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Welcome to the
United States Artists
Biennial Report
January 1, 2008
December 31, 2009

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Our Mission

                        We invest in America’s finest
                        artists and illuminate the
                        value of artists to society.

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Our Vision

                        We ignite and sustain
                        America’s creative potential.

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

A letter from our       Looking back, it is truly heartening to recall all that United States Artists has
                        accomplished in its short history. While the worldwide economy experienced
Board Chair and         many challenges over the past two years, United States Artists has moved forward
                        thoughtfully and strategically to support and advocate for superb artistic talent.
Executive Director      United States Artists launched five years ago with $22 million in seed funding
                        provided by the Ford, Rockefeller, Prudential, and Rasmuson Foundations.
                        Since then, arts patrons from across the country have stepped forward to join
                        USA’s National Leadership Committee with generous gifts. These important
                        contributions have created a new resource for artists and their work.

                        USA has three goals. First, to provide “research and development funds,” enabling
                        talented artists to devote focused time to their creative work. Second, to address
                        the implications of a puzzling research finding from an Urban Institute report,
                        which indicated that 96 percent of Americans appreciate art, but only 27 percent
                        appreciate artists. And lastly, to build an enduring coalition of national arts donors
                        to fund—and ultimately endow—the USA Fellows.

                        Here are some highlights of USA’s successes toward these goals:

                        USA Invests $10 Million in Artists USA announced its fourth class of USA Fellows in
                        December of 2009, bringing the total number of artists supported to 213 (including
                        13 collaboratives). Each winner received a $50,000 unrestricted grant from USA.
                        Including this year’s winners, USA Fellows hail from 34 states and ranged in age
                        from 24 to 87 at the time of their awards. To date, United States Artists has invested
                        $10 million in America’s most talented practitioners.

                        Grants Advance Artistic Excellence The positive impact USA’s $50,000 grants make
                        on the individuals they support is easy to observe. In fact, 83% of the first year’s
                        winners used USA funds to create original works of art, including new dances,

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        poetry, films, theatrical productions, musical compositions, paintings, sculpture,
                        and more. Audiences of all ages have encountered these stimulating works in
                        galleries, on stages, in print, and online worldwide.

                        Major Donors Step Forward Thanks to the generosity of our founders from the
                        Ford, Rockefeller, Prudential, and Rasmuson Foundations, 100% of all gifts to
                        United States Artists directly fund USA Fellowships and USA’s programs supporting
                        individual artists. By the end of 2009 46 donors, including Target, Eli and Edythe
                        Broad, Agnes Gund, and the Wynn Family Foundation, had contributed a total of
                        $34 million.

                        Media Reports Positively USA annually produces an extensive public relations
                        campaign around the announcement of the USA Fellows. The media response has
                        been tremendous. Since 2006, more than 300 articles and news announcements
                        have appeared in local, regional, and national media, including The New York
                        Times, which has chronicled USA’s growth with three feature articles in the last
                        three years, rare for a start-up organization. This media has reached an estimated
                        audience of 280 million.

                        Moving Forward At USA, we remain steadfastly committed to our mission of
                        investing in artists who challenge, inspire, and delight us. As we move forward, we
                        invite you to join us in building an enduring partnership committed to this vision.
                        We look forward to continuing our work affirming the importance of artists to the
                        creative potential of America.

                        Susan V. Berresford               Katharine DeShaw
                        Chair, USA Board of Directors     Executive Director

United States Artists         Biennial Report 2008 –2009

Leadership                    USA BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                                                USA STAFF
                                                                                                                EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

( As of December 31, 2009 )   Susan V. Berresford President (1996–2008), Ford Foundation, New York, NY          Katharine DeShaw
                                                                                                                PROGRAM DIRECTOR
                              VICE CHAIR
                                                                                                                Amada Cruz
                              Samuel Hoi President, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                                CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER
                                                                                                                John Kjenner
                              Diane Kaplan President, Rasmuson Foundation, Anchorage, AK                        STAFF ACCOUNTANT
                              TREASURER                                                                         Mark Martinet
                              Christopher V. Walker Arts Patron and Philanthropist, Los Angeles, CA             DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT OPERATIONS
                                                                                                                Debra Dysart
                              Mark Bradford USA Broad Fellow, Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                                PROGRAM OFFICER

                              Katharine DeShaw Executive Director                                               Thuy Tran

                              Shawn M. Donnelley President, Strategic Giving, Chicago, IL                       EXECUTIVE AND BOARD LIAISON
                                                                                                                Camellia Tse
                              Ella Fontanals-Cisneros President, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami, FL
                              Gabriella Morris President, The Prudential Foundation, Newark, NJ
                              Michael R. Francis Executive Vice President, Marketing, Target, Minneapolis, MN
                              Steven H. Oliver Arts Patron, San Francisco, CA
                              Dr. Judith Rodin President, The Rockefeller Foundation, New York, NY
                              Rosalba Rolón USA Fontanals Fellow, New York, NY
                              Todd Simon Senior Vice President, Omaha Steaks, Omaha, NE
                              Gillian Wynn Arts Patron, Santa Monica, CA
                              Evan Ziporyn USA Walker Fellow, Boston, MA

“USA is second only to the
 MacArthur Foundation in
 the annual total amount
 of money awarded to
 artists—2.5 million.”
USA Fellows Programs Statistics

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        USA Fellows Program
                        With the 2009 announcement of USA Fellows, United States Artists has invested
                        $10,000,000 in 213 of America’s most talented practitioners (including 13
                        collaboratives). The winners, who each receive an unrestricted $50,000 grant, represent
                        virtually every artistic discipline, ranging from the most traditional art forms to newer
                        genres. The USA Fellows for 2009 live and work in large and small communities across
                        America and range in age—at the time of their awards—from 26 to 87. We are proud
                        that the USA Fellows include artists from our nation’s great ethnic communities as
                        well as eight Native American Nations. The program honors artists at all stages of their
                        careers, from emerging to mid-career to established figures in their fields.

                        USA Fellowships are awarded to artists who demonstrate      Peer panels made up of 40 national arts leaders and
                        excellence, unique vision, and significant contributions     experts then review the applications. In evaluating
                        to their fields. The nine-month-long selection process       the candidates, the panels focus on individuals
                        is rigorous and highly competitive, involving hundreds      who consistently demonstrate the highest degree of
                        of colleagues across the country. Every year, a different   excellence in their work and a deep commitment to
                        pool of 150 nominators recommends artists for               their craft. Another important factor in the panelists’
                        consideration. These nominators—leading artists,            decision-making process is judging the impact a USA
                        conductors, critics, curators, museum directors,            Fellowship will have on the candidate personally, as
                        presenters, and scholars—represent every state in the       well as on his or her chosen discipline. Awards are then
                        nation. Once nominated, artists are invited to apply for    distributed according to the number of applicants in
                        a USA Fellowship.                                           each area. The USA Board approves the panels’ final

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        2008 USA Fellows Celebration
                        The USA Fellows for 2008 represent a diverse spectrum of cultural, ethnic, and
                        geographic perspectives. Their influences range from Pre-Raphaelite painting to
                        hip-hop music, and their creative works include updates of ancient traditions to the
                        newest experimental forms. The honorees included free-jazz pioneer Muhal Richard
                        Abrams (New York, NY); conceptual artist Michael Asher (Los Angeles, CA); musician
                        and Chinese pipa virtuoso Wu Man (San Diego, CA); playwright and hip-hop theater
                        performer Will Power (New York, NY); installation artist Kara Walker (New York,
                        NY); experimental architect Douglas Garofalo (Chicago, IL); traditional sweetgrass
                        basket weaver Mary Jackson (Johns Island, SC); legendary tap dancer Dianne Walker
                        (Boston, MA); Faulkner Award-winning novelist and short story writer Barry Hannah
                        (Oxford, MS); and independent filmmaker William Greaves (New York, NY), known as
                        “the dean of African American film.”

                        Leaders in the arts community, patrons, and many
                        USA Fellows from past years joined the USA Fellows for
                        2008 at a festive event at the Museum of Contemporary
                        Art (MCA) in Chicago in November. It featured a special
                        performance by USA Fellows from the class of 2008 as
                        well as from past years and was generously underwritten
                        by Target, The Prudential Foundation, and Marilyn and
                        Larry Fields. USA is deeply grateful to its friends at the
                        MCA Chicago and to those who served on the Chicago
                        Host Committee. Together they helped to promote
                        the event and welcome the USA Fellows for 2008 to the
                        Windy City.

