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									PeopleSoft Enterprise - 8.9 Bundle 13 Release Notes
Campus Solutions Student Administration
These release notes reflect application updates for PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions Student Administration products in CS 8.9 Bundle 13.

Product       Category       Incident ID   Reported Problem                 Problem Description                                      Resolution Description
Academic      Requirement      1656357001 Student Exceptions using          When a student is active in the same plan at two         Modified all SQL in
Advisement    Overrides                    wrong requirement term           different institutions in the database, authorized       AA_OVERRIDE.EFFDT.RowInit to include
                                           when student active in same student exceptions uses the most recent plan's                INSTITUTION as part of the join on the
                                           plan at two institutions.        requirement term to select the effdt requirements that   ACAD_PROG record to correctly pull the correct
                                                                            apply to the student. The sql is pulling the             academic programs for the student.
                                                                            requirement term from the institution with the most
                                                                            recent effective dated plan even if it is not the
                                                                            institution specified on the exception.
Contributor   GP Inquiry       1706905002 Problem of slowness on            Since bundle 19 (incident 1602262000 was included        We changed the Rowinit Peoplecode
Relations                                  Pledge Schedule after            in that bundle), we have a problem of slowness when      DERIVED_AV_GP.AV_PP_UNPOSTED on the
                                           Bundle 19                        we load the page Pledge Schedule. It can take 3          page load to access the pledge payment and its
                                                                            minutes to bring up the page for some emplid's. We       session status in a more efficient manner
                                                                            implanted a temporary solution and the time fall at 25
                                                                            seconds for the loading of the same emplid.

              General          1723728001 EP gift adjustments can           An adjustment was made to a gift to change it from a     We changed the Gift and Membership
                                           result in credit being applied   gift to a pledge payment with no CC nor dollar amount    adjustment save code to recognize when a
                                           improperly                       changes. However the donor was credited with the full pending credit and new transaction are for the
                                                                            amount back to their credit card. When adjusting this    same amount and credit card details. If this
                                                                            from a gift to a Pledge Payment, the expected amount situation is found, the pending credit is removed
                                                                            was brought in and the gift date was changed.            and both the credit and the new charge are
                                                                            Somewhere along the line a save was done which           changed back to Settled status requiring no
                                                                            resulted in the donor having his credit card credited    further Cybersource processing.
                                                                            and recharged for the amount which resulted in an
                                                                            insufficient funds charge.

                                                              df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                              Page 1
Product   Category        Incident ID    Reported Problem               Problem Description                                       Resolution Description
          Manage            1289175003 Adjusting a gift in a            When a membership is created with an additional gift      We changed the adjust_mbr_gift and update_gift
          Memberships                    membership results in          designation, normally the current date is assigned as     functions in the FieldFormula Record
                                         incorrect gift date.           the gift date on the ps_av_gift_dtl table. When that      PeopleCode FUNCLIB_AV.MBR_PMT_NO, to
                                                                        membership record is adjusted, any new gifts added        update the gift header record with the data entry
                                                                        or any gift designations adjusted will result with the gift date of the membership rather than the
                                                                        date being assigned to the membership start date. If      membership start date.
                                                                        the membership start date is in the future, this is a

          Manage People     1714413001 Error when adjusting a gift      A transaction has posted as a "gift" to the GL,           Modified Page AV_ADJ_GIFT to include Scroll
                                         that has posted to the GL to   incorrectly. It should be a "pledge payment". User        bars-Scroll bar for Tribute view with drop down
                                         a pledge payment               tries to enter a gift adjustment, changes the type from   list AV_TRIBUTE_VIEW.TRIBUTE_TYPE, scroll
                                                                        "gift" to "pledge payment", and when populating the       bar for Tribute notify View with edit box
                                                                        pledge number (the search is used - the pledge            AV_TRIB_NTFY_VW.EMPLID
                                                                        number is not keyed in manually), an error happens.
                                                                        The error is as follows: "invalid parameter 2 function
                                                                        scroll select (2,116)
                                                                        PCPC:5127 Statement:86. The specified parameter is
                                                                        not correct for the function. It may be the wrong type
                                                                        of parameter (string, number, record. field, etc) or an
                                                                        invalid value in this context." The users have always
                                                                        changed gifts to pledge payments this way with no
                                                                        problem. This only started happening recently (first
                                                                        reported 11/6/07).

                                                                df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                         Page 2
Product     Category   Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                                       Resolution Description
Financial Aid COD DL     1562789001 Grad PLUS Loans are            COD is rejecting files and sending error code #16 in      Modified FAPDLOCH.cbl, FAPDLODB.cbl,
                                     rejecting at COD for reasons the response file when an origination record is being      fapdloch.dms, fapdlodb.dms to ensure that we
                                     not expected                  sent out in the same file as a change to a Grad PLUS      include the <SSN>, <BirthDate>, and
                                                                   loan for the same borrower. It looks like this issue is   <LastName> fields in the student block AND in
                                                                   related to the first problem COD had with Grad PLUS,      the Grad PLUS Borrower block anytime we send
                                                                   but this time around they are saying that we need to      any kind of Grad PLUS transaction.
                                                                   populate the Borrower Block SSN/DOB/Name fields if
                                                                   they are present in the Student Block.

            COD DL       1629106001 Direct Loan Change Files -     Direct Loan Change files - XML file is not picking up     Modified FAPDLOCH.cbl to ensure that the
                                     grade level                   Grade Level Changes that clearly exist in the Direct      student level value in DL-CHG-VALUE is moved
                                                                   Loan pages. This issue is only occurring in 8.9 and 9.0 to the Loan Info record.

            COD DL       1686582002 2008 - 2009 Aid Year           2008 - 2009 Aid Year Changes for COD DL                   2008-2009 regulatory updates to online and
                                     Changes for COD Direct                                                                  batch objects for COD-DL
            COD DL       1688700001 Request for an automated       We have 7 DL schools and some of them are big. It is Deleted PeopleCode from
                                     process to select the         very difficult for us to manually check the               LOAN_ORIGNATN.SFA_PP_CRSEWRK_SW.Ro
                                     PreProfessional Coursework PreProfessional Coursework Eligible box on the               wInit
                                     Eligible box                  Application Misc Data page every time there is a          Made the field
                                                                   eligible student. We'd like to request an enhancement     LOAN_ORIGNATN.SFA_PP_CRSEWRK_SW
                                                                   to somehow automate this.                                 "Display Only"in the page
                                                                                                                             FACDLOVL.cbl, FAPLOFC0.cbl,
                                                                                                                             FACLOFC0.cbl, FAPLORG0.cbl,
                                                                                                                             FAPDLOOR.cbl, FAPLDAD2.cbl, faplofc0.dms
                                                                                                                             to pick up the flags from the packaging status
                                                                                                                             summary page and set the flags on the
                                                                                                                             Application Misc Data page for eligible students.

