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									                                                                              03/01/2010 10:11 AM

                                     Dale E. Klein
                            CONTE .2009/University of Florida
                                  Fe b ruary 8 10 2009
                                                 '          -
               Time                   Activity                                         Contact
            Sunday, February 8, 2009
            12:45pm         LV: Residence via Mack for Reagan National      Mack
                            Airport                                                                      l
            2:10pm-4:15pm   2:10pm LV: Reagan via US Air 1083; Seat 07C; Paut urcKman
                            AR: 4:15pm Jacksonville, FL (2hrs 5mins-        (bb: 301-920-4186)

                            Airline Conf: E3TV1 T
                            AR: Jacksonville, Florida
                            (Hertz Rental Car Reservation Under Paul
                                                                            Paul Dickman
                                                                            (bb: 301-920-4186)
                            Dickman - Cont. # E27241560700SI-01)
            5:00pm-6:00pm   Check in:                                       Paul Dickman
                            Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront           (bb: 301-920-4186)

   .e                       (Ph: 904-588-1234)
                            225 Coast Lin~ Drive East

,I I
                            Jacksonville,FL 32202
                            Fax: 904-634-4554;
   '8   ~                   Conf: 2084157 4
 I.     ~
            6:30pm-8:00pm   Reception at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront in
                            Jacksonville, FL - Grand Ballroom (#5 -#8)
                                                                              Kent Hamlin, Director

I ~~
                                                                              Of Accreditation, INPO, &
                            Foyer (Sponsored by Southern Nuclear)            Co-rh~ir        rrf ('(")1\JTF
                            Attire: Business Casual                         r-(cenl(b)( 6)                    r

i i ~         Time                    Activity                                         Contact

il ~-~~
f;; ~s:
- ·-
            Monday, Februa_ry 9, 2009

                            Check out of Hyatt Regency Jacksonville
                            Breakfast - Grand Ballroom Foyer
                                                                              Paul Dickman
                                                                              (bb: 30 1-920-4186)
                                                                              Paul Dickman
                            (Sponsored by Constellation Energy)               (bb: 301-920-4186)
            8:00am-9:00am   DEK KEYNOTE Speaker - Grand Ballroom 5           Kent Hamlin, Director
                            (Speech and Introduction by Jeff Gasser, CNO     Of Accreditation, IN PO, &
                            and Executive VP, Southern Co.)                 ,Co-Chair of CONTE
                                                                             Jcell: j(b){6)                   l
            9:30-11 :30am   Depart                                           Paul Dickman
                                                                             (bb: 301-920-4186)
            11:30am         Arrive: Gainesville, Hilton Univ. of Florida     Paul Dickman
                            Conference Center Hotel (via rental car w/Paul) (bb: 301-920-4186)
                            (Ph: 352-371-3600)
                            1714 SW 34th Street
                            Gainesville, FL 32607
                            Fax: 352-371-0306
                            Conf: 33401181 06
                                                           Dale Klein

12:00pm-12:15pm                   Dr. Alireza "Ali" Haghighat, Chair of Nuclear &    Ali Haghighat                            •::)

                                  Radiological Engineering (NRE) Department        ~ell: 1(b)(6)
                                  and other NRE Faculty, arrive at hotel for lunch
                                  and pick up
12:15pm-1 :30pm                   Lunch at Hilton Restaurant with Ali Haghighat      Ali HaqhiQhat
                                  and other NRE Faculty Members                     -(cell: l<b)(6)                                      I
1:30pm-1:45pm                     Break                                            """81i Haohiahat                       '

                                                                                     (cell:[(b)(6)                                       I
1:45pm-3:30pm                     UF/Nuclear Radiological Engineering (NRE)        'Ali Haghighat
                                  Faculty for discussion of UF Training Reactor
                                  (UFTR) Digital Control System Upgrade Project
                                                                                   ~(cell: l(b)(6)
                                  NRE Conference Room, 202C Nuclear Science
                                  Building (NSC) tour UFTR facilities
3:30pm-3:55pm                     Break - Preparation for Seminar                    Ali ~aabiabat
                                  (NRE Conference Room, 202C NSC)                   ·reel (b)(e)
                                                                                      I-                                      J

                                                                                       Arthur Adkins. IT
                                                                                       (cell: 352-392-1401,
                                                                                       Ext. 325)
3:55pm-4:00pm                     Walk to Seminar                                     ~li     Haghighat                       --.
                                  Florida Gym Lecture Room (21 0)                      (ce~(b)(6)                                        I
4:00pm-5:00pm                     Seminar                                              Ali w ...... ~-.; ... ~o. ... +
                                  210 Florida Gym Lecture Room
                                  Meet w/Professor ...lim Tulenko (return to Hilton      Jim Tulenko
                                                                                      · (ceiiJ(b){6)
                                  via Tulenko)
                                  Check-In:                                             l=>aul Dickman
                                  Hilton University of Florida Conference                (bb: 301-920-4186)
                                  Center Gainesville
                                  (Ph: 352-371-3600)
                                  1714 SW 34th Street
                                  Gainesville, FL 32607
                                  Fax: 352-371-0306
                                  Conf: 3340118106
6:30pm-7:00pm                     Dr. Haghighat will pick you up from the Hilton      J)Ji HaQhiQhat                          -,
                                                                                       -(ceu:r(b)(6)                                 I

7:00pm-8:30pm                     Dinner w/Prof. Jim Tulenko, Dr. Ali Haghighat,      ft.Aii Haabiabat                        =
                                  and other NRE Faculty members                         (cell:l<b)(6)                                        I
                                  Gainesville Area Restaurant
                                  (Ti Amo- Mediterranean food)
8:30pm-9:00pm                     Return to Hilton via Dr. Haghighat                  1..-~li ~illhat                     -
                                                                                       (celll<b)( 6 )                                    l
   Time                  Activity                                                                      Contact
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
7:30-9:30am                       Depart via rental car (driven by Paul) for           Paul Dickman
                                  Jacksonville Airport                                 (bb: 301-920-4186)

Dill<' Kll'in • Februarv 04. 2009 10!43 am                      2
                                                      Dale Klein

11 :30am-1 :16pm               11 :30am LV: Jacksonville via US Air 3323            Paul Dickman
                               (Operated by US Airways Express-Republic             (bb: 301-920-4186)
                               Airlines); Terminal C, Seat 040; AR: Reagan
                               1:16pm (1 hr 46mins- 637miles)
                               Airline Conf: E3TV1T
1:16pm                         AR: Reagan National                                  Paul Dickman    -
                                                                                    (bb: 30 1-920-4186)
1:30pm                         LV: Reagan via Mack for TBD                          M:::tr-lc

3:00pm-3:30pm                  Congressman Parker Griffith, 417 Cannon
                               House Office Bldg (Becky will accompany)
4:15pm-4:45pm                  Senator Tom Udall, Dirksen 840 SuiteD (Pat)

Dale Klein- February 04, 2009 10:43 am                    3
                                                                                                  03/01/2010 10:12 AM
                                                                    Dale E. Klein
                                                              Tarragona/Mallorca, Spain
                                                                 February 20-28, 2009
                             Time                                      Activity                                       Contact
                     Friday, February 20, 2009
                     7:30pm                         LV: Residence via Mack for Dulles Airport             Mack
                                                                                                         (b )(6)

                     8:20pm                         AR: Dulles Airport
                     10:30pm-12:00am                10:25pm LV: Dulles via Delta 8331 (Operated
                                                    by Air France); Seat 5E; AR: 11 :50am Paris De
                                                    Gaulle, France (7hrs 25mins- 3850miles)
                                                    [Airline Confirmation: DLZHNT NOTE:
                             Time                                      Activity                                       Contact
                     Saturday, February 21, 2009
                     11 :50am                       11 :50am AR: Paris De Gaulle, France;
                                                   Terminal Aerogare 2, Terminal F
               \ 12:40pm-2:20pm                     12:40-2:20pm LV: France via Delta 8291
              ,_                                   (Operated by Air France); Aerogare 2
            ~ (     1\                             Terminal F;
        ·Jo , ~                                    Seats DEK- 3C; RAK- 3A; Mrs. A. - 4A
    /               ~"                             AR: 2:20pm Barcelona, Spain (1 hr 40mins -
        _           ~                              533 miles) NOTE: Lunch
        l5      '                                  [Airline Confirmation: DLZHNT]
        A~ j ~:15pm-2:30pm                         2:20pm AR: Barcelona, Spain, Terminal A
        .!~'                                       (Layover: 2 hours, 35 minutes for Flight to
        .,.;    ~                                  Palma de Mallorca)

               ~~ ~:55pm-5:45pm                    4:55pm LV Barcelona (BCN), Flight Clickair
                                                   XG8711 (Flight time- 50 mins.)
                                                   [Seats: DEK: 5A;I(b)(6 )


        ~                                          Record Locator: TZ46LR
                     5:45pm                        5:45 AR Mallorca (PM I)- (PM I Airport is located
    _ ~i                                           in the city of Palma de Mallorca)
               8             Time                                     Activity                                        Contact
                    Sunday, February 22, 2009- PERSONAL
                    Monday, February 23, 2009 - PERSONAL
                    Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - PERSONAL
                    Wednesday, February 25, 2009 - PERSONAL
                             Time                                     Activity                                       Contact
                     Thursday, February 26, 2009
                     6:35am                        AR: Palma de Mallorca Airport (PM I)
                     8:35am-9:25am                 8:35am LV: Mallorca (PMI), Flight Clickair             r.hric:   ~inh~rn
                                                                                                       [ (b)(6)
                                                   XG871 0 (Flight time: 50 minutes)
                                                   [Seats: DEK: SA;'=I<b-.,.--)(6=--)=-=-----~
                                                   Record Locator: TZ46LR]                                                    i       //'r'
                    Dale Kleln • February 17, 2009 02:24 pm
                                                           Dale Klein

9:25am-9:45am                  9:25am AR: Barcelona (BCN)                          Barcelona Consulate
                               (Josephina, U.S. Consulate, will meet you at        Phone # on Thursday:
                               rear of baggage claim area. She will have a         (34) 93 280 22 27-
                               card with your name on it.)                         Ext. 206 or 216
                                                                                  ~~OC: Pilar or Josephina
                               Transport to Barcelona Provided by:
                               AutoLux, Serveis Integrals de Transport, S.l.
                                                                                  ~cell:l(b)(6)                      J
                               C/Marian Espinal, 10 b                               Driver: Josep Singla
                               43881 Cunit!Tarragona
                               CIF B-43820729
                                                                                  ,_.Cell: [(b )(6)
                                                                                  ~mergency 1\Jumoer:
                               e-mail:                       (b)(6)
                               Tel: 902-10-50-52;                                                                I
                               Ref No: 21316 for Barcelona Airport Pickup
                               Note: Normal tip for driver is EUR 10.00
12:00pm                        AR and Check in Hotel Ciutat de Tarragona
                               (PH: 34-977-250999); Plaza Imperial Tarraco 5,
                               Tarragona, Spain 43005
                               [Conf No: 744; Locator: X90954060175; Note:
                               Eur11 O=USD $141, includes tax and breakfast}
12:00pm-3:00pm                 Afternoon Schedule Open- Conference Dinner
                               at -7:30pm
3:00-5:00pm                    Site seeing Tour of historic Tarragona for you     ,Alfredo de los Re'Jles
                               and your family. Tour guide and CSN's              t--Cell: l(b)(6)
                               Commissioner Antonio Coline and Alfredo de
                               los Reyes will meet you in lobby and will
                               accompany you on the tour.
7:30pm-8:00pm                  -7:30pm (Business Attire)                           Chris Einbero

                                LV: Hotel for Conference Dinner.

                                         Offilcial Dinner, Principals Only, but
                                             is welcome.
                                                                                                  __..   I

                               Transportation - bus pickup in lobby for all

                               Reconfirm bus departure time with
                               Chris Einberg
8:00pm-10:00pm                 Dinner at Hotel Palas Pineda in Vilaseca
                               (village next to Tarragona)
1O:OOpm-11 :OOpm               Return to Hotel by bus for all delegates

        Time                                         Activit~                               Contact
Friday, February 27, 2009
7:00am-7:45am                  Breakfast at Ciutat de Tarragona Hotel              Chris Einberg _
                               (Complementary)                                    (b)(6)

Dale Klein· February 17, 2009 02:24 pm                          2
                                                                                             Dale Klein

  7:45am-8:dOam                           LV: Hotel for Conference Site; Rovira I Virgili                                                           Chris Einbem
                                          University (3 Blocks walk from your hotel)                                                             ~(b)(6)                              I
                                          Facultat de Ciencies Juridiques
                                          Campus Centre, Avinguda Catalunya 35
                                          43002 Tarragona

                                                  Meet Chris Einberg in Hotel Lobby in A.M. to
                                                  get to Conference.
   8:00am                                         AR University- Look for "Briefing Room" signs -
                                                  Briefing for all Conference Chairs and Speakers
                                                  [NOTE: Conf Organizers say signs will be
                                                  clearly posted for Briefing Room Location]
   8:30am-9:00am                                  Briefing for all Conference Chair and Speakers
   9:00am-1 0:40am Begin Session 5, "Improving Confidence and
                                                  Protecting the Interest of Stakeholders''
   10:40am                                        Session 5 Concludes - Coffee Break                                                                                                                            /.--
          o=o-am-_....,.1...,..2:-::-0-:-0p-m-+--:C:-::1o:...=.s..:::in-=-g:....:..R=-e-=m~ar:...=.k:.=s-=-p-=-re=--s-e-=nt. : .e.:.:. d=-=b=--y==c:....::S~N:...:..P r_e....,si....,.de_n_.t--+------------.jl{J
1-1:--:1--=:                                                                                                                                                      __                                                   b·
                                          Carmer Martinez-Ten
  12:00pm                                 Conclusion of Conference
                                          (Press Conference Scheduled for President
                                          Ten following the Conference)
  12:00pm-1:30pm                          Lunch with President Ten TBD. CSN's Alfredo                                                              Alfredo de los Reves
                                          de los Reyes will look for you and will provide                                                          Cellj(b)(6 )
                                          information about lunch.

