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                         REPORT FOR CONSULTATION
 Title: London Bus Initiative Route 140 Review
 By:    Marcia Beuth
 To:    Northolt Area Committee

 Comments required by 15th September 2003 (Agenda -4 at the latest)

           Department/Section                 Approval/Comment by

  Trade Unions                       No staffing implications, not   N/A
  Legal Comments                     Supplied by the Service
                                     Director for Transport &
                                     Planning Policy
  Finance Comments                   Included in the report


 Confidential/Exempt Item?        Yes/Yes (part)/No*; if Yes or Yes (part)
                                  which paragraph(s) …. of Schedule 12A
 Urgent item?                     Yes/No*; if Yes set out the reasons below.

  Reason for Urgency
The report considers the objections to a set of experimental traffic management
orders for bus lanes on the route 140. The bus lanes have proved controversial
and Cabinet have asked that the Area Committee consider the objections before
the report is considered by Cabinet at their meeting on the 7th October. At this
meeting the final decision will be made as to whether to amend, retain or remove
the bus lanes. This decision needs to be made in this cycle of meetings before the
traffic orders expire.

  Reason for Lateness
The report is late for two reasons: the monitoring reports from the two
consultants working on this review were supplied late. In addition a high level
meeting with the Cabinet member and the Vice Chair of the Transport for London
Board did not take place until the 15th September. We had hoped to complete the
report by the end of the day of the meeting, in order to meet the Committee
despatch deadline. However more radical changes to the report were requested by
Councillors and this took longer to complete.

 Approved by Director of Legal and Democratic Services


 Date ……………………………….

                                                     Report for:
                                                                   INFORMATION /
                                                     Item Number:

 Contains Private and              NO
 Confidential Information

 Title                             LBI Route 140 - Review
                                   Service Director,
 Responsible Officer(s)
                                   Transport & Planning Policy
                                   Marcia Beuth & Mike Donnellan, Transport Services
 Author(s)                         Tel: 020 8825 8017
 Portfolio(s)                      Transport & Planning
 For Consideration By              Northolt Area Committee
 Date to be Considered             24th September 2003
 Affected Wards                    Northolt West End and Northolt Mandeville
 Area Committees                   Northolt
 Keywords/Index                    London Bus Initiative

 This report sets out the findings of the LBI route 140 bus lane review and analyses
 the objections received with suggested mitigating measures.


         It is RECOMMENDED that the Committee:

         (i)     Note the contents of this report;

         (ii)    That the proposed Pelican crossing on Eskdale Avenue be approved
                 (paragraph 3.10)

         (iii)   Inform Cabinet of their views of what, if any, changes should be made
                 to the bus lanes


      Financial Implications
2.1   The Finance Director for the Environment Group notes that all cost of these
      works will be meet by the London Bus Initiative through funding by Transport
      for London

      Legal Implications
2.2   All proposals in this report can be implemented using the Council’s statutory
      powers as a highway authority. The bus lanes were introduced using an
      experimental traffic order. The Council now has to make a decision as to
      whether to retain, amend or remove the bus lanes.


3.1   This report sets out the results of the review of the bus lanes and associated
      works on the Route 140. The bus lanes were introduced using an
      experimental traffic order in July 2002 and these orders have a maximum life
      of 18 months. The bus lanes are part of a strategic scheme and thus the final
      decision on whether to retain, amend or remove them will be made at Cabinet
      at their meeting in October. This report addresses the following issues:

         The background to bus improvements in London (paragraph 3.2 to 3.6)
         The position on the changes requested by the Northolt Area Committee at
          their meeting last September (paragraph 3.7 to 3.10)
         The results of the recent review in June 2003 (paragraph 3.11 onwards),
          including details on journey times, accident levels, and an assessment of
          the main objections

3.2   The last three years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people
      using buses in London, and the quality of the bus service. One single fact that
      underlines the success of these improvements is that about 50% more
      passengers are now carried on London’s buses every weekday, than on the
      tube. In the last year alone London Buses have carried over 100 million more
      passengers than the year before.

