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        The CLARION
       Volume LXII, No. 6 66666666666666 March, 2010

                                          realized that everyone else got better
President’s Corner                        as the season progressed too! So as        Future Events
                                          the year went on I competed against
                                          myself and aimed for improving my
                        Our lives are
                                          time with every race. I succeeded in
                                                                                        WSMTA Conference 2010
                     full of competi-
                     tion whether it      doing that and in the end I’m a pretty         OLYMPIA!
                     be personal, in      good swimmer and it’s something I
                     our work or for      enjoy!
                     recreation.     As                (Continued on Page 3)
                     I’m writing, the
                     Australian Open
                     just finished, the   Bravo!
                     X-Games are be-
                     ing completed,
                     the Super Bowl             NW Division MTNA
coming and soon there will be 2                 Performance Winners                           Aerial View of Olympia
weeks of the Olympic Games. All of
these athletes that compete take their       Congratulations to the following            It seems like a beehive of activity
sports seriously. They make it their      Washington State students who won          and planning here in your Capital
life’s work to become the best in their   in their category at the NW Division       City for our statewide Conference.
sport.                                    MTNA Performance competition in            Plans are well underway, and some
    The definition of competition is a    Portland, Oregon on January 15-17th!       key projects within the Conference
rivalry or process of trying to beat      These students will be continuing on       are nearly complete. We are looking
one another. The criteria for winning     to the MTNA National Competitions          forward to seeing you, new and old
is usually how many points one can        in Albuquerque in March!                   friends alike!
score, who has the fastest time, but                                                     We are writing, in these next few
                                                PERFORMANCE WINNERS
more often it is a very subjective jud-                                              months’ Clarion issues, some high-
                                          Category       Student/Teacher             lights about the Conference as you
ging. How many times have we              Jr. Piano      Christopher Lu/Peter Mack
watched gymnastics or figure skating                                                 make plans to join us! Your Confer-
                                          Sr. Piano      Min Joo Yi/Duane Hulbert    ence Co-Chairs are so pleased about
and did not agree with the judges’        Sr. String     Aaron Hall/Toby Saks
scoring? So too is the judging in our                                                all the wonderful sessions and inter-
                                          Sr. Voice      Christina Arroyo/Linda
music world. Each judge has his/her                      Appert                      esting and highly qualified workshop
own likes and dislikes. They make         Duet Piano     Meghann Dailey & Rachel     presenters that we are going to have
their decisions based on their percep-                   Dailey/Peter Mack           the privilege of participating in and
tion of a performance. As a teacher                                                  listening to.
                                                       (Continued on Page 4)
we have our own opinions and we                                                          The definition of the term “name –
may or may not agree with those de-                                                  dropper” is: a person who seeks to
cisions.                                        MTNA Local Chapter                   impress others by frequently men-
    A familiar phrase that is repeated              of the Year:                     tioning famous or important persons
every 4 years is “the thrill of victory                                              in a familiar way. You all will see
                                                 Okanogan Chapter                    names mentioned in this article and
and the agony of defeat.” How do
we personally deal with this as                                                      later months that we are excited
                                             CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Okan-
teachers and how do we teach our                                                     about and our desire is to fill the Red
                                          ogan Chapter has just been recogniz-
students to cope? One year in high                                                   Lion Hotel with all of you!
                                          ed as MTNA Local Association of the
school I turned out for the swim          Year! In 2009 WSMTA awarded this                    (Continued on Page 3)
team. I trained and worked hard but       chapter with our own Chapter of the
when it came time for the swim            Year award and encouraged Okanog-
meets I always came in towards the        an to submit their application/packet
back of the pack. I kept at it and as     to MTNA to be considered for the              Conference Registration
the season went on my times did get       National award.
better but I still couldn’t pull out a
                                                                                           Form on Page 9
                                                       (Continued on Page 4)
win. Discouraged? Yes, a bit, but I