                                                       df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                               Page 3
Product   Category     Incident ID   Reported Problem            Problem Description                                     Resolution Description
          COD DL         1690990002 Unable to select             The RowInit PeopleCode is hard coded with the           Deleted PeopleCode from
                                     'PreProfessional Coursework LOAN_TYPE="DUSB" so unless a customer has               LOAN_ORIGNATN.SFA_PP_CRSEWRK_SW.Ro
                                     Eligible' check box         setup DUSB Loan Type as the only DL Unsub Loan          wInit
                                                                 type, the field is not available.                       Made the field
                                                                                                                         "Display Only"in the page
                                                                                                                         FACDLOVL.cbl, FAPLOFC0.cbl,
                                                                                                                         FACLOFC0.cbl, FAPLORG0.cbl,
                                                                                                                         FAPDLOOR.cbl, FAPLDAD2.cbl, faplofc0.dms
                                                                                                                         to pick up the flags from the packaging status
                                                                                                                         summary page and set the flags on the
                                                                                                                         Application Misc Data page for eligible students.

          COD DL         1716851002 Updated PLUS MPN             There is a new version of the PLUS MPN promissory       Modifications made related to the new PLUS
                                     Promissory Note required.   note. COD is currently accepting both the old and       MPN Promissory Note in sqr faldpnt2.sqr.
                                                                 new version of the promissory note. However,
                                                                 effective February, 2008 only the new version will be
          COD Grants     1683195002 ACG/SMART YTD                Running the ACG/SMART YTD Disbursement Report           Modified the bind for the query. Removed:
                                     Disbursement Report not     for both grant types and the report returns with no     B.EMPLID = A.EMPLID and B.AID_YEAR =
                                     working                     rows. We are testing the critical fix for Bundle #19.   A.AID_YEAR Added: Record: SFA_ASG_ORG,
                                                                                                                         Binds points to FA_ASG_ORIG to
                                                                                                                         SFA_ASG_DSB, A.SFA_CR_AWARD_ID =

          COD Grants     1686584002 2008 - 2009 Aid Year         2008 - 2009 Aid Year updates for COD ACG and            Validated processes for 2008-2009 aid year.
                                     updates for COD ACG and     Smart Grants
                                     Smart Grants

                                                       df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                           Page 4
Product   Category     Incident ID   Reported Problem             Problem Description                                      Resolution Description
          COD Grants     1702402001 Pell/ACG/SMART COD            We are an 8.9 school and we are experiencing a           Added code to FA_COD_OUT and
                                     Record Layout syntax error   problem with our COD Outbound record layout for Pell SFA_COD_OUT to send xsi:nil="true" as an
                                                                  and ACG/SMART. We transmit our output files to a         attribute instead of a field value.
                                                                  third party (AES) for submission to the Dept of ED.
                                                                  AES has informed us that we have the following
                                                                  record layout syntax error in our files:

                                                                  should be
                                                                  <AddressStateProvinceCode xsi:nil="true"/>

          COD Grants     1703874002 EMPLID not carrying forward Customer tried to bring up a student in the                Added SearchInit PeopleCode to
                                     to ACG/SMART eligibility     ACG/SMART grant eligibility page and then go to          SFA_ASG_ELIGSRC.EMPLID to carry forward
                                     page                         award entry and the id did not carry forward. Also, it   the EMPLID.
                                                                  will not carry forward from award entry back to
                                                                  ACG/SMART eligibility. There is no SearchInit code
                                                                  on the search record, SFA_ASG_ELIGSRC, to carry
                                                                  the ID from any other component to 'ACG/SMART
                                                                  Grant Eligibility'.

          COD Grants     1707502001 New CIP Codes For SMART Sept 25th a letter was issued through NASFAA that              Added new eligible CIP codes to the CIP Code
                                     Grant Error at Grant         announced the addition of new eligible CIP codes for     Table.
                                     Eligibility Page - 42.xxxx   SMART Grant. Students with these new CIP codes
                                                                  cannot be awarded because of the ACG/SMART
                                                                  Grant Eligibility cannot be overridden. The following
                                                                  error message is given: Valid COD CIP Code must
                                                                  exist for SMART grants for ID = 18366105
                                                                  (14426,536) Valid COD CIP Code must exist for
                                                                  SMART grants with Eligible status.

                                                        df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                      Page 5
Product   Category     Incident ID    Reported Problem                Problem Description                                       Resolution Description
          COD Grants     1716059001 Unable to originate               Users are unable to originate ACG/Smart awards if the Changed the code in FAPASORG.cbl to look for
                                      ACG/Smart items with $0         first disbursement has $0. For example, the student is the first Disbursement ID with an Offer Amount >
                                      award amount in first           HERA Academic Level 1 in Fall and HERA Academic           0 instead of just the first Disbursement ID of the
                                      disbursement                    Level 2 in Spring. The user uses a packaging plan         award. The Disbursement ID is used to derive
                                                                      that contains 2 items types (ACG1 and ACG2) and a         the Term, which is used to look for an Eligibility
                                                                      disbursement plan that encompasses the two                Record.
                                                                      Academic terms (Fall and Spring). The first item is
                                                                      packaged as Fall $375/ Spring $0. The second item is
                                                                      packaged as Fall $0/ Spring $650. In this scenario,
                                                                      the spring item will not originate in ACG/Smart

          COD Pell       1686585002 2008 - 2009 Aid Year              2008 - 2009 Aid Year Changes for Pell COD                 Made Regulatory Changes for 2008-2009 Pell
                                      Changes for Pell COD                                                                      COD. Modified Fields,Records,Views,
                                                                                                                                ECTRANSID's and Crystal reports.
          COD Pell       1687207001 Incorrect Verification Status     When a student has been selected for Verification and In FAPPLOOR.CBL modified code in the section
                                      being sent for student with a   a school decides not to verify that student, they set the MA330-CHANGE-VERIF-STATUS-CODE
                                      status of 'S-Not Verfd'         Verification Status on PS_STDNT_AID_ATRBT to 'S-          SECTION.
                                                                      Not Verfd'. When Generate Pell Data is run the value
                                                                      of V is being written to the outbound file. The COD
                                                                      Technical Reference states that in this case "Schools
                                                                      report a Verification Status Code of 'S' for students
                                                                      selected for verification, but for whom the school will
                                                                      not verify."

