2011 Season THE SUSQUEHANNA BASS ASSOCIATION Tournament Registration Form

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					                                              2011 Season

                           THE SUSQUEHANNA BASS ASSOCIATION

                                    Tournament Registration Form


   1. By signing this agreement, I agree to completely follow all the rules, regulations and tournament
      instructions of The Susquehanna Bass Association
   2. I understand that participating in The Susquehanna Bass Association (S.B.A.) tournaments and
      activities may be hazardous and can result in injury of death, and assume the risk associated with
      participating in an S.B.A. tournament. I further understand that these risks include, but are not
      limited to, exposure to the elements, including cold, heat, wind, lightning and other dangerous
      storm conditions, and drowning.
   3. I further understand that participating in the tournament presents a risk to my personal property,
      limited but not limited to my boat, trailer, motor vehicle, and fishing gear, and I agree to assume
      full responsibility for property damage resulting from my participation in an S.B.A. tournament.
   4. I further agree to indemnify, defend and protect the S.B.A., and it directors, officers, members,
      and event sponsors, from any and all costs, suit, loss, or damages, incurred directly or indirectly
      by reason of my negligent or intentional acts or those by my representatives or guests.
   5. I understand and agree that the S.B.A. is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of
      injury to my person or property resulting from another participant in an S.B.A. tournament, and
      release the S.B.A. for any liability caused by such activity.
   6. I hereby warranty that I am physically able to participate in an S.B.A. tournament, that I have
      inspected my boat and trailer and they comply with all relevant local, State and Federal laws and
      regulations. I further understand that I am exclusively responsible for insuring compliance with
      all safety regulations, as well as for the safe operation of my boat, trailer, motor vehicle, and my
      activities during the tournament, and do hereby expressly release the S.B.A., its agents, officers,
      directors, and sponsors from any liability for harm caused by my actions.

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