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                                        Volume 39, Number 1          (Mailed 3/12/10)           Spring 2010      Jesup, Georgia 31598        USA       Single Copy: $1.75

                                        The Foreword
                                    By Troy Fore, Editor/Publisher

   Spring is having a hard time showing its face            described “Honest Honey Initiative” or the opportunity
around here. Oh, I know the calendar says spring is yet     to give beekeepers a voice to the judge (Pages 2 and
two weeks off, but in South Georgia the seasons don’t       3, respectively). Then, the action from the Wisconsin
always follow the calendar. My daddy always wanted          Senator turned up (Page 7) – more power to her!

to start grafting queen cells on his birthday, Feb. 23. I      The news of 2009 having the smallest U.S. honey
think he would have put that off a few days this year.      crop ever also has connections to “bad honey.” One
   Many of you will be able to sing this refrain: we        connection was brought out at the conference in
had more winter this year than in the past several years    Orlando: if we are having smaller domestic crops and
combined. We haven’t had the lowest temperatures            the overall honey market remains strong, how can it be
ever, not even close, but in January, we had 12 con-        that we are importing less honey? The answer is that
secutive freezing nights (except one night in the upper-    the difference is being made up by other-than-honey
30s). Our usual pattern is three or four 32-degree- or      products.
colder nights; then, a warm-up.                                The other connection is bit of a “what-if”: Food
   We didn’t intend this issue to be a “bad honey”          manufacturers are building a market for those other-
issue, but I really wanted to run the Andrew Schneider      than-honey products during these years of lean honey
analysis to get in his statement of three things he has     crops (not only in the U.S., but also in several other
learned about the honey market (see Page 3). And, I         countries. What if those countries come in with “bar-
couldn’t pass up Rick Pasco’s views from the self-                                        --Continues on Page 11

2009 Honey Crop Smallest Ever Recorded
   A record low honey crop was reported by U.S.             yield since 1989.
beekeepers for 2009. At 144 million lbs., the crop             Producers reported honey stocks of 37.2 million
was down 12% from the 2008 crop of 163.8 million            pounds as of Dec. 15, 2009, down 27% from a year
lbs., which had rebounded some from two of the              earlier. Stocks held by producers exclude those held
smallest ever recorded.                                     under the commodity loan program.
   The production is reported by USDA’s National               Honey prices increased to a record high during
Agricultural Statistics Service for producers operat-       2009 to $1.445, up 2% from $1.421 in 2008. The           Where’s the Blossom?
ing five or more colonies. The annual report was            farm gate value of the 2009 honey crop is estimated      Honey bees are opportunistic critters. At times they will forage
released on Feb. 28.                                        at $208.2 million.                                       on weeds when planted crops are blooming nearby. Sometimes
   There were 2.46 million colonies producing honey            The full report and archived reports are available    honey bees don’t even require blossoms, as this worker demon-
in 2009, up 5% from 2008. Colonies were not includ-         at http://usda.mannlib.cornell.edu/MannUsda/view-        strates taking nectar from an extrafloral nectary on this patch of
ed if honey was not harvested.                              DocumentInfo.do?documentID=1191. Tables avail-           common vetch (Vicia sativa) that volunteered in my yard. Extraflo-
   Yield per colony averaged 58.5 pounds, down              able on page 12.                                         ral nectar is more readily available to short-tongued insects than
16% from the 69.9 pounds in 2008, and is the lowest                                                                  the nectar of legume flowers. (Photo by Troy Fore)
Page 2, THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010                                                                                                                                       Vol. 39, No. 1 (Mailed 3/12/10)

What Transshipped Honey is Doing to the U.S.
Honey Market and What You Can Do About It!
By Richard Pasco                                                              ers who refuse to purchase this                             The Beekeeper’s Newspaper
    As beekeepers, honey pack-
ers, and importers our challenges
                                          Commentary                          transshipped product to compete
                                                                              against those who are engaged              Editor & Publisher
                                                                                                                                                        -Founded 1972-

                                                                                                                                                                       Assistant to the Publisher
seem to grow faster than we can                                               in this activity. Additionally, the         Troy H. Fore, Jr.                                  Mary W. Fore
produce honey. The ever-evolv-          gin honey through other countries     unfair competition is detrimental                                     Office Staff
ing and complex schemes devised         is not the only problem. Chinese      to the legitimate honey importer                           April Roberson • Tammy Aspinwall
to enter honey into our market          shippers and others are also misde-   segment of the honey industry.        The Speedy Bee was established to provide an independent source of news and
without paying the U.S. anti-           scribing honey as blended syrup,          Honey laundering under-           information for the beekeeper. It is not part of any beekeeping organization or
                                                                                                                    bee supply or honey-packing firm and pursues policies deemed by the editor
dumping duty on Chinese honey           honey syrup, and malt sweetener to    mines the credibility of the en-      to be in the best interest of the honey and beekeeping industry. Comment
imports is mind-boggling, to say        avoid paying the antidumping duty.    tire honey sector, since the image    from the readership in the form of letters to the editor and commentary are
the least. Our attempt in this arti-    In both 2008 and 2009, at least       and reputation of honey as a          encouraged to promote a free flow of diverse opinion.
cle is to shed additional light on      80 million pounds of Chinese-         safe and wholesome product is           Contacting Us:
the subject, so we are better able      origin honey entered the United       put into question. Such schemes         Address: P.O. Box 1317, Jesup, GA 31598-1317
to fight this very real threat to our   States each year without pay-         mean there is greater risk of adul-     Phone: 912-427-4018
future in the bee business.                                                   terated honey products being sold       Fax: 912-427-8447
                                                                                                                      Email: speedybee@bellsouth.net
    1. U.S. import statistics                                                 as pure honey in the U.S. food
highlight the honey laundering              "Your support of                  chain. There is also increased          Publication Notes:
problem. Let’s start with what we           efforts to combat                 potential of residues entering the      We welcome items of general interest from readers, bee associations and com-
                                                                                                                      mercial firms. We can handle short items by telephone, but written submissions are
know about imports.                       fraudulent ... honey                U.S. food supply, since Chinese         best to avoid error. Items should be received by the 15th of the month for the next
    Before imposition of the Chi-           import practices                  honey has been found to contain a       month’s issue; inquire if yours will be later.
nese antidumping duty in Decem-                                               variety of antibiotics.                 Advertising:
ber 2001, China was the largest
                                              could make a                        The honey laundering trade          Advertising rates and information are available on request. We try to screen adver-
U.S. honey supplier, but USDA               difference in our                 undermines the image and                tisers, but we recommend that buyers exercise due care when making any pur-
                                                                                                                      chase, especially by mail.
Honey Market News data shows              on-going viability as               reputation of honey among
the U.S. imported less than                    beekeepers,"                   U.S. consumers. This illicit            Correction Policy:
                                                                                                                      It is the policy of the Speedy Bee to publish corrections of errors of fact which
200,000 pounds of honey from                -- Richard Pasco                  trade opens the honey industry          appear in our news columns and to publish clarifications as necessary. Please
China in 2009.                                                                to questions of commercial fraud,       bring errors to our attention as soon as possible after publication.
    Record levels of honey are                                                food safety and security. Clearly,    POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Speedy Bee, P.O. Box 1317, Jesup,
now being imported into the                                                   consumers and food manufactur-        GA 31598-1317. Subscription, $17.25 per year. Send all subscription, editorial, and
                                                                                                                    advertising inquiries to The Speedy Bee, P.O. Box 1317, Jesup, GA 31598, phone
United States from India, Viet-         ing the anti-dumping duty. This       ers are also being cheated as this    912-427-4018, fax 912-427-8447. The Speedy Bee (ISSN 0190-6798) is published
nam, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia         means that uncollected duties         practice spreads.                     quarterly by Fore’s Honey Farms, Inc. Periodicals postage paid at Jesup, Ga. [Physi-
and Indonesia. These last three         totaled $200 million in lost reve-        3.    Homeland Security           cal/shipping address is 115 Morning Glory Circle, Jesup, GA 31546. Do not mail to
                                                                                                                    this address.]
countries do not have commercial        nues for the U.S. Treasury for this   and U.S. Attorney Offices are                                  The Speedy Bee is printed in the U.S.A. on recycled paper.
beekeeping industries, so these         two-year period.                      continuing to investigate and
countries do not have the capacity         In 2008, 35% of all U.S. honey     charge those who support and
to produce and export 35.5 mil-         imports entered our market with-      participate in illegal activities.                   Subscriber Assistance
lion pounds of honey to the United      out payment of the antidumping            Commercial fraud is a serious        New Subscriber                  Change of Address
States in 2008 or any year.             duty. In 2009, circumvented           crime of interest to U.S. Attorney       Renewal                       Date Effective ________________
    The average price of honey          honey imports grew to 44% of          Offices across the U.S. Potential        FREE Sample                           Include both old & new addresses

from Thailand, Taiwan, Malay-           total imports.                        violations of Food and Drug laws      Subscription Rates: $17.25 (4 issues) per year in the U.S.
                                                                                                                    Canada and Mexico, add $12.00 per year. Others write or
sia, and Indonesia is about $0.75          2. Transshipments impact           on adulteration and misbrand-         call for air mail rates. Back issues, as available, $1.00 each.
per pound. Compare this price to        all honey segments. Increas-          ing carry stiff penalties on top      Attach mailing label below or copy name and address and any codes completely from
                                                                                                                    mailing label. Indicate any needed changes. Please PRINT Clearly.
the honey from the U.S., Canada,        ingly      sophisticated    honey     of embarrassing indictments for
Argentina and Brazil and the reali-     import schemes are creating dras-     those companies that are charged                             Current (Old) Address
ty that it costs about $1 per pound     tically diverging market prices.      with such misdeeds. The Depart-       Name ____________________________________________________________
to produce honey normally. Also            There is now one price for         ment of Homeland Security is          Address __________________________________________________________
curious is the fact white honey is      legitimate honey and another rock     continuing to investigate and U.S.    City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________
now being shipped to the United         bottom price (which is sometimes      Attorney’s are continuing to pros-                                New Address
States from Vietnam, which is           available at ½ the cost of legiti-    ecute those who support illegal       Name ____________________________________________________________
a country that does not produce         mate honey) for transshipped          honey laundering activities.          Address __________________________________________________________
white honey.                            honey. This trade makes it                In May of 2008, two Chi-          City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________
    Transshipment of Chinese-ori-       almost impossible for honey pack-                                           Mail To: The Speedy Bee, P.O. Box 1317, Jesup, GA 31598
                                                                                         --Continued on Page 5
Vol. 39, No. 1 (Mailed 3/12/10)                                                                                                                 THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010, Page 3

