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DaimlerChrysler Management Club                                                    March 2004 Vol. 44 No. 7

April Dinner Meeting Featuring Christine Cortez
April 21st at the Community House in Birmingham
                                  Members and guests, please join us on            Chris is a member of the University of
                                  April 21st at the Community House in             Detroit Mercy Board of Trustees. She
                                  Birmingham when the DaimlerChrysler              has also received numerous awards
                                  Management Club is pleased to wel-               including: 100 Leading Women Award
                                  come guest speaker Christine Cortez.             the Automotive News (2000), Most
                                                                                   Influential Women from Crain’s Detroit
                                  Chris was appointed Senior Vice                  Business (2002), Spirit of Leadership
                                  President - Global Service and Parts             Award from Women’s Automotive
                                  for DCX on January 1, 2002. Prior to             Association (2002), and she was
                                  this position, she was Vice President -          named to the Automotive News All-
                                  and Marketing Operations.                        Star List of Industry Leaders in 2003.

                                  In her current position, Chris is                Chris was born and raised in Detroit
                                  responsible for global service, techni-          and is an active member of the
                                  cal support, service contracts, mar-             Leadership Council in her church.
                                  keting, call centers, and the sales,
                                  marketing, and distribution of Mopar             Our event begins with the customary
        Christine Cortez          parts, accessories, and products.                social hour at 5:30 PM. Tickets ($15
                                                                                   members, $30 guests) go on sale
                                  Chris joined Chrysler in 1976 as a               March 16th. Please see your Multi-
                                  management trainee in the Mopar                  Mac for additional details.
                                  Parts and subsequently joined the
LOCATION:                         corporation’s Controller’s office she            Looking forward to seeing you there!
Community House                   served in various finance positions.
in Birmingham                     Directions to
                                                                                     In This Issue...
                                                  Take Woodward south to
380 South Bates Street            the Community   Maple. West on Maple to Bates
Birmingham, MI                    House in        Street. Turn left onto Bates
                                  Birmingham      Street. Community House is
Phone: (248) 644-5832                             down 3 blocks on your left.
                                  from DCTC:                                         President’s Corner ..........................2
TIME: 5:30 p.m. Social Hour                       Recommended parking is in the
       6:30 p.m. Dinner                           lot directly across the street
       7:45 p.m. Presentation                     from the Community House.          Valentine’s Day Party Memories ......4
COST: $15 Member
                                                                                     DCMC Golf Outing ..........................5
      $30 Guest
     Ticket Deadline                                                                 Cruise the Rhine..........................6-7
      April 16, 2004
 See Your Multi-Mac for Tickets                                                      Upcoming Events ......................8-10
President’s         So did you adjust your travel plans for
                    Las Vegas May 27th – 30th for your
                    date with Celine Dion? We have set
                                                                On April 29th Tom Howe has set up
                                                                another great Education Event at
                                                                D.C.T.C in conjunction with the new
Corner              up this event for our club members to
                    enjoy the sites and action of Las
                                                                launch of the Chrysler 300 and Dodge
                                                                Magnum. Come meet the people who
                    Vegas and see one of most recog-            have planned these vehicles and hear
                    nized female singers in the world with      the story behind the story on how the
                    accompanying cast of 59 professional        LX came into being and is the new
                    performers, musicians, and vocalists        benchmark and corner stone car for
                    including stunning choreographies           the Chrysler Group. See you there!
                    and aerial stunts. It does not get
                                                                Do YOU remember Will Rogers? I
                    much better than this in the world of
                                                                don’t but this does not exempt you
                    entertainment. In addition, we have
                                                                from attending the Annual Grosse
                    accommodations at the New York
                                                                Pointe War Memorial Dinner May
                    New York Hotel and Casino. Yes, the
                                                                12th. Over the past 40 years this has
                    club has worked very hard on putting
                                                                been a popular event. This year is no
                    together some world class events this
                                                                exception for a great dinner, setting,
                    year and we are not done yet. We are
                                                                location and a unique play (Will
                    planning another trip this fall to paral-
                                                                Rogers Follies) is on tap for a nice
                    lel this weekend trip but to Chicago. It
                                                                evening. The spring setting in Grosse
   Chris Kurowski   is our intention to provide some dif-
                                                                Pointe on the boundaries of Lake St.
                    ferent trips that our membership can
                                                                Clair is hard to beat.
                    enjoy within long weekends.
                                                                Don’t forget the April Dinner meeting
                    Our Valentine’s Party was a great suc-
                                                                April 21st with Chris Cortez Sr. V.P. of
                    cess with a 40% increase in atten-
                                                                Global Services & Parts at the Com-
                    dance from last year. The Lite Cubes
                                                                munity House in Birmingham. The
                    and continuous entertainment of a 3
                                                                quaint setting and location with great
                    vocalist and 4 instrument live band
                                                                food should provide a terrific evening for
                    and karaoke were the highlight of the
                                                                you. More info is available in the Leader.
                    party. If you note, we also changed the
                    sit down meal menu a bit with Orange        On a final note, we have received
                    Ruffy instead of beef. This was well        news that Doc (Mark) Andrews of
                    received in the diet conscience world       WOMC radio – our September 2003
                    we live in today. We will be doing more     guest speaker passed away on
                    of this in the future as the demand         Saturday February 21st. He lost his
                    increases. We are looking into more         fight with cancer. Mark will always be
                    vegetables and salads as well.              remembered for his positive attitude
                                                                and motivation of others.
                    So do you want to win a new Chrysler
                    Pacifica? There is still time to buy your   Chris Kurowski
                    ticket to the March Golf Extravaganza
                    Dinner Meeting on March 24th. One           P.S. Numerous members have
                    person will have that opportunity. Why      requested some family events for their
                    not you? Mike Tirico of ABC Sports          spouse / significant other and family
                    will be our guest speaker and later         to attend. We just need some leader-
                    narrate the final 50’ putting contest       ship for these events. If you would like
                    for someone to possibly win the car.        to volunteer your time to run an event
                    Don’t miss the fun.                         we are willing to support.