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

Introducing the         Muhal Richard Abrams New York, NY, USA Prudential Fellow, Music
                        Terry Adkins Brooklyn, NY, USA James Baldwin Fellow, Visual Arts
2008 USA Fellows        Alvin Aningayou Gambell, AK, USA Rasmuson Fellow, Crafts and Traditional Arts
                        Michael Asher Los Angeles, CA, USA Broad Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Julie Bargmann Charlottesville, VA, USA Target Fellow, Architecture and Design
                        Andrea Bowers Los Angeles, CA, USA Broad Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Stephen Burks Brooklyn, NY, USA Target Fellow, Architecture and Design
                        Ann Carlson Boston, MA, USA Prudential Fellow, Dance
                        Robert Cazimero Honolulu, HI, USA Ford Fellow, Music
                        Jeff Chang Berkeley, CA, USA Ford Fellow, Literature
                        Deanna Dikeman Columbia, MO, USA Booth Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Cary Joji Fukunaga New York, NY, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Media
                        Forrest Gander Barrington, RI, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Literature
                        Douglas Garofalo Chicago, IL, USA Target Fellow, Architecture and Design
                        Joe Goode Berkeley, CA, USA Glover Fellow, Dance
                        Pat Graney Seattle, WA, USA Rasmuson Fellow, Dance
                        William Greaves New York, NY, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Media
                        Barry Hannah Oxford, MS, USA Ford Fellow, Literature
                        Joy Harjo Honolulu, HI, USA Rasmuson Fellow, Literature
                        Barkley L. Hendricks New London, CT, USA Ford Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Tehching Hsieh Brooklyn, NY, USA Hoi Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Mary Jackson Johns Island, SC, USA Donnelley Fellow, Crafts and Traditional Arts
                        Chris Jonas and Molly Sturges Santa Fe, NM, USA Simon Fellows, Music
                        Tayari Jones Atlanta, GA, USA Collins Fellow, Literature
                        A. Van Jordan Austin, TX, USA Williams Fellow, Literature
                        Karen Kandel New York, NY, USA Ziporyn Fellow, Theater Arts
                        Laura Kasischke Chelsea, MI, USA Cummings Fellow, Literature
                        lê thi diem thúy Northampton, MA, USA Ford Fellow, Literature

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Andrew Okpeaha MacLean Barrow, AK, USA Rasmuson Fellow, Media
                        Rodney McMillian Los Angeles, CA, USA Broad Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Harryette Mullen Los Angeles, CA, USA Broad Fellow, Literature
                        Richard T. Notkin Helena, MT, USA Hoi Fellow, Crafts and Traditional Arts
                        Lourdes Portillo San Francisco, CA, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Media
                        Will Power Beacon, NY, USA Prudential Fellow, Theater Arts
                        Bill Rauch Ashland, OR, USA Prudential Fellow, Theater Arts
                        Rosalba Rolón The Bronx, NY, USA Fontanals Fellow, Theater Arts
                        Jay Rosenblatt San Francisco, CA, USA Rasmuson Fellow, Media
                        Martha Rosler Brooklyn, NY, USA Nimoy Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Judith Schaechter Philadelphia, PA, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Crafts and Traditional Arts
                        Stephen Scott Colorado Springs, CO, USA Simon Fellow, Music
                        Catherine Sullivan Chicago, IL, USA Walker Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Henry Threadgill New York, NY, USA Prudential Fellow, Music
                        Jennifer Tipton New York, NY, USA Gracie Fellow, Theater Arts
                        Ela Troyano New York, NY, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Media
                        Dianne Walker Mattapan, MA, USA Rose Fellow, Dance
                        Kara Walker New York, NY, USA Eileen Harris Norton Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Wu Man Carlsbad, CA, USA Broad Fellow, Music
                        J. Meejin Yoon Boston, MA, USA Target Fellow, Architecture and Design
                        Andrew Zago Detroit, MI, USA Target Fellow, Architecture and Design
                        Jawole Willa Jo Zollar Tallahassee, FL and New York, NY, USA Wynn Fellow, Dance

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

2008 USA                ARCHITECTURE
                        AND DESIGN
                                                            Jennifer S. B. Calienes
                                                                                                 Claire Aguilar
                                                                                                                                      THEATER ARTS
                                                                                                                                      Susan Booth

Selection Panels
                        CHAIR                               Director, Maggie Allesee National    Vice President of Programming,
                        Brooke Hodge                        Center for Choreography,             Independent Television Service,      Artistic Director, Alliance Theatre,
                        Director, Exhibition Management     Tallahassee, FL                      San Francisco, CA                    Atlanta, GA
                        and Publications, Hammer            Olga Garay                           Judith Helfand                       Sheldon Epps
                        Museum, Los Angeles, CA             Executive Director, City of Los      Filmmaker, and USA Simon             Artistic Director, Pasadena
                        Monica Ponce de Leon                Angeles, CA, Department of           Fellow, New York, NY                 Playhouse, Pasadena, CA
                        Principal, Office dA, Boston, MA     Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles, CA    Steve James                          Anthony Garcia
                        Dean, Taubman College of            Marc Bamuthi Joseph                  Producer and Director, Chicago, IL   Artistic Director, El Centro Su
                        Architecture & Urban Planning,      Artist, and USA Rockefeller                                               Teatro, and USA Rockefeller
                        University of Michigan, Ann                                              Traci Tong
                                                            Fellow, Oakland, CA                  News Producer, The World, BBC        Fellow, Denver, CO
                        Arbor, MI, and USA Target Fellow
                                                            CHAIR                                World Service, Public Radio          Martha Lavey
                        Mark Robbins                        Peter Taub                           International, and WGBH,             Artistic Director, Steppenwolf
                        Dean, Syracuse University School    Director of Performance              Boston, MA                           Theatre Company, Chicago, IL
                        of Architecture, Syracuse, New      Programs, Museum of
                        York, NY                                                                 CHAIR                                James C. Nicola
                                                            Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL        Ron Yerxa                            Artistic Director, New York, NY
                        Rick Valicenti                      Renae Williams Niles                 Producer of Film, Bona Fide          Theatre Workshop, New York, NY
                        Owner/Principal, Thirst,            Director of Dance Presentations,     Productions, Los Angeles, CA
                        Chicago, IL                         Music Center,
                        Mabel O. Wilson                     Los Angeles, CA                                                           VISUAL ARTS
                        Associate Professor of                                                   MUSIC                                Valerie Cassel Oliver
                        Architecture, Columbia                                                   Don Byron                            Curator, Contemporary Arts
                        University, New York, NY            LITERATURE                           Musician and USA Prudential          Museum, Houston, TX
                                                            Marilyn Chin                         Fellow 2007, New York, NY            Aimee Chang
                                                            Professor, English Department,       Jean Cook                            Manager of Public Programs,
                        CRAFTS AND                          San Diego State University, and
                        TRADITIONAL ARTS                                                         Musician and Producer, and           The Blanton Museum of Art, The
                                                            USA Hoi Fellow, San Diego, CA        Deputy Director, Future of Music     University of Texas, Austin, TX
                        Andrew H. Glasgow                   Maureen N. McLane                    Coalition, Washington, DC
                        former Executive Director, The                                                                                Daniel Joseph Martinez
                                                            Associate Professor of English,      Laura Mitgang                        Artist, and USA Broad Fellow, Los
                        American Craft Council, New         New York, NY University, and
                        York, NY                                                                 Director of New Business             Angeles, CA
                                                            Board Member, National Book          Development, The Metropolitan
                        Janet Koplos                        Critics Circle, New York, NY                                              Hamza Walker
                                                                                                 Opera, New York, NY                  Director of Education and
                        Senior Editor, Art in America,      CHAIR
                        New York, NY                                                             CHAIR                                Associate Curator, The
                                                            Brighde Mullins                      Robert Sadin                         Renaissance Society, Chicago, IL
                        Gwendolyn Magee                     Director, MPW Writing Program,       Conductor, Arranger, and Record      CHAIR
                        Artist, and USA Target Fellow,      University of Southern California,   Producer, New York, NY
                        Jackson, MS                         Los Angeles, CA                                                           Adam D. Weinberg
                                                                                                 Tom Schnabel                         Alice Pratt Brown Director,
                        Bruce W. Pepich                     Robert Polito                        Independent Producer, and            Whitney Museum of American
                        Executive Director and Curator of   Director of Graduate Program in      World Music Consultant, LA           Art, New York, NY
                        Collections, Racine Art Museum,     Creative Writing and Professor of    Philharmonic, Los Angeles, CA
                        Racine, WI                          Writing, The New School, New
                                                            York, NY
                        Maria Williams                      Patricia Powell
                        Assistant Professor, Department     Visiting Writer, Department of
                        of Native American Studies,         African and African American
                        University of New Mexico,           Studies, Stanford University,
                        Santa Fe, NM                        Stanford, CA

