ACMC VPN Setup Instructions

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					                             ACMC VPN Setup Instructions
                                Rev. date: 11/04/09
                                By: ACMC IT Dept.

In order to access the ACMC‟s VPN, you must install the Checkpoint SecureClient

The minimum system requirements for using the VPN connection and software are:

   1. A broadband Internet connection (such as DSL or cable modem)
   2. A computer running Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, or Windows XP
      Home/Professional, Service Pack 1 or 2.
   3. Minimum 128MB of RAM
   4. Up to date Anti-virus software such as Norton Antivirus, McAfee, or Trend Micro

To install the VPN Client Software:

    1. You can download the Checkpoint SecureClient application from, click on downloads, then click on SecureClient.
         Download the application to your desktop or a location of your choice to your pc.
         You can also download from
    2. Double click the file downloaded to begin the install.

   3. You will see a setup screen like the following, click Next to continue.
1. Click “I accept the terms of the license agreement” . Click „Next”.

2. Click “Next to continue

3. The setup program will begin installing the client, please wait….
   4.    The following screen will appear – Select “Install VPN-1 SecureClient” and click

   5. Click “install” on the next screen ,please wait. This may take up to a few

   6. The next screen will ask you to reboot. Select “Finish”.

11. After you reboot you will notice a small icon near the system clock that looks like a
yellow key. Double click on it to bring up the VPN Client main screen.

   7. The program will say “No sites defined, create a new site?”. Click Yes.
8. The Site Wizard will appear. Fill in the fields as shown and click “Next”.

9. The next section specifies how you will authenticate to the ACMC VPN. Choose
   the „user name and password‟ option here and click “Next”.
10. The program will now ask you for your username, password assigned to you.
11. The program will now attempt to connect and authenticate your username.
    NOTE: You must be connected to the Internet to complete this step. Click
    “Advanced” and click “Next”. Select ike over tcp.

12. Please wait while the program connects to ACMC. You will see a status bar
    going across the screen. In a few seconds it should bring up a screen like below.
    Just click “Next”.

13. It will connect once more and then show you the screen below. Click “Finish”.
Click on the key in the system tray to connect.

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