Honey Laundering Thrives Despite Federal Crackdown
On Operations Smuggling Chinese Honey into the United States
    Andrew Schneider, winner of        learned during that investigation                                          Leigh Winchell,
two Pulitzer Prizes for his investi-
gative reporting, writes about the
                                           • This could never happen
                                                                              News Analysis                    special agent in
                                                                                                               charge of the Seattle
public health issues that corpora-     unless honey packers and sellersdifferent brands across the U.S.,       office of ICE, said,
tions and the government don’t         in the U.S. were involved.      investigators say.                      “Those who misrep-
want you to know about: the secret         • There is an enormous amount  The criminal complaint, filed in     resent the origin of
ingredients in the foods we eat, the   of contraband honey being smug- Chicago, said the charges against       goods imported into
natural and man-made hazards in        gled into this country.         Yan stem from an ongoing inves-         the United States are
our environment, and safety issues         • Major, legitimate U.S. honey
                                                                       tigation of the honey importing         motivated by greed
in the workplace.                      dealers are doing little or nothing
                                                                       practices of Wolff, which is owned      and unfairly seek a
                                       to alert the Food and Drug Admin-
                                                                       by Wolff & Olsen, headquartered         financial advantage
By Andrew Schneider                    istration when they encounter ille-
                                                                       in Hamburg, Germany.                    over those who play
Seattle Post-Intelligencer             gal honey.                         An FDA investigator familiar         by the rules.’’
May 11, 2009                               The 68-year-old Liu heads atwith the Chicago company told              The issue goes
    Federal investigators from         least two Seattle-based compa-  me that invoices he’d seen from         beyond just the mil-
various agencies in Seattle and        nies, Rainier Cascade and Ever- two manufacturers who bought            lions in import duties
Chicago chased illegally labeled       green Produce. Both companies   from Wolff showed that most             that were being sto-
Chinese honey from the slums           import and sell honey to a long of the honey was being sold to          len from U.S. cof-
of the Philippines through dilapi-     list of packers in the U.S. Liu major grocery chains, where it was      fers.     There are
dated Thai warehouses and into         works with Zhang, a 58-year-old labeled as produced in the United       potential health risks
ports up and down the west coast       Chinese national who is employedStates or Canada.                       involved because
of the U.S.                            by Changge Jixiang Bee Prod-       He said he didn’t know whether       millions of China’s A Customs and Border Patrol agent in a
    The paper trail showed that        ucts Ltd., in Changge City, Henan
                                                                       the chains that bought the bogus        hives were destroyed Tacoma, Wash. warehouse draws samples
some of the illegal honey was          Province.                       honey were notified of its actual       by a virulent disease of Chinese honey that is being shipped to
bought by a food distributor, which        Yan, according to investigators,
                                                                       country of origin. He added that        that swept through Chicago. (Photo by A. Schneider)
supplied major grocery chains,         is the president of the same Chi-
                                                                       he doubted it. It is almost impos-      the country’s hives
                                                                                                                                                   Then it was shipped on to the
investigators said.                    nese honey manufacturing com-   sible for those who import and sell     at tsunami speed. Beekeepers
    U.S. Immigration and Customs       pany which has 528 employees    honey not to know that it’s Chi-        grabbed the strongest and cheapest
                                                                                                                                                       Once those stories ran, people
Enforcement agents                                                                        nese. The price      antibiotics they could find – two
                                                                                                                                                   sent the PI evidence showing that
arrested Chung Po                                                                         of honey from        from India and one from China
                           "Three of the many things I learned during that                                                                         Chinese honey was also being
Liu at his home in                                                                        China is usu-        – to fight back.
                                             investigation were:                                                                                   transshipped from Europe, South
Bellevue, Wash., and                                                                      ally only about         The most prevalent antibiotic
                                                                                                                                                   America and at least one African
Boa Zhong Zhang                 • This could never happen unless honey                    a third of the       was chloramphenicol. The drug
and Yong Xiang              packers and sellers in the U.S. were involved.                cost of honey        is used to treat serious infections
                                                                                                                                                       The arrests and the investiga-
Yan at LAX as they                  • There is an enormous amount of                      from Canada,         in humans, but is not approved by
                                                                                                                                                   tion leading up to them demon-
arrived from China.                 contraband honey being smuggled                       South America        the FDA for use in food producing
                                                                                                                                                   strated creative police work by
All were charged                               into this country.                         or other credible    animals, including bees.
                                                                                                                                                   ICE, Customs and Border Protec-
with conspiracy for                                                                       suppliers.              "Honey containing chloram-
                           • Major, legitimate U.S. honey dealers are doing                                                                        tion agents, and the offices of two
attempting to smug-                                                                           For example,     phenicol is deemed unsafe and
                              little or nothing to alert the Food and Drug                                                                         U.S. Attorneys. It was a solid,
gle millions of dol-                                                                      Ron Phipps, of       adulterated within the meaning of
                              Administration when they encounter illegal                                                                           on the ground, door-knocking
lars worth of honey                                                                       CPNA Interna-        the federal food and drug laws,"
                                                    honey,"                                                                                        investigation that involved chas-
– possibly contami-                                                                       tional, Ltd., pub-   Andrew Boutros, the U.S. Attor-
                                                                                                                                                   ing intricate, multi-lingual paper
nated with illegal                                         -- Andrew Schneider            lishes a frequent    ney in Chicago, said. "The pres-
                                                                                                                                                   trails. (You just gotta love those
antibiotics — into                                                                        international        ence of the antibiotic, even small
                                                                                                                                                   search warrants.)
the United States.                                                                        market report        amounts, is illegal."
                                                                                                                                                       If found guilty of the conspira-
    The names of all three men and has been in the honey business on honey. In a recent issue, he                 During the PI investigation, I
                                                                                                                                                   cy charges, the accused could face
and their companies came up in since 1985. Yan was arrested for explained that in January, 1.2 mil-            followed paper trails of illegally
                                                                                                                                                   a maximum penalty of five years
my five-month investigation into supplying tainted Chinese honey lion pounds of honey entered this             laundered shipments from China
                                                                                                                                                   in prison and a $250,000 fine.
honey laundering, which was pub- to Alfred L. Wolff, a major food country at 37-cents a pound. At the          to countries throughout Asia and
                                                                                                                                                       For more of Schneider's arti-
lished by the Seattle PI in Decem- distribution company in Chicago. same time, Canadian honey was              the South Pacific, where it was
                                                                                                                                                   cles on honey laundering, go to
ber.                                   Wolff supplies honey to packag- crossing the border at about $1.55      re-labeled to make it appear it was
                                                                                                                                                   www.coldtruth.com and search for
    Three of the many things I ers who sell it under a score of a pound.                                       a product of those other countries.
Page 4 THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010                                                                                                                               Vol. 39, No.1 (Mailed 3/12/10)

Chinese Honey Manufacturer Pleads Impact Statement for the Chinese Honey Manufacturer Case
Guilty To Illegal Import Scheme    The following is a sample impact letter to be sent to the judge presiding over Yong Ziang Yan's case. It is asking
                                                                        for the stiffest sentence available to be handed down. Please cut out or copy and sign; then send it to the address at
   The president of a Chinese       biotics, specifically Norfloxacin   the top of the letter.
honey manufacturer pleaded          and Ciprofloxacin, which are
guilty Oct. 9 to conspiring to      banned from domestic foods.
avoid U.S. anti-dumping duties          Neither the charges or the
by illegally importing honey        plea agreement indicate any            Judge Wayne Andersen
that was falsely identified as      instances of illness or other
                                                                           c/o Andrew Boutros
coming from the Philippines.        public health consequences
This guilty plea resulted from      attributed to consumption of
                                                                           United States Attorney
an investigation conducted by       the honey, nor does it identify        Northern District of Illinois
U.S. Immigration and Customs        any store brands or domestic           Federal Building
Enforcement (ICE).                  supply chain of any honey that         219 South Dearborn Street, 5th Floor
   Yong Xiang Yan, 60, pleaded      was illegally imported or adul-        Chicago, IL 60604
guilty to conspiring to smug-       terated.
gle 15 full container loads of          Yan pleaded guilty Oct.            Dear Judge Andersen:
Chinese honey into the United       29, before U.S. District Judge
States and avoiding anti-dump-      Wayne Andersen, Northern               As U.S. beekeepers, we have been faced with an ever-increasing array of honey imports from
ing duties of approximately         District of Illinois. Sentencing
                                                                           countries that have no commercial domestic production. Since these imports are entering the
$635,515. Yan admitted that         is scheduled for April 22, 2010.
between 2005 and February           Yan faces a maximum penalty
                                                                           United States without paying the U.S. antidumping duty on Chinese honey, they are further
2008 he conspired with others       of five years in prison and a          straining our financial ability to survive, at a time when we are already struggling with colony
- including nine individuals in     $250,000 fine.                         collapse disorder.
the United States and Asia, and         “Anyone who mislabels
a German trading company and        goods imported into the United         Honey bees are needed to pollinate countless fruits, vegetables and seed crops across the United
its subsidiaries in the United      States defrauds the U.S. govern-       States. In fact, one out of every three bites of food that is consumed in the U.S. comes from a
States, Beijing and Hong Kong       ment and gains an unfair finan-        crop that has been pollinated by a honey bee.
- to illegally import Chinese       cial advantage over their com-
honey, including adulterated        petitors,” said Gary Hartwig,          Mr. Yong Xiang Yan is one of the perpetrators that chose to make millions of dollars by evad-
honey, into the United States.      special agent in charge of the
                                                                           ing our food safety and trade laws, so he deserves the stiffest sentence that you are able to order.
   As relevant conduct to be        ICE Office of Investigations
considered at sentencing, Yan       in Chicago. “ICE investigates
                                                                           We believe that he needs to spend a lengthy time in prison, with the greatest possible fine to
acknowledged that he autho-         criminals who try to circum-           demonstrate that the United States will not tolerate such egregious disregard of our laws that are
rized an additional 21 ship-        vent our nation’s customs laws         designed to safeguard U.S. food producers and consumers.
ments of Chinese honey through      to profit illegally. These laws
the Philippines and Thailand,       protect U.S. businesses and the        We, the undersigned represent only a small sampling of the U.S. beekeepers, but we also sign on
which entered the United States     American public.”                      behalf of our many hard-working colleagues in the honey sector with legitimate businesses who
in the state of Washington. An          Another Chinese national           are finding their very existence threatened by conspiracies to avoid U.S. antidumping duties. By
additional $3.3 million in anti-    who was arrested with Yan              ensuring that Mr. Yan is subject to a severe sentence, you will discourage Mr. Yan and others
dumping duties were avoided         pleaded guilty in August in            from engaging in such activities in the future.
on these shipments, bringing the    Seattle to similar federal charg-
total figure avoided to approxi-    es. Boa Zhong Zhang arranged
mately $3,953,515.                  honey shipments for Yan’s
   Yan is the president of          company and worked under his
Changge City Jixiang Bee Prod-      supervision. Charges remain            ______________________________                ___________________________________
uct Co. Ltd., a honey manufac-      pending in Seattle against a           Name                                                 City/State
turer located in Henan, China.      third man identified in Yan’s
He was arrested May 6 in Los        plea agreement as Chung Po             ______________________________                ___________________________________
Angeles on federal charges filed    Liu, of suburban Seattle.              Name                                                 City/State
in Chicago. He has remained in          The government is being
federal custody since his arrest.   represented by Assistant U.S.          ______________________________                ___________________________________
   According to court docu-         Attorneys Andrew Boutros and
                                                                           Name                                                 City/State
ments, some of the Chinese          William Hogan, Northern Dis-
honey Yan shipped to the United     trict of Illinois.
States was adulterated with anti-
Vol. 39, No.1 (Mailed 3/12/10)                                                                                                                         THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010, Page 5

