Auction Catalog Auction Catalog Tombola 2009 A Benefit for the Kentfield Schools by pengxuebo


									     Auction Catalog

Tombola 2009
A Benefit for the Kentfield Schools Foundation
                                        Table of Contents
Tombola Sponsors and Underwriters ..........................Front Inside Cover
Committee AcknowledgementsBack ......................................Inside Cover
Welcome Letter..............................................................................................................3
Schedule of Events ......................................................................................................4
Auction Protocol (The Fine Print) ....................................................................... 65

                                             Auction Items
Live Auction .....................................1-14 .......................................................................5
Silent Premier ................................100s ...................................................................... 11
Sign-Up Parties ............................. 150s .................................................................... 15
Great Escapes ..............................200s ....................................................................19
Out and About .............................300s .................................................................... 23
Hot Stuff .........................................400s ...................................................................29
For the Kids ...................................500s ....................................................................39
Class Art Projects .......................500s ...................................................................45
Casa Beautiful ...............................600s ...................................................................47
Culinary Quest.............................. 700s .................................................................... 51
Javier’s Wine Cellar ....................800s ................................................................... 53
Wines by the Class....................900s ................................................................... 63

2    Tombol a 2009
                      Bienvenidos a Sevilla!
Thank you so much for coming tonight to A Saturday in Seville, the auction
and celebration produced by the Kentfield Schools Foundation Board, our
tremendous community sponsors and our generous parent donors. This
community responds with generosity every time the Foundation asks for
support. The result: exceptional education in a community school.

A Community-Funded School Differs Dramatically from a True Public School.
Our community-funded schools provide smaller classes than true public
schools, as well as credentialed specialists to teach music, art, PE and other
enrichment courses. In some of our neighboring schools, PE, art and music
are taught by classroom teachers, not credentialed specialists. True public
schools also have larger class sizes than ours, often without any teacher’s
aids. Our District is also able to attract, train and retain the highest quality

Your Contributions Determine Class Size and Enrichment Activities.
Our District is grappling with large budget cuts as a result of declining state
revenues and dwindling property tax revenues. As our enrollment increases
and property taxes decline, we will not be entitled to any additional state
funding. Your contributions to the Foundation tonight and throughout the
year directly determine the District’s ability to maintain small class sizes, and
to retain our enrichment teachers. Continued community funding is also
critical to maintaining our property values, which are directly linked to the
quality of the schools. So please, enjoy yourselves at Tombola and spend

Tombola is a labor of love and the result of tireless hours of work by many
people on the Foundation board and in the community. Please join me
in giving special thanks to Tombola Chair Ginger Wilcox; KSF Executive
Director Laurie Treganowen; and Auction Co-Chairs Erin Becker and Lexa
Herron. I hope we all have a memorable and profitable evening!

Marita Daly, President
Kentfield Schools Foundation

                                                                 Tombol a 2009      3
                      Schedule of Events
                        Tombola 2009
                        Sevilla–A Saturday in Seville
                     Benefiting the Kentfield Schools!

                       Cocktails & Silent Auction

                    Dinner & Flamenco & Live Auction
                Auctioneer: Mollie Allen Kiehfuss

                         Dancing & Bullfighting

4   Tombol a 2009
                                  Live Auction
1. Press Pass! Shadow the Giants on the Field!
Shadow the Giants on the field with this press pass for a Giants game! You will be awarded
four tickets to a Giants game where you will be on the field during batting practice, interact-
ing with the players. Visit the dugout; have your photo op with your favorite players–be sure
to bring your camera! Then, up to the press box with sportswriter, Joan Ryan and visit with
KNBR’s Kuiper and Krukow. Watch the pros talk about the game, live and up close. Make
sure you order the garlic fries! To get you ready for this unique experience take home an
autographed ball signed by SF Giants’ pitcher, Matt Cain! Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Joan Ryan & Rob and Erin Becker, The SF Giants
Value: Priceless!

2. Day on the Bay Aboard the “Masquerade”
Enjoy a bracing afternoon on the San Francisco Bay aboard the 35’ racing boat, “Mas-
querade”, with Champion Yachtsman Tim Scherer (and Bacich Dad!) and first mate Allison
Scherer. Meet for a Ramos Fizz at the San Francisco Yacht Club in Tiburon and then chart
your course around the Bay. Sail under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz,
check out SBC Park, it’s all up to you. Then anchor off Angel Island and dine on a gourmet
catered picnic by Cibo Café. Experience is for six people. Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Expires May 2, 2010.
Donor: Tim & Allison Scherer, & Cibo Café
Value: $1800.00

3. Principal for the Day at Bacich!
Your child’s chance to run Bacich School! Shadow Sally Peck and let her assist your
child in being Principal for the Day. Make announcements on the loud speaker, twirl in
Ms. Peck’s chair, visit the staff lounge and lunch in style. Your Mini-Me can invite a few
special friends in to see them sitting at Principal Peck’s desk taking important calls! Your
Bacich Bear will want to go to the Principal’s Office for this!
Donor: Sally Peck
Value: Priceless!

4. Rebel Without a Cause!
Rage against the machine, cross over the line and be a wild one as you cruise the ‘burbs
on twin Harleys you rent for the day. The helmet covers your greying sideburns and no
one will realize you’re grooving to the sounds of Bobby McFerrin rather than Megadeth
as you rev your engine and head to Spider Murphy’s Tattoos to choose your awesome
tat. Roar down 101 and pop a wheelie into the Buckeye Roadhouse to fuel your body
and compare wind burns. You may be in your 40’s, but you’re still wild at heart! Includes
a $60 Tattoo, two Harleys for the day, and $100 Buckeye Gift Certificate.
Donor: Buckeye Roadhouse, Golden Gate Harley Davidson; Corte Madera, Spider
Murphy’s Tattoos, and Rob & Erin Becker
Value: $700.00

                                                                           Tombol a 2009     5
Live Auction     Continued

5. Starlight Dinner with Our Superintendent!
Six couples will enjoy a fabulous evening under the stars with Superintendent Mary
Jo Pettegrew at the beautiful home of Rich Hake and Chris Colladay. Your delicious
cuisine will be prepared by renowned Chef Joya Pettegrew, daughter of our illustrious
Superintendent, who will also be your celebrity server until she sits down to dine with
you. Saturday June 20th.
Donor: Mary Jo Pettegrew, Joya Pettegrew, Rich Hake & Chris Colladay
Value: Priceless!

6. Front Row–Kent Graduation Seats 2009!
Your little darling is graduating and you need outstanding seats to take in this wonder-
ful milestone. The best way to get those priceless pics is four front row seats at Kent
Graduation 2009! Forget jockeying for chairs and stroll down the aisle at the last min-
ute, much to the envy of your fellow parents! Expires 6/13/2009.
Donor: Kentfield School District
Value: Priceless!

7 Riding On Patrol In Style
ALL POINTS BULLETIN! Twin Cities Police are looking for a juvenile to join the force! Your
child will learn they want to be in the front of the cruiser, rather than the back with the perps.
Start the day with a box of donuts from Donut Alley for the station to ease your officer
into his or her day. Perhaps you’ll respond to disturbances, watch your patrolman issue cita-
tions and then exit the vehicle to take a code seven (stop for lunch) at a local spot. This is
an unforgettable foray out of the civilian world–does your child have what it takes to join
the men and women in blue? Expires 5/2/2010. Parent must sign waiver if child is under 18.
Donor: Twin Cities Police Authority
Value: Priceless!

8. A Trio of the Very Best California Cult Wines!
This cult collection includes Dalla Valle 1996 Maya Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon,
a California wine legend. Only 500 cases are produced for the entire world. This very
special wine is among the world’s best. It doesn’t stop there. Harlan Estate 2000 Cab-
ernet Sauvignon is the gold standard in California Cult wines. Harlan Vinneyard was
founded in the 90’s by Bill Harlan, owner of Meadowood and Napa Valley Reserve.
This is one of the most sought after newer vintages from Harlan sells for $500 a bottle
and is almost impossible to find. And then there’s Sloan Estate 2000 (Cult) Cabernet.
Sloan is the first vintage from this highly sought-after producer. Sloan 2000 consistently
scores 90+ points and more than hints at the 100 point perfection that Sloan regularly
achieves from top wine critics. Put your amazing collection in an absolutely fab Mulhol-
land brown, leather-trimmed four-bottle wine carrier with corkscrew.
Donor: Pete & Shelly Thigpen, Mike & Marguerite Verhille, and Mulholland
Value: $1425.00

6   Tombol a 2009
                                                                 Live Auction     Continued

9. Anglophile Adventure at the Pelican Inn
Bone up on the latest royal scandals, don your knickers and get ready for an Anglophile’s
fantasy trip to England without leaving Marin. Enjoy a hearty dinner of Bangers and Mash
or Shepherd’s Pie, make uproarious toasts as you clink mugs of Guinness and finally stroll
a few feet to cozy room number 2 for the night. Put on your Celtic Woman DVD (wait,
isn’t that Irish!) and relax in comfort as you smell the roses from the Pelican Inn’s lovely
garden. Don’t forget to pack in style using the very best black leather duffel bag you will
ever lay your eyes on from Mulholland. Kick off (or close) your evening with a wonderful
Silver Oak 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon. Expires 03/15/2010.
Donor: The Pelican Inn, Mulholland, Rob & Erin Becker, and Silver Oak Cellars
Value: $980.00

10. Far Niente Alfresco
Far Niente translates as “Without a Care” and that phrase describes your fabulous
day in the wine country. You and three guests will travel to Oakville for an alfresco
luncheon prepared by Executive Chef, Abi Martinez at the Far Niente Cabernet Grill.
Take an after lunch stroll on the 13 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens–amazing
azaleas! Get psyched for your wine experience with a 3L (Double Magnum) of the
almost-impossible-to-find Far Niente 2005 Estate Cabernet. Open the Cab with your
delightful, new Mulholland Rosewood corkscrew that stores in a stylish red leather
case. Schedule May to October. Please reserve four weeks in advance.
Donor: Far Niente Winery and Mulholland
Value: $1700.00

11. Kent Principal for the Day!
Has your child always dreamed of being the big cheese at Kent? Be the winning bidder,
and your Kent Falcon will see first-hand what it takes to be Skip Kniesche for the day.
The big day will include lunch for three friends, running an assembly, reading the daily
announcements, attending meetings with Mr. Kniesche, and going to the head of the
lunch line for a week! Must be scheduled on a Wednesday. Expires 3/15/2010.
Donor: Skip Kniesche
Value: Priceless!

12. Bermuda, Baby! Golf Getaway
Let’s go to Bermuda, Baby! This is a sophisticated little gem of an island, so you’ll want to
pack your clubs and your bikini in a new, hot orange Mulholland tote with matching makeup
bag. Make sure to bring your passport in your chic Mulholland passport wallet. Arrive in
style at the airport via Bayview Limo and head off to world-class golf, pink coral sand, azure
water and fabulous shopping. Four people will spend three nights in a private villa residence
at Tucker’s Point Club. Your stay includes one round of golf for four at the world famous
Mid-Ocean Club. Upon return to the States, your limo will pick you up for a safe trip home.
Includes a $1500.00 voucher towards your airfare. Available September 2009 to March 2010.
Donor: Herbert C. Oven Jr., Bayview Limousine, and Mulholland
Value: $7600.00

                                                                          Tombol a 2009     7
Live Auction    Continued

13. Firehouse Dinner for Ten–Sizzling!
You know you won’t get burned when you have an adult only dinner at the Kentfield
Firehouse! You can slide down the pole, try on a red firefighter hat, climb on the trucks and
pretend to drive or simply be an adult and enjoy the great spread put on by these charming
and generous guys. Get your group together and be ready for a hot, hot time. Dinner for
Ten at the brand new Kentfield Fire Station when the renovations are completed (est. time
August 09). Date and time to be worked out between the firefighters and winning bidders.
Please use within a year of when the firehouse is completed.
Donor: Kentfield Firefighters Association
Value: $2000.00

14. Bat It Out of the Park–Giants Luxury Suite!
Grab 15 of your friends or best clients on Friday, September 11th at 7:15pm for an evening
with the San Francisco Giants. Watch the Giants take on their biggest rival, the LA Dodg-
ers, in style at the world’s most beautiful ballpark. Your luxury suite features amazing
views of the field and the Bay, HD TV’s, internet access, wet bar and a cooler stocked
with Coca Cola beverages and more. Includes two $30 parking passes.
Donor: The Coca Cola Company & The San Francisco Giants
Value: $5000.00

15. Paradise in Princeville
Spend a week on Kauai’s north shore at a spacious two-bedroom, two-bath condo
in Princeville. Relax on the lanai overlooking the ocean and enjoy the seasonal migra-
tion of Humpback whales. Take in the breathtaking views of the Bali High mountain
range at sunset and spend time on Hideaway Beach swimming, snorkeling and surfing.
Condo sleeps six. Swimming pool, BBQ, Saffron’ll never want to leave
Princeville. Expires 5/31/2010. Excludes major holidays.
Donor: Jeff & Timi Leslie
Value: $1550.00

16. Quintessential Wine + Dine in the Caves!
Dine in the caves at this one of a kind experience at Rutz Cellars. Built 300-feet into
a hillside, Rutz Cellars offers a unique dining experience for a party of up to 14 lucky
guests. Rutz wines are offered at many fine restaurants including Buckeye Road-
house, Gary Danko and Rubicon. Specifically created to bring out the full flavors of
accompanying foods, these wines are sure to delight as part of the Mediterranean
multi-course extravaganza envisioned by renowned chef, Lisa Hines of Bella Cucina
Catering. Customized to the particular desires of the host/hostess of this lovely soiree,
this finely-tuned symphony of flavors and textures amidst the cool winery caves is sure
to be the centerpiece of life-long memories. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Expires
Donor: Rutz Winery & Bella Cucina Catering
Value: $4200.00

8   Tombol a 2009
                                                                     Live Auction      Continued

17 Fly Away to Dunsmuir Fishing Cabin
World-class, riverfront cabin with world-class fly-fishing! The Hex hatch materializes early
and the water begins to boil with lunker trout ready to feed on your perfectly placed dry fly.
Fish from the shore, with a guide, or cast from one of your two new portable kayaks! Sacred
Springs is located on four private acres spanning 600 yards of river frontage on the famous
Upper Sacramento River in Dunsmuir, California and has fun diversions for non-anglers as
well. This riverfront home has all the modern amenities yet has still kept the original rustic feel.
Three bedrooms/two full baths–sleeps eight. Choose a mutually agreeable date on a non-
holiday weekend. Owner requests a Friday afternoon arrival and Sunday morning departure.
Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: Allegra Entertainment & Events, and Mark & Tracy McLaughlin
Value: $2500.00

18. Ayung River Villa in Bali
Luxury exists in this beautiful villa in Bali, located on the Ayung River–a perfect hideaway
for a tropical vacation. This four bedroom, three bath 4000 sq.ft. villa sleeps up to 12,
complete with a private swimming pool, is yours for two weeks. This hidden spot is set
on a steep slope surrounded by lush jungle greenery, unusual tropical plants and flowers,
and sounds of the rushing river. The gazebo is complete with plush cushions, mosquito
netting and dramatic lighting. Your private staff of three includes a cook, who will also
accommodate your shopping needs. All bedrooms are air-conditioned, and the house
comes equipped with a phone, fax machine, and television. Two weeks in paradise! July
and August are not recommended. Expires May 2010.
Donor: Bob & Kathy Kamei
Value: $6700.00

                                                                              Tombol a 2009       9
10   Tombol a 2009
                              Silent Premier
100. Summer at Northstar Village Luxury Condo
Spend three nights in luxury at this fabulous three-bedroom/three-bath Northstar Lux-
ury Condo in the heart of the vibrant Northstar Village. Located only steps from the
heart of the shops and restaurants, the Iron Horse Lodge offers hot tubs, fitness room,
workout facilities, pool and more. The ski lift is a two–minute walk and will take you
to the best summer biking and hiking trails in North Lake Tahoe. Date to be mutually
agreed upon. May through September, not including July 2-5 and September 3-6, 2009.
Donor: Jim & Tami Jackson
Value: $1500.00

101. A Weekend at La Villetta
Spend the weekend at La Villetta, a lovely, Tuscan style private vacation guest cottage
atop a mountain in the Mother Lode that sleeps five. Enjoy total peace and serenity while
taking in the fabulous 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside on this exclusive
estate near the ever quaint, charming, historic town of Murphys. This package includes a
$75 certificate for the restaurant “Grounds” and a case of Indian Rock wine, available only
from the winery, which is a short distance from La Villetta. Besides wine tasting, you can
visit Calvaras Big Trees, Bear Valley, pan for gold, or enjoy a zipline experience through
the scenery that you will not forget! Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: Jim & Bitsa Freeman
Value: $525.00

102. Sail and Gourmet Lunch on the Bay!
Sail the San Francisco Bay and enjoy a gourmet lunch. Three to four hours of sheer
heaven! You will be aboard a beautiful 36’ Benateau with hosts Ed and Denise Miller
(additional party up to five) as you enjoy this breezy, luxe sail on our glorious Bay! Date
to be mutually agreed upon. Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: Edward & Denise Miller
Value: $500.00

103. Marine Mammal Center Shadow a Vet for the Day!
This is a very rare opportunity for one lucky student to shadow Veterinarian Dr. Fran-
ces Gulland, Director of Veterinary Science at the Marine Mammal Center, during one
working day (includes weekends) from 10am-5pm in Spring 2009 when the hospital is
filled with seal pup patients. Your package includes: A private tour of the Marine Mam-
mal Center, a chance to shadow Dr. Gulland, including patient rounds, reviewing patient
charts and observing medical procedures and animal feedings; boxed lunch with Dr.
Gulland and other members of the veterinary staff; gift bag of Marine Mammal Center
gear and an invitation to attend a private release of rehabilitated marine mammals back to
the ocean in Summer 2009. Must be 14 years or older. Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Marine Mammal Center
Value: Priceless!