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

Chicago                 Sara Albrecht
                        Barbara Bluhm-Kaul
                                                           Beatrice Cummings Mayer
                                                           Sarah Solotaroff Mirkin

Host Committee
                        and Don Kaul                       CJ Mitchell
                        Anne and Art Collins               Abby McCormick O’Neil
                        Elizabeth Collins and Clay Allen   and D. Carroll Joynes
                        Emily Collins and Ben Miller       Carol Prins and John H. Hart
                        Lou Conte                          Desiree Rogers
                        Sandra K. Crown                    James Rondeau
                        James Cuno                         Barbara Ruben
                        Amina Dickerson                    Laura Samson
                        Laura Donnelley                    Roche Schulfer
                        Shawn M. Donnelley                 Elizabeth Smith
                        Marilyn and Larry Fields           Lois and Harrison Steans
                        Susanne Ghez                       Dorie Sternberg
                        Nicholas L. Giampietro             Donna and Howard Stone
                        James Bau Graves                   Pam and Russ Strobel
                        Mary and Richard Gray              Peter Taub
                        Madeleine Grynsztejn               Chuck Thurow
                        Sandra and Jack Guthman            Steven Traxler
                        Joan W. Harris                     Allen Turner
                        David Hawkanson                    Jim Vincent
                        Leslie Hindman                     Estelle Gonzalez Walgreen
                        Ruth Horwich                       Susan and Bob Wislow
                        Mary Ittelson and Rick Tuttle      Helen and Sam Zell
                        Welz Kauffman                      Danielle and Martin Zimmerman
                        Martha Lavey                       Neal S. Zucker
                        Jan and Ramsey Lewis
                        Elaine and Mort Maimon
                        Cheryl Mayberry-McKissack
                        and Eric McKissack

“It’s easy to try to play it safe in
 a time of economic downturn,
 but instead I feel the urgency
 to take bigger artistic risks...
 the USA Fellowship has helped
 engender that feeling for me.”
Bill Rauch USA Prudential Fellow in Theater Arts, Ashland, OR

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        2009 USA Fellows Celebration
                        As in 2008, the artists selected as USA Fellows for 2009 represent a diverse spectrum
                        of cultural, ethnic, and geographic perspectives. At 28, the youngest USA Fellow in
                        2009 was Diana Al-Hadid of Brooklyn, who constructs large, architectural sculptures
                        that merge classical and Eastern references. The oldest artist in the class is 85-year-
                        old Ella Jenkins of Chicago, considered “The First Lady of Children’s Music.”

                        USA counts puppeteers, poets, playwrights, and potters     Leaders in the arts community, patrons, and many
                        among the winners for 2009. Their influences range          USA Fellows from past years joined the USA Fellows
                        from elegant Cambodian dance traditions to raucous         for 2009 at a theatrical event held at The Broad Stage in
                        Brazilian Carnaval celebrations to the snow-covered        Santa Monica, CA, on December 14, 2009. The evening
                        forests of North America. Their work can be seen from      included a special tribute to USA’s first individual
                        the fashion runways of New York to the Acoma Sky           donors Eli and Edythe Broad. It featured several
                        City Pueblo in New Mexico, from a long established         lively performances by USA Fellows from the class of
                        African American neighborhood in Houston to the            2009 as well as from past years and was generously
                        international Comic-Con conference. The honorees           underwritten by the Prudential and Annenberg
                        include Baghdad-born Rahim AlHaj, a virtuoso player of     Foundations. Tribute gifts from the following, made in
                        the oud, a pear-shaped string instrument; Los Angeles-     honor of Eli and Edythe Broad, also helped cover event
                        based documentary filmmaker and writer Renée Tajima-        costs: The Annenberg Foundation, Maria and William
                        Peña; contemporary choreographers Lin Hixson and           Bell, David Bohnett Foundation, Katherine DeShaw
                        Matthew Goulish of Chicago; Peruvian-born ceramist         and Mark McConnell, Hauptman Family Foundation,
                        Kukuli Velarde, who now lives in Philadelphia; architect   and Ric and Suzanne Kayne—Jenni, Maggie and
                        Laura Kurgan of New York, whose practice blends            Saree—The Kayne Foundation. For the first time, the
                        research with design, information, communication,          remarks and performances were broadcast live in
                        advocacy, and architecture; and the well-known             streaming video on the USA website. Videos of the
                        playwright-documentarian-actress Anna Deavere Smith        event can be viewed at www.unitedstatesartists.org
                        of New York.                                               in the Stories section. Many thanks to the Southern
                                                                                   California Host Committee for its warm welcome to
                                                                                   the USA Fellows for 2009.

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

Introducing the         Ai Stillwater, OK, USA Ford Fellow, Literature
                        Diana Al-Hadid Brooklyn, NY, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Visual Arts
2009 USA Fellows        Rahim AlHaj Albuquerque, NM, USA Ford Fellow, Music
                        Terry Allen Santa Fe, NM, USA Oliver Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Cruz Angeles Brooklyn, NY, USA Simon Fellow, Media
                        Cyro Baptista Tenafly, NJ, USA Walker Fellow, Music
                        Charles Burnett Los Angeles, CA, USA Broad Fellow, Media
                        Scott Carrier Salt Lake City, UT, USA Rasmuson Fellow, Media
                        Vija Celmins New York, NY, USA Broad Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Sophiline Cheam Shapiro Long Beach, CA, USA Knight Fellow, Dance
                        Heather Courtney Austin, TX, USA Ford Fellow, Media
                        Nilo Cruz New York, NY, USA Fontanals Fellow, Literature
                        Neil Denari Los Angeles, CA, USA California Community Foundation Fellow, Architecture and Design
                        Perry Eaton Anchorage, AK, USA Rasmuson Fellow, Crafts and Traditional Arts
                        Delores Lewis Garcia and Emma Lewis Mitchell San Fidel, NM, USA Gift of Art Fellows, Crafts and Traditional Arts
                        Anthony Hernandez Los Angeles, CA, USA Hillcrest Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Gilbert Hernandez Las Vegas, NV, USA Rasmuson Fellow, Literature
                        Lin Hixson and Matthew Goulish Chicago, IL, USA Ziporyn Fellows, Dance
                        Hokulani Holt-Padilla Wailuku, HI, USA Ford Fellow, Dance
                        Dan Hurlin New York, NY, USA Prudential Fellow, Theater Arts
                        Ella Jenkins Chicago, IL, USA Collins Fellow, Music
                        Joan Jonas New York, NY, USA Friends Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Kim Jones New York, NY, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Danongan Kalanduyan San Francisco, CA, USA Broad Fellow, Music
                        Laura Kurgan New York, NY, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Architecture and Design
                        Beth Lo Missoula, MT, USA Hoi Fellow, Crafts and Traditional Arts
                        Hannibal Lokumbe Bastrop, TX, USA Cummings Fellow, Music
                        Dona Look Algoma, WI, USA Windgate Fellow, Crafts and Traditional Arts

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Lionel Loueke North Bergen, NJ, USA Prudential Fellow, Music
                        Rick Lowe Houston, TX, USA Booth Fellow, Architecture and Design
                        Ruth Maleczech New York, NY, USA Gracie Fellow, Theater Arts
                        Martin Mazorra and Michael Houston Brooklyn, NY, USA Ford Fellows, Visual Arts
                        Dave McKenzie Brooklyn, NY, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Elizabeth Meister and Dan Collison Three Oaks, MI, USA Donnelley Fellows, Media
                        Kate and Laura Mulleavy Pasadena, CA, USA Target Fellows, Architecture and Design
                        Antonya Nelson Las Cruces, NM, USA Simon Fellow, Literature
                        Tere O’Connor New York, NY, USA Rockefeller Fellow, Dance
                        John O’Neal New Orleans, LA, USA Prudential Fellow, Theater Arts
                        Judy Pfaff Kingston, NY, USA Rasmuson Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Daniel Plonsey El Cerrito, CA, USA Broad Fellow, Music
                        Dario Robleto Houston, TX, USA Rasmuson Fellow, Visual Arts
                        Sapphire Brooklyn, NY, USA Prudential Fellow, Literature
                        Mary Shaffer El Prado, NM, USA Simon Fellow, Crafts and Traditional Arts
                        Anna Deavere Smith New York, NY, USA Berresford Fellow, Theater Arts
                        Renée Tajima-Peña Los Angeles, CA, USA Broad Fellow, Media
                        Justin Torres Iowa City, IA, USA Rolón Fellow, Literature
                        Brian Turner Fresno, CA, USA Hillcrest Fellow, Literature
                        Kukuli Velarde Philadelphia, PA, USA Knight Fellow, Crafts and Traditional Arts
                        Reggie Wilson Brooklyn, NY, USA Prudential Fellow, Dance
                        Kevin Young Belmont, MA, USA James Baldwin Fellow, Literature

