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  Principal’s Message    1                                March/April 2011
  Classroom News         2
                                     Franklin Elementary School, Stratford, CT (203)385-4190
  Reading and Specials   3                       http://franklin.stratfordk12.org
  Parent Resources and   4
  Links                                    Principal’s Message
  Calendar               4
                                     Franklin Families,

                                     Spring is in the AIR!! As the weather continues to warm up, it is important to rein-
    Franklin’s Finest                force appropriate behavior, appropriate dress code, and consistently putting forth
                                     100% effort with our boys and girls. You can help us by reinforcing this at home.
 The Franklin's Finest Committee     Your support and effort has the most influential impact on your child’s behavior
 is proud to announce the March      and attitude about school.
 Kindergarten Mrs Hoag - James
 Duhancik, Ms. Hojdich: Elyssa       There are a few important dates to remember during the month of April. Please
 Torres                              mark your calendars:
 Grade One Mrs. Fagan: Niko
 Tsamos, Miss Farrell: Jada Co-      • Town PUBLIC HEARING regarding the BUDGET-April 13, 2011 from 7:00-
 lavita-Jean, Mrs. McMellon:         9:00 p.m. at Bunnell High School
 Natalie Miguel
                                     • Town PUBLIC HEARING regarding the BUDGET-April 14,
 Grade Two Miss Massicotte:
 Bianca Plachi, Mrs. Paradis:
                                     2011 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Stratford High School
 [name withheld], Miss Takacs:       • Eat, Read, ENJOY-Our Spring Reading Night/Pasta Night-
 Jenna Garcia                        April 14, 2011 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Franklin School
 Grade Three Mrs. Arcuri:            • Please attend the Town Public Hearing on April 13h so you can
 Kariana Marrero, Mrs. Marchetti:    make our Spring Reading Night on April 14th.
 Rachel Rivera, Miss Solazzi:
 Kayla Kelley                        • School is in session on Monday, April 18, 2011 due to the
 Grade Four Miss Perez/Mrs.          enormous amount of snow days we have had. The rest of the week of April 18th is
 King: Preston Debose, Mrs. Recu-    Spring Vacation.
 pero: Mateo Patino                  • Our last Make Your Day Parent Workshop-April 26, 2011 from 3:30-4:30.
 Grade Five Ms. Tedesco: [name       You will be entered into a raffle if you sign the Make Your Day Commitment
 withheld], Miss Wills: Zachary La   Pledge.
 Grade Six: Mrs. Stewart: Raquel
                                     • BREAKFAST will be served until 8:45 a.m. Students that are tardy may not
 Juarez, Mrs. Gorton: Tayliah        access breakfast after the tardy bell rings. If you would like your child to receive
 Quiles-Sisk, Mrs. Liebowitz:        breakfast, they must be in the building between 8:30-8:45 a.m.
 Chrisaine Bailey                    Students should not enter through the RAMP door in the mornings. Students must
 Art Ms. Delorenzo: Margarita        enter through their grade assigned door. The RAMP door will now be locked at
 Jaime                               8:30 a.m. due to SAFETY REGULATIONS.
 PE Mr. Rosenberg: [name with-
 held]                               Thank you for all that you do to help and support our school! Please remember we
 Library Mrs. Kaluzynski:            are a team and we all want what is best for our children! You may contact me if
 Prashant Haley
                                     you have any questions or concerns.
          WANTED!                    Lea Ann Bradford
Your child and Mrs. K. would love
                                     Principal, Franklin Elementary School
to have you as a Parent Volunteer
in the Library. Spend time with
your child in a different way!       1895 Barnum Avenue, Stratford, CT 06614
Please contact Mrs. Kaluzynski if    E-Mail: bradfordl@stratfordk12.org
you are available!                   Phone: (203) 385-4190 Fax: (203) 385-4116
                                March/April 2011                                                               Page 2