                                                                       Tombol a 2009     11
Silent Premier     Continued

104. A Day in Lake Tahoe
The Hout Family will host up to 8-10 people for a day aboard the Crawdad Stalker,
a 25-foot Cobalt Boat, on beautiful Lake Tahoe for a day of sightseeing, inner tubing,
crawdad fishing, etc! Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Kevin & Karen Hout
Value: Priceless!

105. Cooking With Renowned Chef Donata Maggipinto
Everyone can use new appetizer recipes! Chef and cookbook author, Donata Mag-
gipinto (mom of Bacich Student Ren Reeser) will host a cooking class for eight in your
home. You and your friends will have a ball as you learn how to prepare (and enjoy) eight
fabulous appetizers, sip on delicious wines and chat or listen to her many stories. Includes
wines and eight fabulous appetizers.
Donor: Donata Maggipinto
Value: Priceless!

106. Four Sideline Club Seats to the Warriors
Four sideline club seats to a Warrior’s game! Offered by Dr. Belzer, Team Doctor! Seats
are located right next to the hallway that the players walk in and out of–you just might
get a “high five” from one of the players! Game date to be mutually agreed upon in
the 2009-2010 season.
Donor: John & Kathleen Belzer
Value: $800.00

107 Grade-A Storage Unit for One Year!
Looking for a place to store that extra furniture or other valuables? Problem solved with
this one-year lease at a top notch CSI Mini Storage Unit in Alameda or Richmond. The Unit
measures 8’x20’, large enough to hold a lot of belongings and is grade-A lighted.
Donor: Forrest & Debbie Rhoads
Value: $2148.00

108. Ultimate Fighting Championship in Vegas!
Head to Vegas on May 23, 2009, to check out the epic showdown pitting UFC light heavy-
weight stars “Sugar” Rashad Evans and Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida.. The two will meet as
the headliners at an event that features eleven fights in all! See the pros with these two pre-
mier tickets to the Ultimate Fighting Championship and see who is able to go the distance.
After the fight, you will get a chance to meet and chat with an actual UFC Fighter. What a
knock-out! Exceptional value!
Donor: Andy Sweet
Value: $500.00

109. Jump to the Front of the Line at Ross Rec
Jump to the front of the line for Fall sign-ups–you can be number one in line, without
even showing up! We will guarantee you a spot on the team and your choice of class.
Donor: Ross Recreation
Value: Priceless!

12   Tombol a 2009
                                                               silent premier      Continued

110. Portrait Painting of Your Child
Capture the wonder years with this unique portrait of your child. The finished piece will
be 27“x27”, and is a resin coated image mounted on Plexiglas.
Donor: Tom & Janice Bolles
Value: $1500.00

111.   Your Own Movie Theatre for an Evening
Have your special event at the Preview Room on Market Street in San Francisco. The
Preview Room is perfect for parties, receptions, or whatever. The room accommodates
50+ people and has big screen projection, comfortable seats, a reception area and wet
bar. Go to to check the place out. This
could be a fantastic evening! Certificate is good for a four-hour event. Expires May, 2010.
Donor: Variety Club Screening Room
Value: $1000.00

112. Calistoga Ranch & Wine Tour
You’ll find the luxurious Calistoga Ranch tucked into a private canyon in the Upper Napa
Valley, just outside the historic town of Calistoga. Spend one night enjoying the yoga deck,
the pool featuring dramatic views of the resort’s private vineyard and oak groves, and 140
acres of land dedicated to hiking and active pursuits. Your wine country sight-seeing trip also
includes an Eco tour and tasting for four people at Honig Vineyard & Winery in Rutherford.
Take home one bottle each of Honig’s famous Sauvignon Banc and Cabernet Sauvignon at
the end of your tour! Sunday through Thursday. Expires May 2, 2010.
Donor: Rob & Erin Becker, and Honig Vineyard & Winery
Value: $1100.00

113.	 Surfin’	Safari
Duuuuude–time to catch some epic waves and rip to the max. Let Todd Macy, world
class surfer, instruct you for a half-day so you can hang ten and be the Big Kahuna of the
beach! Todd summited Everest so he’s not worried about a little cold water. But chillax,
man–we’ve got some wowza wet suits for you–one adult and one child. Da Kine, bro!
When your sizes have been determined, we will contact Billibong and they will send one
adult’s and one child’s 3:2 wetsuits.
Donor: Todd Macy & Billabong U.S.A.
Value: $550.00

114. Sonata Symphony Stay
Skip over to San Francisco for an evening at the San Francisco Symphony. Enjoy premier
orchestra seats at Davies Symphony Hall on Saturday, May 23rd with Michael Tilson Thom-
as as conductor. Pack your nightie and toothbrush in your new gorgeous brown leather
Mulholland Shopper Tote because you will be staying the night at the delightful Hotel Rex,
located in the heart of the Theater District. Voted San Francisco’s best boutique hotel in
2007, the Hotel Rex in Union Square was inspired by the San Francisco art and literary salons
of the 1920’s and 30’s. Enjoy this vibrant musical getaway. Hotel Rex reservations subject to
availability. Expires 12/31/2010.
Donor: Claude & Katie Jarman, Hotel Rex, and Mulholland
Value: $695.00

                                                                          Tombol a 2009     13
Silent Premier     Continued

115. On Location Family Portrait Session & Print
Capture your family in a photograph that you will cherish for the rest of your life. A por-
trait session for your children or your family at a mutually agreeable outdoor location,
plus one archival print up to 20”x24.” Must book appointment by 3/31/2010.
Donor: Jennifer Skinner Portraits
Value: $450.00

116. Staycation 415
Travel to an exotic locale without paying airfare or arriving exhausted! Pack your new “Mul-
holland LA Spa Bag of the Year”, including the perfect cosmetic bag in hot blue, kiss the kids
goodbye and check into the Huntington Hotel San Francisco’s luxurious Mullholland Suite.
Jump on the beds, order room service and enjoy one personal spa treatment in the Nob
Hill Spa as you prepare for an entertaining evening with two tickets to the Warfield and
dinner at Kokkari. Your SF “Staycation” is just what you need to refresh and revitalize you!
Mulholland Suite Expires May 1, 2010 Reservations required for Spa Treatment.
Donor: Jay Holland, Mulholland, Goldenvoice, and Kokkari Restaurant
Value: $1635.00

117 Fall Getaway at Squaw Creek
Enjoy a two-night stay in Squaw Valley at the Resort at Squaw Creek, a AAA ‘04 Diamond
Resort. The Resort at Squaw Creek has heated pools, hot tub, lavish spa & fitness facility,
a golf course, excellent restaurants, access to incredible hiking trails, mountain biking, and
on-site fly-fishing. Enjoy sweeping views of the Olympic Valley and granite mountains. Your
accommodations include: three bedrooms–two king rooms and one double queen room.
Includes one spa treatment and dinner for four at Six Peaks Grill. Enjoy a two-night stay
during the period after Labor Day, but before Thanksgiving 2009.
Donor: Edward & Denise Miller, Six Peaks Grill, and Resort at Squaw Creek
Value: $2000.00

118. Catamaran Sailing On the Bay
Enjoy your private cruise on the Bay with David and Martha Bell. David is a licensed
master (and Bacich Dad) who has commanded various vessels from 36-foot sail boats
to 170-foot square rigged ships. This magnificent boat has crossed the Atlantic three
times and sailed through the Caribbean for seven years. It was built in Germany in
2000 and has brand new diesel engines. It is an impressive 47 feet long and boasts
three staterooms. It is 25 feet wide with a 70-foot mast. This is huge! While on board,
enjoy a sumptuous boxed lunch from Rustic Bakery! Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Expires May 2, 2010.
Donor: David & Martha Bell and Rustic Bakery
Value: Priceless!

14   Tombol a 2009
                              Sign Up Parties
150. Best Summer Read with Elaine Petrocelli
Elaine Petrocelli of Book Passage will lead you through the wonders of great summer
reading and help you select those perfect books to keep you spellbound all summer!
Join Elaine and 40 other guests at Book Passage in Corte Madera on Saturday, June
6th between 5 and 7pm, where you will sip great wine and enjoy tasty hors d’oeuvres
while you select your summer reads.
Donor: Book Passage, Elaine Petrocelli, Richard & Kathleen Cerf, and Ted & Ashley Paff
Value: $50.00/person

151.	 Award	Winning	Author	Joan	Ryan	Storyteller’s	Luncheon
Everyone has a story to tell, but where do you begin? Spend an afternoon under a
200-year-old oak tree having lunch and hearing about award winning author, San Fran-
cisco sportswriter and Chronicle columnist, Joan Ryan’s new novel, “The Water Giver”.
Hear her story about her personal journey as a mother to rediscover the valuable les-
sons of acceptance. Listen as she shares her experience of finding a second chance at
being a mother and the wisdom she learned from this. Learn how to put your personal
story into words and leave with a writing assignment and an autographed pre-release
novel. Lunch will be served under the tree with refreshing beverages! Limited to 16
people. Tuesday, September 15 from 10-2pm.
Donor: Joan Ryan and Rob & Erin Becker
Value: $75.00/person

152. Family BBQ & Bocce Tournament
Pack up the family and head over to the San Rafael Bocce Courts for an afternoon the
whole family will love. There’s nothing like a little parent-child tournament to bring out
the best in family dynamics. Learn the old-world sport of Bocce Ball, while your fabulous
hosts fire up a sporty BBQ lunch. Sunday, Sept. 20 12-4pm.
Donor: Tim & Carol Treadway, Ted & Lee Jonsson, Jon & Hope Kragh,
and David & Melissa Lee
Value: $40.00/adults $20.00/children

153. Spring Bounty–Girlfriends Lunch Cooking Class
Forage in the kitchen garden for ingredients and join Chef Toni Piccinini of La Cucina Sem-
plice (The Simple Kitchen) for a hands-on cooking class. The menu will reflect the bounty of
spring. We will have “un po vino,” lots of girl talk and enjoy the simple pleasures of an “al
fresco” lunch with friends. Toni is a much celebrated local chef and the original creator and
owner of Mescolanza in San Francisco (Chronicle Top 100 restaurant). Visit Toni’s website: This is a sign up party limited to 14. Price $125 per person (in-
cludes cooking class, lunch and wine). Date: Tuesday May 7th, 10am-1:30pm.
Donor: Maggie Courtney & Erin Becker
Value: $125.00/person

                                                                        Tombol a 2009      15
Sign-Up Parties    Continued

154.	 What’s	Cooking?
Join the Prescotts, the Salzers and the Cooks in the Cook’s gorgeous kitchen on Saturday,
June 27th from 6-10pm for a group cook-a-thon, where you will all partake in preparing
and enjoying a delicious four-course meal using all local organic ingredients. Each course
will be paired with the perfect California wine. All ingredients will be prepared and ready
for you to apply your culinary talents and create a truly gourmet repast. This experience
is available for up to 20 people. Date of the event is June 27th, 2009.
Donor: Alex & Cris Prescott, Terry & Allison Salzer, Kevin & Deborah Cook
Value: $90.00/person

155. Sam Spade Mystery Dinner
”It was a dark and stormy night and Colonel Mustard was in the conservatory with a
knife...” Experience a mystery in person and figure out “who done it” at this exciting and
entertaining dinner, held at the historic Ralston White mansion, nestled on an 80 acre
estate at the foot of Mt. Tam in Mill Valley. Your evening will play out like a game of
“Clue”, with a professional detective leading you through a maze of mystery, followed
by a sumptuous dinner. You will be talking about this for weeks, wondering why that
red herring threw you off track. This event takes place on Sunday January 24, 2010 from
6-9:30pm and is open to 30 people.
Donor: Josh & Angela Rafner and David & Dianna Overmyer
Value: $80.00/person

156. Super Kids Dance Party
A Saturday night dance for kids in kindergarten through third grade. Great music, lots
of snacks, and cool lights so the kids can have their very own dance party! Held in the
Bacich Community Center. At least one parent must attend (and you’ll want to–noth-
ing will make you smile more than the sight of your kid doin’ a little hip-hop!). Date:
May 30, 2009.
Donor: Tom & Mollie Kiehfuss, and Chris Santas & Nancy Bialek
Value: $15.00/person

157 Family	Movie	Night	at	the	Greenberg’s
Remember the days of drive-in movies? Your family can enjoy the same nostalgic
experience as you set up lawn chairs, spread out blankets and open the Jujubees
for a large outdoor screen, summer movie (WALL•E) in the Greenberg’s back yard.
Everyone will be entertained and there’s not a bad seat in the house! Fifteen families
maximum. Sign up with your friends and roll’em. Saturday, September 12, 2009.
Donor: Jeff & Ida Greenberg and Party Jump
Value: $45/family

158. Turkish Cooking Class with Jale Robertson
It is said that there are three kinds of cuisine in the world: Turkish, Chinese and French!
Rich in the spices that made the Ottoman Empire great, Turkish Cuisine is always a
pleasant surprise for the uninitiated. Renowned Turkish Chef, Jale Robertson will teach
the secrets of four classic Turkish dishes. As highlighted recently in the San Francisco
Chronicle, Jale leads cooking tours through Turkey, and teaches cooking classes at
Cavallo Point and other venues, both local and international. Experience these delica-

16   Tombol a 2009
                                                              Sign-Up Parties      Continued

cies for yourself as you cook along with Jale and then enjoy the fruits of your labor– a
fabulous Turkish lunch in the kitchen of Marita and Kevin Daly. Sign-up is limited to 14
people. Date is June 1, 2009.
Donor: Jale Robertson, Kevin & Marita Daly
Value: $125.00/person

159.	 Betty’s	Soup	Kitchen	Depression-Era	Dinner
”Brother Can You Spare a Dime?–that’s the mantra at “Betty’s Soup Kitchen” where
you and your friends can enjoy a dinner of soup, salad and hooch while you watch the
“Grapes of Wrath” and talk about your dwindling stock portfolios. Take a hiatus from
the breadline and know that although the economy may be bad, it’s always warm and
welcoming at Betty’s Soup Kitchen. Betty’s is open for handouts on October 3, 2009.
Limited to 30 people or 15 couples $35 per person Date: October 3, 2009.
Donor: David & Betty Segars
Value: $35.00/person

160. Hike the Dipsea & Lunch at Stinson
Lace up your hiking shoes! Tami Jackson will lead her infamous hike from Mill Valley to
Stinson Beach via “The Dipsea” with a fun group. When you arrive at Stinson Beach
enjoy a delicious lunch while resting your feet in the warm sand and cool surf. Date to
be set by Tami via email. Limited to sixteen people.
Donor: Tami Jackson
Value: $55.00/person

161. Tennis Round Robin
Finish the weekend on Sunday, May 31, with a swing and a smash! Join us at the Ross
Valley Swim and Tennis Club for a tennis round robin. Pro Jim Bedilion will lead us through
an eight-game doubles round robin. We’ll have plenty of beer, wine and Gatorade court
side. After the tournament, celebrate your victory with El Paisa’s great tacos or burritos. All
levels are welcome. No need to bring a partner–Jim will coordinate everything. Includes
eight games of round robin tennis with rotating partners and a Mexican dinner, beer, wine
and soft drinks. Limited to 16 players. Sunday May 31, 2009, starting at 3pm. Even if you
don’t play, join the party!
Donor: Kevin & Marita Daly, Jeff & Caroline Guenther, Jim Bedilion, and El Paisa
Value: $60.00/player $40.00/joining for party

162. Full Moon Bike Ride
Feel the exhilaration of riding on Mt. Tam at night, during a full moon. Join your hosts
for a nocturnal mountain bike adventure with drinks and appetizers at your destination,
then chase your moon shadow back for a lovely dinner and fine wines. Grab your
friends and share in this once-in-a-lifetime Mt. Tam Experience. This event is scheduled
for Friday, September 4, 2009 with a maximum of 10 people.
Donor: Rodney & Kristi Loo and Chris & Cammie Urban
Value: $80.00/person