3.3   Over the next decade the delivery of continued improvements to the bus
      network are vital if transport in London is to meet the demands of its growing
      number of residents and workforce, as set out in the Mayors Transport

3.4   With their flexibility, relative low cost and low infrastructure requirements,
      buses represent London’s only viable means of delivering real transport
      improvements in the short term.

3.5   Keeping in line with the Mayor's Transport Strategy of encouraging travel by
      more sustainable and efficient means of transport; bus lanes and other

      transport improvements were introduced as part of phase 1 of the BusPlus
      Initiative. These initiatives covered 27 key bus routes across London,
      following detailed studies of the route, public consultation and, in the case of
      Northolt, approval by London Borough of Ealing’s Cabinet members. The
      measures aim to increase the attractiveness of bus travel for existing bus
      users and encourage some trips, which are currently made by other means to
      switch to using the bus.

3.6   With any new traffic scheme it is necessary to allow a suitable "settling in"
      period before reviewing it. As these bus lanes were implemented under
      Experimental Traffic Management Orders, it allowed for a 6-month objection
      period in which the public could object to the scheme. The Council then had a
      further 12 months to make a decision about whether to keep the scheme in its
      current state, alter it or remove it all together.

      First Review
3.7   At the 19th September 2002, Northolt Area committee meeting it was
      requested that the review be bought forward to determine the effectiveness of
      the bus lanes. Steer Davies Gleave was subsequently commissioned by
      London Borough of Ealing to undertake a review of this section of the route.
      In addition Transport for London also commissioned Hyder Consultants to
      carry out a second review of bus journey times to assess how effective the bus
      lanes have been.

3.8   In addition, as part of this review officers met with representatives of 7
      residents groups and two local councillors on the 30th July. This enabled
      officers to gain greater understanding of the specific concerns for each section
      of the route.

3.9   A report was produced in January 2003 outlining recommendations aimed at
      addressing the residents’ complaints. The problems identified were as follows:

          Congestion and queues in the vicinity of Northolt station;
          Northbound queuing from the Church Road exit back across the Target
           roundabout. This in part is due to two lanes of traffic exiting the Target
           roundabout being required to merge at the new zebra crossing;
          Concerns about safety at the new zebra, given that it is located between
           a signalised roundabout and a pelican crossing;
          Difficulties for traffic, including the E10 service, turning right at the Ealing
           Road junction;
          Complaints about additional traffic rat running through the Racecourse
          Rat running along Hughenden Gardens by traffic seeking to avoid north
           bound queue on Yeading Lane

3.10   Following that report some remedial action was taken. A round up on the
       outstanding actions from the January report are as follows:

          Mandeville Road / Eastcote Lane North Junction: It was recommended
           that the signal timings at this junction be amended to reduce queuing and
           improve the situation for general traffic. Synchronising the pelican and
           junction timing has been completed as to have the amendments to the
           signals operation.

          Target and White Hart Roundabouts: Colin Buchanan and Partners were
           commissioned by the North and West Area Team of Street Management
           Services to carry out a review of the operation of White Hart and Target
           roundabouts, together with the effects of new bus lanes along Church
           Road. The study sought to minimise delays and queuing that occurred at
           the junctions. The report identifies the optimum signal setting for the
           roundabouts under uncongested conditions and contingency plan that may
           be implemented during congested conditions. TfL are considering this
           scheme and works on the White Hart Roundabout will be implemented

          Eskdale Avenue Zebra Crossing: A number of complaints were received
           about the zebra crossing at Eskdale Road. There were concerns about
           need for traffic to merge quickly down to one lane at the zebra. The zebra
           and refuge were consequently removed in May 2003. The Council has
           since carried out a consultation at the request of the Northolt Area
           Committee on the replacement of this crossing with a signal controlled
           crossing. The results of the consultation are as follows:

              Leaflets were distributed to 845 addresses within the vicinity of the
               crossing and of these:

                   Total Response Rate:       33% (283)
                   Positive Response:         23% (197)
                   Negative Response:         10% (86)

           We therefore recommend that this scheme be implemented providing that
           it passes the Safety Audit, which will be carried out by TTS.