                                            The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 1
                                         District V VP: Harriet West
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Treasurer: Patti Robertson, NCTM
                                          Dept. of Music, WWU
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                                          516 High Street                                 Moses Lake Chapter
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                                         Ed. Board Member:
 Margee Webster, NCTM                     Mary Kaye Owen, NCTM                             Abigail Best Taylor
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                                         Ed. Board Members, Ex-Officio
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                                              C ar on Contr butors
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 Phone: 360-578-1721
                                                   PLEASE read
 e-mail:                 the ffollllowiing notiice!!
                                               the o ow ng not ce
                                           The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 2
                                             We have enjoyed getting acquaint-        our Conference for the group rates.
President’s Corner                       ed with Bonnie Blanchard via emails          All reservations must be guaranteed
        (Continued from Page 1)          and look forward to her session a-           with a first night deposit or a major
                                         bout “Bringing Music into the Every-         credit card. Group rates, subject to
    Our students are surrounded by       day Lives of Your Students” with the         applicable state and local taxes, are as
competitions. Who received the best      desired result being that they don’t         follows:
test score? Who got elected to a         view music as just one hour a week              Single-Double Occupancy: $99.00
school office? Who practiced the         out of their schedules! I’m sure many           Triple-Quad Occupancy: $119.00
most? Who won the most ribbons?          of us can relate to that! Let’s see, right      Additional person: $15.00
We as teachers have a great influence    now, it is girls’ basketball, and track
over our students. Our way of think-     is right around the corner!                        Jan Rowen Music, NCTM
ing and how we handle situations             Dr. Jeanine Jacobson is presenting                  & Cherie Felts
often translates to our students.        a workshop on the topic “Effective            2010 WSMTA Conference Co-Chairs
Teaching by example can make the         Presentation of new Pieces” as well
biggest impression. Do they see their    as playing in an evening recital with
teachers congratulate other teachers     her cello partner Rowena Hammill.               WSMTA 2010 Conference
when their own student did not win?      They have “dropped” the following                    Schedule
Do we teach to have confidence but       names to us in relationship to their
not arrogance? Do we teach to win        recital evening: Brahms, Beethoven,                   Monday, June 21
AND lose with grace? Do they learn       Ginastera, de Falla, Granados, and                  Conference opens at 3 PM
about the educational value of a com-    Chopin!                                        ! Pre-banquet Reception &
petition? Does it motivate and en-           Geisa Dutra is joining us at the           Banquet Dinner
courage hard work?                       Conference too! Because Schumann                   Honorary Life Member & Hall of
    What these students learn and the    is being celebrated this year (born in           Fame Awards
attitude they come away with does        1810) she will present “Schumann, an
                                         essential composer for every piano             ! Recital: Washington State Win-
filter into their lives. How they deal                                                   ners
with things now will influence their     teacher.” She plans on using musical
future outside of music. There can       examples from The Album for the                       Tuesday, June 22
only be one winner at any competi-       Young, Forest Scenes and others as
                                         well.                                          ! Opening Session
tion. But are they able to measure
their own success? Did they perform          So, with what you have just read,          ! Workshops: Robin Chadwick,
at their highest level? Have we          and so many others that are just as            Dr. Beverly Serra-Brooks, Amy
taught them to “Be the Best that They    timely and interesting, we hope you            Grinsteiner
can be” ?                                will make plans NOW to be here in
                                         June. We will highlight more in the            ! Lunch meetings for Organists &
        Jani Peterson, NCTM              months to come. We have subjects               Chapter Presidents
         WSMTA President                 and topics for all of us from piano to         ! Honors Recital #1
                                         organ, strings and vocal related ses-
                                         sions.                                         ! Workshops: Grant Donnellan,
                                                                                        Jeffrey Gilliam, Sandra Glover
Future Events                                We are happy to announce that
        (Continued from Page 1)          the Red Lion Hotel is adding in a              ! Honors recital #2
                                         new aspect for their guests. In the
                                                                                        ! YCP Recital & Composer of Year
                                         restaurant-bar area, they will have
  WSMTA Conference 2010                                                                 Award/Keva Vaughan-McMorrow
                                         breakfast related foods, buffet, and
                                         concession table(s) for items that can              Wednesday, June 23
      OLYMPIA!                           be purchased easily with an option to
                                                                                        ! Independent Music Teachers’
                                         have it bagged so it can be taken
                                         along with you. You are also wel-              Forum, Musicianship Examinations
                                         come to sit in the restaurant area to          Program & Certification Program
                                         enjoy your fruit, yogurt, coffee…              sessions
                                         whatever you decide upon. It can be            ! Workshops: Dr. Karen Hsiao
                                         paid for “on the spot” or for register-        Savage, Dr. Jeffrey Savage, Dr.
                                         ed guests, added into your room                Jeanine Jacobson
                                         charges at a very affordable rate per
                                         day. We had asked for this service to          ! Honors Recital #3
            Tumwater area                be considered and were pleased to              ! Lunch meetings for Adjudica-
   We are pleased to tell you that Dr.   find out that it is being implemented!         tions Chairs & Certifications Chairs
Karen Hsiao Savage and Dr. Jeffrey       Look for your registration form on             ! Workshops: Carol Crawford,
Savage are joining us this year! Their   Page 9 of this CLARION issue.                  Bonnie Blanchard
workshop is titled “North American
                                            For planning: here’s the Red Lion           ! Honors Recital #4
Teaching Pieces.” They have told us
                                         Hotel reservation phone number: 1-
that they “have some gems that we’d                                                     ! Evening Recital: Jon Kimura
                                         800-325-4000. Remember to identify
love to share with other teachers in                                                    Parker
                                         yourself as members of WSMTA at
the state!”