                                                                         Tombol a 2009      17
Sign-Up Parties    Continued

163. Memphis Country BBQ Claypool Style
Nationally known Curb recording artist and BBQ chef Philip Claypool, will put on the real
“Memphis Thang” for 9 couples at Tim & Carol Treadway’s brand new home in Kentfield
on October 30, 2009. In addition to very tasty cocktails and fine wines, Philip will serve
his famous slow hickory smoked “pulled” pork and chicken, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey beans,
hot mustard “Arkan-Slaw” and Moonpies for dessert. Once you’ve had your fill, Philip will
serenade you and your guests with selections from his award-winning cd’s and many
other of your favorites. So, dust off your boots and find that ole’ cowboy hat and y’all
come on down, ya hear!
Donor: Tim & Carol Treadway, Philip Claypool, and Teamwrkx Construction
Value: $250.00/couple

164. Ridgecrest Hike & Happy Hour
Experience Mount Tamalpais like you never have before. Beginning with a tour of an
architecturally award-winning home with stunning views of Mount Tamalpais, this back
roads experience continues with a one- hour guided hike through the canyons and
ridges of Mount Tam. After our energizing and scenic trek, a beautiful bounty of wine
and hors d’oeuvres awaits you, served by your hosts as you gaze at the sun setting
over the mountain. Sunday, June 14, 2009. Ten adults; kids can tag along.
Donor: David & Dianna Overmyer, Red Robin
Value: $80.00/adult

165. Genius, Betrayal & Wine–The Mondavi Scandal
Dine high atop the crest of Mt. Tam in a tranquil setting with 360 views with author
and award-winning journalist, Julia Flynn Siler to hear firsthand the gripping saga of
the Robert Mondavi family as told in her bestselling book “The House of Mondavi.”
You and your group of 12 will sip Mondavi wines as you discuss this epic, scandal-
plagued story of the immigrant family that built–and then spectacularly lost–a global
wine empire. This fascinating story is a compelling, sweeping and ultimately heartbreak-
ing American story of ambition, lust and wine. The author will provide up to 12 copies of
the paperback edition for guests to take home and enjoy. Don’t miss this riveting story
that is part soap opera, part Shakespearean family drama. Saturday, November 7, 2009.
Donor: Julia Flynn Siler & Elena Mandin
Value: $65.00/person

18   Tombol a 2009
                                 Great Escapes
200. A Week in Lake Tahoe Carnelian Bay
Spend a delightful week relaxing in a fabulous cabin at Carnelian Bay. This beautiful house
boasts four bedrooms, two full bathrooms (sleeps 10) and is located at Carnelian Bay, just ten
minutes to Northstar and 20 minutes to Squaw Valley. Your week must be used in October/
November 2009 or March/April 2010. Excludes Easter.
Donor: Bob & Bonnie Penprase
Value: $1500.00

201. Deluxe Kirkwood Getaway
Visit nature’s coolest playground with a Kirkwood getaway. Enjoy a two-night consecutive
stay at three-bedroom, two-bath condo at Kirkwood. Located in Base Camp right across the
street from the Main Lodge and Lifts. Subject to availability. Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: Jeff & Caroline Guenther
Value: $600.00

202. San Francisco Sir Francis Drake Splendor
Plan an overnight stay in an Executive Room at the historic Sir Francis Drake Hotel
located in the heart of Union Square on Powell Street. Enjoy mouth watering cuisine
with a $100 gift certificate to Scalas Bistro. Based on availability. Advanced reservations
required. Expires 3/12/2010.
Donor: Sir Francis Drake Hotel & Scalas Bistro.
Value: $300.00

203. Ski at Squaw!
Take a ski break at Squaw with a two-night stay at the Squaw Valley Lodge and two, two-day
adult lift tickets from Squaw Valley Corp for next season. Your one-bedroom Condominium
Studio Suite is located at the Squaw Valley Lodge, one of Squaw Valley’s finest condomini-
ums with ski in/ski out accommodations. Holiday period blackout dates are July 3-5. 2009,
November 26-28, 2009, December 18, 2009-January 2. 2010, January 15-17, 2010, and Febru-
ary 12-20, 2010. This gift certificate reservation is subject to availability. Lodging for midweek,
non-holiday only.
Donor: Squaw Valley Lodge & Squaw Valley Ski Corporation
Value: $678.00

204. Tahoe Donner Two Night Escape
Retreat to Tahoe Donner with this family friendly cabin in the Sierras. This charming
three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath cabin sleeps eight and features a spacious, well
equipped kitchen, great room, private hot tub, and open play space behind. Enjoy all
the beauty that Tahoe Donner has to offer including a year round fitness center, indoor
and outdoor pools, saunas, and much more. Pack up the family and escape to Bruin
Woods at Tahoe Donner. Includes Truckee transit tax and housekeeping fee. Expires
May 2, 2010. Advance reservations required.
Donor: Jeff & Michelle Leopold
Value: $715.00

                                                                            Tombol a 2009       19
Great Escapes     Continued

205. Paradise on Kauai
Spend a week in paradise on Kauai. Ka’Eo Kai resort is a smaller, quiet resort nestled
amid winding paths, waterfalls, streams, gardens and ponds, all overlooking Hanalei
Bay. This casual timeshare resort offers a two-bedroom 2,000 sq. ft. suite, perfect for
families or a vacation with friends. Jacuzzi tub, full kitchen, washer/dryer and private
lanai. Lounge by the pool, play tennis, or hang out at the clubhouse, take hula lessons
and relax. Explore the magic of Kauai. Reserve dates for 2010.
Donor: Zach & Marlies Zeisler
Value: $1680.00

206. SOMA Stay Over at the Americania Hotel
Enjoy a two-night stay for two at the newly renovated Americania Hotel in San Francisco’s
hip Soma neighborhood-one of Joie de Vivre’s premier properties. Your Superior room has
a flat screen television, high speed internet access, an outdoor heated pool, a fitness center
and parking. Advance reservations are required. Subject to availability. Expires 12/31/2009.
Donor: Americania Hotel
Value: $439.00

207 A Sunday in Sonoma
Spend a very special Sunday in Sonoma with a one-night stay at The Lodge at Sonoma in a
deluxe room with a private balcony. Bring Fido if you want because the hotel is pet friendly!
Enjoy dinner for two at the Carneros Bistro & Wine Bar–sorry, Fido isn’t invited. During the
day, the artisan winery of Patz & Hall will provide you with a complimentary Salon Tasting for
six, complete with seasonal gourmet food “compliments” designed to enhance your tasting
experience. Expires May 2, 2010.
Donor: The Lodge at Sonoma and Patz & Hall
Value: $400.00

208. Mendocino Getaway
Let the sound of ocean waves rejuvenate your clan as you spend two nights in a
luxurious family-friendly cottage, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, near Mendocino. The
Cottages at Little River Cove are situated high on a bluff and sport modern full kitch-
ens and baths, comfortable bedrooms and amazing ocean views. They are also pet
friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friends! The highlight of your trip might be the
shopping, the sights or perhaps your “Sea Cove Nature Tour” for two people during
which you can explore the secluded caves at Van Damme State Park. The paddling is
smooth and easy and is a great adventure for all ages. Pacific Cottages Little River Cove
offer Expires 2/2/2010.
Donor: Cottages at Little River Cove & Kayaks Mendocino
Value: $600.00

20   Tombol a 2009
                                                               Great Escapes     Continued

209. Classic Claremont Retreat
Enjoy an elegant escape to The Claremont Resort & Spa. Since its debut 1915, the Clare-
mont has served as a haven of sophistication and luxury high above Berkeley Hills over-
looking the San Francisco Bay. While you are there, enjoy lunch for two at the Claremont
Paragon Bar and Café. This Bed & Breakfast Package includes tax, parking and resort
charge. Claremont Resort & Spa; Sunday through Thursday only. Expires 3/31/2010.
Donor: Claremont Resorts & Paragon Restaurants, and Moana Hotel & Restaurant Group
Value: $360.00

210. Napa Meritage Stay Over + VIP Wine Tasting
Nestled in the heart of the Carneros Region amongst eight acres of private vineyards, The
Meritage Resort at Napa is the ideal destination for wine lovers. After you check in, head
over to Whitehall Lane Winery for a special VIP Tasting and tour for up to six people
and enjoy beautifully balanced, award-winning wines. Feeling like a nap after tasting lots
of wine? Rest awaits in your luxury room where you can revel in the Tuscan decor, raid
the mini-bar or soak in the marble bath. Your room is equipped with the latest high-tech
amenities but don’t plan on getting much work done. This is the mini-vacation you’ve
been waiting for. The one-night stay at The Meritage Resort is subject to availability and is
valid Sunday-Thursday only. Expires 12/31/2009. Certificate must be presented at check-in.
Certificate is not transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.
Donor: The Meritage Resort & Spa and David & Ilene Braff
Value: $350.00

211. West Marin Overnight–Pack your Bags!
Go Green in Marin with MALT–not chocolate, but land, water, food and sustainability
that Marin Agricultural Land Trust espouses. Experience the farm, taste the bounty of
Marin, and learn about local food issues with a MALT family membership, cookbook,
tote bag and entrance to an already scheduled tour or family day. While in West Marin,
travel along scenic Route One to Marshall and enjoy a gourmet meal at Nick’s Cove,
serving the freshest sustainable local seafood, oysters, produce and cheese available.
Their wine list features treasures from small local winemakers. It also includes wines
both organic and conventional from New Zealand, France, and Spain. Check into your
rustically elegant cottage at Nick’s Cove where the attention to detail will astound you.
You will feel truly pampered.
Donor: Marin Agricultural Land Trust, Nick’s Cove & Cottages
Value: $1000.00

                                                                        Tombol a 2009     21
Great Escapes      Continued

212. PowderHound Paradise
Wax the boards, pack your gators and powder cords and embrace the burn in your thighs as
you experience a day of snow cat powder skiing for two, minutes from Park City, Utah. Park City
Powder Cats operates at the privately owned Thousand Peaks Ranch in the Uinta Mountains,
the largest range in North America that runs East to West. The weather patterns always seem to
fill their 42,000 acres of incredible terrain with fresh Utah powder. You will average 8-12 runs dur-
ing your day, depending on snow conditions and group ability. Runs are in beautiful open bowls,
gladed trees, and chutes. At night, check out Park City, home to the Sundance Film Festival or
take the drive up to Deer Valley to have a gourmet dinner. You’ll travel in style with your three-
day SUV rental. SUV Rental: Expires March 2010.
Donor: Park City Powder Cats & Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Mark & Janet Epstein
Value: $1250.00

213. Tamalpais Overnight Trek
Take a three-hour hike up Mt. Tam with a guide who is a former 82nd airborne dude
and wears a military backpack. Run back down the mountain and enjoy a tailgate
lunch after the workout–you’ve earned it! Later, head to the historic West Point Inn on
Mt. Tam and admire the sweeping panoramic views of the Bay Area. Identify trees,
bird-watch, and frolic in the meadows before you crash, exhausted, into two cabins
reserved just for you! The next day you can enjoy a picnic lunch at the Inn. You will
have two cabins with double and twin beds for a mid-week stay. There is no electric-
ity at West Point. Heat, light, and refrigeration are generated by propane. Candles are
prohibited because of the fire hazard. Overnight guests should bring flash lights, sleep-
ing bags and towels.
Donor: Westpoint Inn, Jim DiRuscio, and Terry & Allison Salzer
Value: $720.00

22    Tombol a 2009
                               Out and About
300. Four VIP Passes to the Legion or de Young
Four VIP guest passes to the Legion of Honor or de Young Museum. Children under
age 12 are admitted free so make this a family or friend package! Visit the Legion of
Honor and view the Artistic Luxury of Fabergé, Tiffany or Lalique. Head over to the De
Young and view the wonderful collections there.
Donor: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Value: $40.00

301. Lunch & Golf for Four at Richmond Country Club
Grab two of your friends for a round of golf and lunch for four at the Richmond Country
Club, including a post-round cocktail. Don’t miss this opportunity to golf with our iconoclast
Jeffrey M. Greenberg. Date to be mutually agreed upon. Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: Jeffrey M. Greenberg
Value: $400.00

302. Pair of 25th Row Giants Tickets
Take me out to the ball game, buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack...You know the
song, so belt it out when you and a buddy take in the Giants with a pair of tickets–25th
row behind home plate. Dates to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: David & Dianna Overmyer
Value: $160.00

303. Private Basketball Training with the Coach
Two one-hour sessions of private basketball training with our very own Caren Horst-
meyer–Head Coach of UC Berkeley’s D-1 woman’s team from 2000-2005; Pac-10 coach
of the year; Head Coach of Santa Clara University’s women’s team; two-time West Coast
Conference Coach of the Year; Marin County Athletic Hall of Fame and Santa Clara Uni-
versity Hall of Fame. Trust us–you will finally improve your game!! Dates to be mutually
agreed upon. Individual or small group–child or adult.
Donor: Caren Horstmeyer
Value: $200.00

304.	Four	Tickets	Behind	Visiting	Team’s	Dugout
Check out the Padre’s strategy against the Giants when you sit directly behind visiting
team dugout! These spectacular seats are in section 108. July 9, 2009 SF vs San Diego
7:15pm. Parking Pass included.
Donor: The Coca-Cola Company
Value: Priceless!

305. Six Tickets to Great America
Imagine the look in your children’s eyes when you tell them you are going to Great
America! Thrills, chills, and the best junk food on the planet! Take your kids, take some
friends: you have six tickets to Great America!
Donor: The Coca-Cola Company
Value: $275.00

                                                                        Tombol a 2009      23
out & About     Continued

306.	Six	Tickets	to	Six	Flags’	Marine	World
Too Much Fun!!! Hear your kids roar with delight when you tell your kids that they are
going to Six Flags’ Marine World. Six of you are in for a memorable day of thrilling rides,
inspiring animals and tantalizing entertainment.
Donor: The Coca-Cola Company
Value: $300.00

307 Golf and Lunch for Three at Meadow Club
Golf and lunch for three at the Meadow Club in Fairfax. Play with Karl Matthies, mem-
ber and golfer extraodinaire! Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Karl Matthies
Value: $400.00

308.	Are	You	Ready	to	Play	Poker	Like	a	Champion?
Are you ready to play poker like a champion? You and five friends will become ex-
perts in one night and learn how to play variations of seven card stud, five card draw,
Texas hold ‘em, and more. Really learn how to bluff. Wear your fancy shirt and ante up.
Snacks, poker table, cards, and chips provided. Leave with great poker skills and a new
poker nickname, whether you like it or not.
Donor: Tom & Mollie Kiehfuss
Value: Priceless!

