Yamamoto Kyogen Company Canadian Debut_ Traditional Japanese Comic by fdh56iuoui


									Yamamoto Kyogen Company Canadian Debut!
Traditional Japanese Comic Theatre
大蔵流狂言山本家トロント公演 - 笑いと喜劇の伝統
March Movie Night :All Around Us
                                   March 2010   2010年3月 Vol.36 Issue 3 1
2009-2010 JCCC Board of Directors
    President                             Gary Kawaguchi
    Past President                        Marty Kobayashi
    VP, Heritage                          Peter Wakayama
    VP, J-comm                            Junko Mifune          日    2              Kyogen at the JCCC
    VP, Legacy                            Art Ito
    VP, Management                        Ann Ashley
                                                                     3              March Movie Night
    VP, Strategic Planning
    Special Ambassador
                                          Donna Davis
                                          Sid Ikeda
    Secretary                             Sharon Marubashi           3-7            Upcoming events
    Treasurer                             Sri Kugan
    Directors                             George Hewson         文
                                          James Matsumoto            10-12          イベント情報
                                          Lorene Nagata
                                          Yuki Nakamura
                                          Dereck Oikawa
                                          Russell Onizuka
                                          Cary Rothbart                                  Calendar of Events
                                          Glenn Inamoto*        会
    Advisors                              Miki Kobayashi             March 2010
                                          Mickey Matsubayashi
                                          Steve Oikawa                       Fri     5        Henry Shimizu Images of
                                          Fred Sasaki           館
                                          Connie Sugiyama
                                                                                              Internment” exhibit opens
                                       *In Memory 1958-2009                  Sat & Sun 6 & 7 Haru Matsuri
JCCC Staff
                                                                             Wed     3        Wynford Seniors meeting
James Heron
Executive Director                                                           Sat     13       Karaoke Club
jamesh@jccc.on.ca              416-441-2345 ext.224             員
                                                                             Mon     15       Nikkei Kids Day
Kathy Tazumi
                                                                             Mon-Fri 15-19    Kamp Kodomo
Accounting/General Administration Manager
kathyt@jccc.on.ca               416-441-2345 ext.229
                                                                             Wed     17       Manju Workshop
Christine Takasaki
                                                                             Wed     17       Wynford Seniors meeting
Community Events/Volunteer Coordinator
christinet@jccc.on.ca         416-441-2345 ext.221
                                                                             Thu     18       Movie Night "All Around Me'
Haruko Ishihara
                                                                             Sun     21       Henry Shimizu Images of Internment:
Community Rentals
harukoi@jccc.on.ca             416-441-2345 ext.228
                                                                                              Reception & Artist's Talk
Christine Seki
                                                                             Mon     22       Spring classes start
Corporate Rentals/Programming and Business Development
christines@jccc.on.ca         416-441-2345 ext.231
                                                                             Fri     26       jpals Talk series -Eiko Mernagh
Sally Kumagawa
                                                                             Sat     27       Karaoke Club
Membership/Database Administrator
sallyk@jccc.on.ca             416-441-2345 ext.223
                                                                             Mon     29       Kyogen Performance
Toshiko Yamashita
Heritage/Newsletter Coordinator
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Yuki Hipsh                                                                   Wed     7        Wynford Seniors meeting
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Administrative Assistant                                                     Wed     21       Wynford Seniors meeting
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Constantin Dutescu                                                           Thu     22       Movie Night
Operations and Techinical Coordinator                                        Sat     24       Karaoke Club
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Maki Klotz                                                           May
Receptionist                                                                 Sat     1        JCCC Bazaar
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The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Newsletter                             Sat     8        Karaoke Club meeting
Editors: James Heron, Sandy Chan, Toshiko Yamashita
                                                                             Sun     9        jpals Japanese cooking workshop
Japanese Translation: Toshiko Yamashita
Cover Photo: Provided by Japan Society, New York                             Wed     19       Manju Workshop
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newsletter@jccc.on.ca or                                                     Thu     20       Washi Greeting Card Workshop
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6 Garamond Court, Toronto, ON M3C 1Z5                                        Sat     22       Karaoke Club
tel 416-441-2345 fax 416-441-2347 www.jccc.on.ca                             Mon     24       JCCC closed: Victoria Day
The submission deadline for the April 2010 issue is Thursday March           Thu     27       Movie Night
4, 2010. 日本語の記事も受け付けています。               4月号の締め切りは2010年3月4日
 "The Laughter and Comedy of Kyogen"
 Yamamoto Kyogen Company Canadian Debut!
 Kyogen, the Japanese classical comic theater, like Noh, originated in the early 14th century.
 Acting troupes in a variety of centuries-old theatrical traditions toured and performed at
 temples, shrines and festivals, often with the patronage of the nobility. While Noh is musical
 in nature, Kyogen is comic theater.
     Designated "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO,
 noh and kyogen are world-renowned forms of traditional Japanese theater with a more than
 600-year-old history.
     Kyogen performers depend on exuberant facial expressions for comic effect. The stories
 are derived from mundane subjects and depict daily life through dialogue and mime. The
 comedy and laughter invoked by Kyogen are meant to celebrate humanity. Kyogen requires
 an extremely high level of vocal and physical control with speaking, story-telling and singing
 as three distinct vocal disciplines.
     In this tour Yamamoto Kyogen Company features two plays, Shido Hogaku (Stop in Your
 Tracks), which is typical of feudalistic-era Kyogen comedies, and Tsukimi Zato (Moon-viewing
 Blind Man), which is a play unique to the Okura School of Kyogen.
     A traditional Noh stage will be built in the Kobayashi Hall so that audiences are able to
 enjoy an authentic experience of Noh theatre. Also English Subtitles will be provided during
     Prior to the performance, Noh theatre expert, Professor Jane Leavitt at Keyano College
 in Alberta will offer a brief introduction of Kyogen "The Laughter and Comedy of Kyogen".