                                                         df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                                Page 6
Product   Category   Incident ID   Reported Problem          Problem Description                                       Resolution Description
          COD Pell     1706719001 Generate Pell Data         When running Generate Pell Data the process abends In FAPPLOOR.CBL under the MA000-
                                   (FAPPLOUT) fails on       with an error that a table or view does not exist. The    PROCESS-DATA SECTION, Added condition
                                   FAPPLOOR_S_ISIRSTD        FAPPLOOR_S_ISIRSTD selects data from                      to check the rows found in MA340-SELECT-ISIR-
                                                             PS_ISIR_STUDENT, PS_ISIR_CONTROL and                      STDNT-INFO. If no matching rows found then
                                                             PS_PELL_ORIG_DTL. If no data is returned in this          write a log message and skip that student.
                                                             select, the process abends. No data is returned if the
                                                             ISIR_TXN_NBR on PS_PELL_ORIG_DTL doesn't
                                                             match the Max EFFDT ISIR_TXN_NBR on
                                                             PS_ISIR_CONTROL. Users cannot tell what emplid
                                                             is causing the abend unless a Cobol trace is run as
                                                             the process errors before writing the emplid in the log
                                                             file. The process should not abend but skip the emplid
                                                             with an error message and continue processing.

          INAS-FM      1621367001 Batch INAS calculates an   If customers are not calling INAS at the time they load   Restructured code in INAS interface programs
                                   EFC for Rejected ISIRs    ISIRs and have loaded multiple ISIRs, a row is written    FAPINAS8.CBL and FAPINAS9.CBL, moving
                                                             to PS_INAS_CALC_RECS if one of the transactions           read of table ISIR_CONTROL to front of FM
                                                             was official. If the most recent transaction has a        logic so EFC Status check can be performed
                                                             Rejected EFC, a row can still be in                       prior to execution of remaining FM code.
                                                             PS_INAS_CALC_RECS if an Official transaction had
                                                             been previously loaded. This causes an EFC to be
                                                             calculated in Batch when if you went online and tried
                                                             to run INAS, you'd get an error that you can't run INAS
                                                             on rejected ISIRs.

                                                    df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                          Page 7
Product   Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                                        Resolution Description
          INAS-FM - Batch     1715508001 INAS Batch Calculation Run      The label on the INAS Batch Calculation page is            In order to standardize the Page Label in
          Calcs                           Control page has incorrect     incorrect. It is using the 14400,344 message which is      question, the following corrective action was
                                          label                          "Statuses and Actions Rules".                              taken:

                                                                                                                                    For all three active releases, added new
                                                                                                                                    message catalog entry 14400/600 with message
                                                                                                                                    text of 'Batch INAS Calculation'.

                                                                                                                                    HR89 => Updated the 'Text' page field setting for
                                                                                                                                    page RUNCTL_FAPINCLC's page label,
                                                                                                                                    changing the message catalog entry reference to
                                                                                                                                    newly-created message catalog entry 14400/600.

          ISIR                1307216003 Unable to resolve ISIR          According to the EDE Technical Reference for 2005-         The hard coded SAR field numbers have been
                                          Reject E and F                 2006 to resolve Reject E and F (Parent SSN Match,          removed from the fapcorr.cbl and it has been
                                                                         but no name match), the following action must be           automated to directly take the values from the
                                                                         taken to resolve the reject: Verify (reenter the same      ISIR SAR XREF Table
                                                                         value) mother's/father's last name and first initial.
                                                                         However, since the user is entering the same data,
                                                                         ISIR Data Corrections does not see it as a "change"
                                                                         so it can not be submitted as a correction.

          ISIR                1618811002 2008 ISIR Corrections:          The Include Verify Fields functionality in the ISIR        The hard coded SAR field numbers have been
                                          Include Verify Fields          corrections process is sending the wrong ISIR fields       removed from the fapcorr.cbl and it has been
                                          functionality is sending       for correction. It appears that this problem has existed   automated to directly take the values from the
                                          incorrect ISIR field numbers   for several aid years. This does not result in an ISIR     ISIR SAR XREF Table
                                                                         correction record from being rejected by CPS. This
                                                                         functionality needs to be modified to get the ISIR field
                                                                         numbers from the ISIR XREF table rather than remain
                                                                         hard coded in the program

                                                             df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                                Page 8
Product   Category   Incident ID    Reported Problem                 Problem Description                                         Resolution Description
          ISIR         1686580002 2008 - 2009 Aid Year               Updates for ISIR Corrections for the 2008 - 2009            Made the Regulatory changes for ISIR
                                    updates for ISIR Corrections. Financial Aid Year.                                            Corrections for the Financial Aid Year 2008-2009

          ISIR         1696346001 ISIR Load is failing with a        When running ISIR Load in batch a message is                Applied the changes to FA cobols
                                    unique constraint on             returned with a unique constraint error for I-SRCHCL0. FAP00SLD.CBL and FAPCLICR.CBL. Applied
                                    PS_SEARCH_CNTL_TBL               The CCPSRCHP_D_SRCHCTL is not removing the                  the changes to CC Cobols CCPSRCHP.CBL
                                                                     rows if processed in the same second and the only           and CCCSRCHP.CBL. Created the record
                                                                     difference is the microsecond.      POC                     SEARCH_CNTL_TBX.
                                                                     1. 1696346008 - University of Minnesota
                                                                     2. 1696346010 - Suny Stony Brook
                                                                     3. 1696346011 - Grand Rapids Community College
                                                                     (for AIX Platform)
                                                                     4. 1696346012 - Grand Rapids Community College
                                                                     (for Windows Platform)
                                                                     5. 1696346015 - Miracosta College

          NSLDS        1501539001 NSLDS request job is               After running NSLDS Request job in 8.9 (Financial Aid The Row count in the trailer part of the file is
                                    creating incorrect trailer row   > File Management > NSLDS > Process NSLDS                   now padded with zeroes from blank
                                    in extract file                  Request) the resulting files has an incorrect value in
                                                                     the trailer row of the file. The field 'Record Count' pos
                                                                     48-56 is supposed to be a numeric value. When the
                                                                     file is created instead of being padded with zeros the
                                                                     value is padded with blanks. This causes the file to be
                                                                     rejected when submitted.