                                           The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 3
        Thursday, June 24               the second master class be concerti.            attend the conference in Albuquer-
                                        Both classes will be held on Thurs-             que to listen to the National Compe-
  ! Frederick Harris Showcase:          day, June 24th. The application with            titions and support our students!
   Forrest Kinney                       the rules and guidelines can be found
                                                                                              Laurie Eash, NCTM
  ! FJH Showcase: Timothy Brown         on page 10 or you can find it on our
                                        WSMTA website and click on the                    WSMTA-MTNA Competition Chair
  ! Honors Recital #5
                                        Conference page. No applications
  ! Master Class #1: Jon Kimura         will be accepted after April 12, 2010.               MTNA Local Chapter
                                                     Jani Peterson, NCTM                         of the Year:
  ! Lunch meetings: Adjudicators                      WSMTA President                         Okanogan Chapter
  & District VP meeting with                                                                    (Continued from Page 1)
  ! Workshops: Dr. William Chap-                                                            Their selection recognizes the sig-
  man Nyaho, Grant Donnellan,                                                           nificant accomplishments and impor-
  Geisa Dutra, & Organ session                                                          tant work of the Okanogan County
  (Joann Richardson, Chair)                                                             Chapter for WSMTA, MTNA, and the
                                                                                        music teaching profession.          Its
  ! Master Class #2: Jon Kimura                                                         membership exemplifies the very
  Parker                                                                                best in MTNA through their local
  ! NOTE: The Mansion Tour &                                                            activities, participation in state and
  Capitol Tour have been cancelled.                                                     national programs, and membership
                                                                                        growth. The Chapter will be recog-
  ! Evening Recital: Dr. Jeanine                                                        nized at the National Conference.
  Jacobson & Rowena Hammill                                                             This is such a great honor and we are
  (piano & cello)                                     Farm near Olympia                 so very proud of the Okanogan
          Friday, June 25                                                               Chapter and all it’s members!

  ! Workshops: Jan Rowen Music,                                                                  Jani Peterson, NCTM
  Dr Jeffrey Savage, Dr. Karen Hsiao
                                        Bravo!                                                    WSMTA President
                                                     (Continued from Page 1)
  ! Conference Closing Session
                                             NW Division MTNA                           Education
  ! Lecture: Jon Kimura Parker -
     Analyzing & Memorizing
                                         Performance & Composition
                                                     (Continued from Page 1)
                                        Category         Student/Teacher
                                        Jr. Violin       Mina Park/Margaret
                                        Sr. Brass        Carolyn Floodeen/                 It is time to vote on a new North-
                                                         Christopher Olka               west Division Director-Elect.     We
                                        Sr. Wood-        Joseph Bozich/Fred Winkler     have been very fortunate to have our
                                        wind                                            very own Debra Florian as our pre-
                                        *Y .A. Piano     David Brooks/Jeffrey Gilliam   sent NW Division Director.        Her
                                        Y. A. Voice      Krista Bearb/Sandra Glover     knowledge of our State and National
                                        Y. A. Wood-      Chester Baughman/Fred          organizations has been invaluable.
                                        wind             Winkler                        Debbie, as you finish your term, we
                                        Y. A. Cham-      Calliope Trio: Christina
                                        ber              Liu, Chelsea Evans, Kyla       would like to thank you for your
                                                         Hill/Gerald Berthiaume,        leadership and all that you have done
                                                         Ruth Boden                     for WSMTA! The next Director to
                                                                                        step in is again one of our own, Peter
                                                     *Y. A. = Young Artist
                                                                                        Mack! We welcome you and thank
          Jon Kimura Parker                     HONORABLE MENTION                       you for caring about WSMTA/
                                        Category     Student/Teacher                    MTNA enough to take over this role.
  Conference Master Classes             Y. A. String Christina Wu/Cordelia              We look forward to the next 2 years
   We are very excited to have Jon                   Wikarski-Miedel                    under your leadership.
Kimura Parker conduct 2 master                                                             So, as with any office we have to
                                           How proud we are to have so                  look to the future and vote on the
classes at our June Conference. Since   many of our students and teachers
we have a rare opportunity to have                                                      next in line. The 2 candidates are
                                        represent us at the National Confer-            David French from Idaho and Mat-
two grand pianos on our stage, we       ence Competitions!     We applaud
have decided to make one master                                                         thew Cooper from Oregon. You may
                                        your outstanding accomplishments.               find their bios in the Feb/March is-
class consist of solo repertoire and    I encourage all WSMTA teachers who              sue of the AMT or read about them

                                          The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 4
on the MTNA website. You may not           1. The grant is open to music stu-        “old” process, there will be an oppor-
hear much about our NW Directors              dents in grades 7 – 11 who have        tunity to take those tests at the an-
but they play a very important role in        studied a minimum of 4 years           nual June conference in Olympia.
connecting our NW States to the Na-           and whose teachers are members         Contact Melissa Curtice at mcurtice
tional organization. So please take an        (of at least 12 months standing) to schedule your test. For
active part in voting in the next Di-         of WSMTA.                              those teachers interested in the new
rector-Elect. The deadline for voting                                                process there will be a session on
is midnight on March 4, 2010. You          2. The applicant will be considered       certification at the convention—plan
can vote by mail using the ballot in          on a basis of financial need and       to join us there!
the AMT magazine or downloading               commitment to music study.                 Two grants were awarded in Jan-
the pdf version from the MTNA web-         3. The applicant must have partici-       uary to Martha Garrett, Seattle and
site. Or you can go directly to the           pated in WSMTA adjudications.          Rosalind Nau, Okanagan. There are
MTNA website and vote on-line.                                                       still two grants available from the
                                           4. Grants up to $1,000 may be a-          group of 5 grants established at the
         Jani Peterson, NCTM                  warded. The applicant must ex-         September 2009 Board of Directors
          WSMTA President                     plain specifically and in detail       meeting. Contact me if you are inter-
                                              how the funds will be used. The        ested in applying for one…the pro-
                                              grant will be for a period of not      cess is simple and straightforward!
       MTNA Foundation                        more than one year and may be              As always don’t hesitate to call or
   With the arrival in the mail of            approved for additional years at       email if you have questions. Enjoy
MTNA annual dues statements, we               the discretion of the Student          those spring flowers!
have the perfect opportunity to give          Grant Committee. Students seek-
                                              ing grant renewal must submit                Karen Hollenback, NCTM
money painlessly to the MTNA                                                               WSMTA Certification Chair
Foundation. Simply add a tax de-              another application to the com-
                                              mittee for consideration.                         425-228-1110
ductible donation to the form and in-                                             
clude it with the MTNA check.              5. The grant may be used to offset
Done! A worthwhile contribution               the cost of music lessons, theory,

