New Diamonds For The New Generation

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New Diamonds For The New Generation
Everyone knows the fabulous grandeur of diamonds. Everyone wants diamonds, because of the elegance it possesses and the beauty that it has got. Diamonds are very rare and can be very expensive since it takes a long time to get and to process. It is also very precious because of its quality and its antiquity. In Mohs scale of mineral hardness, the diamond scores a perfect 10, means it is very resistant to scratches. It is the hardest natural material known. It can even cut through glass. Its existence is also very old. Diamonds are as young as 1 billion years old and can be as old as more than 3 billion years old! This is what makes diamonds very precious, antiquity and quality. It also has various colors to choose from, the most common translucent crystal one, up to violet and pink. A diamond is a very precious gem indeed. There are also man-made diamonds aside from the expensive natural ones. Due to the rapid growth of human civilization, diamonds are also now possible to be made by man. Laboratories are now able to manufacture diamonds that are not natural diamonds! Scientists use diamond simulants and synthetic diamonds that are lab-produced but are far cheaper than real diamond. With the growing industry of diamond trade, the demand for materials has drastically increased. To establish equilibrium, there had been a lot of artificial or synthetic materials used for diamonds. Aside from artificial simulants, there are also the natural ones. Artificial simulants often include silicon carbide and white sapphires. The natural simulants are beryl, quartz and topaz which have above average hardness rates and low refractive indexes. An example of a man made diamond is the new Star Hybrid simulated diamond, which has better hardness and has the same quality and clarity as real diamonds. Aside from the Star Hybrid, there are also a lot of simulated or manmade diamonds that are for sale.

These diamonds are also finely cut like other diamonds and possess the same splendor that the diamond must have. Do note that man made diamonds are not fake diamonds, instead they are laboratory formulated and are considered as true diamonds.

Lab created diamonds are far cheaper than the real ones but still have the
shine, the sparkle, the elegance, the majesty and the appeal of real diamonds that are attainable at a lower price. New methods of diamond making have led humans to have these types of synthetic diamonds. Diamonds really have unmatchable opulence compared to other gemstones. It has the best hardness, the best glamour and probably is the best kind of gemstone that has ever existed on Earth. Since it takes billions of years to form, humans have developed new ways of making synthetic diamonds that look the same and feel the same.

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