          NSLDS        1686577002 2008 - 2009 Aid Year               Regulatory updates to NSLDS processing for the 2008 Made the Regulatory changes for NSLDS
                                    Updates for NSLDS                - 2009 Financial Aid Year.                                  processing for the Financial Aid Year 2008-2009

                                                       df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                               Page 9
Product   Category   Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                                        Resolution Description
          NSLDS        1705124002 NSLDS FAT load page asks       If you create a brand new Run Control ID for Process       Added the code
                                   for required fields update.   NSDLS Fat Load, enter the run control parameters           SetDefault(RUNCTL_FAPTALRT.OPRID); in
                                                                 and click Run without first performing a save there will   Rowinit of RUNCTL_FAPTALRT and
                                                                 be a warning message requiring user to enter the           commented the code
                                                                 required fields. The warning message does not              RUNCTL_FAPTALRT.OPRID = %OperatorId; in
                                                                 highlight any required fields and will allow the user to   Saveprechange of RUNTTL_FAPTALRT
                                                                 continue in running the process by clicking the Run
                                                                 button again. It seems the page merely needs to
                                                                 perform a Save before processing. This only happens
                                                                 with a brand new Run Control ID. Once the Run
                                                                 Control ID is saved to the record the error does not

          PROFILE      1718708002 Profile Load Error             When running the Profile Load, FAPFIN09 (or                Modified fapfnai9.sqc , fapfnai8.sqc ,
                                   (FAPFIN09) with               FAPFIN08), process post SA Bundle #21, the process famvpna9.sqc , famvpna8.sqc to include a not
                                   CCCMNTPD.SQC in SA            abends with an error: FAPFIN09 - SQL Statement =           null check for NAME_SUFFIX before calling CC
                                   Bundle #21                    CCCMNTPD.SQC,Add-Personal-                                 routines to insert into PS_PERSONAL_DATA.
                                                                 Data,INSERT,PS_PERSONAL_DATA SQL Status =
                                                                 1400, SQL Error = ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL

                                                       df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                      Page 10
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem            Problem Description                                   Resolution Description
          Pkg - Aggregates     1691222001 NSLDS Push doubling (or      Students with ACG history on NSLDS Data (from ISIR We will not longer insert appropriate school
                                           more) NSLDS totals when     or FA History record) are showing in Incoming         details into the Incoming Aggregates as of this
                                           loading ACG aggregates      Aggregates detail with doubled (or more) amounts in   release. Application Engine program
                                                                       NSLDS total. These student have ACG awards in         SFA_NSLDSUPD was modified in section
                                                                       2007. Aggregates were setup in 2007 for these         CheckLevel, Step02 and Step03 Peoplecode to
                                                                       awards with the same Aggregate Areas.                 Exit right away to skip execution of the step.
                                                                                                                             Sections SUMACG1, SUMACG2, SUMNSG1,
                                                                                                                             and SUMNSG2 were also modified by adding
                                                                                                                             Step01A after Step01 in order to break out of the
                                                                                                                             Section to skip execution of update to
                                                                                                                             STDNT_AGGR_SCHL (Aggregate detail).
                                                                                                                             Customers who have corrupt Aggregate data
                                                                                                                             should follow the recommended steps outlined in
                                                                                                                             the Discussion section of the ICE Report.

          Pkg - Aggregates     1703545001 SFA_ASG_AGGR fails due       When running Application Engine program               The Application Engine program
                                           to incorrect sql update     SFA_ASG_AGGR process fails because of SQL error       SFA_ASG_AGRR, in Section UPDTDISB,
                                                                       in UPDTDISB section. Stmt #: 1603 Error Position: 0   Step01 and Step02 was changed by selecting
                                                                       Return: 8601 - [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/AIX64]           the maximum effective dated row from
                                                                       SQL0811N The result of a scalar fullselect, SELECT    PS_ITEM_TYPE_FA in the subselect for
                                                                       INTO statement, or VALUES INTO statement is more      AGGREGATE_LEVEL.
                                                                       than one row. SQLSTATE=21000 (SQLSTATE
                                                                       21000) -811.
          Pkg - Grants         1702979001 Problems with packages       A problem occurs when an ACG award is rejected with Modified FAPPKENG.cbl to check for Veterans
                                           containing Veteran's        the 9037 message and the student has Veteran's        Benefits (in paragraph 2100-DETERMINE-
                                           Benefits and ACG discarded Education Benefits. In this case, the packaging        OPTIMAL-AWD) and update remaining need
                                           with 9037                   process fails to properly carry the Federal true      totals regardless of the generation previous
                                                                       remaining need forward and all subsequent items are   exception messages.
                                                                       rejected with the 9111 edit (The student is fully

                                                             df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                         Page 11
Product   Category       Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                                           Resolution Description
          Pkg - Grants     1704357002 Validation of SMART item        Validation of SMART 2 item will not complete                  Program FAPPKENG.cbl has been completely
                                       times out. Will not complete   successfully in following circumstance:                       restructured to accommodate and package a
                                       successfully                   Use Fall Qtr Only Disbursement Plan/Split for SMART           student for ACG/SMART awards for any valid
                                                                      1 and Winter/Spring Qtr Disbursement Plan/Split for           combination of enrolled terms regardless of
                                                                      SMART 2.                                                      award period. This expanded functionality
                                                                                                                                    addresses the issues of this and other
                                                                      1. Set student eligibility to third level to the Fall term.   ACG/SMART packaging incidents.
                                                                      Set eligibility to the fourth level for the Winter and
                                                                      Spring terms.

                                                                      2. Use manual award to add SMART1 item type and
                                                                      use the fall only disbursement plan

                                                                      3. Add SMART2 item type after the SMART1 and
                                                                      use winter and spring disbursement plan. Validate.
                                                                      disbursement plan.

                                                                      Process fails with the error "Child program
                                                                      REMOTEA/S9qa/PH2...did not complete in allowed
                                                                      time period(290 seconds). Killing process, (2,-
                                                                      Change PCPC;1071 Statement 19

                                                         df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                                 Page 12
Product   Category       Incident ID   Reported Problem          Problem Description                                       Resolution Description
          Pkg - Grants     1706303002 Professional Judgment      The second instance of an ACG or SMART grant will         As is the case in incident 1704357002, Program
                                       causes 2nd ACG/Smart      be canceled with the error message 9037 if the            FAPPKENG.cbl has been completely
                                       Award to be canceled.     preceding AGC/SMART has the PJ flag checked on.           restructured to accommodate and package a
                                                                 Either the NSLDS loan year level (on FA Term record) student for ACG/SMART awards for any valid
                                                                 or HERA Academic level (on ASG Eligibility record), or combination of enrolled terms regardless of
                                                                 both, are missing or not found on the cross reference     award period. In addition, the processing of
                                                                 table of NSLDS/HERA levels with Aggregate level.          ACG/SMART Professional Judgment awards
                                                                 As a result aggregate limits cannot be applied and the    has been restructured to allow more flexibility.
                                                                 award is rejected. Make the appropriate change and
                                                                 repackage this student.

                                                                 It looks like the problem might be in procedure 6470-
                                                                 FEDERAL-PROCESS in FAPPKENG.cbl. This
                                                                 procedure is not being called because CHECK-FED-
                                                                 RULES value is N and this is set earlier in the program
                                                                 due to Professional Judgment.