309. Four Field Club Seats & Parking Pass
Four Field Club Level Giants baseball tickets about 10 rows behind home plate–includes
parking pass. Does not apply to opening day or playoffs. Date to be mutually agreed
upon by May 15, 2009.
Donor: Tim & Carol Treadway
Value: $325.00

310.	 Two	Tickets	to	the	Warfield	Theatre
A gift certificate for two (two tickets) to a mutually agreed upon event. List of options
available by calling box office.
Donor: Goldenvoice
Value: $80.00

311. Guided Hike with Trekker Cathy Ann Taylor
Professional adventure guide, Cathy Ann Taylor, will lead you and your group of up to 16
people on a beautiful hike in Point Reyes. Cathy Ann, a Marin resident and high altitude
trekking guide for over 19 years is the proprietor of “Cattera Adventures with Insight” and
is very knowledgeable about local flora and fauna. Length and degree of difficulty of hike
to be determined based on group’s ability, with an estimated time of four-five hours. A
beautiful picnic lunch is included in this adventure. Just bring your hiking boots and spirit
for the great outdoors. Expires 5/1/2010.
Donor: Cathy Ann Taylor, Sam & Jennifer Skinner, and Rich Fike & Sara Thorpe
Value: $160.00

24   Tombol a 2009
                                                                    out & About      Continued

312. One Hour Personal Training with Stein
Jump start your fitness regime with a one-hour, one-on-one personal training session
in or out of the gym with a certified trainer.
Donor: Stein Skaar
Value: $75.00

313. De Young /Legion Of Honor Family Membership
See the fabulous exhibits at the Legion of Honor and purchase advance tickets for the
de Young’s upcoming King Tut show. This Family Membership provides unlimited free
admission for two members and their children (under 17) to the permanent collections
and most special exhibitions at the de Young and the Legion of Honor. Other perks
include: invitations to special members-only events, priority ticketing for special exhibi-
tions, discounts at the Museum Stores, free subscription to members’ publications and
access to special programs just for families.
Donor: Dennis Orwig & Vickie Feldstein
Value: $105.00

314.	 Club	Level	Above	Home	Plate	Giant’s	vs	Padres
Giant’s vs Padres Tuesday, September 8th. Club Section 217 seats, four tickets together,
behind home plate (bring a mitt!) Right under the boxes where the GM’s sit. Look up to
the right, facing the seats, and see Brian Sabean in his box.
Donor: Larry & Veronica Levy
Value: $320.00

315. Two Tickets 49ers vs Rams
Seats on roll out stands, row 13, about the seven-yard line. From the Levy season tick-
ets–great section to see the game!
Donor: Larry & Veronica Levy
Value: $200.00

316. Dinner & Movie for Two in Emeryville
Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café was voted best diner in the Best of the East Bay 2008 contest, so you
know it’s a great place. They offer big breakfasts, killer lunches and delicious dinners. They are
conveniently located on the corner of Park and Hollis in Emeryville. After dinner, catch a movie
with two movie tickets we are including for a fun and informal evening out.
Donor: Zach & Marlies Zeisler
Value: $65.00

                                                                           Tombol a 2009       25
out & About     Continued

317 Academy of Sciences
Visit the rainforest and watch, fascinated at the behavior of the fish and plants in the
two-story coral reef. Whatever your interests, the new Academy is designed to engage
and inspire like no other museum on the planet. Not only is the building itself a stunning
architectural achievement, but the new Academy contains multiple venues, hundreds of
unique exhibits and nearly 40,000 live animals. Take the family with four general admis-
sion tickets to the Academy of Sciences.
Donor: Academy of Sciences
Value: $100.00

318. Six Tickets to 49ers Final 2009 Exhibition Game
Six of you will be there as the Niners play arch rival San Diego for the final 2009 exhibi-
tion game These are killer seats on the 50-yard line, 20 rows up behind the 49er bench,
section 16, row T. Only good for final 2009 Exhibition Game.
Donor: Sam & Jennifer Skinner

319. Pair of 25th Row Giants Tickets
Go Giants! The winner of this item is entitled to a pair of 25th row Giants’s tickets.
Donor: David & Dianna Overmyer
Value: $160.00

320. Giants & Dinner Package
Join the Boys of Summer and sit in the row just behind their dugout –close enough to hear
them diss the other team and see them spit! Seats for four and a parking pass. Before or after
the game, enjoy dinner at Paragon with a $150 certificate, a brasserie combining a sophisti-
cated dining experience with a fun and lively bar atmosphere, just one-half block from AT&T
Park. Go Giants! 2009 season Giants tickets are on a first-come first-serve basis.
Donor: The Lurie Company, Paragon Restaurant and Moana Hotel & Restaurant Group
Value: $575.00

321.	 Giants	&	Momo’s
The Giants have great pitching this year and you’ll want to see them crush the Padres
on Sunday, July 12 at 1:05pm. Two of you will enjoy this game with a pair of front row
seats right behind the Giants Dugout. Before the game, you can enjoy Momo’s with
a $100 gift certificate, just steps away from AT&T Park. Giants tickets are for Sunday,
July 12 only.
Donor: Tom & Janice Bolles, Rob & Erin Becker
Value: $300.00

26   Tombol a 2009
                                                               out & About     Continued

322. Golf Foursome at Castlewood Country Club
Golf enthusiasts, rejoice! Here is a chance for four people to play one of the two lovely
courses at Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton. The Castlewood Country Club
resides on the former estate of “California’s most beloved hostess,” Phoebe Apperson
Hearst, William Randolph’s mom! This day Includes lunch in the Comstock Grille and
two golf carts–bring your own clubs... Good on a Tuesday or Friday afternoon after
12:30pm. Expires 11/9/2009.
Donor: Castlewood Country Club
Value: $700.00

323. Sea Kayaking in Richardson Bay for Four
Four girlfriends will enjoy sea kayaking and a gourmet lunch while taking in the sights
of Sausalito, Tiburon and Angel Island. Save the date–Thursday, May 14, 2009, 10am-
3pm. You must be able to swim to take advantage of this adventure and some boating
experience is helpful, but not necessary.
Donor: Denise Miller & Angela Rafner
Value: $200.00

324.	 Momo’s	and	Four	Giants	Tix
Enjoy an exquisite meal at Momo’s and then cross the street to AT&T Park and cheer
our Giants on to a win as four of you enjoy the game from section 109 seats, between
home and first base. Includes $100 Momo’s gift certificate.
Donor: Momo’s, Rob & Erin Becker
Value: $300.00

325. Go Green & Take The Ferry Across The Bay
Leave the car at home and reduce your carbon footprint as you commute via water
using these ten round trip ferry tickets. To reward you for being conscientious, use your
Taylor’s Refresher $50 Gift Card for a treat. Now located in SF’s Ferry Building, this res-
taurant offers a fun mix of down-home (American cheese & corn dogs) and high-end
(all-natural beef, ice-cream thick milkshakes, daily homemade soup and specials such as
duck confit tacos).
Donor: Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District, and Taylors Refresher
Value: $199.00

326. Golf Like a Pro–or With One!
Tired of bogies and sand traps? Improve your game with a golf lesson with Ray Leach
at the Meadow Club. Then, practice what you learned in your living room with your
very own executive golf set that includes a putter and a ball.
Donor: Len Tallerico
Value: $250.00

                                                                      Tombol a 2009     27
out & About     Continued

327 House Guest Sanity Saver
You love to have your family visit, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and you need
some alone time! Put your parents up at the Courtyard by Marriott at Larkspur Landing for a
night, feed them using a $20 certificate from Sushi-Ko and entertain them with two tickets to
a movie at Century Larkspur Landing. Everyone will be happy! Expires 12/30/2009.
Donor: Sushi Ko & Courtyard by Marriott
Value: $240.00

328. Meadow Club Golf with Tim Treadway
This is your chance to play the beautiful Meadow Club with Tim Treadway and two
others of your choice to make a foursome. Have lunch, play golf, compare scores and
enjoy the 19th hole! May the course be with you! Meadow Club Golf with Tim Tread-
way: Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Tim & Carol Treadway
Value: $400.00

28   Tombol a 2009
                                   Hot Stuff
400. Fabulous Hair at di Pietro Todd
Define your new look with a fantastic haircut service with a commissioned stylist at diPi-
etro Todd Salon. Pick any of their four locations! Expires May 2, 2010.
Donor: DiPietro Todd Salon
Value: $100.00

401.	 Capisce?	Clutch
Step out in style with your fabulous handcrafted bag by Capisce? Designer, Lynn Tallerico,
Bacich mom, designer extraordinaire.
Donor: Capisce? & Lynn Tallerico
Value: $160.00

402.	Your	Own	Private	Party	Band–Clark	Kentfields
Planning a monumental birthday occasion? Party band “The Clark Kentfields” will play
up a storm with three hours of dance music for your own private party. Great for that
special occasion celebration! Adult parties only. Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: The Clark Kentfields
Value: $1500.00

403. ”In The Closet” Wardrobe Revamp
Invigorate your wardrobe without spending a fortune! Spend three hours In the Closet
with Tami Jackson. She will leave you with totally new outfits you never knew existed,
a short list of needed items to complete your wardrobe, and a group of items to be
donated to a local organization in need. Expires 05/02/2010.
Donor: In The Closet
Value: $160.00

404.	Standard	5&10	$50	Certificate
Take $50.00 off of your next purchase at Standard 5 & 10 in SF’s Laurel Village Shopping
Center or online at Expires 4/30/2010.
Donor: Standard 5&10 Ace
Value: $50.00

405. Family Photography Session with Samantha Howe
One Family Photography Portrait Session and $500 gift certificate to be used towards
photographic print orders.
Donor: Samantha Howe Photography
Value: $950.00

                                                                     Tombol a 2009     29
Hot STuiff   Continued

406. Team LeMond Signed Bike Jersey
Greg LeMond is a three-time winner of the Tour de France. In 1986, LeMond became the first
American cyclist to win the race. He won the Tour again in 1989 and 1990, becoming one of
only eight cyclists to have won the Tour three or more times. Be a winner and take home this
stylish Team LeMond bike jersey signed by Greg LeMond.
Donor: Jeanne Lavin
Value: Priceless!

407 Family Portrait Session with Joshua Ets-Hokin
Sit for a family photography portrait session with wonderful photographer Joshua Ets-
Hokin. Includes a $500 gift card to be used for photographic print orders. Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: Joshua Ets-Hokin Photography
Value: $1350.00

408. Picture This–Peter Olivetti Photography
Capture the kids with one family portrait session and photograph with photographer Pe-
ter Olivetti. This package includes a commitment of the necessary time to create beauti-
ful images for the winning family, and a $500 gift card valid for use towards photographic
print orders or session upgrades. Activate your certificate within 30 days of the auction,
and receive free framing for your photograph matted to 11x14. Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: Peter Olivetti Photography
Value: $1150.00

409. Photography by Eric Schumacher
One Family Photography Portrait Session and a $500 gift card with San Francisco based
photographer Eric Schumacher. Eric has been photographing Bay Area families for the
past fifteen years, specializing in fine art and black and white family portraiture. Gift card
to be used for photographic prints.
Donor: Erin Schumacher Photography
Value: $1350.00

410. Mobilize Your Media
Take your favorite music and photos on the road. You can do everything from instantly
downloading and watching Hollywood hits, to converting your old VHS tapes into digi-
tal files you can share with friends and family on the go. Includes Roxio’s VHS-to-DVD
; Roxio’s Creator 2009 Software (edit movies-capture music) Western Digital WB TV
Archos 5. Also included is a $25 cinematic gift card–includes two hours digital media
training at Roxios.
Donor: Mark & Polly Ely
Value: $1500.00

411. Three Easy Pieces Piano Lessons
Always dreamed of playing a concerto or three easy pieces? Improve your playing with
three 30-minute piano lessons, one-on- one. Any age levels are welcome.
Donor: Alla Artemova
Value: $90.00

30   Tombol a 2009
                                                                      hot stuff     Continued

412. Peggy Parks Photography Package
A photographic portrait session in your home with the well-known Marin County photo-
graphic team of Peggy Parks and Steve Turner. In addition, if the sitting is conducted prior
to June 15, 2009, an 8x10 custom print (black & white or color) of any image from the por-
trait session will be included. Marin County locations only, please. Expires April 30, 2010.
Donor: Peggy Parks Photography
Value: $445.00

413. One Hour Nutrition Consultation
Learn how to improve your nutrition for more energy and well-being with this one-
hour nutrition consultation for either a child or an adult. Also included is the book How
To Get Your Kid to Eat. Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: Cote Nutrition Counseling
Value: $135.00

414. Bon Air Salon & Spa Gift Card
Pamper yourself at Bon Air Salon & Spa, where services include: manicures, pedicures, and
other nail treatments, waxing, tinting, facials, massages, and hair. This $250 gift card can be
used for any services offered by Bon Air Salon & Spa.
Donor: Bon Air Salon & Spa
Value: $250.00

415. Six Months at Five Points Fitness
Conveniently located at the Paradise shopping center in Corte Madera, Five Points Fit-
ness is a health center with universal appeal. Whether you are looking to tone up and
lose a few pounds or are a dedicated athlete who requires serious, professional training
equipment, you will get a lot out of this six-month membership and two personal train-
ing sessions at Five Points Fitness.
Donor: Five Points Fitness
Value: $550.00

416. Car Line For the Week
Is car line duty bogging you down? Cris Prescott will make sure that she covers your
car line duty for one week. Maximum two days per week.
Donor: Cris Prescott
Value: Priceless!

417 Gold’s	Gym	Membership	&	Personal	Training
Gold’s Gym Marin’s facility has over 14,000 sq. ft. of serious fitness. They feature the best in
free weights, state-of-the-art equipment and weight machines. This certificate entitles you to
a one-year membership at Gold’s Gym, plus ten personal training sessions.
Donor: Gold’s Gym
Value: $1000.00

                                                                          Tombol a 2009      31
Hot STuiff    Continued

418. Microsoft Project Professional 2007
Microsoft Office Project gives you command over your project management with the right
blend of usability, power, and flexibility.
Donor: Nina Ring
Value: $1000.00

419.	 Microsoft	Office	Professional	2007
Be the ultimate professional with Microsoft Office Professional. You get it all: Word, Pow-
erPoint, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Accounting Express. All that you will need to
execute perfectly!
Donor: Nina Ring
Value: $500.00

420.	 $250	Eyewear/Eyecare	Gift	Certificate
A $250 Gift Certificate for Eyewear/Eyecare from Richmond Vision Care Optometry. A great
selection of European frames.
Donor: Richmond Vision Care Optometry
Value: $250.00

421. Sew Simple
Everything you ever wanted to know about sewing, but were afraid to ask! With these
four private sewing lessons you can save money in this economy and create your own
wardrobe. The lessons are one hour each and are limited to one person in your home
on your sewing machine.
Donor: Betty Segars
Value: $500.00

422. Private Class with Tori Krupp, R.N.
Blow, pant–or is it pant, blow? You’ll know for sure after this private Childbirth and Baby Care
class. A complete labor and birth class as well as newborn baby care are taught privately to
you by Tori Krupp RN., author of The Joy of Pregnancy. The book is also included!
Donor: Tori Krupp, R.N.
Value: $750.00

423. The Sanctuary Stress Reduction Massage
The Sanctuary Spa is an oasis for those seeking the ultimate in pampering. This certifi-
cate for a massage at the Sanctuary, located in the Bay Club, will help you discover new
dimensions to relaxation and reduce stress.
Donor: Terry & Allison Salzer
Value: $65.00

424. April Martin Silver Necklace
A lovely sterling silver necklace with hand picked stones inspired by the surroundings of
the coast.
Donor: April Martin Designs
Value: $60.00

32   Tombol a 2009
                                                                      hot stuff     Continued

425. At Home Massage
Don Reznicek will give you two one-hour, therapeutic massages, at your home or at his serene
office. Pain and stress relief is his specialty.
Donor: Don Reznicek
Value: $250.00

426. Pilates at Studio Equilibria
Learn how to strengthen your core with two, one-hour private pilates sessions using
the Reformer exercise machine at Studio Equilibria in San Anselmo. Expires 5/3/2010.
Donor: Studio Equilibria
Value: $150.00

427 Spa To You
Pamper yourself with an in-home spa treatment of body scrub and face lotion. The prod-
ucts are all organic and natural to keep you looking beautiful.
Donor: Joan’s In Home Spa Services
Value: $105.00

428. Bay Club Marin Three Month Membership
The Bay Club Marin is an active and elegant place where you can tune your body, calm
your mind and renew your spirit. This certificate is good for one Individual initiation fee plus
three months of membership at Bay Club Marin. This is a rare opportunity! For new mem-
bership only. Must be redeemed within six months. Expires November 2, 2009.
Donor: Bay Club Marin
Value: $1400.00

429. Specialty Botox with David W. Kim, M.D., FACS
Eliminate frown lines or wrinkles with Botox® during a safe office procedure. No re-
covery is needed and the beneficial effects will last three-six months. The procedure
will be performed personally by Dr. David Kim in his new Union Square San Francisco
Office. You can learn more about Botox® at
Donor: David Kim, MD, FACS
Value: $800.00

430. The Gift of Spa from Bliss
Tired of dull, dry skin? Try the triple oxygen treatment or any of their other fabulous skin
therapies at Bliss Spa, located on the fourth floor of the super-chic W San Francisco. A
$105 gift card, good for services or products.
Donor: Betty Segars
Value: $105.00

431. Kathy Kamei Balinese Silver Cuff
You’ll be the envy of everyone with this chic, hammered, Balinese sterling silver cuff.
Donor: Kathy Kamei
Value: $265.00

                                                                          Tombol a 2009      33
Hot STuiff   Continued

432. Kathy Kamei Ring
This Balinese hammered, sterling silver ring with circles is perfect for summer.
Donor: Kathy Kamei
Value: $118.00

433. Kathy Kamei Earrings
The coolest silver hoops you’ll ever see from Kathy Kamei!
Donor: Kathy Kamei
Value: $118.00

434. Mulholland Mustard Flourish Tote
A chic Mulholland, soft-sided tote made for stuffing with practically anything from
groceries, to books and documents, to clothes and weekend essentials.
Donor: Mulholland
Value: $195.00

435.	 Practical	Martial	Arts	Gift	Certificate
We teach effective, street proven self-defense skills to men women and children. We bal-
ance student safety with learning what is effective in dealing with physical assaults. This
certificate is good for a free first month of classes. For new students only.
Donor: Practical Martial Arts
Value: $165.00

436. Classy Pebble Messenger Bag by Mulholland
Look like a million bucks with this classy and stylish dark brown pebbled leather messenger
bag from Mullholland. The bag has a bright orange interior, shoulder strap and hidden mag-
netic closures.
Donor: Mulholland
Value: $450.00

437 Basketball Training with J.T.
Sometimes our children don’t listen to us, but they will listen to J.T. who teaches the value
of sports training and team work through basketball. A one-hour training session.
Donor: J.T.
Value: $100.00

438. Heaven Day Spa
Join us at our day spa where we offer relaxing therapeutic massages, refreshing facial
services and rejuvenating body treatments. A $100 gift certificate to Heaven Day Spa on
Chestnut St. in San Francisco.
Donor: Heaven Day Spa
Value: $100.00