 Date:            Monday March 29, 2010
                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of Japan Society, New York.
 Lecture:         6:30pm "The Laughter and Comedy of Kyogen"
 Performance:     7:00pm
 Admission:       JCCC members $25, Non-members $30, Students $25

 For tickets and more information, please call 416-441-2345.
 English subtitles will be provided during the performance.

                                    The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre welcomes everyone to our annual spring festival where you
                                    winter blues will be whisked away by a day filled with everything Japanese.
                                            Festival guests entering the JCCC will be greeted by an elaborate display of Hina Matsuri Dolls,
                                    the focal point of Japan's Doll Festival which dates back to the late 1600's.
                                            Haru Matsuri will feature Japanese arts and crafts demonstrations such as Ikebana (flower
                                    arranging), Bunka Shishu (embroidery), Sumi-e (brush painting), and Cha-no-yu (Tea Ceremony). In
                                    addition, there will be many vendor booths selling a wide variety of products from kimono, to silk scarves
                                    to green tea.
                                            The JCCC's martial artists will demonstrate the techniques of "The Way of the Warrior" through
                                    Aikido, Judo, Karate, Iaido, Naginata, Kyudo, Shorinji Kempo and Kendo.
                                            For entertainment, there will be odori (traditional Japanese dancing) by JCCC traditional dance
                                    groups Ayame-Kai and Sakura-Kai, Taiko (Japanese drumming) and you can also enjoy the "tranquil"
moments of a tea ceremony demonstration. Japanese cuisine will also be available in the food court.
   Gather your family and friends and come to the JCCC, and join us as we celebrate the arrival of Spring!

Date:             Saturday March 6 and Sunday March 7, 2010
Time:             12:00pm - 5:00pm both days
Admission:        Family $12 (2 adults/2 children), Adults $5, Children and Seniors $2, JCCC Members free

For further information, please contact the JCCC at 416 441 2345, or visit our website at www.jccc.on.ca.

HENRY SHIMIZU                                                             March Movie Night: All Around Us
"Images of Internment"                                                    A Powerful and Intimate Look at a Modern Japanese
March 5 - 28, 2010                                                        All Around Us (Gururi
Heritage Gallery @ JCCC                                                   no Koto) is an incredibly
Reception and Artist's Talk:                                              intimate portrait of 10 years
Sunday March 21, 2010 at 2:00pm                                           in a marriage set against
Gallery Hours:   Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm                       the backdrop of public
                 Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am to 3:00pm                    scandal.
                                                                               With All Around Us,
                                    The JCCC Heritage Committee           writer/director      Ryosuke
                                    is pleased to host an exhibit of      Hashiguchi returned after a
                                    twenty seven oil paintings by         7-year hiatus to offer up a
                                    Henry Shimizu, based on his life      story chronicling what initially seems to be a loveless relationship
                                    as a teenager in the internment       between two young, disinterested partners as they weather day-to-
                                    camp of New Denver from 1942          day storms in the first decade of their marriage.
                                    to 1946. A model of the New                At the outset, Kanao (Lily Franky) is a free-wheeling shoe
                                    Denver camp from the Japanese         repairman with the unfortunate habit of flirting with his clients.
                                    Canadian National Museum will         His new wife, Shoko (Tae Kimura), is a bossy, type-A personality
                                    be on display plus related audio      who goes so far as to methodically schedule their sex nights on a
visual images. The series of paintings was started in 1999 and            calendar. It would seem that these two have nothing in common
completed in 2002 .They have been exhibited in Edmonton and               and are destined to go their separate ways, but love—like life—is
Vancouver. A publication containing reproductions of the paintings        often full of surprises.
and related stories is available.                                              When Kanao takes on a new job as a courtroom sketch artist
     Henry Shimizu is a retired plastic surgeon now living in Victoria,   must cope with the ugliness and breakdown in civility he encounters.
B.C. He is a former clinical Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at    Shoko also re-discovers her artistic side as she confronts the dark
the University of Alberta, past President of the Edmonton Japanese        side of life when struggling with depression over the loss of a
Canadian Association of Edmonton, and a recipient of the Order of         child and the dysfunctional aspects of the lives of her mother and
Canada.                                                                   brother.
                                                                               All Around Us is a times harrowing and at others, warm-hearted
March Break - Kamp Kodomo style                                           and funny. It is a mature tale about the lives of adults, told for adults.
                         Don’t miss out on the all the March Break        The film has won numerous awards at film festival around the world
                         fun at the JCCC!!! Kamp Kodomo is                and was a hit at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival.
                         returning for another week filled with
                         cultural activities.                             Date:               Thursday March 18, 2010
                           Our March Break camp features many             Time:               7:00pm
                         of the favourites of the summer but also         Admission:          JCCC members $6, Non-members $8
                         includes participation in the Nikkei Kids
                         Day. Nikkei Kids Day is a half-day program
organized by the Heritage Committee of the JCCC.
                                                                          Nikkei Kids Day
      The camp operates from 9:00am to 4:30pm from Monday                 Bring your children or grandchildren out to
March 15 to Friday March 19 , 2010. Fee for this program is               the JCCC for an exciting day of activities
$180 per child for a 5-day session. A 10 % discount will be applied       at Nikkei Kids Day on Monday March 15,
for JCCC members and 2nd (or more) childr from the same family            2010.
will receive a 5% discount. Extended camp care is available from               There will be crafts, games, cooking,
8:00am to 9:00am and from 4:30pm to 6:00pm with an additional             drawing, colouring, a memorial photo to
cost of $35 per session. Camp fees cover all materials, two               take home, and much much more. It’s
nutritional snacks per day, and a special activity. Campers are           also a great opportunity for children to
required to bring a lunch and drink.                                      learn about their Japanese heritage.
      Registration deadline is March 8, 2010. Kamp Kodomo’s                    For more details on the activities, please see flyer.
maximum attendance is 25 children.                                             There are two free sessions to choose from: Morning (9:00am
      For more information or to register, please call 416-441-2345       to 11:00am) or Afternoon (1:00pm to 3:00pm). You can drop by at
to ensure enrolment.                                                      anytime during the session times. There is no charge to participate
                                                                          in this event, but a parent, grandparent, or adult guardian must
                                                                          accompany each participant for the entire session. Activities are
                                                                          most suited for ages 6 years and up.
                                                                               Pre-registration is required. Please call the JCCC at 416-441-
 Spring 2010 classes start the week of March 22.                          2345, or email jccc@jccc.on.ca to register.
  Register early as some classes fill up quickly.                              Nikkei Kids Day is organized by the JCCC Heritage
 Sakura Ball
 On Saturday April 10, 2010, just under 400 community leaders, colleagues, friends and family members
 will gather at the Second Annual Sakura Ball to honour world renowned architect Raymond Moriyama and
 celebrate with him as he accepts the 2010 Sakura Award.
     Chaired by David Tsubouchi, the 2010 Sakura Ball will feature performances by Jim Galloway’s Wee
 Big Band and Japanese taiko drumming and music group ‘Nagata Shachu’, silent auction, an abundance of
 gastronomic delights and much more!
     The JCCC is excited to have TD Waterhouse as the presenting sponsor of the Sakura Ball for a second
 consecutive year and welcomes Shiseido (Canada) Inc. onboard as sponsor of the 2010 VIP Reception.
     Proceeds raised at the gala through ticket sales, silent auction and corporate sponsorships benefit the
 JCCC Legacy Campaign. The Legacy Campaign exists to raise funds in support of the Japanese Canadian
 Cultural Centre’s capital expansion, on-going cultural and heritage programming and the JCCC Foundation.
     For more information about the Sakura Ball, please contact James Heron at 416-441-2345 ext.224 or jamesh@jccc.on.ca.
     To support the legacy campaign, please contact William Petruck at 416-579-0870, wpetruck@fundingmatters.com or Laura Ashley at
 416-779-4390, lashley@fundingmatters.com.