                                         Classroom News!
Kindergarten                              Grade 1                          Grade 2
                                                                           The Super Second Graders are excited
The kindergarten students are                        All About Me          about Spring! We have just started our
ready for Spring! They have been          “All About You”,                 Plants Life Cycle in Science and the chil-
                                          We’re Learning,“
writing books in class, as well as us-                                     dren are looking forward to watching their
                                          How-To” Writing,
                                                                           Wisconsin Fast Plants grow and to working
ing their senses to appreciate Na-        And Poetry too.
                                                                           on other plant and seed experiments. The
ture. Their natural curiosity and in-                                      children have been living "once upon a time"
                                          How Do you Grow,
quisitiveness makes them wonderful        A Plant From a Seed?,            and "happily ever after" as they learn
scientists!                               Air, Water, Light,               about fairy tales, fables and other tradi-
                                          Are Some Things That You Need.   tional tales during their literacy time. In
                                                                           math, the children have been learning all
                                          Long and Short Vowels,           about time, especially elapsed time- ask
                                          Digraphs and Blends,
                                                                           them how many hours it is from dinner
                                          We Can Read Words,
                                          To Share With our Friends.       time until bedtime, we're sure they can tell
                                                                           you! Also, in Writer's Workshop, the chil-
                                          Counting Tens and Ones,          dren are learning how to write about non-
                                          Ten More and Ten Less,           fiction topics that interest them. Finally,
                                          Sorting and Graphs,              we would like to say how proud we are of
                                          In Math we address.              our Franklin's Finest students: Bianca,
                                                                           [name withheld], , Jenna and Prashant as
                                                                           well as the rest of the second graders for
                                          Grade 4                          always doing their best each and every day!
                                          Fabulous Fourth Graders are
Grade 3                                   happy to move onto spring-         Grade 5
                                          time learning! We have be-
We worked diligently during the           gun our land and water Sci-        In fifth grade, in science, the students
month of March and did our very best      ence unit and are busy mak-        are studying the solar system. We are
                                          ing stream tables. Each team       discovering so many interesting facts
on the CMTs. We are now exercising                                           about all of our planets. Each child is
our creativity in our poetry unit.        needs to learn the meaning
                                                                             also responsible for looking at the
                                          of cooperation in order to
Come take a look at our "Poet Trees".                                        moon every night for a month and
                                          get their work done. We have       learn about the various phases of the
We are also hard at work learning         also begun expository writ-        moon. In Social Studies, we are
about recycling and how we can help       ing. This week we will learn       learning what it was like to live in
our planet. We will be taking a field     the structure of expository        Colonial America. We even will get
                                          paragraphs and choose a            to write with ink and feather pens. In
trip to the Garbage Museum soon! In       topic to write about. We will      writing, we are working on creating
reading we are learning about biogra-     be working toward creating         our own personal memoirs. We hope
phies. We're reading about Harry          a speech for our annual            to have a memoir presentation day
                                          Speak Loud, Speak Proud            and invite our parents and some spe-
Houdini and might even have our own                                          cial guests. We are creating a beauti-
magic show.                                                                  ful book of our life's experiences.

Grade 6
The stupendous sixth graders are proud of all of their hard
work and effort on the Connecticut Mastery Test. The stu-
dents are very excited to begin a new genre of math, Statis-
tics. They have been collecting and analyzing class data. The
sixth graders will learn how to create several kinds of graphs
and then analyze the graphs!
    March/April 2011                                                                                                       Page 3

                                                                        Stratford Library
                                                                        Children's Programs
       Spanish—Espanol (Maestra Wallace)
                                                                        Please register for special pro-
¡Hola! Students in Kindergarten are learning the sounds of the          grams by calling 203.385.4165 or
letters of the Spanish alphabet through the implementation of the       stop by the Children’s Department.
Zoophonics program. With the incorporation of Zoophonics, each
letter sound is paired with an animal friend. For example, students     Decorative Arts: Make Pysanky Eggs (Ages 7-12)
                                                                        Saturday, April 9, 2:30-4:00 p.m.
will learn the sound of the letter “S” with their friend “Sami Serpi-
                                                                        Learn this Eastern European decorating technique.
ente”. So far, the children have reviewed the sounds of the letters
                                                                        Aspiring Authors (Ages 8-12)
M, S, F, T, P, and L in Spanish. First graders are reviewing the        Monday, April 11, 4:00-5:00 p.m.
Spanish Alphabet and creating a “Mi Alfabeto” booklet. First            For children who love to write. Bring a notebook.
grade students have create pages for letters A-P. The Estrellitas       SNAPSHOT DAY Wednesday, April 13
literacy program has been implemented in all second grade classes.      All over Connecticut, people celebrate their libraries to-
Currently, the second grade students are reading the book Mamá,         day.
Papá y Ana. This book reinforces Spanish words that contain the         4:00 p.m. Spring Art (Ages 5-12) (Please register)
letter “A”. Third graders are study los animales (animals). At the      Read to Therapy Dogs
conclusion of this unit, students will be able to recognize various     Thursday, April 14, 4:30-6:00 p.m.
animals in Spanish. They will also be able to identify different ani-   Read to Siena & Drago our therapy dogs. All ages
mal habitats and which animals are carnívoros(carnivores), om-          Movie Making Workshop (ages 9-12)
nívoros (omnivores), and herbívoros (herbivores). During the sec-       Thursday, April 21, 1-4 p.m.
ond Spanish class, third grade students will be reading and illus-      Help make a summer reading movie for the Library! De-
trating their Hugo y la urraca book from the Estrellitas reading se-    sign the script and costumes, plan the dialogue, or be an
ries. Through the incorporation of preposiciones (prepositions)         actor!
fourth graders will learn how to identify where items are located
in the Spanish language. In order to review Spanish prepositions,                Reading (Mrs. Gallagher)
students are creating their own version of the book “El Paseo de        Students of all ages enjoy books
Rosita”. During our second meeting, fourth grade students will          that include humor. Two authors
participate in centers and independently read short Spanish stories     who write humorous books are
to the teacher. They will also be provided the opportunity to read      James Marshall, especially the
articles from the Scholatic News en Español magazine. Please                             Fox series, and
refer to the world language website for a list of vocabulary words.
This list can be used to enhance your child’s learning of another
                                                                                         Herman Parish
language.                                                                                whose books
                                                                                         include the Amelia Bedelia
               Library (Mrs. Kaluzynski)