2 - March 2004
Committee Notes                          Retiree’s Reporter                                      Retiree’s
The Management Club’s April Meeting
will be held at the Community House
                                         This month the calendar says that
                                         we should expect the arrival of                          Corner
                                         spring on the 21st. As we all know,
in Birmingham on April 21st. Those       the calendar, almanac and weather
who attended the last program at the                                              arated the families at a very early
                                         forecasters are not always on target.
Community House really had a good                                                 time in their lives. In the past wed-
                                         Even with all the sophisticated
                                                                                  dings and funerals were family get-
evening. Our speaker, Christine          equipment the percentage of correct
                                                                                  togethers while today you almost
Cortez, will be providing information    predictions are questionable at best.
                                                                                  need a name tag or a scorecard to
that should help u understand some       To young adults and children spring-
                                                                                  know who is family or who is friend
                                         cleaning must sound like ancient his-
of the current Global moves of the                                                of the family. Many functions and
                                         tory. Today’s elders may remember
corporation.                                                                      receptions are adult only, so the chil-
                                         the spring rituals, which were prac-
                                                                                  dren don’t even get to meet their
                                         ticed in their youthful days. Spring
                                                                                  own cousins or kin. In an effort to
If you wish to attend send a check       cleaning consisted of beating rugs to
                                                                                  maintain contact in any way possible
made out to the DaimlerChrysler          clean them, stretching curtains on a
                                                                                  we end up e-mailing or playing tele-
Management Club to my listed             rack, washing walls in the whole
                                                                                  phone tag. When there is need to
                                         house, cleaning wallpaper with pink
address. Your ticket will be available                                            contact a business, a taped
                                         wallpaper cleaner, washing all the
at the door the evening of the pro-                                               response is the usual route to resolv-
                                         windows and installing the screens.
gram.                                                                             ing an issue. Communication is a
                                         Other sure signs of spring were the
                                                                                  two-way street and body language
                                         Easter hats and clothing that bright-
                                                                                  can speak louder than words of any
Hope to see you there.                   ened up the arrival of the new spring
                                                                                  volume, so at every opportunity try
                                                                                  for face-to-face conversation rather
George Irwin                             People seemed to come out of hiber-
                                                                                  than just recorded information from
                                         nation by washing their cars, starting
                                                                                  an unseen source.
                                         their gardens, raking the dead grass
                                         from their lawns and chatting with
                                                                                  John Zablotny         4799 Stanley
                                         their neighbors who had been home-
                                                                                  586-575-9809      Warren, Mi 48092
                                         bound in the long winter.
                                         Today with the advent of TV, comput-
                                         ers and 2 or 3 cars per household,
  George Irwin (Co-chairman Area Z)                                               PS:
                                         we don’t even know some of our
       17539 Pershing Street                                                      Spring is never spring unless it
                                         neighbors. Seniors have a harder
          Livonia, MI 48152                                                       comes too soon.
                                         time relating to youngsters than eld-
          Ph. 734-425-3024                                                                             – G.K. Chesterton
                                         ers did years ago when grandma and
                 grandpa lived just up the street or
                                                                                  All of us could take a lesson from
                                         within walking distance. Some of
                                                                                  the weather; it pays no attention
Jim Butler (Director Area Z)             today’s parents and grandparents
                                                                                  to criticism.
PH. 248-634-4805                         need to take a plane, train, bus or a
                                         long drive by car to visit their chil-
Chuck Genetti (Co-chairman Area Z)                                                Springtime is the land awakening.
                                         dren and grandchildren.
Ph. 810-435-3267                         Many youngsters today don’t even
                                                                                  The future belongs to those who live
                                         know some of their living relatives
                                                                                  intensely in the present.
                                         because distance or divorce has sep-

