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					Homes for Sale -                     CLASSIFIED -Homes for Sale
       2016 Englewood Drive                       1430 McCulloh Street                             2861 W. North Avenue
                                                                          Marble Hill                                          City –
                                                                             Area –                                          3 BR/1 BA
                                                                                                                            remodeled a
                                                                         4- Story brick                                     few yrs ago;
                                                                        multi-family unit                                    just blocks
                                                                           zoned as a                                        away from
                                                                           3-apt. unit.                                     State Univ.;
 Gwynn Oak Area – Detached 5 BR/2 BA                                    Free Recorded                                           priced
 in Broad Acres Community; 2-car garage                                     Message                                             below
 equipped w/electricity; MBR/MBA on 1st                                                                                       appraised
      fl. Free Recorded Message                                                                   value. Free Recorded Message
         1-800-218-7890, ext 1014                                           ext. 1024                1-800-218-7890, ext. 1044

        Attention!                              LOAN ORIGINATORS                                 938 N. Collington Avenue
  1st Time Home Buyers                              NEEDED!!!
                                                                                                                          John Hopkins
                                                Nationwide Opportunity                                                    Biotech Area –
       Up to $10,000 for down
                                                     of a Lifetime                                                          3 BR/1 BA in
      payment and closing costs
          assistance from                    $3,000-$5,000 or More Earning Potential                                        need of rehab
                                                     No Experience Needed                                                  (not a shell) in
         City of Baltimore.
                                                     Full Training Provided                                                  the up-and-
                                                     Earn While You Learn                                                  coming Johns
   Call 1-800-218-7890, Ext. 4004
                                                Work Toward Ownership – FT/PT                                              Hopkins area.
   24 hours a day, 7 days a week
                                                                                                                          Free Recorded
                                                 Free Recorded Message                                                        Message
      National Lending Corporation              1-800-218-7890, ext. 4034                                                 1-800-218-7890,
                                                                                                                              ext. 1054

            Search Homes for                     Need A Reputable                                Free Services and
              FREE on the                        Service Provider?                              Products for Sellers
             Multiple Listing
                Service!                      Regarding home upgrades/repairs,                Call this Free Consumer Awareness
                                                                                              Hotline at 1-800-218-7890, ext. 3014
                                            Our list of home service providers that
                                                                                             24 hrs. a day / 7 days a week to receive
                                              are affiliated with us can help you
                You can visit                                                                 the following FREE services/products:
                                             settle in your new home or maintain       your existing home. For a list of            • Computerized market analysis of your
  to gain easy access to the Multiple       reputable contractors/vendors in your             home’s approximate value
                                              area that covers a full spectrum of           • Home Seller’s Guide
   List for information and for over                                                        • List of Home Warranty Companies
                                            home-related products & services call
    50,000 homes for sale, without                                                          • List of Homeowner’s Insurance Companies
                                              this Free Recorded Message at                 • No-commitment consultation with a Real
       having to reach an agent                   1-800-218-7890, ext. 2054                   Estate Professional

                                                                                                    Compliments of
             Free Services and                    Free Mortgage Lending
            Products for Buyers                   Services and Products                          Tiffany Mays’ Real Estate &
                                                                                                     Mortgage Lending
Call this Free Consumer Awareness           Call this Free Consumer Awareness
                                                                                                     Consulting Services……
Hotline at 1-800-218-7890, ext. 3004 24                                                          “ Easy access to all of the information
hrs. a day / 7 days a week to receive the
                                            Hotline at 1-800-218-7890, ext. 3024 to
following FREE services/products:           receive the following services/products:                  and services you need!”
                                                                                                       Cell: 410-961-6174
• No-commitment consultation with a Real    • No-commitment consultation with a
  Estate Professional                                                                            Office: 410-653-1700 ext. 6029
                                              Mortgage Professional
• No-commitment consultation with a
                                            • Mortgage Lending Manual
  Mortgage Professional
• Home Buyer’s Guide                        • Reverse Mortgage Guide
• Mortgage Lending Manual                   • Answers to the 10 most frequently asked
• Report on how you can boost                financial questions
  your credit score

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