                                                                                     !PEDAL POINTS!
supporting music education in Am-             or composition classes, or tuition
erica, and you didn’t even have to            for music camps.
write a separate check! Good job! (I       6. The grant will be sent directly to
am sorry to report that in the na-            the teacher or camp/program di-            Learn to Play the Organ
tional scheme of things, Washington           rector.                                         this Summer!
State is not the BEST at giving money
to the MTNA Foundation, even                  If you have a student who quali-           It’s time to be thinking of summer
though we are a BIG and POWER-            fies you may download an applica-          music camp—for pianists who wish
FUL state. Let’s do better!!)             tion from our web site at:                 to learn the organ. I highly recom-
   The other very fun and helpful                             mend The American Guild of Organ-
way to support the MTNA Founda-               For further information contact        ists (AGO) Pipe Organ Encounters
tion is to buy RAFFLE TICKETS in          me at or 206-        (POE) for teens and adults. Scholar-
Albuquerque. For those of you who         232-0117. Application deadline is          ships are available on a limited, first
will be attending the national confer-    May 1, 2010.                               come-first served basis for some of
ence, this is again a great way to sup-                                              these POEs. The deadlines for appli-
port the work of the Foundation.                                                     cation differ for each location, but
And you might win a splendid prize,         C e r ttiif iic a ttiio n C o r n e r
                                            Cer f ca on Corner                       these POEs often fill up fast, so please
too!                                                                                 make your initial contact soon.
                                                                                     Housing and meals are included, and
    Robin Chadwick, NCTM                      Spring is coming and with it a         pick-up from the nearest airport/
MTNA Foundation Chair for WSMTA           sense of growth and renewal is all         train/bus station can be arranged
                                          around us…just check out all the           with the sponsoring AGO chapter.
                                          spring flowers popping into sight! If      Basic information, dates, and location
Call for Student Study Grant              you have been considering obtaining        (with telephone and email contact)
         Applications                     certification, this is a perfect season    are as follows:
                                          to spring into the certification process       For Adults: Pipe Organ Encount-
   Established seven years ago with       and experience a renewed sense of          er Plus (POE+) is a week-long sum-
a bequest from the Lois Whitner es-       growth in your musical teaching            mer organ program for adults, ages
tate, the WSMTA Student Study             career: the new certification process      19 and older. Two tracks of instruc-
Grant program is now accepting re-        has been launched, WSMTA certifica-        tion are offered: beginning and ex-
quests for applications for the 2010-     tion grants are available to help with     perienced. Beginning students are
2011 year. The purpose of the pro-        the financial side of things, currently    proficient pianists who will learn the
gram is to provide financial assist-      certified members are willing to help      basics of organ playing including
ance for continued private study to       you with the process, and several          technique, pedaling and registration.
music students who demonstrate            teachers are currently working to-         More experienced players will con-
financial need and who show serious       ward certification!                        tinue to expand their repertoire while
commitment to music study. The fol-           For those teachers who need to         gaining expertise in hymn playing,
lowing guidelines apply:                  complete the testing sections of the
                                            The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 5
sight reading and transposition—            Attention all WSMTA                      finger patterns, easy double stops,
skills which may lead to qualifying as      Chapter Presidents and                   and more complex slurring. Finally,
a candidate for the AGO Service                                                      Part III includes first, second, and
Playing certificate. All students will     Chapter Workshop Chairs                   third positions with more shifting,
gain greater confidence and compe-           The WSMTA Workshop List con-            syncopation, and mixed bowing.
tence in organ playing under the         tains a vast array of excellent work-       This would be a fun addition to any
guidance of an outstanding faculty.      shops for your Chapter and/or Dist-         student’s study!
Dates: July 26-30, Eugene, OR (541-      rict. I encourage you to peruse this          Fiddleworks 1, 2, and 3 New and
484-9718 or;         list and become familiar with the             Traditional Fiddle Tunes by Zav
August 8-13 Winchester, VA (540-         subjects and presenters.                      RT. $17.95 per book (CD includ-
667-3366                   Applications for the WSMTA                ed)
    For Teens: Since 1988, Pipe Organ    Workshop List are available upon re-
Encounters (POEs) have introduced        quest from me, and should be return-            This series of three progressive
more than 2,000 young people to the      ed to me for approval. WSMTA                volumes is ideal for beginning violin-
organ through instruction in organ       membership is required of all appli-        ists interested in the fiddle tradition.
playing, repertoire, history, design,    cants residing in Washington State.         Each book contains a delightful col-
and construction. These week-long        Applicant must hold WSMTA Certifi-          lection of jigs, waltzes, reels, marches,
summer institutes for students aged      cation (any level), or be state certified   and many more tunes from a variety
13–18 provide private and group in-      elsewhere, or hold a Bachelor's De-         of styles, ranging from Old time, Cel-
struction, opportunities for ecumeni-    gree, or be a current or former faculty     tic, Eastern European, and tunes from
cal worship, and a chance for young      member of a 4-year college or univer-       Canada and the United States. Each
musicians to meet others with similar    sity. As Workshop Chair, I will noti-       book incorporates both solos and
interests. Basic keyboard proficiency    fy applicants within one month of ap-       duets with accompaniment chords
is required, although previous organ     proval or disapproval, unless more          that set the stage for ensemble
study is not necessary. Local POE        time is needed to consult the Educa-        performance. Using the CD included
Committees may choose to grant           tion Board.                                 at the back of each book, students can
special consideration on an individ-         If you have any questions or need       listen to the performance-tempo
ual basis for admission of a potential   additional information, do not hesi-        tracks to become familiar with the
registrant whose age or training dif-    tate to contact me.                         tunes and use the practice-tempo
fers from the guidelines. Dates: June                                                tacks for daily practice.
13-18, Columbia, SC (803-606-1596 or           Judith H. Pearson, NCTM                 Costume Party Violin Solos with; June 13-18,           17255 W. Big Lake Blvd.                Piano Accompaniment by Chris-
St. Louis, MO (314-367-0367 or                 Mount Vernon, WA 98274                  tine Donkin. Elementary to Early; June 21-26,                 360-422-6115                      Intermediate. $12.95
Bloomington, IN (812-376-4139 or      ; June 27-July2                                                    With a musical style to match each
East Haven, CT (203-467-5417 or                                                      of the costumed characters in this col-
                                                                                     lection, students will explore techni-; July 18-23, Wau-     Enrichment                                  cal challenges such as dreamy slur
kesha, WI (414-763-0009 or LLWheels-; July 25-30, Fort Worth, TX                                                 patterns in The Tooth Fairy, sneaky