 "Off the Board and Off the Walls of Moriyama & Teshima"
 Exhibition of work from 1958 to the Present
                                                              In conjunction with the 2010 Sakura Ball, for 6 weeks this spring from Sunday, April 4 to
                                                              Sunday, May 16, 2010, the JCCC Gallery will be the proud home of an exhibition of work
                                                              entitled: "Off the Boards and Off the Walls of Moriyama & Teshima".
                                                              Please join us for the opening reception on Sunday April 4 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.
                                                              Raymond Moriyama, his professional partner, Ted Teshima, and the current partners of
                                                              the firm, Jason Moriyama, Ajon Moriyama, Diarmuid Nash and Daniel Teramura, will all
                                                              be on hand to engage with the public and share their thoughts on the exhibit.
                                                                   The exhibition will draw upon some of Moriyama & Teshima’s most iconic projects
                                                              stretching from its founding in 1958 to the present. Work will include notable projects
  Sketch of the Goh Ohn Bell Shelter, Ontario Place, Toronto, such as: the new Canadian War Museum, the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, the
  Canada by Raymond Moriyama, Moriyama and Teshima Bata Shoe Museum, Ontario Science Centre: Science North, Toronto Reference Library,
  1977.                                                       Canadian Embassy Tokyo, as well as the firm's landmark Master Plans such as: the
                                                              ground-breaking Master Plan and Bio-remediation of the Wadi Hanifah river system in
 Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the ongoing work of master planning the Holy Cities and Sites of Makkah and Medinah. The
 exhibition will be supported by sketches, drawings, photographs, multi-media and interpretive text. The JCCC would like to extend a special
 thank you to exhibit sponsor Crossey Engineering Ltd.
 **As space is limited, please RSVP to the JCCC Reception (416-441-2345) by March 24, 2010.**

Volunteering is a great way to connect!                                        From the JCCC Gift Shop
The JCCC is looking for volunteers who might be interested in                  The JCCC Gift Shop
using their skills and expertise to help drive the initiatives of our          will    be     carrying
various committees forward.                                                    handmade items by
     If you, a family member or a friend has any marketing,                    MIKA DESIGN. The
public relations, financial, engineering, legal or general business            founders        Minako
background then the JCCC could use your help. Working on a                     and Kayo, who met
committee is a great way to connect and meet new friends with a                through their children's
common interest all in the name of building a better JCCC for the              play group, have
future. The diversity of things that you could get involved in ranges          created fashionable
from programming, to building infrastructure, green initiatives like           and funtional items by
solar energy to crisis management, and much more. There is no                  recycling Japanese
free sushi but lots of green tea and fun.                                      furoshiki and noren                 Furoshiki bag and noren mini totes.
     Please contact Gary Kawaguchi by sending an email to jccc@                fabric. They hope to
jccc.on.ca if you would like to meet some interesting people,                  continue to make items that are appealing to all.
improve your network in the broader Nikkei community and to
share your knowledge and energy at the JCCC.
JCCC Mah-Jong for everyone!
J-Comm, J-Sports will start their new project,          Mah-jong for       Help Wanted
Everyone on Wednesdays starting on March 24 to May 12, 2010.               Assistant Building Operator/Day Porter
     Mah-jong is a game for four players that originated in China. It
involves skills, strategy and calculation as much as certain degree        The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC), through its
of luck.                                                                   property managers, Avison Young, is seeking an individual to
     This three-hour long class is open to everyone and will have          fill a full time maintenance position at the JCCC for its afternoon
some beginner table available. Those who are new and interested            and early evening events.
in Mah-jong are welcome!
     Please bring your friends and register now! Please call 416-          Main responsibilities include set-up and take-down of special
441-2345 or email jccc@jccc.on.ca to register.                             events and general building maintenance.

