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Flooring Protector
Underlayment                        Warm & Dry                                             Versatile
Makes floors over concrete...
                                    Platon Flooring Protector                              Platon Flooring Protector gives you a new freedom
Comfortable                         A beautiful floor may hide a rotten reality. Even      of choice in floor covering materials. Carpet, vinyl,
Odor Free                           though a floor may look good on the surface, the
                                    reality underneath may be entirely different.
                                                                                           laminate or hardwood can be installed over Platon
                                                                                           and OSB or plywood subfloor.
Healthy & Dry                       Concrete floors always contain moisture. Floor         On fresh concrete you can install flooring as soon as
                                                                                           you can walk on the slab. Platon can also be installed
                                    coverings laid on concrete without an adequate
Impermeable damp proof              damp proof barrier will be affected and damaged.       on floors with radiant heat.
                                    The results are unpleasant odors, mold, mildew
barrier lifts the floor off damp,   and an unhealthy internal environment. A moisture
                                                                                           If your basement is unfinished, install the Platon and
                                                                                           plywood or OSB subfloor and frame the walls right
cold concrete and allows the        barrier that does not provide air flow under it will   on top of the subfloor. If the walls are damp, cover
concrete to breathe                 trap moisture and cause problems.                      them with Platon!
                                    Platon – The Solution for Flooring over concrete       Lifts the floor off cold, damp concrete!
                                    Platon is a strong, double dimpled, 24 mil HDPE
                                    membrane. By using Platon over the concrete, an        • Flooring roll size 44 1/2          x 50’ (Covers 175 sq.ft.).
                                                                                              Other sizes available
                                    impermeable vapor barrier and air gap is created.
                                    This allows the                                        • Load bearing capacity 1000 lb/sq.ft.
                                    concrete to
                                    breathe while
                                                                                           • Dual Purpose! Also used as exterior
                                                                                              foundation leakage protection.
                                    keeping the
                                    floor dry. The
                                    finished floor
                                    is isolated
                                    from the cold
                                    concrete and                                           For more information contact Armtec.
                                    becomes room                                           In Canada, contact your nearest sales office.
                                                                                           Nanaimo, Prince George, Langley, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge,
                                    temperature,                                           Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Guelph, Toronto,
                                    not slab temperature. This keeps you warm and          Peterborough, Chesterville, Forest, Orangeville, Comber, Montreal, Quebec
                                                                                           City, St. Clet, Sackville, New Glasgow, Bloomfield, Bishop’s Falls and
                                    minimizes surface condensation and musty odors.        St. John’s.
                                                                                           In the USA: 1-800-265-7622
Proven Performance since 1994                                                                   
                                                                                                                                                            Feel the
Easy to Install                                            Do it yourself                                                                                   difference

Floating Floors                                            1. Remove existing floor coverings. Ensure the concrete                                            Install your choice of flooring, following the
In homes, laminate flooring may be placed directly over    is clear of debris. Level low areas with floor levelling                                           floor manufacturer’s installation recommendations.
Platon as a “floating floor” with landscape fabric under   compound if required. Cover the concrete with                                                      Additional instructions specific to Platon subfloor
the Platon to prevent noise and                            landscape fabric only if the floor is to be “floating”.                                            installations are as follows:
thin foam laminate underpad                                2. Roll out the first strip of Platon,                                                             Vinyl Floor: Glue and staple 1/4" underlay (as
over the Platon. (Commercial                                                                                                                                  recommended by the flooring manufacturer) over
                                                           dimples toward the floor, flat tab away
use and heavy point loads,                                                                                                                                    the second subfloor: stagger the joints between the
                                                           from the wall and cut to length. Cut off
install laminate over a mini-                                                                                                                                 underlay and the subfloor.
                                                           the flat tab. “Reverse roll” the Platon if
mum 7/16”“secured subfloor”.)
                                                           it curls excessively.                                                                              Hardwood: If the flooring is to be nailed down, use
Secured Subfloors                                                                                                                                             3/4” OSB and short nails or 2 layers of subflooring
                                                           3. Unroll the next section with the flat
For other floor finishes, plywood or OSB sheets                                                                                                               (totalling 1” or more) so as not to puncture the
                                                           tab overlapping the first section and
(7/16” minimum thickness) are laid as a subfloor over                                                                                                         Platon.
                                                           cut to length. Apply Butyl Rubber
the Platon and fastened to the concrete floor – 24” grid                                                                                                      Laminate flooring: may be installed directly over
                                                           caulk or foam panel adhesive between
spacing.                                                                                                                                                      Platon as a ”floating” floor. The concrete floor must
                                                           the flat tab and adjacent section and/or
Hint: Fasten with concrete screws or drill a                                                                                                                  be level. Place landscape fabric on the concrete
                                                           duct tape the overlap. At “end of roll”
hole the same diameter as a fluted masonry                                                                                                                    under the Platon (to prevent noise), the laminate
                                                           joints mesh 4 rows of dimples, caulk
nail (3/16” x 2 1/4” deep), insert wire                                                                                                                       manufacturer’s thin foam underpad over the Platon
                                                           and tape.
plumbers solder and drive a 2” masonry                                                                                                                        and then install the laminate. For commercial use
nail in beside the solder.                                 4. Cover the Platon with either butt-                                                              and heavy point loads such as slate billiard tables,
                                                           edge or tongue & groove (T&G)                                                                      install laminate over a minimum 7/16” subfloor.
                                                           plywood or OSB sheets (7/16”                                                                       (Landscape fabric is not required under a secured
                                                           minimum). Fasten through the                                                                       floor.)
                                                           subfloor and Platon 1” into the
                                                                                                                                                              Carpets: Install over a minimum 7/16” subfloor
                                                           concrete in a 24” grid and/or
                                                                                                                                                              fastened in a 24" grid pattern.
                                                           where there is vertical movement.
                                                           The 4’ joints between adjacent
                                                           4x8 sheets should be staggered.
                                                           Leave 1/4” clearance around the perimeter of the
                                                           subfloor to allow for expansion. Non load bearing
                                                           walls may now be framed on the subfloor.
                                                           All information provided herein is intended to be used as a guide only. No recommendations are to be interpreted as superseding or replacing any installation recommendations of the
                                                           flooring manufacturer. No warranty on the performance of the floor covering is given or implied.

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