                                           E e NEW MUSIC e E
(817-257-6629 or;                                                pizzicato in The Sasquatch, and daring
July 25-31, Irvine, CA (714-840-0766                                                 double stops in The Cowboy. These
or                                                            pieces would be perfect for festivals,
    Organ Opportunities at the WS-          Frederick Harris Music has some          recitals, or as a supplement to regular
MTA Conference in Olympia: Please        new publications available for violin.      studies. These thirteen fun-to-play
plan on joining us for an organists’     Each description is taken from the          pieces can stand alone or be played
luncheon on Tuesday, and a work-         publishers notes.                           along with magical piano accompani-
shop for organists on Thursday. You                                                  ments that bring this party to life!
                                           Get Fiddlin’! Studies and Tradi-
do not need to be an organist to at-       tional Tunes by Christine Donkin                   Marlene Haney, Chair
tend either the luncheon or the work-      Elementary to Early Intermediate                   New Music Reviews
shop. Anyone with an interest in the       $13.95

                                                                                      A IMTF Corner A
organ is welcome.
                                             This progressive collection serves
      Joann Richardson, NCTM             as a violin student’s introduction to
        WSMTA Organ Chair                the world of fiddling. Each of the           three leveled sections contains eight           At one time or another we have all
                                         original studies and four traditional       probably attended a pot luck dinner.
                                         tunes that would coincide with ma-          Some will bring appetizers, while
                                         terial presented in Suzuki Books 1          others may bring salads, main dishes,
                                         through 3. Part I focuses on first po-      desserts, bread/rolls or drinks. They
                                         sition, basic keys of G, D, and A Maj-      may arrive in very fancy dishes, plain
                                         or, and basic bowings. Part II devel-       dishes, plastic dishes or even dispos-
                                         ops first and second positions with         able containers. No matter what…..
                                         easy shifts, more variety of keys and       all goes on the table to be eaten. Try-
                                                                                     ing out the dishes, there may be some
                                           The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 6
you like more than others, and some        others, we share them and we can               Valerie Roth Roubos Clinic, “Teaching
you don’t care for at all but you          share our music just as easily.                 Today’s (Too) Busy Student”, 2:00
won’t know until you try them. The             PS : Here is another web site to            p.m. in Kimbrough 101
only dish not served is the one the        check out, it is Jon He           Send master class entries to:
cook is holding or hiding in the cor-      is the performer of the concert I went       Michelle Mielke or
ner. You may ask how this relates to       to. He has a free download of how              Washington State University
piano. We all have something to of-        he teaches note reading on the staff. I               School of Music
fer others and it really doesn’t matter    tried Lesson One with a couple of                  260 Kimbrough Hall
if it is just a nibble like an appetizer   new students and a couple who were               Pullman, WA 99164-5300
or a bigger bite like a main dish. It      having difficulty reading. It was like
makes no difference if we all have the     magic for them!
same or different tastes. Look how                                                         Seattle Chapter Daniel
different the offerings were from Vic-             Doreen Slaugh, NCTM                   Pollack Piano Master Class
tor Borge, Liberace, Roger Williams                     IMTF Chair
and Van Cliburn (now I am dating                                                                   June 4th - 6th
myself!) I went to a concert in Jan-                                                       For 32 years Daniel Pollack has
uary where the performance was             Chapter News                                conducted a Master Class in the
what you might call unsophisticated.                                                   Northwest.      Members have come
This dish was served casually, no for-                                                 from all over the country to benefit
mal attire, just cotton pants and shirt.   Adopted-Composer Events at                  from Mr. Pollack's vast knowledge
Did that make the dish less tasty? It      Washington State University                 and valuable insights.
did not. One minute into the concert        with Valerie Roth Roubos                       This year the class will focus on
I knew I was listening to a great tal-                                                 the Birthday Boys, Frederick Chopin
ent. The concert went from the sub-               April 23-24, 2010                    and Robert Schumann celebrating
lime to the ridiculous, including a         Kimbrough Hall, WSU Campus                 their 200th, and Samuel Barber, his
long, bright orange wig. Every offer-                                                  100th. Works by other composers
                                               The Piano Pedagogy Lab School at
ing (piece) he performed appealed to                                                   will also be discussed with priority
                                           WSU, together with the Pullman