Date:    Wednesdays, March 24 – May 12, 2010                               Reporting to the Building Manager, the individual should be:
Time:    7:00pm - 10:00pm                                                  • Familiar with Building Operations, including some electrical,
Fees:    JCCC members $25 (plus GST) Non-members $30 (plus                 mechanical and plumbing experience
         GST)                                                              • Some computer skills – able to set up a PC to work with a
Age:     Must be 16 years old and over (parental signature is              data projector, MS Word, Excel (basic), read and interpret a
         required for those who are 18 years and under.)                   database
                                                                           • Familiar with Audio/Video equipment set up and operation
                                                                           • Fluency in Japanese is considered a strong asset
JCCC Ping-Pong Club!
J-Comm, J-Sports successfully started the “JCCC Ping Pong Club”            Other skills the candidate should possess:
last year!                                                                 • Ability to apply safe work practices on the job
     Ping Pong, or takkyu in Japanese, has its origins in England          • Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing; ability
more than 100 year ago and became one of the most popular and              to maintain records and assist with reports
enjoyable sports all over the world.                                       • Ability to work effectively and harmoniously with the Japanese
     The JCCC Ping Pong Club is the brainchild of our J-Comm,              community, membership, the public and fellow employees
J-Sports team. One of the main goals of the club is to provide             • Ability to adapt to changing priorities in order to meet
Japanese Canadians, both established and new immigrant, with               deadlines
an opportunity to expose their table tennis abilities, to make friends,    • Be a reliable and committed team member
and most of all, to have fun!
     It will be an on-going club from March 2010 since there are           Please forward a copy of your resume (please indicate work
many people would like to play every week! The club is open to any         status, i.e. Working Holiday Visa, permanent Canadian resident,
language speakers – the common language is Ping Pong!                      etc) to hr@jccc.on.ca. Deadline for application: March 15,
                                                                           2010. Questions? Please contact Milton Reynolds, 416-936-
Day:     Thursdays starting from March 2010                                0438.
Time:    7:00pm - 9:00pm
Fees:    $25 plus GST per month (JCCC membership required.

Please pay a monthly fee by the first Thursday of the month. No           Hula For Health Spring Session
refund for any missed classes. Please call 416-441-2345 or email          Introductory and beginner Hula dance lessons
jccc@jccc.on.ca to register.                                              for adults to get fit in a fun way! Each class
                                                                          limited to 25 students. JCCC membership
                                                                          is required to enrol. Students must be 18 &
                                                                          over. Please wear comfortable clothing and
JCCC Bazaar                                                               prepare to be barefoot during class.
Just a quick reminder about our annual JCCC Bazaar. It’s coming up
on Saturday May 1, 2010 from 12:30pm to 4:00pm. We appreciate             Dates: Mondays, April 5 - June 14, 2010
the fantastic support of all of the donor's and the community. We                (No class on May 24)
hope that you will consider helping us out again this year. While         Fee:   $50 (plus GST)
we have previously accepted donations from early in the year, we          Introductory class: 10:00am-11:30am
ask that you do not bring them in until after March 31st. While we        No experience necessary
appreciate your generosity, we have limited storage space for the         Kumu: Kule'a Pa'a (Junko Ichinose)
numerous donations.                                                       Beginner class: 7pm-8:30pm (These classes are FULL; no new
     We are also looking for any volunteers to help with preparation      students are accepted at this time)
before and on the day of the Bazaar. Please keep a lookout for            Kumu in Class A: Melalilia Uriarte
more information in our April Newsletter.                                 Kumu in Class B: Alma "Wailana" Ona
     Thank you again for all your support. We look forward to a
successful 2010 Bazaar!                                                   Please call 416-441-2345 or email jccc@jccc.on.ca to register.
SEDAI Seeking One-Year Contract                                               Kono-en Fine Japanese Teas
Position                                                                      The JCCC is very proud to announce the opening of its newest
www.sedai.ca                                                                  community partnership: Kono-en Fine Japanese Teas.
                                                                                   Kono-en brings the tradition of Japanese tea and tea culture
Sedai is a project that has been undertaken by the Japanese
                                                                              to North America. Originating with matcha, the Japanese consume
Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) to collect, record and preserve
                                                                              many varieties of green tea such as Gyokuro, Sencha, Houjicha
the history of the Japanese Canadians in a web- based digital
                                                                              and Genmaicha. All of these varieties, along with the beautiful
archive. We are doing this by collecting old photos and documents
                                                                              receptacles in which they are consumed are currently offered for
and interviewing Japanese Canadians about their lives while
                                                                              sale at Kono-en. Kono-en deals solely with Marukyu Koyamaen,
on camera. Over twenty Japanese Canadians have already
                                                                              located in the Kyoto region, Uji city; all tea products are brought in
volunteered to be interviewed for this project - we hope to have
                                                                              directly from Marukyu Koyamaen in Japan. Marukyu Koyamaen was
several hundred by the completion of this project.
                                                                              founded in the Genroku era of Japan (late 1600’s-early 1700’s) and
     The JCCC Sedai project is seeking to hire a full time position on
                                                                              continues to operate from the same location ever since. Marukyu
a one-year contract basis. This individual will identify candidates,
                                                                              Koyamaen still to this day offers very high quality teas and things
arrange and conduct interviews, correspond with interviewees,
                                                                              used for Japanese tea ceremonies, all of which are carried in the
manage contracts, transcribe interviews, write short articles about
the project, deal with website issues and generally assist in moving
                                                                                   This elegant shop is located at our east entrance, between
the project forward. This individual will also help develop and
                                                                              Hashimoto and Ikebata Nursery.
manage Sedai's relationships with its external funders, such as
Densho and Discover Nikkei, and stakeholders. It is important that
the candidate be able to identify potential funding sources and write
grant proposals.
     It will also be important that this person be able to take initiative
and work independently. Video camera and computer skills as
well as an understanding of web-based archives will also be seen
as an asset. An interest in the Nikkei community and heritage is
     This is an opportunity to play an integral role in a very important
JCCC project. Sedai's office is in the JCCC, conveniently located
at Don Mills and Eglinton. By collecting these stories now, we will
preserve this part of our history to pass on to future generations.
If you are interested in being part of this project, please send your
cover letter and cv, addressed to Lorene Nagata, to jobs@sedai.ca
or call Lorene at 416-214-9881 for further information.
                                                                              Front entrance of Kono-en .Photo courtesy of Kono-en.