          Keep Clear Markings: These were proposed at the junctions of Mandeville
           Road/Moat Farm Road and Yeading Lane/Kingshill Avenue. These were
           implemented at the beginning of September.

       Second Review
3.11   Since the January report, Steer, Davies Gleave were commissioned to
       undertake further studies looking specifically at the effects the bus lanes have
       on journey times. This was mainly due to the fact that inclement weather and
       the closure of the central line meant that the car and bus journey time findings
       in the January report were seen to be unreliable. The agreed approach
       involved a review of:

               Bus and car journey time surveys completed in February and June 2003;
               The hours of operation of the bus lanes
               Accident data;

     Bus and Car Journey Time Surveys
3.12 A key concern is whether the bus lanes actually work in improving the speed
     and reliability of the local buses. Clearly if the surveys indicate they do not
     work there is a case for reassessing whether they should be retained or
     significantly amended. To address this point two surveys have been
     commissioned, one by SDG and another by Hyder consulting.

3.13   Results from the January review undertaken by Steer Davies Gleave were
       affected by two unusual events. Firstly, the Central Line closure due to the
       derailment in January, and secondly, the last day of the survey was affected
       by sleet and snow which resulted in traffic on many roads being brought to a
       standstill. Therefore the surveys were repeated in June. SDG also assessed
       Automatic Vehicle Location data for a 12-month period from November 2001.

3.14   Transport for London also commissioned Hyder Consultants to independently
       assess data from the onboard cameras from Spring 2002 and then again in
       Autumn 2002 to check journey times of buses along this section of the route.

3.15   The SDG report concluded that there is a clear decrease in all periods for
       southbound bus journey times indicating that the bus lanes are successful but
       heading northbound buses did seem to get held up coming off the TLRN
       section of Church Road before entering the borough roads again.

3.16   The Hyder report included two important conclusions:

              bus run times generally decreased, and

              dwell time at bus stops increased and this can be attributed to an increase
               in passenger numbers.

3.17   Overall, the surveys from both consultancies agreed that reliability and journey
       times have improved over the Ealing section of the route. This detailed
       research is also backed up by anecdotal evidence from the bus operators who
       also indicate that bus journey times and reliability have improved since the
       introduction of the bus lanes last year.

       Hours of Operation of the bus lanes
3.18   A common issue raised by local residents is the issue of inconsistent hours of
       operation of the bus lanes along the Ealing section of the route. At present the
       hours of operation are either:

              7am – 7pm Monday to Friday

              24-hour , 7 days a week, and

          7-10am & 4-7pm on the TLRN section of Church Road.

       Officers consider that this point about consistency of the days and hours of
       operation is an important one and have discussed this with Transport for
       London and local residents groups. In addition, to aid this debate we have
       commissioned automatic traffic count surveys along the route. These surveys
       took place in June. These surveys were carried out in the following sections of
       the road:

          Yeading Lane

          Church Road (TfL Section)

          Mandeville Road

          Petts Hill

3.19   Graphs showing the volume of traffic along this route are supplied in Appendix
       One. Taking account of the traffic surveys and the need to have a limited
       range of options officers consider that there are effectively four main options
       for a consistent set of operation times. They are:

       Option 1:        7-10am & 4-7pm, Monday to Friday.

       Option 2:        7am – 7pm, Monday to Friday

       Option 3:        7am – 7pm, Seven days a week

       Option 4:        24-hours, Seven days a week.

       These graphs clearly show that over any one day during the week, there is not
       a substantial reduction in traffic levels in the inter peak period (10 am to 4 pm)
       and this would appear to indicate the first option would not provide enough
       protection for buses. In addition, the survey research also appears to indicate
       relatively high traffic flows on weekends as well and this would mean that the
       second option would not provide protection for buses at weekends. Thus
       officers consider that the third or fourth options are the most preferred and
       would like the views of the Area Committee on which to proceed with. Note
       that officers have met with representatives from Transport for London and they
       have agreed to consider changing the days and hours of operation on Church
       Road to the same as the borough roads to ensure a consistent set of times
       apply to the route.