          Pkg - Grants     1707272001 Summer Header ACG/Smart If user awards ACG/Smart award in Summer Header              Program FAPPKENG.cbl has been completely
                                       awards cancel with 9144   Non-Standard term using a one-term disbursement           restructured to accommodate and package a
                                       when revalidated after    plan and then subsequently adds Academic Period           student for ACG/SMART awards for any valid
                                       Academic Period awards    awards using Academic Period disbursement plan            combination of enrolled terms regardless of
                                       made                      (Fall/Spring), the Summer Header Non-Standard ACG         award period.
                                                                 award is canceled with message 9144. The user can
                                                                 circumvent this edit by using Professional Judgment.
                                                                 But that causes the problem documented in
                                                                 1706303000 Professional Judgment causes 2nd
                                                                 ACG/Smart Award to be canceled.

                                                         df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                         Page 13
Product   Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                                      Resolution Description
          Pkg - Grants      1710496002 SFA_ASG_AGGR                    The conversion app engine delivered in Bundle 19         Modified SQL update statement in the
                                        ABENDED at Step                SFA_ASG_AGGR abends at Step                              Application Engine program SFA_ASG_AGGR,
                                        SFA_ASG_AGGR.UPDTDIS SFA_ASG_AGGR.UPDTDISB.Step01 (SQL)                                 section UPDTDISB, Step01 and Step02, by
                                        B.Step01 (SQL)                                                                          adding the following clause to all subselects:
                                                                       Error message is:                                        AND B.AGGREGATE_AREA <> ' '.
                                                                       SQL error. Stmt #: 1324 Error Position: 0 Return:
                                                                       1407 - ORA-01407: cannot update
                                                                       E_LEVEL") to NULL
          Pkg - Grants      1713639002 SMART items incorrectly         The packaging process is incorrectly adding $1 to        Program FAPPKENG.cbl was modified in
                                        validated with an extra $1     SMART awards when the user manually specifies an         paragraph 3120-ACG-SMART-ELIGIBILITY to
                                                                       amount of $4000 and clicks validate. This occurs for a eliminate this $ 1.00 award overage.
                                                                       student at a Quarter school (3 Academic terms).
                                                                       When this happens, the Offer/Accepted amount
                                                                       becomes $4001, but the disbursements are 1,333.00,
                                                                       1,333.00 and 1,334.00 (which add up to 4000). The
                                                                       item will not Post with this inconsistency between the
                                                                       award amount and the disbursements.

          Pkg -             1601671001 Pell awards are off by $1 for   Pell awards are being calculated $1 short when a         Program FAPPKENG.cbl was modified in
          Miscellaneous                 mixed load students in high    student is enrolled in 3 Academic Terms and has a        paragraph 8010-MAIN-PROCESS with code
                                        EFC ranges at quarter          mixed load (Fall - Three Qtr, Winter - Full time, Spring - added to eliminate this award miscalculation
                                        schools.                       Full time) and has a high EFC (where the 3/4 time        when the student has a mixed FA Load in
                                                                       Annual award amount is the same as the Full Time         certain cases.
                                                                       annual award amount). In these cases, the Pell
                                                                       Packaging process is packaging an annual amount of
                                                                       $399, rather than $400.
          Pkg -             1663715001 Problem with                    The name related display for Counselor field on          Changed SCC_PRI_NAME_VW.Name_Display
          Miscellaneous                 NAME_DISPLAY related           STDNT_AID_PACKAGE fails to display in certain            to PEOPLE_SRCH.Name_Display on the page
                                        display field for              circumstances. If the effective date for the Name is     STDNT_AID_PACKAGE.
                                        COUNSELOR on                   more recent than the most recent EFFDT row on
                                        STDNT_AID_PACKAGE              ISIR_CNTRL_VW the name will not display.

                                                            df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                             Page 14
Product   Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                                        Resolution Description
          Pkg - Pell        1690365002 Pell calculation wrong for <    The Pell calculation is calculating the incorrect amount This occurred in program FAPPKENG.cbl during
                                        1/2 time students at certain   for Less Than 1/2 Time student with an EFC of zero         a PELL calculation based on tuition sensitivity.
                                        budget                         and a Pell LTHT Budget of 3402. Packaging is               Since tuition sensitivity selection has been
                                                                       coming up with 888. Pell amount should be 863.             eliminated for the PELL 2008-2009 scheduled
                                                                                                                                  calculations, this issue has also been eliminated.

          Pkg - Pell        1694033002 Notice of Elimination of        The president has indicated that he will sign the          Paragraph 8000-PELL-ELIGIBILITY has been
                                        Tuition Sensitivity            Higher Education Act budget "reconciliation"               modified in Program FAPPKENG.cbl to no
                                                                       legislation which is before him. This act will eliminate   longer select/calculate alternative PELL Grant
                                                                       Pell Grant tuition sensitivity. Updates to Financial Aid   tuition sensitive awards for aid year 2008-2009
                                                                       Packaging program will be required to support this         and forward.
                                                                       legislative change.
          Pkg - Posting     1716207002 Add Effective Dated logic for The stored statement for U_SCHDAWD in                        Modified the stored statement
                                        subquery select from           FAPAWAGR.dms is missing the select of the                  FAPAWAGR_U_SCHDAWD in
                                        PS_ITEM_TYPE_FA on             maximum effective dated row from                           FAPAWAGR.dms by adding a select of the
                                        FAPAWAGR_U_SCHDAWD PS_ITEM_TYPE_FA. This could result in a SQL error                      maximum effective dated row to the subquery
                                        stored statement.              for the subquery select that returns more that one row     select from PS_ITEM_TYPE_FA. Also modified
                                                                       when only 1 is expected.                                   the COBOL program FAPAWAGR.cbl by adding
                                                                                                                                  a bind variable for the current date.

          Pkg - Setup       1691923003 Fiscal Item Type numeric        User is encountering errors from Disbursement              The following fields on ITEM_TYPE_FISCL were
                                        fields need to be expanded     process because item type has more than                    expanded from 9.2 to 15.3 based on GLOBAL
                                        to handle more than            999,999,999.99 in awarded funds. Because the               guidelines: ACC_AVAILABLE, ACC_GROSS,
                                        999,999,999.99                 awarded amounts surpassed 999,999,999.99, the              ACC_NET, ACC_REDUCTN,
                                                                       amounts rolled over than there were only a few             CANCELLED_AMTS, DECLINED_AMTS,
                                                                       thousand dollars in the Budgeted Disbursement              HIGHEST_ACC_SUM, HIGHEST_OFR_SUM,
                                                                       bucket. User had to manually update the Fiscal Item        MAX_ACC_BDGT, MAX_ATH_BDGT,
                                                                       Type table so that there was money to disburse.            MAX_DSB_BDGT, MAX_OFR_BDGT,
                                                                                                                                  NET_ATH_AMT, NET_DSB_PAID,
                                                                                                                                  OFR_AVAILABLE, OFR_GROSS, OFR_NET,
                                                                                                                                  OFR_REDUCTN, and POTENTIAL_DSB.
                                                                                                                                  Modified FACPKLNK, FACPKPKG, FAPPKCTL,
                                                                                                                                  FAPPKENG, and FAPPKPST to accommodate
                                                                                                                                  these changes.

