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Walkers make every step count to conquer cancer Lavine gift honors


                FALL 2009 and                                             THANKING THOSE WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.                                                               Volume 12 • Issue 4

Walkers make every step count                                                                                                                                                         4
                                                                                                                                                                                      A Pitch
to conquer cancer                                                                                                                                                                     for Support

         n Sept. 13, more than 7,700 men, women, and chil-                        Edward J. Benz Jr., MD, upon completing the Hopkinton to
         dren demonstrated their commitment to conquering                         Boston 26.2-mile route. “You can literally see the support of
         cancer by participating in the 21st annual Boston                        thousands of people who are walking to end this terrible disease.”
Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk, presented by Hyundai. Dedi-                               This year, registrants hailed from 35 states and five countries.                                  5
cated walkers, ranging from children in strollers to great-                          The Walk’s presenting sponsor, Hyundai Motor America,                                            Community
grandparents, traveled along the historic Boston Marathon®                        led the way for more than 30 corporate sponsors who                                                 Comes Together
route with a unified purpose: to eradicate cancer and raise an                     contributed funds, goods, and services to the event.
anticipated $6.6 million for Dana-Farber.                                            “Hyundai’s dedication to the cause is most apparent by
   “The Walk is truly inspirational,” said Institute President                                                                  continued on page 8

                                                                                                                                                                                      Raising Funds

                                                                                                                                                                                      Toward Cures

                                                                                                                                                                                      Scotty’s Legacy

 The Patnaik family—(left to right) Pooja, Vandana, Paras, and Praveen—celebrate at the Walk’s Copley Square finish line.

Lavine gift honors parents’ fights against cancer

                hen Jonathan Lavine’s mother, Barbara, was diagnosed with lymphoma                            will be located in the Institute’s new Yawkey Center for Cancer Care, slated to
                in 1996, the family’s search for the best care facility led them to Dana-                     open in 2011.
                Farber Cancer Institute and Arnie Freedman, MD, clinical director of                              “Drs. Freedman and Shipp are great doctors who do amazing cancer research
                                                         the Lymphoma Program. Freedman                       and clinical work,” said Jonathan Lavine. “Both areas need to be supported, as it
                                                         successfully treated Barbara. When                   is this that leads to the best medicine possible. I also wanted visibly to show my
                                                         her husband, Jerrold, was diagnosed                  support for the Yawkey Center, a place that will offer the same first-rate care that
                                                         with lymphoma 11 years later, the                    my parents were fortunate to receive.”
                                                         couple returned to Dana-Farber,                          Support from the Lavine Fund will enhance both laboratory and clinical
                                                         where Jerrold has been successfully                  research. It will provide resources for the screening and analysis of tumor samples
                                                         treated as well. To express his                      from patients and from tumor cell lines. Using this information, researchers hope
                                                         gratitude, Jonathan Lavine wanted                    to identify cell targets and pathways that could then be targets for new
                                                         to give back to the place that saved                 lymphoma therapies.
                                                         his parents’ lives.                                      “This gift will directly impact patients,” explained Shipp. “We will be able
                                                            That desire led to his recent                     to take this new information into the preclinical setting and test potential new
                                                         $5 million Mission Possible: The                     treatments more quickly than ever before. We have already seen success with one
                                                         Dana-Farber Campaign to Conquer                      therapy that was discovered through this very process.”
                                                         Cancer gift, with $1 million                             Added Freedman, “The Lavine family’s gift allows us to test new ideas that
                                                         establishing the Lavine Family Fund                  we would never be able to explore otherwise, and we are currently initiating new
                                                         for Lymphoma Research, managed                       treatment studies in patients that have never been tried before. We are so grateful to
                                                         by Freedman and Margaret Shipp,                      Jonathan and Jeannie and to the entire Lavine family for this incredibly generous gift.”
                                                         MD, director of the Lymphoma
                                                         Program at Dana-Farber/Harvard                       BUILDING THE FUTURE OF CANCER CARE
 Wishing to honor the place that saved both his parents’ Cancer Center. The additional                        In addition to fueling groundbreaking research, Lavine’s gift will enhance the
 lives, Jonathan Lavine made a gift to support the       $4 million has named the Lavine                      Institute’s signature total patient care. Lavine Family Central Registration will be
 lymphoma research of Arnie Freedman, MD (pictured).
                                                         Family Central Registration, which                   situated off of the lobby on the second level of the Yawkey Center and overlook
                                                                                                                                                                                continued on page 5
    Dear Friends,

    The holiday season is a time to reflect upon our
    numerous blessings and express gratitude to those
    around us for the joy they have brought into
    our lives. At Dana-Farber, we would like to take                                                        There is a reason why technology is one of the main funding priorities of
    the opportunity to do the same and thank all of                                                         the Mission Possible Campaign. Technology is power. It provides the vital
    you for your incredible support. Your generosity                                                        tools scientists need to advance research and fundamentally change the
    is providing us with the momentum we need to make 2010 a year of                                        standard of care for patients.
    remarkable progress in advancing cancer research and care.
        In this issue of Impact, we are celebrating the wonderful influence that                             At Dana-Farber, technology means more than machines or computers.
    your passionate connection to Dana-Farber has had on improving the                                      The Institute has made a significant investment in key technologies,
    future for cancer patients everywhere.                                                                  including genomics, proteomics, chemistry, computational biology,
        We are deeply grateful to Jonathan Lavine for his gift of $5 million                                and imaging because access to these technologies will propel critical
    establishing the Lavine Family Fund for Lymphoma Research and naming                                    breakthroughs and resolve some of the most daunting challenges faced
    the Lavine Family Central Registration in our new Yawkey Center for                                     by cancer patients and their clinicians.
    Cancer Care. Made in loving gratitude for the successful treatment at
    Dana-Farber of both of Mr. Lavine’s parents, this gift will further our work                            These challenges include the need to develop better tools for early
    by facilitating lymphoma research, as well as supporting construction of the
                                                                                                            diagnosis, the development of effective new drugs for the many subtypes
    Yawkey Center, a state-of-the-art clinical care and research facility.
                                                                                                            of cancers, understanding why some patients become resistant to
        We also thank the more than 7,700 Jimmy Fund friends who came
                                                                                                            therapies or some cancers metastasize, and the ability to evaluate more
    together on a sunny September day to take part in the 21st annual Boston
                                                                                                            rapidly the efficacy of a particular drug for a particular patient. Resolving
    Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk. Whether they tackled the 3-mile or the full
                                                                                                            these challenges is an important part of moving toward personalized
    26.2-mile route, all participants exhibited a deep commitment to the fight
                                                                                                            medicine—finding the right drug for the right patient at the right time.
    against cancer by raising an anticipated $6.6 million for the Institute.
        The eighth annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon was a
                                                                                                            There have been a number of significant philanthropic gifts in support
    tremendous success as well, raising more than $4.5 million in vital funding,
                                                                                                            of technology through the Mission Possible Campaign, and, as of Sept.
    and we are proud to thank the many volunteers, interviewers, and callers
    who showed their support during the two-day broadcast. More than                                        30, 2009, our donors’ generosity has helped raise $61 million toward our