NHB Makes Education a Primary Goal
    Jan. 5, 2010- Firestone, Colo.-    industry about the basics of honey
                                                                              Transshipped Honey
                                                                              --Continued from Page 3                product of these other countries.      focus on this issue.
Research studies have shown that       and why it is such a versatile
                                                                                                                         More recently, on Oct. 29,             To help combat this trade
many people don’t know exactly         product.”                              cago executives of a German-
                                                                                                                     2009, the U.S. Attorney for Chi-       on a transactional basis, we
what ingredients are in a bottle          Honey blends, a combination         based food company (i.e., Alfred
                                                                                                                     cago announced that the “president     encourage you to report suspi-
of honey, and the National Honey       of honey and artificial ingredients,   L. Wolff) were arrested for alleg-
                                                                                                                     of a honey manufacturer in Chi-        cious activity (including the
Board is making honey knowledge        are becoming commonplace in            edly conspiring to illegally import
                                                                                                                     na” (i.e., Yong Xiang Yan) pled        sale of imported honey at dra-
a key priority in 2010.                discount grocery stores and usual-     honey from China that was falsely
                                                                                                                     guilty “to conspiring to illegally     matically reduced prices) to
    According to the 2009 Honey        ly contain only a small percentage     identified as coming from other
                                                                                                                     import Chinese honey.” Mr. Yan         ICE        at    1-866-DHS-2-ICE
Attitude and Usage Study, 1 in         of honey. The 2009 research study      countries to avoid antidumping
                                                                                                                     is now awaiting sentencing by the      or      at     iprcenter@dhs.gov.
10 respondents think honey has         shows that many consumers are          duties. According to the govern-
                                                                                                                     judge in U.S. District Court some-     CBP should also be contacted to
added ingredients, such as corn        aware of these honey blends, have      ment complaint, the company im-
                                                                                                                     time this spring and faces a maxi-     report antidumping or misdescrip-
syrup, sugar and preservatives. In     previously purchased a honey           ported honey into the U.S. valued at
                                                                                                                     mum financial penalty of $3.9 mil-     tion of goods violations by going
addition, 1 in 7 respondents thinks    blend and have demonstrated posi-      almost $30 million since 2005. U.
                                                                                                                     lion and a few years in prison.        online and completing a three-step
that the color of the honey reflects   tive intent to purchase a honey        S. Customs and Border Protection
                                                                                                                         4. Support efforts to rid the      form at: https://apps.cbp.gov/ealle-
its purity.                            blend in the future. This trend, if    (CBP) agents tested samples of
                                                                                                                     honey industry of fraudulent           gations/allegations.asp. To remain
    With its updated messag-           not further explored, may affect       honey whose shipping documents
                                                                                                                     imports.                               anonymous, you can simply ignore
ing strategy, the National Honey       the future of honey.                   indicated they were produced in
                                                                                                                         It is our duty to help our         step one (which asks for your con-
Board hopes that by informing             In its educational component of     Russia, and the lab results showed
                                                                                                                     government officials ensure that       tact information) and provide infor-
consumers, food processors, chefs      the 2010 campaign, the National        that some of the samples contained
                                                                                                                     imported honey in safe, legal and      mation on the alleged violation
and the food service community         Honey Board will focus on basic        honey produced in China. The
                                                                                                                     properly labeled as to country of      in step 2 and the alleged violator
that honey is pure and contains        honey messaging, educating con-        complaint noted that when Immi-
                                                                                                                     origin. Your support of efforts to     in step 3.
only one ingredient—honey—that         sumers on pure honey, where it         gration and Customs Enforcement
                                                                                                                     combat fraudulent Chinese honey            To ensure the integrity of the
there will be more consumption         comes from and the natural pro-        (ICE) agents searched the com-
                                                                                                                     import practices could make a dif-     honey sector, it is critical that you do
of and demand for this natural         cess of how it is made.                pany’s Chicago office, they seized
                                                                                                                     ference in our on-going viability as   not buy transshipped honey that is
sweetener.                                                   Bruce Wolk,      documents that showed the com-
                                                                                                                     beekeepers. The adverse affects of     offered to you and report those who
    “There are so many misconcep-                  Director of Marketing      pany had sold an adulterated ship-
                                                                                                                     this trade on legitimate businesses    attempt to engage you in this activ-
tions about honey,” said Bruce                     National Honey Board       ment to an unidentified company in
                                                                                                                     who ethically source honey will not    ity to ICE and CBP. ICE and CBP
Wolk, Director of Marketing for                    Firestone, Colo. 80504     the U. S. at a discount rate.
                                                                                                                     be stopped without the concerted       agents continue to closely watch
the National Honey Board. “The                              800-553-7162          Federal authorities have also
                                                                                                                     involvement of us individually and     honey shipments, but any addi-
2010 focus on education gives                           brucew@nhb.org        pursued other schemes, including
                                                                                                                     collectively.                          tional specific and timely informa-
us an opportunity to reach out to                                             the activities of Chinese nationals
                                                                                                                         CBP and Food and Drug Admin-       tion that you can provide them will
the consumers and the foodservice                                             and importers to defraud the United
                                                                                                                     istration (FDA) officials have         aid their investigations and lead to
                                                                              States with false paperwork used
                                                                                                                     occasionally intercepted contain-      further convictions.
                                                                              to hide Chinese-origin honey. On
                                                                                                                     ers of questionable honey, but we                             Richard Pasco
                                                                              Aug. 19, 2009, Boa Zhong Zhang
                                                                                                                     need these federal agencies to step                       On Behalf of the
                                                                              (a citizen of China) pled guilty in
                                                                                                                     up their efforts. In this regard, we               Honest Honey Initiative
          The University of Nebraska                                          U.S. District Court in Seattle, to
                                                                                                                     ask that you write to your Senators       McLeod, Watkinson & Miller
                                                                              “conspiracy to enter goods in the
         2010 Beekeeping Workshops                                            United States, and introduction of
                                                                                                                     and Representatives in Congress
                                                                                                                     about fraudulent honey imports
                                                                                                                                                                      One Mass. Avenue, N.W.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Ste. 800
                                                                              adulterated food into interstate
                                                                                                                     and urge them to press FDA, CBP                    Washington, DC 20001
      A BEGINNING WORKSHOP will be April 17 at Ithaca,                        commerce.” Mr. Zhang was a 20-
                                                                                                                     and ICE officials to enhance their
   Nebr. Registration fee is $20 per person plus $6 for                       year employee of a bee products
   each additional family member. For more details, con-                      company in China, who was arrest-
                                                                              ed on May 6, 2009 in Los Angeles,
   tact Marion Ellis at mellis3@unl.edu or call 402-472-                      while traveling in the U.S.                 HEITKAM’S HONEY BEES
   8696.                                                                          Chung Po Liu, an importer                  Quality Queens • Dependable Service
      THE MASTER BEEKEEPING WORKSHOP will be at                               from Bellevue, Wash., was also
   the Agricultural Research and Development Center                           arrested on May 6 and his tri-              WE’RE SELECTING FOR HYGIENIC BEHAVIOR
   Headquarters Building in Ithaca, Nebr. June 10-12. Fee                     al is forthcoming. According to
                                                                              the complaint filed in the case,                  Call or write: Ph. (530) 865-9562
   is $100 and includes 5 meals, a workbook, a cap, and

                                                                              Liu (through his two companies)                   4700 1st Ave. • Orland, CA 95963
   refreshments. For more info contact Jeri Cunningham                        is alleged to have purchased honey                   Early Morning or Evening Calls Preferred

   at jcunningham1@unl.edu or call 402-472-8678.                              from China, and then had it shipped                          FAX (530) 865-7839
                                                                              to other countries where it was re-
                                                                              labeled to make it appear it was a                            F
                                                                                                                               “Member of New World Carniolan Project”
Page 6, THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010                                                                                                                                    Vol. 39, No. 1 (Mailed 3/12/10)

World Honey Market Report--From Ron Phipps
By Ron Phipps                             and the impact of increased use of     is especially significant for white    more realistic. If so, that will make    the Midwest could portend a big-
CPNA International, Ltd.                  pesticides on corn, soybeans, citrus   honey since it is white honey that     the current Argentine crop turn out      ger North American honey crop in
March 1, 2010                             groves, etc. Modern migratory bee-     is experiencing the most significant   even smaller than the small U.S.A.       2010. The wild card variable of
NORTH AMERICA                             keeping practices are increasingly     international shortage. Due to the     2009 crop! In general Argentina’s        circumvented and cheap Chinese
   In the U.S. official numbers on        suspected to put high levels of        poor Argentine 2008/2009 honey                                                  honey still looms large over the
the 2009 crop have come out, show-        stress upon bees. Moving bees in       crop, no meaningful carry-overs                                                 American honey market. In any
ing that it was only 144,000,000          mid winter when bees are weakest       existed by late 4th Quarter 2009.         "If issues of both tariff             case, Argentine honey prices are
pounds, the lowest ever recorded.         over vast distances and subjecting         Through December, the north-            and non-tariff trade                likely to remain firm. In January,
The yield per colony was 58.5             worker bees to mono-diets may          ern Argentine Provinces, where the             barriers are not                 about 2,500MT were exported with
lbs., which represented a decline         contribute to stress levels that are   honey crop begins due to greater          addressed, the honey                  an additional 3,500-5,000MT are
of 16%. How much of this decline          too burdensome for maintaining         proximity to the Equator, suffered          market will become                  expected to be exported in Febru-
was due to weather or condition of        vigorous and large bee populations.    extensive drought which delayed                  increasingly                   ary. From March through June it is
bees is not clear. The number of          Studies at Sao Palo University in      and reduced the overall crop. But                                               expected that Argentina will be able
                                                                                                                              unpredictable and
colonies increased to 2.4 million,        Brazil have shown how even the         by January, ample rains came to                                                 to export about 5,000MT monthly.
                                          very vigorous Africanized bees         Las Pampas and Buenos Aires
                                                                                                                             efforts to guarantee                The overall global economic dif-
an increase of 5%. Despite that                                                                                                  adequacy and
increase, total honey production          respond poorly to darkness and         Province. These rains were mingled                                              ficulties may, in the final analysis,
                                          noise, both encountered during late    with regular sunshine and optimism         continuity of supply                 restrain the Argentine beekeepers’
decreased. At the end of Decem-
                                          winter migrations. Because of such     resumed. Crop estimates grew to          and quality will become                ambition to achieve the historically
ber 2009, stocks were 37,200,000
pounds, which represents a very           concerns, many beekeepers did not      70,000-80,000 metric tons.                       ineffective."                  high prices that they seek.
substantial decline of 27% from           move their bees from east to west          However, rains turned excessive.            --Ron Phipps                        Demand from Europe remains
December 2008. North Dakota               to pollinate the almonds recently.     Buenos Aires had in mid-Febru-                                                  robust. Indeed, the delay in exports
was the biggest producer with             Pollinating fees remained strong as    ary unprecedented rains. This was                                               of honey due to the short early
34,000,000 pounds. South Dakota           supply of bees was below demand,       largely due to the El Nino phenom-     crops from the north were very           crop, has only made pent up Euro-
was second with 17,800,000 and            despite reduction of the planting of   ena which in turn led to torrential    bad, central and western areas had       pean demand increase. Though the
California fell to 11,700,000, prob-      almond trees due to concerns about     rains in both Argentina and Brazil.    poor crops and the central and           Euro has weakened a little relative
ably as a consequence of the pro-         the adequacy of water supplies for     The same fundamental weather           south eastern crops are more or          to the US dollar, European buyers
tracted droughts. Older inventories       California farmers competing with      patterns affected the U.S.A. I was     less normal. The significance of         still enjoy a currency advantage of
were sold and the recent crop is          California’s large urban and sub-      spending a week at Claremont           the rains in Argentina is manifest       about 35% over North American
largely sold and delivered. 2010          urban populations. So the rains of     University in mid-January during       in an AP article of February 22,         buyers. The basic prevailing par-
crop prospects are more promising         2010 have been doubly welcomed         which time we witnessed incessant      titled “Grain prices rise as rain hits   ity between the US and Canadian
due to the abundant winter rains          thus far.                              rainfall. In 1 week, 20” of rain was   Brazil, Argentina.”                      dollars has made Canadian honey
and snows.                                ARGENTINA AND SOUTH                    predicted, when 14” annual rainfall        The distribution of colors in        much more expensive in U.S. dol-
   Beekeepers remain concerned            AMERICA                                is the norm. By February, many         Argentina is now estimated to be         lars for American packers in 2010
about the health and vitality of              Given the short U.S.A. and         American beekeepers pollinating        10% white 25MM, 20% white                than was the case in 2009. Thus,
their bees. This is not due merely        Canadian 2009 crops, coupled           the almond groves had consider-        34MM, 30% 50MM, 30% 65MM                 more Canadian honey is staying
to mites and Colony Collapse Dis-         with complete depletion of older       able difficulties moving bees in and   and 10% darker than 65MM. This           home and will continue to do so
order, but to a general decline in        inventories from previous crops,       out of the muddy groves. In Peru,      modest white honey crop has accel-       unless prices for Argentine white
beekeepers, stress on bees, reduc-        attention has focused upon Argen-      tourists were evacuated due to mud-    erated demand for white honey and        honey get out of sight.
tion of land for honey production         tina’s 2009/2010 honey crop. This      slides. The high evaporation rates     provoked steady, and in some cases           The political and economic situ-
                                                                                 from the warm Pacific caused tre-      dramatic, increases in prices.           ation in Argentina is very tense and
                                                                                 mendous snowstorms that affected           Argentine beekeepers with poor       fragile. Inflation is returning and
           Strachan Apiaries, Inc.                                               the Midwest and the entire east
                                                                                 coast of the U.S.A. Both China
                                                                                                                        or bad crops are thinking the only
                                                                                                                        path for their survival is with an
                                                                                                                                                                 some Argentineans fear, as they
                                                                                                                                                                 put it, that “Argentina, despite its
     New World Carniolan and Italian Queens                                      and Europe have also experienced       irrationally high surge in prices.       vast resources, is becoming a non-
         Selected for hygienic behavior, mite resistance,                        unusual snow through the first two     The beekeepers with normal crops         competitive country.”
                honey production, and gentleness                                 months of 2010. As a consequence       are cognizant of the overall situa-          To illustrate the strength of the
                                                                                 of deteriorating weather conditions    tion and are selling honey in only       market south of the border, Mexi-
                   Strachan Apiaries, Inc.
   2522 Tierra Buena Rd., Yuba City, CA 95993-9654
                                                                                 in Argentina, the estimate for the     small quantities to cover immedi-        can light amber honey is being sold
                                                                                 current crop has been reduced to       ate costs while “waiting for higher      at $1.55. C&F European ports, and
        (530) 674-3881      (530) 674-5802 Fax
            Email: orders@strachanbees.com                                       50,000-60,000 metric tons.             prices.” Of course, they may mis-        Brazilian organic white honey is
              Web: www.strachanbees.com                                              Given the unprecedented rainfall   calculate and wait too long, given       now over $1.75/lb. Ex-dock USA.
              MasterCard & Visa accepted
                                                                                 in mid-February, the lower estimate    the fact that the abundant rains
                                                                                 of 50,000 metric tons is regarded as   and snows covering California and                    --Continues on Page 9
Vol. 39, No.1 (Mailed 3/12/10)                                                                                                                                  THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010, Page 7