                                                              df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                           Page 15
Product   Category       Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                                       Resolution Description
          Pkg - Setup      1714732001 Peoplecode on                   Peoplecode SFA_PKG_PLNRULE                                Modified Peoplecode SFA_PKG_PLNRULE
                                       SFA_PKG_PLNRULE                .PKG_SEQ_NBR.RowInit is referencing a table               .PKG_SEQ_NBR.RowInit by changing
                                       .PKG_SEQ_NBR.RowInit           (ITEM_TP_FA_PASG) which does not exist in the             reference from ITEM_TP_FA_PASG to
                                       incorrect                      system. Is ITEM_TP_FA_PELL the correct table?             ITEM_TP_FA_PELL.
                                                                      This is the table referenced on Page
                                                                      PACKAGE_RULE_TABLE PeopleCode.
          Verification     1626215001 Page SFA_TAXCREDIT_8            On page, SFA_TAXCREDIT_8, the fields Residential          The Order of the fields has been rearranged on
                                       has two fields in diff order   Energy Credit and Child tax credit are in different order the page so as to reflect the Tax Form.
                                       than tax form 1040             than on the 1040 tax form. This makes it likely that
                                                                      data for these fields will be entered in the wrong edit
                                                                      box on the page.
          Verification     1633190001 Domestic Production             Page: SFA_INCOME_ADJ_08. When a value for                 Added the Peoplecode at
                                       activities does not reduce     Domestic Production Activities is entered on the          VERIFICATION.MED_SAVINGS_DEDCTN
                                       AGI                            Income Adjustments page and it is the only income         .FieldChange to update the AGI
                                                                      adjustment, the amount is not deducted from the AGI.
                                                                      However if any other income adjustment field
                                                                      populated it will reduce the AGI by the total income
                                                                      adjustment entered. If you go back in and remove any
                                                                      other value and leave just the Domestic Production
                                                                      Activities value, the DPA will continue to be deducted
                                                                      from the AGI.

                                                          df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                         Page 16
Product      Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem             Problem Description                                        Resolution Description
             Verification        1686579002 2007 - 2008 Aid Year          Annual updates for Application Data Verification as a      The required changes for the Aid Year Updates
                                             updates for Application Data result of PROFILE and ISIR updates for 2008 - 2009         for Application Data Verification has been made.
                                             Verification                 processing year and updates to Tax Forms and
                                                                          Schedules for the 2007 tax filing year.

                                                                          This posting includes:
                                                                          Complete 2008 - 2009 Institutional Verification
                                                                          including update target.
                                                                          2008 - 2009 Federal Verification with the ability to
                                                                          enter application data, consolidate and compare. The
                                                                          ability to update target (ISIR Corrections) will be
                                                                          delivered as a critical posting with the delivery of FM

             Verification        1716087003 FA Bundle 6,13,22:            INAS/Verification -- Error messaging when G/LPO            Made Changes in FAPUPTGT, FAPVUSHL and
                                             INAS/Verification -- Error   setup is incomplete needs refining.                        FAPCMPR1 to return the Return Codes from
                                             messaging when G/LPO         When G/LPO is not setup or setup does not support          INAS Calculation routine. Also modified the
                                             setup is incomplete needs    the INAS calculation to be performed a message             peoplecodet at
                                             refining                     should be returned that specifically tells the user that   DERIVED_VERIF.APPLY_CHGS_BTN.FieldCha
                                                                          is the problem.                                            nge to handle the Return Codes and Display the
                                                                          See attachment which shows messaging displaying            proper error/Warning Message
                                                                          correctly in the ISIR and Simulation pages.

Recruiting   AUS - TAC Loads     1657288001 TAC post stack error -        Posting a TAC applicant that updates existing ID for       Added the additional criteria (Offer Date) to
and                                          subsequent application for   the same Academic Program and the same Admit               identify duplicate existing program record.
Admissions                                   same admit term and          Term with a later offer date, a new row is added to the    Existing criteria for the same is EMPLID,
                                             program                      existing Admit row. Having two Admit rows for an           Academic Career, institution, program, and
                                                                          Application number will cause a stack error.               admit term.

             AUS - TAC Loads     1693727001 Update Australian TAC Post    Update TAC Post Program to use AddPerson CS                Modified SAD_TCPSTANZ.InsPers.Step01.App
                                             Program to use AddPerson     service instead of HR Person Service Component             Engine Program Peoplecode, to use AddPerson
                                             CS Service                   Interface.                                                 CS Service instead of AddPerson HR Service

                                                                df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                             Page 17
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                                     Resolution Description
          NLD - Studielink     1640490001 STUDIELINK: Equation            Change of current equation Engines to cope with         Modified the Equation Engines
                                           Engine changes                 triggering based on data comparison with Studielink     ADDSLMSG04,ADDSLMSG10,ADDSLMSG19,A
                                                                          outbound and inbound message tables.                    DDSLMSG20,ADDSLMSG31C,ADDSLMSG31I,
                                                                          When scheduling interfaces they will be able to         N,ADDSLMSG31O and ADDSLMSG31P for the
                                                                          a. detect changes and therefore handle more             data comparison of Application Tables with
                                                                          automatism concerning triggering                        Studielink outbound and inbound message
                                                                          b. take care of any effctive dated changes that have    tables.
                                                                          become current on sysdate when run in combination
                                                                          with the evaluation cobol process

          NLD - Studielink     1690055001 Search results for Studielink   Search results for Studielink Message Data should be    Changed the search record of the components
                                           Message Data should be         ordered by Transaction date instead of Transaction      SAD_SL_STAGE, SAD_SL_SUSP_MGMT and
                                           ordered by Transaction date    direction. In case of more then 300 results, new        SAD_SL_SUSPOU_MGMT such that the
                                                                          messages will be hard to select. Also it should be      Studielink Data is ordered by Transaction date.
                                                                          possible to select "begins with" as a criteria for
                                                                          Transaction date time.
          Recruiter            1356824002 When new schools are            When new schools are entered into the organization      Modified
          Management                       entered into the organization table or existing school zip codes are modified in the   DERIVED_ADM.REGION_ADDR_PB.FieldChang
                                           table or existing school       organization the new schools have the zip code          e Peoplecode for validating the School Zipcode
                                           zipcodes are modified there    entered with the dash (12345-6789) and the region       with dashes with Region Tree Zipcode
                                           are problems with how          tree does not contain the dashes.
                                           zipcode is stored.