    30,000 calls were received from across the U.S. and from 17 countries. This                             $100 million Campaign Technology goal.
    moving event offered an inspirational reminder to all of us of the critical
    importance of the work done every day at the Institute.                                                 One compelling example of a project with enormous potential to
        Finally, I am pleased to report that this year’s 161 spring and summer Jimmy                        help us deliver personalized medicine and that needs funding is the
    Fund Golf tournaments contributed to our success by raising more than $6.1                              the Oncomap Initiative within DFCI’s Center for Cancer Genomic
    million. We are ever grateful to the thousands of players, organizers, sponsors,                        Discovery. The Oncomap is a groundbreaking method, using genomics
    and volunteers who come together to show their commitment to the Institute’s                            technologies, which allows researchers to identify whether a cancer
    progress in the fight against this terrible disease.                                                     patient’s tumor harbors genetic mutations that could serve as good
        These are all terrific highlights of fundraising excellence, and, as we                              targets for drugs.
    bring 2009 to a close, we thank you all for the many ways you show your
    wonderful and heartfelt dedication to our lifesaving mission. On behalf of                              “The presence of a particular mutation or group of mutations can be
    everyone at the Institute working tirelessly to conquer cancer, best wishes to                          predictive of a tumor’s response or lack of response to targeted agents,”
    you and your families for a very happy and healthy holiday season.                                      explains Dana-Farber’s Levi Garraway, MD, PhD, who directs the
                                                                                                            The Oncomap can be utilized to create smart drugs that target a patient’s
                                                                                                            specific mutations with greater accuracy than ever before. More than
                                                                                                            that, though, it is just one example that underscores the power that
                                                                                                            harnessing technologies for clinical application can have in making
                                                                                                            personalized medicine a reality.
    Susan S. Paresky
    Senior Vice President for Development                                                                   Ongoing support from our community of donors for the Mission Possible
                                                                                                            Campaign can ensure that these types of breakthrough projects are made
                                                                                                            possible, and the exciting momentum continues unabated.

                                                                                                            To make a gift today, please contact Berenice Ronthal, associate vice
                                                                                                            president, Individual and Campaign Giving, at 617-632-3051 or

Impact       FALL 2009                                               Senior Vice President for Patient Care Services, Chief Nurse         Photographers Lucien Capehart Photography, Lisa Cohen,
Volume 12 • Issue 4                                                  Paricia Reid Ponte, RN, DNSc, FAAN                                   Jenna Godin Conz, John Deputy, Steve Gilbert, Channing
This issue covers gifts received and finalized through                Senior Vice President for Research Beverly R. Ginsburg-Cooper, MBA   Johnson, Justin Knight, Molly McHale, Sam Ogden, Eddie
the summer and fall of 2009.                                                                                                              Pimental, Richard Schultz, Aaron Washington
                                                                     Senior Vice President for Development Susan S. Paresky
President, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Edward J. Benz Jr., MD
                                                                     Senior Vice President for Communications Steven R. Singer            Impact is a quarterly newsletter of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Chief Clinical Research Officer Philip W. Kantoff, MD                                                                                      published by the Division of Development and the Jimmy Fund.
                                                                     Assistant Vice President, Marketing Jan Lawlor
Chief Medical Officer Lawrence Shulman, MD                                                                                                 To be removed from our mailing list, please contact:
                                                                     Chairman of the Jimmy Fund Michael J. Andrews
Chief Scientific Officer Barrett J. Rollins, MD, PhD
                                                                     Impact Editor Brian Geer                                             DFCI Development Office
Chief of Staff Stephen E. Sallan, MD                                                                                                      10 Brookline Place West, 6th Floor
                                                                     Assistant Editor Lauren Carr                                         Brookline, MA 02445-7226
Chair of Executive Committee for Research David M. Livingston, MD                                                                         617-632-3019 or 800-52-JIMMY
                                                                     Contributors Amy Barberie, Jared Berezin, Courtney Blenheim,
Chair of Medical Oncology James Griffin, MD                                                                                                or visit
                                                                     Kevin Collins, David Ferreira, Georgina Morales Hampe, Daniel
Chair of Pediatric Oncology Stuart H. Orkin, MD                      Morris, Liz Nelson, Robin Orwant, Patrick Rooney, Diane Schmidt,     Dana-Farber Cancer Institute provides expert, compassionate care
Chair of Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care Susan Block, MD   Sharon Veino, Coral Vogel, Lindsay Wilber                            to children and adults and is home to groundbreaking cancer
Chair of Radiation Oncology Jay R. Harris, MD                        Art Director Alan Caplan                                             discoveries. Since its founding in 1948, the Jimmy Fund has raised

Chief of Radiology Annick D. Van den Abbeele, MD                     Designer Beth Rossi                                                  millions of dollars through thousands of community efforts to
                                                                                                                                          advance Dana-Farber’s lifesaving mission.
Senior Vice President for Experimental Medicine Lee M. Nadler, MD    Production Coordinators Maria Cipicchio, Georgina Morales Hampe

2      Impact         FALL 2009
                                                                                    Celebrate the season of giving at

A Chance for Kids® marks decade of hope in the battle
against pediatric cancers

       raffic to the beaches was not the only thing on the rise this summer. From
       July 27 – Sept. 7 at Burger King restaurants throughout the Northeast, and
       Sept. 8 – Oct. 12 at participating Olympia Sports locations, millions of
customers took part in the 10th annual A Chance for Kids® program. As thanks
for giving $1 to the Jimmy Fund, customers received a promotion card guaranteed
to win great prizes contributed by the corporate sponsors, such as a TNT

“It is inspiring to see how this program has helped
 to improve the lives of young people tackling
 this disease.”
                            — Jim Joy

Vacations stay at the Westin Resort in Aruba, American Airlines tickets, and Six
Flags Amusement Park tickets, as well as in-store Olympia Sports discounts and               Former Patient Partner Ashlee Moskwa (back row, left) speaks with Burger King managers at the 2009 A
Burger King menu items. Thanks to their collective generosity, nearly $900,000               Chance for Kids® kick-off rally, held at Fenway Park in Boston.
was raised for pediatric cancer research and care initiatives at Dana-Farber.
   “It is inspiring to see how this program has helped to improve the lives of              offers all Patient Partners a fun opportunity to shine in the spotlight, for some, the
young people tackling this disease,” said Jim Joy, division vice president for              promotion takes on another meaning altogether.
Burger King Corporation, whose Have It Your Way Foundation contributed an                      “Each patient handles their diagnosis differently,” said Ashlee Moskwa, a former
additional $76,000 to this year’s fundraising efforts. “The success has exceeded all         Patient Partner from the promotion’s inaugural year in 2000, who, as a result of
expectations from the beginning and is a testament to the hard work of the entire           her childhood experiences at Dana-Farber, is now a pediatric oncology nurse based
Burger King family and our loyal customers.”                                                in Seattle, Wash. “Talking about my illness was an important part of my recovery. I
                                                                                            am forever grateful to the Jimmy Fund and Burger King as they helped shape who
PUTTING A FACE ON THE FIGHT                                                                 I am today.”
More than 500 participating Burger King restaurants and nearly 200 Olympia                     Founded in 2000 by Burger King, a longtime Dana-Farber and Jimmy Fund
Sports locations featured in-store promotional displays bearing pictures of A               corporate partner, the program’s popularity has grown over time, contributing
Chance for Kids Patient Partners, who represent children everywhere courageously            more than $9 million cumulatively to DFCI.
facing cancer. The 2009 Patient Partners included Gabriella, 9, of Rhode Island;               “Cancer affects so many children and their families,” said Olympia Sports
Hunter, 8, of New York; Luciano, 6, of Connecticut; Luke, 3, of New Hampshire;              President Dick Coffey. “We are honored to contribute to the positive outcomes
Nicole, 2, of Maine; and Thiviyan, 6, of Massachusetts. While A Chance for Kids             that this program is helping produce.” ■