 Kiri-e of Kawagoe: An Exhibition of Kiri-e Art by Mark Yungblut
                                               The JCCC is pleased to announce a new exhibition of Kiri-e (Japanese paper-cutting) art by Mark
                                               Yungblut to be displayed in the hallway linking the Kobayashi Hall and Moto Dori.
                                                  Mark has been creating art for the past ten years, and has had his kiri-e and pencil drawings
                                               displayed in Japan, Toronto, and Waterloo. He began by drawing mostly Japanese castles and
                                               temples in pencil, and continued to do so until he was introduced to Yasuyuki Okamura in April,
                                               2004 during a trip to Japan. Mr. Okamura is a kiri-e artist and teacher and he taught Mark the
                                               basics of this art form, and has continued teaching him during subsequent visits. For the past
                                               five years Mark has been focusing mainly on kiri-e, and having been to Japan several times
                                               during that time, creates works from pictures that he has taken while there. On a recent trip to
                                               Japan, Mark had the opportunity to visit a city called Kawagoe, which is a castle town in the Kanto
                                               district famous for its buildings from the Edo period (1603-1868). Kawagoe is full of many unique
                                               cultural and historic properties from that era, and is one of three cities called “Little Edo”. Many
                                               of the buildings that will be depicted in this exhibit are kurazukuri (fireproof storehouses), which
                                               were part of a construction boom started in 1720 after the shogunate gave permission for their
                                               manufacture. At its peak, there were over 200 of these buildings, yet today only a few dozen
                                               remain along the main streets.
                                                    Starting in early March, Mark will be displaying some of his kiri-e inspired by his visit to
                                               Kawagoe at the JCCC, and you are invited to come and experience the ancient charm of this city
                                               through the Japanese art of kiri-e.

Thank you Toronto Kohaku Utagassen                                      Toronto Kumamoto Kenjin-Kai Party
                                                                        by Toronto Kumamoto Kenjin-Kai
                                                                        The Toronto Kumamoto Kenjin-Kai will be celebrating its 59th
                                                                        YEAR with a Heritage and Friends party on Saturday March 13,
                                                                        2010 at the Toronto Buddhist Church (1011 Sheppard Ave. W) from
                                                                        1:00pm to 5:30pm. The Program includes memorial service, annual
                                                                        general meeting, awards by Kumamoto Governor Ikuo Kabashima,
                                                                        bingo, music, song, odori (grand Oemoyan music festival!), door
                                                                        prizes, obento dinner. Fee is $15. Free for members 80 and over.
                                                                        For reservations please call: Arthur 416-444-3702 or Martha 416-

