to view. They can let the world know why they
should do business with you. It is located here:

Ether – If you are doing any sort of telephone consulting, this is a
great application to install. You can charge people to talk to you and
track the time via this application. It is located here:

Probook Facebook Application – This application allows you to list
yourself in a professional directory. Your friends and work associates
can also rate you so that others can see you are authentic. It is
located here:

eBay Marketplace – If you are selling things on eBay, you may want
your Facebook audience to know about your listings. This application
will allow your friends to view that, and will also give you to option to
see what your friends have on their watch lists. This application is
located here:
                                             Facebook Profits on Steroids

Garage Sale – This application lets you sell personal items directly on
your profile page. It is located here:

Free Gifts – An application that gives you free virtual gifts to send to
your friends. This is a great way to keep in contact with people on your
list and generate some good will. It is located here:

Ilike – An application that allows you to add music to your profile or
dedicate songs to people. Great for musicians trying to market their
music online. It is located here:

Places To Sell Or Buy An Application

Mashable Marketplace - Also known as “The Web 2.0 Marketplace.”
This website offers an area to list your application for a $50 listing fee.
It is located here:

Appbid – You can create a listing for 14 days for your Facebook
application on The simple Facebook category makes it
easy to see who is selling what and whether anyone is bidding. It is
located here:
                                              Facebook Profits on Steroids

InsideFacebook – This blog is willing to list your application for free,
and it is rather new to do this. So, you have to keep checking to see
how many people take them up on their offer. It is located here:

fbTrader- You can set up an auction for your Facebook application for
free on this website. The listing itself is free, but there are fees for
additional features to the listing, like highlighting and bolding. It is
located here:

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