some in the audience. In a casual                                                      given to lesser known compositions.
                                           MTA Chapter are hosting a weekend
survey of my students who attended,                                                    Over 23 other composers who cele-
                                           of events celebrating composition
they loved it all! He did not pretend                                                  brate a birthday in 2010 could pro-
                                           and creativity, featuring Valerie Roth
to be something he wasn’t but he was                                                   vide interesting repertoire.
                                           Roubos. Ms. Roubos will visit sever-
so comfortable in his own skin and                                                         Class will be held at Soundbridge,
                                           al public schools in Pullman to give
with his own offering that nothing                                                     Benaroya Hall in Seattle, June 4th
                                           interactive clinics on composition,
else mattered and he carried his audi-                                                 through 6th.
                                           offer a master class, sign autographs
ence right along with him.                                                                 For those planning to participate
                                           and answer questions at an open for-
    It does not hurt to try making a                                                   and perform, registration with reper-
                                           um, share insights at a recital of her
new dish either! At Christmas I                                                        toire must be received by May 1, and
                                           works by PPLS students, and give a
brought to our chapter my first at-                                                    non performers who wish to have a
                                           clinic entitled “Teaching Today’s
tempt at a new dish, that of arrang-                                                   list of repertoire in advance must
                                           (Too) Busy Student”. For more infor-
ing a Christmas Carol. I know it was                                                   register by this date.
                                           mation on the events, go to http://ppls.
not the tasty offering of Forrest Kin-                                                     Mr. Pollack enjoys an internation-
                                  To apply for
ney, but his class was where I got the                                                 al reputation as a renowned concert
                                           the master class, send a CD, DVD, or
confidence to at least try doing some-                                                 artist and a master teacher. He was
                                           upload link of your student perform-
thing I had not done before. Now I                                                     featured on the cover and in the lead-
                                           ing a Roubos composition to the ad-
know I can try another dish with                                                       ing article in the January issue of
                                           dress below by April 9th (selected
more confidence and even try some                                                      Clavier Companion. Later this summer
                                           participants will be notified by the
different ingredients.                                                                 he will conduct a two week Master
                                           16th). Cost for the Saturday events is
    This month’s article is aimed at                                                   Class at the Mozarteum in Salzburg,
                                           $10 (WSMTA Members), $15 (non-
me since I discovered that by being                                                    Austria.
                                           members), and free to students with
the one hiding my dish in a corner, I                                                      Those who attend his Northwest
                                           ID. The Friday Recital is free and
was inadvertently teaching my stu-                                                     Master Class will enjoy not only the
                                           open to the public; reception will
dents to do the same thing. It was                                                     valuable learning experience, but the
one of those “do as I say not as I do”                                                 inspiration, camaraderie, and the
teachings. When I would listen to              Adopted Composer Events                 sharing of ideas with fellow music-
them in a performance situation such       Friday, April 23:                           ians.
as a recital or adjudications I could         Valerie Roth Roubos workshops in the         For information or brochures con-
hear it! Hopefully in changing my              public schools                          tact:
own attitude, I can teach my students         Valerie Roth Roubos Recital, 6:30 p.m.                 Nancy Drake
to bring what they have to offer to            in Kimbrough Concert Hall, per-                       425-885-2839
the table. If any of you are like I was,       formed by PPLS students                   
hiding your dish in a corner, please       Saturday, April 24:                                      Tim Chapin
don’t take as long as I did to discover       Meet the Composer, 9:00 a.m. in KCH                  206-713-1077
you have as much to offer as anyone.          Master Class with Valerie Roth        
We don’t compare our recipes with              Roubos, 10:30 a.m. in KCH