                                                                        Hiroshima Kenjin-Kai Shinboku-kai
                                                                        by Hiroshim Kenjin-Kai
                                                 Geino Aikokai’s        The annual Hiroshima Kenjin-kai Shiboku-kai will be held at the
                                                 Atsuko Nakayama
                                                                        Toronto Buddhist Church, 1011 Sheppard Ave. W. on Saturday
                                                 (left) presents
                                                 the JCCC with          March 20, 2010.
                                                 another generous            Registration starts at 12:30pm, followed by a memorial
                                                 contribution for the   service at 1:00pm. The day’s program includes a brief business
                                                 proceeds this 2009’s
                                                                        meeting, then a presentation by a guest speaker and the usual
                                                 successful Kohaku
                                                 Utagassen.             entertainment featuring bingo, karaoke singing, and a sing-along.
                                                                        Plans have been made to serve a delicious bento supper and the
                                                                        evening will end with the popular drawing of donated door prizes.
Special Occasion at the JCCC Bridge Club                                To assist in determining the number of bento to be ordered, all who
by Ruth Mori                                                            are planning to attend are asked to call one of the following by
January 11, 2010 marked a very special occasion for the JCCC            March 15, 2010:
Tuesday Bridge Club.                                                         Kay Yaguchi (Toronto)          416-757-4306
     We had the pleasure of celebrating the birthdays of two                 George Nakano (Mississauga) 905-785-9381
remarkable women who have been long-time members of the                      Mike Honda (Hamilton)          905-385-6325
bridge club and the Centre. Tomi Kadonaga turned 97 on January
8 and Alice Siegel turned 91 on January 16. Their memories are
                                                                        Toronto Fukuoka Kenjin-Kai Annual
sharp and they continue to play good hand of bridge.                    General Meeting and Social
     We extend hearty congratulations to both of them.                  by Toronto Fukuoka Kenjin-Kai
     Happy Birthday Tomi and Alice.                                     The Toronto Fukuoka Kenjin-Kai's 30th Anniversary Annual General
                                                                        Meeting and Social will be held on Saturday April 3, 2010 from
                                                                        1:00pm to 6:00pm at the JCCC Shokokai Court. Free bento for
                                                                        members 80 yrs and over. Annual membership fee is $5, bento is
                                                                        $15. Please join us with your family and friends to enjoy the day
                                                                        of celebration. For reservations please call the following by March
                                                         Tomi (left)    26, 2010:
                                                         and Alice           Suenori Tominaga       416 266-5746
                                                         (right).            Yosh Suyama            416 461-2384
                                                                             Asaye Amemori          416 781-4997
                                                         courtesy of
                                                         Ruth Mori.          Joan Hirano            905 883-1835
                                                                        Momiji Bazaar! 2010
3rd Annual Young Asian Singing                                          by Momiji Health Care Society
Competition                                                             Save the date…Saturday March 27, 2010 from 12:00pm to 3:30pm
by Sid Ikeda                                                            at 3555 Kingston Rd, Toronto.
Japanese singing competition, sponsored by the Canadian                      The Bazaar is Momiji’s biggest annual fundraiser and a much-
Multicultural Council - Asians in Ontario, will be held at the JCCC     loved community tradition, full of delicious food, terrific bargains,
on Saturday April 24, 2010 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. If you are           friends and fun!
between the age of 14 and 25 and are of Japanese descent, you                Each year, we need up to 250 volunteers to make our Bazaar
will automatically qualify for the competition.                         a success, both on Bazaar Saturday and the day before (Friday
      For details, please contact Jason Ying at 416-871-7888 or         March 26), when we set up the facility and hold our famous sushi
jasonying@888yahoo.com, or Sid Ikeda at 416-452-9765 or ikeda.          and manju bees. Interested in helping out? Contact Jovel, our
consultants@sympatico.ca.                                               Volunteer Coordinator, at 416-261-6683 ext. 234.
      Winners will advance to the semi-finals and finals. Dates for          As always, donations for our Bazaar are also welcome: crafts,
these to be announced.                                                  books, toys, housewares, china, plants, Japanese goods, home
                                                                        baking and much more is needed! Call Lee Mixon at 416-261-6683
8                                                                       ext.224 to make arrangements.
                                             DONATIONS TO THE JCCC
                                                      As of February 8, 2010
                                      The JCCC gratefully acknowledges the following donations:

Ms. Margaret Adamson                 30         Mrs. Miyo Ito                      25             In memory of Fumiko Alice Miike
Mr. and Mrs. Ede Ardelean            20         Mr. and Mrs. George Iwata          25             Dawn and Jill Miike                50
Mrs. Betty Asano                     25         Dr. and Mrs. Teruo Izukawa         50             In memory of Kay Nishida
Ms. Reiko Baba                       25         Mrs. Mary Kawasaki                 20             John Nishida and Family           200
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi                        Mr. and Mrs. Ritz Kinoshita        25             Mr. and Mrs. Brian Terakita       200
  UFJ (Canada)                      127         Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kobayashi      30             In memory of Kenji Okuno
Mrs. Kimiko Bar-On                   10         Mrs. Hisako Kondo                  50             Mrs. Toshiye D. Tanaka            100
Mrs. Agnes Carroll                   20         Mrs. Yasuko P. Kusano              20             In memory of Luke Tanabe
Ms. Joanne Dillon-Smith             142         Mrs. Kay Mende                     20             Mr. Donn Cherry                    50
Mrs. Pauline Doi                     30         Mr. and Mrs. Tad Miura             25             Ms. Carol Shibuya                  50
Miss Grace Ebisuzaki                 30         Mr. and Mrs. Koji Morishita        30             Mr. Andrew Titheridge              50
Mrs. Shizuko Fujimoto                30         Mr. and Mrs. Saburo Morita         25             In memory of Mitsuru Sasaki
Mr. Kaz Ishii                        80         Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Betty Moritsugu 25             Mrs. Grace Sasaki                 500
Ms. Lily Kai                        100         Mr. and Mrs. John Murakami         50             In memory of Takiko Hatanaka
Mr. Kiyoshi Koyanagi                 20         Mr. and Mrs. Stoney Nagata         25             Kiyoo Goto                         25
Mr. Bob McArthur &                              Mrs. Frances Nakamura              25
  Ms. Harumi Inokuchi               500         Mr. and Mrs. Tosh Omoto            25             Heritage
    Kyudo program                               Mr. and Mrs. Tad Oyagi             25             Anonymous                          60
Mrs. Hilda Mitsubata                100         Mr. and Mrs. Tom Oyagi             25               Kazuo Hamazaki Exhibit
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Mori             65         Mrs. Ruth Saito                    25             Mr. and Mrs. Katsu Iguchi          20
Mrs. Mae Nagasuye                    80         Mrs. Shizue Saito                  25               Kazuo Hamasaki Exhibition
Mrs. Phyllis M. Nakagawa             25         Mrs. Yukiko Shibata                25             Ms. Barbara Spry                   30
Mrs. Sue Nakashima                   20         Anonymous                          25               ‘Just Add Shoyu’ Cookbook
Mrs. Nancy Nasu                      30         Mr. and Mrs. Kunio Suyama          25
Mr. and Mrs. Shizuhiko Nishisato   100          Mr. and Mrs. Hiro Suyehiro        200             Supporting Members
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nobuto            50         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Takagi         25             Ambassador:
Mr. Curtis Odette                   100         Mr. and Mrs. Ken Takahashi         50             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shiozaki    1,000
Mrs. Kay Oki                        100         Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tanaka           20             Leader:
Mr. Tom Oyagi                 Uniforms          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tanaka        20             Dr. John & Dr. Eiko Mernagh        450
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tanaka         100         Mr. and Mrs. Rick Tazumi           30             Partner:
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Tonegawa           35         Mr. and Mrs. Tony Tonegawa         20             Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Azuma          150
Toronto Kohaku Utagassen          3,000         Mr. and Mrs. George Tsushima       25             Mr. Brent Borgundvaag              120
Mrs. Lillian Tsuji                   30         Mrs. Betty Ura                     50             Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ikeda          150
Mr. and Mrs. Satoshi Yano            65         Mrs. Terrie Watanabe               20             Mr. Kiyoshi Kawaguchi              130
Mrs. Marcia Masako Yoshida           80         Mrs. Kimiko Yamamoto               25             Mr. Stewart Lewis                  120
                                                Mr. Gordon Yoshida                 40             Mrs. Mary Morita                   150
In Memoriam                                     Mr. Howard Yoshida                 50             Mr. and Mrs. Shizuhiko Nishisato   115
In memory of Aiko Nicki Koyanagi                Ms. Pamela Yoshida                 25             Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Roxby           150
Mr. Kiyoshi Koyanagi             200            Mr. Ross Yoshida                   50             Mr. and Mrs. Ross Shin             150
Mrs. Jean Goto                    20            Mr. Takeo Yoshida                  20             Dr. and Mrs. Alan Shiozaki         100
Mr. Teruji Goto                   25            Mrs. Tomoko Yoshida                20             Mr. and Mrs. Paul Takasaki         100
Mrs. Michiko Harada               25            In memory of Bill Shigeo Nakagawa                 Dr. Jane Toyota                    120
Ms. Mary Hiraishi                 25            Mrs. Phyllis M. Nakagawa          200             Mrs. Toshiko Usami                 150
Ms. Tomi Hiraishi                 25            In memory of Dana Iwai Brown                      Mr. and Mrs. George Uyeyama       150
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ikeda         25            Mrs. Elaine Iwai                  500