                         Like to read? Like to talk?
                         Like to have friends over?                                     Art (Mrs. Cooper)
                            Like to eat snacks?                         In Mrs. Cooper's art class Kindergarten has
                                                                        been practicing their rainbow order. First
                                                                        grade has just completed the cutest Neutral
                                                                        Color Teddy Bears anyone could hope to see!
Form a book club with your friends!                                     Second and Third Grade are working on color
Ask your parents, and then                                              mixing their tertiary colors with some boldly
look at these websites for ideas:                                       colored parrot paintings. Fourth grade could
                                                                        tell you some interesting things about artist
                                                                        Henri Rousseau’s jungle paintings. Meanwhile,
http://kidsbookclubbook.com/                                            5th and 6th are both learning about fantasy art
http://www.kidsreads.com/                                                and cultural myths about different types of
                                                                        Dragons from around the world!
                                                                        Calendar of Events
             Resources and Links                          Early Dismissal          Thurs.     Make Your Day        Tues.
                                                          Professional Dev.        4/7        parent meeting       4/26
                                                          1:30 pm                             3:30-4:30
    •   Franklin website home page
                                                          Spring Photos            Fri. 4/8
            http://franklin.stratfordk12.org                                                  Spring Concert
    •   Make Your Day Parent Site                         Town Public Hearing      Wed.
            http://www.makeyourdayparents.com             regarding Budget
                                                          7:00-9:PM                           Sixth Grade Awards   Thurs.
    •   Stratford Public Library                          Bunnell HS                                               6/14

            http://stratfordlibrary.com                   Town Public Hearing      Thurs.
                                                                                              Early Dismissal      6/22-
                                                          regarding Budget         4/14
    •   Study Island                                      7:00-9:PM
                                                                                              last three days of   6/24?
                                                          Stratford HS
                                                          Reading Night/           Thurs.     Last Day of School   6/24?
    •   Destiny Card Catalog                                                       4/14
                                                          Pasta Night
    •   Parent Portal ( gr. 4-6—must be signed up )
                                                          Dress Down               Mon.
            https: boe-ps-app2.stratfordk12.org/public    Donations benefit Earth- 4/18
                                                          quake and Tsunami vic-
                                                          Spring Vacation          4/19–


Resiliency is essential in youngsters ability to successfully overcome adverse life experiences. This impor-
tant trait allows children to thrive no matter what negative experiences they could encounter. The seven in-
gredients of resiliency include: emotional awareness /control, impulse control, realistic optimism, flexible
thinking, empathy, self-confidence or self-efficacy, and reaching out to others when in need of assistance
(NASP, 2011). As parents and educators it is necessary to provide instruction regarding how these ingredi-
ents apply to children. If you have questions on how you might instruct your child, please feel free to contact
the Franklin school psychologist and social worker.

NASP Optimism and Resilience Resources: http://www.nasponline.org/families/optimism.aspx

           Lori DiBlasi-School Social Worker                        Joanna Procaccini-School Psychologist

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