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					                                                PO Box 2898, 30 Estates Road
                                              Dartmouth, NS, B2W 4Y2, Canada
                                      Phone: (902) 468-7873/468-1781 Fax: (902) 468-2304
                                               Email :
                                              Website :

                                      Calibration Certificate
Instrument:              Recorder     (    12                  Input Channel)           Type:     Chino
                         Serial# AH992E034                                              Recorder#                      58

Calibration Date:                       February 10,05         Expiry Date:                        August 10,05

Test Data:               Indicating Accuracy =    +/-0.025%
                         Test Instrument: Omega Engineering Inc.
                         Serial Number:    902

Test Potentiometer traceable to:                  Land & Sea Instrumentation, Estates Road, Dartmouth, NS

            Test                                   Tolerance                                 Reading
         Temperature                       Minimum         Maximum                      As Found As Left
            100˚F                             99˚F            101˚F                       100˚F    100˚F                Pass
            200˚F                            199˚F            201˚F                       200˚F    200˚F                Pass
            400˚F                            399˚F            401˚F                       400˚F    400˚F                Pass
            600˚F                            599˚F            601˚F                       600˚F    600˚F                Pass
            800˚F                            799˚F            801˚F                       801˚F    801˚F                Pass
           1000˚F                            998˚F           1002˚F                      1001˚F   1001˚F                Pass
           1200˚F                           1198˚F           1202˚F                      1201˚F   1201˚F                Pass
           1400˚F                           1398˚F           1402˚F                      1401˚F   1401˚F                Pass
           1600˚F                           1597˚F           1603˚F                      1601˚F   1601˚F                Pass
           1800˚F                           1797˚F           1803˚F                      1801˚F   1801˚F                Pass
           2000˚F                           1996˚F           2004˚F                      2001˚F   2001˚F                Pass

                                      Instrument calibrated within +/- 0.2% +/- 1 digit.

This instrument has been calibrated and certidied to be within standards laid by the National Institute of Standards
and Technology.

                                                  Calibrated by:

                                                                                   Maritime Stress Contracting Limited

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