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					                                                                        University of San Francisco
                                                                           Office of Residence Life
                                                                                     2130 Fulton St
                                                                      San Francisco CA 94117-1080
                                                                               Phone 415-422-6824
                                                                                  Fax 415-422-2480

March 10, 2008

Greetings Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet Students, Parents, and Guardians!

We appreciate your selection of the University of San Francisco as your housing
accommodation for the Lines Ballet School’s summer program. In preparation for summer
2008 we are sending you some essential information regarding your accommodations. The
attached Information Packet contains useful and necessary information that students and their
parents or guardians should review.

NOTE: Please be sure that the Housing Registration Form, Release and Waiver of Liability,
Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement, and the Express ID Form (explained below)
are all mailed together with your room and board payment. Once again, ALL forms and
payments should be mailed in at one time; they will NOT be accepted if ALL forms and
payment are not together.

      1. The Housing Registration Form (page 3) should be completed and returned to us
         with your check or money order for $1,521.00. Please include your mailing address
         along with your payment so that we may send you a receipt.

      2. The Payment Information Policy (page 4) is important so please read it carefully.
         We will not be able to make any exceptions to this policy. Remember, ALL
         payments must be sent with the forms.

      3. The Payment Transaction Form (page 5) should be sent in with your full payment,
         completely filled out.

      4. The Summer Residence Hall Information sheet (pages 6-7) will be of particular
         interest to students. It is a good idea to bring it along with them to USF. This is most
         of the information students will need to know in order to get settled in quickly.

      5. The Meal Service Guidelines sheet (page 8); The University meal plan might be
         different than those of other programs that your student has attended. Please review it
         and talk with your student about it.

      6. The Guest Responsibilities and Residence Hall Regulations (pages 9-12); these
         pages explain the University’s policies so please read through them carefully, they
         might answer a lot of your questions.

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      7. The Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity
         Agreement (page 13) should be completed by the parent or legal guardian of any
         student who is under 18 years of age. Students under the age of 18 who do not
         have a signed waiver will not be eligible for housing accommodations.

      8. The Lines Ballet ID Express Form (page 14); please fill this form out and send this
         and your picture with your check, registration forms, and liability forms. Your USF
         identification card gives you access into your building, as well as having your meal
         money for cafeteria access.

Again, thank you for choosing the University of San Francisco. If you should have any
further questions please contact us at (415) 422-6824.


Deidre L. Smith
Coordinator of Guest Housing & Publications, Residence Life
University of San Francisco

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                         UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO
                         HOUSING REGISTRATION FORM
                             ALONZO KING’S LINES BALLET SCHOOL
                                  June 6 – July 5, 2008 (Session #1)
                                 July 6 – August 6, 2008 (Session #2)
                                            STUDENT INFORMATION
Last Name:                                            First Name:
Gender:         M       F        Age:                 E-mail:
Name of Preferred Roommate:
                                EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION
1. Parent/Guardian:                                                        E-mail:
                         Number & Street                        City                   State           Zip
Contact Information:     (      )                        (       )                       (      )
                                      Cell Phone                     Work Phone                     Home Phone
2. Parent/Guardian:                                                        E-mail:
                         Number & Street                        City                   State           Zip
Contact Information:     (      )                        (       )                       (      )
                         Cell Phone                                  Work Phone                     Home Phone

•   The cost of the housing package for both sessions is $1,521.00 per person for double occupancy and
           o Blankets, bed linen and towels will be provided in each room. Laundry services are located
               on the lower level of the residence hall.
•   USF shall be reimbursed for damaged and/or lost articles. Fees are as follows:
          o Blanket, Bedspread, Pillow, Sheet, Pillowcase, Towel             $25.00 each
          o Key                                                              $40.00 each
          o Identification Replacement (USF ID)                              $20.00 each
•   Attached you will find payment and refund information. Please read the information carefully. Participants
    arriving after June 6th and July 6th are still required to pay the entire housing package amount.

