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									                              THE MOLD REPORT
                            Presented By D r . M o l d Certified Mold Inspection Company

                                     Mold attacks Daniel
                                                                                     What if your
        Volume 3, Issue 3
                                            Island home                              dream home                           Is it Mold or not??
            July 2008                                                                 has mold?
                                    A Daniel Island South Carolina
                                    family has basically been run out      In a market where there are                   Is it mold or not? DISCLOSE, DIS-
                                                                           so many homes for sale that                   CLOSE, DISCLOSE - Not matter
                                    of their home due to mold spores                                                     how you size it up..... DISCLOSE.
                                                                           are in poor condition such
                                    growing throughout the structure.                                                    Agents are suppose to disclose any
                                                                           as Bank Repos and Pre-
                                    And this is no small matter. The                                                     substance that appears to be mold. So
                                                                           Foreclosure Sales, Mold is                    report it to the seller first before you
                                    mold is in the walls, under the        often lurking. We hear so                     start to show it to the public. The
                                    carpets. The house is pretty much      much about Mold these                         seller should be aware that they will
                                    toxic, apparently, and the owner,      days, especially "The Black                   need to get it tested and if it is mold
                                                                           Toxic Mold..." The first thing                you will know and will definitely have
                                    Benjamin Allen, says it's worthless.                                                 to disclose it to any interested buyer.
                                                                           that comes to mind when
   Buying or Selling a home?        The Allen's have asked home-           you think of Mold is usually                  If it is not mold, GREAT! But if it
                                                                                                                         tests out as mold have it remediated.
                                    builder D.R. Horton to do some-        the back stuff in the shower.
A mold inspection facilitates                                                                                            Remember if it is, you will need to
                                    thing about it, but they're still      Actually mold could be any-                   DISCLOSE it, not cover it
an honest assessment and                                                   where in your home and you
                                    waiting on the company to send                                                       up! Because once it is suspicion or
evaluation of the property.                                                may not even be able to see                   detected, it can become a delay in the
                                    out an inspector to look at the
Consequently, it enables both                                              its presence. There are sev-                  sale of the property. And not all mold
                                    damage.                                eral types of mold but all                    like substances are really active mold.
the buyer and the seller to close
                                    Mold is beneath the carpets, in the    molds come from neglected                     Some states requires landlords and
a real estate transaction with                                                                                           sellers of residential and commercial
                                    wall and its making his family sick.   moisture in a home.
less uncertainty and fear. It                                                                                            property to disclose in writing the
                                    His 3-year-old daughter Madeline       As a home buyer don't be
can provide confidence,                                                    afraid to have a mold in-
                                                                                                                         presence or prior existence of mold.
                                    is suffering the most.                                                               The disclosure requirements take
smooth the transaction, and                                                spection. A home inspector                    effect after the state adopts standards
help both parties feel good         "She’s had severe respiratory infec-   may not always be able to                     and develops guidelines concerning
about the sale. The buyer has       tions and has been in and out of       spot mold. If you are con-                    toxic mold exposure limits and reme-
greater confidence that there is    emergency rooms seeing doctor          cerned about purchasing a                     diation.
                                                                           home that may have mold                       Remember mold is dangerous and you
not some hidden problem that        after doctor. They're trying to
                                                                           spend the extra money for                     have to disclose any mold like sub-
will be expensive to fix, ad-       narrow down what is causing this,"                                                   stance. This is something bank owned
                                                                           peace of mind. It is much
versely affect their health,        Allen added.                                                                         properties are not and should not be
                                                                           cheaper to spend the cost of                  exempt from, if it is observed.—
and/or decrease the value of        "When the mold inspector finally       an inspection by a licensed                   Disclose. This is very important -
their new home.                     did came out, he was shocked,"         mold inspection company                       especially with the REO/Bank Owned
                                    Allen said.                            which is approximately                        Properties - since they tend to stay on
The seller can show that they                                              $500. For an air sampling                     the market a longer period of time -
                                    Mold is growing behind the walls so
are not hiding any moisture                                                and complete visual inspec-                   unattended, vacant and shut up. But
                                    fast that if someone took off the                                                    do not think that mold is limited to
problems and that this is an                                               tion throughout the property.
                                    tape, spores would come flooding                                                     foreclosed homes.
open and honest transaction.                                               Testing is roughly $175 per
                                    out and add to the toxic levels in     sample. It may seem like a
Both the buyer and seller can       the home. The Allen's were forced      lot of money to spend for a
benefit from a mold inspection.     to leave everything behind.            home that you do not even
                                                                           own yet. I assure you that
                                    The Allen's aren't the first to com-
                                                                           you will be much happier
  503.706.7070                      plain to D.R. Horton about the
                                    company's homes, either. ABC
                                                                           finding out if there is mold                                Martin Kuna, CMI, CMRC
                                                                                                                                         Dr. Mold Inspections
                                                                           before you purchase rather
 Call Dr. Mold for a mold           News 4 says that at least 15 other     than after. Mold remediation
                                    lawsuits are pending against the       and repair costs can easily
 inspection, with certified
                                                                           be over $20,000
        lab results
                                                                           Tina Maraj Shah, RE/MAX North Orange County
                                                            News Release Portland Oregon