The ASCO Cancer Foundation® Webber gift honors valiant
supports future leader in   fight against prostate cancer
pancreatic cancer research
                             n December 2004, Neal Webber
                                                                                                 was diagnosed with advanced

      unding the work of young researchers brings their new ideas to life and leads              prostate cancer and was told it
      to greater discovery and career growth. The ASCO Cancer Foundation®—the                 would never go into remission.
      philanthropic affiliate of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO),              This marathon runner and athlete,
                                                 the world’s leading professional             father of four children, and owner
                                                 organization for oncologists—recently        of the Kittredge Equipment Com-
                                                 granted Career Development Awards            pany, one of New England’s largest
                                                 to 12 such investigators in their first       food service equipment and supply
                                                 three years of faculty appointments to       companies, responded by doing
                                                 establish independent clinical cancer        what he knew best: he fought.
                                                                                                                                         The late Neal Webber (bottom, right) is being honored
                                                 research programs.                               Weeks after learning of his
                                                                                                                                         by his family (clockwise: Ruth, Jamie, Wendy, Jake,
                                                     Among this year’s awardees was           disease, Webber went helicopter            Allison, and Lauren) with a gift furthering education and
                                                 Brian Wolpin, MD, MPH, of the                skiing in Canada. The following            earlier screening for prostate cancer to help prevent more
                                                                                                                                         young men from dying of the disease.
                                                 Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment            August, he competed in his
                                                 Center at Dana-Farber. Wolpin received       first of three Pan-Massachusetts
                                                 a three-year grant totaling $200,000 to      Challenge bike-a-thons to benefit Dana-Farber. Despite his prognosis, his cancer
                                                 advance his research into the biological     did go into remission and Webber fought bravely for nearly four years before
  Brian Wolpin, MD, MPH, received The ASCO       risk factors for pancreatic cancer.          succumbing to the disease in 2008 at age 53. In his memory, his wife, Wendy,
  Cancer Foundation Career Development Award,
  which will advance his work in uncovering risk     “The ASCO Cancer Foundation              and mother, Ruth, have given $200,000 to support the research of Neal’s
  factors of pancreatic cancer.                  recognizes the importance of supporting      oncologist, Philip Kantoff, MD, the Institute’s chief clinical research officer and
                                                 investigators as they establish their        director of the Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology.
                                                 careers,” said Nancy Daly, MS, MPH,              “The way Neal lived his life, every single day was: ‘This is my day. The grass
executive director of The ASCO Cancer Foundation. “Through our grants program,                is down there, I’m still above it…what do I have to complain about?’” said
we provide seed funding for innovative ideas that lay the groundwork for future               Wendy Webber.
studies. This research directly impacts the lives of people with cancer, and we believe           Kantoff also remembered Neal Webber’s spirit. “Neal was a great guy who
it makes a world of difference in cancer care.”                                                became a friend,” said Kantoff. “People were drawn to him because of his warm,
    In 2008, Wolpin discovered a link between pancreatic cancer risk and a protein            humorous demeanor. This gift will honor him while promoting better outcomes
affected by obesity. Earlier this year, he was the lead author of a study that showed a        for others.”
connection between blood type and a person’s risk of developing the disease.                      With a familial history of cancer, the Webbers are looking for Kantoff to
    “The genetic factors that raise or lower an individual’s risk for pancreatic cancer       examine the genetic drivers of prostate cancer, as well as determine why some men
are largely unknown,” said Wolpin. “The ASCO Cancer Foundation Career                         die from the disease while others live with it.
Development Award accelerates our efforts to improve detection and treatment for                    “Hopefully, Dr. Kantoff will discover a way to eradicate the disease, or at least
patients with this devastating disease.” ■                                                    make it a livable, treatable condition at any stage,” said Wendy. ■

                                                                                                                                                                  Impact       FALL 2009            3
Get Jimmy Fund holiday wallpapers for your phone. Visit

Heeding the call: WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund
Radio-Telethon hits it big

         he lure of the Boston Red Sox compelled fans to knock another one out
         of the park during the eighth annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-
         Telethon. Thousands tuned in to WEEI Sports Radio Network (850-AM)
                                                   and New England Sports Network
                                                   (NESN) for 36 hours Aug. 27 and
                                                   28, during which the Red Sox took
                                                   on the Chicago White Sox and the
                                                   Toronto Blue Jays, respectively. Fans
                                                   were moved to give by interviews
                                                   with cancer patients and survivors,
                                                   physicians and researchers, and
                                                                                            Dan Pardi (right), former Jimmy Fund Clinic patient and star of the Jimmy Fund’s new movie trailer,
                                                   athletes and celebrities, all of whom
                                                                                            “Stronger than Ever,” and his parents, Pat and Bill Pardi, discuss their positive experience at DFCI.
                                                   came together to raise more than
                                                   $4.5 million.
                                                      “The economy, its impact on          30,000 gifts were made via phone, online, and text messaging.
                                                   fundraising, and the reduction in          “We are so thankful to the Red Sox, WEEI, NESN, and their listeners and viewers
                                                   federal support have all presented      who have given so generously to Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund over the years,” said
  Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield takes to the us with an incredible challenge,”       Jimmy Fund Chairman and former Sox second baseman Mike Andrews.
  airwaves to support the Radio-Telethon.          explained Dana-Farber President
                                                   and CEO Edward J. Benz Jr., MD.         REACHING A NEW AUDIENCE
                                                   “But walking through the clinics        This year’s event also included an initiative to reach out to a major part of the Red
reminds us every day of why we’re here and what’s special about the work we do.”           Sox’ fan base—New England’s Latino community. A separate hotline allowed
     The event began Thursday morning on-air with Lisa Scherber, activities                Spanish-speaking callers to contribute in their native language, and Spanish
coordinator at the Jimmy Fund Clinic, talking about the power callers’ gifts can           Beisbol Network (1150-AM) and
have in helping DFCI patients. Also joining the broadcast were former New Kids             Telemundo broadcast some of the
on the Block members Joey McIntyre and Donnie Wahlberg, comedian Mike                      interviews in Spanish.
O’Malley, and actor Ben Affleck. At the end of day one, $1.175 million was raised                “As a survivor treated at the
from all 50 states and around the world.                                                   Jimmy Fund Clinic, I know
     Friday’s highlights included an interview with Ben Finer, a 13-year-old               firsthand the importance of
diagnosed with lymphoma. Those tuning in were moved to tears by Finer’s                    supporting advances in care and
maturity and his stance on what potentially losing his life would mean to his              research,” said Uri Berenguer-
family. During the game that night, actor-comedian Dane Cook threw out the first            Ramos, the Spanish voice of the
pitch, Aaron Neville performed the national anthem, and former American Idol               Red Sox on 1150-AM. “These
winner Kelly Clarkson sang during the seventh inning stretch.                              stories let everyone in the Latino
     Many Red Sox team members, including Red Sox Manager Terry Francona and               community know that Dana-Farber
team members Jason Bay, Jon Lester, Mike Lowell, Jonathan Papelbon, Dustin                 is here for them and their families.
Pedroia, Tim Wakefield, and former Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, also participated            The Radio-Telethon provides                 More than 320 volunteers came out to answer
during the course of the event. The efforts of these celebrities, in addition to            them an opportunity to show their           phones, collect contributions, and help sell
patients, families, and staff, made a big impact by the end of the event—more than          support for DFCI.” ■                        merchandise during the two-day event.