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

2009 USA                ARCHITECTURE
                        AND DESIGN
                        Stephen Burks
                                                           Jennifer S. B. Calienes
                                                                                               Claire Aguilar
                                                                                                                                  THEATER ARTS
                                                                                                                                  Tim Dang

Selection Panels
                                                                                                                                  Producing Artistic Director,
                        Founder/Director, Readymade        Director, Maggie Alleesee           Vice President of Programming,     East West Players,
                        Projects, Inc., and USA Target     National Center for Choreography    Independent Television Service,    Los Angeles, CA
                        Fellow, Brooklyn, NY               at Florida State University,        San Francisco, CA                  Ron Himes
                        Karen Fiss                         Tallahassee, FL                     Bill Horrigan                      Founder and Producing
                        Associate Professor of Visual      Pat Graney                          Media Arts Director, Wexner        Director, St. Louis Black Rep,
                        Studies and Design, California     Executive Director, Pat Graney      Center for the Arts, Ohio State    St. Louis, MO
                        College of the Arts, San           Company, and USA Rasmuson           University, Columbus, OH           Roberta Levitow
                        Francisco, CA                      Fellow, Seattle, WA                 Chale Nafus                        Associate Artist, Sundance
                        Joseph Rosa                        George Lugg                         Director of Programming, Austin    East Africa, and Co-Founder,
                        Director, University of Michigan   Associate Director, Roy and         Film Society, Austin, TX           Theatre Without Borders,
                        Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, MI       Edna Disney/CalArts Theater,        Lourdes Portillo                   Santa Monica, CA
                                                           Los Angeles, CA                     Director, Writer, Producer,        CHAIR
                        Mabel O. Wilson                    Sixto Wagan                         and USA Rockefeller Fellow,        Rosalba Rolón
                        Associate Professor of             Co-Executive Director and           San Francisco, CA                  Co-Founder and Artistic
                        Architecture, Columbia             Performing Arts Curator,            Dmae Roberts                       Director, Pregones Theater,
                        University, New York, NY           DiverseWorks Artspace,              Writer, Radio Producer, and USA    and USA Fontanals Fellow,
                        Peter Zellner                      Houston, TX                         Rockefeller Fellow, Portland, OR   The Bronx, NY
                        Principal, ZELLNERPLUS, Los                                                                               Steve Scott
                        Angeles, CA                        LITERATURE                                                             Associate Producer, Goodman
                                                                                               MUSIC                              Theatre, Chicago, IL
                                                           Jeff Chang                          Cristian Amigo
                        CRAFTS AND                         Writer, and USA Ford Fellow,        Composer, Guitarist, and
                        TRADITIONAL ARTS                   Oakland, CA                         Producer, New York, NY             VISUAL ARTS
                        Sonya Clark                        Anne García-Romero                  Peter Asher                        Terry Adkins
                        Professor and Chair of Craft/      Lecturer in Playwriting,            Partner, Strategic Artist          Artist, and USA James
                        Material Studies, School of the    Department of Theater and           Management,                        Baldwin Fellow, Brooklyn, NY
                        Arts at Virginia Commonwealth      Dance, University of California,    Los Angeles, CA                    CHAIR
                        University, Richmond, VA           Santa Barbara, CA                                                      Valerie Cassel Oliver
                                                                                               George Y. Massenburg
                        Patricia Capone                    Major Jackson                       Recording Engineer and             Curator, Contemporary Arts
                        Associate Curator, Peabody         Poet, and Associate Professor,      Producer, Nashville, TN            Museum, Houston, TX
                        Museum of Archaeology and          University of Vermont,                                                 Doryun Chong
                        Ethnology, Harvard University,     Burlington, VT                                                         Associate Curator, Department
                        Cambridge, MA                                                          Laura Mitgang
                                                           Alan Michael Parker                 Director of New Business           of Painting and Sculpture,
                        CHAIR                              Professor of English and Director   Development, The Metropolitan      The Museum of Modern Art,
                        Sven Haakanson                     of Creative Writing, Davidson       Opera, New York, NY                New York, NY
                        Executive Director, Alutiiq        College, Davidson, NC                                                  Karen Moss
                        Museum, Kodiak, AK                                                     Molly Sturges
                                                                                               Artistic Director, Littleglobe,    Deputy Director, Exhibitions
                        Jean McLaughlin                    Robert Polito                       Composer/Performer, and USA        and Programs, Orange County
                        Executive Director, Penland        Director of Graduate Program        Simon Fellow, Santa Fe, NM         Museum of Art, Newport
                        School of Crafts, Penland, NC      in Creative Writing and Professor                                      Beach, CA
                        Richard T. Notkin                  of Writing, The New School,                                            Julián Zugazagoitia
                        Artist, and USA Hoi Fellow,        New York, NY                                                           Director, Nelson-Atkins
                        Helena, MT                                                                                                Museum of Art, Kansas
                                                                                                                                  City, MO

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

Southern California     William Anderson
                        Wallis Annenberg
                                                         Charmaine Jefferson
                                                         Jane Jelenko

Host Committee          Alisa Becket and Leo Marmol
                        Nancy M. Berman and Alan Bloch
                                                         Barbara Kruger
                                                         Alice and Nahum Lainer
                        David Bohnett and Tom Gregory    Elsa Longhauser
                        Deborah Borda                    Ginny Mancini
                        Ken Brecher                      Mark Murphy
                        Glynis Costin and Art Streiber   Susan Bay-Nimoy
                        Alice and Joe Coulombe           and Leonard Nimoy

                        Elizabeth Daley                  Ann Philbin

                        Tim Dang                         Brenda R. Potter

                        Hugh M. Davies                   Michael Ritchie

                        Jennifer and Royce Diener        Pamela Robinson
                                                         and Robert Hollander
                        Plácido Domingo
                                                         Ed Ruscha
                        Laura Donnelley
                                                         Michelle Satter
                        Betty and Brack Duker
                                                         David Sefton
                        Ruth L. Eliel
                                                         Susan Keran Solomon
                        Russell Ferguson
                                                         Beth Swofford
                        Lauri Firstenberg
                                                         Dennis Szakacs
                        Dale Franzen
                                                         Joan Tewkesbury
                        Bronya and Andy Galef
                                                         Chip Tom and Michael Rabkin
                        Olga Garay
                                                         Trina Turk and Jonathan Skow
                        Sukey and Gil Garcetti
                                                         Hope Warschaw and John Law
                        Bob Gazzale
                                                         Liane Weintraub
                        Homeira and Arnold Goldstein
                                                         James N. Wood
                        Michael Govan
                                                         Ron Yerxa
                        John Gray
                                                         Laura Zucker
                        Joanne Heyler
                        Maryna Hrushetska
                        Deborah Irmas


                            73 %
                            Develop a New Project                                                                                                            69 %
                                                                                 67 %                                                                        Purchase Art Supplies
                                                                                 Advance or Finish an Existing Project

                                                                                                                                  57 %
                                                 55 %                                                                             Cover Personal Expenses
                                                 Work-Related Travel

                                                                                               33 %
                     30 %                                                                      Organize a Presentation of Work
                     Support an Arts-Related Cause
                                                                                                                 23 %                                       23 %
                                       19 %                            19 %                                      Subsidize Time for Other Pursuits          Health Expenses
                                       Non-Work-Related Travel         Education or Training

                                                                                                                           This report is based on responses from 48 USA Fellows
                                                                                                                           for 2008. About 11% of this group reported one or two
                                                                                                                           ways in which they would use the funds. A total of three
                                                                                                                           to five ways were reported by 70% and the remaining 19%
                                                                                                                           reported six or more. Often the multiple uses were well-
                                                                                                                           coordinated, reflecting a set of related works or a plan the
                                                                                                                           USA Fellow developed that tied together several activities.
                                                                                                                           Prepared by Thomas E. Backer, PhD, President, Human
                                                                                                                           Research Institute, and consultant to USA.


