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					   LA DOTD Federal Credit Union
Financial Resource Center Locations
                                              DEBIT CARD
              Baton Rouge
          1201 Capitol Access Road
           Toll Free (800) 436-8328
 (225) 387-JOIN (5646) — Fax (225) 379-1972

            Denham Springs
            1620 S. Range Avenue
           Toll Free (800) 436-8328
                                                 33 uses for a
    (225) 665-3436 — Fax (225) 667-2057
                                                 prepaid debit card
              Lake Charles                                          for College.
            5827 Highway 90 East                 32. Spending Money
           Toll Free (800) 274-0868
    (337) 437-3994 — Fax (337) 433-5180                                ng Account.
                                                 33. Don’t Have Checki
              3600 Nelson Road
           Toll Free (800) 274-0868
                                                 34. Home Equity Loan
    (337) 437-3994 — Fax (337) 474-1834

                                                  35. Morning Coffee.
          Mailing address for
      Financial Resource Centers                  36. Birthday Present.
       LA DOTD Federal Credit Union
              P.O. Box 2111                                              Money.
       Baton Rouge, LA 70821-2111                 37. Vacation/Traveling


                                                         Tell us how you
                                                         use your card @

                                              LA DOTD Federal Credit Union
               Save. Just Save!
Complete this information to
receive your prepaid card.                                  The card with unlimited uses gives you the
                                                            power to manage your money! You pre-fund
                                                            your card with a specific amount of money,
                                                            so you control your spending. Use it for online
                                                            shopping, ATM withdrawals and anywhere else
Account Number
                                                            that Visa is accepted.

                                                            It’s easy to use and manage with either a
First Name            Last Name                   Initial
                                                            click of a button, visit or call to the Credit
                                                            Union. When your card is running out of funds,
Social Security Number            Date of Birth             re-load it by going to, by
                                                            bringing the card to any branch, or by calling
                                                            the Credit Union with the card’s information.
Mother’s Maiden Name                                        Pay only 50 cents each time you re-load it!

                                                            Fund it. Spend it. Track it. Once you’ve put
Address                                                     funds on the card and begin using it, you can
                                                            track your spending with the internet
                                                            management tool. You will always know how
City                                                        much you’ve spent, where you spent it, and
                                                            how much is left on the card. It’s an easy way
                                                            to stay within your budget or to track your
State                      Zipcode                          child’s spending.

                                                            Safer than carrying cash. Our prepaid debit
Home Phone                 Work Phone                       card is safer than carrying cash since it is not
                                                            tied to your checking or savings account. If it is
                                                            lost or stolen, you won’t have any risk to your
I agree that I will be bound by the terms of the            Credit Union account.
prepaid debit card agreement and disclosure
which will be furnished to me. I agree to
surrender the card upon demand.

                                                                  Tell us how rd @
Signature                  Date                                   use your ca            rg
                                                                   tellthe creditunion.o

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