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									                             Broker of Record

•   Broker of Record letter must be on the insured’s letterhead, clearly indicating the legal name
    and full address.

•   The letter must be dated. The effective date of the change must also be indicated.

•   The letter must be signed by the insured with the title of the individual indicted (President,
    owner etc.)

•   The new broker must be a licensed AIG broker. If the insured is out of state (not the
    broker’s resident state) a copy of the non-resident license may be required.

•   AIG or the issuing company (Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania for example)
    along with the policy number (or quote if new business to AIG) should be indicated.

•   As a courtesy we will hold the release of our quote for 5 working days so that the originating
    Broker may confer with the Insured. If no rescinding letter is received we will release the
    quote to the new Broker.

•   The originating Broker will receive an e-mail indicating that we received a BOR letter on one
    of their accounts, naming the new Broker. An opportunity will be given to submit a
    rescinding letter but the originating Broker will not be notified when the courtesy period has

•   We request that the new Broker provide all underwriting information pertaining to the new
    policy period.

                                                                                           TJH 42605

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