                                                          USA Fellows live and work in
                                                          97 cities across the U.S.

“Each of these artists continues
 to push our field forward,
 evolving traditional form in
 efforts to best reflect upon a
 complex contemporary
Jennifer S. B. Calienes Chair, Dance Panel, USA Fellows 2009

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Grant Impact
                        USA Fellows are surveyed twice after receiving their awards—at six months and two
                        years—to determine the impact the $50,000 grant has had on their work and lives.
                        Six months after receiving their awards, we asked the USA Fellows for 2008 how
                        they spent their funds. From this research USA has learned that the grants provide
                        precious time and space for artists to expand their thinking. Michigan-based Laura
                        Kasischke, USA Cummings Fellow in Literature, said, “This grant has given me that
                        miraculous thing: more hours in the day.”

                        Other artists have used USA funds to engage more             The grant also provided support for many to test new
                        deeply in where they live. “I’ve come to embrace my          ideas. “The USA Fellowship has helped me to not only
                        role in the community not just as an activist who            continue to develop Fetch Clay but also to begin work
                        understands the role of the arts in social and racial        on a new play, one that is based on traumatic and
                        justice work, but as an artist who works on the collective   revelatory experiences drawn from my own upbringing,”
                        imagination the way others work on issues or policy,”        stated New York, NY’s Will Power, USA Prudential
                        declared California-based Jeff Chang, USA Ford Fellow        Fellow in Theater Arts. Chris Jonas, USA Simon Fellow
                        in Literature. Virginia-based Julie Bargmann, USA            in Music of Santa Fe, said, “It has been a green light to
                        Target Fellow in Architecture and Design said, “Finally      go the distance as artists—and to believe in the future
                        I have the means to pursue my wish that my students          potential of our work—to imagine taking it to new
                        become road warriors and leaders in the regeneration of      places, seeking new venues and partners, and to be okay
                        degraded America cities and their communities.”              with taking the time to make deeply personal work.”

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Alaska AIR
                        Thanks to generous support and guidance provided by the Rasmuson Foundation,
                        USA continued to offer Alaska AIR (Artists-in-Residence) program hosted by Alaska
                        arts organizations. USA Fellows are given the opportunity to apply for a residency
                        by submitting letters of intent and matches are made by USA staff, its residency
                        consultant, and several Alaska host organizations.

                        Six residencies were completed in 2008, the program’s     Continuing to build the program, eight USA Fellows
                        second year. USA Rockefeller Fellow and radio             participated in 2009. USA Broad Fellow Daniel Joseph
                        producer Dmae Roberts returned to Koahnic Broadcast       Martinez traveled throughout the state and traversed
                        Corporation to complete a project she began in the        parts of the pipeline while in residence at the Valdez
                        program’s first year. USA Rockefeller Fellow and           Museum and Historical Archive and the International
                        playwright Anthony Garcia was in residence at The         Gallery of Contemporary Art in Anchorage. USA
                        Island Institute. USA Gund Fellow and photographer        Gund Fellow Susan Power and USA Ford Fellow
                        Zoe Strauss worked with The Anchorage Museum at           lê thi diem thúy visited a writer’s retreat at the
                        Rasmuson Center and The International Gallery of          Island Institute in Sitka and participated in several
                        Contemporary Art. USA Prudential Fellows Eiko and         community programs. USA Ziporyn Fellow Karen
                        Koma returned to the Alaska Dance Theatre (ADT). USA      Kandel was in residence at the International Gallery
                        Target Fellow and designer Tanya Aguiñiga returned to     of Contemporary Art, USA Rose Fellow Dianne Walker
                        the Native Arts Center at the University of Fairbanks.    worked at the Alaska Dance Theatre, and USA Broad
                        And USA Target Fellow and weaver Liz Collins was in       Fellow Wu Man was in residence at Koahnic Broadcast
                        residence at Out North and the International Gallery of   Corporation, all in Anchorage. USA Rasmuson Fellow
                        Contemporary Art.                                         Jim Woodring traveled to Homer to work at Bunnell
                                                                                  Street Gallery, and USA Gund Fellow Marcos Ramirez
                                                                                  ERRE was in residence at the Native Art Center at the
                                                                                  University of Alaska, Fairbanks. USA is pleased with
                                                                                  the success of the Alaska AIR program and the life-
                                                                                  changing experiences the residencies have had on the
                                                                                  participating USA Fellows and their art.

“...and this rich experience was
 so profound, I’ll be processing
 all that happened there for
 years to come… The land itself
 was inspiring and worked on
 me so that I’ve returned to
 Minnesota a different person.”
Susan Power USA Gund Fellow in Literature, Minnesota

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

Funding                 NATIONAL LEADERSHIP
                                                         John S. and James L. Knight
                                                         Miami, FL
                                                                                          SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTORS
                                                                                          USA also wishes to thank the
                                                                                                                           ANNUAL FUND DONORS
                                                                                                                           We wish to thank these

and Stewardship
                        Donors who support USA with                                       following individuals who have   supporters who have made
                        a gift of $50,000 and above      Toby Devan Lewis                 made significant contributions    gifts to USA’s Annual Fund
                        become members of the National   Shaker Heights, OH               in support of America’s finest    from January 1, 2008 through
                        Leadership Committee. USA        Susan and Larry Marx             artists:                         December 31, 2009:
                        extends its gratitude to the     Aspen, CO
                        following supporters:                                             USA BENEFACTORS $25,000+         Nancy Ball
                                                         Susan Bay-Nimoy and                                               Carbondale, CO
                                                         Leonard Nimoy                    Katherine Farley and
                        The Annenberg Foundation                                          Jerry Speyer                     Susan Berghoef
                        Los Angeles, CA                  Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                          New York, NY                     Wilmette, IL
                        The Sheri and Les Biller         Eileen Harris Norton for the
                                                         Peter Norton Family Foundation                                    Andi Campognone
                        Family Foundation                                                 USA PARTNERS $10,000+
                                                                                                                           Pomona, CA
                        Los Angeles, CA                  Santa Monica, CA
                                                                                          Nancy M. Berman and              William Choi
                        Bloomberg Philanthropies         Nancy and Steven Oliver          Alan Bloch
                                                         San Francisco, CA                                                 Los Angeles, CA
                        New York, NY                                                      Los Angeles, CA
                                                         The Prudential Foundation*                                        Jeanne Costello
                        Suzanne and David Booth                                           Susan V. Berresford              Fullerton, CA
                        Austin, TX                       Newark, NJ                       New York, NY
                                                         Rasmuson Foundation*                                              Patricia Cox
                        The Broad Art Foundation                                          Corinna Cotsen and Lee           Chicago, IL
                        Santa Monica, CA                 Anchorage, AK                    Rosenbaum
                                                         The Rockefeller Foundation*      Santa Monica, CA                 Katharine DeShaw and
                        California Community                                                                               Mark McConnell
                        Foundation                       New York, NY                     Marilyn and Larry Fields         Los Angeles, CA
                        Los Angeles, CA                  Lynn and Douglas Freeman,        Chicago, IL
                                                         on behalf of the Ernest and                                       Debra and Malcolm Dysart
                        Collins Family Foundation                                         Ann Hatch                        Los Angeles, CA
                        Minneapolis, MN                  Irma Rose Foundation             San Francisco, CA
                                                         Irvine, CA                                                        Bradford M. Endicott
                        Julie and Peter Cummings                                          Hauptman Family Foundation       Charitable Lead Trust
                        Birmingham, MI                   Fred and Eve Simon               Los Angeles, CA
                                                         Santa Fe, NM                                                      Boston, MA
                        Laura Donnelley                                                   Fran and Ray Stark Foundation    Grazia Cavazza Fini
                        Santa Monica, CA                 Todd and Betiana Simon           on behalf of Wendy Stark
                                                         Foundation                                                        Bologna, Italy
                        Shawn M. Donnelley                                                Morrissey
                                                         Omaha, NE                        Los Angeles, CA                  Ford Foundation
                        Chicago, IL                                                                                        New York, NY
                                                         Susan and Pat Stevens            Linnaeus Thomson Fund
                        Ella Fontanals-Cisneros          Minneapolis, MN                                                   Nell Geisslinger
                        Miami, FL                                                         Mountain View, CA
                                                         Marion Boulton “Kippy” Stroud                                     Ashland, OR
                        Ford Foundation*                 Philadelphia, PA                 USA PATRONS $5,000+              Gill Foundation on behalf
                        New York, NY                                                                                       of Patricia Evert
                                                         Target                           William Anderson
                        Matt Groening                    Minneapolis, MN                  Los Angeles, CA                  Denver, CO
                        Los Angeles, CA                                                                                    Sandra and Jack Guthman
                                                         Christopher V. Walker            David Bohnett Foundation
                        Agnes Gund                       Los Angeles, CA                  Beverly Hills, CA                Chicago, IL
                        New York, NY                                                                                       Alex Hernandez-Herrera
                                                         Caroline and Tiger Williams      Samuel Hoi
                        The Hillcrest Foundation         Norwalk, CT                      Los Angeles, CA                  Chicago, IL
                        Pasadena, CA                                                                                       Diane Kaplan
                                                         Windgate Charitable Foundation   Alice and Nahum Lainer
                        Ewing Marion Kauffman            Siloam Springs, AR               Beverly Hills, CA                Anchorage, AK
                        Foundation                                                                                         John Kjenner and
                        Kansas City, MO                  The Wynn Family Foundation       Brenda Potter
                                                         Las Vegas, NV                    Beverly Hills, CA                Christopher Love
                                                                                                                           Santa Monica, CA
                                                         *USA Founders