After reading through your information packet carefully, please return this and other forms
completed with your check or money order in the amount of $1,521.00 (please make check
or money order payable to University of San Francisco) to:

                               University of San Francisco
                               Office of Residence Life – Summer Guest Housing
                               Phelan 140
                               Attn: Deidre Smith
                               2130 Fulton Street
                               San Francisco, CA 94117
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                                 Payment Information
                                 Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet
                                June 6-July 5, 2008 (Session 1)
                               July 6-August 6, 2008 (Session 2)

•     All accommodations are doubles. There are no single arrangements available.
•     Lines Ballet students are required to purchase the plan available: room and board.
•     Full payment is due no later than May 5, 2008 (first session) and June 6, 2008 (second
•     Payment is to be made in United States funds in the amount of $1,521.00 (includes meals
      and room).
•     Requests for refunds must be made in writing, regardless of the nature of the requests
      (medical or personal). There will be no exceptions made.
•     Please send a check, money order (made out to The University of San Francisco-
      Summer Guest Housing), or credit card information along with the Housing
      Registration Form, the Payment Transaction Form, the Release and Waiver of Liability,
      Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement, and the ID Express Form. All materials
      should be mailed to the following address:

                                  University of San Francisco
                                  Office of Residence Life-Summer Guest Housing
                                  Phelan 140
                                  Attn: Deidre Smith
                                  2130 Fulton Street
                                  San Francisco, CA 94117

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                                  Summer Guest Housing
                                 Payment Transaction Form
                                           Guest Information
Guest Name:                                                               Date:
Group or Conference Name:
Dates of Accommodation:
Identification Type:
Identification #:
       Guest Home Address:
                               Number & Street

                               City                                       State         Zip Code
Description of charge/payment:

                                         Payment Information
      I hereby authorize payment to the UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO in the amount of:
                                           $              ;;;;;;
Method of Payment: (Circle one)
               Cash                 Check/Money Order                 Debit/Credit Card
Check/Money Order Number:
Type of Credit Card: (Circle one)
           Visa           Mastercard               American Express               Discover
  Cardholder's Name (as it appears on the Card)
                                   Please Print:
Credit Card Number:
Expiration Date:                                                       3-4 digit Security Code:
            Billing Address:
                               Number & Street

                               City                                       State         Zip Code

Cardholder's Signature:

         dls                                                  5
While living at the University of San Francisco, Lines Ballet students will be housed in
Fromm Hall. The rooms are all double occupancy with the restrooms located at the end of
the hall. Students are roomed based on age, gender, and class level. There will be separate
floors and restrooms allocated for men and women.

Sundry items, cards, gifts, magazines, candy, gum and snacks are available for purchase at
the Bookstore, located on the ground floor of Phelan Hall.

Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. on June 6, 2008 (Session 1) & July 6, 2008 (Session 2).
Checkout time is 5:00 p.m. on July 5, 2008 (Session 1) & 12 NOON on August 6, 2008
(Session 2).
 - Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate residents before or after these dates.

Each room is furnished with two beds, two desks, two chairs, two desk lamps and built-in
closets and dressers. Upon arrival and departure, these items should be in your room.

Keys are issued at check-in. There is a $40.00 charge for any lost key. Residents who lose
their key are required to pay at the front desk before another key will be issued (this fee is to
cover the cost of re-coring the door lock).

Coin operated washers and dryers are located on the ground floor of Fromm Hall. One load
costs $2.00 to wash and dry. A small box of detergent can be purchased in the University
Bookstore. Residents provide their own soap and should not leave their laundry unattended.
If a machine is out of order, please report it to the Hall Front Desk of your building.

Two sheets, a pillow and pillowcase, blanket, bedspread, bath towel and face cloth will be
provided in the room. There will be no linen exchange, however, laundry services are
located on the lower level of the residence hall.

There is a TV lounge located on each floor of the building. The lounges are for the exclusive
use of the guests of those respective floors.

