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					Pre-op Instructions
Dr. Marc Philippon

Procedure Indicated:
Surgery Date:

Lab Testing:

Pre-admissions testing is required prior to surgery. You will be need to get a U/A, CBC, PT, PTT,
12 lead EKG (if over age 40), and a history and physical. This must be done by a primary care
physician within four weeks of your surgery date. Please ask the doctors office to fax the results
to Terie Holmquist, Nurse Practitioner at 970-479-5862.

What To Bring to First Visit:

        Gym Bag
        Athletic shoes
        Extra shorts
        Pants with snaps on the side
        Regular home medications


For the safety of Dr. Philippon’s patients, we require that a friend or family member accompany
you to Vail for your surgery to assist you post-operatively. In addition, someone must accompany
you on your travels home. If for some reason you are unable to arrange for a friend or family
member to accompany you, you will be required to make arrangements with a home health
agency in the Vail area to hire a patient care technician or nursing assistant to assist you after
surgery. Our office can provide you with contact information for home health services available in
the Vail area. Your surgery will not be scheduled until assistance has been arranged. If you
should arrive in Vail without prior arrangement of post-operative assistance, your surgery will
need to be cancelled.

The following is the contact information for a local service offering the assistance and care we
recommend for Dr. Philippon’s patients.

Juli Young
“Providing essential care and concierge services”

Juli Young provides services which some patients may require. However, she is an independent
provider and her fees for this care and concierge service are separate from the treatment
packages offered by the Steadmand-Hawkins clinic.

Pre-operative appointment:

Please bring a pair of shorts with you to your appointment. You will first meet with a Physical
Therapist in Howard Head Sports Medicine for a pre-op hip evaluation. This will take
approximately one hour. Report directly to Howard Head Sports Medicine for this appointment,
not the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic (SHC). After you arrive at the SHC following your PT
appointment, you will meet with Dr. Philippon and his team to discuss your diagnosis, planned
surgery, and post-operative recovery. After this, you will meet with a pre-op nurse from the
surgery department. The entire process may take 3-5 hours, so please bring a bottle of water and
snacks with you.


Please consult the earlier mailing that you should have received regarding which medications to
stop taking 7-10 days prior to surgery. Please contact us if you have not received this list.

Post-operative medication prescriptions will be given to you at your pre-operative appointment.
There is a pharmacy in the hospital and several other pharmacies in the Vail area to fill your
prescriptions prior to surgery.


It is your responsibility to call your insurance company and find out about your physician, facility,
anesthesia, physical therapy, and durable medical equipment (i.e. brace, CPM) benefits. It is
also your responsibility to confirm with the surgical scheduler that the facility in which you are
scheduled for surgery is contracted with your insurance company. It is suggested that you
contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to locate an in network pharmacy in
the Vail area. Below is information regarding Dr. Philippon and the surgical facilities:

Dr. Marc Philippon
Steadman Hawkins Clinic
Tax ID: 84-1415470
Phone: 970-476-1100

Surgery Facilities:

Vail Valley Medical Center
Tax ID: 84-0563230

Phone: 970-476-2451

Vail Valley Surgical Center
Tax ID: 03-0419967
Phone: 970-476-8872


A list of hotels, directions, and accommodations should have been faxed or mailed to you when
you scheduled your surgery date. If you have not received this information, please contact
Sharon at the main Steadman Hawkins Clinic number (970-476-1100).

Checklist of Items:
___ Arrangements to have a family member or friend to be here with you
___ Pre-operative lab work complete
___ Contact insurance company
___ Contact Primary Care Physician or other physician or nurse for suture removal
___ Call Howard Head Physical Therapy to schedule pre-operative evaluation
___ Call Steadman Hawkins Clinic to make 4-6 week post-operative appointment
___ Bring your physical therapists contact information with you
___ Stop taking any anti-inflammatory medication 7-10 days prior to your surgery date

Post-op Instructions
Dr. Marc Philippon

Follow-up appointment:

Dr. Philippon would like to see you four to six weeks after surgery, and again three months after
surgery for follow-up appointments. If returning to Vail for post-op follow up will be difficult for you,
please make arrangements for post-op follow up with an orthopaedic surgeon in your area.

Dressing changes:

The first dressing change will occur the day after your surgery. A member of Dr. Philippon’s staff
will meet with you and change you or surgical dressing in Howard Head Sports Medicine. After
that, band-aids are typically placed over the incisions. However, if the incisions are draining,
gauze and tape should be used instead. Change your band-aids daily and as needed to keep
them dry until the sutures have been removed. No antibiotic ointment should be applied until the
sutures have been removed.

Physical Therapy:

While you are in the Vail area, your physical therapy will be provided by the experienced team at
Howard Head Sports Medicine. Physical therapy is available 7 days a week and will ensure you
a good start to your post-operative rehab program. Your first post-operative appointment will be
scheduled for you by the Howard Head staff. The staff at Howard Head is accustomed to
coordinating therapy for out-of-town patients; however, to maximize your rehabilitation effort, it is
very important that you take an active role to work closely with your physical therapists in Vail and
at home. The Howard Head team will relay your rehab protocol to your physical therapist(s) at
home. To help expedite the process, please bring your therapist’s name, phone number, and fax
number with you to your Howard Head appointment.

Contacting your insurance provider is recommended so that you fully understand your physical
therapy benefits both here and at home. Contact Steve Stalzer or Mike Wahoff at 970-476-1225
with any questions regarding physical therapy.


Your sutures will need to be removed approximately 10-14 days after surgery. Please contact
your local orthopaedic surgeon or your primary care physician to arrange for suture removal if
you are not planning on having them removed by Dr. Philippon’s staff in Vail. The sutures need to
be removed using a sterile suture removal kit; please do not try to remove them at home on your

CPM (continuous passive motion) machine:

All patients will receive a CPM machine to use following surgery. This machine will move your
leg through a pre-defined range of motion. The use of CPM has been shown to promote early
healing following surgery. Most patients are required to use the CPM for 8 hours each night and
an additional 4 hours during the day for 4-8 weeks. You will rent this for your duration here and
arrangements will be made by a representative from the company, Ortho Rehab to have it
delivered at home for you. Please contact Jared with Ortho Rehab at 970-827-9457 with any

Foot Pumps/Compression stockings:

All patients will receive a foot pump machine to use following surgery as well. These will be used
with compression stockings. Both help prevent blood clot formation and decreases swelling. (You
will bring these home with you.)

Rotational Boots:

You will be provided boots to prevent and internal or external rotation. (You will bring these home
with you as well.)


You will be provided with a brace to be worn for the first 10 days following surgery. The brace is
worn only when ambulating (walking).


You will be able to shower the first post-op day. Dr. Philippon’s staff will discuss any need for
covering the incisions while showering after your first dressing change.


You will be permitted to drive (automatic transmission) 3 days after surgery.


We encourage you to get up and walk every thirty minutes when flying. Included in this packet is
a letter requesting bulkhead seating. When making your arrangements please advise the airline
of the bulkhead seating request.


Iceing your hip after surgery will help to alleviate pain and inflammation. A staff member will
discuss the option of purchasing a “Theracool” unit which provides a constant, controlled
temperature to your “cold pack”. Since this is a controlled temperature, this may be used
constantly. If you choose, you may use ice packs instead. However, these may be used for only
20 minutes at a time to avoid frostbiting your skin. (You will bring this home with you.)


You will be given a series of medications on your pre-operative appointment. Please contact your
insurance company to locate and in network pharmacy.

Questions or Concerns:

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Steadman Hawkins
Clinic at 970-476-1100.


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