       Accident Analysis
3.20   In response to the complaints about increase in the risk of accidents in the
       Mandeville road area between Ealing Road and Ribblesdale Avenue,
       accidents have been analysed for a period of 6½ years from January 1997 to
       June 2003. Appendix Two gives a section by section breakdown of personal
       injury accidents along Mandeville Road.

3.21   Whilst there is a substantial amount of data for the personal injury data from
       the Police before the implementation of the bus lanes, there is only a years
       worth of data for the situation after the bus lanes were implemented. It is
       generally considered that three years worth of data is required before definitive
       judgements can be made.

3.22   The average annual accident levels are as follows:

                                                Before               After

       Killed & serious injuries                2.2                  1

       Slight injuries                          14                   17

       Further analysis of the detailed accident data in Appendix Two indicates that
       many of the accidents are located at junctions and some of the measures
       listed in Appendix Three may well address current problems.

       Assessment of Objections
3.23   The total number of objections received within the 6-month objection period
       was 60 This included letters and e-mails. In relation to the 8100 consultation
       documents issued, this is a response rate of just under 1%. An overview of the
       responses are as follows:

          8 were from repeat authors (who sent more that 1 objection)
          19 arose from an article by 3 Councillors in a local leaflet asking for a
           response to how bad the bus lanes are perceived to be
          5 were specific to bus lanes on the TLRN section of the route
          9 were about other related issues (road markings, rat-running etc)

3.24   All the objections received from residents were assessed. Appendix Three
       tables a list of mitigating measures aimed at alleviating these problems and
       also gives a synopsis of issues received with responses and who is to action
       the work. These works included “Keep Clear” markings, yellow lining schemes
       and even the removal of a section of bus lane.

Background Documents
-     SDG LB Ealing Bus Lane Effect Monitoring Report
-     Hyder traffic study
-     Letters and e-mails of objection

                          Appendix One – Traffic Volume Graphs

                                                      Yeading Lane Northbound Hourly Flows




Vehicle Flows

                500                                                                                                                       Wednesday
                400                                                                                                                       Friday



                      1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8    9   10   11     12   13     14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24
                                                                     Hour Ending

                                                      Yeading Lane Southbound Hourly Flows




Vehicle Flow

                500                                                                                                                       Wednesday
                400                                                                                                                       Friday



                      1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8    9   10   11     12   13     14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24
                                                                     Hour Ending

                                                      Church Road Northbound Hourly Flows




Vehicle Flow

               1000                                                                                                                                           Wednesday
                800                                                                                                                                           Friday



                      1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9    10   11     12    13    14    15    16    17    18    19        20    21    22    23    24
                                                                      Hour Ending

                                                      Church Road Southbound Hourly Flows




Vehicle Flow

               1000                                                                                                                                          Wednesday
               800                                                                                                                                           Friday



                      1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8    9   10    11     12    13    14    15    16    17    18        19        20    21    22    23    24
                                                                      Hour Ending

                                                      Mandeville Road Northbound Hourly Flows



Vehicle Flow

               600                                                                                                                         Thursday


                      1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8     9   10   11     12   13     14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24
                                                                      Hour Ending

                                                  Mandeville Road Southbound Hourly Flows




Vehicle Flow




                      1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8     9   10   11     12   13     14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24
                                                                      Hour Ending

                                                      Petts Hill Northbound Hourly Flows




Vehicle Flow




                      1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11     12   13     14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24
                                                                    Hour Ending

                                                      Petts Hill Southbound Hourly Flows




Vehicle Flow




                      1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11     12   13     14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24
                                                                    Hour Ending