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Your mailing address while on campus will be as follows:

                    Your Name
                    Lines Ballet School-Fromm Hall
                    2497 Golden Gate Avenue, Room # (to be assigned)
                    San Francisco, CA. 94118-4313

Mail will be sorted and distributed to a designated chaperone after 2:00 PM Monday-

Breakfast and dinner will be served in the Market Cafè food court located in the University
Center. These meals are included in the room and board package. Lunch is not included but
may be purchased on a cash basis. Meal hours will be posted in the residence hall.

Parking in the area is very limited. Arrangements for on-campus parking permits are
available through the Department of Public Safety. Please call (415) 422-4222 for

There are several shuttle companies that operate to and from the San Francisco International
Airport. They are located on the upper level of the airport on the center island. Tell the
driver that you are going to the main campus of the University of San Francisco, located on
Golden Gate Ave between Masonic and Parker. The cost ranges between $18.00-$35.00
depending on the company.

MUNI is the public bus system in San Francisco. Bus lines run between the campus and the
Ballet School. Ballet students usually ride the #5 Fulton Street bus ($0.50 per trip if you are
17 or younger; $1.50 per trip if you are18 or older)


Each room has a telephone on which you will be able to make on-campus calls. Off-campus
or long distance calls can be made with a telephone calling card or by calling collect. You
can receive calls from both on and off campus directly in your room. Additionally, each hall
has a courtesy phone located in the lobby for calls to student rooms and on-campus locations
only. Emergency phones are located on each floor and outside of each campus building.

dls                                                     7
We are pleased to provide you with a healthy selection of menu items during your stay at the
University of San Francisco. The following is a list of guidelines that will assist you in the
use of our dining services. We hope you enjoy your dining experience while with us.

•     Each participant has an ID card that is encoded with a total dollar amount of $336.00
      (approximately $12 per day).

•     The meal amount ($336.00) is non-refundable.

•     Present your USF identification card to the cashier after selecting your food items. The
      total for each meal will be automatically deducted from your balance upon doing so.

•     Should you choose to exceed your total allotment, it is your responsibility to pay for the
      cost of dining for the remainder of your stay.

•     Students may pay in cash at the register, or have additional money encoded on their ID
      card. If a student would like to add further funds to their accounts they should contact the
      One Card Office at 415-422-7663.


•     Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 7:30PM
•     Saturday:        8:30AM - 12:30PM
•     Sunday:          8:30AM - 12:30PM

*These times are subject to change.

All meals, except pre-arranged catered events, are provided at the Market Cafè food court,
located on the second floor of the University Center.

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      Adapted from the Fogcutter's Residence Life Services & Policies
The following regulations are established to govern the conduct of individuals living and visiting in
residence halls. They apply to all residential and commuter guests while they are in or around any
University of San Francisco residence hall.

Alcohol and Other Drugs
The State of California has established the age of 21 as the age at which alcohol consumption is legal.
The privilege of drinking alcohol is extended only to those of legal age (21 years of age or older) in
their assigned rooms or apartments (or in the room or apartment of a 21-year old host), excluding
individuals who have signed a Substance-Free Room Agreement. The University of San Francisco is a
drug-free campus and illegal drug use will not be tolerated and may result in immediate removal from
University-operated housing. (Please refer to the Nonacademic Student Conduct and Disciplinary
Procedures and the Drug-Free Policy, both included in this Handbook, for information on drug- and
alcohol-related violations and sanctioning.)
The following behavior is prohibited within University-operated housing and will result in disciplinary
■      Intoxication (regardless of age).
■      Possession of empty alcohol containers, even for decorative use, if residents are under the age
       of 21. Containers found in a student’s room or apartment will be considered property of that
■      Organization of or participation in a student group event where illicit drugs or alcohol are being
       consumed. Participation is defined as being present at the event, regardless of consumption.
■      Possession or use a common source of alcohol (e.g., keg, party ball, trash can, etc.), or
       participation in an event where a common source of alcohol is present. Excessive amounts of
       alcohol, regardless of container type, may be considered to be a common source.
■      Being present while others are using drugs.
■      Being present (if under the age of 21) while others are consuming alcohol.
■      Being present while others are unlawfully consuming alcohol.