Contact Wanted !
by Patricia Morris
I'm trying to put together a story of history, concerning a group of
Japanese people that during the years between 1946, to about
1953, who lived in Mount Forest, ON. They resided on Waterloo
St. and worked at the Basket Factory. There were 32 Japanese
individuals in town at that time. Surnames found in research are
"Takarage, Chiba, Akasa, Nagata, and Hayashida". Are you one of
this group? Or are related, in any way? Or know of someone who          
is? If any of these apply to you, please contact me to share your
Mount Forest memories. It is my goal to add your part of history to
the Mount Forest Archives.
     Thank you for your time!
Email : pmorris@bmts.com
Mailing Address: Ms. P. Morris, 432 -Third Ave, Hanover, ON
                    N4N 3K1
Phone: 519 -364 -2439
All replies will be answered!

Upcoming Jpals Programs and
March 2010 - Eiko Menagh talk "If someone falls ill in your family"
May 2010 - Cooking workshop by Mina Yokomine, chef for the
Consul General of Japan Toronto.

All workshops and talks by Jpals are offered in Japanese only, so       
if you can understand and read Japanese, you are welcome to
attend. Please see Japanese section (p.10-12) for details






























               5% discount for JCCC members

                                                           Planning Today, For Tomorrow

                                                           HIGHLAND FUNERAL HOME
                                                           Highland Memory Gardens Cemetery

                                                                 Stephen Kawano

                                                     Tel: (416) 493-9580 ext.227   Fax: (416) 493-1171

     For All Your Real Estate Needs...
     Especially ‘Hands On’ Downsizing Service...

                     bonni maikawa
                     sales representative
                     416 966 0300
     sutton group associates realty inc. brokerage
Martin Kobayashi
Branch Manager
Dundee Private Investors Inc.
6 Garamond Court, Suite 260                                                                         japantown.ca
North York, ON M3C1Z5                           JAPANESE SHOPPING CENTRE                                  Woodbine Ave.
Tel: 416-510-1565 Ext. 224                      3160 Steeles Ave. E., Markham, Ontario
                                                                                          HWY 404
mkobayashi@dundeewealth.com                     HOURS                                                         TOYOTA
www.dundeewealth.com                            Mon: Closed
                                                Tue-Fri: 10am - 7pm                                   Steeles Ave.
                                                Sat: 9am - 7pm                                                 Asian Kitchen

                                                Sun: 11am - 6pm
                                                                                                                          Victoria Park Ave.