                                                                                                      March 2004 - 3
Valentine’s Day Party Memories

4 - March 2004
                               The DaimlerChrysler Open
                                    Sponsored by the DaimlerChrysler Management Club

                                                                         Hello Fellow Golfers,

                                                                             It soon will be golf season again in Michigan
                                                                         but during the long cold winter your Management
                                                                         Club Golf Committee has been busy.
Saturday, May 22, 2004                                                       This year for the annual Club Tourney we
                                                                         have selected a new name, a new course, a new
Heather Hills Golf Club                                                  date, and a new time. We will play a Spring match
                                                                         in the rolling countryside north of Romeo with a
Romeo, Michigan                                                          shotgun start at 1:30.
                                                                             The price this year is $75 for Members and
                                                                         spouses. Guests pay $5 more to cover the Club
                                                                         subsidy. Eligible golfers who join the Club will get
                                                                         free membership until August and can play at the
                                                                         Member rate.
                                                                             Some things have not changed. You will see a
                                                                         lot of familiar smiling faces and we are keeping
                                                                         the scrambles format that has been so successful
                                                                         in recent years.
                                                                             Now it’s time to play. Get your foursomes
                                                                         together and send in your reservations.
                                                                             Welcome, and I look forward to seeing you all
                                                                         on May 22, 2004.
                                                                                                            John Argeropoulos
                                                                                                            Golf Committee

                                                 • $75 - Member, $80 - Guest • 5 tickets for Hot Dog-
                                                 • Scrambles Format                         Sausage-Chips-Drinks
                                                 • 1:30 Shotgun Start                    • 3 Entrée Dinner w/Dessert
                                                 • Cart for Tourney                      • Prizes and Trophies
                                                 • Open Practice Range                   • FUN FUN FUN
EACH foursome is to preassign one person as captain, who will act as contact for any foursome changes prior
to the tourney, as well as coordinate the check-in of the foursome on the day of the tourney.