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        (cont’d)                      EVENT HOSTS                      Elizabeth Fleming                Phoenix Art Museum
                        Frank Konhaus                 Alexander Haas Martin            Spartanburg, SC                  Phoenix, AZ
                        Durham, NC                    and Partners                     Bronya and Andrew Galef          Ed Pierce and Rob Saltzman
                        Katherine Kovner              Atlanta, GA                      Los Angeles, CA                  Los Angeles, CA
                        New York, NY                  Alisa Becket and Leo Marmol      Sandra and Jack Guthman          Ed and Cathy Rasmuson
                        Velma and Calvin McConnell    Los Angeles, CA                  Chicago, IL                      Anchorage, AK
                        Portland, OR                  Arts Leadership League           James Hackney and                Ravinia Festival
                        Jocelyn and Bruce McCormick   of Georgia                       Scott Haight                     Highland Park, IL
                        Los Angeles, CA               Decatur, GA                      Atlanta, GA                      Terri and Phil Schrager
                        Jane Milosch                  Peg and Bill Balzer              Joanne Heyler, The Broad Art     Omaha, NE
                        Washington, DC                Atlanta, GA                      Foundation                       Seattle Art Museum
                                                      Michael Barton                   Santa Monica, CA                 Seattle, WA
                        Mark Murphy
                        Los Angeles, CA               Los Angeles, CA                  Holland Performing Arts Center   Betiana and Todd Simon
                                                      Bemis Center                     Omaha, NE                        Omaha, NE
                        Joseph A. Murray
                        Staten Island, NY             Omaha, NE                        Hub City Writers Project         Susan Keran Solomon
                                                      Nancy M. Berman and              Spartanburg, SC                  Los Angeles, CA
                        New York Community Trust
                        New York, NY                  Alan Bloch                       Deborah Irmas                    Sotheby’s
                                                      Los Angeles, CA                  Los Angeles, CA                  New York, NY
                        Polk Bros. Foundation
                        Chicago, IL                   Susan V. Berresford              Jane Jelenko and                 Donna and Howard Stone
                                                      New York, NY                     Judge Bill Norris                Chicago, IL
                        Anna Serena                                                    Los Angeles, CA
                        Pasadena, CA                  California College of the Arts                                    Christopher V. Walker
                                                      San Francisco, CA                Diane Kaplan and Mel Sather      Los Angeles, CA
                        Gary C. Simons and                                             Anchorage, AK
                        Gilena M. Simons, in honor    Eileen and Michael Cohen                                          Hope Warschaw and
                        of Marc Selwyn                New York, NY                     Susan and Larry Marx             John C. Law
                        Hidden Hills, CA              Peter D. and Julie Fisher        Aspen, CO                        Santa Monica, CA
                        Susan Keran Solomon           Cummings                         Museum of Contemporary Art       Jenisa and Isaiah Washington
                        Los Angeles, CA               New York, NY                     of Georgia                       Venice, CA
                                                      Rosette DeLug                    Atlanta, GA
                        James Toscano                                                                                   Marge and Irv Weiser
                        St. Paul, MN                  Beverly Hills, CA                Rozann and Bill Newman           Minneapolis, MN
                                                      Detroit Symphony Orchestra       Los Angeles, CA
                        Lisa Vice                                                                                       Elaine Wynn
                        Fukushima-ken, Japan          Detroit, MI                      Susan Bay-Nimoy and              Las Vegas, NV
                                                      Jennifer and Royce Diener        Leonard Nimoy
                        Adam Weinberg                                                  Los Angeles, CA
                        New York, NY                  Santa Monica, CA
                                                      Marilyn and Larry Fields         Eileen Harris Norton
                                                      Chicago, IL                      Los Angeles, CA

                                                      Hedy Fischer and Randy Shull     Nancy and Steven Oliver
                                                      Asheville, NC                    Geyserville, CA

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        “Whistle-Stop” Events
                        Good friends across the country continue to host USA “whistle-stop” events in their
                        homes or in art venues providing wonderful opportunities to introduce USA and
                        its mission and programs to arts leaders and patrons in their communities. Over
                        the past two years, USA was hosted in Aspen, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and
                        Phoenix. Events were also planned to coincide with USA Board meetings, giving the
                        Board and senior staff a chance to discuss USA and its programs with key members
                        of the art community in which the meeting was held: Omaha, Los Angeles, Miami,
                        and New York.

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Financial Matters
                        Since its inception, USA’s funds have been managed conservatively. At a time when
                        charitable endowments across the country have lost an average of 25-30% in value,
                        USA has suffered no losses. In fact, USA achieved an average return of 9.6 % from
                        its investment portfolio for the 2009 calendar year. USA is proud that the important
                        contributions from its generous founders and donors have remained secure during
                        this tough period. Since its founding, USA has performed successfully against
                        budgets for each fiscal year. Its fourth audit was completed in September 2009,
                        and, once again, USA was issued a clean management letter.

“Numbering almost two
 million, artists are one of
 the largest classes of workers
 in the nation, only slightly
 smaller than the U.S.
 military’s active-duty and
 reserve personnel.”
Artists in the Workforce 1990–2005 Study, published by the National Endowment for the Arts, June 12, 2008

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        USA National Awareness
                        The 2003 Urban Institute Study that was instrumental in the founding of USA
                        revealed a troubling statistic: while 96% of Americans value the arts in their
                        communities and lives, only 27% value the contributions of individual artists. Five
                        years later in 2008, USA re-surveyed the audience through the Yankelovich Monitor,
                        and the statistic remains constant. USA considers that 27% audience “artist friendly,”
                        and the remaining 69% as “fence sitters”—those who love the arts, but not artists.
                        The total pool of artist-friendly individuals in America is 69 million, while the fence
                        sitters comprise 150 million. USA has begun to address this problem and to reach
                        this potential audience of over 200 million by producing an extensive public relations
                        campaign around the announcement of the USA Fellows each year. In addition to a
                        general release featuring all winners, each person who receives the USA Fellowship is
                        promoted to the media for coverage, which has resulted in many “hometown hero”
                        and discipline-specific articles.

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

Recent Highlights       In-depth coverage of USA in the Los Angeles Times, including an advance
                        article on December 11, 2009 (just before that year’s USA Fellows Celebration
from this past year’s   in Los Angeles, CA), followed by a print and two online pieces keyed to the
                        Real-time coverage of the announcement of the new USA Fellows reported from
                        The Broad Stage and live-streamed on the USA website, news websites, popular
                        blogs, and Twitter.

                        Deeper permeation in trade and special interest publications, with particular
                        strengths in the categories of design, business, fashion, visual arts, dance, and

                        Other media pushes currently under consideration         The USA website has had well over 200,000
                        include partnering with a television network to          visitors. 5,000 individuals currently receive the
                        broadcast 19 video shorts featuring select USA Fellows   seasonal eNewsletter and periodic News Flashes.
                        created by USA Broad Fellow and filmmaker Phillip
                        Rodriguez. Each of these “mini docs” is viewable on
                        the USA website. They have been virally circulated
                        throughout the Internet, and to date there have been
                        approximately 107,000 viewings of the videos.