Guests hosting non-residential guests are responsible for their guests’ adherence to University drug and
alcohol policies. Residents present when drug and/or alcohol violations are taking place are subject to
disciplinary action and may be held responsible for violating the Drug-Free Policy.

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For the health and safety of the community, animals are not permitted in University-Operated Housing.
(Note: This does not apply to service animals and fresh-water fish with a 10-gallon, 1 tank per resident
room limit.)
Bicycles and Motorcycles
Motorcycles or any other gas- or electric-powered vehicle or machine may not be taken inside any
University-operated housing facility because of fire regulations. The University reserves the right to
remove bicycles blocking the entry or exit of any building and to impound motorcycles found in any
residence hall facility. Bicycles can only be stored in private, assigned rooms. The University provides
on-campus parking for motorcycles. Motorcycles must have a permit to park on campus. Contact
Public Safety at x4222 for information.
Cable Television
All residence hall rooms and floor lounges are equipped with cable television hook-up (local network
service only). Residents are not permitted to purchase or install additional upgrades or other services or
tamper with current cable connections. Please report any problems to Instructional Media at 422-2002.
Candles (including unburned, decorative candles), incense, and other objects with open flames are
considered extremely dangerous due to the potential for fire and are prohibited in both private and
public living spaces. Candles found in the residence halls or apartments will be confiscated and
destroyed, and students found in possession of candles are subject to a $250 fine and other disciplinary
Cleaning and Trash
Guests are responsible for regularly cleaning their room, removing waste materials, and for
maintaining reasonable sanitation and safety standards. Room trashcans are to be emptied into the
large garbage receptacles located in bathrooms on each floor. Please keep the bin areas neat. All
recyclable materials [i.e. cardboard (not pizza boxes or to-go containers from Bon Appetit), cans,
bottles, paper, etc.] are to be placed in the recycling bins only. Cans and bottles are to be rinsed out
and placed in recycling bins only. Under no circumstances are trashcans to be left in the hallways
outside guest rooms. Guests who leave trash outside of their rooms are subject to a monetary fine.
Vacuums are available at the front desk.
Custodial Service
Custodial services for the residence halls are provided by ABLE Building Maintenance, a private
company contracted by the University. The custodial staff is responsible for the daily maintenance of
all common bathrooms, facilities, lounges, kitchenettes, and corridor areas. Guests are responsible for
cleaning their own rooms and ensuring the cleanliness of public areas (hallways, lounges, and
bathrooms). ABLE is not responsible for the removal of individual trash cans from residence hall
Note: Custodial Services in Loyola Village are limited to corridors and public areas.