Taco Bell/KFC customers                                                                        Taking a big swing at cancer
help “Strike Out Cancer”
one dollar at a time

       he Taco Bell/KFC “Strike Out Cancer” cam-
       paign was held June 10 – 30 at 201 Taco Bell®
       and KFC® locations throughout Connecti-
cut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New
York, and Rhode Island. The second annual cam-
paign proved to be a solid hit by raising more than
$146,000. All of the funds raised directly benefit the
Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
   “The Jimmy Fund began by collecting money in
canisters throughout New England, and the ‘Strike
Out Cancer’ program is a throwback to those early
days,” said Institute Trustee Roger Lockwood. “Raising
                                                                                               This summer, young ballplayers, coaches, and parents scored a major-league victory in
money this way is important because it involves a lot
                                                                                               the fight against cancer by raising more than $250,000 for research and patient care
of people giving whatever they can, and it all adds up
                                                                                               at Dana-Farber through the Jimmy Fund Little League Program.
to great results.”
   Taco Bell restaurants have generously supported the                                         From July to August, more than 5,000 New England youth baseball and softball
Jimmy Fund since 1999, and KFC joined the effort in 2007.                                       players took to their communities to raise funds through neighborhood canister
   Throughout the promotion, patrons gave $1 to receive a baseball pin-up, which               collections, car washes, and bake sales—efforts that brought the program’s 22-year
could be personalized and proudly displayed in the restaurant. “Since my dad,                  cumulative fundraising total to nearly $3 million.
Arthur, was one of the Jimmy Fund’s founding fathers, I’ve always had a great deal
                                                                                               Above: Wakefield Little League, of Wakefield, Mass., won the District 13 9–10-year-
of respect for the work of Dana-Farber and a passion to be a part of that process,”
                                                                                               old Jimmy Fund Little League Tournament, which was managed by George Berardi,
added Lockwood.
                                                                                               founder of the Jimmy Fund Little League Program, and his son, John. As a reward, the
   “People can make a big impact just by giving a little,” said Jimmy Fund
                                                                                               Wakefield squad received championship plaques and, along with the top fundraising
Chairman Mike Andrews. “Our partnership with Taco Bell and KFC reflects the
                                                                                               club in each district, tickets to a Boston Red Sox game.
importance of reaching out to the community and asking for help in the fight
against cancer.” ■

 4     Impact     FALL 2009
Lavine continued from page 1
                                                                                            Personal connection spurs
the main entrance. It will occupy approximately 2,100 square feet, with an
estimated 500 people expected to pass through the area each week.                           Poorvu Family Foundation gift

                                                                                                   ix weeks after surgery and
                                                                                                   a diagnosis of colon cancer,
 “I hope we can inspire others to give back and                                                    Alison Poorvu Jaffe began her
  recognize that in this difficult economy, it is                                            chemotherapy treatment; it was her
  especially important that those who have the                                              49th birthday. One year later, Jaffe is
                                                                                            doing well and her parents, William
  ability to support Dana-Farber do so.”
                                                                                            and Lia Poorvu, are celebrating
                              — Jonathan Lavine                                             her 50th birthday in a special way:
                                                                                            They’re making a major gift to Dana-
                                                                                            Farber through the William & Lia G.
   It also will house financial counseling services and feature six private offices that       Poorvu Family Foundation.
provide comfortable surroundings for individuals to discuss health insurance and               This contribution not only honors
other financial matters confidentially.                                                       Jaffe’s brave battle, but also pays           The William & Lia G. Poorvu Family Foundation
   “Dana-Farber is a jewel of the Boston community, but also does important                 tribute to her doctor, Robert Mayer,         commemorates Alison Poorvu Jaffe’s successful
work helping people throughout the world,” said Lavine. “I hope we can inspire              MD, faculty vice president for               battle against cancer.
others to give back and recognize that in this difficult economy, it is especially            Academic Affairs at DFCI and the
important that those who have the ability to support Dana-Farber do so.” ■                  Stephen B. Kay Family Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. This gift
                                                                                            also supports Mission Possible: The Dana-Farber Campaign to Conquer Cancer.
                                                                                               “As a patient, access to the research and treatment at Dana-Farber is critical,”
                                                                                            said Jaffe. “The positive interaction I had with everyone here is what made my
   Day of family fun and fundraising                                                        scary journey life-affirming.”
                                                                                               In recognition of Jaffe’s positive experiences with staff at the Institute, the
                                                                                            foundation’s gift will fund programs within Dana-Farber’s Patient and Family
                                                                                            Support Services efforts. These services are critical to the Institute’s signature total
                                                                                            patient care approach, and they include everything from disease-specific support
                                                                                            groups and survivor seminars, to enhanced patient welcome and orientation
                                                                                            programs, and other resources that help so many of those treated at Dana-Farber
                                                                                            navigate this daunting time in their lives.
                                                                                               “I feel very lucky that I have a large support group of family and friends,”
                                                                                            explained Jaffe. “My family and I want to help the patients at Dana-Farber who
                                                                                            might not be as fortunate to have the strong support that I do.” ■

   On June 6, Granite Telecommunications, LLC, hosted its annual Granite Day carnival,
   which benefits Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and honors the memory of company
   owner Robert Hale Sr., who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in 2008. Open to the
   Quincy, Mass., community, Granite staff and attendees alike enjoyed inflatable rides,
   mini-golf, bounce houses, face painting, balloon animals, snow cones, and dance                                                          In honor of Paul
   lessons, among other fun activities.                                                                                                    who is fighting his
                                                                                                                                          cancer with courage.
   Above: Surrounded by attendees and Granite Day Committee Members, Judith Hale                                                           Jane and Kevin Jones
   (back row, fourth from right) and her son Robert Hale Jr. (back row, third from right)                                                  and the Jones Family
                                                                                                                                                                   ACTUAL GENE IS 4” X 4”
   presented a check to the Robert T. Hale Sr. and Judith B. Hale Fund for Pancreatic

                                                                                                   Name a gene.
   Cancer Research at DFCI for $161,000, which was raised through staff collections,
   Granite’s employee matching gift program, and sponsorship gifts from vendors. This
   funding supports pancreatic cancer research by Charles Fuchs, MD, MPH, of Dana-                 Make your mark on cancer.
   Farber’s Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment Center.
                                                                                                   Be part of the cancer revolution. Name a gene at Dana-Farber.
                                                                                                   This visual and dynamic display represents the real genetic
                                                                                                   information that leads us to lifesaving cancer treatments.
                                                                                                   Show your support by naming a 4-inch- square gene with
                                                                                                   a personal message in honor of a family member, friend, or

                                                                                                   For more information, contact:
                                                                                                   Zach Dubin

             Create a personalized web page to honor a loved
             one, mark a special occasion or life event, and
             raise funds for Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund.
             Make the fight against cancer even more personal.