                                          [Mtg Arrangements and Restaurant Location to
                                          be determined.]
  1:30-3:30pm                             Lunch meeting with President Ten.                                                                        Alfredo de los Reves
                                          Lunch will focus on CSN-NRC bilateral                                                                    CeJii(b)(6)
                                          cooperation. CSN's Alfredo de los Reyes plans
                                                                                                                                                   ("hr-i<" 1::'
                                          to attend as interpreter.                                                                                                  .L

                                          Chris Einberg is on standby and ready to
                                          attend, if requested to do so-CSN says Chris
                                          Einberg is welcome to come.
  3:30pm - On                             Unscheduled time
             Time                                                                  Activity                                                                         Contact
  Saturday, February 28, 2009 ·
  6:45am                                  Check out of hotel - Bring Luggage

  7:00am                                  LV: Hotel for Barcelona International Airport                                                             Driv~r          Joseo Sinala
                                                                                                                                                   Cell      (b)( 6 )
                                          Note: Chris Einberg will NOT join                                       vo~      on trip to I l=m~rn~nr\.                         N11mhpr·
                                          BCN (Chris Einberg 1(~}( 6 )                                                      r          (b)( 6 )
                                                                                                                                                   Consulate Emerg. Aid:
                                                                                                                                                   Cell:~(6)                                      :     I
                                                                                                                                                   Poe:           osephina

  Dale Klein • February 17, 2009 02:24 pm                                                              3
                                                       Dale Klein

8:30am                          AR: Barcelona Airport (BCN)

10:35am-12:30pm                 10:35am LV: Barcelona, Spain via Delta 9339
                                (Operated by Air France); Seat 4C; AR:
                                12:30pm Paris De Gaulle, France (1 hr 55mins -
                                533miles) [Airline Confirmation: DLZHNr
                                NOTE: Breakfast]
12:30pm                         12:30pm AR: Paris De Gaulle, France
                                Arrival Terminal: Aerogare2, Terminal F
                                Layover: 4 hours, 10 mins.
4:40pm-7:15pm                   4:40pm LV: France via Delta 8296 (Operated
                                by Air France);                                  I
                                Seats: DEK- BK; l(b)(6)
                                AR: 7:15pm Dulles (Bhrs 35mins- 3850miles)
                                [Airline Confirmation: DLZHNT NOTE: Dinner]

7:15~m                          7:15pm AR: Dul.les
7:30pm                          LV: Dulles via Mack for residence                t.JI ::l.l"'lc

Dale Klein - February 17, 2009 02:24 pm                     4
                                                                                         03/01/2010 9:00AM

                                                   Dale E. Klein
                                         San Antonio/College Station, Texas
                                              March 27 -April 5, 2009
                           Time                     Activity         I    Contacc=j
                      Friday, March 27, 2009
                      5:30am-6:00am       LV: Residence via Mack for Reagan                    M~r.k

                      7:05am-9:40am       7:05am LV: Reagan via American 1271,
                                          Terminal 8, Seat: Check-in Required {3hrs
                                          35mins); AR: 9:40am Dallas Ft. Worth
                      10:40am-11 :50am    10:40-11 :50am LV: Dallas Ft. Worth via
                                          American 1397, Terminal2, Seat: 1OB (1 hr
                                          1Dmins); AR: 11 :50 am San Antonio
                           Time                              Activity                                  Contact
                      Saturday, March 28- Wednesday, Apri11, 2009                                PERSONAL
                           Time                              Activity                                  Contact
                      Thursday, April 2, 2009
                      2:00pm-2:30pm       -2:00pm Check-in The Hawthorn Suites (PH:
                                          979-695-9500), 1010 University Dr., College
                 II                       Station, TX 77840

                                          [Confirmation No. 51488959]
                      2:45pm              Dr. Ray Juzaitis escort to Campus
                      3:00pm-3:30pm       Meet w/G. Kemble Bennett, Vice Chancellor &
 'IS                                      Dean of Engineering, Interim Director, Texas
N,               ~~:30pm-5:00pm
                                          Engineering Experiment Station
                                          Meetings w/Nuclear Engineering_ Facui!Y_

           ~ 5:30pm-6:30pm
    -~                6:30pm-7:00pm       Ray Juzaitis escort to Hotel and Restaurant

    ~'~I              7:00pm-8:30pm       Dinner w/Spouses and Nuclear Engineering
.......~ ::zr·                            [TBDl
  ~       c·,
·"<:!."   ••
                           Time                              Activity                                  Contact
                      Friday, April 3, 2009
                      8:15am-8:30am       Dr. Juzaitis escort to Campus from Hotel
                      8:30am-1 0:45am     Meetings w/Nuclear Engineering Faculty and
                      10:45am-11 :OOam    Dr. Juzaitis escort to Hawthorn Suites for check
                                          out and departure
                      11:00am-12:00pm     LV Colleg_e Station via POV for San Antonio
                           Time                              Activity                                  Contact
                      Saturday, April 4, 2009            - PERSONAL                                              V r
    Time                            Activity·                               Contact
Sunday, April 5, 2009
1:15pm-4:52pm    1:15pm- LV: San Antonio via US Air 3187
                 (Operated by US Air Express-Republic Airlines},
                 Terminal 2, Seat: 4C, (2hrs 37m ins- 1094 mi};
                 AR: 4:52pm Charlotte, NC
                 [Airline Conf7 D5885V]

3:30pm          (b)(6)

5:45pm-7:05pm    5:50pm LV: Charlotte, NC VIa US Air 1654,
                 Seat: 180, (1hr 15 min- 327 mi), AR: 7:05pm
                 Reagan, Terminal C
                 [Airline Conf: 05885VJ                                                     -
7:15pm-7:45pm    7:20pm LV: Reagan via Mack for Residence           Mack
9:47pm          (b)(6)                                   I
                                         Dale Klein
                                   Watts Bar/USEC/ORNL
                                     April12-14, 2009

         Time                            Activity                                 Contact
Sunday April12, 2009
10:15 am             Depart residence via Mack                           Mac (b)(6)
11:00 am             Arrive Dulles Airport                               Eliot
                     (Meet Eliot and KLS at departure gate)
12:30 pm             Depart Dulles Airport via United 8034               Eliot
                     Confirmation· QH5Q6E Seat 7C
2:02     pm          Arrive Knoxville, TN Airport (will be met by Luis   Eliot
                     at baggage claim)
2:30 pm              Depart Knoxville, TN Airport via Luis.              Luis
                     KLS will ride with DEK.                             Eliot
                     Eliot and Paul will follow.                                                -
3:00 pm              Arrive Knoxville Marriott                           Luis
                     500 Hill Avenue SE                                  Eliot
                     Confirmation 84815618
                     Ph 865 637 1234
Afternoon            OPEN
7:30 pm              Dinner OPEN (Eliot has suggestions for              Eliot


         Information In tills ...., waJ cfefet«<
         in acconlancallllll ~ allafonnallall


                                     Dale Klein
                               Watts Bar/USEC/ORN L
                                 April 12-14, 2009
rMonday April 13, 2009
         Time                         Activity                                  Contact
    7:00am       Breakfast at Hotel                                     Pau ·301920 4186 -
    7:45am       Depart Hotel for Watts Bar                             Paui~01 920 418~
                 KLS will ride with DEK                                 Lui~(b)(6)
                 Eliot and Paul will follow.                                                       I
    9:00am       Arrive Watts Bar                                       Resident cells:                    --.
                 Park in Livewell parking lot.                          Bob Man (b)(6)                       l
                 6 spaces reserved. Will be met by residents.           Tomy Nazari9(b)(6)
    9:15am       In processing briefing.                                Resident ceUs:                     --.
                                                                        Bob Mon~(b)(6)
                                                                        Tomy Naza~(DJ\OJ
    9:45am       Meet with resident inspectors.                         Resident Offrce:
                                                                        Ph 423 365 5487
                                                                        Tomy Nazaric/ (b)(6)
    10:15 am     Plant tour. Due to time constraint, tour focused       Tomy Nazariq                             I

                 on Unit 2. Tour will include: main feedwater
                 pumps and turbines, main condenser tube
                 sheet, main turbine and generator, control
                 room, unit 2 containment building, reactor
                 head, reactor internals, ice condenser                        .                   -
    12:00 noon   Working lunch                                          Paul 'J01 920 4186/
    1:00pm       Depart Watts Bar for hotel    -                        Paul 301 920 4186-.
                 KLS will ride with DEK.                                L~isf(6)               lj
                 Eliot and Paul will follow.                            Elro                   I

    2:15pm       Arrive hotel                                           Paul 1~01 920 4186          -
                 (Press conference arranged by Eliot).                        (b)(6)
                                                                    I   Luis
    3:15pm        Leave hotel for TVA offices                           Paul 301 920 4186
                  400 W Summit Hill Dr
                  Note: Park across street at Crown Plaza Hotel
                  ToI@     met in lobb~ by Scott Vance
                                                                        Elio              I            I

                 -Cell jbH6l            roffice 865 632 7774 or
                  18~).5 632 2366
    3:30pm        Meet with TVA officers; William B. Sansom,            Paul301 920 4186_-
14:30 pm
                  Chairman of the Board and William R.
                  McCollum, COO
                  Depart TVA offices for hotel
                                                                        Paul !01 920 4186..,
                                                                                                   l                 -
                                                                        Luis~-                 I
    4:45pm       Arrive hotel
    5:45pm       Depart hotel for dinner via Luis                       Pau@!l1Jl20 4186
                 Chesapeake's 500 Henley St Ph 865 673 3433             Luis ~)(G)                 I
    6:00pm       Dinner with William B. Sansom and                      Pau 1 _3'01 920 4186_,-
                 William R. McCollum
                                    Dale Klein
                              Watts Bar/USEC/ORNL
                                April 12-14, 2009
Tuesday April14, 2009
         Time                              Activity                                             Contact

7:00am           Breakfast at hotel                                                     Paul '301 920 418~-
                                                                                        Lui~ (b)(6)                          1


7:30am           Depart hotel for Centrifuge Technology Center (CTC)                    Paul j01 920 4186
                 757 Boeing Rd, Oak Ridge, TN                                          Luisl(b)(6)                                   I
8:00am           Arrive Centrifuge Technology Center                                   Paul'30 1 920 4186
                                                                                       Luisj(b)(6)                                   I

8:10am           Welcome and C-24 technology briefing                                -e_ete Miner
                  [John Welch, Philip Sewell, and Russell Starkey]                l(b)(6)
                 lRandall DeVault (U.S. Department of Energy)]                                                   I

8:30am           Tour Centrifuge Technology Center (CTC)                          ~     PPtP MinAr
                 [RobertS. Eby (Director, American Centrifuge Program                 (b )(6)
                 Technology & Process Engineering) and Benjamin S. Jordan                                            I

                 (Manager, Manufacturing Development and Integration)]
9:15am           Travel to American Centrifuge Technology &    Pete Miner
                 Manufacturing Center (TMC)                 l(b)(6)
9:30am           Tour TMC                                                             l?ete Miner ........
                 [Lanry B. Cutlip (Director, Centrifuge Manufacturing) and Carl       (b)(6)
                 Durham (President and General Manager, B&W Technical                                                I

                 Services, Clinch River)]
10:45 am         Travel to CTC                                                          PPfP MinAr

                 Working lunch at CTC with brief presentation
                                                                                        Pete Mim~r
11:00 am
                 on American Centrifuge program [Russell Starkey]                 f(b)( 6 )                      l
11:45 pm         Travel to K-1600                                                      _Eete Mmer
                                                                                  l(b)(6)                    I
12:15pm          Tour K-1600                                                           Pete Miner
                 [Robert Eby, Harry Bailey (Manager, Demonstration Facility           (b )(6)
                 Operations, K-1600/K-101) and Char1es M. "Buddy" Holley                                         I
                 (Senior Technical Staff)]
1:15pm           Closing questions/comments                                             Pete Miner
                 K-1600 Board Room                                                    (b)(6)           I
1:30pm           Depart K-1600                                                          Pau! 301 920 4186
                 Arrive at ORNL campus                                                 _Sharrel Green
                                                                                      (b )(6)
                 Lab Overview (Dr. Mason)
2:15pm                                                                                  S,!lerrel Green_,
                                                                                       (b)(6)                            I

2:45pm           Advanced Reactor Design and Licensing                                  S,berrel Green__,
                 Challenges - (Mays)                                                  (b)(6)                             I
                                    Dale Klein
                              Watts Bar/USEC/ORNL
                                Apri112-14, 2009
Tuesday April14, 2009

             Time                       Activity                           Contact
3:15pm              Reprocessing and Fuel Cycle Operations -       Sherrel Green
                    (Greene)                                      (b )(6)

3:45pm              Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and          "Sherrel Greeo
                    Simulation & EVEREST Facility- (Greene I    I J(b)(6)
                    Ahernl                                                       I
4:15pm              Fuel Cycle Waste Management and
                    Environment Fate of Radiological Species-
                                                                   Sherrel Green
4:45pm              Depleted Uranium Management Practices and Sherr~l C'-u-eP.n
                    Options (Rushton)                         l(b)( 6)             I
5:15 Pl')1          Close-out                                      Sherrel Green
5:30pm              Depart ORNL for Knoxville, TN Airport
                                                                   t-'aUI,i2U1 9£U 418(L
                                                                   Luis /Cb)(6)                     I
6:00pm              Arrive Knoxville, TN Airport                   Pau J301 920 4186
                                                                   Luis (b)(6)                  I
                                                                                                        h,   I

7:14pm              Depart Knoxville, TN Airport United 7983       Paul t301 920 4186
                    Confirmation QH5Q6E Seat BA
8:45 ~m             Arrive Dulles AirQort                          Paul .301 920 4186 I
9:00pm              Depart Dulles Airport via Mack                 Mad (b)(6)
9:45pm              Arrive residence                               Mac~
Notes:                                                                                 -·
                                                                          Dale Klein
                                                            University of Missouri
                                                               Energy Summit
                                                              April 21-23, 2009

         Time      I                                                    Activity                         Contact
Tuesday April 21, 2009
5:40am                 Depart residence via Mack                                          Mac (b)(       )
6:10am                 Arrive Reagan National Airport                                     Eliot
                       (Meet Eliot at departure gate)
7:10am                 Depart Reagan National Airport                                     Eliot
                       American 0581 Terminal B Seat 10 8
                       Confirmation KJETDI                                                                                            I

                       Flight Time 2 hrs 10 min                                                                                  I,       j
 8:20am                Arrive St. Louis, MO airport                                       Eliot    (b)( 6 )              r--1~>
 8:50am                Depart St. Louis, MO airport via Eliot.                            Eliot
10:50 am               Arrive Callaway Plant                                              Hesic ent lnsoector Cell
                                                                                        (b)(6)                     1

11:00 am               Process through security                                           D~ncnt lnc"''IArl.or         Cell
                                                                                         (b )(6)

11:30 am               Meet with resident inspectors                                      Residennns~r                 Cell

12:00 pm           Plant tour (areas to be toured)                                       Besident lnspectpr Cell
                                                                                       i(b)(6)                 1
 1:00 2_m     Working lunch                                                               Eliot (b)(6)
 1:45pm       Tour technical training facility                                            Eliot
 2:15pm       Press conference (arranged by Eliot)                                        Eliot
 3:00pm       Depart Callaway Plant                                                       Eliot
 3:00-8:00 pm Personal                                                                                                   f----
 8:30pm       Arrive Hampton Inn and Suites                                               Eliot
              1225 Fellow's Place, Columbia, MO
              Con·nrmation 84380393                                                      .
               Ph 573 214 2222

Notes:                                             'r. . \
                                '.,,       .   •   1.,·.   ~ ~-   \""
                                       . '.·         '·           1

                                q:. '·                            .

 lntonnation in this record was deleted
 In aCOOIIIance llillllba~ ollafllrmatiOa
                                    Dale Klein
                              University of Missouri
                                 Energy Summit
                                April 21-23, 2009

 Wednesday April 22, 2009
         Time                     Activity                                  Contact
 7:30am         Breakfast with Dr. Rob Duncan and             Elio~(b )(B)
                Dr. Annette Sobel (they will meet you in   Qr. Duncan c_ell
                lobby of hotel)                                                                     I

 8:00am         Meet with faculty (arranged by Dr.         Eliot (b)(6)
                Ducan)                                   ~· ITuncan c.e.u
                                                            (b)(6)                                  l
 9:45am         Meet with Dean James Thompson,
                                                              nr       ''""'"'" ,.qlJ
                                                          l(b)(6)                           I

