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									                                   RELEASE LETTER

                PPSM 61 - Release During the Probationary Period
          or From Limited, Casual/Restricted, and Floater Appointments
                    SCOPE: Professional and Support Staff


Employees serving a probationary period or holding limited, casual/restricted or
floater appointments may be released at any time prior to her/his ending date.
(Release of probationary employees must occur prior to completing six (6)
months of continuous service)

A Release Letter normally consists of two (2) sections:
1.        A statement that you are releasing the employee and the effective date.
2.        The employee’s right to request review under Policy 70 - Complaint
3.        A concluding section that lists the attachment (Proof of Service) and the
          individuals receiving copies of the letter.

You must consult Employee & Labor Relations on proposed releases.

Letter of Termination - Rev 4/04
                                   Instructions are in Boldface Type


[Employee’s Name]

RE: Letter of Release (Example)

Section 1: State that you are releasing the employee, and the effective date. (See
UC Policy and UCD Procedure 61) You are not required to give a reason for the

This is to inform you that I am releasing you from employment with the [department]
effective [date].

Section 2: Inform the employee of her/his right to request review. (See UC Policy
and UCD Procedure 70 - Complaint Resolution)

You have the right to request review of this action under Personnel Policies for Staff
Members 70 - Complaint Resolution. If you wish to request review of this action, you
must do so in writing, using the appropriate complaint form. A written request must be
received in the Employee & Labor Relations Office no later than thirty (30) calendar
days from the date of the letter.

Section 3: A Proof of Service must be attached, and copies distributed as
specified below.

[Signature of Supervisor]
[Supervisor’s Title]

Proof of Service

cc:       [Department Head]
          [Department File]
          [Employee & Labor Relations Consultant]
          [Personnel File (via Employee & Labor Relations)]
          [Unemployment Insurance Coordinator]

Letter of Termination - Rev 4/04                                                    2

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