                                                                                                                                                       Impact     FALL 2009             5
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Jimmy Fund Golf scores another stellar year on the fairways

      or the past 27 years, members of the Jimmy Fund Golf family have hit the
      links with a goal much loftier than reaching the green; they have been teeing                     SPECIAL THANKS
      off in an effort to help Dana-Farber Cancer Institute conquer cancer.
                                                                                                        2009 Top Fundraising Tournaments
                                                                                                        Dunkin’ Donuts George Mandell Memorial Golf Tournament                           $715,000
                                                                                                        Mutual Funds Against Cancer Expect Miracles Golf Classic                         $600,000
                                                                                                        Mark R. Ungerer Driving for the Cure Memorial Golf Tournament                    $525,000
                                                                                                        Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament/Jeffrey Vinick Memorial                               $460,000
                                                                                                        Stop & Shop/Donovan-Carlson Memorial Jimmy Fund Golf Classic                     $350,000
                                                                                                        John R. Svenson Golf Classic                                                     $220,000
                                                                                                        C&S Wholesale Grocers Charity Golf Outing                                        $200,000
                                                                                                        Joan H. Brack Memorial Golf Tournament                                           $200,000
                                                                                                        Robyn Elise Abrams Memorial Golf Tournament                                      $200,000
                                                                                                        Jimmy Fund/UGL-Unicco Golf & Tennis Classic                                      $170,000
                                                                                                        Jimmy Fund Players Tournament                                                    $130,000

                                                                                                        2009 Jimmy Fund Golf Sponsors
                                                                                                        PRESENTING SPONSORS
                                                                                                        American Airlines
                                                                                                        Dunkin’ Donuts
 Key players in the Dunkin’ Donuts George Mandell Memorial Golf Tournament, which raised $715,000 for
 the Dunkin’ Donuts Driving Innovation Program at Dana-Farber, present their check at Fenway Park.      The International

                                                                                                        MEDIA SPONSOR
                                                                                                        GateHouse Media New England
    This year, thanks to the steadfast support of tournament directors, volunteers,
and sponsors, Jimmy Fund Golf was once again successful, raising more than                              EAGLE SPONSORS
$6.1 million to advance the fight against cancer.                                                        Amica Insurance
    Since its official inception in 1983, Jimmy Fund Golf has raised more than                            Pepsi
$76 million, earning it the distinction of being one of the nation’s oldest and largest                 Twins Enterprise, Inc.
charity golf programs. This year, the Jimmy Fund Golf family continued to grow,                         BIRDIE SPONSORS
with 11 new tournaments starting in 2009.                                                               In Memory of William Sadowsky
    “We are extraordinarily grateful for the diligence and dedication of our
tournament directors, volunteers, sponsors, and participants,” said Jimmy Fund
                                                        Golf Director Nancy Rowe.
                                                        “Despite the current challenging
                                                        times, these friends have persevered
                                                                                                        Casting for big funds
                                                        and persisted in their missions to
                                                        stop this disease.”
                                                           From late July through the end
                                                        of September, several tournaments
                                                        each raised more than $100,000,
                                                        including: C&S Wholesale Grocers
                                                        Charity Golf Outing, Dunkin’
                                                        Donuts George Mandell Memorial
 Left to right: Michael McKnight, tournament director
 and vice president of Construction at Stop & Shop, hit Golf Tournament, Joan H. Brack
 the links at the Stop & Shop/Donovan-Carlson Memorial  Memorial Golf Tournament,
 Jimmy Fund Golf Classic with Stop & Shop’s Phil        Robyn Elise Abrams Memorial Golf
 Civitello, tournament committee member Bob Fers of
 platinum sponsor Robert S. Fers, Inc., and Jimmy Fund  Tournament, and Stop & Shop/
 Golf’s Tim Barry.                                      Donovan-Carlson Memorial Jimmy
                                                        Fund Golf Classic.
    “The compassionate care that my late wife, Joan, received from Dana-Farber
and Dr. Ursula Matulonis and her team will resonate with my family and me for
the rest of our lives,” said Bob Brack, co-host of the Joan H. Brack Memorial Golf
Tournament. “The Jimmy Fund Golf outing gives us a chance to honor this service,
raise awareness of Dana-Farber’s role in patient care and research, and give back a
small amount in relation to what was received.”

Jimmy Fund Golf wrapped up its season with the Jimmy Fund Golf Classic
tournament, held at The International in Bolton, Mass., Oct. 5. Program
sponsors, tournament directors, and volunteers were treated to a day on the links                       More than 250 fishermen and 52 boats trolled the waters off the coast of Nantucket
followed by an Oktoberfest-themed reception as a thank-you for their hard work.                         and Martha’s Vineyard as part of the 16th annual Joe Cronin Memorial Fishing
The evening featured appearances by special guests including Boston Marathon®                           Tournament. Held Aug. 7 at the Nauticus Marina, Oyster Harbors Marine, and Crosby
Race Director Dave McGillivray, Boston Celtics greats Bob Cousy and John                                Boat Yard, all in Osterville, Mass., the day featured avid anglers casting their reels in
Havlicek, and Boston Red Sox all-star Jim Lonborg.                                                      support of the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber’s crusade for cancer cures. This year’s
    The annual event also recognized Jimmy Fund Golf ’s sponsors, including                             event also honored the memories of the late Larry Coggeshall and former Detroit
presenting sponsors American Airlines, Callaway, Dunkin’ Donuts, and The                                Tigers pitcher Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, both longtime supporters of the Jimmy Fund
International, as well as media sponsor GateHouse Media New England, for their                          and the fishing tournament.
partnership in making Jimmy Fund Golf ’s 2009 season a success.
                                                                                                        Created in memory of the late Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer and American League
    “Supporting the Jimmy Fund is so important to The International because
                                                                                                        President Joe Cronin, the event has become a Jimmy Fund favorite, raising more than
it is an opportunity to make a significant difference in people’s lives, as we all
                                                                                                        $300,000 in 2009, and bringing its cumulative fundraising total to $2.75 million.
have family histories that include this dreaded disease, and we share a personal
connection to help eradicate cancer,” said The International President                                  Above: Ken Leandre (left) and his son Jordan, a patient in the Jimmy Fund Clinic,
Dan Weadock.                                                                                            celebrated a prized catch with Richard Haskell (center), Henry O’Shaughnessy, and
    Thanks to the continued support of its sponsors and the unwavering dedication                       his son Henry.
of its volunteers and tournament directors, Jimmy Fund Golf once again proved
that teamwork is the key to reaching the ultimate goal: a world without cancer. ■

 6      Impact       FALL 2009
                                   Build the future in the new Yawkey Center for Cancer Care. Visit

A silver screen partnership                                                             “Hero” campaign offers
celebrates its diamond                                                                  HomeGoods customers the
anniversary                                                                             opportunity to fight cancer

