Diamonds Are A Gem Of Brilliance And Grandeur

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Diamonds Are A Gem Of Brilliance And Grandeur
Do you know that diamonds are billions of years old already? Yes, it does not look like it, right? That is the most precious attribute of the diamond – the ability to withstand the tides of time. Its beauty never fades though it is very old already. It has an eternal glow that not all gemstones of the world possess. It also has served as the symbol of wealth or royalty for decades because of its value and the eternal allure of this gem. Are you aware of the attributes of the diamond? It may look fragile, but actually, the diamond is the hardest mineral on earth! It has garnered a score of 10 in Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is the top rating. The hardness in the scale describes the resistance of the material from scratches. It can cut through glass, too! Diamonds can be scratched when it is rubbed against another diamond, though doing so would damage both gems. It has a lot of colors too. Crystal clear, blue, red, yellow, green, name it! A diamond’s rarity is based on its color. The crystal clear ones are the most common while shades of violet and pink are rare. Where do diamonds come from? Like all gemstones, it is taken from the fathoms of earth. This is also mined. Diamonds are formed at a high-pressure area of carbon but at a lower temperature compared to other gems. However, the ground is no longer the only source of diamonds. Today, even laboratories can actually serve as a diamond mine. Yes, there are now man made diamonds that are less pricey compared to the natural diamonds. How is this possible? There are materials called diamond

simulants. They look like diamonds, but not really diamonds. They are usually
other gems that can be a replica of a diamond. What are these materials? There are two classifications of diamond simulants. It can be either natural or artificial. The natural simulants are gemstones such

as beryl, quartz and topaz, which have above average hardness and low refraction index. Artificial simulants include those materials processed in laboratories. With the development of diamond trade, the need for these materials has also increased so a lot of materials have been used to meet the needed number of processed diamonds. Please bear in mind that laboratory processed diamonds or the artificial ones are not fake diamonds. They are actually considered as authentic and genuine diamonds; only unnatural. A good example for this is the new Star Hybrid simulated diamonds, which has the same clarity, quality and beauty as the naturals have. However, companies have also developed into new stages of diamond research and are able to use better materials. These companies have gone into a more in depth research with regards to the quality and details of diamonds. Truly the diamond has beauty that no other gem has. Its natural form may be costly, but now, there are cheaper diamonds which are man made but have the same allure as the naturals have and still possess the symbol of splendor in it.

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