 10:45 am       Meet with Graduate School Dean Pam            Eliotl(b)~6J
                Benoit and Sudarshan Loyalka                  Dr. D'Lu1r.:::~n ceU
                                                             (b)(6)                     l
 11:30 am       Quick Lunch (arranged by Dr. Duncan)          Elid(b)(6)
                                                              Dr. Duncan cell
                                                           (b )(6)
111:45 am       Energy Summit welcome and opening             Elio1(b)(6J
                remarks                                                                                     =
12:15 pm        Keynote address: T. Boone Pickens            Eliot (b)(6)
                Invited Speakers begin
                Chairman Klein speaks
                                                             Eliot                                              -
6:00pm          Invited Speakers conclude                    Eliot
6:30pm          Reception for conference speakers            Qr. Duncan
                                                             (b)(6)                     I
7:15pm          Dinner hosted by                             :.Qr. Duncan cell
                MU Chancellor Brady Deaton and            l(b)(6)

                Missouri S& T Chancellor Jack Carney
8:30pm          Transportation to hotel by Dr. Duncan       .D.L_Duncan cell
Notes:                                                                                          I
                                         Dale Klein
                                    University of Missouri
                                       Energy Summit
                                      April 21 ~23, 2009
        Thursday April 23, 2009

                 Time                      Activity                        Contact

        5:00am            Depart for Columbia, MO airport
                          via Dr. Ralph Butler (will meet you in                     I
        5:20am            Arrive Columbia, MO air:2_ort
        6:00am            Depart for Columbia, MO airport
                          via DL 3975 (operated by Northwest)
                          Confirmation CMUVGU
                          Seat 10A Flight time 1 hr 42 min                           I

        7:42am            Arrive Memphis, TN airport
        8:35am            Depart Memphis, TN airport
                          Via DL 2396(operated by Northwest)
                          Confirmation CMUVGU
                          Seat 25 C Flight time 2hrs 2 min
        11:37 am          Arrive Reagan National Airport           Mac~/

        11:45 am          Depart Reagan National Airport via       Mac_kj (b){ 6)
                          NRC car
        12:00 pm          Arrive residence

                                                                              04/24/2009 12:14 PM

                                          Dale E. Klein
                                 Seoul, Korea- Taipei, Taiwan
                                    · April 25 - May 6, 2009
              Time                              Activity                                    Contact
           Saturday, April 25, 2009
                              LV Residence via Mack for Dulles
                              Arrive Dulles
          8:25am-11 :14am     8:25am LV Dulles via United 0874, Terminal 3,
                              Seat: 6A, (5 Hrs 49mins- 2426mi};
                              AR: 11:14am San Francisco, CA
                              [Airline Conf: POQ11 N]                                                                 {,
                                                                                                                      / '

          11 :15am-11 :30am   11 :14am AR: San Francisco, CA, Terminal 3
          1:15pm-5:50pm       1:16pm LV San Francisco, CAvia UA 0893,            Paul   (::\01-~?0.41861
                              International Terminal, Seat: 15J, (12hrs
                              34mins · 5,636mi}; AR: 5:50pm Seoullncheon
                                                                                 ~i~          (b)(6)
                                                                                     I.'-              _../
                              International on 4/26
                              [Airline Confirmation: POQ11 N]

               Time                              Activity                                   Contact
          Sunday, April 26, 2009
          12:00am-5:50pm      In the Air
c     I
                              5:50~m AR: Seoul lncheon lnt, Korea

          6:30pm-7:30pm       LV Airport via Embassy Car                        Jam~~ Waller
i                                                                               (PH: +82-2-397-4400)
;;   (~                                                                         (Fax: 82 2 722 1429)
                                                                                 US Embassy Control

          7:30pm-8:30pm       7:30pm Arrive and Check-In at Shilla Hotel (PH:
                              +82-2-2233-3131 ), 202 Jangchung-dong 2-ga,

                              Jung-gu, Seoul100-856 Korea
                              {Fax: +82-2-2233-5073
     ~~                       (In: 4/26, out 5/2 (6 nights}]

    ~!E        Time                              Activity                                   Contact
          Monday, April 27, 2009
          AM                  OPEN
          3:20pm-3:50pm       LV: Hotel via Embassy Car for MEST Building -
                              Full Delegation and Embassy Representative
                              (Bring your passportt
          3:50pm-4:00pm       AR: MEST Building
          4:00pm-4:30pm       Meeting with MEST Minister Byong-man Ahn
          4:30pm-5:00pm       Meeting with MEST Atomic Energy Cureau DG
                                           Dale Klein

5:00pm-5:40pm      LV: MEST Building via Embassy Car for
                   Ambassador's Residence
5:40pm             AR: Ambassador's Residence
6:00pm-6:30pm      Meeting with Ambassador Stephens
6:30pm-7:00pm      LV: Ambassador's Residence via Embassy Car
                   for Hotel
7:10pm             AR: Hotel
?:OOpm-9: OOpm     INRA Reception- Orchid Room- 23rd Floor
     Time                             Activity                   Contact
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
9:00am-9:05am      Opening the INRA Meeting (Marronnier Room)
9:05am-1 0:20am    9:05-10:20am Member's Report (Order TBD)
10:20am-1 0:40am   COFFEE BREAK
10:40am-12:00pm    Member's Report
12:00pm-1 :30pm    Korea Hosted Luncheon at Hotel
1:30pm-2:50pm      Member's Report
2:50j>_m-3: 1Opm   COFFEE BREAK
3:10pm-4:30pm      IRRS
4:30pm-5:30pm      The Future of INRA
6:00pm-6:30pm      Move to Restaurant for Dinner
6:30pm-9:00pm      Korea Hosted Dinner
9:00~m-9:30pm      Return to Hotel
     Time                             Activity                   Contact
Wednesday, April 29, 2009
9:00am-1 0:20am    o-60 Contaminated Scrap Metal Import
10:50am-12: 1Opm   Application of Digital I&C Technology
12:1 Opm-12:30pm   Arrangement for Fall INRA Meeting and Wrap
                   Up of Meeting
12:30_Qm-2:00pm    Korea Hosted Luncheon at Hotel
3:00pm-4:00pm      Cultural Tour in Namsan Traditional Villaqe
4:00pm-6:00pm      Cultural Tour in Changdeok-Gung
6:00pm-6:30pm      To Restaurant for Dinner
6:30~m-8:30pm      Korea Hosted Dinner
8:30pm-9:00pm      Return to Hotel
     Time                             Activity                   Contact
Thursday, April·30, 2009
7:30am-9:00am      To Gimpo Airport
                   (Bring your passport)
9:40am-10:40am     9:40-10:40am To Gimhae Airport by Airplane
10:40am-11 :50am   To Doosan Heavy Industry
11 :50am-1 :20pm   Korea Hosted Luncheon at Guest House
1:20pm-3:00pm      Technical Tour in Nuclear I Turbine I Forge
3:00pm-4:15pm      LV: DHI for Gimhae airport via car
4:20pm-4:25pm      AR: Gimhae airport
4:40pm-5:30pm      LV: Gimhae airport
                                                    Dale Klein

        5:3Qpm~5:35pm     : AR: Gimpo Airport
    . 5:45pm-7:00pm         LV: Gimpo Airport via car To Hotel .
      7:30pm-9:00pm         Dinner
            Time                               Activity                                          Contact
        Friday, May 1, 2009                                                                                           i

        7:40am-8:15am      LV: Hotel for Seoul Station via Embassy Car

                           (Bring your passport)
                           AR: Seoul Station
                                                                         ·           l                                I

. 8:30am-9:30am            8:30am LV: Seoul Station for Daejeon by KTX               !
                                                                                     i                                I
/ 9:30am-1 O:OOam          9:30am AR: Daejeon Station and Driven via
                           KINS car to KINS                                      I   i

/10:00am-12:00pm   AR: KINS Facility, Meet with Korea Institute of
                   Nuclear Safety President Yun; Tour Emergency
                   Operations Center Facility Overview and Tour
                   International Nuclear safety School (INSS)                        i

   12:00pm-1 :45pm Lunch Hosted by KINS
   1:45pm-2:00pm   LV: KINS via Kl NS car for Korea Atomic Energy
 i                 Research Institute (KAERI)                                                                     I
   2:00pm-2:45pm   Meet w/KAERI President Yanq
   2:45pm-2:55pm   Video Presentation
 : 2:55pm-3:00pm   Photograph
   3:00pm-3:30pm   KAERI Tour
   3:30pm-4:00pm   LV: KAERI via KAERI car for Daejeon Station
   4:00pm-4:15pm   AR: Daejeon Station
   4:30pm-5:20pm   4:30~m LV: Daejeon Station via KTX Train                      I

i 5:20pm           AR: Seoul Station and move to Hotel
l5:30pm-6: 15pm    LV: Seoul Station via Embassy Car for Hotel
! 6:15pm-6:30pm    AR: Hotel
           Time                               Activit~                                           Contact
Is       aturday, May 2 2009
        9:30am-1 0:30am         '
                          Check Out and LV Hotel via Airport Shuttle(KAL)
        10:30am-10:45am AR: Airport
        12:20pm-1 ;50pm 12:20pm LV Seoullncheon lnt via Asiana
                        . Air1ines, OZ 0711; Seat 01 B; (2hrs 30m ins-
                        '914miles); AR: Taipei, Taiwan 1:50pm,
                          Terminal 2 - Airline Confirmation: CBHHJZ]
  1:50pm-2:10pm 1:50pm AR: Taipei, Taiwan, Terminal 2
  2:30pm-3:30pm LV: Airport in AIT Car Accompanied by David                              David Chang
                Chang, Science, Technology and Health Affairs                            (PH: 886-2-2162-2379)
                Office                                                       )
                                                                                         (Fax: 886 2 2162 2240)
  3:30pm-4:00pm AR: Shangri La Hotel Taipei
                (PH: 886-2-2378-8888), 201 Tun Hwa South
                Road, Section 2, Taipei 106

                [(In 5/2 out 516 - 4 nights)]
                (Fax: 886 2 2377 777n
                                                                             I                                    I
                                                        Dale Klein

             Time          I                       Activity                         Contact
        Sunday, May 3, 2009
    , 8:00am-5:00pm                Open- Palace Museum, Cultural Center
             Time                                   Activity                        Contact
    ! Monday, May 4, 2009
    I 7:00am-7:50am              LV: Hotel via AIT car for AIT Building
    !                            (A IT Science Officer to accompany aU day)
                                 (Bring your passport)
        8:00am-8:30am            Meeting with AIT Director Young
        8:30am-9:20am            LV AIT for AEC via AIT Car
        9:20am                   AR: AEC
        9:30am-1 0:20am          Meet w/Atomic Energy Council Chairman Tsai
        10:20am                1

                                 Tour AEC Nuclear Safety Duty Center
        10:45am-12:15pm          LV: Taipei via AEC car for Lung men
        12: 15pm-12:30pm         AR: Lungmen
        12:30pm-1 :30pm          Working Lunch
        1:30pm-4:30pm            Briefing on Status of Lungment Project- Tour
                                 Construction Site; Tour Full-Scope Simulator                     I
        4:30pm-6:30pm            LV: Lungmen for Shangri La Hotel                                 I
        6:30pm-8:30pm          . Dinner with AEC Chairman Tsai- Taipei World                      !

        8:30pm-9:00pm          I LV: Dinner for Hotel

        9:00pm-9:15pm            AR Hotel
             Time                                  Activity                         Contact
        Tuesday, Ma~ 5, 2009
        8:30am-9:30am        LV: Hotel via INER car
                             (AIT Science Officer to accompany all day)
                             (Bring your passport)
        9:30am-1 O:OOam      Meeting with INER President YEH -Briefing on
                             INER Research Programs
        10:00am-12:00pm      Facility Tour- Plasma Incineration; RadWaste
                             Solidicication; Radio-Pharmaceutical Lab
1       12:00pm-1 :OOpm      LUNCH                                                       ~

        1:OOpm-1:45pm        LV: INER via AEC carfor Executive Yuan
        1:45pm-3: 15pm       Brief Sight-Seeing Excursion
                             Sanshia Old District; Yingge Ceramic Museum
  3:20pm-3:30pm              AR: Executive Yuan
' 3:30pm-4:10pm              Meeting with Premier Chao-Shiuan LIU
  4:10pm-4:30pm              LV: Executive Uyan for Forum via AEC Car
  4:30pm-6:30pm              Nuclear Regulation Forum with National Tsing
                             Hua Univ. (NTHU)- NTHU Professors and                            I

                             Students in Attendance (- 40 people)
                             [NOTE: Speech and Q&A]                                           I
: 6:30pm-8:30pm              Dinner- Grand Formosa                                            i
  8:30pm-9:00pm              LV: Dinner for Hotel                                             I

~:0012m                    / AR: Hotel
            Time           j                       Activity                     I   Contact
    Wednesday, May 6, 2009
                                            Dale Klein

 6:45am - 7:00am Check out of Hotel
 7:00am-8:00am . • LV: Hotel via Hotel Car for Airport
/8:00am-8:15am     AR: Taipei (CKS/TPE) Airport
                    (USE PERSONAL PASSPORT)
 10:00am-2:15pm      10:00am-2:15pm LV: Taipei via United 0838,
                     Terminal2, Seat: 98, (3hrs 15mins -1330mi);
                     AR: 2:15pm Tokyo Narita, Japan, Terminal1
                     [Conf No: POQ11 N]
 2:15pm-2:45pm       2:15pm AR:Toyko Narita, Terminal1
 4:00pm-4:30pm     . 4:00pm LV: Japan via United 0804, Tenninal1,
                   : Business Class-Seat 90, (12hrs 35mins-
                   I 6763mi): AR: Dulles 3:35pm
4:30pm-4:45pm        LV: Dulles via Mack for Residence              Macl(b)(6)
                                                                               03/01/2010 9:03AM

                                   Dale E. Klein
                    San Antonio/Houston,TX & Bonita Springs, FL
                                   May 7-12, 2009
          i        Time                          Activity                                    Contact
          ·Thursday, May 7, 2009
            2:00pm             LV NRC via POV for Residence
            3:30pm             LV Residence via Mack for Reagan                      Mac~(b)(6)

          f--;-4:00P.m         AR: Reagan
            5:15pm-7:40pm    • 5:15pm LV: Reagan via American 1317 for
                             i Dallas Fort Worth; Terminal B, Seat 16D;
                               (3hrs 25mins); Non-Stop
                               AR: 7:40pm Dallas Ft. Worth
                              j~irline Confirmation: GRBMYU] ·
              7:40pm           7:40pm AR: Dallas Ft. Worth
              9:15pm-10:15pm 9:15pm LV: Dallas Ft. Worth via American 549;
                               Seat 120 (1hr) Non-Stop;
                               AR: 10:15pm San Antonio, TX, Terminal 2
                               [Airline Confirmation: GRBMYUl
                   Time                          Activity                                   Contact
              Frid~y, Ma~    8, 2009
      A        J   Time                          Activity                                   Contact

              $aturday, May 9, 2009

                                                 Activity                     .__1          Contact

          ~Oam-10:00am          Drive from San Antonio to Houston- St Regis      I
                                Hotel Check - In 3:00pm                                                ..