          Test                 1698946001 GRE test load returns invalid GRE load has problems with certain countries. Error       Created a new record and page to enable GRE
          Scores/Loads                     country error                  message indicates that an invalid country code was      country codes to be mapped with PS countries.
                                                                          detected. Problem countries include Korea, Russia,      The test load process now validates country
                                                                          Bosnia-Herzegovina, Trinidad & Tobago and Vietnam. codes against the values from new GRE country
                                                                                                                                  table instead of PS country table.

                                                                df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                        Page 18
Product   Category       Incident ID    Reported Problem               Problem Description                                       Resolution Description
          Test             1709897001 Receiving Error on               When running the SAD_TEST_PST (for SAT and                The reference to an invalid message record
          Scores/Loads                  ETHNIC_GRP_TBL When            ACT) an error on ETHNIC_GRP_TBL is received. See          ETHNIC_GRP_TBL in message
                                        Running SAD_TEST_PST           attachment for error. It appears this error is received   PERSON_DIVERSITY_SYNC was removed
                                                                       when the test score Ethnicity Mapping is set up. If a     from the AddPersonCS service application class.
                                                                       student has an ethnicity in their test record, the test
                                                                       ethnic code is mapped, which populates the Ethnic
                                                                       Group field on the suspense table. When the
                                                                       Search/Match/Post or Post Only processes are run,
                                                                       the error is encountered. If the Ethnicity Mapping is
                                                                       not set up and/or the Ethnic Group field on the
                                                                       suspense table is not populated the
                                                                       Search/Match/Post and Post Only processes run

          Test             1718770001 ADAPPPST.sqr has problem ADAPPPST.sqr delivered with Campus Solutions 8.9                  A missing comma was added to procedure call
          Scores/Loads                  in the do Maintain-Stdnt-      Bundle #12 has problem in the do Maintain-Stdnt-          of Maintain-Stdnt-Course in files adtrnpst.sqr
                                        Course statement               Course statement.                                         and adapppst.sqr
Student   Class Roster     1717162001 Incorrect effective date logic   After applying the bundle #12, update id 687640, if       Corrected the following views to use the effdt
Records                                 in Class Roster views          there are more than one effective dated rows in the       logic properly: 1) CLASS_ROSTER_VW 2)
                                        delivered in bundle #12,       academic program table, the class roster displays         CLASS_ROST_VWE 3) CLASS_ROST_VWW
                                        causing students to appear     students in that program more than once (equal to the     4) SSR_CLRSTR_D_VW 5)
                                        multiple times                 number of effdt rows).                                    SSR_OEE_CLR_VWW 6)
                                                                                                                                 OEE_CLS_RSTR_VW 7)
                                                                                                                                 CLASSROSTERVWLN 8)
                                                                                                                                 CLASSROSTVWELNG 9)

                                                           df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                           Page 19
Product   Category       Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                                      Resolution Description
          Class Search     1386663001 SR 8.9: Self Service Course     In the Application Package used by Self Service          Modified application class peoplecode
                                       Catalog uses wrong effective Course Catalog,                                            SSR_STUDENT_RECORDS.SR_ClassData.Cou
                                       date.                          SSR_STUDENT_RECORDS.SR_ClassData.CourseCa rseCatalog to use the term begin date when
                                                                      talog, the current date (%Date) is used in most of the   searching for course catalog, course attributes
                                                                      selects. However, Self Service Course Catalog is         and course components.
                                                                      term-based. The term begin date should be used in
                                                                      the effdt logic throughout.
          Class Search     1696585002 Class Search unable to find     The fix delivered in Incident ID #1608917003: Class      Modified
                                       classes when Last Name         Search SQL errors out if one of the search fields        SSR_STUDENT_RECORDS.SR_ClassDataSear
                                       contains an apostrophe in      contains an apostrophe is not working. Testing results ch to remove apostrophes for the Instructor Last
                                       the criteria.                  show that searching for an instructor whose last name    Name field before performing a search for
                                                                      contains an apostrophe, only finds those who have an     classes
                                                                      apostrophe in the LAST_NAME_SRCH field. In a prior
                                                                      bundle release, apostrophes were stripped from the
                                                                      LAST_NAME_SRCH field, so it there are little or no
                                                                      records in the database where there is an apostrophe
                                                                      in the LAST_NAME_SRCH field.

          DEST - AUS       1672210002 HEIMS Release 9 -               HEIMS Release 9 adds 3 new elements to the values        Added 3 new fields SCC_OS_HELP_BAL,
                                       additional fields for chessn   that are returned as part of either a CHESSN             SCC_OS_HELP_USAGE,
                                       allocation/entitlement         allocation or an Entitlement information request. The    SCC_OS_HELP_LIMIT to SCC_CHESSN_AUS
                                                                      three new entitlement values are OSHelpLimit,            record and page.Also added titles for the grids in
                                                                      OSHelpUsage and OSHelpBalance.                           SCC_CHESSN_AUS page.

                                                          df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                          Page 20
Product   Category     Incident ID    Reported Problem                Problem Description                                          Resolution Description
          Enrollment     1649546001 AUS EFTSL value for entry         If a class is added via the enrolment component              Modified Australian specific peoplecodes to
                                      via Enrolment Component         (Records and Enrolment, Enroll Students, Enrolment)          properly calculate or retain the EFSTL value in
                                      not set for Load                and the Level/Load rule for the Student's program has        the Enrolment Component. Modified
                                      Determination based on          a load Determination based on Units, the EFTSL value SRPCEAUS.cbl program to round the EFTSL
                                      Units                           is not calculated. This is a regional Australian             calculation the same way with the online logic.
                                                                      Calculation. If an existing enrolment is updated via
                                                                      the enrolment component, the EFTSL value is zeroed
                                                                      out. EFTSL Rounding is inconsistent between
                                                                      enrolment component and enrolment request.

          Enrollment     1652803001 Swap Transactions are not         A student is enrolled in a lec/lab combination in one        Modified SRCCEPRD.cbl and SRPCEPRD.cbl to
                                      working correctly for classes session and then a swap transaction is submitted to            include sessions in the criteria when checking if
                                      offered in different sessions   swap the lecture section to the one that is being            swap requires the presence of related
                                      with related class.             offered in another session. The transaction is               component.
                                                                      submitted successfully even if the required lab section
                                                                      is not entered in the request.
          Enrollment     1655340001 Students are receiving a          If the institution does not have a drop retain period        The program SRPCEPRD.cbl was modified to
                                      system error when dropping      specified on the academic calendar and is not using          allow dropping waitlisted classes during drop
                                      waitlisted classes if Drop      dynamic dating a system error is received if a student       retain record period even if the drop retain period
                                      Retain period is not used       tries to drop a waitlisted class.                            is not used.