Wisconsin State Senator Is Taking the Sting Out of Honey Laundering
By Kathleen Vinehout,                 the banned antibiotics.                                                       international reference point for                ability to seek damages from those
Wisconsin State Senator                  Investigators also found Chi-                                              the resolution of disputes con-                  who blended their honey with arti-
Euc Clair, Wisc.
   My family likes honey.... Honey
                                      nese honey coming into the U.S.
                                      through Russia contained banned
                                                                                 Viewpoint                          cerning food safety and consumer
                                                                                                                                                                     ficial sweeteners and advertised
                                                                                                                                                                     that product as pure honey.
is one of the oldest known foods.     antibiotics. The Post Intelligencer                                               All regularly produced honey                     Establishing a product standard
Ancient Egyptians kept bees and       reported if the honey is returned       increase the bulk and selling price   in Wisconsin should easily meet                  will protect the livelihoods of hun-
used the honey not just for sweet-    to the importer or dealer because       of the honey.                         this standard. Honey will typi-                  dreds of Wisconsin’s beekeepers
ening but for its healing power.      of problems, it is often resold to a        A consumer purchasing a bear      cally only fail to meet this stan-               – from commercial producers to

Ancient Olympians used honey          Texas packer or a Michigan firm         shaped container labeled as honey     dard when it has been packaged                   the local beekeepers at the neigh-
to help maintain energy and boost     that rarely tests for antibiotics.      would have to squint hard to find     improperly, blended with artificial              borhood farmer’s market and Wis-
their performance.                       In March 2007, the Food and          the word ‘imitation’ printed in       sweeteners, watered down or when                 consin’s honey consumers. And
   Today honey is still considered    Drug administration issued a            tiny letters on the label. Instead    it contains elements of certain anti-            the standard will make sure Wis-
an important health food but the      revised “import alert” when Flor-       of pure honey they are paying for     biotics and other chemicals.                     consin consumers won’t get stung

story behind honey production is      ida detectives found two banned         a container filled mostly with corn       My bill directs DATCP to create              when purchasing honey.
not sweet.                            antibiotics – ciprofloxacin and         syrup.                                a voluntary ‘Wisconsin Certified                     For more information, go
   In a five month investigation      enrofloxacin in honey from China.           So how do we protect consum-      Honey’ program in which enrolled                 to       http://kathleenvinehout.
into honey laundering, the Seattle    This alert came on the heels of         ers from ruthless honey launder-      producers guarantee their honey                  org/2010/01/taking-the-sting-out-
Post Intelligencer found that honey   a previous alert seven years ago        ers? I learned there is no national   meets the Codex standard. The                    of-honey-laundering.

coming into the United States from    because officials found the banned      or state standard for honey. So I     bill also gives honey producers the
China contained banned antibi-        antibiotic chloramphenicol. This        introduced legislation to establish
otics. The news series reported       antibiotic is restricted because of     a standard for products sold as
in August of 2008, 350 drums          its disease-causing side effects.       honey in Wisconsin.
containing 223,300 pounds of
Chinese honey was shipped from
                                      Officials found some honey taint-
                                      ed with pesticides.
                                                                                  A honey standard is comprised
                                                                              of specific ranges of sugar levels,
                                                                                                                            M ANN L AKE L TD .
Wuhan, China to a warehouse near         In addition to the problems          moisture content and other scien-          Q UALITY F EED P RODUCTS

New Delhi. This honey, accord-        identified by the Seattle Post Intel-   tific indicators of quality. I used     Here at Mann Lake, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We do our best to listen
ing to Indian Customs reports,        ligencer series, in November 2008       the international standard set by       to every customer’s needs whether you’re a commercial or hobby beekeeper. With the
was relabeled as Indian honey and     the FDA warned of honey adul-           the Codex Alimentarius Commis-          ever present challenge of keeping healthy bees, we understand that good nutrition is the
                                                                                                                      foundation that builds strong honey bee colonies.
shipped to [a U.S. honey company,     terated with corn or cane syrup.        sion, a body recognized by the
where] tests of the honey found       These adulterations are done to         World Trade Organization as an          For the past 20 years, Mann Lake has provided quality feed products produced with
                                                                                                                      the best ingredients available; from our trusted Bee-Pro® pollen substitute which is
                                                                                                                      made with non- G.M.O. products, to our food grade liquid products. We even offer the
                                                                                                                      best line of feed stimulants so that your colonies can benefit from feed products at a

                     USDA Proposes Changes to                                                                         faster rate, stimulating your bees to become healthier and more productive for honey
                                                                                                                      production, pollination and building stronger bees!

                 Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)                                                                   Now, we have gone a step further!! You can have the best possible outcome feeding a
                                                                                                                      high protein pollen substitute combined with two feed stimulants!
                  Comments Invited Through April 5, 2010
      The USDA Farm Service Agency has pre-               marine.com. Follow the online instructions for                                                                                 All
   pared a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact        submitting comments.                                                                                                          New!
   Statement (SEIS) to implement the changes to the           Federal eRulemaking Portal: Go to http://www.
   Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) enacted in          regulations.gov. Follow the online instructions for
                                                                                                                       FD-355 Bee-Pro® Patties with 4% Pro-Len & Pro Health
   the 2008 Farm Bill.                                    submitting comments.                                                                                      1 - 20 40 lb. boxes...................$49.10
      The FSA is examining two action alternatives            Fax: (757) 594-1469.                                             Convenient Pickup Locations
                                                                                                                        Hackensack, MN, Woodland, CA, Hughson, 21 - 39 40 lb. boxes................$48.10
   under each provision in addition to the no action          Mail: CRP SEIS, c/o TEC, 11817 Canon Blvd.,                     CA*. Bakersfield, CA*, Alvin, TX*     40 - 159 40 lb. boxes..............$46.60
                                                                                                                                                                    160+ 40 lb. boxes...................$45.45
   alternative environmental baseline.                    Suite 300, Newport News, VA 23606.
                                                                                                                      Now you can offer your honey bees the high protein feed they need, with the combination
      The Draft SEIS is available for review at http://       Hand Delivery or Courier: Deliver comments              of (2) fantastic feed stimulants! Bee-Pro® will give the quality protein and amino acids
   public.geo-marine.com.                                 to the above address.                                       needed for healthy bees and brood rearing, while the Pro-Len and Pro-Health will
      The public is invited to submit comments on             Comments may be inspected in the Office of the          stimulate your colonies to feed faster, feed in colder weather and become a healthier
                                                                                                                      more active colony of bees! Pricing at these locations may vary, call for details.
   this Draft SEIS through April 5, 2010. You may         Director, CEPD, FSA, USDA, 1400 Independence
   submit comments by any of the following meth-          Ave., SW., Room 4709 South Building, Washing-                                  Don’t forget about your BEE-BUCK$!
   ods:                                                   ton, DC 20250, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.,                                  Earned with EVERY purchase!
       E-Mail: CRPcomments@tecinc.com.                    Monday through Friday, except holidays.                                                  Sign Up TODAY!
      Online: Go to the Web site at http://public.geo-                                                                                          www.mannlakeltd.com
Page 8, THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010                                                                                                                                Vol. 39, No.1 (Mailed 3/12/10)

‘Explosive’ At California Airport Found To Be Honey                                                                  What Happened to the Airport ‘Honey Sniffers’ ?
By Dan Whitcomb                        cial flight from Amsterdam using       fire crews, FBI agents and mem-
and Steve Gorman                       explosives smuggled on board.          bers of a “joint terrorism task         Posted by askthecalifornian           afterward and were fine. TSA
   LOS ANGELES, Jan 5                     Meadows Field Airport in            force” responded to the scene and       Jan. 21, 2010                         officials would not identify the
(Reuters) - Authorities shut down      Bakersfield, about 100 miles (160      spent the day questioning Ramirez          Q: Just inquiring as to the        employees.”
a California airport on Tuesday        km) north of Los Angeles, was          before further tests showed that        disposition and well-being of             We called this week seeking
after a suspicious amber liquid in     shut down and evacuated for hours      the liquid was honey.                   the two honey sniffers who were       more information and a spokes-
a passenger’s bag tested positive      and flights diverted after the inci-       After the all clear was given,      overcome at the airport several       woman for the American Federa-
for explosives -- only to ultimately   dent, which began when Ramirez’        officials said they were trying to      weeks ago. I have been reading        tion of Government Employees,
determine that the substance was       bag set off an alarm in a luggage-     determine why the honey tested          the papers thoroughly and can         the union representing Transpor-
honey.                                 screening machine.                     positive for explosives and made        find no follow-up reports as to       tation Security Administration
   Francisco Ramirez, a 31-year-          U.S. Transportation and Securi-     the screeners so ill that they would    their condition.                      workers, said the two officers
old gardener who had been visit-       ty administration screeners turned     need medical attention.                    Who will be sued over this         returned to work the day after
ing family in the central California   up five Gatorade bottles full of           “There are some questions I         incident and will they be able to     the incident.
city of Bakersfield, was allowed to    what they called a “suspicious-        think are going to have to be fol-      successfully file for state or fed-       Suzanne Trevino, a TSA
return home to Milwaukee.              looking liquid.” Swabs of the bag      lowed up on,” Dupre said. He said       eral disability payments?             spokeswoman, said the same.
   “The substances in the bottles      and bottles tested positive for the    that Ramirez was “free to go” and          I think one agency or another          She reiterated that the TSA’s
did turn out to be honey. They test-   explosives TNT and TATP.               would likely be home in Milwau-         should furnish the media with         explosive trace detection told
ed negative for all explosives and        When the bottles were opened,       kee by Wednesday.                       this much-needed information,         them there was a problem with a
narcotics. It is nothing but honey,”   two of the screeners smelled a             Ramirez, who Whorf described        as I believe the public has a         passenger’s bag.
FBI spokesman Steve Dupre told         strong chemical odor, complained       as “very cooperative,” had orig-        great stake in this information           “It’s still unclear as to why
Reuters.                               of nausea and were rushed to a         inally been booked on a flight          being brought forth.                  it specifically alerted us,” and
   The security scare came as jit-     local hospital, where they were        from Bakersfield to Milwaukee              Hopefully this information         that remains under investigation,
ters gripped the U.S. travel indus-    treated and released, Kern Coun-       with a connection through San           will be put out to the public         Trevino said.
try in the aftermath of an unsuc-      ty Sheriff’s spokesman Michael         Francisco.                              before I plan my next flight.             Whether anyone files a law-
cessful Christmas Day attempt to       Whorf said.                                                                                      -- Richard Diuri    suit over the incident remains to
blow up a Detroit-bound commer-           Kern County Sheriffs deputies,                                                 A: Here’s what we reported         be seen. No lawsuits have been
                                                                                                                      Jan. 5, the day of the incident:      brought to our attention.
                                                                                                                      “The two TSA employees were               From http://people.bakers-

