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Creating Successful Direct Mail Campaigns


direct mail marketing

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									                               Creating Successful
                               Direct Mail Campaigns
Instructor                     Course Type
Ron Jacobs                     Online
President,	Jacobs	&	
                               Course Duration
                               90 Minutes
Ron	Jacobs	is	president	
of	Jacobs	&	Clevenger,	        Overview
a	multi-channel	               You have so little time to get your customer’s attention. This course shows you
direct marketing               how to make your direct mail package cut through the clutter and boost your
communications                 response rates. You’ll learn how to create all the elements of a direct mail package
agency that provides           and come to recognize the key elements that affect the success of a direct mail
direct,	database	and	          campaign.
digital marketing
solutions.	Founded	in	         Outline
1982,	J&C	helps	clients	
optimize business              Why direct mail remains an important direct marketing channel
value,	while	extending	
                               •	 What	is	direct	mail?
efficiency.                    •	 USPS	“Mail	Moment”	research

Ron	is	a	marketing	            •	 Truth	about	direct	mail
communications thought         •	 What	is	unaddressed	mail?
leader and frequent
keynote speaker at             What you need to know about direct mail formats
conferences worldwide.
He has won rave reviews        •	 Common	direct	mail	formats
for his fresh content            – Letter direct mail package
that helps organizations
rethink core practices           – Dimensional mailing
and position themselves          –	 Postcards
for	next-level	growth.
                                 –	 Cooperative	mailing	(Co-op)
Ron’s	clients	include	
leading organizations            –	 Catalogs
in	consumer	goods,	              –	 Inserts	(package	and	statement)
business	marketing,	
information	marketing,	        Evaluating direct mail creative
utilities,	regulated	and	
recently deregulated           •	 Direct	mail	strategy	brief
industries,	trucks	and	        •	 Reach	prospects	on	an	intellectual,	emotional	and	personal	level
heavy	equipment,	
software	and	technology,	      •	 Bob	Stone’s	seven-step	formula	for	winning	letters
financial	services,	retail,	   •	 Five	kinds	of	copy
hospitality and travel
industries.                    •	 John	Caple’s	direct	marketing	principles
                               •	 10-point	direct	marketing	copy	checklist
                               •	 Direct	mail	design
                               •	 “Who	cares”	test
Creating Successful
Direct Mail Campaigns
Outline (Continued)
Components of the direct mail package
•	 Outer	envelope
•	 Sales	letter
•	 Brochure
•	 Response	device
•	 Lift	letter
•	 Buckslip
•	 Case	study	or	testimonial
•	 Reply	envelope

What you need to know about direct mail production
•	 Printing
•	 Addressing	vs.	personalizing
•	 Variable	data	printing
•	 Postage
•	 Case	study:	Blue	Cross	Blue	Shield

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Non-member	       $219

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