      D R . M OLD            Dr. Mold Certified Mold Inspection Company Offers Neighborhood Environmental Report
      C ERTIFIED M OLD         Health Report on Your Home Now Available for Residential Properties

                            June 30, 2008 Portland Oregon USA-- Consumers preparing to buy or sell a home, as well as
www.drmoldinspections.com   existing homeowners, now have the opportunity to conduct an even more thorough inspection of a
                            property that will help them protect their health and investment. Dr. Mold Certified Mold
                            Inspection Company a premier provider of Mold, Radon, Asbestos, Lead Paint & Environmental
                            inspection services in the Northwest, announces it now offers the EDR Neighborhood Environ-
     P.O. Box 220285        mental Report™ among its inspection services. Developed exclusively for home buyers and sellers,
                            the EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report™ identifies potential environmental risks such as
 Milwaukie, Oregon 97269    leaking underground tanks, landfills and toxic waste sites on or near a property that may threaten a
                            family’s health or the value of their investment.
                            Developed by Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR), the leading national provider of environ-
                            mental risk information, the comprehensive, this easy to read report is being offered to meet grow-
                            ing demand for pre-purchase information for real estate agents, loan brokers, real estate profession-
                            als, and home-buyers and sellers in the U.S. The reports are generated from the largest collection of
                            local, state, federal and proprietary environmental records in the U.S. and provide important infor-
                            mation on known and potential contamination that exists on or in the vicinity of a property.
    Sick of Mold?           Dr. Mold Certified Mold Inspection Company is very excited to work with EDR to provide this
                            valuable service to real estate professionals, home-buyers and home sellers. While the reports most
   Call the Doctor          often give a property a clean bill of health, real estate professionals and home-buyers are always
                            much better off uncovering any potential environmental issues up front, as opposed to retroactively
                            addressing a problem after a sale has been completed. “As EDR-Certified home inspectors,
                            Dr. Mold Inspections is able to provide the follow up assistance and guidance consumers need
                            to resolve any issues the report may reveal,”

                            Neighborhood Environmental Reports cover the entire U.S. and provide records of contamination
                            that could cause serious health problems as well as property devaluation. Homes that are contami-
                            nated often show no visible signs of the dangers they pose to residents through toxic air, water or
                            soil problems. Examples of issues the report screens for include leaking underground storage tanks,
                            landfills, defense sites, hazardous waste sites, Superfund sites and former meth-amphetamine
                            ("meth") drug laboratories.

                            "For nearly 20 years, environmental information has been a part of commercial real estate transac-
                            tions. EDR & Dr. Mold Inspections has now created a report for consumers in response to the
                            growing trend of residential buyers wanting or even expecting increasing amounts of information
                            before making important decisions; whether purchasing a car, making a health-related decision or
                            investing in a home," said Robert Barber, CEO of EDR. "Part of this 'due diligence' trend is an
                            increasing demand for expertly prepared environmental information."

                            About Dr. Mold Certified Mold Inspection Company
                            Dr. Mold is a full service environmental testing company. To protect the buyer and seller when
                            buying or selling a property a majority of real estate office are recommending:
                                 Environmental Inspections

                                                   Dr. Mold conducts the following:

                                                        Laboratory Certified Mold Inspection and Testing
                                                        Asbestos Testing & Inspection
                                                        Lead Paint Test & Inspection
                                                        Radon Testing
                                                        Quality Mold Remediation
                                                        EDR Neighborhood Environmental Report

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