T                                                                                       T
       his summer, thousands of moviegoers visited National Amusements, Inc.,                  his summer, HomeGoods,
       theatres across New England to catch the latest hit films and, in the process,           the national off-price home
       played a role in the Jimmy Fund’s fight against cancer.                                  fashion retailer, renewed its
   In the 60th annual Jimmy Fund/Variety Children’s Charity Theatre Collections         commitment to fighting cancer by
program, held from June 12 – July 26, patrons were given the opportunity to             joining the Jimmy Fund for the
support Dana-Farber’s research and care via collection canisters carried up and         eighth consecutive year of its Be a
down the theatre aisles                                                                 Hero® pin-up campaign. From Aug.
by a dedicated team of                                                                  27 – Sept. 20, 180 stores across the
theatre managers and                                                                    country invited their customers to
Jimmy Fund volunteers.                                                                  join in the battle and help Dana-
In 2009, this outpouring                                                                Farber patients and their families.
of generosity helped to                                                                    For a $1 contribution, customers
raise more than $750,000,                                                               participated in the fundraiser by
including a $125,000 gift                                                               purchasing a vividly colored, house-
from Regal Foundation, the                                                              shaped pin-up bearing the slogan
charitable branch of Regal                                                              “Be a Hero. Beat Cancer.” and “HomeGoods Helps Families Fight Cancer,”
Entertainment Group.                                                                    accompanied by a drawing by Zack, a Jimmy Fund Clinic patient. The pin-ups
   “We are so appreciative                                                              were then personalized with the customer’s name, as well as messages of support,
for the theatre managers who year after year open their doors and their hearts to       and displayed throughout the store. All told, the program raised $396,000 in
the Jimmy Fund, and for the volunteers who take time out of their schedules to          support of DFCI, bringing the cumulative total to more than $2.24 million.
help with the Theatre Collections Program,” said Jimmy Fund Chairman Mike                  “We understand how crucial Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund are to battling
Andrews. “We could not run the program without them.”                                   these terrible diseases,” said Robyn Arvedon, a HomeGoods spokesperson. “We
   Another contributing factor to this year’s fundraising success for the program       are thrilled to continue our partnership and to be able to offer our customers the
was the premiere of a new Jimmy Fund trailer. “Stronger than Ever” followed             chance to support this important mission.” ■
Dan Pardi, a now cancer-free, 21-year-old college student who was treated at the
Institute 14 years ago and who now volunteers at Jimmy Fund events.
   “When I go to Dana-Farber today as a volunteer and not as a patient, I want
to help in any way possible,” said Pardi. “Words are tough to come by because          Millennium commits to
they saved my life; it’s important for me to give back.”
   Pardi’s success story showed audiences how their support can help patients like     supporting cancer research
Dan have happy endings to their own battles with cancer as well. ■

                                                                                                  ver the past decade, the integration of novel therapies into the treatment
                                                                                                  paradigm for multiple myeloma patients has significantly prolonged the
                                                                                                  lives of those affected by this otherwise incurable disease. Committed to

            Conquer Cancer
           This Holiday Season
                   EAR rds
               IS Y -ca
             TH s & e
      NEW card

                                                                                        Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company is supporting groundbreaking clinical trials led by DFCI’s Paul
                                                                                        Richardson, MD (left), pictured with (left to right) DFCI’s Nikhil Munshi, MD; Millennium President Deborah
                                                                                        Dunsire, MD; DFCI President & CEO Edward J. Benz Jr., MD; Millennium Chief Medical Officer Nancy
                                                                                        Simonian, MD; and DFCI’s Kenneth Anderson, MD.

                                                                                       continuing the progress, Dana-Farber has been conducting extensive research, with
                                                                                       recent advances generating new combination therapies that promise to overcome
                                                                                       tumor resistance and now require careful testing in clinical trials.
                                                                                           To further these efforts, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company gave
                                                                                       $350,000 to support phase I and II clinical trials at Dana-Farber under the
              Order your cards, candles, and creations today at
                                                                                       direction of Paul Richardson, MD, clinical director of the Jerome Lipper Center
                                               for Multiple Myeloma and the LeBow Institute for Myeloma Therapeutics at
                   or call 617-582-7724 to learn more.                                 Dana-Farber, and his colleagues, working in collaboration with their laboratory
                                                                                       group, under the leadership of Kenneth Anderson, MD, director of the Lipper
                                                                                       Center and LeBow Institute and the Kraft Family Professor of Medicine at
                  Your purchase benefits our lifesaving mission.                        Harvard Medical School.
                                                                                           “We are proud to continue supporting the innovative research at Dana-Farber,”
                                                                                       said Deborah Dunsire, MD, president of Millennium.
                                                                                           Millennium’s gift will enable Richardson and his team to expand their clinical
                                                                                       trial framework and provide some of the resources necessary to explore new areas
                                                                                       of clinical importance, such as new drug combinations and the management of
                                                                                       side effects associated with therapy.
                                                                                           “This gift will enormously help our efforts to develop more effective and better-
                                                                                       tolerated therapies for our patients,” said Richardson. ■

                                                                                                                                                                 Impact        FALL 2009              7
Walk continued from page 1
                                                                                                                  still struggling with cancer. Thurber
the fact that we’ve been involved with the Jimmy Fund since 1998 and had nearly                                   followed doctor’s orders and tackled
100 participants on the Walk course this year,” said Hyundai Eastern Region General                               the Hopkinton to Boston 26.2-mile
Manager Peter DiPersia.                                                                                           route to raise funds for the Institute
   Through its sponsorship, dealer contributions, and fundraising, the automotive                                 that saved his life.
giant contributed $300,000 to this year’s Walk.                                                                        Since 2001, Thurber and
                                                                                                                  Nadler have walked together and
A SURVIVOR’S SUPPORT                                                                                              cumulatively raised more than
For the past nine years, Win Thurber has traveled from Mobile, Ala., to participate                               $202,000. This year, Thurber was
in the Walk. He began this tradition in 2001, the year that his DFCI oncologist                                   unable to attend the event and
Lee Nadler, MD, senior vice president for Experimental Medicine, delivered the                                    participated as a “virtual walker.”
news that Thurber’s non-Hodgkin lymphoma was in complete remission. After                                             “It is a good feeling to be able to
relaying this information, Nadler challenged Thurber to do his part to help others                                walk for such a wonderful place as
                                                                                                                  Dana-Farber,” said Thurber. “In nine
                                                                                                                  years, I’ve yet to meet an unpleasant
                                                                                                                  or unhelpful person.”
                                                                                                                                                                Allie’s Angels honors Allie Buckenmaier’s fight
                                                                                                                  ANGELS ALL AROUND                             against cancer.
                                                                                                                  In 2006, Teresa Buckenmaier’s
                                                                                                                  6-year-old daughter Allie was
                                                                                                                  diagnosed with sarcoma and lost part of her foot to the disease. After hearing of her
                                                                                                                  diagnosis, Buckenmaier’s friends and family showed their support by forming the
                                                                                                                  Allie’s Angels Walk team.
                                                                                                                      Throughout the past four years, walking for Allie has become a community
                                                                                                                  endeavor. Allie has defeated her cancer, and the team has collectively tallied more
                                                                                                                  than $60,000 to date. Of the 30-person contingent, half are Allie’s neighborhood
                                                                                                                  friends who, along with her and her four siblings, take time to fundraise by
                                                                                                                  wearing their Walk T-shirts and “canning,” or soliciting cannister collections,
                                                                                                                  outside supermarkets.
                                                                                                                      “The kids’ motivation is amazing,” said Teresa Buckenmaier. “We are lucky to
                                                                                                                  have so much support from all our friends and family. The best part of the Walk
 Participants along the Walk route were greeted by the helping hands of 700 volunteers who passed out             is meeting up with Allie for the last three miles and crossing the finish line
 water, snacks, and finish line medals and offered enthusiastic support.                                           cancer-free!” ■

DeBauns renew commitment                                                                                              Teaming up to conquer cancer
to multiple myeloma research

    n the seven years since he was first diagnosed with multiple myeloma, Chicago
    businessman Bob DeBaun has witnessed firsthand the remarkable dedication of
    researchers and staff at Dana-Farber. Inspired by the top-notch care he received

 Bob and Jane DeBaun have given the Institute $100,000 to support multiple myeloma research conducted by DFCI’s      Narrow, winding roads and a field of elite runners did not intimidate the 67-person
 Paul Richardson, MD (far left), and Kenneth Anderson, MD (far right), and their teams.                              Dana-Farber team, which gathered Aug. 9 for the 37th CIGNA Falmouth Road Race.