34   Tombol a 2009
                                                                   hot stuff    Continued

439. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial
You get two sessions of intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacial treatments with this cer-
tificate. IPL treatment lightens aging spots, sun spots and redness on the face or hands.
Each treatment takes about thirty minutes and is associated with minimal discomfort
and no down time required. The procedure will be performed by Dr. David Kim and
his Nurse Aesthetic Specialist. You can learn more about IPL at
Donor: David Kim, M.D., FACS
Value: $1000.00

440. Ultimate Beauty Retreat for Four
This service for four Includes personalized beauty skin care analysis and advice with a
licensed aesthetician, painless laser hair removal underarms or on the lips/chin with an
aesthetic nurse specialist, facial microdermabrasion with aesthetician, computer aided
cosmetic digital imaging with plastic surgeon, David Kim, M.D., FACS and medical grade
skin care products.
Donor: David Kim, M.D., FACS
Value: $2800.00

441. Five Personal Training Sessions Jeff Marth
Get in shape with five, 60-minute training sessions that include an individualized exercise
program to meet your goals. Expires October 2009.
Donor: Jeff Marth
Value: $550.00

442.	Jazz	Up	Your	Morning	with	Peet’s
Hey Peetnik! Jump start your day with a coffee fix as you load up your very own new
espresso machine–comes with beans and a cup! No one will be able to slow you
down now!
Donor: Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Value: $250.00

443. Microsoft Software Smorgasbord
A little something for everyone. This package includes Windows Vista, Gotham Racing
Four, Office Publisher 2007, Streets and Trips 2009 with GPS Locator, and a wireless mouse.
Donor: Nina Ring
Value: $620.00

444. Personalized Exercise Program
Get motivated with a one-hour fitness consultation and evaluation plus a one-hour per-
sonal exercise Program at the Bay Club, designed just for you! These sessions are to be used
on separate days.
Donor: Brian Edwards
Value: $200.00

                                                                       Tombol a 2009     35
Hot STuiff   Continued

445.	 Plastic	&	Aesthetic	Surgery	Certificate
Analyze your face in this free consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr.
Hop Le, and then have the appropriate aesthetic treatment of Botox®, Filler, Micro-
dermabrasion or Fraxel® Laser. Expires 8/31/2009.
Donor: Le Mar Plastic & Asethetic Surgery
Value: $300.00

446. Get Your Body Summer Ready!
t’s time to tan, tone and trim with the pros. After five one-on-one fitness training ses-
sions with Jeff Lucero, fitness consultant and Certified Personal Trainer, get rid of that
unwanted hair with a $95 certificate for laser hair removal at Simple Radiance, and
finally, complete the transformation with tanning sessions at Pacific Tan. Yeah, Baby!
And a great hairstyle by Capricci Salon.
Donor: Sam Burk Capricci Salon, Jeff L. Lucero, Simple Radiance, & Pacific Tan
Value: $709.00

447 Mulholland Hot Mustard Perfect Cosmetics Bag
A perfect hot mustard flourish cosmetics bag from Mulholland. Watch your girl-
friends melt with envy!
Donor: Mulholland
Value: $105.00

448. Stylish Mulholland Messenger Bag
A vertical dark brown messenger bag with lime-colored stitching and interior–why
be boring?
Donor: Mulholland
Value: $255.00

449. The Mulholland Ultimate Black Tote
An elegant black tote by Mulholland made for stuffing with practically anything from
books to documents. Take it anywhere and you will always be stylish!
Donor: Mulholland
Value: $195.00

450.	 The	Perfect	Judge’s	Briefcase
Ever wonder what a real Marin County Superior Court Judge would carry when he goes
to work? Perfect for any judge, attorney or mover, shaker, deal maker type.
Donor: Mulholland
Value: $335.00

451. Mulholland Vintage Waxed Canvas Duffel
The Quintessential overnight (or overhead compartment) bag. A long, three-sided zip-
pered top flap opens fully to expose the bag’s contents. A must have!
Donor: Mulholland
Value: $460.00

36   Tombol a 2009
                                                                     hot stuff    Continued

452. Canvas on Demand
Take your favorite digital photo and have it professionally enlarged and placed on canvas.
Finished size will be 24”x36.”
Donor: Canvas on Demand
Value: $200.00

453. Stitch Together your Creative Side
Knit one, purl two. Keep your hands busy with a gift basket of yarns and needles and
learn some new tricks with a gift certificate for a Bluebird Yarn & Fiber Crafts knitting
class in Sausalito.
Donor: Bluebird Yarn & Fiber Crafts
Value: $150.00

454.	Stellar	Spa’s	“Self	Indulgence”	Gift	Basket
Pamper and rejuvenate your body and spirits with this gift basket from Stellar Spa.
Donor: Stellar Spa
Value: $100.00

455. Tune-Up at Village Peddler
Village Peddler offers a full selection of bicycles from children’s bikes to high end race
bikes and are the local experts. Get your bike a complete tune-up for the summer. Good
for labor only, parts are extra.
Donor: Village Peddler
Value: $80.00

456. Glam Lashes with Latisse®
Get ready for a new innovation in lashes. Forget the fakies and grow longer, fuller, darker
lashes with Latisse®. In as little as four to six weeks, you will notice a significant improve-
ment. This is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA. You’ll get
a free consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Hop Le, and three Latisse®
eyelash treatments.
Donor: Le Mar Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery
Value: $360.00

                                                                         Tombol a 2009      37
38   Tombol a 2009
                                  For the Kids
500. Star Wars Package
Let the force be with you with this awesome Star Wars package, including a large figure of
Han Solo, a Marc Ecko t-shirt, a Chewbacca bobble-head, and two action figures. A perfect
birthday surprise!
Donor: Lucasfilm, Ltd.
Value: $120.00

501. One Week at Larkspur Art ‘n Sport Camp
Looking for that perfect summer camp for your little someone? Let them join in the fun with
one week at Larkspur Art ‘n Sport Camp at Piper Park. 10am to 4pm, M-F. Arts ‘n crafts,
games, and plenty of new friends! Kids ages 5-10 years old! God for the summer of 2009.
Donor: Larkspur Recreation Department
Value: $100.00

502. Totally Tennis Summer Camp for Two Weeks
Make you little one a tennis pro with a two-week session at Totally Tennis Summer Camp
(2009) with tennis pro Lisa Barry Berg. Located at Rafael Racquet Club and valid for summer
2009 only–any session of your choice with available space. Expires August 2009
Donor: Totally Tennis Summer Camp & Lisa Berg
Value: $300.00

503.	Brainspark!	Scientific	Learning	Software
Build your child’s brain power with Brainspark–a revolutionary learning software that trains
the brain to maximize your child’s learning potential. Similar to physical exercise that builds
fitness of your child–this software builds mental fitness, and helps kids show significant im-
provement in learning and reading skills. Mac or PC.
Donor: Brainspark (Scientific Learning)
Value: $200.00

504. Classic Kids Photo Shoot for Two
Capture a moment in time with one sitting for two and one 8x10 black and white portrait
by Classic Kids.
Donor: Classic Kids Photography
Value: $455.00

505. Mega Gymnastics Gift Basket!
This fabulous MEGA Gymnastics gift basket includes one month of classes (four) along
with the $45.00 annual membership fee. MEGA t-shirt and water bottle included. New
members only Expires May 2, 2010.
Donor: MEGA Gymnastics
Value: $115.00

                                                                         Tombol a 2009      39
for the kids     Continued

506.	Walton’s	Grizzly	Lodge	Gift	Certificate
Your child will have the most wonderful summer at Walton’s Grizzly Lodge in Portola, an
hour from Truckee. Swimming, tennis, golf, hiking, boating, wind surfing, water skiing, camp-
ing, tee-pee village, high elements, arts and crafts, horse back riding and more. Plus, the food
is great! This certificate will be applied towards your camp tuition. Some sessions may not be
available for 2009 but can apply towards 2010 as well!
Donor: Walton’s Grizzly Lodge
Value: $500.00

507 Junior	Tennis,	Anyone?
This certificate entitles you to two weeks of Junior Tennis Camp at Ross Valley Swim and
Tennis Club. Monday–Thursday. Any two-week session. Learn to play while you have fun
on the courts! Must be used by August 31, 2009. Camp dates are Monday–Thursday. Dates
to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Ross Valley Swim & Tennis Club
Value: $250.00

508.	Child’s	Portrait	Session	with	Kari	Odell
Kari’s portraits are photo journalistic, using beautiful, natural light. A one- to two-hour
photo session with professional photo journalistic child photographer, Kari Odell. An
8”x10” portrait is included.
Donor: Kari Odell Photography
Value: $200.00

509.	Child’s	Reversible	Handmade	Robe
Keep them warm with this handmade personalized hooded child’s robe that is reversible,
too. Check out the display robe and then order your own child’s personalized, cozy robe!
Donor: Gubby Gear
Value: $105.00

510. Camp Doodles Summer Camp
Your child will get one day at Mill Valley’s fun summer day camp-Camp Doodles! Enjoy art,
sports, new friends, field trips and more. Expires 7/21/2009.
Donor: Camp Doodles
Value: $70.00

511. LOLA Girls Running Program
LOLA has a program specifically tailored for girls ages eight to 12. Your daughter will learn
how to increase her speed, endurance and cardiovascular fitness while making friends and
developing a life-long love of running. Nine-week Fall session begins 9/9-12/9. All training
takes place in Kentfield.
Donor: LOLA Girls Running Program
Value: $180.00

40    Tombol a 2009
                                                                      for the kids      Continued

512. One Week at No Limits Sports & Art Camp
Pick any week from June 15–August 15 for your child to go to No Limits Sports & Art Camp.
Kids will build skills and make friends while playing soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, flag football,
hockey, mummy dodge ball, barricade ball, talent show, arts and crafts, and much more.
Open to grades K-4. Camp hours are 8am-6pm, Monday–Friday.
Donor: No Limits Sports Camp
Value: $165.00

513. Afternoon of Pony Fun!
Enjoy a picnic lunch and an afternoon at Riverside Equestrian Center in Petaluma. Your child
will have the opportunity to learn basic horsemanship and a chance to groom and ride
Timmy the pony. Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Jane & Lindsay Thornton
Value: $250.00

514. Be A World Series Playah w/ Buddy Biancalana
See how a World Series Ball Player started on the diamonds of Marin County and
ended up in Major League Ballparks! 12–15 kids will spend a few hours honing their
baseball skills through guidance from a real pro. Perfect for a birthday party! Bring your
mitt, ball or bat to be autographed by Marin County’s own Buddy Biancalana. Date and
location to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Buddy Biancalana
Value: $400.00

515. Speakeasy Admission for Ten + Pizzas!
The landmark Cerrito Speakeasy Theater has beer and pizza (and sandwiches with cheeky
names: “The Zombie Cow,” anyone?) on the menu, along with new films and special events,
including the ever-cool monthly B-movie celebration, Thrillville. It’s also very BART-friendly–
literally just a handful of blocks from the station. This certificate is good for admission for ten
and four 16” pizzas with four toppings.
Donor: Speakeasy Theaters
Value: $152.00

516. 88 Keys to Carnegie Hall
Always wanted to tickle the ivories? You can with this gift certificate for one free intro-
ductory session and four piano/keyboard lessons. Materials are not included.
Donor: Karen’s Piano Studio
Value: $169.00

517 Redwood	Giant’s	Wrestling	Camp
After summer wrestling camp at Redwood High school, your child will understand that
a Half-Nelson is not a partial person, and might even be able to put you into a headlock!
This program is open to kids in K-8. Students will be grouped by age and ability. June
22-25, 9am-12pm.
Donor: Alan Morris
Value: $99.00

                                                                               Tombol a 2009       41
for the kids    Continued

518. Sony PlayStation PSP Package Number One
This limited-edition pack includes the all-new PSPÆ-3000 system in Mystic Silver. Ad-
ditionally, it has a built-in microphone to enhance both multi-player gaming and enable
Skype calling. With all of this capacity you can play games, watch movies, listen to
music, surf the Internet and chat on Skype. It’s all here. Also included are five extra PSP
games: Hot Shots Golf, Madden NFl ‘09, MLB ‘09 The Show, Shaun White Snowboard-
ing and FIFA Soccer ‘09.
Donor: Rob & Jeanne Dyer
Value: $400.00

519. Sony PlayStation Package Number Two
Every kid and even some adults will want this Sony PlayStation package that includes Rock
Band II, four PlayStation3 games and an official PlayStation Backpack to carry it all.
Donor: Rob & Jeanne Dyer
Value: $475.00

520. MP3 Player
You’ve gotta have this new MP3 player so you can manage and play audio and video
files, rip and burn CDs, enjoy free music and even access and share your music!
Donor: Lexa Herron
Value: $200.00

521. Essential Balance Physical Therapy
Get a comprehensive analysis of your child’s movement patterns in relation to the move-
ment patterns of specific sports. With these results, you’ll be able to Identify possible areas
of weakness and implement a treatment program to restore or improve movement patterns
that will allow your child to reach their full potential. Expires 12/31/2009.
Donor: Essential Balance Physical Therapy
Value: $1350.00

522. The Perfect Party With Jean Marc
Jean Marc entertains your guests with games and activities for two whole hours! To make
it even easier, we are including 25 burritos from Burritoville, delivered to your home, to feed
your hungry revelers. The perfect ready-made party! Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Jean-Marc Shaeffer & Burritoville
Value: $400.00

523. Billiards & Burritos
We got trouble, right here in Kentfield! With a capital “T” that rhymes with “P” and
that stands for Pool! This party is perfect for “Tweens” who think that cute games are
dorky and want something more edgy and new. Take over the party room at Classic
Billiards for two hours and entertain a big group for a birthday, graduation or just for fun.
Guaranteed to be a big hit! We are including 25 Burritos from Burritoville to feed your
hungry crew. Rack ‘em up! Not valid Friday or Saturday after 7pm. Please call to reserve.
Donor: Classic Billiards & Burritoville
Value: $275.00

42   Tombol a 2009
                                                                 for the kids     Continued

524. Award Winning Eco Friendly Toys
Show your children that going green can be fun with these ecologically responsible,
beautifully crafted toy sets. This package Includes an award-winning tea set, a garden-
ing set, a kitchen cookware set, trucks and a newly released tool set.
Donor: Green Toys Inc.
Value: $250.00

525.	 Giant’s	Game	with	Kent’s	Mr.	Palmer
Kent History teacher, Mr. Palmer, promises that he won’t make anyone memorize dates or quiz
them when he and three students go to a Giants home game during the 2009 season. Mr.
Palmer will pick up and drop off students at Kent. Totally cool! Expires at end of 2009 Season.
Donor: Ryan Palmer
Value: $100.00

526. Kent Students Take On The Kent Teachers!
Bid on this and your Kent student and seven friends will challenge the Kent Staff to
volleyball or basketball during lunch and silent reading on a Wednesday. Call the Kent
office to arrange.
Donor: Kent Middle School
Value: $240.00

527 Private Drama Class with Mel Aubert
Do you have the next potential Tom Cruise or Ann Hathaway living with you, acting as
if they are your child? District drama queen Mel Aubert will school them properly with a
90-minute drama class for up to 10 children. Hollywood, watch out! Great for beginner
actor’s birthday party. After school, not on Wednesdays.
Donor: Melissa Aubert
Value: $350.00

528. Shadow Fernando for the Day!
Hanging with Fernando is as cool as it gets. Your child will get envious stares as he spends
half a day with the popular custodian sweeping, hauling, putting up the picnic umbrellas,
hosing down the lunch area and even dining with the man at noon. Instant status eleva-
tion for weeks! Date to mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Kentfield School District
Value: Priceless!

529. A Week at Ross Rec Camp with Jean Marc Schafer
Your child can spend a week at Ross Rec Summer Camp with Jean Marc Schafer. Un-
limited fun and great times for the kids and no worries for the parents!
Donor: Ross Recreation
Value: $275.00

                                                                         Tombol a 2009      43
44   Tombol a 2009
                             Class Art Projects
560. Kindergarten Art Project
Work inspired by artist Jim Dine.
Value: Priceless!

561. First Grade Art Project
Work inspired by artist Helen Frankenthaler.
Value: Priceless!

562. Second Grade Art Project
Work inspired by artist Wayne Thiebaud.
Value: Priceless!

563. Third Grade Art Project
Work inspired by artist Georgia O’Keeffe.
Value: Priceless!

564. Fourth Grade Art Project
Work inspired by artist Jasper Johns.
Value: Priceless!

565.	 Kent	Artists’		Watercolor	“Pears”
Students from Michele Montgomery’s Kent art classes participated in a series of workshops
to explore various watercolor techniques. Pears from the local farmers’ market were the
subject for the final still life. Their pears represent the culmination of the skills they learned.
From left to right as you look at the painting the artists are: Nadav Raman (5th grade), Ramona
Ramirez (8th grade), Audrey Curry (7th grade) and Aaron Heller (5th grade). The frame for the
painting was designed and built by Jeff Dubois’ 8th grade Shop Class.
Donor: Kent Middle School
Value: Priceless!