                                Check In St. Regis Houston
                                (PH: 713-840-7600), 1919 Briar Oaks Lane,
                                Houston, TX 77027
                              • [Confirmation No. 547606606 {One night- In
                                May 10, out May 11)1
      ~            Time                          Activity                                   Contact
              Monday, May 11 , 2009
              9:00am-10:00am Keynote Speaker w/Q&A
              1:30pm-2:30pm    Mrs. Klein Chairs a Panel                                                    A
              6:55pm-10:11pm ·6:55pm LV: Houston Geo Bush via Continental
                               1662, Terminal C, Seat 8C (2hrs 16mins-                             yA
                               848mi); AR: 10:11pm Fort Myers, FL
                               [Airline Confirmation: BNY92YJ
                             · 10:11~m AR: FortMyers, FL
                                                                                                   v            I
    10:30pm             Earl Easton, Lawrence Kokajko will pick you up        Earl Easton
                        from the Airport- will meet you at the                BB: 202-669-5766
                        Continental baggage claim area
                                                                              LaW'Anl"'.:> l(nlt-!:!ilrn
                                                                              Cellj(b)(6)                  I
    10:45pm             LV: Airport via Earl Easton for Hotel                 Earl "Easton
                                                                              BB: 202-669-5766
    .. 11:15pm          Check-in Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort
                        & Spa (PH: 239-444-1234); 5001 Coconut
                        Road, Bonita Springs, FL 34134
                        (Room Confirmation: 24819130
                         FAX: 239-390-4344]
          Time                              Act~yity                                       Contact
1   Tuesday, Ma v 12, 2009
    7:15am.S:15am       NEI Hosted Breakfast- Captiva Room                    Everett Redmond, NEI
                        {Lawrence Kakajko, Bill Brach will also attend)       cell(b)(6)                   /
                        (poe: Everett Redmond, NEI)
                                                                              LawrencE; Ko~ajko ......,
                                                                              Cell: ~(b)(6)
I                                                                                                              I
                                                                              Bill Brach
                                                                              BB: 240-688-6545
                        Chairman Klein delivers Keynote Address                                                      (""'
    11: 30am·12 :30pm   LV: Hyatt Regency via Bill Brach for Ft. Myers
                                                                              Bill Brach
                                                                              BB: 240-688-6545
                                                                                                                   t/  '
    ... 12:30pm         AR: Ft Myers RSW Airport
    1:40pm-3:33pm       1:40pm LV: Ft Myers via US Airways 1768,
                        Seat 6C (1hr 53mins- 599mi); AR: 3:33pm
                        Charlotte, NC
                        [Airline Confirmation: CFZ7KZ]
    3:40pm-3:55pm       3:33pm AR: Charlotte, NC
    4:09pm-5:30pm       4:09pm LV: Charlotte, NC via US Airways
                        2660; Seat 40 (1hr 21min- 327mi); AR:
                        5:30pm Dulles
                        [Airline Confirmation: CFZ7KZ]                    I          (b){6)                    f--
    -5:45pm             LV: Dulles via Mack for Residence                     Mac                              -
                                                     Dale Klein
                                                     Palo Verde
                                                  May 28-June 1, 2009

    Friday May 29, 2009
         Time                                       Activity                 Contact
    7:30am                 Meet Mike Hay, Region IV, Branch Chief /Mike Hay          ·-,
                           for br~akfast. (Complimentary cook to · • celr>(6>

                         · order 1n hotel)
                                                                            1          ·

     8:00am                Depart Embassy Suites via Mike Hay                                                 ........
                                                                                Gel (b)(6)
                         . car to pick up Eliot at airport.                                                                I

    8:15am                 Arrive Sky Harbor Inti. Airport                  · Mik!t.Hay
                           (Eliot will call Mike Hay cell with exact        . celij(b)(6)
                                                                              Elin'l'""'Cr...,.Plo.or   _::r
                           pick up point)                                     Cell(b)(6)
    8:30am                 Depart Sky Harbor Inti. Airport for Palo             Mike Hay
                           Verde                                                ce1@2(6)
                                                                            i                                .......
    9:30am                 Arrive Palo Verde.                                   MikA 1-l~v
                           Meet with NRC resident inspectors.                   eel (b)(6)               _-::r
                                                                                Cel~(b)(G)                               I


    10:00 am               Meet with Palo Verde plant
                                                                                Eliot 'Brenner           - l
                                                                                Cel (b)(6) ···-··~
    11:00 am               Lunch
1   12:00 noon             Getting out of Col 4 Celebration                      Mike l:ia~
                           (Dr. Klein comments)
                                                                                C~ll(b)(~       •
    1:00pm                 Depart Palo Verde via Mike Hay car.                  Mik~ay                  ..........
                                                                                eel (b)(6)                     I
                                                                                Cell{b)(6}                    -l]
    2:00pm                 Arrive Embassy Suites
                                                                                Rabbi~ .O.ik~n

                           Meet Robbie Aiken in lobby for transport
                         . to dinner. (Eliot is invited)
              Information in this lecord                 .
              In accontance witiJ ~was deleted
              Act, exemptmna
             .rot.. ~ £!/ ,1'7 -~~.v
                                    edom of fnformatlon                                                              ~(j)
                          -                 -·u
                                           Dale Klein
                                           Palo Verde
                                        Ma): 28-June 1, 2009
    Thursday May 28, 2009
        Time                              Activity                          Contact          i

    9:QO am         Depart residence via Mack for Reagan           Mac~ (b)(6)
                    National Airport
    9:30am            rrive Reagan Natiohal Airport

    10:30 am        Depart Reagan National Airport
                    US Air 333 confirmation CV356Q
                    Seat 5 D
    12:29 pm        Arrive Sky Harbor Inti. Airport
                    Phoenix, AZ
    1:00pm          Pick up Avis rental car
                    Reservation code CFLPLY
                    Confirmation 25157985US6PEXP
                    Ph 602 262 5900
    1:30pm          Depart Phoenix airport ""
    1:45pm          Arrive Embassy Suites
                    2630 East Camelback Road
                    Confirmation 87731945
                    (guaranteed late arrival)
                     Ph 602 955 3992
    Evening         Open

                                      Dale Klein
                                      Palo Verde
                                   May 28-June 1, 2009                         i

    Saturday May 30, 2009

             Time                        Activity                    Contact

                       Breakfast open                           'i
I                                                               i

    6:00 am            Depart Embassy Suites vial Avis rental
    6:15am             Arrive Sky Harbor Inti. Airport                         I
    7:40am             Depart Sky Harbor IntL Airport via                      I
                       Southwest Airlines 1312                        '
                       Conf: JVN36K
    11:50am          , Arrive San Antonio airport
                    .I                    ...


                         Ground transportation arranged.

                         Saturday Qm QSrsonal time
                         Sunday personal time

                               Dale Klein
                               Palo Verde
                            May 28-June 1, 2009

 Monday June 1, 2009
          Time                    Activity                         Contact

                  Depart residence or San Antonio       1

6:00am            Arrive San Antonio airport.
7:00am            Depart San Antonio airport via US
                  Airways 3315 (Operated by Republic)
                  Conf: CW4SRG Seat 15 F
 10:37 am         Arrive Charlotte airport
 11:45 am         Depart Charlotte airport via US
                  Airways 1701 Seat 18 F
 1:12pm           Arrive Reagan National Airport
 1:35pm           Depart Reagan National Airport via        Mac~(b)(G)       !v
1:50pm            Arrive residence
2:00pm            Depart residence via POV for NRC
2:30pm            Arrive NRC

                                           Dale Klein                                                             i

                                          Atlanta, GA
                                        June   14~16,   2009   -·~·--~-

        Sunday, June 14
             Time                        Activity                                      Contact
                     Depart residence for San Antonio Airport
        11:00 am     AR: San Antonio Air~ort
        11:55 am     LV: San Antonio via Delta 1572 for                                                           !

                     Atlanta; Terminal 1; Seat 21 D (2hrs
                     25m ins Non-Stop)
                     Airline Confirmatiom PEXHQU
        3:20pm       AR: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport                   Paul: 301-920-4186
                     NOTE: Paul arrives Atlanta Airport at
                     2:25pm (United 7724 ). Meet at baggage
    I                claim.                                                                                  -·
        3:50 pm      LV: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport                   Abe (driver)

                     with Paul via Hotel arranged car.                        cell: :(b)(6}      i

                     Driver: Abe of Buckhead Classic                          Hotel concierge:~-
                                                                          I   404-577-1234
        4:20pm       AR: Hyatt Regency Atlanta                                Hotel operator
                     265 Peachtree St, NE                                     404-577-1234
                     Atlanta, GA 30303
                     Confirmation 25525054
                     (guaranteed late arrival)
                     NOTE: Registration is open 1.mtil 7pm in                 Jeff ~rasser
                     the Centennial Foyer (separate                           Cell: (b)(6)
                     speakers' & session chairs' desk).                       Debra Burnett
                     Badges are required for admission to all                 Cell: :<b)( 6)         I
                     sessions and events. You will receive                         I                 i
                     tickets to all events at registration.
        6:00pm       ANS President's Reception - Hyatt                      Jeff Grasser
                     Regency, Regency Ballroom (ticket                    I Cell: (bXBI

                     received with registration package)                    Debra Burnett
                                                                          I Cell: l(b)(6)


                      Information in this record was deleted
                     In accordan"" with t~m rllllfonnaiiOn
                     FOf~a            =.;p ·
                                                                                          e;1                     I
                                        Dale Klein
                                        Atlanta, GA
                                      June 14-16, 2009
    Monday, June 15, 2009
         Time                          Activity                                   Contact
    7:00am            Speakers Breakfast with Jeff Gasser,           Jeff Grasse[
                      Meeting Chair (VP Southern Nuclear),           Cellr(b)(6)                   r

                      other speakers, and their guests-              De~~(3urrte_tt__--=:._
                                                                     Cell (b)(S)
                      Regency V Room
    8:30am            David Ratcliffe, Chairman, President &         Jeff Grasser
                      CEO, Southern Company Speaks-
                      Centennial Ballroom
                                                                     Cell: i<b)(6)
                                                                     Debra _Burnett

                                                                     Cell: i<b)(S)
    9:00am            Senator Sam Nunn to speak -
                      Centennial Ballroom
    9:30am            Ret. Vice Admiral John Grossenbacher,
                      Dir. Idaho Nationc:tl Labs speaks
    10:00 am          Your speech- Centennial Ballroom (final    ·
                      will be sent via email to you and Paul)
    10:30 am          Ret. Admiral '"lim Ellis, Pres & CEO,
                      INPO speaks -Centennial Ballroom                                                     i


    11:00 am          Q &A session
    11:30 am          Operations & Power Division Lunch,             Jeff G[asse[
                      Hanover C Meeting Room                         Cellj(b)(B)
                      Harold Denton to receive Walter H. Zinn        Debra Burnett          - ..           l'
                                                                     Cell: (b)(G)
. 1:00pm
                      Aw~rd {ticket in registration ~ackage ).
                      Tentative: Meet with Admiral Ellis
! 5:45pm              LV: hotel via shuttle for Georgia              Jeff Grasser        '.
                      Aquarium (ticket in registration               Cellf(b)(6)
                      package). Shuttles run continuously            Debra_Burnett
                      starting at 5:30pm from the Hyatt.             Cell: j(b)(~)- -----.~
    6:00pm            AR: Dinner event at the Georgia                Paul 301-920-418f:
                      Aquarium.                                      Debr~urnett              -·-:J
                 iI                                                  Cell: ~)(6)        I
    10:30 pm          Last shuttle leaves dinner event at            Paul 301-920-418~ . i
                      Georgia Aquarium for Hyatt Regency             Debr        urnett        --~

                                                                     Cell (b)(G)
                                   Dale Klein
                                   Atlanta, GA
                                 June 14-16, 2009


             Time                    Activity                        Contact
    6:30am           Breakfast with Paul at the Hyatt        PauL 301-920-4186
    7:30am           LV: Hyatt Regency Atlanta for Atlanta Abe (driver)        --;
                     Airport with Paul via hotel arranged   .cell:[<b)(6)
i                    car. Driver: Abe of Buckhead Classic                         I
    8:00am           AR: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport Paul~ 301-920-4186
    9:31am           LV: Atlanta via United 7117 for Wash
                     North Terminal; Seat 60
                     1hr49mins                         ,.

                     Airline Confirmation: JKLHCQ                                   I
· 11:20 am           AR: Washington, Dulles
  11:50 am           LV: Washington, Dulles via Mack
  12:20 pm           Arrive NRC
                     (Your car is in the NRC garage.)      I
                                              Dale Klein
                                      ANS Conference/ LCRAI NREL
                                                Au ust 23-27, 2009
               Time                                Activi                                      Contact
           1:00pm               Depart residence via Doug Weaver
                                Sam Lee passenger
           5:00pm               Arrive Hilton Virginia Beach Hotel
                                3001 Atlantic Avenue
                                Virginia Beach, VA
                            i   PH: 757-213-3000
                            · Confirmation: 3356092155
           5:15pm      ---+-R-e-g-is-te_r_fo_r_th-e-co_n_fe_r_en_c_e_a_t-th_e___ Dave Slaninka
                              P          kF                                        l.ANRr~t:!LJnlu__'
                             \ eacoc oyer                                       ;<b)(6)               lcell)
       8: 15-6:00pm             Break
       ! 6:00-S:OOpm            Welcome Reception                                    Dave Slaninka
                                Peacock Ballroom A                                   (ANS reo)
       i                                                                           (b)( 6 )           tcell)

            Time                    Activity                   Contact
           7:00-S:OOam          Continental Breakfast at Peacock                     Doua
                                                                                   l(b)(~~. _:=:Jcell)

                                                                                   'FSam 301-273-8743{bb)
  e        8:00am           Opening Plenary Session-- Peacock JDoua

                            Salon A& B. DEK Speaks -followed 1
                            by Q&A. Introduction by Dr. Todd
                                                                 (b)(6)           lcell)
                                                                   -sam 301-273-8743(bb)

IJ ·
                                                                    Dave Slanink::~ (ANS)
       ~·t?                 Allen, Conference General Chair       (b)(G)            (cell)
        '1\               ~(University of Wisconsin, Madison)       -
    '"~ ~'~:30-1 O:OOam
                            Plenary Session Break {Note: Plenary n 6 ,.,
.. J~ 1 ,~.                 Session will resume at 10am continue
                                                                  (b)( )          lcell)
                                                                  !'Sam 301-273-8743(bb) .·
i ~ :a ~                  · through noon -with a panel of                                                      1

.s B ,..                    speakers)
 ~ 3
          ~~ 0:00-11 :30am Personal Break I Checkout             r Doua
                                                                  (b)( 6)         ~cell)
a ~ 't'! ~                  1                                                        Sam 301-27J-8743(bb)
E ·9 -R "'11 :30am-    · Doug to drive DEK to Norfolk                Doua                 '
                         International Airport (Q~R=-=F)~------r.[(b=)(=
         12: 15pm                                                       )===-p_ell_:_)--1~
         1:45pm        . LV: Norfolk via US Air 2609 for           j

       1-l----------+-1Seat. 7-D (1hr 17mrn.~sJ._)- - - - - 1 - - - - - - - - - - - i
       i 3:02pm        I AR: Charlo!te
'       .
                                             Dale Klein
                                     ANS Conference/ LCRAI NREL
I                                             August 23-27, 2009
        4:26pm                 LV: Charlotte via US Air 2673 for
                               Seat: 14-D
                              l_2hrs 56mins)
        6:22pm                 AR: Austin

    l11:00am      Meeting w/Juan Sancez,                                 ,.1\llye Ratledge____,
                  University of Texas at Austin                             (b)(6)
                  NOTE: AI lye's directions attached.                    IL---.