Team Captain’s CIMS___________________ Bus. Phone__________________ E-mail__________________
(Include address if retiree)

Names of Players                          Email                                     Member/Spouse     Guest                  Amount
                                                                                    @ $75.00          @ $80.00               Enclosed

________________________ ________________________ ___________ ___________ ____________

________________________ ________________________ ___________ ___________ ____________

________________________ ________________________ ___________ ___________ ____________

________________________ ________________________ ___________ ___________ ____________

Make checks payable to DaimlerChrysler Management Club                                         Total Amount Enclosed         ____________
Mail or deliver order to: Gary Wade, CTC N2002 N22 E4, CIMS 482-42-02, Phone: 248-576-4175
Cancellations must be received no later than Friday, April 30, 2004                            All reservations will be made on a
                                                                                               first-come, first-served basis.

                                                                                                                                    March 2004 - 5
Cruise the Majestic Rhine River this September
                                                       By Bill Roscoe

This Fall Management travelers are invited to explore the        Explore the river walk shops. Swim. Play tennis and
combined beauty of the majestic Rhine River and quaint           paddle ball. You name it. The choices are almost
waterways in Belgium and Holland. Starting in cosmopoli-         limitless.
tan Basel, our luxury river cruise ship, the River Queen, will
take us on an unforgettable journey to some of the most
interesting towns and villages along the river. Our 11 day -
                                                                 Steps away is the ecological wonder called Xcaret
10 night trip will pass through two of the most important        Park. Our price includes one free admission per per-
wine growing areas in Europe. This is home to the noble          son to the park. Here you can visit a Mayan village,
Rieslings of the Rheinqau and the earthy wines of the            reached through a jungle path and ancient tunnel.
Alsace.                                                          Explore several small Mayan ruins. Float along a
                                                                 subterranean river. Swim with dolphins and walk on
Upon arrival you'll be able to relax, explore Basel on your      the ocean floor wearing an oxygen helmet (at an
own, and discover the rich ambiance of the River Queen.          extra cost).
The next morning a tour of the city center is planned.
Before you know it we're on our way to Strasbourg, a
charming city in the heart of the Alsace. A walking tour is             Heidelberg, Germany’s famous University town.
planned. In the afternoon we'll enjoy the scenic beauty of
the Rhine as we cruise to our overnight port of Speyer.          The afternoon of the following day, we arrive in the tradi-
                                                                 tional 16th century Dutch small town of Heusden. Our
We depart the next day for a guided tour of romantic             walking tour will give you an opportunity to see its historic
Heidelberg, the oldest university town in Germany. Upon          windmills and city walls. After some free time, we'll cruise
rejoining the ship, we continue to the little wine village of    overnight to Antwerp.
Rüdesheim. We'll tour the town and visit the unique
Siegfried Musical Instrument Museum. There will be plen-         We embark the next day for a full day excursion to
ty of time to explore on your own the wine taverns and           medieval, canal-laced Brugge, the "Venice of the North."
shops along the Drosselgasse.                                    Be prepared for a step back in time on the walking tour.
                                                                 Lunch at a local restaurant is included. Before leaving
The next day we depart for the most beautiful part of the        don't forget to shop for lace and chocolate.
Rhine River, where many ancient castles and the famous
Lorelei Rock are found. Passing quaint villages and the          The next morning we depart on a tour of Brussels, the elegant
city of Bonn, we arrive in Cologne for a tour of its spectac-    Belgium capital. We'll explore the Grand Place with its splen-
ular Gothic cathedral. The Hohe Strasse (High Road),             did Gothic City Hall and its many 15th century gilded build-
which starts at the cathedral, is a shopper's paradise.          ings. Upon return we begin a leisurely journey to Dordrecht.
(Hopefully, 'High' refers to the quality of goods, not the
prices.)                                                         Following a short coach drive to visit the famous Kinderdijk
                                                                 windmills, we return for a walking tour of Dordrecht, one of
                                                                 south Holland's oldest cities. Until the 18th century,
                                                                 Dordrecht was the wealthiest trading port in the
                                                                 Netherlands. All too soon we depart for Amsterdam, arriv-
                                                                 ing in the Dutch capital after dinner.