    HONEYSTIX                                             TM
                                                                                                                      taken to a hospital as a precau-
                                                                                                                      tion, but were released shortly

        The most profitable and effective
         way to $ell honey since 1980.                                                                               Hot Beekeepers: Are You One?
                                                                                                                     By Eve Solomon & Gazelle Emami
                                                                                                                     Huffington Post
                                                                                                                     Jan. 26, 2010
                                                                                                                         First, we gave you the hottest organic farmers, and you sent us photos
                                                                                                                     of your favorite agri-hotties. Now, we at HuffPost Green are continuing
                                                                                                                     our love affair with sustainable agriculture by taking it to the next level
                                                                                                                     ... with cute beekeepers, naturally.
                                                                                                                         Bees may get a bad rap because yellow jackets sting, and we’d like
                                                                                                                     to change that by honoring those who recognize their vital role as pol-
                                                                                                                     linators and honey makers. Bees are crucial to the survival of up to a
                                                                                                                     third of plant species we eat, and they’ve faced many problems such as
                                                                                                                     colony collapse disorder. Beekeeping is more than a quirky hobby, it’s a
                                                                                                                     seriously important practice for the environment. In honor of that, we’ve
                                                                                                                     compiled some of the cutest beekeepers around, most of whom practice
                             With your honey or ours - 5 gallons to 55g drums.                                       urban beekeeping on rooftops in their respective cities, sometimes ille-
                                                                                                                     gally. Nothing like a little naughtiness for the planet, right? So who’s the
                                              By: Nature’s Kick Honeystix                                            cutest of them all? Vote for your favorite, and we’ll invite the winner to
                                              “Where Honeystix Began”                                                blog about his or her hive.
                                                     1-503-581-5805                                                      Think we missed a cutie beekeeper who deserves recognition? Send
                                                www.originalhoneystix.com                                            in your nominations at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/26/hot-
Vol. 39, No.1 (Mailed 3/12/10)                                                                                                                          THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010, Page 9

World Report
--Continued from Page 6                    Several years ago, Vietnam          cumvention. Officials from U.S.        tell-tale pollen, adulterated with    increasingly asking this question.
Prices, like fish, are jumping.         established Special Economic           Homeland Security spoke in Orlan-      rice syrups, revealed the presence        The situation has been com-
   It remains too early to estimate     Zones where Chinese and Taiwan-        do to both the National Honey Pack-    of Chinese pollens in honey osten-    pounded by the fact that as of this
the Brazilian honey crop, but some      ese companies established offices.     ers and Dealers Association and the    sibly produced outside of China       writing, Congress has failed to: 1)
indicate that the quantity of export    Some of these companies have left      American Beekeeping Federation         and contaminated with improper        renew suspension of the bonding
to the U.S. is anticipated to be        Vietnam and one is reported to be      (ABF) about their efforts to stop      residues. The ultra-filtration of     privilege allowing importers to post
similar to 2009. There was no rain,     under investigation by Interpol. As    the widespread practice of circum-     honey removes both pollen and         bonds rather than pay cash deposit
however, for 20 days in February,       Vietnam has established a strict       vention in its various forms. Many     veterinary drug residues, provid-     for antidumping liabilities and 2)
and there is concern about the lack     monitoring program for authorized      American packers, beekeepers           ing a “disguise” of the phenom-       impose duties on the honey portion
of honey in the hives.                  beekeepers, honey factories and        and importers spoke with the offi-     ena of circumvention of Chinese       in the so-called “packers blend.”
   For Chile and Uruguay, the           honey exporters, several companies     cials, informing them of the details   honey through third countries. It     The termination of the suspension
preferred and traditional market is     which had “front or shell offices”     they encounter in the competition      is, however, relevant to note that    of “bonding privileges” ended in
                                        in “Special Economic Zones” to         between “legal” versus “illegal”       the FDA prohibits sales of ultra-     summer, 2009.

Europe, whose currency sustains
high US Dollar prices. The tragic       facilitate circumvention via fraudu-   honey. In Sacramento, Jill Clark,      filtered honey as honey.                  The deeply partisan paralysis
earthquake in Chile will undoubt-       lent documents are out of business.    from Dutch Gold and President of           The buzz among beekeepers         in Congress has thus far stymied
edly result in delays for exports          Officials from scientific labo-     the National Honey Board Asso-         was that the situation is compa-      all efforts to re-impose the require-
from that region.                       ratories in Europe have visited        ciation; Bruce Boynton., Executive     rable to the Madoff Ponzi Scheme,     ment of cash-deposits. This failure
                                        Vietnam this year and cooperative      Director of the National Honey         wherein for a decade, the evidence    has re-opened the door to direct

   Currency relations will undoubt-
edly influence honey’s absolute         relations among Vietnamese and         Board (NHB) ; Richard Adee of          that something was wrong in the       imports of Chinese honey mediated
prices and the relative advantages of   American universities with strong      the American Honey Packers Asso-       “State of Denmark” accumulated        by “front companies” that evaporate
Europe vs. the U.S. in procurement      agricultural departments have been     ciation (AHPA) and this author all     in the SEC. Only the financial        if, and when, U.S. Customs comes
of South American honey. The            established.                           gave speeches which discussed this     crisis caused decisive action and     to collect retroactively antidump-
national debt problems in Greece,          The phenomenon of circumven-        phenomena and its serious impact       conviction against Madoff. What       ing duties. It, therefore, remains

Portugal and Spain have put down-       tion is troubling not only to our      upon the NHB, members of the           will it take for a decisive, timely   an urgent goal of the AHPA to
ward pressure on the Euro rela-         U.S. industries and our Congress,      NHPDA, AHPA and ABF.                   and comprehensive solution to be      persuade Congress to promptly re-
tive to the U.S. dollar. This makes     but also to China. Chinese officials      Evidence was presented in for-      effected to prevent circumvention     close this loophole.
the U.S. marginally more attractive     in The World Trade Organization        mal and informal meetings from         of Chinese honey in order to avoid        All, however, is not quiet on
than it was several months ago for      must try to negotiate issues and       scientific laboratories specializing   paying prevailing antidumping fees    the front to stop circumvention of
South American exporters. How-          agreements that both open and inte-    in honey about analysis of honey       on Chinese honey? American bee-       honey. There is a report that about
ever, the cumulative national debt      grate international markets and fol-   that was ultra-filtered to remove      keepers and American packers are                --Continues on Page 10

in the U.S. still portends, in the      low the rule of law.
view of many economists, to a fur-      The       widespread
ther weakening of the U.S. dollar       phenomenon         of
and increasing commodity prices.        circumvention is a
                                        major hindrance and
VIETNAM AND ASIA                        obstacle to imple-
    As this market report is being      menting the rule of
prepared, the Vietnamese honey          law in international
crop is barely beginning. Vietnam-      trade.
ese beekeepers are transitioning
from wintering their bees, feeding      CIRCUMVEN-
their bees and protecting them from     TION
disease.                                   During the recent
    At the end of January, an impor-    conventions of the
tant meeting was held in Hanoi          American Honey
between the Vietnamese Beekeep-         Producers Associa-
ing Association, various ministries     tion and the Ameri-
of the Vietnamese Government and        can     Beekeeping
agents of I.C.E. As reported previ-     Federation, much
ously, the Vietnamese have taken        discussion occurred
very proactive and strict steps to      regarding the global
prevent circumvention. It is impor-     shortages of honey
tant that both Governments work         and the continuing
together to prevent circumvention.      concern about cir-
Page 10, THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010                                                                                                 Vol. 39, No. 1 (Mailed 3/12/10)

                                              World Report
    Mite & Disease                            --Continued from Page 9                  pollen addition, and adulteration
                                                                                       with a multitude of sweeteners,
                                                                                                                               of business, most honey packers
                                                                                                                               are actively cooperating to fight the
                                              200 containers of honey exported to
    Resitant Queens,
     Mite & Disease                           the USA in 2009 were denied entry.       which are being employed to hide        corruption and fraud to which oth-
                                              A small number of these contain-         the reality of circumvention. Sec-      ers feel compelled to submit.
    Packaged Bees,
     Resistant Queens,                        ers were returned but the over-          ondly, more statistical academic        CONCLUSION
                                                                                       and governmental data is at hand to
     Packaged Bees,
    & Nucs                                    whelming majority are in a state
                                              of limbo. According to the reports,      reveal that certain alleged countries
                                                                                                                                   In conclusion there has been
                                                                                                                               renewed talk in the American
      & Nucs
    Available March 2010. Visit our website
                                              this honey was accompanied by            of origin do not produce the quan-
                                                                                       tity or quality of honey that show
                                                                                                                               honey industry, especially among
                                              fraudulent country of origin and                                                 American honey packers, of the
      Preorder Today for Spring Delivery.
    to order and for more information.        quality certificates. The ostensible     up as surges of honey from new          need to make adjustments to assure
                                              exporters quite naturally did not        honey exporting nations. Thirdly,       continuity and adequacy of sup-
                                              accept responsibility for the ship-      through the efforts of packers all      ply. Given several factors includ-
                                              ments and would not accept return.       over America, more retailers and        ing 1) the international shortage
                                              The parties in the country that actu-    manufacturers realize that large        of honey, 2) the increased vicis-
                                              ally produced the honey would not        price differentials for processed       situdes of global weather patterns,
                                              accept return of the honey since         honey and aberrational chemical         3) the prevalence of circumven-
      (866) 547-3376 phone/fax
    866-547-3376 phone/fax                    such would entail admission of cre-      profiles for honey are not signs of     tion to avoid antidumping duties,
      10 am-2 pm M-Th (CST)
    10am-2pm M-Th (CST)                       ating and submitting forged docu-        business acumen but illegal cir-        4) the vulnerability of bee popu-
    info@beeweaver.com                        ments. We note that there has been       cumvention; retailers and manufac-      lations and 5) the likely end in
      www.beeweaver.com                       increased scrutiny of agricultural       turers increasingly realize through     this decade of China’s treatment in
    www.beeweaver.com                         products shipped from Asia to the        the concerted efforts of American       antidumping cases with surrogate
                                              U.S.A. For example, hundreds of          packers throughout the country that     country analysis, many packers are
                                              containers of various products were      collusion to circumvent to avoid        concluding that there should be a
                                              rejected by U.S. authorities and         antidumping duties impose upon          renewal in one form or another of
                                              returned to India, Indonesia and         them criminal liabilities. Fourthly,    some agreement that could impose
                                              Malaysia in 2009.                        more American packers and Amer-         both quantitative restrictions and
                                                 There are also reports of some        ican beekeepers are reaching out        minimum prices on Chinese honey
                                              honey exporters being put on auto-       to their Congressional Representa-      and other products subject to anti-
                                              matic detention by the U.S. FDA.         tives and Senators to persuade U.S.     dumping orders. The prevailing
                                              That means the honey must arrive         Customs to devote more resources        political climate, including the
                                              in the U.S.A., be sampled and            so that a thorough and timely end       intense and widespread opposition
                                              tested and proved free of action-        of the phenomena of circumvention       to the fraud which is at the heart of
                                              able contaminants as a condition         is achieved.                            circumvention of Chinese honey,
                                              for release. Because of this type            Nonetheless, 2009 saw continu-      makes establishing a new agree-
                                              of action, various companies have        ation of aberrational export pat-       ment extremely difficult.
                                              ceased exporting to the U.S.A. It        terns to the U.S.A. For example, in         The growing sentiment among
                                              is predicted that 2010 will witness      11 months, imports from Malaysia        packers, however, is that they can-
                                              various exporters going out of busi-     were over 17,000,000 pounds at          not have confidence in adequate
                                              ness as their illegal actions catch up   values averaging $0.72/lb. for ELA,     supply to serve a market that con-
                                              with them.                               and 835,000 pounds of ELA came          sumes 400,000,000 to 500,000,000
                                                 Of course, the dilemma and            in from Mongolia at values in the       pounds of honey annually, if the
                                              tragedy is that honest exporters,        range of $.62/lb. Documents exist       world’s biggest producer of honey
                                              importers, packers and beekeepers        that show that Malaysia produces        has no legal access to the American
                                              may also go out of business if they      only a tiny fraction of that volume     market. China’s absence is creat-
                                              are forced to compete with circum-       and Mongolia has no ability to pro-     ing stress and has helped divide the
                                              vented honey much longer.                duce honey for export. In contrast,     market into 2 tiers – a legal and an
                                                 In respect to the efforts to stop     many newspaper articles reveal the      illegal market. Suppression of the
                                              circumvention, there are several         convoluted paths by which Chi-          illegal market has proved to be very
                                              positive developments. Firstly,          nese honey has been circumvented        incomplete and tenuous. If domes-
                                              commercial laboratories and inde-        through third countries.                tic production remains stagnant and
                                              pendent academic scientists have             While some packers believe that     far below consumption, pressure
                                              greatly increased their ability to       they are faced with the dilemma         will continue to build to eliminate
                                              detect and expose the various “dis-      of either participating in buying
                                              guises,” such as ultra-filtration,       circumvented honey or going out
                                                                                                                                         --Continues on Page 13
Vol. 39, No.1 (Mailed 3/12/10)                                                                                                                           THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010, Page 11