“In their work there is social
 critique, political commentary,
 laughter, song, movement,
 the elevation of the banal to
 the exceptional, and the
 molding of the exceptional
 into the ordinary.”
Valerie Cassel Oliver Chair, Visual Arts Panel, USA Fellows 2009

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Project Site:
                        Where Great Art Starts
                        USA is building the world’s first fundraising website created solely for accomplished
                        artists and their online communities. This unique multi-disciplinary site—test
                        named Project Site—will provide a platform for artists to fundraise for specific
                        projects, as well as showcase and market their work. By linking individuals directly
                        to artists, USA hopes to offer an inspiring and engaging environment for the general
                        population to learn more about exceptional artists and to enable them to support
                        these artists in an online environment.

                        The “alpha” stage of Project Site is currently up and
                        running, seeded with projects from eight USA Fellows.
                        The full public launch is planned for late 2010 at which
                        time we hope to have 50 to 75 projects posted.

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Continuing the effort to illuminate the challenges facing artists today, USA
                        actively participates in national conferences and professional gatherings. Among
                        the organizations hosting presentations since our last report were the Detroit
                        Symphony Orchestra; Camp Kippy on Mount Desert, Maine; the Foraker Group and
                        Alaska Community Foundation in Anchorage, AK; and Phoenix Art Museum. USA
                        staff members are active in the Art Museum Development Association, ArtTable,
                        and Grantmakers in the Arts.

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Clayton Campbell
                        Pacific Palisades, CA
                                                        GRANT ADMINISTRATION
                                                        First Foundation Advisors
                                                        Irvine, CA
                                                                                    City Projects, LLC
                                                                                    Los Angeles, CA
                                                        Douglas K. Freeman          Phillip Rodriguez, USA Broad Fellow
                        COMMUNICATIONS COUNSEL          Chad J. Latham              Claudio Rocha
                        Resnicow Schroeder Associates                               Jennifer Craig-Kobzik
                        New York, NY                    LEGAL COUNSEL               Jon Oh
                        Fred Schroeder                  Rodriguez, Horii, Choi      Judith Helfand Productions
                        Laura Bradley Davis             & Cafferata, LLP            New York, NY
                        Martha Kang McGill              Los Angeles, CA             Judith Helfand, USA Simon Fellow
                        Molly Kurzius                   William C. Choi             Landon Van Soest

                        Jocelyn McCormick               Brant Brogan                Brian David Mooney
                        Los Angeles, CA                 Los Angeles, CA             New York, NY
                                                        Chris Callis                Susan Morgan
                        DESIGN AND BRANDING
                                                        Brooklyn, NY                Los Angeles, CA
                        Intersection Studio
                        Venice, CA                      Marc Lester                 Brighde Mullins
                        Michael Rey                     Anchorage, AK               Los Angeles, CA
                        Greg Lindy                      Art Streiber
                        Jeanie Chong                    Los Angeles, CA
                        Stacy Valis
                        DEVELOPMENT COUNSEL             Dr. Thomas Backer
                        Marts & Lundy                   Encino, CA
                        Lynne LaMarca Heinrich,
                        Berkeley, CA                    SOCIAL NETWORK
                                                        Zack Avshalomov
                        EDITORS                         Santa Monica, CA
                        Stephanie Emerson               Diana Norton
                        Los Angeles, CA                 Santa Monica, CA
                        Karen Jacobson
                        Los Angeles, CA                 TECHNOLOGY
                                                        Ender Technology
                        EVENT PRODUCTION                Los Angeles, CA
                        Dan Guerrero                    Gabriel Richards
                        Los Angeles, CA                 Willem Luijt
                                                        Sonia Ramnani
                        FINANCIAL ADVISORS
                                                        Jim Hendren
                        Hirtle, Callaghan & Co.         Los Angeles, CA
                        Scottsdale, AZ
                        Curt R. Thompson                The Propellant Group
                                                        Los Angeles, CA
                        Singer Lewak Greenbaum          Neal Anderson
                        & Goldstein LLP                 Fred Walti
                        Los Angeles, CA
                        Lewis Sharpstone

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

Special Thanks          BOARD SUPPORT TEAM
                        Shawn Blanchard Williams
                                                     Greg Cameron
                                                     Chicago, IL
                                                                            James Hackney
                                                                            Atlanta, GA
                                                                                                        Lawrence Wheeler
                                                                                                        Chapel Hill, NC
                        Newark, NJ                   Sandy Chamberlain      Ann Hatch                   Scott Winter
                        Shawn Cardinal               Phoenix, AZ            San Francisco, CA           Minneapolis, MN
                        Las Vegas, NV                Virginia Clark         Lee Hausner
                                                     Washington, DC         Los Angeles, CA             USA ADVISERS
                        Lori Glassford
                        Las Vegas, NV                Andrea Cockrum         Bonnie Helms                Benjamin Aase
                                                     Los Angeles, CA        Pacific Palisades, CA        Minneapolis, MN
                        Shari Gouldsmith
                        Omaha, NE                    Elizabeth Daly         Alex Hernandez              William Anderson
                                                     Los Angeles, CA        Chicago, IL                 Los Angeles, CA
                        Daphne Jean
                        New York, NY                 Jodi Delaney           Lars Jahns                  Jamie Angus
                                                     Santa Fe, NM           New York, NY                Los Angeles, CA
                        Kathy Lake
                        Los Angeles, CA              Lisa Dennison          Jane Jelenko                Elizabeth Armstrong
                                                     New York, NY           Los Angeles, CA             Minneapolis, MN
                        Louise Lopez
                        New York, NY                 Nina Diefenbach        Paul Johnson                Lulani Arquette
                                                     New York, NY           Los Angeles, CA             Vancouver, WA
                        Sandi Miller
                        Anchorage, AK                Diana Duncan           Maryann Jordan              Brent Assink
                                                     Philadelphia, PA       Seattle, WA                 San Francisco, CA
                        William J. Rigler
                        New York, NY                 Martin Duus            Welz Kauffman               Leonard Aube
                                                     New York, NY           Highland Park, IL           Los Angeles, CA
                        Sean Shim-Boyle
                        Los Angeles, CA              John Easley            Melissa Kester              Orlando Bagwell
                                                     St. Louis, MO          Healdsburg, CA              New York, NY
                        Maria Macarena Spittler
                        Miami, FL                    Frank Ellsworth        Marianne Kolb               Michael Balaoing
                                                     Palm Springs, CA       Los Angeles, CA             New York, NY
                        LeeAnne Stevens
                        Minneapolis, MN              Anne Farrell           Claudia Looney              James Ballinger
                                                     San Diego, CA          Los Angeles, CA             Phoenix, AZ
                        Daphne Tooke
                        Richmond, CA                 Andrea Fiuczynski      Mike Margitich              Ed Barguiarena
                                                     Los Angeles, CA        New York, NY                Los Angeles, CA
                        Barbara Wybraniec
                        New York, NY                 Jenny Frutchy          Kate Markert                Michael Barton
                                                     Boston, MA             Baltimore, MD               Los Angeles, CA
                        FIRE STARTERS                Gary Garrels           Paula March                 Neal Benezra
                        Holly Sidford                San Francisco, CA      San Francisco, CA           San Francisco, CA
                        New York, NY                 Judith Gibbs           Thomas Rhue                 Jamie Bennett
                        Susan K. Stevens             Baltimore, MD          Los Angeles, CA             Washington, DC
                        Minneapolis, MN              Andrew Glasgow         Pamela Robinson             Alison Bernstein
                        Christine Vincent            Asheville, NC          Los Angeles, CA             New York, NY
                        Hastings-on-Hudson, NY       Nick Goldsborough      Judith Sobol                Andrew Blauvelt
                                                     Los Angeles, CA        Los Angeles, CA             Minneapolis, MN
                        USA KITCHEN CABINET                                                             Irene Borger
                                                     Jon Gossett            Ellen Sorrin
                        Yvonne Carlson Bell          New York, NY           New York, NY                Los Angeles, CA
                        Los Angeles, CA                                                                 Ken Brecher
                                                     Gabriele Gossner       Christopher Stevens
                        Robert Booker                New York, NY           Minneapolis, MN             Los Angeles, CA
                        Phoenix, AZ                                                                     Ruth Ann Brown
                                                     Jennifer Wells Green   Michael and Sharon Tiknis
                        Katherine Brown              Los Angeles, CA        Chicago, IL                 Portland, OR
                        New York, NY