                                                                 The next day we'll tour Amsterdam, with a stop at the
                                                                 famous floating flower market, then cruise through the
                                                                 city's historic canals. The afternoon will be free for last
                                                                 minute souvenir hunting. The following morning we disem-
                                                                 bark for the flight home.

                                                                 I could have written much, much more, but I'm out of
                                                                 space. Don't miss out on this spectacular trip. Get your
           Brugge, medieval “Venice of the North.”
                                                                 check in the mail ASAP. Space is very limited.

  6 - March 2004
Cruise the Scenic Rhine River from Basel
to Amsterdam, and Explore Charming
Waterways in Belgium and Holland
• 11 Day Trip Departing Sept. 14 - Returns Sept. 25

• Rhine Cruise Ports and Cities Visited:
  Basel - Historic Swiss Town Bordering France and Germany
  Strasbourg - Charming City in the Heart of the Alsace
  Heidelberg - Famous German University Town
  Rudesheim - Delightful Rheingau Wine Village
  Cologne - Home to Germany's Great Gothic Cathedral
  Heusden - Charming 16th Century Fortress-Town
  Antwerp - Rueben Masterpieces Hang in its Cathedral
  Brugge - Medieval Canal-Laced "Venice of the North"
  Brussels - Belgium's Elegant Capital City
  Dordrecht - Inspiration for many 17th Century Painters
  Amsterdam - Home to Van Gogh Art and Rijksmuseum

                                      • Includes Extensive Guided Touring and
                                        Excursions to Brugge, Brussels and the
                                        Kinderdijk Windmills
                                      • All Meals During the Cruise, plus Lunch in Brugge
                                      • Includes Airfare, Port/Air Taxes & Transfers
                                      • Cabin Selection (Subject to Availability)
                                        Category:    4 Outside Room Moselle Deck - $2,700
                                                     3 Outside Room Main Deck - $2,900
                                                     2 Outside Room Danube Deck - $3,100
                                                     1 Outside Room Rhine Deck - $3,250
The prices shown above are PER PERSON (based on double occupancy) and are tentative and subject to any surcharges or adjustments outside the
control of the DaimlerChrysler Management Club. To reserve your room, send your deposit check ($500 Per Person payable to DaimlerChrysler
Management Club) to: Phil Bertelsen, 21499 Morningside, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236. (E-mail address: )
Reservations will be confirmed first come first served only with this completed form and your payment.

Your Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                               Last Name                                   First Name                                    Initial

Spouse/Traveling Companion * ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Home Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City/ State ________________________________________________________________________ Zip Code ____________________________

Telephone: Home ________________________________________________ Office ________________________________________________
*If address is different than yours, submit information on a copy of this form.

Cabin Choice (Insert Category Number) 1st_______________ 2nd______________ 3rd_______________ 4th_______________

                                                                                                                        March 2004 - 7
Thursday,                       LX Night – The Chrysler300 /
April 29, 2004                  Dodge Magnum Story
LX Night                        Presented by Tom Howe, Education Director

                                The cars …
DCTC                                 — 2 for 1…        Awe
Auditorium                           — Fast…           Screamers
                                     — Powerful…       “GottaHemi”
 DON’T MISS IT!!!                    — Features…       SportyComfortLuxury
                                     — $$$$…           Great Value
 ✔ See Your Multi-Mac for
   a ticket today               The night …
                                     — Friends…        BringAGuest
 ✔ Retirees:
                                     — Chow…           FeedYourFaceYummm
   Send a check to your
   representative                    — SPEAKERS…       TopnotchGabbers
   (See Retiree Corner)              — Slideshow…      LearnFromTheTeam
                                     — Fun…            Don’tMissIt!
 ✔ Guests Allowed!!!
                                The end …
                                     — Smoke…N…Squealing
The Chrysler 300 /
Dodge Magnum Story:
DCTC Auditorium
Thursday, April 29, 2004
Food/Displays: 5:00 p.m.
Program:       6:00-7:30 p.m.
Fabulous Foods
Come Hungry!!