                                             The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 7
                                            Music Learning Center, Inc. in Cin-            ance, special learners, finding other
MTNA News                                   cinnati for 13 years. Rachel was also          music teachers, non-compete agree-
                                            manager of educational programs for            ments, independent contractor/em-
                                            the Baldwin Piano & Organ Co. from             ployee contracts, buying and selling
MTNA Professional Support                   1990-1996. Currently, she is an Ad-            music studios, contractual arrange-
         Line                               junct Faculty member at Wilmington             ments with ensembles and partner-
   Have a pedagogical or business           College and is president-elect for the         ships and zoning.
issue or question? E-mail the MTNA          OMTA-Southwest District MTA.                      The Professional Support Line is
Professional Support Line. The Pro-             The Professional Support Line is           also the point of contact for any legal
fessional Support Line is a way for         available to members of MTNA to                consultation services.
MTNA to provide assistance to mem-          support day-to-day questions in two             To reach Rachel and the Professional
bers who have questions of a peda-          broad areas—pedagogy and busi-                      Support Line, simply e-mail:
gogical or business nature and would        ness. Past questions addressed have       
like to consult with someone know-          included such topics as information
ledgeable about their situation.            on grants, music, acoustical stan-
   Rachel Kramer, NCTM, is an               dards of building a new music facil-
MTNA volunteer who has offered              ity, ASCAP issues, Certification,
her expertise to MTNA's Professional        copyright issues, developing a plan
Support Line. Simply send her an e-         to become a music teacher, creating
mail, and she will be sure to get back      relationships between other music
to you. Rachel has been a vital part        organizations and local MTNA af-
of MTNA for many years, serving as          filiates, writing studio policies, find-
assistant executive director from           ing out of print music, music mer-
1998–2001 and director of education         chandise      questions,   prospective
and member liaison for MTNA from            member information, lesson fee
2003–2009. She holds master's de-           structure, assistance helping a mem-
grees in piano performance and ped-         ber supplement their dues through                         Mt. Rainier, near Olympia
agogy and has been president of the         local and state support, health insur-


            Seattl e in tern ation al Pi ano Festi val & Competi tio n
         New local festivals for children, youth and amateurs, for piano solo, piano duo and chamber music
             with piano! Cash prizes for the oldest youth winners and debut in Benaroya Hall for
                 many winners. Narrow age categories make those exceptional festivals very unique.

                                          Festival of the Romantics
             April 17: Sherman Clay of Seattle - This inviting and educational event will be judged by
      Dr. Ilia Radoslavov from the University of Alaska and Dr. Susan Chan from Portland State University.
          Many awards for the best performance of a particular Romantic Composer will be presented.
       Master classes with the judges will be offered on April 18 for those who want to excel even more!

                                     Festival of Contemporary Music
              April 24: Sheman Clay of Seattle - The judges for this fun event are Dr. Regina Yeh
            from Pacific Lutheran university and Helena Azevedo from Shoreline Community College.
                Many awards for the best performance of a particular contemporary composer.
                              Master classes with judges will be offered on April 24.

                                         JOINT WINNERS CONCERT
               May 2: Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya Center - exact time TBA.
            For more information, please visit the LOCAL EVENTS page at
                               SPONSORS: SIPF, Sherman Clay of Seattle and Sherman Clay of Bellevue

                                              The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 8
                          2010 WSMTA CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM
              “Capital City Chansons” at the Olympia Red Lion Hotel, Olympia, Washington: June 21 – 25, 2010
        Name:                                                    email:
        Address:                                                              Phone:
        City:                                            Zip:                    Chapter:
   NOTE: The Red Lion Hotel is completely accessible to persons with disabilities. Also meal service covers most dietary needs.
Members, students, or non-members with any other special needs, please note them here:

                                                FULL–TIME ATTENDEES
   The special discount registration fees listed below are valid only for full-time attendees whose registration form is post-
marked on or before May 15, 2010. Full time attendees registering after May 15, 2010 must pay full registration fees.
                   Full-time registration fees include luncheons (Tues. Wed. & Thurs./June 22, 23, & 24).
            Full-time Attendees            on or before May 15       After May 15           Amount
            WSMTA member                       $175.00                     $210.00          $______________
            WSMTA member-first time            $125.00                     $150.00          $______________
            Non- member                        $250.00                     $275.00          $______________
            Students                           $125.00                     $150.00          $______________
            BANQUET – Monday, June 21, 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
              A special occasion to be enjoyed by all!
                     Price for banquet $35.00                             Total Amount: $______________
            Banquet meal choices – please check your entrée choice below, thank you:
            ____ Tillamook Cheddar Chive Chicken       ____ King Salmon        ____ Vegetarian Puff Pastry
     NOTE to Full-time attendees: Thursday, June 24 is the only day you need to choose your luncheon entrée. If you are
planning on attending the organ workshop (Thurs. afternoon), please check the line listed below so your lunch is prepared
‘‘to go”! Thank you.
           ____The Classic Deli (please circle your meat choice: roast beef, turkey, ham or tuna salad).
           ____Vegetarian Wrap (wrapped in a chipotle tortilla) _____Organ Workshop Attendee
                               Jon Kimura Parker Recital is Wed., June 23 at 8:00 P.M.
                  Special discount priced tickets are available ONLY for pre-registered attendees.
            _____$15.00 for adult _____$10.00 for students          Total amount: $________________
        All other JKP Recital tickets must be purchased through WA Performing Arts Center     $25/Adults & $10/Students

