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					                                     Marc Oprean
                                  112019 Hidden Creek Place
                                   Chaska, Minnesota 55318
                                       (952) 457-1946

     Twenty-Seven Years Experience in Selling/Managing Surface Treatment/Metal
       Finishing/Commodity Chemicals and Metalworking Fluid Processes.
     Direct Involvement in Surface Treatment for Powder Coating, Aluminum Finishing
       (anodizing, chromating, aerospace, architectural, cast), Conversion Coating,
       Metalworking, Plating, In-Process as well as Wire Industries.
     Experience in Direct Sales as well as Distribution.
      New Market Penetration Expertise.
      Experienced        in   Managing      Multiple      Plant     Agreements   (Case/New
        Holland/Pentair/Ingersoll Rand, Caterpillar).
     Accomplished in Negotiating Techniques as well as Value Added and Consultative
     Well Versed in Plant Level as well as Corporate Selling.
     Responsible for Corporate Sales/Presentations, Multiple Plant Agreements and Proposal
     Extensive Knowledge of Substrates Utilized in Manufacturing, Chemical Processes
       Employed, Coatings and Cause/Effect Relationship.
     Actively Pursued/Sold and Maintained Accounts in Southeast, Southwest, Midwest and
       Western United States as well as Mexico and Canada.
     Extensive Knowledge of Specific Finishing Issues/Needs of Aerospace (Boeing,
       Gulfstream, Beechcraft, Cessna, Lear, Vought, General Dynamics) Gas Grill Industry,
       Lawn Implement (Toro, MTD, Yazzo Kees) Office Furniture, Architectural, Automotive,
       Lawn Furniture, Chain Link (Merchants Metals, Master Halco), Metal Fencing
       (Merchants Metals), Off Road/Ag Equipment (Case/New Holland/John Deere/Agco),
       POS Displays (Wire), Appliance and Electrical Enclosure as well as Numerous Other
       Industries that Employ Surface/Metal Finishing Processes.
     Comprehensive Knowledge of Commercial and Military Finishing Specifications.
     Developed, Implemented and Continued Involvement in Chemical Management
     Strong Public Speaking Skills.
     Trained Internal/External Customers in Classroom/Factory Setting on Basic and
       Advanced        Surface    Finishing/Chemical      Processes.    Developed   Training
       Materials/Programs Specific to the Customer’s Needs.
     Annually Achieved Sales Objectives, Numerous Sales Awards (Novamax, Fremont,
     Gained Entry into Finishing Markets Not Previously Positioned (Burial Casket (Star
      Casket, Batesville, Aurora), Chain Link/Architectural Fencing (Merchants Metals
      (Fence Weaving Lubricant, Powder Coating)), Office Furniture (Steel Case, HON),
      Gas/Charcoal Grill (Sunbeam, Weber, Viking, Brinkman, Fiesta) Increasing
      Annualized Sales >$2.0M.
     Increased Market Presence Through Multiple Plant Agreements (Pentair, Ingersoll-
      Rand,) Utilizing Cost/Benefit Analysis Encompassing Overall Operating Cost
      Reductions without Sacrifice in Quality Obtained.
     Penetrated Aerospace Industry through Innovative Chemistry and Collaborative
      Manufacturer/User R& D (Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Gulfstream, Cessna, General
      Dynamics, Beechcraft, Mooney, Vought). Contributed Annualized Sales >$4M.
     Selected speaker PCI Coating 2001 presenting “Systems Approach to Pretreatment
     Authored “Low Temperature =Performance+Savings” appeared in Powder Coating,
      April 2001
     Authored article “How Total Dissolved Solids Affect Powder-Coat Adhesion” appeared
      in Powder Coating, April 99.
     Authored article “Finishing Practices for the Agricultural Industry” appeared in
      Canadian publication PIMA-Implement Success, 1999.
     Speaker Coating 99-presented “Best Practices for Chemical Control and Maintenance
      of the Finishing System”. Published in PCI Technical Journal 1999
     Panelist Powder Coating 2000-General Session
     “Best Practices for Chemical Control and Maintenance of the Finishing System”
      reprinted by Spanish publication Pinturas Acabados Industriales.

    Coral Chemical Company, MN-Sales Consultant 2008-2009
    Develop Sales as well as Service Existing Accounts within Multi-State Region Utilizing
    Innovative Chemistry Geared Towards Green Technology with Overall Cost
    Reduction/Quality Enhancement.
    Hawkins, Inc., Minneapolis, MN- Sales Engineer /Market Development 2005-2008
    Develop New Markets/Customers for Surface Finishing Products/Commodity Chemicals and
    Retain Relationship with Customers within Multi-State Region. Prepare/Present PPT
    Presentations/Proposals Structured to Individual/Multi Plant Locations. Support Direct Sales
    Force in Technical Capacity for Anodizing and Powder Coating Processes.
    Surface Finishing Resource, Minneapolis, MN – Independent Consultant 2003-2005
    Advise and Train Industries that utilize Various Chemistries on Chemical Suppliers, Process
    Improvements, Cost Containment, Quality Enhancement and Chemical Management.
    Fremont Industries-Shakopee, Minnesota 1996-2003
    Director of Business Development/Sales Manager Western Region. 2002-2003 (Chaska,
    MN) Combined responsibilities of Business Development North America and Sales Manager
    Western United States.
Director of Business Development 1999 – 2003(South Bend, Indiana & Chaska, MN)
Sales Manager Central Region 1996-1999 (South Bend, Indiana)
Responsible for Defining and Obtaining Growth Objectives through Corporate Sales and
Multiple Plant Agreements. Develop Market Studies, Plans, Presentations, Campaigns and
Advertising Geared to Achieving Desired Growth Objectives, Assist Sales Managers
(Director Bus. Dev.)/ Account Managers in Obtainment of those Objectives, Train
Internal/External Customers in Basic and Advanced Surface Finishing/Metal
Working/Chemical Processes/Chemical Management. Support and Motivate Direct Sales
Force, Focusing on Account Retainment/New Business Growth while Obtaining Profit/
Expense Objectives.
Novamax Technologies-Atlanta, Georgia 1983-1996
Business Development Manager-Aerospace-1995-1996 (South Bend, IN)
Direct Sales/R&D Efforts Specific to Commercial/Military and Private Aerospace Industry.
Industry Manager Agricultural/Heavy Equipment-1994-1995 (South Bend, IN)
Responsible for Corporate/Plant Sales as well as Product Development Efforts (Case, New Holland,
AGCO, John Deere, JLG, Grove)
Regional Sales Manager-Aluminum Division-1993-1994 (South Bend, IN)
Motivated, Directed and Supported Direct Sales Force focused to the Aluminum
Architectural Industry (INTEX, PPG, Pella, Marvin, Anderson, Bonnel)
Technical Sales Representative-1983-1993 (Dallas, Texas)


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