COST: $5.00 each

 8 - March 2004

                                     $699 per person *
       Dates:           May 27-30, 2004 (4 days, 3 nights)
       Includes:        Tickets to “A New Day. . .” (Orchestra or 1 st Mezzanine)
                        Round-trip airfare from Detroit (and transfers in Las Vegas)
                        Accommodations – New York New York Hotel & Casino
       Deposit:         $200 per person to confirm reservation
       * - Based on double occupancy. Limited to 100 persons (50 rooms)
       For more information, please contact Monte Myers @ 248-576-3150
Please Print - Return to Monte Myers (6984 Oakhurst Ridge Road, Clarkston, MI 48348)
Names - 1)                                                  2)
Street Address                                                            Apt. #
City                                           State                      Zip Code
Telephone #

         Optional trip insurance - $44 per person (please add to deposit)
         Optional golf on Friday - ~$90 per person (includes golf, cart, and transportation to/from)

Deposit Received $                     by:                                Date:
Make checks payable to: DaimlerChrysler Management Club

                                                                                        March 2004 - 9
                                         DAIMLERCHRYSLER MANAGEMENT
                                         CLUB proudly presents the latest
                                         offering in its 40 Year association
                                         with the GROSSE POINTE THEATRE,
                                         The Will Rogers Follies , our annual
                                         dinner theater event at the GROSSE
                                         POINTE WAR MEMORIAL.
                                         The Social Prelude: Join us for cock-

Upcoming                                 tails at the cash bar & wine sampler's
                                         bar; appetizers; enjoy the scenic
                                         grounds and gardens overlooking
Event                                    Lake St. Clair on the former Alger
                                         ‘Moorings’ Estate. The Wisteria trees
                                         should be in bloom. Included is a
                                         sumptuous dinner with wine served in          Following dinner, the play follows, in
May 12, 2004                             the Alger Main House with a view of           loose fashion, the life story of Will
                                         the lake and grounds then its down-           Rogers, featuring his timeless home-
Dinner Theater                           stairs to the Fries Auditorium for the        spun humor and commentary on the
                                         GROSSE POINTE THEATER production              American way of life. His reminisces
                                         of The Will Rogers Follies.                   lead to flashbacks illuminated in the
Grosse Pointe                            The Dinner Menu includes:                     glow of nostalgia, memories forged in
                                                                                       the time when the mere mention of a
                                         • Tossed greens with choice of dress-
War Memorial                                ings: Ranch, Raspberry Vinaigrette.        follies show evokes the grand genre of
                                         • Entrée is: French Country Chicken           huge production numbers with
                                            Breast with Herbed Garden Rice,            brigades of pretty chorus girls and load
                                            Asparagus and Sour Dough Rolls.            and loads of song and dance. I have
                                         • Dessert will be: French Silk Pie.           been advised that pretty chorus girls
                                         • Dinner includes a generic white wine.       abound in this version presented by the
                                         Please tell us if you have dietary restric-   Grosse Point Theatre. It sounds to me
                                         tions with your order.                        like lots of fun and entertainment.
Please make all checks payable to the DaimlerChrysler Management Club. Include e-mail if you want ticket order confir-
mation. If you want pre-printed name tags which double as place markers, please include the names of all the people in
your group. Also indicate on your order form who you would like to sit near in the theater. Event brought to you by Event
Chairmen: John McMullin & Dennis Audet.
For ticket information contact: John McMullin CIMS 481-01-51 (
                                800 E. Chrysler Drive
                                CIMS 481-01-51
                                Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2757
                                tieline 8-776-3981, outside (248) 576-3981
Cocktails and Appetizers at 5:30 p.m. Dinner at 6:45 p.m. Show Time at 8:00 p.m.
Cost: $40.00 Per Person. Date of Event: May 12, 2004 (Wednesday).
Tickets will be mailed to you May 3rd. Order Deadline is May 4th.
Note: Plenty of great seats are available, this event has never sold out!