    I   Wednesday, August 26, 2009
            Time                               Activity                              Contact
        7:00am                Meet w/Joe Beaman at the Restaurant
                              at the Four Seasons {lower level)

                            Drive to Lower Colorado River Authority Stacy Byous
                            3700 lake Austin Boulevard                 ·LCRA Board Coordinator
                                                                        fi1?...A.71-1?nn ext. 2822
                          . Austin, TX                                (b)(6)           l(cell}
                          i 78703
        -10:45am            AR: LCRA Board Room
        -11am-              DEK: Guest Speaker -
        11:15am           • "An Overview of NRC"                   ·-
        -11:15-             Q&A Session
        12-1 :OOpm            You are invited to stay for Lunch
        7:14pm                LV: San Antonio via UA 6558 for
                              Seat: 7-C
                              {2hrs 19mins)
        8:33pm                AR: Denver
        9:00pm                Pick Up Hertz Rental Car                      PH: 303-342-3800
    '                         24890 East 781h Street
                              Conf No: E4712142280                                                       !

        Thursday, August 27, 2 009
                              Personal Time
                                Dale Klein
                        ANS Conference/ LCRAI NREL
                                August 23-27, 2009

              ust 28, 2009 --------------......-----------1
                  Meet Stan Bull and Tour NREL w/Paul Stan Bull:
                                                      Cell (b)(6)

                  NOTE: Paul leaves at 3 m

                  Personal Time

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009 pm

    Before      Drop off Hertz Rental Car                     PH: 303-342-3800
1   12:00 m     24890 East 78th Avenue
    12:41pm     LV: Denver International via UA 316 for
                Seat: 14-D
                 3hr 24mins
                AR: Dulles                                I
                LV: Dulles via Mack for Residence             Mack{6·~)(S;:::->- - · · - - · · ·
~~----~---                          ---------~~~------~~
                                           France- UK Itinerary
                                           Commissioner Klein
                                          September 3- 12, 2009

      Thursday, September 3

        Time    Activity                                                 Notes
        17:29   Depart: Washington Dulles for Paris on United            7 hours; 26 minutes
                Flight 0914                                              Seat: 11J
                Note             /departs Houston, TX for Paris on       9 hours; 40 minutes
                Continental Flight C010 at 1509

      Friday. September 4

        Time    Activity                                                  Notes
        06:55   Arrive: Paris de Gaulle; Terminal 1                        Pick up i(b)(6)   I at

                                                                          lnternatronal Arrrvals,
                NoteJ(b)(G)    larrives at 07:45; Terminal 2A             Terminai2A
        08:15   Depart: Paris de Gaulle airport via OECD Mission          32 Km; 30 min
                transportation                                            Driver contact information:
        08:45   Arrive: Renaissance Paris Hotel La Defense                Conf#:
                    60 Jardin de Valmy, Boulevard Circulaire, Sortie 7    DEK - 88224696
                    Paris La Defense Cedex, 92918 France                  PO- 88221958
                    Phone: +33-1-41975050                                 l<b )(6)
                Rate: 159 Euro (3-5 Sept) I 207 Euro (6-9 Sept)                          I
                Per Diem: $316 lodging/$186 M&IE
        12:30   Depart hotel via OECD Mission transport to OECD           7 Km; 15 minutes
                         12, Avenue Raphael
                        75116 Paris
        12:45   Arrive OECD

        13:00   Meeting OECD Ambassador Karen Kornbluh

        13:30   Depart OECD Mission via OECD Mission transport
                for AREVA

        15:30   AREVA meetings (tentative)

        TBD     Depart AREVA for hotel

        TBD      Dinner

ntfomfitrOit "'""' JG& a       -
in accordance with the flll8doll d ~
Act, exem ions -~Cc?......:;; . __
 Saturday, September 5

I Time    I Activity                                           I Notes
           OPEN TIME

 Sunday, September 6

  Time     Activity                                             Notes

           OPEN TIME

  18:45    Depart hotel via OECD Mission transport to Palais    5 Km; 10 minutes
           de Congres

 19:00-    Welcome reception; Palais de Congres                           [optional
  21:00           Palais des Congres de Paris
                  2 Place de Ia Porte Maillot
                  75017 Paris
                  Metro Station: Porte Maillot.
  21:00    Depart Palais de Congres via OECD Mission            5 Km; 10 minutes
           transport to hotel
    Monday, September 7

    Time     Activity                                                 Notes
    07:15    Breakfast                                               (b )(6)       foptional

    08:15    Depart hotel via OECD Mission transport to Global       5 Km; 10 minutes
             2009 Conference                                                   .
                    Palais des Congres of Paris
                    Level 3, Havane and Bordeaux Halls
                    2 Place de Ia Porte Maillot
    08:30    Global 2009 General Welcome

    08:45-   Global 2009 Opening Session- President Panel I:
     10:30   "R&D Programs to Support the Nuclear Fuel Cycle"
                    Keynote: Bernard Bigot (CEA)
                    Panel Chair: Mr Francois-Michel Gonnot (ANORA)
                    Member: Luis Echavarri (NEA)
                    Member: Philip Finck (INL)
                    Member: Dale Klein (NRC)
                    Member: S.Kondo (JAEC)
                    Member: N.Ponomarev-Stepnor (Kurchatov lnst.)
                    Member: Baldev Raf(lndia)
    11:00-   Global2009 Opening Session- President Panel II:
     12:45   "Industrial Challenges of Fuel and Fuel Cycle"

    12:45-   VIP luncheon for honorary Chairs & Keynote speakers     Principals Only
     14:00   - XXXXXX Restaurant
    14:00    Depart VIP luncheon via OECD Mission transport to       5 Km; 10 minutes

    14:10    Arrive hotel

             Open Time

    15:30    Depart hotel via OECD Mission transport to NEA HQ       12 Km; 20 minutes

    16:00    Meeting with Luis Echavarri and Janice Dunn Lee    ;~rb){G). -~·
                    Agence De L'OCDE Pour L'Energie Nucleaire
                     Le Seine St-Germain
                     12, boulevard des iles
                     92130 lssy-les-Moulineaux
    18:00    Depart NEA via OECD Mission transport to hotel     12 Km; 20 minutes
    xxxx     Depart hotel via OECD Mission transport to NEA
     TBD     Dinner- TBD, with Mr. Luis Echavarri and Janice  I Includes entire delegation
             Dunn Lee
    XX:XX    Depart Dinner via OECD Mission transport to hotel
Tuesday, September 8

Time     Activity                                              Notes
09:00    Breakfast                                             l(b)(6)   1 optional

         OPEN TIME

12:45    Depart hotel via OECD Mission transport to OSIRIS     26 Km; 30 minutes

13:20    Arrive Saclay, France                                 Meet ASN delegation at
         91191 Gif-sur-Yvette CEDEX                            entrance "porte Nord"
13:30    OSIRIS Reactor visit
         ASN delegation:
         Jean~Luc Lachaume, Deputy Director General, ASN
         Alexandre Chevalier, Research Rx Project Manager
         Philippe Chappe, Sr. International Program Manager
         Philippe Durande-Ayme, Head of Operations
14:30    Depart Saclay France via OECD Mission transport for   13 Km; 20 minutes
14:50    Arrive IRSN

15:00-   Meeting with Jacques Repussard at lnstitut de
17:00    Radioprotection et de SOrete Nucleaire (IRSN) HQ
                avenue de Ia Division Leclerc
                92260 Fontena~aux-Roses
17:00    Depart IRSN via OECD Mission transport to hotel

17:30    Arrive hotel

TBD      Dinner
Wednesday, September 9

Time     Activity                                                  Nntes
                                                                  (b )(6)
09:00    Breakfast                                                             Joptional
10:45    Depart Hotel via OECD Mission transport to Paris Nord     14 Km; 25 minutes
         train station

11:15    Arrive Paris Nord train station                              NOTE: Must have
                                                                      preprinted tickets
12:13    Depart: Eurostar                                             Seats: Carriage 7
                 Paris Gare du Nord                                   Dr. Klein: Seat 68
                 18 Rue Ounkerque                                ,, b)(6)         I Seat 67
                 75010 Paris, France                                  Paul Dickman: Seat 63
                 08 92 35 35 39                                    ll(b)(6)              I Seat 64
13:28    Arrive: London St Pancras station

13:45    Depart: London St Pancras station via taxi to hotel       5 Km; 20 minutes

14:05    Arrive: Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel              Confirmation no.:
                 Park Lane                                         DEK- 85327630
                 London, W1K7TN United Kingdom                     PTD - 85329348
                 Phone: 44 207 499 6363
         Rate: 163 £single
         Per Diem: $290 lodging/$148 M&IE
17:45    Depart hotel for reception via taxi                       2Km; 10 minutes

18:00-   URENCO Reception (Guildhall)
20:00            Guildhall, Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HH
20:00-   CEO Dinner at Reform Club                                 Hosted by John Ritch
22:30           104 Pall Mall, London SW1Y                         Principals Onl}l_
22:30    Depart Reform Club via taxi to Grosvenor House

22:45    Arrive Grosvenor House
Thursday, September 10

Time         Activity                                                        Notes
07:30        Breakfast

08:30        Depart: hotel for WNA Symposium via taxi                        3 Km; 6 minutes
                    Central Hall Westminster
                    Storeys Gate, London SW1 H 9NH
09:00        34m WNA Symposium Opening Session                              (b)(6)
                                                                                         J   optional

09:30        Session II- Strategies for the future
                Anne Lauvergeon, Chief Executive Officer, AREVA
                Dale Klein, Commissioner, U.S. NRC
                Kfrill Komarov, Deputy Director, Atomenergoprom
                Aris Candris, Chief Executive Officer, Westinghouse
                Ralf Gueldner, Vice Chairman of the Board, E.ON Kernkraft
12:45-       VIP Lunch for WNA Awardees and Opening session
14:00        speakers
14:15-       WNU-NRC cooperation meeting with John Ritch, Andy
15:00        White, Chris Crane, Zac Pate and senior WNA staff
15:00        Depart WNA Symposium via taxi to hotel                          3 Km; 6 minutes

15:15        Arrive Hotel Grosvenor
20:00        CH2M HILL Dinner                                                tentative
                    The Goring
                    Beeston Place
                    london SW1WOJW
Friday. September 11

Time     Activity                                                        Notes

09:00-   UK MOD meetings                                                 tentative


Saturday, September 12

Time     Activity                                                        Notes
05:15    Depart hotel via Embassy transport for London                   30 Km; 30 minutes
                                                                         ~~rrs>~arue~l Nnrta]c)

05:45    Arrive: London Heathrow airport

07:45    Depart: london Heathrow for Chicago O'Hare on                   8 hours; 43 minutes
         United Flight UA 0929                                           Seat7A

         'Notel(b)(6)     I Depart: London Heathrow for                  10 hours
          Houston, TX via Continental Flight C033 at 08:40
07:55     Depart: London Heathrow for Washington Dulles on               (Paul Dickman}
          United Flight UA 0923                                          8 hours; 15 minutes
                                                                         Seat 8C
10:28    Arrive: Chicago O'Hare

12:50    Depart: Chicago O'Hare on United Flight 7403 to San             2 hours; 47 minutes
         Antonio                                                         Seat4B

         Note I (b)( 6)    I arrives in Houston,       TX at 12:40

15:37    Arrive: San Antonio

         Note: F6> l      ___, arnves San Anton1o 15:42
                               0                   0

                                Dale Klein
                            Baton Rouge, LA
                           September 20-21, 2009
 Sunday, September 20, 2009
 11:00 am  LV: residence via Mack for Reagan Mack (b)( ) r----
~          National Airport
I 11:30 am AR: Reagan National Airport       Mack
  12:28pm  LV: Reagan National Airport
           via Continental 259- Terminal B
           Seat 20C (3hrs 15m ins)
           Airline Confirmation: DLE3N3
11 :43pm   Arrive Houston Bush Airport
           Houston, TX- Terminal C
  3:30pm   LV: Houston Bush International
           via Continental5954- Terminal 8
           Seat 11A (1 hr 4mins)
  4:34pm   AR: Baton Rouge Airport

                      NOTE: (Pat arrives at 4:15pm via Delta 5068 and will
                      meet you at baggage claim)
 5:00pm               Depart Airport via taxi                                Pat:i(b)( 6)       licell)
                      w/Pat Castleman                                             '-240-393-7785 (BB)

5:20pm                AR: Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center
                      201 Lafayette Street
                      Baton Rouge, LA 70801
                      Confirmation 3363725701
                      (guaranteed late arrival)
                       Ph: 225-344-5866
6:45pm                Dinner w/NRC staff (Charlie Miller, Mark               Pat:] (b )( 6 )       ~~cell)
                      Shaffer, Steve Reynolds, Pat                                 '--240-393-778"5 (BB)
                      Castleman) at hotel

      Information in tbis record was deleted

                                    Dale Klein
                                 Baton Rouge, LA
                              September 20-21, 2009

    Monday, September 21, 2009
         Time                     Activity                               Contact

    -8:00am      Breakfast                                 Patl(b)(6)          IJ(cell)
                                                                   240-393-7785 (BB)

    10:30-       Speech review and prep (in room)
                                                           Pal(b)( )           ~cell)
    11:15am                                                        240-393-7785 (BB)
    11 :30am     Check out of Hotel - Stow Bag
                                                           Pat: l(b)(6)                   (cell)
    11:45am-     Lunch at the Hilton with OAS Board and
    1:00pm       senior NRC staff                                  CZ40-393-7785 (BB)
    1:00pm       Opening Remarks by Julia Schmitt, OAS
    1:10pm       Welcome from Louisiana
    1:20p_m      DEK Keynote Address w/Q&A                           -     -

                                                           Pat: l(b)( 6)
    2:15pm       LV : Hilton Hotel via taxi                                               kell)
                 for airport                                       ._240-393-7785 (BB)
    2:45pm       AR: Airport
    3:53pm       LV: Baton Rouge via Continental 2663
                 Seat: 10A (1hr 7mins)
    5:00pm       AR: Houston Bush International -
                 Terminal B
    5:40pm       LV: Houston Bush International
                 via Continental 1558- Terminal C
                 Seat: 18C (2hrs 59mins)
                 Airline Confirmation: DLE3N3
    9:39pm       AR: Reagan National Terminal 8
    9:50pm       LV: Reagan National via Mack for                              _j
                                    Dale Klein
                 Sept. 22-24 Idaho National Labs, Idaho Falls, ID
                         Sept. 24-25 Salt Lake City, Utah
    Tuesday, September 22, 2009
        Time                                       Activity                Contact   :-:-1_