566. Artisan Redwood Vase by Kent Woodworkers
This impressive vase was made from a redwood slab donated by Artisan Burlwood of
Berkeley and was cut by hand and finished by the woodworking students from Kent!
Donor: Kent Middle School
Value: Priceless!

                                                                            Tombol a 2009       45
46   Tombol a 2009
                              Casa Beautiful
600. Gorgeous Green Silk Pillows Pair
Hip up your home with a beautiful pair of silk patterned pillows in Florence tarragon green.
These gorgeous pillows will look sensational anywhere! Kelly Wearstler, eat your heart out!
Donor: Jessica Hall Associates
Value: $120.00

601.	 Sunflower	Lithograph–Framed	and	Signed
Brighten any room with this beautiful signed Sunflower Lithograph floating in a modern
frame. Very artistic and will look great your favorite spot!
Donor: Jessica Hall Associates
Value: $450.00

602. Italian Ebony Lamp
Stylish Italian column lamp done in ebony and gold with silk pongee shade. Very attrac-
tive! Classic and elegant and scaled to punch the decor in any room!
Donor: Lunaria
Value: $250.00

603. Sensational Mirrored Lamp
This mirrored designer lamp will immediately transform your space from simple to sen-
sational! Sculpted, mirrored etched lamp with a beautiful finial and silk pongee shade.
Decorative and chic!
Donor: Lunaria
Value: $300.00

604. Landscaping or Vineyard Consultation
Dreaming of growing your own table and wine grapes? This one- and-a-half-hour con-
sulation with landscape artist and designer Scott Sherman of Avid Green Consultation will
help make your garden dreams come true. Expires: 05/2/2010.
Donor: Avid Green Consultation
Value: $150.00

605. Create Your Dream Garden
Mesmerize every visitor to your garden with abundant flowers, exotic scents, healthy plants
and delicious fruits! This one-and a-half- hour consulation with landscape designer and art-
ist Scott Sherman will certainly help you create that gorgeous garden that you have always
desired. Expires 05/02/2010.
Donor: Avid Green Consultation
Value: $150.00

606. Sevilla Fiesta de Primavera Vintage Poster
Take home an elegant, colorful reminder of your “Saturday in Seville” with this framed fine
art print of a Spanish vintage advertising poster from Sevilla, Spain.
Donor: KSF & FrameCrafters Gallery
Value: $125.00

                                                                       Tombol a 2009     47
ca sa beautiful    Continued

607 Sevilla Fiesta de Primavera Vintage Poster
Take home an elegant, colorful reminder of your “Saturday in Seville” with this framed fine
art print of a Spanish vintage advertising poster from Sevilla, Spain.
Donor: KSF & FrameCrafters Gallery
Value: $125.00

608. Annie Modica Designs Tray
This exquisite bass wood, découpage glazed tray and is handcrafted with great care and
signed by artist Annie Modica of Mill Valley.
Donor: Annie Modica
Value: $300.00

609. Decorative Lighting Design Consult
Lighting can be gorgeous! Bid on this certificate for a two hour Decorative Lighting/
Interior Design consult by Alia Meyer, Lunaria’s lighting expert and the Senior Designer
at Jessica Hall Associates.
Donor: Alia Meyer
Value: $300.00

610.	 Tower	with	Sunflowers,	French	Watercolor
Beautiful watercolor study of sunflowers and view of a French chateau. Painted by Harry
Simpson, former Kent art teacher, who paints and sells his mini masterpieces as he travels
throughout France, Europe, and Vietnam.
Donor: Harry Simpson
Value: $300.00

611. Marin Masterpiece.
Bring a view of Marin into your home with this special oil painting painted by Harry Simpson,
former Kent art teacher.
Donor: Harry Simpson
Value: $800.00

612. Fab Hide Pillow in Black & White
Natural hide pillows are all the rage now. Class up your casa in a heartbeat with this black
and white gem!
Donor: Capisce? & Lynn Tallerico
Value: $120.00

613. Two-Hour Landscape & Horticultural Consultation
Adapt to the new economy by making the most of what you have. Learn cost efficient
ways to maximize and maintain your landscaping investment. Retool your irrigation sys-
tem, transition away from heavy water use and make your garden a sanctuary retreat
so that you can stay at home and enjoy your soulful hard work.
Donor: Michelle Derviss Landscape Design
Value: $250.00

48   Tombol a 2009
                                                              ca sa beautiful     Continued

614. Original Painting by James Leonard “Today”
Original painting by James Leonard. Acrylic on panel, 10“x 20” (two panels, 10”x10 “each) by
James Leonard.
Donor: Gallery Bergelli
Value: $900.00

615. Architectural Consultation Meeting
John Clarke Architects, located in Sausalito, will provide two hours of architectural con-
sultation to review potential improvement/renovation ideas for your existing home, or for
a property you are considering purchasing. Includes information on zoning restrictions
to assess expansion opportunities. After walking through the property, design ideas will
be proposed and discussed. An overview of the approval process will also be reviewed.
Donor: John Clarke Architects
Value: $250.00

616. Frame that Photo!
You want to frame that photo or favorite Art for Bears project! Here’s your chance with
a $75 gift certificate to Framecrafters Gallery.
Donor: FrameCrafters Gallery
Value: $75.00

617 Freshen up your Furniture!
Bring new life to your furniture with a $500 gift certificate to Michael’s Custom Built Uphol-
stery. The perfect opportunity to reupholster or slipcover that sofa, or add life to your room
with toss pillows!
Donor: Michael’s Custom Built Upholstery
Value: $500.00

618. Home Makeover
Are you considering remodeling? Get advice from the pros. Architect Sarah Robinson will
walk you through design solutions and HCL Construction will propose how to implement
them. This package includes a two hour construction/design consultation with HCL Con-
struction and a four hour consultation with Architect Sarah Robinson, Construction Design
Consultation: Expires 5/2/2010. Dates to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: HCL Construction & Sarah Robinson
Value: $975.00

619. Freshen Up with Staging and Paint!
Things looking a little tired in the old casa? Time to get a new perspective with a two-
hour, hands-on consultation with professional stagers. Good Scott Staging will help you rear-
range your furniture and accessories. In addition, freshen up the walls with coveted Benjamin
Moore, C2 or Pratt & Lambert, high-end designer paint from Tamalpais Paints. With just a
few special changes, you will feel like you have a new house! Tamalpais Paint & Color $80
gift certificate expires 1/10/2010.
Donor: Tamalpais Paint & Color and Good Scott Staging
Value: $680.00

                                                                        Tombol a 2009      49
ca sa beautiful    Continued

620.	 Gorgeous	Painter’s	Place	Framing
Painter’s Place understands the fine art of framing! $150 gift certificate towards a framing
project of your choice. The Painter’s Place is known for their museum quality work.
Donor: The Painters Place
Value: $150.00

621. Michael Schwab Mt. Tamalpais Lithograph
A beautiful framed and signed silkscreen Tamalpais print by award-winning San Anselmo
artist Michael Schwab. He creates all the graphics for the Califonia parks and landmarks
including Muir Woods and Alcatraz. Framed by Framecrafters Gallery.
Donor: Michael Schwab Studio & FrameCrafters Gallery
Value: $350.00

622. Bali Bench
A lovely Balinese wooden garden bench to get you in the mood for summer. Perfect
for your garden or deck.
Donor: Orchard Supply
Value: $130.00

623. Annie Modica Lazy Susan
Exquisite bass wood découpage glazed lazy susan from Annie Modica.
Donor: Annie Modica
Value: $325.00

624. Pair of Santa Monica Chaises from Restoration Hardware
Crafted of sustainably harvested premium grade A Indonesian teak. Adjustable and
includes sun and weather resistant Sunbrella cushion in Linen hue.
Donor: Restoration Hardware
Value: $2150.00

50   Tombol a 2009
                                Culinary Quest
700. Dine Waterside at Pier 23
Take a trip across the Bay and enjoy waterside dining at Pier 23. This small, friendly road-
house sits on the San Francisco Bay. The perfect spot to bring your out-of-town guests!
Donor: Pier 23 Café
Value: $50.00

701. Celebrate Spain at Sabor of Spain
Sabor of Spain offers their “Alta Cocina” tapas menu made with fresh-picked ingredients
from local farmers in Marin and Sonoma counties. Spain is leading in worldwide cuisine these
days and this is a great spot to enjoy the spectacular flavors. Don’t miss out on this $100.00
Sabor of Spain gift certificate. Expires 5/2/2010
Donor: Sabor of Spain
Value: $100.00

702. Your Personal Chef for Eight Meals!
Improve the quality of you life with your very own personal chef! Chef Daniella will design
eight custom menus to meet your unique palate and dietary needs. Includes initial consultation
and menu planning. The meals are prepared at Daniella’s kitchen and delivered to your home.
You shop, Chef Daniella cooks! Life will never be the same!
Donor: Organicook
Value: $165.00

703. Picnic in the Park with Comforts
No need to pack a lunch. Let Comforts do the work with this delicious family picnic.
Picnic includes four sandwiches or roast chicken of choice. Four side salads and chips.
Four bars or cookies. House bottle of wine or four beverages of choice. Expires May
2010. For use in takeout only; no substitutions, please.
Donor: Comforts
Value: $90.00

704.	Tante	Marie’s	Cooking	Class	for	Five
Enjoy a unique experience for five friends with these gift certificates for an afternoon
cooking class at Tante Marie’s Cooking School. Tante Marie’s is one of the first schools
of fine cooking in this country and teaches students ranging from those with no experi-
ence to these that are old hands in the kitchen.
Donor: Tante Marie’s
Value: $325.00

705.	 E&O	$150	Gift	Certificate
Experience a taste of Southwest Asian Cuisine at E&O Trading Company in Larkspur. De-
signed to resemble a private family retreat off the coast of Thailand, their luxurious dining
room is rich in color and texture, and the food is fabulous. A $150 gift certificate. Gratuity not
Donor: E&O Trading Company
Value: $150.00

                                                                            Tombol a 2009      51
culinary quest       Continued

706. 12 Months of Delicious Desserts
You love dessert but are too busy to think of what to make and follow through. Let Tera
Ancona, pastry chef extraordinaire, ease your dilemma with twelve months of dessert
delivered to your home, once a month, beginning June 2009 and ending May 2010.
Donor: Tera Ancona
Value: $500.00

707 Perry’s	$75	Gift	Certificate
Perry’s, for nearly 40 years an institution in San Francisco, is known for its classic Ameri-
can food, its warm personable service and its bustling bar. Experience one of the best
hamburgers in San Fran at Perry’s Union Street or at Perry’s Embarcadero with this $75
gift certificate.
Donor: Perry’s Restaurant
Value: $75.00

708. Paragon for Lunch
Paragon is an American Brasserie combining a sophisticated dining experience with a fun
and lively bar atmosphere. Located one-half block from AT&T Park, the restaurant features
loft-like ceilings and a roll-up door that capture the industrial spirit of the south of market area.
Enjoy a great meal at Paragon with this $100 gift certificate.
Donor: Paragon Restaurant
Value: $100.00

709. El Dorado Hotel & Kitchen for Dinner
Eating at the El Dorado Kitchen inside of the El Dorado Hotel is one of those wine country
experiences you won’t soon forget. Situated on the picturesque Sonoma Square, it’s defi-
nitely the hippest place on the block, if not in the city proper. A $200 gift certificate. Gratuity
not included.
Donor: El Dorado Hotel & Kitchen, Moana Hotel & Restaurant Group
Value: $200.00

710.	 Izzy’s	–Start	the	Evening	Out
Izzy’s is a charming local restaurant with a cozy dining room specializing in delicious steaks
and a wonderful oak bar. You can start out a memorable evening having a drink or an ap-
petizer with this $25.00 gift certificate to Izzy’s.
Donor: Izzys of Marin
Value: $25.00

711. Be The Sous Chef at Piatti Mill Valley!
You and three other “Sous Chefs” will meet with the Executive Chef, Todd Shoberg, of Piatti
Restaurant and Bar in Mill Valley to don chef’s whites and the signature Piatti cooking beret.
Spend time learning Chef Shoberg’s unique style and techniques as you help prepare dinner.
Then, take off the whites to sit down with the chef and enjoy your delicious dinner with fabu-
lous wine pairings. Date to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Piatti Restaurant, Moana Hotel & Restaurant Group
Value: $600.00

52   Tombol a 2009
                         Javier’s Wine Cellar
800. Navarro 2002 Reserve Chardonnay Magnum
Pour this creamy Anderson Valley, cool climate Chardonnay while indulging yourself on Dunge-
ness crab. Navarro’s wines are known to age beautifully and are especially rare in Magnum
format. This Magnum of 2002 Premiere Reserve Chardonnay will heighten any party!
Donor: Navarro Vineyards
Value: $75.00

801. Four Bottles Ink Grade Port from Heitz
Four fabulous bottles of Heitz Ink Grade Vineyard Port. The winemaker has created a won-
derful harmonious blend of vintages from 1999 through 2003 that is packed with lush fruit and
highlighted with notes of ripe plum and dried cherry. Olé!
Donor: Heitz Wine Cellars
Value: $120.00

802. Mini Vertical–Lancaster Estate Cabernet
Scoop up these six, fine bottles of Alexander Valley Cabernet from Lancaster Estate. This
outstanding lot features two each of the 2003, 2004, and 2005 vintages. Presented in a lovely
wooden box!
Donor: Lancaster Estate
Value: $390.00

803. Three Outstanding MacRostie Magnums
Starting with the 90-point (Wine Spectator), 2006 Wildcat Mtn. Chardonnay, this three-mag-
num assortment will be the perfect wines for that special, large dinner party. Following the
fabulous Chardonnay, you’ll move on to an incredible 2006 Sonoma Coast cool climate
Pinot. The finale is the powerful Wildcat Mtn. Syrah. These are carefully made hand-crafted
wines, and never underestimate the power of a Magnum!
Donor: MacRostie Winery
Value: $300.00

804. Dalla Valle 2005 Cab - A Cult Favorite!
In rare Magnum format, the 2005 Dalla Valle Cabernet Sauvignon embodies all that makes
Napa so coveted among wine lovers. Seriously good wine here; made in a style to enjoy
now and over the next 15 years. Classic Napa Cabernet with the taste of currants, licorice,
cassis–this wine has wonderful fruit combined with finesse. Absolutely lovely!
Donor: Dalla Valle Vineyards
Value: $400.00

805. Shafer Vineyards 1998 Merlot Magnum
Forget that the movie Sideways poked fun at Merlot–which is truly a great varietal in
the world of wines. Shafer Vineyards has shown year in and year out that their expres-
sion of Merlot is as good as it gets. Perfect to drink now, pair this magnum with classic
roast lamb or beef and you’ll be more than pleased!
Donor: Shafer Vineyards
Value: $129.00

                                                                        Tombol a 2009     53
javier’s wine cellar     Continued

806. Shafer Vineyards 1998 Merlot Magnum
Forget that the movie Sideways poked fun at Merlot–which is truly a great varietal in
the world of wines. Shafer Vineyards has shown year in and year out that their expres-
sion of Merlot is as good as it gets. Perfect to drink now, pair this Magnum with classic
roast lamb or beef and you’ll be more than pleased!
Donor: Shafer Vineyards
Value: $130.00

807 Cliff Lede Tour & 2006 Magnum
In 1976, the Stags Leap District sent the French hiding for cover when the Napa Valley
trumped the famous First Growth Bordeaux wines in Paris. Here’s your chance to taste
the special terroir of Stags Leap from Cliff Lede, a well-known and highly regarded pro-
ducer. 2006 is a super vintage that will easily age for 15 years. Combine this great wine
with a tour of the winery and your next stop must be Paris. Tour and tasting for four.
Donor: Cliff Lede Vineyards
Value: $350.00

808. Tour & Syrah for Two at Robert Biale
Tour and tasting for two at Robert Biale Vineyards in Napa. Includes a two-bottle,
wood-box set containing the 2005 Hill Climber Pilgrimage Syrah and the Hill Climber
Jack & Jill Syrah. These wines and the tour will open your eyes regarding the magnifi-
cent quality of California’s Syrahs, which many critics believe are the best wines coming
from the entire state.
Donor: Robert Biale Vineyards
Value: $175.00

809. Kosta Browne & Three Sonoma Coast Pinots
Snap up these four bottles and enjoy a tour highlighting cool climate Pinots from the Sonoma
Coast. This fab assortment includes Kosta Browne, Hirsch Vineyards, MacPhail, and Adobe
Road. Each of these wines brings the elegance that comes from that magic combination of
climate, soil, and passionate wine making.
Donor: Rob & Karen McCormish
Value: $200.00