Number of Tickets ____________ X $40.00 (per ticket) = _______________________ Amount Enclosed
Name: ______________________________________________________ CIMS:__________________________________
City: __________________________________________________ State:________________ Zip:____________________
E-Mail: ________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________________
Names for Name Tags: __________________________________________________________________________________

  10 - March 2004
Welcome New Members                                                               Published by the DaimlerChrysler
                                                                                          Management Club
Area           Name                      Area           Name                             800 Chrysler Dr. East
                                                                                        Auburn Hills, MI 48326
                                                                                           CIMS: 483-03-06
 H             VANTWERP, P.                Z            VIVIER, G.                   T/L 776+9229 or 576+9299
               SUBRAMANIAN, V.                          ACHINGER, W.                   Vol. 44, No. 7, March 2004
               HENDRICKS, K.                            KROPP, W.               2003-2004 Officers
                                                                                Chris Kurowski, Pres.....................754+0919
               COX, L.                                  ULIN, M.                                                       248-944-0919
                                                                                Timothy Krause, Pres. Elect ........722+2923
  I            HENCKEL, G.                                                                                             248-512-2923

                                                                                Karen Schrum, Treas. ..................776+4897
                                                                                Mini Uh, Sec. ................................776+4146

Chrysler Group Launches Site                                                    Editor

for U.S. Retirees
                                                                                Gwen Green..................................722+6638
                                                                                Associate Editor
                                                                                Norine Garavanta....................248-641-7367
The Chrysler Group recently launched a new web site specifically designed for   Lily Lee ........................................722+5898
retirees. The site, at                                                                                                     248-512-5898
                                                                                Contributing Writers
                           George Irwin ..........................734-425-3024
                                                                                John Zablotny ........................586-575-9809
provides information about benefits, products and company news. The             Photographers
DaimlerChrysler Times also is now available to the many retirees who wish to    Betty Bright ............................248-851-3044
                                                                                Jack Lutz ................................248-585-0482
read it. Help spread the word about the new Web site to any Chrysler Group      Mario Mihas..................................722+1923
retirees you happen to know.                                                                                               248-512-1923
                                                                                Pat Piazza ......................................776+2613
You can access this site from our Club’s website at:                            Ed Arthur ......................................776+5302
                                                                                John Herlitz ............................248-512-6638

                                                                                Committee Directors
                                                                                John McMullin .............................. 776+3981
                                                                                Dinner-Theater/Concert Events
                                                                                Dennis Audet ..........................248-628-9814
                                                                                Tom Howe .................................. 733+3684
                                                                                Kathi Vetrano................................776+4955
                                                                                Daniel DeGasperis (ITM) ............ 754+5775
                                                                                Dave Schulz ................................ 754+2581
                                                                                Dave Poxon.................................. 754+6324
                                                                                Chuck Moeser.............................. 776+5501
                                                                                Bob Jones .............................. 586-323-0910

                                                                                Information Services
                                                                                Dave Poxon.................................. 754+6324
                                                                                Youth Advisory Group (YAG)
                                                                                Joe Yandora ................................ 776+3550

                                                                                                            March 2004 - 11
                                       DATE       LOCATION            EVENT                INFORMATION

                                       Mar. 24    Troy Marriott       Golf Extravaganza    See Feb. Leader
                                       Wed.                           Mike Tirico,         Dave Schulz
                                                                      ABC Sports 
                                                                                           (248) 944-2581
Calendar                                                                                   T/L 754-2581

                                       Apr. 21    Community House     Christine Cortez     See March Leader
Of Events                              Wed.       in Birmingham       Sr. V.P. of Global
                                                                      Services & Parts
                                                                                           Dave Schulz
                                                                                           (248) 944-2581
NOTE:                                                                                      T/L 754-2581
The Calendar of Coming Events is
a continuing feature of the Leader.    Apr. 29    DCTC Education      LX Night             See March Leader
It includes all events as reported     Thurs.     Auditorium          300C &               Tom Howe
by the Committee Chairpersons.                                        Dodge Magnum Story   (313) 493-3684
                                                                                           T/L 733-3684
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