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									                                                   Sample Lesson Plan Form

Time              Activity/Concentration                     Materials Needed                    Child(ren)’s Goals              Standards

8:30 –   Greeting   Circle
8:45           1.   Sing Hello songs                         “Hello” puppet                    All children: learn how     9.1a
a.m.           2.   Introduce new materials                  Message board                      to use new materials        1.6
               3.   Morning Message                          Markers                           BK: vocabulary              25.1
                                                             New materials                     JR: letter soundsBK
                                                                                                SL: sitting in circle
9:00 –   Snack
9:15     Children are to count out 5 crackers.               Crackers                          JR, JB: Vocabulary          1.1.3
a.m.                                                         Napkins                            development                 2.1.1
         Ask children to talk about the shapes               Milk                              JT, JC: Eye/hand            10.5.2
         they have chosen (circle, square,                   cups                               coordination
         triangle) and describe the shape’s                                                     JS: Rote counting
         attributes (how many sides etc.).
              Ask Justin and Jamal (at their
                tables) to pour the juice.
              Ask Jared to count out the

9:20 –   Center Time/Free Play/Work Time
10:10                                                        Cookie cutters                    JR, JT: Follow 2 step       1.6.1
a.m.     Place cookie cutters, plastic knives,               Plastic knives                     directions                  2.9.1
         rolling pins & play dough in the art                Rolling pins                      JS: Attributes of shapes    2.3.6
         center.                                             Play dough                        KS: Measurement vocab       10.5.1
              Sit with the children that choose             Paper/pencil for                  JC, JB: Eye/hand
                this center.                                  anecdotal records                  coordination
              Talk about different sizes,
                shapes, colors as they freely                                          (If the children listed above
                explore and create using the                                           don’t choose this center, call
                play dough.                                                            them over individually to work
              Introduce vocabulary words:                                             on specific skills listed)
                smooth, long, flat, short.

Key Learning Areas: (highlighted in Standards section)                   ** NOTE ** Initials listed in Child(ren)’s Goals section indicate specific
                                                                                     children within the classroom

Approaches to Learning     Creative Thinking and Expression       Mathematical Thinking and Expression       Scientific Thinking and Technology
Social Studies Thinking               Health, Wellness and Physical Development                Language and Literacy Development
                 Partnerships for Learning                         Social and Emotional Development

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