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Damage and Property Loss
The University does not assume liability directly or indirectly for loss of or damage to personal
property caused by fire, theft, water damage, or by any other means except to the extent provided by
law. Additionally, the University is not responsible for personal property left behind by students upon
check-out. Information on personal property insurance is available from the Office of Residence Life.
Damage Charges
Guests must take responsibility for causing damages to University property. Whenever it is not
possible to assign charges for damage or theft of University property to specific individuals, those
charges will be divided equally among the members of the hall or apartment floor or community. In
those instances of damage to a student room where the responsible individual(s) is not identified, the
residents of the room will share the charge.
Guests may choose to personalize their room or apartment. We encourage creativity with items such as
bedspreads, posters, lamps, and plants. The basic guideline is to avoid doing things that will damage
the room, doors, walls, furnishings, ceiling, or floors. Guests are NOT allowed to paint their room or
apartment. Guests are responsible for any damage to their apartments, rooms, walls, floor, ceiling, and
room door. Damage includes but is not limited to nail holes, stickers, holes or gouges, and graffiti. No
items may be attached to the ceiling, light fixtures , from windows or hanging on the outside of the
building from patios or window ledges or fire safety devices. Smoke detectors must not be covered or
altered for decorating. Those found in violation may be subject to a $250 fine.
Electric Appliances
Electrical appliances with exposed heating elements, including but not limited to space heaters, sun-
lamps, torchiere halogen lamps, ceiling fans, air conditioners, and hot plates, afford undue safety risks
and are prohibited in rooms and apartments. Woks, rice cookers, toaster ovens, and similar cooking
appliances may not be used in any room other than a kitchen or kitchenette. Due to power and facilities
risks other large electrical items are not permitted in rooms or apartments, including but not limited to
exercise machines and portable washers, dryers, or dishwashers.
Facilities and Property Use
Guests and their guests are expected to be respectful of University-operated housing facilities at all
times. Use by a resident or guest of any bathroom facility except that which is designated for his or her
sex is prohibited. Removal, without proper authorization, of residence hall property including, but not
limited to, signs, lounge and bedroom furniture, and trashcans, is also prohibited. Those found in
violation are subject to a $250 fine. Due to safety hazards, residents may not affix anything to the walls
or the buildings, including but not limited to TVs, shelving units, satellite dishes, banners etc.
Laundry Facilities
All laundry rooms utilize the latest technology in laundry services. The laundry rooms are located on
the lower levels of all residence halls and include both coin and card operated machines for washing
and drying clothes. Guests provide their own soap and should not leave their laundry unattended. If a
machine is out of order, please report it to the Hall Front Desk of your building.
Light Bulbs
Replacement light bulbs are available at the front desk. Facilities will replace vanity or overhead lights
in student rooms upon request. Call x6464 to reach Facilities.
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Quiet Hours
Guests are expected to be considerate and respectful of other residents at all times. Unreasonable noise
and other distractions that interfere with the legitimate rights of others will not be tolerated. Guests
that create or contribute to unreasonable noise in residence halls or areas immediately surrounding
residence halls during non-quiet hour times, otherwise known as courtesy hours, will be subject to
disciplinary action. Quiet hours are set in each residence hall between 8:00p.m. and 8:00a.m. Sunday
through Thursday, and between 12:00a.m. and 8:00a.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings. During the
quiet-hour period, sound from a room should not be audible outside the room door or in adjacent
Recreation Equipment
Recreation equipment, such as cue sticks, pool balls, and ping-pong paddles, is available for use with
pool and ping-pong tables located in some of the residences halls. Guests must sign-out the equipment
from the front desk and will be held responsible for any damage to the equipment.
The use of coasters, roller skates, skateboards, roller blades, and other similar devices is prohibited at
all times on all University-owned properties and grounds. This extends to sidewalks and parking lots.
The University finds that the use of such devices, especially on the sidewalks and parking lots, creates
a hazard to the physical safety of the general public due to the heavy pedestrian traffic when school is
in session.
Smoking is prohibited in all residence halls and apartments, as well as in any common area within the
residence halls and apartments. In accordance University policy, smoking is not permitted within 30
feet of entrance to any University building, including the residence halls and apartments. Those found
in violation may be subject to a $250 fine.
USF Recycles Program
USF is committed to developing environmentally responsible practices, both in energy conservation
and solid-waste management. The USF Recycles Program recycles aluminum cans, brown, green, and
clear bottles, paper, cardboard, and plastics. Over 200 bins are placed around campus, including in the
residence halls, to collect approximately seven tons of material each month. You are requested to help
the efforts of recycling by placing materials in the proper bins. It is the responsibility of the entire floor
to keep the recycling rooms clean. In situations where clean-up costs or damage charges are assessed,
such costs or charges will be divided equally among the members of the floor. You may reach USF
Recycles at 422-2705.
Vacuums are available at the front desk. Due to the high number of requests for vacuums, residents are
only allowed to use them for 30 minutes at a time. Guests are responsible for the care of the vacuum
cleaner while in their possession.
Vending machine Refunds
Vending machines are located in each residence hall. There are no refunds for lost cash. If using Dons
Dollars guests should contact the front desk to fill out a Request for Refund form. The guest should
then take the form to the One Card Office.

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