                                                                                                                     The 7-mile course in scenic Falmouth, Mass., has been called the “best road race
while combating this rare blood cancer, DeBaun and his wife, Jane, established the                                   in the USA” by Runner’s World magazine and attracts athletes at both the pro and
DeBaun Family Multiple Myeloma Research Fund in 2005.                                                                novice levels. The 2009 Dana-Farber team, which included survivors, family members,
   Since then, they have been impressed by the extraordinary progress their gift                                     and friends, stood out amongst the nearly 10,000 competitors for their amazing ac-
helped fuel. Determined to keep the advances coming, they recently replenished                                       complishment of raising an all-time high of $202,000 to advance vital research and
their fund with a $100,000 gift, which will continue to support Bob’s physicians:                                    care at the Institute. Now in its seventh year, the DFCI Falmouth Road Race program
Kenneth Anderson, MD, director of the Jerome Lipper Center for Multiple                                              has raised $896,000.
Myeloma and the LeBow Institute for Myeloma Therapeutics at Dana-Farber
and Kraft Family Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Paul
Richardson, MD, clinical director of the Lipper Center and the LeBow Institute.
   “The goal of this gift is simple: to fund research that will improve treatments
and ultimately lead to a cure for multiple myeloma,” Bob DeBaun said.                                                                 Guaranteed income.
   Added Anderson: “We simply have no time to waste in developing new                                                                Guaranteed to save lives.
therapies for this disease. Bob and Jane’s generous support is helping and inspiring
us to bring novel agents from the laboratory bench to myeloma patients as quickly
as possible.”                                                                                                                       Establish a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) at Dana-
   Convinced that philanthropy will play a pivotal role in defeating multiple                                                       Farber. Receive income for life while advancing
myeloma once and for all, DeBaun encourages others to follow his lead.                                                              cancer research and care.
   “You never know whether the dollar you give is the one that will lead to a cure,”
he said. “I have such confidence in what Ken and Paul are doing—to me, every                                                         Visit or call 800-535-5577.
dollar really could be the one.” ■

                                                                                                                                                                                 Impact        FALL 2009         8
                                                                                            Leave a lasting mark. Visit

Scotty’s legacy continues the Melanoma Research Alliance
fight against pediatric cancers funds cutting-edge clinical trial

S                                                                                               I
       hortly after 17-year-old Scotty Elliott died of acute lymphoblastic leukemia                f caught in its earliest stages,
       (ALL) in 1976, his parents honored his memory by creating the Scotty                        melanoma is often treatable with
       Charitable Trust.                                                                           surgery. Sadly, though, patients
                                                                                                diagnosed with later stage or
                                                                                                metastatic forms of this skin cancer
                                                                                                have less than a 15 percent chance of
                                                                                                surviving five years after their diagnosis.
                                                                                                    The Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) is working to change this statistic
                                                                                                by supporting innovative research that will lead to better treatments. In keeping
                                                                                                with this mission, the MRA recently honored F. Stephen Hodi, MD, director
                                                                                                of the Center for Melanoma Oncology at Dana-Farber, with its Established
                                                                                                Investigator Award, which includes $225,000 in research funding over two years.
                                                                                                    “We measure the value of research based on how it translates into the best
                                                                                                options for melanoma patients,” said Debra Black, co-founder of the Melanoma
                                                                                                Research Alliance. “We are pleased to be able to support these incredible efforts.”
                                                                                                    The MRA’s grant will enable Hodi to conduct a phase I clinical trial for patients
                                                                                                with metastatic melanoma. The trial will combine two therapies that have never
                                                                                                before been tested together: bevacizumab, commonly known as Avastin®, and
                                                                                                ipilimumab, an immune therapy that mimics the body’s natural immune system’s
                                                                                                weapons. Past research suggests several potential benefits in combining these two
                                                                                                therapies, offering hope to patients with advanced melanoma.
 The late Scotty Elliott, at 16, leans on the stern of the family’s boat named for him.
                                                                                                    “There are limited avenues for funding clinical research, and, thus, I give
   “It was our way to support research and to keep our son alive in the hearts                  many thanks and kudos to the Melanoma Research Alliance for making vital
of many,” said Peg Elliott. The trust would prove historic to Dana-Farber, as it                clinical and translational research possible,” said Hodi. ■
became the Institute’s first endowed fund.
   On what would have been Scotty’s 50th birthday, the Elliott family decided to
terminate the trust and transfer what had grown into a substantial sum of money
to the Pediatric Oncology Program for immediate use.                                            Hellenic Women’s Club, Inc.,
   “Especially in light of the uncertain economy, we believe Dana-Farber can put
our gift to work today, providing expert care until cures for leukemia are found,”              honors member with breast
explained Peg. “More than anything, we hope it helps researchers find lasting cures
for childhood cancers. I know how much progress has been made already. If Scotty                cancer research gift
had been diagnosed now, he probably would have lived.”

   Indeed, ALL stands out as one of the biggest successes in cancer treatment: the                n 2001, Helen P. O’Leary, DMD, a member of the Hellenic Women’s Club,
cure rate for children is approaching 90 percent.                                                 Inc.,—a greater Boston organization of 40 women of Greek ancestry—estab-
   “Philanthropic support from families like the Elliotts has been critical in                    lished a fund at the club in memory of Demetra “Toulie” Samellas, her sister and
making new therapies available for children,” said Stephen Sallan, MD, chief of                 fellow member who had died of breast cancer. Multiple fundraisers later, the fund
staff at Dana-Farber. “Their thoughtful gift is an extraordinary way in which to
honor Scotty and provide help and hope to young patients and their families.” ■

    DFMC: 20 years of fundraising success

                                                                                                The battle against cancer is being supported by the Hellenic Women’s Club, Inc., whose members include:
                                                                                                (seated, left to right) Committee members Tamara Lingos-Utley; Tania Lingos Webb, MD; Stacey Tsairis
                                                                                                Kacoyanis; Demetra Fund Chair Stephanie Andrews; Demetra Fund Founder Helen O’Leary, DMD; Club
                                                                                                President Pamela Lazares; Christa Ayoub; Joan Aliapoulios; Eva Markos; and Carolyn DelGizzi (standing,
                                                                                                left to right) Jennifer Trakas-Accerra; Allys Spilios; Mary Gomatos; Louise Damascus; Renee Argyris; Kay
                                                                                                Karagianis; Jean Canellos; Mary Papastavros; Janis Otis Semine; Mary Philopoulos; Kathleen Hamilton;
                                                                                                Alexis Hasiotis Wintersteen; Dorothy Sophocles; Olga Bassett; and Mary Lynn Pergantis. The following are
                                                                                                not pictured: Crystal Condakes; Crystal Stella Condakes; Carol Drake; Patti Dukakis; Sandra Gomatos; Linda
                                                                                                Hasiotis; Christine Kondoleon; Elaine Pantazopoulos; Connie Papageorge; Athena Papas, DMD; Florence
                                                                                                Patterson; Heidi Tourkistas; Diane Speare Triant; Zacharie Haseotes Vinios; and Cynthia Zervas.