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Laura Satterfield Buck        Patricia Evert         Gil Haslam                     Kathryn Kanjo
                        Santa Monica, CA             Denver, CO             Los Angeles, CA                San Diego, CA
                        Ben Cameron                  Sunny Fischer          Stefan Hastrup                 Deborah Kanter
                        New York, NY                 Chicago, IL            San Francisco, CA              Los Angeles, CA
                        Alice Coulombe               Matt Flannery          Kent Hathaway                  Sarah Kaplan
                        Pasadena, CA                 San Francisco, CA      Minneapolis, MN                Minneapolis, MN
                        Sage and John Cowles         Melissa Franklin       Joanne Heyler                  Wendy Kaplan
                        Minneapolis, MN              Philadelphia, PA       Santa Monica, CA               Los Angeles, CA
                        Rachel Cozad                 Dale Franzen           Karin Higa                     Tom Key
                        Kansas City, MO              Pacific Palisades, CA   Los Angeles, CA                Atlanta, GA
                        Dorit Cypis                  Michael Friedenberg    Irene Hirano                   John Killacky
                        Los Angeles, CA              Santa Rosa, CA         Honolulu, HI                   Burlington, VT
                        Julie Dalgleish              Gayle Fuguitt          Brooke Hodge                   Angie Kim
                        St. Paul, MN                 Minneapolis, MN        Los Angeles, CA                Los Angeles, CA
                        Chris D’Arcy                 Gil Garcetti           Karen Brooks Hopkins           David and William Kjenner-Love
                        Portland, OR                 Los Angeles, CA        Brooklyn, NY                   Santa Monica, CA
                        Pam David                    Wendy Garen            Helen Howarth                  John Kobara
                        San Francisco, CA            Los Angeles, CA        Anchorage, AK                  Los Angeles, CA
                        Bill Davis                   Sharon Garrett         Maryna Hrushetska              Richard Koshalek
                        Los Angeles, CA              Pacific Palisades, CA   Los Angeles, CA                Washington, DC
                        Joe Deegan Day               Mimi Gates             Tom Hulce                      Carol Kurzig
                        Los Angeles, CA              Seattle, WA            New York, NY/Los Angeles, CA   New York, NY
                        David Deetz                  Cindy Gehrig           Leslie Ito                     Laura LaBelle
                        St. Paul, MN                 St. Paul, MN           Los Angeles, CA                Los Angeles, CA
                        Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz   Derek Gillman          Maria Rosario Jackson          Kate Levin
                        Miami, FL                    Philadelphia, PA       Washington, DC                 New York, NY
                        Lisa Delange                 Ruth Glenn             Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson       Kelley Lindquist
                        Minneapolis, MN              Anchorage, AK          Aspen, CO                      Minneapolis, MN
                        Nina Del Rio                 Marian Godfrey         Rachel Jacobson                Victoria Lord
                        New York, NY                 Arlington, MA          Omaha, NE                      Anchorage, AK
                        Karen Denne                  Ann Goldstein          Tom Jacobson                   Christopher Love
                        Los Angeles, CA              Amsterdam, NLD         Los Angeles, CA                Santa Monica, CA
                        Robin Dowden                 Jack Gorman            Wesley Jessup                  Sarah Lutman
                        Minneapolis, MN              Boston, MA             Nome, AK                       St. Paul, MN
                        Matthew Drutt                Brian Graden           Carlos Jimenez                 Sarah Lyding
                        San Antonio, TX              Los Angeles, CA        Houston, TX                    Los Angeles, CA
                        Malcolm Dysart               John Gray              Eungie Joo                     Robert Lynch
                        Los Angeles, CA              Los Angeles, CA        New York, NY                   Washington, DC
                        Susan Emerling               Kathy Halbreich        Carroll Joynes                 Ellen Mahoney
                        Malibu, CA                   New York, NY           Chicago, IL                    Fort Lauderdale, FL
                        David Eng                    Nora Halpern           Debra Kahn and Matt Beal       Jannah Dacanay Maresh
                        New York, NY                 Washington, DC         Atlanta, GA                    Los Angeles, CA
                        Michael Engler               Rick Harman            Ree and Jun Kaneko             Paula Marincola
                        New York, NY                 Los Angeles, CA        Omaha, NE                      Philadelphia, PA

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        Deborah Marrow               Fred Nicholas              Steve Rowland             Casey Stangl
                        Los Angeles, CA              Los Angeles, CA            Seattle, WA               Venice, CA
                        Carol Marshall               Kelly Nipper               Bird Runningwater         Jeremy Strick
                        Los Angeles, CA              Los Angeles, CA            Los Angeles, CA           Dallas, TX
                        Mark Masuoka                 Rick Noguchi               Jim Russell               Dennis Szakacs
                        Omaha, NE                    Los Angeles, CA            Chapel Hill, NC           Newport Beach, CA
                        Cynthia Mayeda               Mariam Noland              Laura Samson              Chip Tom
                        Brooklyn, NY                 Detroit, MI                Chicago, IL               Los Angeles, CA
                        Michael Mayer                Tom Nordyke                Michelle Satter           James Toscano
                        New York, NY                 Minneapolis, MN            Los Angeles, CA           Minneapolis, MN
                        Mark McConnell               Kandis Brewer Nunn         Carol Sauvion             Roberto Uno
                        Los Angeles, CA              Portland, OR               Los Angeles, CA           New York, NY
                        Sam McConnell                Abby McCormick O’Neil      Gary Schilling            Charlie Vernon
                        Los Angeles, CA              Chicago, IL                San Francisco, CA         Chicago, IL
                        Bruce McCormick              John Orders                Debra and Dennis Scholl   Huong Vu
                        Los Angeles, CA              Pasadena, CA               Miami, FL                 Seattle, WA
                        Fidelma McGinn               Marcus Overton             Carl Schramm              Darren Walker
                        Seattle, WA                  San Diego, CA              Kansas City, MO           New York, NY
                        Jean W. McLaughlin           Phyllis Owens              Barbara Schwan            Laysha Ward
                        Penland, NC                  Los Angeles, CA            Los Angeles, CA           Minneapolis, MN
                        Keith McNutt                 Gasper Patrico             Fran Seegull              Mary Weatherford
                        Los Angeles, CA              Laguna Beach, CA           Los Angeles, CA           Los Angeles, CA
                        Peter Medvin                 Claire Peeps               Linda Shelton             Suzanne Weil
                        Miami, FL                    Los Angeles, CA            New York, NY              New York, NY
                        Tony Meier                   Alvertha Penny             Ken Sherman               Elizabeth Wetherell
                        San Francisco, CA            Los Angeles, CA            Los Angeles, CA           Palm Beach, FL
                        Joe Melillo                  Ann Philbin                Joan Shikegawa            Nick Winton
                        Brooklyn, NY                 Los Angeles, CA            Washington, DC            Boston, MA
                        Margaret Mertz               Frances Phillips           Cherie Simon              Tim Wride
                        Winston-Salem, NC            San Francisco, CA          Los Angeles, CA           Los Angeles, CA
                        Sam Miller                   Mary Puryear               Norm Smith                Barbara and Charles Wright
                        Boston, MA                   Newark, NJ                 Salem, OR                 Seattle, WA
                        Cora Mirikitani              Lee Ramer                  Jimmy Smits               Cynthia Wornham
                        Los Angeles, CA              Los Angeles, CA            Los Angeles, CA           Los Angeles, CA
                        Patricia Mitchell            Julia Rask                 Joe Smoke                 Charles Wylie
                        St. Paul, MN                 Los Angeles, CA            Los Angeles, CA           Dallas, TX
                        Wesley Montgomery            Christopher Rauschenberg   Daniel Socolow            Ron Yerxa
                        New Orleans, LA              Portland, OR               Chicago, IL               Los Angeles, CA
                        Bridget Murphy               Jock Reynolds              Susan Keran Solomon       Douglas Zinn
                        New York, NY                 New Haven, CT              Los Angeles, CA           Durham, NC
                        Joe Murray                   Larry Rinder               John Spokes
                        New York, NY                 Berkeley, CA               Venice, CA
                        Ken Neisser                  Craig Robins               Joan Squires
                        Los Angeles, CA              Miami, FL                  Omaha, NE

United States Artists   Biennial Report 2008 –2009

                        In Closing...
                        USA is proud of the momentum it has achieved since its founding. We look forward
                        to continuing our work of investing in America’s finest artists and are deeply
                        grateful to our many supporters and friends across the country who have helped
                        make this all possible. Together we affirm the importance of artists to the creative
                        potential of America.

United States Artists
5757 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 580, Los Angeles, CA 90036
www.unitedstatesartists.org 323.857.5857


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