Terrorism Terrorism The unlawful use or threatened use of

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 The unlawful use or threatened use of
force or violence to intimidate or coerce
   societies or governments, often for
     ideological or political reasons.
  Terrorism is not a new idea…
• Greek historian
  Xenophon (400B.C.)
  referred to
  psychological warfare
  against an enemy
         Tiberius and Caligula
• Roman Emperors
   – Banishment
   – Expropriation of
   – Execution
To discourage
  opposition to their
            Spanish Inquisition

• In trying to eliminate
  religious heresy they
   – Arbitrary arrest
   – Torture
   – Execution
              Take note…
• These examples of terrorism are state, or
  government, sponsored.
• More examples include…
  – French Revolutionaries
  – Bolsheviks and Lenin
  – Hitler
  – Stalin
Terrorism isn’t always foreign…

• Ku Klux Klan
  – Formed in 1865
  – Purpose: to intimidate
    supporters of
    Terrorist tactics have been
      admired in the past…
• American Revolution
• Resistance Movements during WWII
• Israeli freedom fighters in Palestine (anti-
• FLN in Algeria (anti-French)


• These independence
  movements inspired
  modern terrorism!
             Past Terrorist Attacks…
         September 5, 1972
       Olympic Village
       Munich, Germany
Eight terrorists - from a militant
   Palestinian group, Black
   September, took the Israeli
   athletic team hostage.
Demands: the release of 236
   Arab prisoners in Israel
Result: 1 German police
   officer, 5 terrorists, 9
   hostages DEAD!
    3 terrorists were arrested.
          Past Terrorist Attacks…
       December 21, 1988
        PanAm Flight 103
Libyan terrorist planted a bomb
   on the flight originating in
   Germany flying to New
   York.The bomb exploded over
   Lockerbie, Scotland
Rationale: Believed to be state-
   sponsored terrorism in
   response to the bombing of
   Tripoli in 1986
Result: 259 Passengers and 11
   bystanders DEAD!
Abdelbaset Al Megrahi arrested and
   convicted of planning the
         Past Terrorist Attacks…
       February 26, 1993
    New York City, New York
  World Trade Center Bombing
Kuwaiti man, Ramzi Yousef, and
  at least three other men
  planted a “car” bomb in the
  garage of the World Trade
  Center, hoping that the blast
  would topple one tower into
  the other as well as spread
  cyanide gas across town killing
            1993 WTC Bombing

Rationale: Leader of a terrorist
  cell heeding the call of Jihad
  on the U.S.
Result: 6 people dead, 1000
  injured, Towers stayed upright
  and the cyanide gas
  evaporated in the heat of the
Ramzi Yousef was sentenced to
  life in prison on January 8,
          Past Terrorist Attacks…

          March 19, 1995
           Tokyo, Japan
 Sarin Attacks on Tokyo Subways
Extremist Buddhist organization,
   Aum Shinri Kyo, released Sarin
   gas in subways.
Rationale: This organization and
   its leader, Asha Hara, wanted
   to take over Japan
Result: 12 people dead, 5,000
The leader and 427 of his
   followers were arrested and
   complied with government
         Past Terrorist Attacks…
           April 19, 1995
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
A moving van loaded with
  explosives was detonated
  outside the building destroying
  the front half of the building.
Rationale: Anti-government
  sentiment and the defense of
  the Constitution, specifically
  the 2nd Amendment.
       Oklahoma City Bombing
Result: 167 people dead
   (19 children), 500 injured
Worst act of terror
   committed on U.S. soil
– at that point in time –
Timothy McVeigh was
   sentenced to death,
   subsequently executed
   and Terry Nichols was
   sentenced to life in prison
         Past Terrorist Attacks…
        August 7, 1998
      Kenya and Tanzania
  American Embassy Bombings
Suicide bomb attacks at two
   different embassies hundreds
   of miles apart, but within
   minutes of each other.
First recognized acts of Al Qaida,
   a network of terrorists led and
   supported by Osama bin
   Laden, a Saudi Arabian
           Embassy Bombings
Rationale: Response to a
  call for Jihad on the U.S.
Result: 12 people dead,
  224 injured
Osama bin Laden became a
  recognized name and hit
  the FBI’s Top Ten Most
  Wanted Men
          Past Terrorist Attacks…
        October 12, 2000
        Yemen naval port
     Bombing of the U.S.S. Cole
Two men, later linked to Al Qaida,
  sailed a small boat full of
  explosives next to the U.S.S.
  Cole, detonating the bomb.
Leaving a 20 x 40 foot hole in the
  side of the ship.
Rationale: Goal was to sink the
  ship and lower U.S. morale
Result: 17 sailors dead, 39 injured
No one has been held accountable,
  added to the list of grievances
  against and crimes of Osama bin

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