Coming Events
South Carolina
   The Mid-State Beekeepers
                                           Honeybeelives.org will begin
                                        holding their organic beekeeping
                                                                                   The Central Mississippi Bee-
                                                                               keepers Association will host a
                                                                                                                      For more details, go to www.three-
                                                                                                                      riversbeekeepers.com/workshop/         Foreword
                                        classes with Chris Harp during         beekeeping shortcourse May 14-15       index.htm or call Esther Jansen at     --Continued from Page 1
Association is offering a Begin-                                                                                                                             rel-buster” crops, all at the same
                                        the weekends from January until        at the Jim Buck Ross Ag & Forest-      636-939-2929.
ner Level Beekeeping short course.                                                                                                                           time? Where will the plunge of
                                        March. Locations are in Rosendale,     ry Museum in Jackson, Miss. $10
The course will be over three days:
                                        N.Y., Granville, N.Y., and Chestnut    per day. Catered lunch is separate.
                                                                                                                      Massachusetts                          market prices bottom out?
Jan. 30, Feb. 27, and March 27.                                                                                          The Worcester Co. Beekeep-              We really need to regain control
                                        Ridge, N.Y. For specifics, go to       Register by April. 28; No registra-
They will be held at the Lexington                                                                                    ers Assoc. is holding its 68th Bee     of the honey market by giving the
                                        www.honeybeelives.org.                 tion at the door. For details, call
Co. Farm Bureau Building, 121                                                                                         School at UMASS Medical School,        enforcers better tools (starting with
                                                                               Stan Yeagley at 601-924-2582.
Park Rd., Lexington, S.C. The fee       Connecticut                                                                   55 Lake Ave. N., Worcester, Mass.      the standard of identity for honey,
is $40 which will cover a book, a
                                           The Backyard Beekeepers             Oklahoma                               The 8 week course will start March     in states and nationally) and insist-
year's membership in both the Mid-                                                                                    4 until April 22 with drawing of       ing that they use those tools. We
                                        Association will have their Bee            The Oklahoma State Beekeep-
State Beekeepers and South Caro-                                                                                      door prizes on the last day. The fee   also need to give any information
                                        School March 1, 8, 15, & 22. The       ers Association is having its Spring
lina Beekeepers, and materials. The                                                                                   is $30 per family. For more infor-     we have on suspicious activities
                                        Bee School is free and open to the     Conference April 10 at the Guthrie
course is limited to 30 applicants.                                                                                   mation contact. Linda and Paul         to the enforcers. And, we need to
                                        public. They are also starting their   Fair Grounds,1201 S. Division St.,
Contact Frank Blanchard at 803-                                                                                       O'Connor at 508-869-6214 or go to      insist that the packer who buys our
                                        workshops: March 20/Hands on           Guthrie, Okla. All beekeepers are
345-3463 for more details.                                                                                            www.honeybeeclub.org.                  pure honey crop keeps it pure – all
                                        Hive Set Up, April 10/Hiving Pack-     invited. There will be reports from
California                              age Bees, May 15/Hive Inspection       all over the state, a youth program,   Florida                                the way to the consumer.
                                        Part 1, May 23/Queen Yard Open         door prizes, auction, and a pot-luck     The Tampa Bay Beekeepers As-
   Susan Cobey is offering a series
                                        House. Workshops are also free         lunch. Mann Lake will be available     sociation is hosting a Beginning and
of workshops at the Harry Laidlaw
                                        and open to the public. Please see     for beekeeping supplies. Fore more     Intermediate Honey Bee Seminar
Honey Bee Research Facility at the
                                        www.backyardbeekeepers.com or          details, call Glen Brunette, vice      May 15 at Upper Tampa Bay Park,
Univ. of California-Davis:
                                        call Serge Boyce at 203-259-4861       president at 405-433-2362.             8001 Double Branch Rd., Tampa.             Tell a New
   1. Art of Queen Rearing, March       for more details.                                                             Fla. Registration fees is $20 before
31 and again on April 7. The fee is                                            Missouri                               May 8 and $25 after. Call 727-393-
                                                                                                                                                               Beekeeper about
$125. Optional Queen Production         Mississippi                               The Missouri State Beekeepers
Tour will be April 1 and 8 after           The Mississippi Beekeepers          Assn. will hold their Spring Meet-
                                                                                                                      3065 or go to www.tampabaybee-           The Speedy Bee!
                                                                                                                      keepers.com for details.
each workshop for an additional         Association will hold a series of      ing March 12-13 at the Quality Inn
$50. Deadline is March 15.              workshops and shortcourses on          & Suites, Hannibal, Mo. The main
   2. Instrumental Insemination         beekeeping: April 6 at the Miss.       speaker will be Jennifer Berry of
and Bee Breeding, April 14-16.          Ag & Forestry Museum in Jack-          the Univ. of Georgia. For more               Let The
                                        son, Miss.; May 7-8 at the Miss.       information, go to http://mostate-
The fee is $425. Deadline is April
                                                                                                                           Speedy Bee                          THE MAGAZINE OF AMERICAN BEEKEEPING
1.                                      Ag & Forestry Experiment Station                                                                                      Don't Miss Even One Exciting Issue of

   3. Advanced Workshop on              in Verona, Miss.; June 2-3 at the         The Three Rivers Beekeepers            Announce Your                          Bee Culture Magazine Filled with
                                                                                                                                                              Everything You Want to Know About:
                                        Miss. Extension Service Bldg. in       and the Univ. of Missouri Exten-
Instrumental Insemination, April                                                                                          Meeting--And                         • Bees • Beekeeping • Beekeepers •
                                        Hattiesburg, Miss. Each course is      sion Center of St. Charles County
22-23. Fee is $375. Deadline April                                                                                                                            •How-To's • Honey Report • Profiles •
                                                                               are offering a beginning beekeep-
1.                                      $10 and includes a handout and
                                                                               ing workshop Feb. 27 and March
                                                                                                                            Send Us                          •Recipes • Funny Stories • Research •
                                        refreshments. For more info, con-                                                                                          • Something for Everybody •
   For further details, go to http://                                          27. It will cover honey bee biology          a Report!
                                        tact Harry Fulton at harry@mdac.
entomology.ucdavis.edu/courses/                                                and preparing for the second year.                                             Take Advantage of This Incredible
                                        state.ms.us.                                                                                                          Discount Because You Are In THIS
beeclasses or call Susan Cobey at
530-754-9390.                                                                                                                                                     Beekeeper's Association
                                                                                                                                         Honey Angel
                                                                                (800) 233-2662 • 24 Hours                                12oz. Capacity
New York                                                                        FAX: (909) 361-1800                                        Available in
   The Southern Adirondack Bee-                                                 Email: pierco@calmold.com                                LDPE & Clear;
                                                                                                                                       John 3:16 Engraved
keepers Association will hold their                                                                                                    on back; White caps
New York Seminar March 27 at the                                                                                                         & custom labels
University of Albany, N.Y. Speak-                                                                                                         upon request.
ers include Dr. Thomas Seeley of
                                            DIVISION of Cal-Mold Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                  Send check to:
Cornell Univ. and Dr. Marla Spi-        ■ One Piece Plastic Frame & Foundation
                                                                                                                                          Packaging            Bee Culture Magazine
vak of the Univ. of Minnesota. For      ■ Plastic Snap-in Foundation
                                                                              Nick Lissaman                                               Concepts             623 W. Liberty St., Medina, OH 44256
more details, go to www.adiron-         ■ Full Depth & Medium Depth                                                                        P.O. Box 617,
                                                                              3900 Hamner Ave.                                                                or call 800-289-7668, Ext. 3220
dackbees.org.                                                                                                         Garden City, MO 64747, 816-862-8703,
                                                                              Mira Loma, CA 91752                                                                      with credit card
                                                                                                                              or Fax 816-862-8702
Page 12, THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010                                                                                                                           Vol. 39, No.1 (Mailed 3/12/10)

                                                                                             Honey: Number of Colonies, Yield, Production, Stocks, Price,
                                                                                                    and Value by State and United States, 2009 1
   noitcudorP yenoH nI setatS 01 poT                                                 Honey            Yield                                           Average                     Value
                            ).sbl noillim nI(                           State       Producing          per        Production                3        Price per                     of
                                                                                                                                    Dec 15
                                                                                    Colonies 2       Colony                                           Pound 4                  Production 5
                                                                                       1,000            Pounds        1,000 Pounds      1,000 Pounds        Cents              1,000 Dollars
   KNAR 9002                            KNAR 8002
     .DORP &                             .DORP &               AL                                 9          49                 441                66          182                           803
                                                               AZ                                20          52               1,040               562          153                         1,591
                                                               AR                                24          57               1,368               301          139                         1,902
  1.   .D.N                56.43           1     1.53          CA                               355          33              11,715             2,109          139                        16,284
  2.   S.D.                28.71           2     83.12         CO
  3.   filaC       .       27.11           3     63.81         GA                                65          41               2,665               346          147                         3,918
                                                               HI                                10          95                 950               323          163                         1,549
  4.   tnoM            .      0
                           22. 1           6      9
                                                 83.           ID                               103          46               4,738             1,706          145                         6,870
  5.      alF  .            0 0
                            2. 1           4     58.11         IL                                 8          34                 272                57          226                           615
                                                               IN                                 9          32                 288               101          198                           570
  6.   nniM         .         9
                            3 .7           5      9
                                                 25.           IA                                26          42               1,092               339          151                         1,649
  7.   oa
       h dI                 47.4         11       6.3
  8.     xeT   .           66.4            8      .4   93      LA                                37         103               3,811               610          132                         5,031
                                                               ME                                 6          50                 300                51          186                           558
  9.     ciM       .h       9
                           .3    6         7      81.5         MI                                66          60               3,960             1,505          151                         5,980
 10.   aL  .               8.3   1       41       32.2         MN                               122          65               7,930             1,427          140                        11,102
                                                               MS                                14         104               1,456                87          132                         1,922
                                                               MO                                11          47                 517                57          198                         1,024
                                                               MT                               146          70              10,220             3,577          145                        14,819
   U.S. Colonies                          U.S. Honey           NE
 Over Last 20 Years
                                          Crop in Last         NJ

                                           10 years
                                                               NY                                47          65               3,055               978          183                         5,591
  Estimated by USDA-NASS for                                   NC                                11          45                 495                84          252                         1,247
   beekeepers with 5 or more                                   ND                               450          77              34,650             7,623          137                        47,471
 colonies. Only honey-producing
      colonies are counted.               USDA-NASS            OH
            In Millions.
                                          Estimates in         PA

       2009                2.46            Millions of         TN
       2008                2.34             Pounds             UT
       2007                2.44                                VA                                 6          39                 234                56          328                           768
       2006                2.39           2000         220.2   WA                                62          44               2,728             1,064          149                         4,065
                                                               WV                                 5          37                 185                33          267                           494
       2005                2.41           2001         186.0   WI                                63          60               3,780             1,588          151                         5,708
       2004                2.56                                WY                                37          48               1,776               391          143                         2,540
                                          2002         171.7
       2003                2.60           2003         181.7   Oth
       2002                2.57                                 Sts 6 7                          15          51                   768             127          280                         2,150

       2001                2.55           2004         183.5   US 7 8                          2,462         58.5           144,108            37,153          144.5                    208,236
       2000                2.62           2005         174.8   1
                                                                 For producers with 5 or more colonies. Colonies which produced honey in more than one State were counted in each State.
       1999                2.65                                  Honey producing colonies are the maximum number of colonies from which honey was taken during the year. It is possible to
                                          2006         154.8     take honey from colonies which did not survive the entire year.
       1998                2.64           2007         148.5
                                                                 Stocks held by producers.
       1997                2.65                                  Average price per pound based on expanded sales.