    2:00pm           LV: residence via Mack for Dulles            Mack (b)(6)
    2:30pm           AR: Dulles Airport                           Mack
    4:45pm           LV: Dulles via United 903
                     Seat 22C (3hrs 46mins)
                     Airline Confirmation: L01 HZC
    6:31pm           Arrive Denver, CO
    8:43pm           LV: Denver via United 6538
                     Seat 5C ( 1hr 30m ins)
    10:13pm          AR: Idaho Falls Airport 10: 13pm

    10:30pm          LV: Idaho Falls via Alamo Rental Car         301-920-4186
                     Confirmation: 124044266COUNT
    11:00 pm         AR: Fairfield Inn
                     1293 West Broadway
                     Idaho Falls, ID 83402
                     Confirmation :88122250
                     {guaranteed late arrival)
                      Ph: 208-552-7378

               Inforrnation in this record   Wai   daM!ted
               FDIA-~2t-r·               · _

                                   Dale Klein
                Sept. 22-24 Idaho National Labs, Idaho Falls, ID                     I
                        Se~t. 24-25 Salt Lake Cit~, Utah
    Wednesday, September 23, 2009
         Time                         Activity                            Contact
    NOTE:           Don Miley will provide ground
                    transportation, tour log, visitor badges
                    and TLD

    7:15am          Pick up visitors at Fairfield Inn; drive to
                    Red Lion Hotel
    7:30am          Up and Atom breakfast meeting with
                    Partnership for Science & Technology-
                    Host - Lane Allgood
    7:30am          Breakfast Served
    7:50am          Welcome by Greg Crockett, PST
1   7:55am          Recognition to Out-Going PST Board
                    Member, John Lindsay
    8:00am          Greg Crockett to Introduce David

                    Shropsire, Pres, Idaho Section ANS
                    David Shropsire: IANS Upcoming
                    Events Announcement
    8:05am          Greg Crockett to Introduce Lane
                    Allgood, Executive Director                                      I
                    Lane Allgood to Recognize and
                    Introduce New Members
    8:10am          Lane Allgood: PST Update
    8:15am          John Kotek to Introduce Dale Klein
    8:17-8:45am     Presentation b~ Dr. Klein
    8:45-9:00am     Q&A w/Dr. Klein
    9:00am          Greg Crockett: Thank you and Adjourn
    9:00am          LV: Red Lion Hotel; drive to EROS for
                    Meetings in EROB 192
    9:15-11: 15am   Discussion in EROS 192 - Lab
                    Director's Conference Room
                    Re: Strategy for Licensing Advanced
                    Reactors; NRC Commission Issues for
                    Licensing (see Attachment 1 for List of
    11:15am         Break                                         continued ...
                                Dale Klein
             Sept. 22-24 Idaho National Labs, Idaho Falls, ID
                     Sept. 24-25 Salt Lake City, Utah
 Wednesday, SeQtember 23, 2009 continued
      Time                     Activity                       Contact
 11 :30am-    NL-hosted Working Lunch in EROS 192
 1:OOpm       - Lab Director·s Conference Room

                       Lunch catered by Whitewater
                 Griii/Wasabi Restaurant- Katie Dimick

                Discussions re: Storage cask longevity
                 Options for Long-Term Storage of SNF
                Status of Nuclear Science & Technology
  1:00pm        Break; LV EROS; Drive to Site via Don
 2:00-2:45Q_m   AR: EBR-1; Tour
 2:45Q_m        LV: EBR-1; Drive to RWMC
 3:00-3: 30pm   AR: RWMC; Discussion in Lobby at
 3:30pm         LV: RWMC; Drive to ATR Complex via
                the Back Gate
 3:45pm         AR: ATR Complex; Walk through
                Security Gate; walk to ATR
 4:00-S:OOpm    Tour Advanced Test Reactor
 5:00pm         LV: ATR Complex; Drive to Idaho Falls
                via Don Miley
 6:00pm         AR: Idaho Falls, Rutabaga•s Restaurant
 6: 15-8:00pm   INL-Hosted Working Dinner in Private
                Area of Restauart; Hosts John
                Grossenbacher & Dave Hill
                Discussion: NRC and DOE Cooperation
 8:00pm         LV: Dinner for Fairfield Inn via Don Miley
                                   Dale Klein
             Sept. 22-24 Idaho National Labs, Idaho Falls, ID
                      Sept. 24-25 Salt Lake City, Utah
Thursday, September 24, 2009
     Time                        Activity                      Contact
NOTE: Don Miley will provide ground transportation: In-Town at Center for
Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)
7:45am        Don Miley will p/u you and luggage at
              Fairfield Inn; drive to CAES
7:55am        AR: CAES for Briefings in Teton
              Conference Room
8:00am        ATR National Scientific User Facility      Todd Allen
8:45-9:45am   Nuclear Energy University Program          Marsha Lambregts
9:45-10:00am Break
10:00-        Next Generation LWR Safety Code and        Nam Dinh
11 :OOam      Its Relationship to International
11:00-        Break
-11:15-       INL Hosted Working Lunch in CAES
12:00am       Teton Conference Room
12:00pm       Don Miley to drive NRC Visitors to
1:00pm        LV: Idaho Falls via Delta 4438
              (Operated by Sky West)
              Seat: Airport check-in Required
              (49 mins)
1:49pm        AR: Salt Lake City, Utah
2:00pm        LV: Salt Lake City Airport via Hertz
              R~ntal Car w/Paul for Clive Site (Tour)
              Confirmation: E47527020E2GOLD
3:15pm        AR: Clive Site &Tour Begins
5:00pm        LV: Clive Site for Salt Lake City Hotel
6:30pm        Check-In Marriott Hotel City Center
              220 South State Street
              Salt Lake City, utah 84111
              PH: 801-961-8700
              Confirmation: 88125666
7:00pm        Dinner - OPEN
                                 Dale Klein
              Sept. 22-24 Idaho National Labs, Idaho Falls, ID
                      Sept. 24-25 Salt Lake City, Utah

Friday, September 25, 2009
     Time                      Activity                          Contact
4:30am        Check-Out Hotel/Breakfast
              LV: Hotel via Hertz Rental Car with Paul
              for Airport
6:03am        LV: Salt Lake City via United 6612
              Check-In w/United (Operated by United
              Express/Skywest Airlines), Terminal 1
              Seat: 88
              (1 hr 26mins)
7:29am        AR: Denver, CO
8:40am        LV: Denver via United 348
              Seat: 9A
              (3hrs 17 mins)
              Airline Confirmation: L01 HZC
1:57_gm       AR: Dulles
2:00pm        LV: Dulles via Mackl(b)(6 )         Ifor                      r:! 0
                                                                           C- ':'--- .

07:10am LV: SA via C01668;
08:01am AR: Houston Bush;
08:50am LV: Houston Bush via C01058;
12:41 pm AR: Reagan National

5:30pm Dinner with'-[(b-)(B_)_ _ _ _ _ _ ____jl- Place: TBD
                                 Dale Klein
              Sept. 22-24 Idaho National Labs, Idaho Falls, ID
                      Se~t. 24-25 Salt Lake City, Utah                      I
Friday, September 25, 2009
              Check-Out Hotel/Breakfast
                                                                 Contact   -l
              LV: Hotel via Hertz Rental Car with Paul                      I
              for Air:I>_ort
6:03am        LV: Salt Lake City via United 6612
              Check-In w/United (Operated by United
              Express/Skywest Airlines), Terminal 1
              Seat 88
              (1hr 26mins)
7:29am        AR: Denver, CO
8:40am        LV: Denver via United 348
              Seat: 9A
              (3hrs 17 mins)
              Airline Confirmation: L01 HZC              I

1:57_pm       AR: Dulles
2:00pm        LV: Dulles via Mack (b)(6)           for

07:10am LV: SA via C01668;
08:01am AR: Houston Bush;
08:50am LV: Houston Bush via C01058;
12:41pm AR: Reagan National

5:30pm Dinner with Mick and Debra McKeown- Place: TBD
                                         Dale Klein
                                       Blacksburg, VA
                                September 30 - October 2, 2009
l Wednesday, September 30, 2009

         Time                            Activity                               Contact
    01 :00 pm       LV: NRC via 7 passenger mini-van                   Paul 301-920-4189..           /
                                                                                           I        ~~~f.__.0

                    w/Paul, Sam, John Gutteridge                       Sam {b){6)
                                                                       JohniN ana         \         if-'
    -5:30pm         AR: Blacksburg, VA                                 Sam {b)(B)
r--5-:3_0_p~m·-----rT-h_e_l_n_n_a_t~V-ir-gi-n-ia_T_e_c_h_a_n_d________-rS~a~m                  r-
                    Skelton Conference Center
                    901 Prices Fork Road
                    Blacksburg, VA
                    PH: 540-231-8000
                    Confirmation: 375172
    6:00pm          Dinner w/ Ken Ball, Mark Pierson, and  Sam {b)(6r.:-)-:--=-:-----f£,1 ,f.:
                                                           Ken all (b){B)             .--- "'
                    Eugene Brown. Restaurant: Poor Billy's                      '----------__j

                    Seafood: Blacksburg, VA
                                  Dale Klein
                                Blacksburg, VA
                         September 30 -October 2, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009
     Time                        Activity                             ~   ......... ~,..+
                                                                      (b )(6)
7:30-9:00am     Breakfast w/ Ken Ball, Mark Pierson,       Sam LeE
                Eugene Brown and Richard Hirsh at          Ken Ball
                Preston's (Restaurant inside the Inn) --   Mark Piers~~
                                                            "~~"   o •. h·
                Reservation under Ken Ball
9:00-9:30am     Meeting with students in Randolph Hall     Sam fee
                207                                        Ken Ball
                                                                      (b)(6)                r-
9:30-9:45am     Ride to ICTAS (Institute for Critical      Sam Lee
                Technology and Applied Science) Bldg -     Ken Ball
                -Stranger Street
9:45-1 0:30am   Tour of ICTAS- Tour led by Chris           Sam Lee (b )(6)
                Cornelius, Assoc Director for Research     Ken Ball
                and Associate Professor of Chemical
10:30-          Ride to Nano-scale Characterization and    Sam Lee (b)(6)
10:45am         Fabrication Lab (NCFL) Bldg,               Ken Ball
                Corporate Research Center
                Tour of NCFL Building - led by Steve
                McCartney, Operations Staff at NCFL
                                                           Sam LeE (b )(6)
                                                           Ken Ball
                                                                                            J    I
11:15-          Ride to Torgerson Hall                     Sam LeE (b )(6)
11 :30am                                                   Ken Ball
11:30am-        Meeting with Don Leo, Prof of ME and       Sam LeE (b)(6)
12:00pm         Ed Nelson, Assoc Dean and Chief of         Ken Ball
                Staff, College of Engineering in
                3004 Torgerson                                        ~

12:00-          Lunch at Preston's - Ride to restaurant    Sam Lee (b)(6)
1:15pm          Lunch with: Ken Ball, Chris Cornelius,     Ken Ball
                Eugene Brown, Don Leo, Ed Nelson,
                lshwar Puri, Simin Hall, Beate
                Schmittman, Lay Nam Chang
1:15-1 :30pm    Break and drive to Holden Hall Room        Sam Lee    (b }(6)

                190                                        Ken Ball
1 :30-1 :45pm       Mark Pierson's Undergraduate                   Sam Le
                                                                   Ken Bal
                                                                               -    (b}(6)    ~J
                    Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering
                    Class- to speak to the class for a few
                I   minutes about the NRC, Holden Room
                    190                                                                        II-
1:45-2: 15pm        Meeting with Dr. David Clark (Materials        Sam Lee         (b)(6)
                    Science and Engineering, Dept. Head) &         Ken Sal
                    Bob Hendricks (Associate Dept. Head                                                 ; ~-
                    for MSE), Holden Room 213                                  -                     !.-l'
2: 15-2:30pm        Walk to Burruss Hall                           Sam   Le~
                                                                   Ken Ball
2:30-3:00pm         Meet with Robert Walters, VP for               Sam Lee
                                                                                    (b )(6)
                    Research in 301 Burruss Hall                   Ken Ball
3:00-3:45pm         Walk to College of Science Building,      Sam Lee
                    Conference Room. Meet with Beate        . Ken Ball c.-
                    Schmittmann, Lay Nam Chang, and
                    Mark Pierson. Discuss GEM*STAR
                    program (Green-Energy-Multiplier Safe
                    Technology Accelerator-driven Recyling-
3:45-4:00pm         Prepare for Seminar                       Sam Le
                                                                   Ken Bal
                                                                                   (b)(6)      r-
4:00-5:00pm         Seminar Randolph Hall Room 1OOL                Sam Le
                                                                   Ken Bal
5:00-5: 15pm        Open discussion/Questions from the             Sam Lee
                    Audience                                       Ken Ball{
5:15-6: 15pm        Ride to the Inn-Freshen up/downtime            Sam Lee
                    before dinner                                  Ken Ball
6:15-6:30pm         Drive to the Summit Restaurant in              Sam Lee
                    Christiansburg, VA                         I   Ken Ball
                                                               I sam Le?
6:30-8:00pm         Dinner at The Summit Restaurant in
                    Christiansburg, VA. Ken Ba.ll              . Ken Bal._
                                        Dale Klein
                                      Blacksburg, VA
I                               September 30 - October 2, 2009
    Frida}'_, October 2, 2009
         Time                          Activity                  Contact
    8:00-8:30am     Breakfast w/Paul, Sam, John
    8:30am          LV: Blacksburg via 7 passenger mini-
                    van w/Paul, Sam, John
    1:00pm          AR: Rockville, MD
                               Dale Klein
                           October 5-6, 2009
                    Big 12 Engineering Summit 2009                            I
                            Kansas City, MO
Monday, October 5, 2009
    Time                                  Activity              Contact
                  LV: Personal Residence for Marriott
-3:00pm           AR: Kansas City Airport Marriott
                  775 Brasillia Avenue
                  Kansas City, MO 64153
                  PH: 816-464-2200
                  Confirmation No.: 90460996                I

-6:30pm           Drop off Rental Car at Airport
-7:00pm           LV: Airport via Hotel Shuttle
                  NOTE: Call Hotel (816-464-2200) -
                  they will send a free shuttle
7:30pm            Opening Reception


           thfonnatbl "' "''' ~ waJ tteftit
           in accordance with the Fr.eedom of lafonnatfon
                                h                  .
           PDIA· ~/# ./J/q                r                               /
                               Dale Klein
                           October 5-6, 2009
                    Big 12 Engineering Summit 2009
                            Kansas City, MO
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    Time                           Activity                        Contact
7:00-7:30am    Summit Check In
7:30-9:00am    Breakfast and General Sessions:

               Welcome and Big 12 Highlights
                  • Mo Hosni, Director, Big 12 Engineering
                       Consortium; Chair, Big 12 Nuclear
                       Engineering Program, and Professor
                       Mechnical and Nuclear Engineering, Kansas
                       State University
                  • Ray Juzaitis, Head, Nuclear Engineering,
                       Texas A&M University
                  • Bill Jordan, Chair, Mechanical Engineering,
                       Baylor University
                  •    Greg Maxwell, Nuclear Engineering
                       Program Director, Iowa State University
               Capitalizing on Big 12 -Industry- Government
                  •   John English, Chair, Big 12 Engineering
                      Board of Directors and Dean, College of
                      Engineering_, Kansas State University
9:00-9:15am    Break
9:15-10:30am   General Session:

               State of Industry
                  •   John English, Chair, Big 12 Engineering
                      Board of Directors and Dean, College of
                      Engineering, Kansas State University
                  •   Dale Klein, Commissioner, U.S. Nuclear
                      Regulatory Commission
                  •   Representative from the U.S. Department of
                  •   Representatives from Nuclear Industry
                  •   Q&A and Discussion

                               Dale Klein
                           October 5-6, 2009
                    Big 12 Engineering Summit 2009
                            Kansas City, MO
Tuesday, October 6,2009

    Time                           Activity                            Contact
10:45am-       Breakout Sessions:
               Board of Directors and Industry
                 • Need for Big 12 - Industry Partnerships
                 • Benefits for Industry and Big 12
                  •   Structure of the Proposed lAB
                  •   Proposed bylaws for the lAB

               Nuclear Engineering and Government .
                  •   Big 12 Strategy for Seeking Extramural
                      Support and Meeting Educations and
                      Training Needs

12:00-2:00pm   Luncheon

2:15pm         LV: Big 12 Summit for Airport
               Hotel Shuttle
2:30pm         AR: Airport
5:52pm         LV: Kansas City via United 7445
               Seat: 5B
               (2hrs 20m ins - Non stop)
9:12pm         AR: Dulles                                      /       .