Appendix Two– Accident Brakdown by Junction

Mandeville Road / Ealing Road

1. There were a total of 29 accidents during this period at this junction, 1 fatal, 2
   serious, 26 slight. Of these:
       1 fatal accident involved a vehicle turning right into Ealing Road colliding
         with a vehicle going southbound.
       3 accidents involving vehicles turning right from Ealing Road colliding with
         vehicles travelling straight from the north approach. These accidents
         occurred when it was dark and before the bus lanes were implemented.
       4 pedestrian accidents all occurring during the weekend – 1 involving a
         drunk pedestrian
       3 accidents involving drunk people
       4 accidents where vehicles were run off the road (3 before bus lanes and 1
         after bus lanes were introduced)
       1 accident involving a bus – vehicle driver was at fault due to failing to give
         way to the bus (this was after the bus lanes were implemented)
       Serious accidents occurred after dark
       50% of all accidents at this junction occurred after dark.
       5 accidents have occurred after the installation of the bus lanes. 4 slight, 1
         fatal. The fatal accident involved a right turning vehcile colliding with an
         oncoming vehicle. This accident occurred after dark.

Mandeville Road / Badminton Close / Eastcote Lane North

2. There     were a total of 7 accidents during this period at this junction, 2 serious, 5
   slight.   All occurred prior to the bus lanes being implemented. Of these:
            1 serious involved a drunk driver
            1 serious involved a pedestrian
            2 pedestrian accidents both occurring in wet conditions
            1 accident involved a motorist disobeying a red signal

Mandeville Road / Carr Road

3. There were a total of 5 (slight) accidents during this period at this junction. Of
       4 out of 5 occurred during the night after 22.00
       4 out of 5 were rear end shunt type accidents
       3 accidents occurred during wet conditions
       1 slight injury accident occurred after the implementation of the bus lanes.
          This accident occurred when a right turning vehicle collided with a
          speeding vehicle heading straight.
       A further 3 accidents have been reported to us by residents, but due to
          these not being personal injury, they do not appear on the accident

Mandeville Road / Castle Road

4. There were a total of 15 accidents during this period at this junction, 4 serious, 11
   slight. Of these:
        4 were rear end shunts on the Northeast approach, 2 during wet conditions
           and 2 at night.
        3 collisions involving vehicles turning right into Castle Road colliding with
           vehicles travelling south-west. These were all attributed to the driver’s
           vision being obscured.
        3 of the 4 serious accidents happened when it was dark
        a high propostion of the accidents involved vehicles coming from the north-
           east approach.
        6 accidents have occurred since the implementation of the bus lanes, 5
           slight and 1 serious. 3 accidents occurred because of motorist’s vision
           being obscured and consequently not being able to see oncoming traffic.
           The serious accident occurred when a left turning vehicle failed to give way
           to oncoming traffic.
        A further 8 accidents have been reported to us by residents, but due to
           these not being personal injury, they do not appear on the accident

Mandeville Road / Briar Crescent

5. There were a total of 2 (slight) accidents during this period at this junction. Of
       Both involved vehicles
       Both involved skidding
       One accident involved a police chase
       One occurred during wet conditions

Mandeville Road / Ribblesdale Road

6. There were a total of 24 accidents during this period at this junction, 2 serious and
   22 slight. Of these:
       12 rear end type accidents occurred on the SW approach. Many involving
           stopping prior to the pedestrian crossing. One serious rear-end accident.
       7 rear end type accidents occurred on the NE approach.
       9 accidents occurred during wet weather conditions
       7 accidents occurred after dark
       2 accidents involving pedestrians. One serious
       9 accidents occurred during the weekend
       4 accidents occurred after the installation of bus lanes, 3 slight injury
           accidents and 1 serious. Two accidents involved vehicles colliding with
           stationary vehicles at the zebra crossing. One involved a motor cyclist
           swerving to avoid an obstacle. The other (serious) involved a pedestrian
           being struck by a vehicle overtaking a bus.