                                                  HEISEI MART              BAKERY                        FãMu
                                                 (905) 305-0108           NAKAMURA                  (905) 475-5005
                        DAVID IKEDA
                        Sales Representative                             (905) 477-3555

                        416-234-2424             Japanese Groceries   Breads, Cakes                  Natural Meats
                        dikeda@interlog.com         Bento Boxes     Homemade Ice-cream               Japanese cuts

                                                JAPAN BEAUTY              SAKANA-YA             JAPAN BOOK
                        Sutton Group               IMAGES                (905) 415-8889           CENTRE
                        Old Mill Realty Inc.,     (905) 943-9248                                    (905) 415-0611
                        Brokerage                                            Sashimi          Japanese Magazines
                                                 Shiseido Cosmetics       Fresh Seafood         Japanese Books
                                                      Toiletries                               Rental Video/DVD
                                                  TORA SUSHI                CAFÉ                     STUDIO T
                                JCCC Giftshop     (905) 948-8047          GREEN TEA                  Beauty Salon
                                                                                                    (905) 475-4247
                                                                         (905) 470-0758
                                                                       Japanese-style Café Quality Hair Services
                                                   Take-out Sushi      Eat-in and Take-out Japanese Solutions
                                                                                              and products      15
       Unique and authentic gifts
                         Tokyo’s Yamamoto Kyogen Company performs
                         in celebration of its 100th Anniversary.
                         With a 600-year history, Kyogen is a comic
                         form of classical Noh theatre.
                          Join us for a rare chance to see this
                         unforgettable art form.

    Monday March 29, 2010 7:00pm

                             Tickets on sale January 2010. Call 416. 441.2345                       Commemorative DVD on sale now!
                               Admission: $25 JCCC members & students, $30 Non-members

 The North American tour of Yamamoto Kyogen is organized and produced by Japan Society, New York,
 and is supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

16Garamond Court, Toronto www.jccc.on.ca
 6                                            416. 441. 2345
       Come to the JCCC for a fun day of activites at
                 Nikkei Kids Day
                                       Monday, March 15, 2010
 Two free sessions to choose from:
     Morning (9 to 11 a.m.) or Afternoon (1 to 3 p.m.)

There is no charge to participate in this event. A parent, grandparent, or   日
adult guardian must accompany each
participant for the entire session.                                          系
Activities are most suited for
children 6 years old and up.
Pre-registration is required.
Please call the Japanese
Canadian Cultural Centre at
416-441-2345, or
email jccc@jccc.on.ca
to register.

Organized by the JCCC Heritage Committee
“Helping to Preserve the Past Today”
                                     6 Garamond Court, Toronto, ON M3C 1Z5
                                     416-441-2345 www.jccc.on.ca                 17
               (9:00am to 11:00am)     (1:00pm to 3:00 pm)

“Helping to Preserve the Past Today”

              3rd Annual
               in Canada

              Entry Deadline | April 30, 2010
         Award Presentation | Nov. 14, 2010
              Exhibition | Nov. 14 - 27, 2010
   at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

                   Entry Fee | Regular - $80
                             Students - $50

               Entry forms can be picked up
  at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
        and The Japan Foundation, Toronto

                   Competition organized by
                       SHODO CANADA

                                 Please send all inquiries to ShodoCanada@gmail.com

Supported by the Consulate General of Japan, The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and The Japan Foundation, Toronto
                                 Japanese Calligraphy Competition in Canada 2010
                                 COMPETITION RULES
                                 Open juried competition for adults and students practicing Shodo (Japanese calligraphy)
                                 in Canada with selected works to be exhibited at the Gendai Gallery, Japanese Canadian
                                 Cultural Centre, Toronto, Ontario from November 14 to November 27, 2010.
                                 ELIGIBILITY & NUMBER OF ENTRIES
                                 One entry only by a resident in Canada, adult or student (18 years and under)

                                 Deadline: Friday, April 30, 2010
                                 Jury review: May 2010 in Japan
                                 Exhibition: Sunday, November14- Saturday, November 28, 2010 (Daily 12-4pm and
      SHODO CANADA               weekends 11am to 4pm)
                                 Award Ceremony: Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 2:00pm

     Maeda Noriko                Unmounted calligraphy paper, maximum size of 24.5cm x 33.5cm with rubbed sumi ink
                                 figure in any style finished with signed name or seal or both. Low quality liquid ink will
     388 Arden Place             bleed when wet mounted resulting in disqualification. Enclose with completed ENTRY
     Waterloo,Ontario. N2L 2N7   FORM/ENTRY CARD and cheque.
     PHONE                       SHIPPING/DELIVERY
     1.519.725.2508              Postage or courier costs for out of town entries to be covered by entrant and must be
     EMAIL                       postmarked by midnight April 30, 2010. Mail or deliver c/o SHODO CANADA, 388
     shodocanada@gmail.com       Arden Place, Waterloo Ontario. N2L 2N7. Entry must be rolled in tube or packed flat
                                 with rigid board, packaged securely and clearly labeled. All entries must be picked-up on
                                 Sunday, November 28, 2010 from 12-1pm. Please arrange to have your entry picked up.
                                 Any unclaimed entries will be returned by regular post.

                                 All selected works will be professionally wet mounted in Japan. Fifteen grand prize
                                 winners will have their work mounted on a silk scroll. An exhibition of all work will be
                                 displayed for public viewing.
                                 Kasai Shundou, ! Member of Jury, Mainichi Calligraphic Association
                                 !       !        President, Fuzanin-kai
                                 Akai Kian,!       Member, Mainichi Calligraphic Association
                                 !       !         Lecturer, Secion-kai
                                 Abe Ikkou,!       Member, Mainichi Calligraphic Association
                                 !       !         President, Abe Shodo-kai
                                 Nakagomi Kazu,! Member, Mainichi Calligraphic Association
                                 !      !        President, Tou boku-kai
                                 Hasegawa Yuji,!   Member, Mainichi Calligraphic Association
                                 !      !          President, Shiyo-kai

                                 SUPPORTED BY

                                 Consulate General of Japan in Toronto                                           page 1 of 2
                                 The Japan Foundation, Toronto
                                 Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre


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