810. Markham (Napa Valley) Tour & Tasting for Four
Book your tour, head to Napa, leave the kids at home, put a smile on your face, invite some
friends, and enjoy a fabulous tour and tasting at Markham Vineyards. Also includes a bottle
of Markham Vineyards Merlot. Tour and Tasting bookings will be mutually agreeable to the
bearer and Markham Vineyards. Wine will be presented at the time of Tour and Tasting.
Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: Markham Vineyards
Value: $180.00

54   Tombol a 2009
                                                           javier’s wine cellar        Continued

811. Signed Magnum from Rosenblum Cellars
Rosenblum 2005 Santa Barbara Syrah.
Donor: Rosenblum Cellars
Value: $36.00

812. Tour and Tasting for Four at Pine Ridge Vineyards
Leave Highway 29 and head over to the unspoiled Silverado Trail to visit Pine Ridge
Vineyards. Stunning wine and scenery–a great way to spend your afternoon! Tour and
tasting for four.
Donor: Pine Ridge Vineyards
Value: $100.00

813. Three Bottles Kosta Browne Pinot Noir
Decant this outstanding Pinot Noir for an hour or two, fasten your seat belt, then take
off into the rarefied world of great California Pinot Noir. Arguably the hottest producer
of Pinot Noir in California today (certainly on the silent list of the top ten). Kosta Browne
Pinot Noirs are known for their complexity, layers of fruit, and sheer class. A heavenly,
superb California Pinot Noir, sold exclusively through high end restaurants and directly
off of Kosta Browne’s mailing list.
Donor: Rich Hake & Chris Colladay
Value: $225.00

814. Groth 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum
Step right up and bid on this excellent Groth Cabernet Sauvignon in Magnum. The fruit
for this wine is sourced from the Oakville District which guarantees you’re drinking top
quality Napa Cabernet. From the highly regarded 2004 vintage this wine will age for an-
other 10-15 years. A big and lush wine; huge fruit, with magnificent flavors. This Magnum
is signed by winemaker Michael Weis.
Donor: Nancy Light
Value: $100.00

815. Starry Night Quartet–Two Whites & Two Reds!
Enjoy these four delicious varietals from Starry Night Vineyards, a highly regarded locally
owned winery. This quartet includes one Sauvignon Blanc, one Chardonnay, and for those
hearty dishes a Rhone Blend and Zinfandel. Each bottle signed by the winemaker.
Donor: Skip & Mary Ann Granger
Value: $65.00

816. Starry Night Vineyards 2005 Zin Magnum
Fire up the barbie, get out the ribs, invite your friends, pop the cork and let the fun begin! Clas-
sic Russian River Zinfandel in Magnum, no less! This is Old Vine Zinfandel is sourced from
the Tom Feeney Ranch; very low yields produce a complex wine with raspberry, cherry,
white pepper, and the taste of cassis.
Donor: Starry Night Winery
Value: $100.00

                                                                             Tombol a 2009       55
javier’s wine cellar      Continued

817 Modicum Cab–At Home With The French Laundry
Modicum is the exceptionally fine house wine of The French Laundry in Yountville. Sourced
from 100% organic Napa Cabernet, only 250 cases exist for the entire world. While it is
still impossible to get a reservation at The French Laundry, here’s your chance to enjoy their
signature house red right here in Kentfield. A wine of great pedigree, distinction, and style.
Donor: Steve & Alyson Aiello
Value: $100.00

818. BV Georges de Latour Private Reserve 1998 Cab
Over one hundred years ago Georges de Latour established Beaulieu Vineyard (BV) as a
winery in the Napa Valley. Recognized worldwide as an archetypal Napa Valley Cabernet
the 1988 BV Georges de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet is ready to drink now. Take in some
California wine history as you enjoy this fine bottle of wine.
Donor: Jeff & Caroline Guenther
Value: $150.00

819. Turley Collection
2005 Turley Paso Robbles Zinfandel Uberroth Vineyard, 2005 Turley Napa Valley Petite
Syrah Hayne Vineyard, 2005 Turley Lodi Zinfandel Dogtown Vineyards and 2005 Tur-
ley Howell Mountain Zinfandel Cedarman.
Donor: Anonymous
Value: $300.00

820. La Jota 1999 Napa Valley Howell Mtn. Cabernet
A ready to drink, affordable example of the special nature of Howell Mountain (Napa)
Cabernet Sauvignon. Complex and elegant from a terrific vintage.
Donor: Rich Hake & Chris Colladay and William Langelier
Value: $65.00

821. Two Kistler 2006 Pinot Noir
Kistler’s 2006 Pinot Noir is impressive and always excels. Robert Parker rates it 94-96 points.
A great addition to any cellar.
Donor: George & Susan Livingston
Value: $298.00

822. Groth Reserve 1994 Napa Valley Cabernet
A superb, mature, Napa Cabernet from a top producer. Deep fruit, chocolate silky elegance,
and that magic something that makes the Napa Valley the place for Cabernet Sauvignon. A
wonderful splurge wine for that special occasion. Decant for maximum pleasure.
Donor: Rob & Erin Becker
Value: $200.00

56   Tombol a 2009
                                                       javier’s wine cellar      Continued

823. Chateau Montelena 1986 Estate Cabernet
Legendary wine. Proof positive that the best from Napa age magnificently. A complete wine
in every sense, bound to please the most demanding of connoisseurs. Consistently rated 92-
95 points in recent tastings. Decant before serving, and enjoy the magic!
Donor: Andy & Ann Mathieson
Value: $225.00

824. Que Syrah Syrah Syrah from Napa
A gorgeous best of breed trio of Syrahs from Napa. The 2004 Shafer Relentless Syrah is a
legend. Terlato’s 2005 Syrah is made by one of the great wine families of America and the
Cliff Lede Vineyards 2003 Syrah (also top-drawer) complete this line-up of magnificent wines.
Forget about the Three Tenors–think Three Syrahs!
Donor: Chris Santas & Nancy Bialek
Value: $200.00

825. Vertical of Hartwell Estate Wines–Magnums
Wow! Three etched, hand-painted and numbered Magnums of the Hartwell Estate
(Stags Leap) Cabernet Sauvignon, from the outstanding 2000, 2001, and 2002 vintages.
These wines have consistently received 92-94 point scores and represent Napa at the
pinnacle of perfection. Not only do these wines look gorgeous, they will continue to
age magnificently. Very rare and very special wines.
Donor: Hartwell Estate Wines
Value: $1095.00

826. Marcassin 2004 Three Sisters Chardonnay
A great California Chardonnay. Rated 95 points by Robert M. Parker, who describes this
wine as follows: “full-bodied with huge, long, concentrated flavors, it first tasted like a
Grand Cru Chablis, and next like a Grand Cru Batard-Montrachet. Given Marcassin’s
historic track record of Chardonnays, lasting 10-15 years, I would not be surprised to
see this 2004 age like a top white Burgundy.” Can drink now (decant for at least two
hours) or age for years.
Donor: Rod & Beth Haden
Value: $140.00

827 Marcassin 2002 Three Sisters Vineyard Pinot
Regarded by the world’s most respected wine critics (Robert M. Parker, Steven Tanzer, and
The Wine Spectator) as the greatest expression of Pinot Noir outside of Burgundy, here’s
your chance to own a perfectly cellared bottle of Marcassin Pinot Noir. Less than 500 people
in the world receive an allocation of Marcassin Pinot Noir each vintage. A very special wine–
ready to drink now.
Donor: Rod & Beth Haden
Value: $240.00

                                                                       Tombol a 2009      57
javier’s wine cellar      Continued

828. Heslip Family Winery Tour & Tasting for 12
Head up to Novato, yes, Novato, and grab five other couples. Tour and tasting for 12 at
Heslip Family Winery and Bed & Breakfast. Include hors d’oeuvres.
Donor: Heslip Family Winery–Guesthouse B & B
Value: $250.00

829. Two BV 2006 Reserve Pinots for the Road
It’s little known that BV produces a gem of a Pinot, with fruit from Carneros. Constantly
rated around 90 points, 2006 BV Reserve Pinot Noir is a delicious and flamboyant wine.
This is sure to delight the most discriminating Pinot lovers!
Donor: Jeffrey & Ida Greenberg
Value: $80.00

830. Taylor Family Vineyards Tour & Tasting for Four
Taylor Family Vineyards is located in the heart of Stags Leap District in Napa Valley. An
artisan winery in a beautiful setting. Tasting with the Vintner for four includes a won-
derful food and wine pairing.
Donor: Taylor Family Vineyards
Value: $250.00

831. Private Wine Tasting Wine Shop at Home
Ellen Shea, independent wine consultant with Wine Shop At Home, will lead you and up to
11 guests through a lively one-and one-half hour tasting of six artisan wines. Participants will
have the opportunity to order any of the wines tasted. As the host, all you need to do to hold
your tasting is schedule the date and time with Ellen, and invite your guests. Then sit back
and relax and Ellen will do the rest. Appetizer and snack basket included. Expires 8/31/2009.
Donor: Steven & Debra Fletcher
Value: $200.00

832. CrushPad Private Wine Blending Session for Eight
A Private Group Wine Blending Session for eight people at CrushPad in SF. America’s most
prestigious Custom Crush Winery in the heart of San Francisco. Enjoy a two-hour personal-
ized blending session where individual varietals from the famed Napa grape growing region
are assessed with the goal of producing an outstanding blended wine similar to the mystery
wine provided on the night. The evening can be for individuals, couples, or team challenges.
Cannot be redeemed during vintage (August-December) Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: CrushPad
Value: $500.00

58   Tombol a 2009
                                                          javier’s wine cellar       Continued

833. Private Barrel Tasting with Michael Zitzlaff
A Private Barrel Tasting with CrushPad Chief Winemaker Michael Zitzlaff (and Bacich
dad!) sampling some of the best wines from the over 50 vineyards CrushPad sources
their premium wines. Guests will meet at CrushPad in San Francisco where they will be
guided through the CrushPad winery and they will taste the most exceptional wines of
the vintage. A rare opportunity for wine lovers and a perfect prelude to dinner in the
city. Cannot be redeemed during vintage (August-December) Expires 5/2/2010.
Donor: CrushPad & Michael Zitzlaff
Value: Priceless!

834. Champagne–Only the Best!
Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot!
Donor: Edward & Denise Miller
Value: $318.00

835. Hartwell Vineyards Wine & Cheese Pairing
Wine and Cheese Pairing for two guests at the private Hartwell Vineyards in Napa.
Donor: Hartwell Vineyards
Value: $45.00

836. Shafer 2000 Hillside Select Cabernet
One of Napa’s supreme Cabernets, this 2000 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet is at its
peak now. All of the wonderful flavors of the best of Cabs–creamy fruit with the taste
of cassis, currants, and chocolate. Lovely wine from a site that is revered world-wide as
producing one of the best Cabs imaginable.
Donor: Chris Santas & Nancy Bialek
Value: $250.00

837 Taste an Appellation–Four 2004 Stags Leap Cabs
Here’s your chance to taste four superb quality 2004 Cabs from Stags Leap District. This group
is the cream of the crop from Stags Leap District: Hartwell Estate, Cliff Lede (Poetry), Silverado
Vineyards (Solo), and the Chimney Rock Winery Reserve. Great wines (90 points+) from a
great vintage meant to be shared with some great friends!
Donor: Chris Santas & Nancy Bialek
Value: $450.00

838. Cakebread Wine Collection & VIP Tour
VIP Tour and Tasting for four and a mixed case of wine includes two bottles each of: 2007
Sauvignon Blanc, 2006 Chardonnay Anderson Valley, 2005 Merlot, 2006 Rubaiyat, 2005
Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, and 2005 Zinfandel.
Donor: Cakebread Cellars
Value: $650.00

839.	 Three-Liter	Stags’	Leap	Winery	2002	Napa	Cabernet
One of the most famous names in the wine industry. Enough said!
Donor: Stags’ Leap Winery
Value: $300.00

                                                                           Tombol a 2009       59
javier’s wine cellar     Continued

840. Six Bottles Gundlach Bundschu
Established in 1958, this family owned winery in Sonoma continues a long tradition of
great winemaking. Includes two Cabernets, one Syrah, one Pinot and one Zinfandel.
Donor: Gundlach Bundschu
Value: $0.00

841. Turley Cellars 2001 Zinfandel “Old Vines”
Dark ruby in color with powerful aromas of blackberry black cherry, vanilla, and black pep-
pery-rich and ripe. Drink this now!
Donor: Steve & Alyson Aiello
Value: $35.00

842. Drink Now Cabernet from Geyser Peak
2005 Geyser Peak Reserve Alexandre Meritage, 2006 Geyser Peak reserve Cabernet
Donor: Ascentia Wine Estates
Value: $100.00

843.	 The	ABC’s	of	XYZin
2006 XYZin, 100-year-old, old-vine Zinfandel, 2006 XYZin 50-year-old, old-vine Zinfandel.
Donor: Ascentia Wine Estates
Value: $80.00

844. Steltzner 2005 Estate Cabernet Magnum
Go home with a Magnum of this 90-point Steltzner, 2005 Estate Cabernet (Stags Leap) and
enjoy a tour and tasting at the winery, located on the famed Silverado Trail. A great way to
spend the day!
Donor: Steltzner Vineyards
Value: $185.00

845. Jordan 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum
A fine wine from one of Sonoma’s most famous producers of Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines
always taste better from Magnums and this is no exception. Invite the gang over and enjoy!
Donor: Clark & Deirdre Lehman
Value: $160.00

846. Vertical Collection of Rombauer
Vertical Collection of Rombauer Vineyards Diamond Selection Cabernet Sauvignon
and one 3L bottle of 2007 Rombauer Vineyards Carneros Chardonnay. Two 2003
Napa Valley Diamond Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, two 2002 Napa Valley Diamond
Selection Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, three 2001 Diamond Selection Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon.
Donor: Rombauer Vineyards
Value: $895.00

60   Tombol a 2009
                                                         javier’s wine cellar   Continued

847 Patz & Hall Wine and Tasting for Six
A complimentary Salon Tasting for Six at Patz & Hall. Your seated tasting will feature
a selection of exclusive Patz & Hall 2007 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir single-vineyard,
designate wines served along with seasonal gourmet food with “compliments” de-
signed to enhance your tasting experience. Includes 2007 Patz & Hall Napa Valley
Chardonnay and 2007 Patz & Hall Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. You must schedule your
Donor: Patz & Hall Wine Co.

848. Case 2006 Cinque Insieme White Hawk Syrah
A delicate and highly refined Syrah from the famous White Hawk Vineyard in Santa Barbara
County. Delicious!
Donor: Cinque Insieme
Value: $450.00

849. Burgundy in California
2006 Buena Vista Ramal Series Pinot Noir, Ramal Vineyards 2006 Buena Vista Ramal
Series Chardonnay, Ramal Vineyards 2006 Gary Farrell Chardonnay, Starr Ranch 2006
Gary Farrell Pinot Noir, Hallberg Vineyards.
Donor: Ascentia Wine Estates
Value: $165.00

850	 Don’t	Shrug	at	These	Wines	from	Atlas	Peak
2004 Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa 2004 Atlas Peak, Claret, Atlas Peak.
Donor: Ascentia Wine Estates
Value: $125.00

851. Duckhorn Tasting & Merlot Three-Pack Gift Set
Tasting pass entitles holder to two enhanced experiences at Duckhorn Vineyards as well as
Paraduxx & Goldeneye. Three-pack includes one bottle each of 2006 Duckhorn Vineyards
Napa Valley Merlot, 2005 Duckhorn Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot Three palms Vineyard,
and 2005 Duckhorn Vineyards Estate Brown Napa Valley Merlot.
Donor: Duckhorn Vineyards, Paraduxx, & Goldeneye
Value: $387.00

852. Mixed Case of Ravenswood Magnums
Two verticals from the most prized vineyards in Sonoma County. A collection of Mag-
nums from Ravenswood: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Belloni Vineyard Zinfandel Magnums,
and 2000, 2001, and 2002 Monte Rosso Zinfandel Magnums.
Donor: Ravenswood Winery
Value: $850.00

853. Wine and Dominos
Tan leather domino set with case–give it to your favorite wine lover!
Donor: Mulholland
Value: $135.00

                                                                        Tombol a 2009   61
javier’s wine cellar      Continued

854. Steltzner VIP Tour & Tasting for Four
Steltzner VIP Tour and Tasting for Four.
Donor: Steltzner Vineyards
Value: $100.00

855. Matanzas Creek Tour & Tasting For Four
Spend a day visiting Matanzas Creek Winery in Sonoma County and marvel at the
unique character and beauty of their vineyards, lavender field and gardens. Four people
will enjoy a tour and tasting and one gift bag to take home that is filled with select
gift items including handmade estate grown lavender products. The gift bag will be
presented to the auction winner upon their arrival at the winery. Please call to schedule
an appointment.
Donor: Matanzas Creek Winery
Value: $75.00

856 Perry Creek Winery Tour & Tasting
Gift certificate for an exclusive Library Wine Tasting, winery tour and futures tasting
incuding appetizers at the winery for four guests. By apointment. Also includes Fair
Play Farms 2006 Zinfandel.
Donor: Perry Creek Winery
Value: $120.00