Appendix Three – Mitigating Measures With Relation to Objections

                                                      LB EALING /
MITIGATING MEASURE                                                      WHEN
Removal of Eskdale Ave zebra crossing                  LB Ealing       Complete
Replacement of the above with a signalled                           By end of March
controlled crossing                                                       04
Installation of “Keep Clear” box at junction of
                                                       LB Ealing       Complete
Moat Farm Road and Mandeville Road
Installation of “Yellow Box” marking at junction of
                                                       LB Ealing       Complete
Yeading Lane and Kingshill Avenue
Improvements to traffic signals at Eastcote Lane
                                                          TfL          Complete
North and Mandeville Road
Implement gating strategy at White Hart                             By end of March
roundabout                                                                 04
                                                                    By end of March
Implement gating strategy at Target roundabout            TfL
Resolve rat running issues on Church Road                           By end of March
                                                       LB Ealing
service road                                                               04
Resolve issues with controlled crossings on                         By end of March
Church Road                                                                04
                                                                    By end of March
Better lane markings on Target roundabout                 TfL
                                                                    By end of March
Yellow Box markings on Target roundabout                  TfL
Local safety and capacity improvements at                           By end of March
                                                       LB Ealing
junction of Kingshill Avenue and Yeading Lane                              04
                                                                    Complete Sept
Ealing Road / Mandeville Road point closure            LB Ealing
Signalisation of Mandeville Road / Ealing Road                      Bid for funds for
                                                       LB Ealing
junction                                                                  04/05
                                                                    By end of March
Widen entrance to Danemead Grove                       LB Ealing
                                                                    By end of March
Reduce speed limit on Church Road                         TfL
Waiting Restrictions and double yellow lines                        By end of March
                                                       LB Ealing
around Petts Hill Roundabout                                               04
Double Yellow lines up all side street entrances                    By end of March
                                                       LB Ealing
Remove southbound bus lane over Northolt                            By end of March
                                                       LB Ealing
Station Bridge and realign markings on the road                            04
Warning signs along bus lanes about traffic                         By end of March
                                                       LB Ealing
turning across them to heighten awareness                                  04


                  Issue                          Response                      Action

1    Mandeville Road –                  Bus lane is set back to bus
     Northbound, insufficient bus       stop on Northolt Bridge – no
     lane set back on approach to       need to cut it back any further None
     Eastcote Lane North to cope
     with turning traffic
2    Poor visibility exiting New        Keep Clear Box to be
     Market Road junction with          implemented                     Ealing
     Petts Hill
3    Junction of Danemead Grove         Trim back kerbs to allow
     with Petts Hill has insufficient   better ingress and egress of    Ealing
     width                              cars
4    Petts Hill roundabout. Bus         SDG to cost options. This
     lane inhibits flow through         section wide enough for the     SDG
     roundabout.                        lanes marked out
5    Poor visibility at junctions of    Increase double yellow lines
     Carr Road and Castle Road          and signage to increase
     with Mandeville Road               awareness of traffic on
                                        Mandeville Road
6    Southbound bus lane from           Agreed to remove this section
     Eastcote Lane North to             of bus lane and remark the
     Ealing Road casues safety          road to allow better merging
     concerns at Ealing Road            of traffic
     junction. Remove this
     section of buslane.
7    Poor visability at Moat Farm       Keep Clear box implemented
     Road junction with Mandeville      in September 03                 Nothing further
8    Insufficient road space for        Signal timing review, Gating
     southbound traffic                 Strategy and better lane
     approaching Target                 markings
9    TLRN Northbound bus lane           Lowering speed limit to
     safety concerns with regard        30mph and clear all gullys      TfL
     to cyclists and drainage
10   TLRN northbound bus lane           Gating Strategy options
     insufficient carriageway
     space on approach to Target
11   TLRN southbound bus lane,          Keep Clear boxes at
     poor visibility at junctions       junctions
     including Parkfield Road and                                       TfL
     Sycamore Close

                Issue                        Response                      Action

12   South of the White Hart        Rat running was monitored
     Roundabout – Northbound,       as part of the review and
     increased traffic congestion   there was little or no evidence
     causing rat running in local   of this. Bus lane on approach
     area. Also capacity issue on   to White Hart has been in for
     approach to White Hart         a number of years and was
     roundabout                     pre LBI, the situation has not
13   South of White Hart,           TfL to reduce speed limit
     southbound – safety                                            TfL
     concerns for cyclists
14   Bus lanes generally cause      This is an open ended
     unacceptable delays to other   argument                      None


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