                                                                                                had grown to the point where the club was ready to make its first gift.
                                                                                                   “We want to enhance the quality of life for women across the world and for
                                                                                                generations to come by eradicating breast cancer,” explained Stephanie Andrews,
                                                                                                chair of the fund committee. “We chose Dana-Farber as the recipient because we
                                                                                                want our money to have maximum impact.”
                                                                                                   The Hellenic Women’s Club, Inc., EOK Demetra Fund for Breast Cancer
                                                                                                Research, created with a $100,000 gift, will be managed by Judy Garber, MD,
    Those who helped make the 20th running of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge
                                                                                                MPH, director of the Friends of Dana-Farber Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic.
    (DFMC) a banner year for fundraising gathered together on Oct. 19 for a special check
                                                                                                   Garber will use the funds for studies of women with known genetic mutations
    presentation to mark their achievement.
                                                                                                who choose to have prophylactic surgery to reduce their higher-than-normal risk
    Above: A check representing the $4.025 million for Dana-Farber was presented to             of breast and ovarian cancers. Working in collaboration with molecular biologist
    DFCI Chief Scientific Officer Barrett Rollins, MD, PhD (left), a DFMC runner himself,         Katia Karalis, PhD, at Hygeia Hospital in Athens, Greece, Garber will compare
    by members of the DFMC team. These funds, raised by 562 dedicated DFMC                      the degree to which this surgery reduces risk in American versus Greek women. In
    runners who participated in the 2009 Boston Marathon®, coupled with a generous              addition, Garber will investigate the impact bone-strengthening medications, such
    $250,000 gift from Institute Trustees J. Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver, will fuel the       as Zometa®, have in further reducing breast cancer risk.
    groundbreaking work of the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer               “It is absolutely inspirational to see what a group of dedicated women can
    Research at DFCI.                                                                           do,” said Garber. “Cross-cultural collaborations have the potential to further our
                                                                                                understanding of factors that contribute to increased breast cancer risk.” ■

                                                                                                                                                                        Impact        FALL 2009              9
                                                                      FALL 2009                                                                                                               Non-profit Org.
                                                                                                                                                                                                U.S. Postage

        Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
        Division of Development & The Jimmy Fund and                           THANKING THOSE WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
        10 Brookline Place West, 6th Floor
        Brookline, MA 02445-7226


                                                                            Local funnymen Denis Leary (left) and Lenny
                                                                            Clarke (right) spend some time with Connor
                                                                            Jones, a Jimmy Fund Clinic patient, during the
                                                                            2009 WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

                 DECEMBER                                                           22        Chefs for Jimmy                                             20      Palm Beach Discovery Ball

                                                                                  Fill your plate at Chez Josef in Agawam, Mass., as more than 30 of    Join event Chairs Sheila,
                                                                                  New England’s finest chefs showcase their most delicious creations.    Leon, and Institute
           Magical Morning at
    6      The Enchanted Village
                                                                                  Delight in the savory dishes at the 20th annual event supporting      Trustee Peter Palandjian
                                                                                                                                                        for the premier event of
                                                                                  DFCI’s fight against cancer. For more information, contact Kelly See
                                                                                  at 617-582-7916 or visit               the Palm Beach season,
Visit the nostalgic Enchanted Village                                                                                                                   the 19th annual
presented by Jordan’s Furniture in Avon,                                                                                                                Discovery Ball. Held at
Mass. Don’t miss out on this New England                                                                                                                The Breakers Hotel in
holiday tradition complete with colorful                                                                                                                Palm Beach, Fla., this
displays, village characters, “Polar Express
4-D The Ride” at MOM, a holiday laser
                                                                                                   FEBRUARY                                             elegant evening is sure
                                                                                                                                                        to enchant while also
light show, and memories to last a lifetime.                                                                                                            raising critical funds for DFCI’s lifesaving mission. For more
For more information, contact Kimberly                                                                                                                  information, contact Debra Van De Warker at 561-833-2080
Chisholm at 617-632-5091 or kimberly_                                                                                                                   or                                                            6       CSC Jimmy Fund Snow Challenge

                                                                                  Strap on your skis or snowboard and join the fun at Nashoba
                                                                                  Valley Ski Area in Westford, Mass. Participate in individual and
                    JANUARY                                                       team competitions, or simply enjoy the outdoor barbecue
                                                                                  lunch, après ski party, and auction at the all-day benefit,
                                                                                  sponsored by Computer Science Consulting (CSC). For more
                                                                                  information, contact Kelly See at 617-582-7916 or visit
  9      New Stars for Young Stars                                                                                                                          4     Chefs Cooking for Hope

Join other super fans and                                                           18        Palm Beach Pre-Ball Dinners                               Indulge your inner gourmet with mouth-watering fare
meet the Boston Red                                                                                                                                     from dozens of Boston’s top chefs, including Honorary
Sox stars of tomorrow                                                              Join many of Dana-Farber’s wonderful friends, including              Chefs Jody Adams of Rialto and Jeffrey Fournier of 51 Lin-
at an autograph signing                                                            Kate Ford and Frank Chopin, Sydell Miller, Philip Zieky, and         coln. The 12th annual event is presented by the Friends of
benefiting the Jimmy Fund.                                                          Tom Quick, as they host several intimate dinners in their            Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and will be held at 125 High
Newer additions to the Sox roster, and a few of the                                beautiful homes to honor DFCI’s physician-scientists. For            Street in Boston. For more information, contact Trishna
team’s up-and-coming minor league players, will be on                              more information, contact Debra Van De Warker at 561-                Rana at 617-632-3909 or
hand posing for pictures, signing baseball memorabilia,                            833-2080 or
and more. For more information, contact Amy Powers
at 617-632-3613 or                                               Palm Beach Breakfast
                                                                                    19                                                                    16      Palm Beach Major Donor Dinner
                                                                                              with the Doctors
           Palm Beach Discovery Ball
  13       Kick-off Party                                                          Hear from Dana-Farber physicians and scientists responsible           Celebrate the conclusion of the Palm Beach season with
                                                                                  for the latest breakthroughs in research and care. Hosted by          James W. Harpel as he hosts dinner at his home in Palm
Join us for this festive evening at Mar-a-Lago, hosted and                        Institute Trustee Judie Schlager and her husband, Larry, and          Beach, Fla., to recognize major contributors to Dana-
underwritten by Discovery Ball Vice Chair Patrick Park,                           Vicki and Arthur Loring, this ninth annual breakfast will be held     Farber’s annual Palm Beach Discovery Ball. For more
which leads off Dana-Farber’s Palm Beach season. For more                         at the Palm Beach Country Club in Palm Beach, Fla. For more           information, contact Debra Van De Warker at 561-833-
information, contact Debra Van De Warker at 561-833-                              information, contact Debra Van De Warker at 561-833-2080 or           2080 or
2080 or                           

                                       For more information on all Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber events, go to or

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