62   Tombol a 2009
                        Wines by the Class
900. Kindergarten Class Wine
Elderton 2005 Shiraz; Arrowood 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon; Cline 1996 Mourvedre;
Fort Ross 2006 Pinotage; Franciscan Oakville Estate 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon; Misueno
2006 Chardonnay, Napa Valley Reserve 1997 Red Blend; Zonchera 2003 Barolo; Chloe
and Jeremy 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon; Drummer 2002 Meritage; Caymus 2006 Cab-
ernet Sauvignon; Voss Vineyards 2006 Sauvignon Blanc; Duckhorn 2005 Merlot; Napa
Valley, Clos Du Val 1992 Cabernet Sauvignon, Stags Leap District.
Donor: Monica & Mark Abrahams, Marie & Ben Crawford, Deirdre & John Evershed,
Greg & Yvonne Fisher, Karen & Geoffrey Flynn, Kimberly Hering & Marcus Guerro, David
& Lexa Herron, Cara & Matt Lowe, Erika & Matt McGrath, Steve & Shannon Pigott, Terrie
& Matthew Reinhard, Denise Riley & Charles Thompson, Kris Rosbe & Andy Auerbach,
and Cindy & Ryan Willson
Value: $850.00

901. First Grade Hide & Seek Reds-Hard to Find
Van der Heyden 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon; BV Georges de LaTour 2001 Cabernet
Sauvignon; Chateau Montelena 1995 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley; Soter 2008
Pinot Noir; Whitehall Lane 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon; Bella 2006 Russian River Zinfan-
del; Newsome-Harolow 2004 Meritage, Calaveras County; Newsome-Harolowe 2005
Meritage, Calavaras County; Brown Estate 2004 Zinfandel; Sea Smoke 2006 Southling
Donor: The Alexander Family, The Cook Family, The Fargo Family, Jose & Michele
Fernandez, Jeff & Celia Golden, Lisa Lamar & Paul Kent, The McCoy Family, Roxanne
Polidora & Edward Duckers, The Raskin Family, The Rodriques Family, Smith-Harding
Family, Peggy Weix & Emma Sobel, and The Welch Family,
Value: $700.00 with Cookbook and Goodies

902. Second Grade Class Wine
Martin Estate Bacchnal Rutherford Estate Grown 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon; Martin
Estate Bacchnal Rutherford Estate Grown 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon, signed; Newton
Vineyard 2006 Chardonnay; Stags Leap Artemis 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon; BVGeorges
de Latour Private Reserve 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon; Costa Brown Sonoma Coast 2006
Pinot Noir; Etude Heirloom Carneors 2006 Pinot Noir, Estate Grown; Newton Vineyard
2004 Spring Mountain Estate “The Puzzle;” 2002 Bordeaux Blend Silver Oak 2004
Cabernet Sauvignon; Lewis Cellars Reserve 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon; BV George de
Latour Private Reserve 1995 Cabernet Sauvignon.
Donor: Jim & Katheryn Baldwin, David & Ilene Braff, Eric & Erin Fish, Greg & Yvonne
Fisher, Rich Hake & Chris Colladay, Andrew & Suzanne Gaudin, Bob Kelly & Lisa Mango,
Forrest & Debbie Rhoads, and Andrew & Inga Sweet
Value: $850.00

                                                                 Tombol a 2009    63
wines by the cla ss    Continued

903. Third Grade Case of Reds–Around the World
Newton “The Puzzle” 2002 Bordeaux Blend; Chateau Roi Valentin Saint Emilion Grand
Cru 2005 Bordeaux; Chateau Lynch-Bages Pauillac 2000 Bordeaux; Williams-Selyem
2004 Pinot Noir; Acacia Lone Tree Vineyard Estate Grown 2005 Pinot Noir; Seghesio
1999 Zinfandel; Facet Gemstone 2005 Red Wine; Chateau de Camensac Haut Medoc
2005 Bordeaux; BV Georges De Latour Private Reserve 2001 Cabernet; Chateau St. Jean
Cinq Cepages 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon; Lewis Cellars 2006 “Alec’s Blend”; Heitz 1999
Cabernet Sauvignon.
Donor: Mark & Tami Brassey, John & Deirdre Evershed, Tom & Nina Johnson, Kathy Kamei,
Tom & Mollie Kiehfuss, Jon & Hope Kragh, Lisa Lamar & Paul Kent, Rodney & Kristi Loo, Sam
& Jennifer Skinner, Julie Wright and Chris & Susan Yates
Value: $1100.00

904. Fourth Grade Class Wine
Groth Reserve Napa Valley 1994 Cabernet Sauvignon; Gamba Vineyards Old Vine
2005 Zinfandel; 1993 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon; 2004 Salvestrin Cab-
ernet Sauvignon; Kelleher Brix Vineyard 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon; Kistler 2006 Pinot
Noir; Arietta Napa Valley Red Wine, H Block Hudson Vineyards, Cellared and Bottled
by Kongsgaard & Hatton; Duckhorn Napa Valley 2001 Merlot; Duckhorn Estate 2005
Cabernet Sauvignon; Beringer Private Reserve 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon; Peters Family
Winery 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon.
Donor: Rob & Erin Becker, Richard & Kathleen Cerf, Janet & Mark Epstein, Eric & Erin Fish,
Brendan & Suzanne Fogarty, Ken & Libbi Keating, George & Susan Livingston, Rich Hake &
Chris Colladay, David & Nancy McInnis, Forrest & Debbie Rhoads, John & Jane Thornton, and
Steve & Susan Van Liere
Value: $1225.00

905. Fifth Grade Class Wine
Rubicon Estate Cask Napa Valley 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon; Williams Selyem 2007 So-
noma Coast Pinot Noir; Neal Family Vineyards 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet; Michele
Chiarlo 2001 Barolo; Shadow Canyon Cellars 2004 Amila, Red Blend; Shafer Merlot, Napa
Valley; Duckhorn Vineyards Napa Valley 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon; Brown Vineyards T
Vine Napa 2006 Zinfandel; Pine Ridge 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon.
Donor: Steve & Alyson Aiello, Jim & Katheryn Baldwin, Chris Santas & Nancy Bialek,
Jim & Bitsa Freeman, Kiki Goshay, David & Sharon Herzer, Lisa Lamar & Paul Kent, Kelly
Rodriques & Lynda Lucero, Scott & Jennifer Sinclair, Len & Lynn Tallerico, Paula Todd,
and Eric & Michelle Wilcox
Value: $900.00

64   Tombol a 2009
                   Auction Protocol
                                          (THE FINE PRINT)

GENERAL INFORMATION                   the donor in advance.                 items or services not claimed
1. All attendees will be given                                              on the evening of the auction.
a BIDDER NUMBER on a BID              6. Unless otherwise noted, all        We urge all successful bidders
CARD in their registration            goods and services must be            to contact donors within 30
packet. This is the number that       claimed and used within one           days to make all reservations
you will use to bid throughout        year of the auction date, and         and/or arrangements.
the evening in both the Silent        expire May, 2 2010.                   9. Reservations for restaurants,
and Live Auction. IT IS IMPOR-                                              resorts and hotels are required
TANT THAT YOU DOUBLE                  7 Reservations for trips and
                                       .                                    and are subject to availability.
CHECK THAT YOU HAVE RE-               vacation accommodations               Tax, gratuity, or alcoholic bever-
CEIVED THE CORRECT REG-               must be mutually arranged with ages are not included in the
ISTRATION PACKET. Keep your           the donor unless otherwise            purchase price unless otherwise
bid card with you throughout          noted. Buyers must adhere to stated. No cash back. Reserva-
the evening. ALL GUESTS               all conditions specified by our tions are subject to availability
MUST HAVE A CREDIT CARD               donors. Many of the items             and change.
NUMBER ON FILE TO RECEIVE             have specific conditions such as
A BID NUMBER.                         time limits, availability, et cetera. 10. Remember, you are making
                                      The buyer is responsible for          your reservation based on the
2. Attendees are encouraged           being aware of exclusions, time donor’s generosity and your
to study and mark their catalog limits, requirements, et cetera             travel arrangements are subject
ahead of the event.                   as stated on gift certificates or to their discretion.
                                      donor forms. Times and dates
3. To bid in the Silent Auction,      designated for use of homes,          11. Each person issued a bidder
simply legibly write your name restaurants, merchandise                     number assumes all risks and
and bidder number on the              certificates and hotels are not hazards related to the auction
appropriate Silent Auction bid        subject to change by buyers.          and items obtained at the auc-
form. To bid in the Live Auc-         Use of vacation homes and pri- tion. Each bidder agrees to in-
tion, raise your bid card with        vate dinners will be scheduled demnify and hold harmless KSF             ,
the bidder number toward the at a mutually agreed upon time its elected and appointed of-
Auctioneer (the bid card is on        unless a specific date is given. ficials, officers, board members
the back of your catalog).            Please, no pets and no smoking and employees, the Auctioneer,
                                      in vacation homes. The suc-           the event organizers, sponsors,
4. A bid acknowledged by the cessful bidder of the use of a                 and/or volunteers connected
Auctioneer is a legal contract to private home or condominium with the auction from any
purchase the item. In the Silent may not sell or give this privi-           claims or liability related to the
Auction, designation of the bid lege to a third party. Any hotel auction and/or items obtained
you have written by the Silent reservations or air transporta-              at the auction.
Auction official as the top bid       tion are on a space available
is a legal contract to purchase basis and subject to holiday                12. California Law (Civil Code
that Silent Auction item.             and other black-out periods.          Title 1.2, Sale of Fine Prints) pro-
                                      All airfare is coach unless oth- vides for disclosure in writing of
5. All sales are final and no         erwise stated. No refunds will        certain information concerning
exchanges or refunds are pos- be allowed on travel packages fine prints, photographs and
sible. All articles are sold “as is.” for cancelled tickets and/or          sculptures prior to effecting
Items have been donated to the accommodations.                              the sale of them. As stated in
auction with the understanding                                              section 1742.6 (Exemption of
that no exchanges or refunds          8. Buyers are responsible for         Charitable Organizations), KSF
are allowed, unless specifically contacting donors and making (Kentfield Schools Foundation)
agreed to and authorized by           all arrangements to receive any disclaims any knowledge of the

                                                                                      Tombol a 2009         65
Auction Protocol

information specified in Section     GUARANTEED                          shall identify him/herself by his/
1744 and claims exemption from       PURCHASE PRICE                      her bid number.
the disclosure requirements of       1. A Guaranteed Purchase Price
this title.                          (“Buy It Now”) option will be       5. In the event of a dispute dur-
                                     offered on select Silent Auction    ing bidding, the Auctioneer shall
13. KSF reserves the right to        Items. Look for the bright stick-   have the sole and final discre-
withdraw any item from the           ers on the bid sheet. This option   tion to determine the successful
Auction at any time before the       gives you the opportunity to        bidder, or to re-offer and re-sell
actual sale.                         purchase a Silent Auction item      the item in dispute.
                                     instantly at a price set higher     6. If the Auctioneer determines
SILENT AUCTION                       than the suggested retail value     that the bidding does not reflect
1. All items in the Silent Auction   of the item.                        the value of the item offered, he
will have bid sheets attached or                                         or she may reject all bids and
affixed nearby. The bidder must      2. All bidding is stopped on        withdraw the item. The Auc-
legibly write his name and bid       a given item when a bid-            tioneer is Mollie Allen Kiehfuss
number next to any available         der provides a name and bid
bid amount. Minimum bids, in         number next to the Guaranteed       PAYMENT AND ITEM PICK-UP
increments shown on each bid         Purchase Price (“Buy It Now”)       1. Top bidders will have their
sheet, must be observed.             noted at the bottom of the bid      purchases charged to the credit
                                     sheet.                              card on file. Arrangements can
2. The minimum bid increments                                            be made at Check Out to pay
are printed on the bid sheet.        LIVE AUCTION                        by cash or check. Payment
You do not have to take the          1. You may preview the Live         must be made in full at Check
next available bid increment, but    Auction items in the lobby          Out.
may skip to a higher amount.         during the silent auction. Please
You must bid a higher amount         note any restrictions, limitations, 2. After payment, your receipt
than all previous bidders to be      sizes, etc.                         will be stamped “PAID.” Present
successful.                                                              your receipt marked “PAID” at
                                     2. The Live Auction will begin      Will Call to pick up your items.
3. In the Silent Auction, your       during dinner and will continue
bidder number and/or name on         without intermission until all       3. All items must be claimed
the bid sheet constitutes a legal    items have been auctioned.           and removed from the premises
contract to purchase the item.                                            by buyers on the night of the
4. You may bid on any item           3. To bid in the live auction, raise auction.
in the Silent Auction until the      your bidding number on your
section is closed. The highest       catalog toward the Auctioneer. GROUP BIDDING (CON-
valid bid will be circled as the     A bid is registered only when        SORTIUM)AND PER PERSON
winning bid when the section         formally acknowledged by the PARTY SIGN UPS
closes. Lists of successful bid-     Auctioneer.                          1. Group bidding is permitted for
ders will be posted in the lobby                                          large items, events and parties.
as soon as possible after the        4. The highest bidder acknowl- It’s a great way to have a fun
close of the tables.                 edged by the Auctioneer will be party with a group of friends!
                                     the purchaser. Such acknowl- It is best to organize these
5. In the event of a dispute,        edgement shall be legal and          groups before the auction and
the Auction Chairs will have         binding. With the word “SOLD” have all members agree upon
the sole and final discretion to     from the Auctioneer, title to the a maximum amount they will
determine the successful bid.        auction item will pass to the        authorize their bidder to offer.
                                     highest bidder, who then as-         Each group must designate an
                                     sumes full risk and responsibility authorized bidder who will bid
                                     and will pay full purchase price on behalf of all group members
                                     for the item. The highest bidder by using his/her bid number.

66    Tombol a 2009
                                                                               Auction Protocol

2. The authorized bidder bids           items picked up by May 15,          its supporters of the applicable
with his/her bidder number and          2009.                               tax law consequences of these
is recorded as the winner if the                                            transactions. Individuals should
consortium’s bid is the highest.        VALUATION                           consult with their own advisors
Auction items will be presented         OF AUCTION ITEMS                    regarding applicable tax laws.
to one purchaser only, and the          1. It is the Auction Committee’s
purchaser must be responsible           intent to describe accurately       3. KSF is a 501(c)(3) charitable
for collecting the payments             all catalog items with the          organization and your payments
from their consortium.                  information provided by the         are tax deductible only to the
                                        auction’s generous donors.          extent allowed by law. Tax
3. KSF takes no responsibility          KSF is not responsible for the      ID# 94-2665-683.
for identifying any group bids or       correct description, authenticity
for enforcing any agreements            or condition of any item. KSF       ALL SILENT AND LIVE
among group bidders. Any au-            does not appraise or estimate       AUCTION ITEMS MUST BE
thorized bidder shall be treated        the fair market value (FMV) of      PAID FOR AND REMOVED
by KSF as an individual bidder          auction items and all statements    FROM THE PREMISES AT
and shall be contractually liable       of value appearing in the cata-     THE CLOSE OF THE EVE-
for purchase of any successfully        logue have been furnished by        NING.
bid item in the same manner as          the contributors. KSF has made
any individual bidder.                  a good faith effort to furnish
                                        donors accurate and sufficient
4. Certain items in the Silent          information on the Internal
Auction will be available on            Revenue Service’s guidelines
an individual sign-up basis only        in establishing fair market
and will not be subject to              value of goods and services.
competitive bidding. Such items         However, no statement made
will have a designated dollar           in this catalog or made orally
amount for each individual sign-        by the Auctioneer elsewhere
up and a statement as to the            shall be deemed such a war-
maximum number of individuals           ranty for tax purposes or fair
who may attend the event.               market value. The purchaser is
                                        responsible for being aware of
ABSENTEE BIDS                           exclusions, time limits, restric-
1. You may place an absentee            tions, etc. with respect to each
bid on any item in the Auction.         item purchased.
If you wish to do so, please sub-
mit it to the KSF office no later2. In determining the tax
than 12:00 noon on Thursday,     deductibility of items purchased
April 30, 2009. In the event of  at the auction, Revenue Ruling
                                 #67-246 issued August 4, 1998
identical bids, the earliest bid will
be honored.                      reminds buyers that no deduc-
                                 tion is allowable except to the
2. Bid forms may be faxed to     extent that the taxpayer can
KSF at 458-5137 or may be de- show that payment exceeds fair
livered to the KSF office at 750 market value of an item or ser-
College Ave., Kentfield.         vice rendered. Recent changes
                                 in tax law require donors to
3. Successful bidders not        provide substantiation from
attending the auction will be    dinner or auction purchases
notified by telephone during     of $75 and over. KSF reprints
the week following the auction. this information here to fulfill
Payment must be made and         its responsibility to fully inform

                                                                                     Tombol a 2009       67

68   Tombol a 2009

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