       1996                2.56           2008         160.9   5
                                                                 Value of production is equal to production multiplied by average price per pound.
                                                                 CT, DE, MD, MA, NH, OK, RI, and SC not published separately to avoid disclosing data for individual operations.
       1995                2.65           2009         144.1   7
                                                                 Due to rounding, total colonies multiplied by total yield may not exactly equal production.
                                                                 Summation of States will not equal U.S. level value of production.
       1994                2.77
       1993                2.88         10 yr. Crop    170.9
       1992                3.05
       1991                3.21
                                                               Honey                                                                                                 Agricultural Statistics Board
       1990                3.22                                February 2010                                                  3                                                    NASS, USDA
Vol. 39, No. 1 (Mailed 3/12/10)                                                                                                                                THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010, Page 13

World Report                                                                        National Honey Board Shifts Marketing Focus
                                                                                       Jan. 5, 2010- Firestone, Colo.          2009 study has found younger          of 18 percent from 2006. This
--Continued from Page 10                  imperative if consuming nations           – A recent research study has              users of honey more likely to use     could mean a decline in not only
circumvention by finding a legal          are to ensure adequacy of supply          sparked the National Honey Board           the product in these fields.          purchases, but also in honey con-
mechanism that will allow access          and continuity of quality. Testing        to refocus its marketing efforts for          “Younger users of honey seem       sumption and demand altogether.
to Chinese honey but which will           methodologies have become hyper-          2010, adding new programs and              to be a little more creative in how      The National Honey Board
concurrently suppress both dump-          sensitive promising to detect and         reformatting existing ones.                they use it,“ said Bruce Wolk,        conducts research, advertising
ing and flooding of honey.                measure parts per ten billion or per         According to the 2009 Honey             Director of Marketing for the         and promotion programs to help
    In addition to the impact of tariff   trillion. But the issue is not “testing   Attitude and Usage Study, cur-             National Honey Board. “Because        maintain and expand domestic and
trade barriers, non-tariff trade barri-   the test” but ensuring 1) protec-         rent users of honey below the              of that, we need to communicate       foreign markets for honey and
ers are also exerting influence upon      tion of the ability to produce the        age of 45 have dropped signifi-            with them through new channels,       honey products. These programs
and danger to the honey market. At        food supply and 2) safety for food        cantly since 2006. This 27 percent         like social networking, to continue   are funded by an assessment of
every beekeeper’s convention any-         consumption. The world’s bees, it         decrease poses an opportunity for          positive trends in honey purchases    one cent per pound on domestic
where in the world discussion are         is realistic to estimate, are crucial     the National Honey Board to delve          and usage.”                           and imported honey.
dominated by the effort to develop        to global annual production of over       into other marketing avenues, like            But it’s not just reaching                               Bruce Wolk
methods to protect bees. In 95%           $100 billion dollars of food. It          social media, to reach new and             younger demographic that the                    Director of Marketing
of the world’s bee yards, beekeep-        is this context that impels global        younger audiences.                         National Honey Board has in                     National Honey Board
ers engage in methods to protect          science to create global standards.          In reaching a younger demo-             mind—the organization is directly               Firestone, Colo. 80504
their bees. The reason is that bees,      Realism must prevail over mythol-         graphic, the National Honey Board          targeting current users of honey                          800-553-7162
like other forms of life, are vul-        ogy, sound science over harmful           hopes to expand the awareness              as well, regardless of age. Further                  brucew@nhb.org
nerable to disease and stress. If         illusions.                                and use of honey into other mar-           research has shown that 60 percent
bees existed in a mythical realm              There must be cooperation in          kets, such as snacks and natural           of respondents report purchasing
of invulnerability, and if the plants     this effort to establish standards.       home and health remedies. The              honey within the last year, a drop
bees pollinate existed in a sister        The global integration we witness
realm of invulnerable botanical life      entails greater integration of econo-
forms, then there would be no need        mies, science and law. If issues of
to devise methods of preserving the       both tariff and non-tariff trade bar-
health and vigor of bees. However,        riers are not addressed, the honey
due to the universal vulnerability of     market will become increasingly
animal life, food products, includ-       unpredictable and efforts to guaran-
ing honey, do not dwell in a realm        tee adequacy and continuity of sup-
of ultra-purity. It is this fact that     ply and quality will become inef-
makes it essential to find reason-        fective. The current global shortage
able testing limits and reasonable        of honey compels us to think about
tolerance levels for residues. The        all these issues from a more strate-
macro-environment of rain, atmo-          gic and long term perspective.
sphere, soil and pesticides also are          Given the current global eco-
expressed as residues in food prod-       nomic recession and high rates of               Join together
ucts. The key question is how to          unemployment and underemploy-
                                          ment, there are obvious and real
                                                                                      with fellow beekeepers
balance and integrate effectively
protecting bees and ensuring the          restraints on how high honey prices            from across the
safety of honey and other bee by-         can rise. Reducing or removing                     nation.
products. Other food industries           tariff and non-tariff trade barriers             Support the:
have long recognized similar needs        will become a strategic require-
and been able to effectively and          ment to ensure both adequacy of
realistically address the dual con-       supply and reasonableness of price.                       American
cerns of protecting agricultural pro-     If, as we hope, the creative use
duction and human safety.                 of good science as a marketing                            Beekeeping
                                          tool to promote the health benefits
    It will not do to adopt a sectarian
attitude that says in effect “I can       of honey matures, then ensuring                           Federation                  Package Bees &                                   3131 Hwy. 45
have my residues, but you can’t           adequate supply to meet growing                                                                                                           Glenn, CA
have yours.” Given the inexora-           demand will become even more                Contact us for membership information:
                                                                                          3525 Piedmont Rd. NE,
                                                                                                                                Queens                                                  95943
ble move toward global economic           challenging.                                 Bldg. 5 Ste. 300 • Atlanta, GA
integration, establishing global sci-                            --Ron Phipps                     30305-1509                                           (530) 891-5216
ence-based standards, testing limits               CPNA International, Ltd.                   Ph. 404-760-2875

and tolerance levels will become                Email: info@cpnaglobal.com                    Fax 404-240-0998                                        www.koehnen.com
Page 14 THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010                                                                                                                            Vol. 39, No. 1 (Mailed 3/12/10)

                                  Lack Of Honey Bees, Excessively Wet Weather
                                  Might Make Almond Crop Fall From Trees Too Soon
                                  By James Noonan                          California growers had their pol-       March.”                               ization will allow the nut to fasten
                                     As the pollination window for         lination needs met this year, said         Another factor that could nega-    (to the tree) and really hold a big
                                  this year’s almond crop draws to         Joe Connell, a UC farm adviser          tively affect the harvest was the     crop,” Mussen said.
                                  a close, uncertainty caused by wet       for Butte County who specializes        wet weather the region experi-            Despite the challenges posed
                                  weather and a lack of pollinators        in almonds. However, it is still too    enced during the almond bloom.        to this years harvest, Connell and

          ABF                     has forced producers to wait and
                                  see if one of the state’s largest cash
                                  crops will deliver the way it has in
                                                                           early to say whether the efforts of
                                                                           the bees will translate to a success-
                                                                           ful almond yield for California
                                                                                                                      Mussen and Connell agreed
                                                                                                                   that the cold weather and unusu-
                                                                                                                   al amount of rainfall during this
                                                                                                                                                         many almond farmers are hopeful
                                                                                                                                                         heading into this year’s harvest.
                                                                                                                                                             “We have a good number of
       Measures                   years past.                              farmers.                                year’s almond blossom season          blossoms right now,” Connell said,

                                     Almonds in Yolo County                   “There is definitely potential        reduced the amount of time the        “if we can get nuts to take hold in
                                  brought in about $24 million in          for a good harvest, but we won't        bees could spend in the fields, and    about a quarter of them we’ll be in
                                  2008.                                    know for sure until the nuts them-      might cause the ripening almonds      pretty good shape.”
       By any rule                   Since 2004, one of the largest        selves start to size up,” Connell       to drop from the trees before they                 -DailyDemocrat.com
          ABF                     issues facing the almond industry
                                  has been the diminished number
                                                                           said. “Definite answers probably
                                                                           won't be available until the end of
                                                                                                                   are fully developed.
                                                                                                                      “Proper pollination and fertil-
                                                                                                                                                                          Woodland, Calif.
                                                                                                                                                                               Mar. 6, 2010
       does what                  of honey bees caused by an un-
                                  explained phenomenon known by
       you expect                 scientists as Colony Collapse Dis-
          of a                    order, or CCD. Almond farmers
                                  rely upon honey bees to pollinate
                                                                           New Book In Growing Rutgers Animal Q&A
        national                  their orchards, and without suc-
                                                                           Series Sheds Light On the Intimate World of Bees
      beekeepers’                 cessful pollination, the high yield
                                  of almonds typical of the region             Jan. 11-Twenty-five thousand        this insightful question and answer   as other species such as orchid
      organization.               cannot be achieved.                      species of bees certainly cre-          guide provides compelling facts.      bees, bumblebees, and stingless
       Send for a free               “CCD is something that has            ate a loud buzz. Yet silence                                                    bees. Accessible to readers on
                                  varied in frequency and severity         descended a few years ago                                                       every level, and including the
       information packet                                                  when domesticated bee popu-                                                     latest research and theory for
                                  since 2004, but this year many
       on the ABF and             beekeepers have taken colossal           lations plummeted. Bees, in                                                     the more sophisticated reader,
       about beginning            hits,” Eric Mussen, a member of          particular honey bees, are criti-                                               the authors reveal more than
       beekeeping.                the UC Davis Department of Ento-         cal links in the vibrant chain                                                  one hundred critical answers
                                  mology and honey bee specialist,         that brings fruits, vegetables,                                                 to questions about the lives of
        American                  said. “Some have suffered colony         and nuts to markets and din-                                                    bees.
       Beekeeping                 loses as high as 91 percent.”            ner tables across the country.
                                                                           Farmers and scientists on the
                                                                                                                                                              Concepts about speciation,
                                                                                                                                                           evolutionary adaptation and
                                     Mussen said about 25 percent
       Federation                 of beekeepers nationwide suffer          agricultural frontlines quickly                                                 pollination, as well as histori-
       www.ABFnet.org             significant losses due to CCD,            realized the impact of this loss,                                               cal details about topics such
       info@ABFnet.org            while the rest are left with a sense     but many others did not see                                                     as Mayan beekeeping and the
                                  of uncertainty as to whether their       this devastation. Why Do Bees                                                   appearance of bees in rock art,
       3525 Piedmont Rd.
                                  colonies will remain healthy.            Buzz?: Fascinating Answers to                                                   are arranged in easy-to-follow
        NE, Bldg. 5, Ste.                                                  Questions About Bees reports                                                    sidebars that highlight the text.
                                     In recent years, the diminished
        300, Atlanta, GA                                                   on the mysterious “colony col-                                                  Color and black and white pho-
                                  number of pollinators has left
          30305-1509              some local almond farmers scram-         lapse disorder” that has affected                                               tographs and drawing enhance
       Ph. 404-760-2875           bling to find the bees they need,         honey bee populations, as well                                                  the beauty and usefulness of
       Fax 404-240-0998           and this season was no exception.        as other captivating topics, such                                               Why Do Bee Buzz?
                                     “Phones were ringing off the          as their complex, highly social                                                                --Lisa Fortunato
                                  hook this year, all the way up until     lives, and how other species of                                                              Publicity Manager
                                  full bloom,” Mussen said.                bees are unique and different                                                         Rutgers University Press
 Stay Informed!                      While the slowly declining            from honey bees.                                                                         100 Joyce Kilmer Ave.
                                  supply of honey bees might have              Organized in chapters that cover    With clarity and depth, bee biolo-          Piscataway, NJ 08854-8099
    Read the                      kept some producers working              everything from these provocative       gist Elizabeth Capaldi Evans and             Ph. 732-445-7762 ext. 626
                                                                           pollinator’s basic biology to the       coauthor Carol A. Butler examine        http://rugerspress.rutgers.edu
  Speedy Bee!                     down to the wire, it appears as
                                  though the majority of Northern          aggressive nature of killer bees,       the lives of honey bees, as well
 Vol. 39, No. 1 (Mailed 3/12/10)                                                                                                                                                      THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010, Page 15