9:15pm         LV: Dulles via Macl
                                   (b )(6)
                                                               j:·{:   \0
               For Residence
                                         Dale Klein
                                       October 13-14
                       Visit to Region IV Office and Comanche Peak
                                         Dallas, TX

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
     Time                            Activity_                            Contact
-12:00pm               LV: NRC via POV for residence

-12:40pm               AR Residence
-1:30pm                LV: Residence via Mack for Reagan           Mac~(b)(B)
                       National                                         L__

-2:00pm                AR: Reagan National
3:25pm                 LV: Reagan via American Airlines 1925
                       Seat: 1OB (3hrs 15 min)
                       Airline Confirmation: FFNQWM
5:40pm                 AR: Dallas/Fort Worth

6:10pm                 LV: Airport w/Doug via taxi                 Dougj(b)(B)

.... 6:30              AR: Hilton Garden Inn
                       2190 E. Lamar Blvd
                       Arlington, TX 76006                                                   I
                       PH: 817-274-6644
                       Confirmation No.: 3356313511                                          I
7:00pm                 Dinner w/Dr. Schlapper                  1   Gerr (b)(       )
                       Place: TBD


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       Ia acconlance with              ollllfalmallon

                                                                                       ?\    p
                                          Dale Klein
                                        October 13-14
                        Visit to Region IV Office and Comanche Peak
                                          Dallas, TX                                ::;-

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009
         Time                     Activity                                Contact
    6:30-7:30am  Breakfast at Hilton Garden Inn Hotel            El me Collins
                 w/Eimo Collins
                 Drive to Region IV
    7:45am              AR: Region IV Office

    8:00-9:00am         Addresses Regional Staff

    9:10-1 O:OOam       Meet w/Senior Managers

    10:00-              BREAK Catch up on E-mails
    10:30am             Will be given office and computer

    10:30am-            Drive to Comanche Peak                   Elmo Collins·
    11:45am                                                      Cell (b)(6)                         L
    11:45am-            Meet w/Residence Inspectors to Discuss   John ~ramer, ::>r. r<l:
    12:15pm             Plant Issues in the Nuclear Operations
                        Support Facility (NOSF), Conference
                                                                 Celltb)(6)                 l
                        Room 2
    12:15-1: 15pm       Meet w/Mrs. Klein at Comanche Peak       Jimmy Seawright:=-
                        for working lunch w/Licensee managers    Cell:~(b)( 6 l
                    I   (accompanied by Doug/Elmo/Jimmy

~   1:15-3:00pm         Tour Comanche Peak

    3:15pm              Depart w/Mrs. Klein

    -                   Drive to Houston                    '

    -                   Houston Marriot West Loop
                        1750 West Loop South
                        Houston, TX 77027
                        PH: 713-960-0111
                        Conf No: 83933651
                                      Dale Klein
                  October 15- Border Energy Conference: Houston, TX
                           October 16-18- Personal: Austin, TX
                   Oct 18-19- NEI Uranium Fuel Seminar: Austin, TX
 Thursday, October 15, 2009

        Time                               Activity                             Contact
                      Border Energy Forum

 Friday, October 16, 2009
                          PERSONAL TIME
 Saturday, October 17, 2009
                          PERSONAL TIME
 Sunday, October 18, 2009 .
        -3:00pm       Hilton Austin
                      500 East 41h Street
                      Austin, TX 78701
                      PH: 512-482-8000
                      Confirmation No: 3355063571
   6:00-?:00pm        NEI Welcome Reception in the
                      Hilton Austin

 Monday, October 19, 2009
 ?:D0-7:30am          Breakfast w/Greg Fenves at the Hilton
 7:30-8:30am          NOTE: NEI Breakfast Buffet/Registration
 8:30-1 0:30am        Welcome to International Uranium Fuel Seminar
                      2009 by Marv Fertel followed by speakers:
                      Dr. Klein, USNRC;
                      Joe Sheppard, STP Nuclear Operating
                      Vadim Zhivov, Sustainable Uranium Mining
 10:30-11 :OOam       BREAK
 12:00-1 :OOpm        Lunch w/Juan Sanchez at UT Club
 -3:00PM              AR: Austin Airport
 4:35pm               LV: Austin via United 7239
                      Seat: 4C {3hrs 9min)
                      Airline Confirmation:: AMPIZO
 8:44pm               AR: Dulles National
                                                                      (b )(6)
 9:00pm               LV: Dulles via Mack for residence
                                                                                      £y_ .[·
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          ~~                    ZiP'             ..
                                                                             03/01/2010 9:55AM
                                             Dale E. Klein
                                   Rome, Italy: Oct. 21-28, 2009
                                  Seville, Spain: Oct. 28-31, 2009
                 Time                           Activity                          Contact/Comments
             Wednesday, October 21, 2009
                            LV: Residence via Mack for Dulles Airport           _Mack
                                                                                                            &~ v


                            AR: Dulles Airg_ort
             06:18pm        LV: Dulles via United 966
                            (8hrs 32mins- 4495 m.iles)
                            Airline Confirmation: MTFCLP
                 Time                          Activity                           Contact/Comments
             Thursday, October 22, 2009
             08:50am        AR: Rome Fiumicino, Italy;                          Embassy pick-up;
                            Terminal C International                            Driver: XXXXXX
                            Hotel Majestic Roma, Via Vittorio Veneto, 50        Tel: XXXXXX
                            Rome, 00187; Tel: +39 06 421441                     (Hotel confirmation #
             02:30pm-       Briefing at U.S. Embassy w/William Ayla, Scott      Embassy pick-up;
             03:15pm        Hartmann, and Piero Ippolito, Economic              Driver: XXXXXX
                            Section                                             Tel: XXXXXX
                            Location: The Red Room, U.S. Embassy, Via           c       · Willi::~m Avla
                            Vittorio Veneto n. 119/A, Rome                 l(b)(e)                      r   .?;
             04:00- 04:30   Meeting with Undersecretary to the Ministry of      Embassy pick-up;

                            Economic Development Stefano Saglia                 Driver: XXXXXX
                            Location: TBD                                       Tel: XXXXXX
                            Return to hotel; evening/dinner ~ans TBD
             Friday, October 23, 2009
                            Meeting with lng. Guido Bertoni, Chief, Energy
                            Department, Ministry of Economic Development
                                                                                Embassy pick-up;
                                                                                Driver: XXXXXX
                                                                                Tel: XXXXXX

i        ~
                            Meeting with ENEL representatives TBD
                            Location: U.S. Embassy
                                                                                Embassy pick-up;
                                                                                Driver: XXXXXX

cB~ a.
.... e                      Return to hotel; evening/dinner plans TBD
                                                                                Tel: XXXXXX

ll ·~
             Saturday, October 24, 2009
:~           Open Time      Cultural program TBD

             Sunday, October 25, 2009
             Open Time      Cultural program TBD

                                 Dale E. Klein
                 Rome, Italy: Oct. 21-28, 2009
                Seville, Spain: Oct. 28-31 , 20 09
Monday, October 26, 2009
10:00am-        Meeting with Director Roberto Mezzanotte and       Embassy pick-up;
10:45am         Dr. Roberto Ranieri at ISPRA (Italian regulator,   Driver: XXXXXX
                formerly APAT)                                     Tel: XXXXXX
                Location: Via Curtatone n. 3

Time TBD        Meeting with academic research team from           Embassy pick-up;
                Energy Resources and Environmental                 Driver: XXXXXX
                Sustainability, "SAFE" (energy think tank)         Tel: XXXXXX
                Location: TBD
02:30pm-        Meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Italy David        Embassy pick-up;
03:15pm         Thorne                                             Driver: XXXXXX
                Location: U.S. Embassy, Via Vittorio Veneto n.     Tel: XXXXXX
                119/A, Rome
03:30pm         Return to hotel; open time until dinner
07:30pm-        Dinner with Silvio Bosetti, Director General of    A restaurant within
09:30pm         Energy Lab, Restaurant TBD                         walking distance of the
                                                                   hotel will be selected;
                                                                   cost will range from 25-

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
09:00am-        Pre-forum Press Briefing TBD                       Embassy pick-up;
09:30pm         Location: Ernst & Young Conference Center,         Driver: XXXXXX
(approximate)   via Po n. 28, Rome                                 Tel: XXXXXX
10:00am-        Forum on "Meeting the Challenges of Returning
01:00pm         to Nuclear Energy: Italian and U.S.
                (same location in Ernst & Young Conference
01:00pm-        Light lunch hosted by U.S. Mission in Rome
02:00pm         and Energy_ Lab (same location)
02:30pm-        Meeting at Ansaldo Nucleare with CEO Roberto       Embassy pick-up; ·
03:15pm         Adinolfi                                           Driver: XXXXXX
                Location: Via Giosue Carducci n.1 0                Tel: XXXXXX

                Return to hotel; evening/dinner plans TBD

Wednesda~, October 28, 2009
12:15pm         LV: Rome via Iberia 3613                           Embassy pick-up;
                Terminal B; Dom-Schengen                           Driver: XXXXXX
                Seat: Check-In Required                            Tel: XXXXXX
                (2hrs 25mins 836 miles)
                Airline confirmation: YZXQMK
02:40pm         AR : Madrid, Spain                                 HN Transp·ortation to
                Terminal4                                          Hotel (TBD)
                              Dale E. Klein
                    Rome, Italy: Oct. 21-28, 2009
                   Seville, Spain: Oct. 28-31, 2009
4:00         Arrive Hotel Westin Palace Madrid                 Tel : 34-91-360-8000
             Plaza de Ia Cortes Madrid Spain 28014

TBD          Informal Dinner with CSN                          Location and
                                                               Transportation TBD

Thursday, October 29, 2009
9:30am       Depart Hotel                                      Location and
                                                               Transportation TBD
10:00am-     Klein meeting with CSN President Martinez Ten     Tel: 34 91.346.03.34
10:30am      Pedro Justo Dorado Dellmans, 11                   Fax 91.346.03.78
             28040-MADRID, Spain

10:30am-     Full CSN Commis :;ion Meeting                     Pedro Justo Dorado
12:00pm                                                        Dell mans
1:00pm-      Klein Conference Speech                           Pedro Justo Dorado
2:00pm                                                         Dell mans
1:30pm-      Official Luncheon Hosted by CSN                   TBD
5:00pm       Depart for AVE Tr ~in Station Madrid              H N Transportation
             Trn # 2170 from rv adrid to Seville
             Depart: 5:00pm Prrive:7:35pm

7:35pm       Arrive Seville                                    HN Provides Local
             Move to Hotel                                     Transportation
7:45pm       Arrive Hotel Barce lo Renacimento                 Tel: 34-95-446-2222
             lslade Ia Cartuja, Seville, Spain 41092           Fax: 34-95-446-0428
8:15pm       Depart for Official Dinner                        HN Provides Local
9:00pm       Dinner with organ !Zers of annual conference of   HN Provides Local
             Spanish Nuclear J ociety                          Transportation
TBD          Return to Hotel- ~ON                              HN Provides Local
Friday, October 30, 2009
10:00am-     Spanish Nuclear~ ociety Annual Meeting
11:00am      Parallel Technical Sessions
12:00pm-     Spanish Nuclear~ ociety Annual Meeting
1:30pm       Plenary Session
             Klein's Speech
1:30pm-      Spanish Nuclear ~ ociety Annual Meeting
2:30pm       Closing Session
3:30pm       Depart for Train S ation                          HN Provides local
TBD          AVE Train to Mad id                               Taxi to Hotel
                              Dale E • Kte·1n
                    Rome, Italy: Oct. 21-28, 2009
                   Seville, Spain: Oct. 28-31 , 2009
             Trn # 2361 from Seville to Madrid
             Depart: 4:15pm Arrive: 6:50pm

7:00pm       Move to Westin Palace Madrid- RON

Saturday, October 31, 2009
9:30am      Depart for Madrid Airport                TBD
12:40pm     LV: Madrid via Delta 8561
            Seat 3C
            (2hrs 5mi 664 miles)
08:15pm     AR: Dulles,                                        ..   I
08:30pm     LV: Dulles via Mack for Residence              I   !~!'-'
I                                Dale Klein
                             November 3-5, 2009
                               IN PO (Atlantal
    Tuesday, November 3, 2009
           Time                     Activity                            Contact
    02:15pm         LV: NRC via POV for Dulles
    03:15pm         AR: Dulles
    04:46pm         LV: Dulles via United 7269
                     Seat: 90
                     1hr 57mins
                    Airline conf: L9KKOM
    06:43pm         AR: Atlanta
    07:00pm         LV: Airport w/Paul via Rental Car       301 ~920-4186

    -7:30pm         AR: InterContinental Buckhead
                    3315 Peachtree Rd., NE              '-r-------..JI [f- &
                    Atlanta, GA 30326
                    Confirmation: 323XXSQHO
r·                                   Dale Klein
                                 November 3-5, 2009
                                   INPO (Atlanta)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
        Time                           Activity                   Contact
                 I                                            I

11 :00-12:30pm       Registration and Lunch
                     Windsor Prefunction & Venetian

12:30pm              Welcome
                     Windsor Ballroom
                     Speaker: Michael G. Morris
                     Chairman of the Board, IN PO

12:45-1 :45pm        The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes
                     Windsor Ballroom

                     Speaker: Malcolm Gladwell, Author

1:45-2: 15pm         Break
                     Windsor Perfunction

2: 15-3:30pm         Enhancing Safety Standards through
                     Global Relationships

                     Speaker: William E. Webster, Jr.,
                     Moderator, INPO

                     Alfonso Arias Canete, Director General
                     of Nuclear Energy, Endesa Generacion,

                     William D. Johnson, Chairman,
                     President and Chief Executive Officer
                     Progress Energy, Inc.