                                                  ONE–DAY ATTENDEES
    Lunch is included if registration forms are received on or before June 15, 2010. One-day attendees who do not register
before June 15 will pay the same fees with no lunch, and may register upon arrival.
                 One-day attendees         Fee              Amount                   Arrival Day & Date
                 WSMTA Member              $ 95.00          $_________               ___________________
                 Non-member                $110.00          $_________               ___________________
                 Students                  $ 45.00          $_________               ___________________

                        TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED:                        $___________________________
                    Please complete this form and mail it with your check made payable to WSMTA,
                         to Conference Registration Co-Chair:          Carol Crawford, NCTM
                                                                       4520 Gifford Road SW
                                                                       Olympia, WA 98512
                                                                       360-352-5186 -
                Note: Written requests for refunds, minus $10 handling fee, must be received by June 1.

                                                The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 9
                        MASTER CLASS APPLICATION FORM

                                    affiliated with


               Master Classes with Jon Kimura Parker
                              WSMTA 2010 Conference
                               Olympia, Washington
                                  June 24, 2010

Student’s Name ___________________________________________________________

Teacher’s Name ___________________________________________________________

Teacher’s e-mail ___________________________ Phone Number __________________

Title of Piece ___________________________________________________________

Composer of Piece   _________________________________ Length ___________________


        1. BOTH Master Classes will be held on Thursday, June 24, 2010

        2. One Master Class will consist of solo repertoire and the second Master Class
           will be of concerti (there will be 2 pianos).

        3. Submit one piece (or one movement) from a single composer from any style of

        4. Only one student per teacher may apply.

        5. Please be mindful of the length of the piece. We want Dr. Parker to work with as
           many students as possible.

        6. Application/CD must be received by April 12, 2010

        7. Please complete and submit this application along with a CD of the student’s
           performance to:

                            Cherie Felts, Conference Co-Chair
                                  936 Gregory Way SE
                                   Olympia, WA 98513

                               The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 10

     Fandrich & Sons Pianos
     Upright Pianos Featuring the Patented
          Fandrich Vertical Action™
         Fandrich & Sons Grand Pianos
       Bohemia Pianos (Czech Republic)
         Feurich, Steingraeber & Söhne
  We also offer tuning, refinishing and rebuilding,
        voicing and touch weight solutions.
  Stanwood, WA ~ 877-737-1422 ~ 360-652-8980

              Henry Bischofberger Violins
                            Third Generation Violin Maker

                            “Voted Evening Magazine’s
                                  Best of Western WA!”
  Sales Appraisals Repairs Rentals

           If you would like to place an ad
                  in The CLARION,
        contact WSMTA Executive Manager
              Judy Price at 360-459-4338
                                                                           Four early Conference-goers arriving in the harbor
                                                                                              at Olympia

                                               The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 11
Washington State Music Teachers Association                                                NON PROFIT
4904 Hilton Road NE                                                                      US POSTAGE PAID
Olympia, WA 98516                                                                        SILVERDALE WA
                                                                                          PERMIT NO 111

      Dates & Deadlines s
March 1: Postmark deadline for submitting Chap-                     In This Issue
ter of the Year application.
                                                                5 Northwest Division MTNA Performance
March 4: Deadline for MTNA Division Elections                     Winners (page 1)
                                                                5 MTNA Local Chapter of the Year (page 1)
March 20-24: MTNA Conference, Albuquerque.
                                                                5 WSMTA Conference 2010 Schedule
April 12: Deadline for entries to participate in the                (page 3)
John Kimura Parker master class at Conference 2010.
                                                                5 Conference 2010 Master Classes (page 4)
April 19: Competition recital results due to Honors
Recital Chair, Clarion Editor, & Exec. Mgr.                     5 WSMTA Conference 2010 Registration
                                                                  Form (page 9)
April 23-24: Adopted-Composer events at WSU.
                                                                5 John Kimura Parker Conference Master
May 1: Deadline for registering to perform in Seattle             Classes Application Form (page 10)
Chapter Daniel Pollack piano master class.

June 4-6: Seattle Chapter Daniel Pollack piano mas-                 Visit your WSMTA website at : www.
ter class.                                               & see The CLARION in full color!

June 21-25: WSMTA Conference 2010, in Olympia.

                                        The CLARION – March., 2010 - Page 12

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