             Speedy Classified Ads

 MISCELLANEOUS                                  PUBLICATIONS                                   PUBLICATIONS                                    PUBLICATIONS                                  PUBLICATIONS
SHALLOW SUPERS 5-11/16' 10-fr. 1,000          AUSTRALASIAN BEEKEEPER -                       Email: secretary@bee-craft.com.                 $43.45 for one year, $84.20 for two years.    IBRA IS THE information service for bee-
with split topbar cut comb frames fair-to-    Senior beekeeping journal of the Southern      Web: www.bee-craft.com. Tel/Fax: +44            We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.      keepers, extension workers and scientists.
good condition. $3.00 shop run; $4.00 you     Hemisphere. Complete coverage of all           (0)1733 771221.                                 Airmail rates available upon request. For     Our members support this service and enjoy

pick. 100 lots. Will consider some tops and   beekeeping topics in one of the world’s                                                        free sample copy write to: American Bee       the benefits of belonging to IBRA, which
bottoms in trade. troyfore@bellsouth.net,     largest beekeeping countries. Published        THE SCOTTISH BEEKEEPER. Maga-                   Journal, Hamilton, IL 62341.                  includes Bee World. We need your involve-
day phone 912-427-4018, Ga.         sp/xx     monthly by Pender Beekeeping Supplies          zine of the Scottish Beekeepers’ Asso-                                                        ment - join IBRA - support this important
                                                                                             ciation. International in appeal, Scottish in   ALBERTA BEEKEEPERS Association
                                              Pty., Ltd., P.M.B. 19, Maitland, N.S.W.                                                                                                      information network and extend your bee-
                                                                                             character. Membership terms from: Enid          Newsletter. For free sample write to 11434-
FIVE FRAME NUCS March 15, 2010.               2320, Australia. Subscription by bank draft                                                                                                  keeping horizons. For more information
$80 each. Used Dakota Guinness Uncap-                                                        Brown, Milton House, Main Street, Scot-         168 Street #102, Edmonton, AB T5M 3T9,
                                              US$27.00 per annum (in advance) post-                                                                                                        contact: IBRA, 18 North Road, Cardiff
per. $1500. 2 Super Duty Bee Trucks;                                                         landwell, Kinross-Shire, KY13 9JA Scot-         CANADA, Ph. 403-489-6949.
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2004 F250, 2005 F350 diesels. 160 Frame       request.                                       land. Sample copy on request.                                                                 (+44) 1222-665522.
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Extractor. Patterson, Ga. 912-670-0150.
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                                     1/1      HIVELIGHTS. The national magazine of                                                                                                         BEE CULTURE - A monthly bee jour-
                                                                                             zine of Wisconsin Honey Producers. $10/         ing beekeepers for thinking beekeepers.
                                              the Canadian Honey Council is published                                                                                                      nal that will help you become a better
FIVE FRAME NUCS for sale mid-April                                                           year. Free sample copy for United States        Ten issues per year, subscriptions £13.
                                              quarterly with information on all aspects of                                                                                                 informed beekeeper. You will find Bee
to Sept. Orders for less than 100 is $90.00                                                  addresses only. Badger Bee, 15921 Meylor        Sample copy in exchange for sae or IRC
                                              beekeeping. Sample copy may be viewed                                                                                                        Culture interesting because we have some
each, over 100 is $80.00 each. Minumum                                                       Lane, Darlington, WI 53530.                     from Brian Gant, Leat Orchard,
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order 25 Nucs. FOB Lewistown, Penn. or                                                                                                       Grange Rd., Buckfast TQ11OEH, UK.
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Dade City, Fla. Call W. Fisher Bee Farm

for more info @ 800-736-6205. Ask for         Suite 236. 234-5149 Country Hills Blvd.        keeping information read the American           AUSTRALIAN BEE JOURNAL - Caters               1873. We know you will like our infor-
Aaron.                                2/2     NW, Calgary AB CANADA T3A 5K8.                 Bee Journal. Editorial emphasis on prac-        to both amateur and commercial apiarists.     mal, lively style. Allow us to send you a
                                                                                             tical, down-to-earth material, including        $25.00 per annum. Australian currency for     free sample copy. Bee Culture, P.O.
                                              BEE CRAFT - The official monthly               question and answer section. The American       all subscribers. Write to: Victorian Apia-    Box 706, Medina, OH 44256.
   QUEENS & PACKAGES                          journal of the British Beekeepers Asso-        Bee Journal is the largest monthly apicul-      rists’ Association Inc., Editor, Ms. Judy
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THREE BANDED Italian Package Bees             surface mail is £20.00. Please send                                                                                                          Beekeepers Association Newsletter. One
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and Queens. Harrell & Sons, Inc., P.O. Box    a sterling money order drawn on a Brit-                                                                                                      year, 10 issues, $15. OSBA membership
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215, Hayneville, AL 36040, Ph. 334-548-       ish bank to Bee Craft Ltd., 107 Church         $58.20 for two years. Outside the U.S.:                                                       OR 97304.
2313 or 334-548-2262.                  12     Street, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 6QF.

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                                                     for all Bee Subscribers!!!

                                                             $10 for the first 20 words. (FREE to subscribers.)
                                                                        45¢ per word after first 20.

                                                       P.O. Box 1317 • Jesup, GA 31598 • Ph. 912-427-4018
                                                       Fax 912-427-8447 • Email: speedybee@bellsouth.net
Page 16 THE SPEEDY BEE, Spring 2010                                                                                                                      Vol. 39, No. 1 (Mailed 3/12/10)

   The Speedy Buyer’s Guide
  A Classified Listing for the Beekeeping Industry.
      BEE SUPPLIES                           BEE SUPPLIES                         BEE SUPPLIES                 HONEY PACKERS/DEALERS               QUEENS & PACKAGES
Avery Filter                           B L Plastic Containers                Rossman Apiaries, Inc. Leighton’s                                        Powell Apiaries
                                                                              P.O. Box 909 - Moultrie, GA
Company, Inc.                             405 Kimberly Lane
                                                                              31776                       Honey, Inc.                                 4140 County Rd. KK
   99 Kinderkamack Rd.                    Pleasant Hill, IA 50327                                                                                     Orland, CA 95963
                                                                                Ph. 229-985-7200                 Paul L. McCord, President
   Westwood, NJ 07675-3019                Ph. 515-266-6112                                                                                            Ph. 530-865-3346
                                                                                or 800-333-7677                  Janet McCord, V.P.
   Ph. 201-666-9664                       Fax 515-266-1112                                                                                            Fax 530-865-3043
                                                                                Fax 229-985-0209                 1203 Commerce Ave.
   Fax 201-666-3802                    All Sizes of Containers for Packing                                       Haines City, FL 33844             Queens and Package Bees
                                       Honey. Good Service. Good Quality.    Cypress Bee Supplies, Honey,
   E-mail larry@averyfilter.com                                                                                  Ph. 863-422-1773
   Website www.averyfilter.com                                               Package Bees and Queens
                                                                                                              Bonded Honey Buyer/Packer
Filter presses with                    Duval Container Co.
aluminum plates, filter papers for
honey, beeswax.
                                          P.O. Box 41006
                                          Jacksonville, FL 32203
                                          Ph. 904-355-6591
                                                                                 Place                        MEL-O Honey, Inc.
                                                                                                                 515 Cannon Industrial Blvd.
                                                                                                                 Cannon Falls, MN 55009
                                                                                                                                                   Apiaries, Inc.
Carbolineum Wood
Preserving Co.
                                       Glass, Plastic, Metal and Fiber
                                       Corrugated Boxes and Various
                                                                                Your Ad                          Ph. 507-263-8599
                                                                                                                 Fax 507-263-8611
                                                                                                                                                      2522 Tierra Buena Road
                                                                                                                                                      Yuba City, CA 95993
                                                                                                              Buyer/Packer - All grades of honey      Ph. 530-674-3881
   6683 N. 40th St.
   Milwaukee, WI 53209
                                                                                 Here!                        Tropical Blossom
                                                                                                                                                      Fax 530-674-5802
                                                                                                                                                      E-mail orders@strachanbees.
   Ph. 800-671-0093                    Lapp’s Bee                                                                                                     com
   Fax 414-353-3325                                                                                           Honey Co., Inc.
   Website www.carbolineum.com
                                       Supply Center                                                             P.O. Box 8, Edgewater, FL
                                                                                                                                                      Web www.strachanbees.com
                                          500 S. Main St.                                                        32132
                                                                                                                                                   Bees, Queens, Pollination
Manufacturers of Coating for Hive         Reeseville, WI 53579                HONEY PACKERS/DEALERS              Ph. 386-428-9027
Stands/Bottom Boards                      Ph. 1-800-321-1960                                                     Fax 386-423-8469                  Ellingson’s Inc.
                                          Email lappsbeesupply                                                   Website www.tropicbeehoney.          114 1st St. W.
Draper’s Super Bee                        @yahoo.com                         Deer Creek Honey                    com. Honey Packer                    Odessa, MN 56276
Apiaries, Inc.                            Website www.lappsbeesupply         Farms, Ltd.                                                              Toll Free: 888-273-2300
   32 Avonlea Lane                        center.com                            551 East High Street                                                  Fax 320-273-2310
   Millerton, PA 16936-9131            Bees, Beeswax, Beekeeping and            London, OH 43140-9779
                                                                                                              QUEENS & PACKAGES                    Better Built Bee Box, Feed Bee, Wax
   Ph. 1-800-233-4273                  Candlemaking Supplies, Honey,            Ph. 740-852-0899                                                   Rendering
   Fax 570-537-2727
   Email sales@draperbee.com
                                       Honey Mustard, and free catalog.         Fax 740-852-4530              C.F. Koehnen &
   Website www.draperbee.com
                                                                             Honey & Wax Buyer -All Grades
                                                                                                              Sons, Inc.                           Morris Weaver
Honey Bee Products, Bee
                                       Mann Lake Ltd.                        info@deercreekhoney.com
                                                                                                                 3131 Hwy. 45 - Glenn, CA 95943    Enterprises
                                          501 1st Street South                                                   Ph. 530-891-5216                     1118 Neal Street
Supplies, Tours                           Hackensack, MN 56452-2589                                              Fax 530-934-2613                     Navasota, TX 77868-2511
                                          1250 Harter Ave.                   Dutch Gold                       Packages & Queens                       Ph. 936-825-3083
                                          Woodland, CA 95776-6106            Honey, Inc.                                                              Fax 936-825-7714

     Place                                Ph. 1-800-880-7694
                                          Fax 218-675-6156
                                                                                2220 Dutch Gold Dr.
                                                                                Lancaster, PA 17601
                                                                                                              Kona Queen
                                                                                                              Hawaii, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                      E-mail morrisrweaver@
                                                                                                                                                      Website www.morrisrweaver.
                                                                                Ph. 717-393-1716                 P. O. Box 768
    Your Ad                               beekeeper@mannlakeltd.com
                                          Website www.mannlakeltd.com
                                                                                Fax 717-393-8687
                                                                                Web: www.dutchgoldhoney.com
                                                                                                                 Captain Cook, HI 96704
                                                                                                                 Ph. 808-328-9016
                                                                                                                                                   Broker-Appraiser for the
                                       The industry’s leading manufacturer
     Here!                                                                   Honey Buyer/All Grades,             Fax 808-328-9460                  Beekeeping Industry
                                       of beekeeping and candlemaking        Packer                              Website www.konaqueen.com
                                       supplies.                                                                 Italian and Carniolan Queens

                                     Call 912-427-4018 for your Buyer's Guide Listing.

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