Hostess Bingo by dfgh4bnmu


									             Hostess Bingo
                     You gathered 3 or                    You had at least
                                       You fixed a snack                        Check this box
 Yeah! You had         more outside                      two guests fill out
                                           or dessert                         if 8 or more adults
one friend book a      orders from                       their wish lists and
                                         to serve your                           attended your
   workshop!         people unable to                     bring them to the
                                             guests                                workshop.
                          attend.                            workshop.
                     Check this box if   Check this box if    You called me      You made follow
You are signed up     your workshop       your workshop      with a count two    up phone calls to
  to receive my       has a net sales     has a net sales     or more days      remind your guests
e-mail newsletter.     total of $300       total of $250       before your          about your
                          or more             or more           workshop.           workshop.
  You gathered          Two of your
                                                                                    You served
    $75.00 in        guests have never                        You held your
                                                                                beverages to your
  outside orders      attended any of    FREE SPACE          workshop at MY
                                                                                   guests during
   prior to your       my camps of                               house.
                                                                                  the workshop.
    workshop            workshops.
 At least one of
                                                             Check this box if Your SU wish list
  your invited                         Check this box
                      Yeah! You had                           your workshop is filled out prior to
 guests brought                       if you have 10 or
                     two friends book                         has a net sales   your workshop.
  a friend that                       more adults attend
                       a workshop!                           total of $400 or You KNOW what
 wasn't sent an                        your workshop.
                                                                   more.          you want!
Three or more of You are holding
                                                      You close your
your guests each your workshop on You filled out the                              Yeah! You had
                                                     orders within two
purchase $50 or    the originally  form “40 Guests                              three friends book
                                                       days of your
  more in SU      scheduled date -  in 40 Minutes”                                 a workshop!
    products           yeah!

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