                     Speaker: Jacob Maroga, Chief
                     Executive, Eskom

3:30-4:00pm          Break
                     Windsor Perfunction

                            Dale Klein
                   Wednesday, November 4-5, 2009
                          INPO (Atlanta}

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
         Time                Activity              Contact
4:00-4:45pm     DOE- A secure energy future

                Speaker: Dr. Warren Miller
                U.S. Department of Energy

6:15pm          Reception
                Windsor Periunction

7:00-8:30pm     Excellence Awards Dinner
                Windsor Ballroom


                             Dale Klein
                  Wednesday, November 4-5, 2009
                           INPO (Atlanta)
Thursday, November 5, 2009
     Time                                                                   Contact
7:00am           Continental Breakfast
                 Windsor Perfunction
7:45-9:00am      Special Session - Approaches to Effective
                 Windsor Ballroom

                 David P. lgyarto, Moderator, INPO

                 William A Coley, CEO,
                 British Energy Generation

                 Jeff T. Gasser, Exec. VP and
                 CNO, Southern Nuclear Operating Company

                 Gregory L. Simone, M.D.                                I

                 President and CEO WeiiStar
9:00-9:30am      Break
9:30-1 O:OOam    Regulatory Perspective
                 Windsor Ballroom

                 Gregory B. Jaczko, Chairman, NRC
10:00-1 0:45am   Preparing for Excellence During Times of

                 Richard T. Purcell, Moderator, INPO

                 Joseph N. Jensen, Sr. VP and CNO
                 Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant

                 Thomas N. Mitchell, President and CEO, Ontario Power
10:45-11:15am    Break

11 :15-12:00pm   CEO Remarks- The Next 30 Years

                 James 0. Ellis, Jr., President and CEO, IN PO
12:00 noon       Adjourn
05:00pm          LV: for Airport

-5:30~m          AR: Airport, return rental car
7:17pm           LV: Atlanta via United 7269
                 1hr 53mins
                 Airline confirmation: L9KKOM
9:10pm           AR: Dulles
9:30pm           LV: Dulles via POV for Residence
      REMINDER : Please keep your             .
                                     o·lplomatJc passport w1t you at aII ttmes f or J apan
                                          I                'h             .
                                       Dale Klein
                                  Santa Ana, California
                                   December 10-11, 2009
Thursday, December 10, 2009
     Time                             Activity                                  Contact
6:15am             LV: Residence via Mack for Dulles                  Ma~(b)(6)
7:00am             AR: Dulles
8:16am             LV: Dulles via JetBiue 86 301
                   Seat: 3A
                   (5hrs 47mins- 2,285miles)
                   Airline Confirmation: ADTIOO
11 :03am           AR : Long Beach, CA                                        (b )(6)
-12Noon            LV: Airport via Rental Car w/Doug, Danielle        Doug:
                                                                      Daniell~ (b )(6)
-1:OOpm            AR: Tri Alpha
-1:30pm            Working Lunch
-2:00pm            Tri Alpha Site Tour
-4:30pm            LV: Tri Alpha for Hotel
-5:00pm            Check in Embassy Suites Santa Ana - Orange
                   County Airport North
                   1325 East Dyer Road
                   Santa Ana, CA
                   PH: 714-241-3800
                   Confirmation No: 87304546
-6:30pm            Dinner TBD
Friday, December 11, 2009
     Time                             Activity                                  Contact
5:45am             LV: Hotel for SNA Airport
9:15am             AR: Terminal 3, San Francisco, CA
11 :30am           LV: San Francisco, CA
                   International Terminal for
                   Osaka Kansai, Japan
                   Via United 0885
                   Seat: 11J
                   (12hrs 20mins- 5,390mi)

           II -.daftce with the~ ollnfonnatio•
                        REMINDER: Please keep your Diplomatic Passport with you at all times for Japan

                                             Dale Klein
                                Sapporo, Japan: December 12-15, 2009
                                 Tokyo, Japan: December 15-17, 2009
                Saturday, December 12, 2009
                     Time                             Activity                              Contact
                4:50pm             AR: Osaka Kansai, Japan
                6:30pm             LV: Osaka Kansai, Japan
                                   Via US 9697 for Sapporo Chitose, Japan
                                   (1 hr 50mins- 668mi)
                                   Airline Confirmation: MXX1WX
                8:20pm             AR: Sapporo Chitose, Japan
                9:00pm             Taxi to Hotel
                                   Noboribetsu Grand Hotel
                                   Noboribetsu Onsen-cho
                                   154, Noboribetsu
                                   Hokkaido 059-0592 Ho
                                   PH: 0143084-2101
                Sunday, December 13, 2009
                     Time                             Activity                              Contact
                10:00am            Hotel Delegation meeting w/Nakagawa
                                   Overview of Meetings
                                   Background on recent events
                                   General Discussion
                11am-6pm           Open Time
   =            Monday, December 14, 2009

                     Time                              Activity                             Contact
                8:00am             Breakfast
                9:00am             Check out of Hotel                               Bags go in JSW car
  15            9:30am             Transfer to Japan Steel Works (JSW)
IJ~         i"'oo
                                   Factory via JSW car w/Mr. Nakagawa
                                   CTravel time: 1hr 30m ins)
I "(~       '
                    1:00am         Site Tour and Discussion at Japan Steel Works

. if

        I           1:30pm
                                   Lunch hosted at JSW
                                   LV: JSW via JSW car for Sapporo
                                   Chitose Airport
       ~~                          (Travel Time: 1hr 30m ins)

I.J    ~i
                                   AR: Sapporo Chitose Airport
                                   LV: CTS via NH 68
                                   Seat: 6J
                                   (1 HR 40mins- 511 min)
                                   Airline Confirmation:. BGS364
                5:10pm             AR: Domestic Terminal-2,
                                   Tokoyo Haneda,Japan
                5:30pm             LV: HND to hotel via taxi
                6:00pm             Check In 1-12-33, Akasak
                                   Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
                                   PH: +81-3-3505-1111                                                       /
                7:30pm             Dinner at Roppongi Street                                             '
           REMINDER: Please keep your Diplomatic Passport with you at all times for Japan
                              Dale Klein
               Sapporo, Japan: December 12-15, 2009
                 Toky_o, Jagan: December 15-17, 2009
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
     Time                                Activity                              Contact
7:00am                Breakfast
8:10am                Transfer to the Tokyo Station
                      Via Tax (met by Mr. Nakagawa at the Hotel)
                      Travel Time: 20m ins
8:30am                Ticket and Board Train
8:52am                LV: Tokyo Station for Nagaoka Station
                      (Travel Time: 1hr)
10:52am               AR: Nagaoka Station
11:15am               Transfer to Kashiwazaki NPP via TEPCO car
                      (Travel Time: 1hr)
12:15pm               Fast Lunch at Kashiwazaki Site
1:OOpm                Site Tour (detail of Unites 6 and 7)
                      Process to restart
                      Simulator (Training may be in session)
                      Control Room
                      (Travel Time: 20mins)
2:45pm                Transfer to Nagaoka Station via TEPCO car
                      (Travel Time: 1 hr)_
3:45~m                Tickets and Board Train
4:10pm                LV: Nagaoka Station for Tokyo Station
                      (Travel Time 2 hrs)
6:10pm                AR: Nagaoka Station
                      Transfer to Hotel via taxi
                      (Travel Time: 20mins)_
7:00pm                Dinner with MHI
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
     Time                                  Activity                            Contact
8:30am                Breakfast
9:40am                Transfer to NISA via taxi
                      (Met by Mr. Nakagawa at the Hotel)
                      (Travel Time: 20 mins)
10:00am               Visit w/NISA, Director General Terasaka for 1hr
11:10am               Transfer to Restaurant (name??) via taxi or
11:30am               lunch with Dr. Soda, NSC
12:45pm               Transfer to cafe
1:30pm                Coffee at Cafe near JNES
2:15pm                Presentation at JNES
3:00pm                Q&A Staff Exchange w/JNES
4:00pm                Transfer to Hotel via cab or short walk
                      (Travel Time: 1Om ins)
4:15pm                Open Time
5:45pm                Transfer to Restaurant (name??)
6:00~?_m              Dinner w/President JNES, Sogabe + one other
                                 Dale Klein
                    Sapporo, Japan: December 12-15, 2009
                     Tokyo, Japan: December 15-17, 2009
     Thursday, December 17, 2009
          Time                        Activity                                Contact
     8:00am       Breakfast
     9:15am       Check out of Hotel
     9:30am       Transfer to Toshiba via Toshiba car or taxi
     10:30am      Meeting with Toshiba
     11:45am      Lunch
     1:00pm       LV: for Tokyo Narita Airport via tax
     2:00pm       AR: Tokyo Narita Airport
     4:20pm       LV: Tokyo Narita, Terminal1, via UA 0898
                  Seat: 6 C
                  (11hrs 55mins- 6,762mi)
                  Airline Confirmation: MXX1WV
     2:15pm       AR: Dulles                                              -

     2:30pm       LV: Dulles via Mack for Residence             Mackj(b)( 6 )
                                                               Dale Klein
                                                             Feb 9-17, 2010,
                    Lf 5    tJkW /f1 E(I (   v/   Nl+ i.. 7- V tf. 1r7.   t L ff.
                                                                                    c 7/21 t.
                                                                                     "      '.
                                                                                                     1.--W 0    5rf111J    f'/li7J r)f',A._,. _'1"vA "A-'L
                 Time           Activity                                                                       Contact
                 Tuesday, Feb 9, 201 0
                 12:15pm            LV: Residence via Mack ~(b)(6)         I for Reagan
                 12:30pm            AR: Reagan
                 1:59pm             LV: Reagan via CO 1059
                                    Terminal B
                                    Seat: 15C
                                    3hrs 30mins
                                    Confirmation No: BC558F
                 4:29pm             AR: Houston, TX
                                    Terminal C
                 6:05pm             LV: Houston via CO 2305
                                    (Operated by ExpressJet Airlines), Terminal B
                                    Seat: 4A
                                    1hr 43mins
                                    Confirmation No: 8CS58F
                 7:48pm             AR: Lubbock, TX
                 8:15pm             LV: Lubbock via Paul in Hertz Rental Car            I
                                    Drive to Hobbs, NM                                  :
                 -10:30pm           AR: Fairfield Inn
                                    1350 Joe Harvey
                                    Hobbs, NM 88240
                                    PH: 575-393-0067
                                    Confirmation No: 85521138
                 Time         Activity                                                                         Contact
                 Wednesday, Feb 10, 2010
                 TBD                Breakfast at Hotel
                 8:00am             LV: Hobbs
                 9:00am             AR: WIPP Site and Enter Secure Area                                       Roger Nelson
                                    Picture ID Required                                                       Office· !17!1-?~4-7?1~
                                                                                                              Mobild(b)( 6)
   ·J             9:15am            Safety Briefing and Facility Orientation

   ,                                                                                                                                               ~
                  10:00am           TLD Issuance and Tour of Surface Facilities
          ~      "11:00am           Gather at Lamp Room- Go Underground
                 ~2:00Q_m           Return to Surface for lunch and Q&A Session

                                    LV: WIPP Site for Gnome site
                                    LV: .Gnome site for Hobbs

                 3:00pm             AR: Hobbs

1-~       ~
                 7:00pm             Dinner w/NRC Inspectors at Bovine Swine,                                  Tony Gody, NRC Region II
                                    2404 N Grimes St, Hobbs 575-392-2800                                      Meet hfm ~t hnt~=>l

• ...B.
          ~                                                                                                   Cell:l(b)(6)        I

1:        ~ lTime              Activity                                                                       Contact

   §      ...1   Thursday, Feb 11, 2010

                 6:15am (NM Time)
                                    Check out of Fairfield Inn and eat breakfast
                                    LV: Hotel for Waste Control Specialists (WCS) Site

                 8:00am (TX Time)   AR: and Tour WCS                                                          Ga~mith
                                    Meet Gary Smith (TCEQ) at WCS front gate.                                 cej(bJ[6)        : I
                                    Gary works for Susan Jablonski                                            (Gary is unsure of cell
                                             Dale Klein

                                                                     coverage in West TX; his
                                                                     hotel in Aodre.ws_. js at
                                                                     432-524-4800 in case you
                                                                     need to call him before the
                                                                     site visit)
9:45am (TX Time)    LV: WCS for LES
9:00am (NM Time)    AR: LES. Meet Tony Gody at visitor trialer       Tony: Gody, NRC ReQion II

 11:30am (NM        Lunch at LES
 12:00pm {NM        LV: LES for Lubbock
 3:15pm EST         Call to Senator Crapo's office
                    Re: AREVA's application on Eagle Rock
                    Enrichment Plant
                    Karen: 202~224-5179
                    AR: Marriott Courtyard Lubbock
                    4011 So Loop 289
                    Lubbock, TX 79423
                    PH: 806-795-6006
                    Confirmation No: 8552261
4:30l)m (fX Time)   Meet w/Chancellor Hance, Texas Tech University
6:00pm              Dinner w/Chief of Staff

Time            Activity                                             Contact
Friday, Feb 12, 2010
7:50am              LV: Lubbock via CO 3071
                    (Operated by ExpressJet Airlines), Terminal B
                    Seat: 2A
                    1hr 28mins
                    Confirmation No: BC558F
9:18am              AR: Houston
11:50am             LV: Houston via CO 779, Terminal C
                    Seat: SC
                    Confirmation NO:I BC558F
12:50pm             AR: Terminal 2, S~io

Afternoon           Personal Time

Time           Activit}'_                                            Contact
Saturday, Feb 13, 2010

                    Personal Time
                                         Dale Klein

Time          Activity                                               Contact   I
Sunday, Feb 14, 2010
1:35pm           LV: San Antonio via Delta 1790, Terminal1
                 Seat: Assigned at Airport Check-In
                 2hrs 20mins
                 Confirmation No: DY6XAS
4:55pm           AR: Atlanta, South Terminal
                 l V: Airport via ???
                 Meet w/Rick Croteau
                 AR: Omni Hotel
                '1 00 CNN Center
                 Atlanta, GA
                 PH: 404-659-oooo
                 Confirmation No: 40002641767
Time           Activity                                              Contact
Monday_, Feb 15, 2010

Morning         Open
12:00-1 :30pm   Luncheon at Legal Seafood, 275 Baker Street, NW,
                Atlanta, GA w/Susan Pettit, Dena Stoner, Clay
                Robbins, Chuck Whitne_y, John Holt, Paul Dickman
2:30-3:45pm     Speech and Panelist at NRECA
5:30pm          AR: Atlanta Air~ort                              I
7:00pm          LV: Atlanta via CO 221, North Terminal                         I
                Seat: 9C
                2hrs 19mins
                Airline Confirmation: BC558F
8:19_Qm         AR: Houston, Terminal C
                Marriott Hotels
                18700 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
                Houston, TX 77032
                PH: 281-443-2310
                Confirmation No: 85521930

Time          Activity                                               Contact
Tuesday, Feb 16, 2010
6:00am          Depart via Rental Car with Rick Croteau, Paul
                Dickman to Lake Charles
9:00am          Tour Shaw Lake Charles
12:00pm         LV Lake Charles for Houston - Lunch en route
5:50pm          LV: Houston via CO 1558, Terminal C
                Seat: 9C
                2hrs 50mins
                Airline Confirmation: BC558F
9:40pm          AR: Reagan, Terminal B
9:50pm          LV: Reagan via Mack for residence

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