          Enrollment     1670615001 Students are able to wait list    In a multi-component course, if the enrollment section       Modified SRPCEPRD.cbl to properly distinguish
                                      even though no wait list is     is closed and has a wait list value greater than zero        availability of waitlist on multiple component
                                      defined.                        (wait list is available) and the non-enrollment              classes.
                                                                      component is open but has NO wait list (wait list value
                                                                      is zero), a student is able to be placed on the wait list.
                                                                      If the non-enrollment component section is closed, the
                                                                      student receives the appropriate 'no room on the wait
                                                                      list' message. Self-service is a bit unpredictable. The
                                                                      checkbox can be hidden (correctly), depending which
                                                                      class nbr is entered/selected first.

                                                            df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                                Page 21
Product   Category     Incident ID    Reported Problem                Problem Description                                    Resolution Description
          Enrollment     1673456001 Enrolment - Australian Install When enrolling a student active in multiple programs      Modified Australian specific peoplecodes and
                                      Setting - Australian Defaults   for the same career, the Australian Defaults for Career Australian specific COBOL logic to properly
                                      not flowing with change of      number, liability status and cohort year are not       handle the defaulting of Career number, liability
                                      program                         updating to reflect the new program of enrolment.      status and cohort year fields that is appropriate
                                                                      This is relevant when the Installation setting for     to the program selected.
                                                                      Australia - DEST/Centrelink is selected.

          Enrollment     1674834001 Add/Change Grade                  Override Grading Basis does not populate 'Y' on the    The override grading basis switch now populates
                                      Enrollment Requests with        STDNT_ENRL record when you add or change a             the STDNT_ENRL record based on the value in
                                      overridden grade basis do       grade on the Enrollment Request or Quick Enroll        the enrollment request. For subsequent
                                      not set                         component panel with an overridden grading basis.      enrollment requests for the same class, the
                                      STDNT_ENRL.OVRD_GRAD The navigation is Records and Enrollment > Enroll                 value of override grading basis is defaulted from
                                      ING_BASIS = Y                   Students > Enrollment Request or Quick Enroll.         STDNT_ENRL record. COBOL/dms programs
                                                                      .                                                      modified are SRPCEPRD.cbl, SRPCEPST.cbl,
                                                                                                                             and srpcepst.dms. The field
                                                                                                                             OVRD_GRADING_BASIS was added to the
                                                                                                                             views CLSS_TBL_SE_VW2 and
                                                                                                                             STDNT_ENRL_E_VW. The peoplecode in

                                                                                                                             a were modified.

          Enrollment     1680561001 Student Study List Report         The Student Study List Report does not print start/end Modified SQR srstdlst.sqr to include the SQR
                                      does not print start/end        times for classes. It prints TBA for all. The          time wrappers around the SQL in the procedures
                                      times - prints TBA for all      navigation is Records and Enrollment > Enrollment      Select-Meeting-Pattern and Insert-Study-
                                                                      Summaries > Student Study List Report.                 List_Rpt to correctly retrieve the times from the
                                                                                                                             database. Modified Crystal Report
                                                                                                                             SR775___.rpt to correctly display the am/pm

                                                         df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                           Page 22
Product   Category     Incident ID   Reported Problem             Problem Description                                         Resolution Description
          Enrollment     1699002002 Repeat codes assigned to      If a repeat code is entered manually via the enrollment Modified SRPCEPRD.cbl so that the repeat
                                     non enroll components        engine on a class with an association 9999 non enroll       codes for non-graded classes were blanked out
                                                                  component, the repeat code is being applied to both         so that it would not get posted to the enrollment
                                                                  the enrollment and non enroll components. If repeat         record.
                                                                  checking is subsequently run, the repeat code
                                                                  assigned to the non enroll component is being
                                                                  updated with a new repeat code even when the class
                                                                  itself has not been graded. The enrollment component
                                                                  repeat code does not change, however the prior
                                                                  attempt's repeat code is updated as though the last
                                                                  attempt was graded.

          Enrollment     1711640002 Invalid Grading Basis on      This problem results in the inability to submit Grade       In the record FieldChange event for
                                     Swap transaction if Change   Rosters. Navigate to Records and Enrollment > Enroll        CLASS_SRCH_WRK2.CLASS_SRCH_CRIT2,
                                     To field populated before    Students >Enrollment Request. Enter parameters to           the portion of the code for component Enrollment
                                     Class Nbr field              add a new value. Change the Action on the Enrollment Request where
                                                                  Request to Swap Courses, then, before entering a            ENRL_REQ_WRK.GRADING_SCHEME is
                                                                  value in the Class Nbr field, click on the lookup for the   assigned a value was changed to invoke
                                                                  Change To: field. Search for a course to Swap to, and       function set_req_grd_scheme() instead.
                                                                  selects that course. An invalid Grading Basis of OPT
                                                                  (Student Option) is populated on the Enrollment
                                                                  Request. If we enter the Class Nbr value that is to be
                                                                  dropped, we can save the enrollment request with the
                                                                  invalid grading basis.

                                                       df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                             Page 23
Product   Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                                      Resolution Description
          Faculty/Advisor     1523851001 Faculty Center - My            Created a class with 3 different meeting patterns.       To be able present multiple meeting pattern, the
          Self Service                    Teaching Schedule is          Note the start date for each meeting pattern is          Faculty Center page (INSTR_CLASS3) was
                                          missing some class dates      different. The location is also different for each       modified so that Days, Time, Room, and Class
                                          when multiple meeting         meeting pattern.                                         Dates are not in separate columns. The Icons
                                          patterns exist                Example 1:                                               were moved to the left of the grid. The Enrolled
                                                                        08/27/2002 - 09/16/2002 Ange100                          column is places right after the Class Name.
                                                                        09/27/2002 - 10/16/2002 King105                          The sort option in the grid is no longer available.
                                                                        11/27/2002 - 12/16/2002 Lind0100                         Peoplecodes for Faculty Center page were
                                                                                                                                 modified accordingly.
                                                                        Example 2:
                                                                        06/23/2007 - 06/23/2007 ANGE101
                                                                        06/30/2007 - 06/30/2007 ANGE 101

                                                                        When you look at the Faculty class schedule for
                                                                        Biology, the times show but the matching dates do
                                                                        not. Only the date for the last meeting pattern shows.
                                                                         May be related to incident 1524181000

          Faculty/Advisor     1702902001 Faculty Center defaults to     Faculty Center defaults to a future term rather than the The fields TERM_BEGIN_DT and
          Self Service                    future term rather than       current one since applying CS Bundle #11.                TERM_END_DT had to be added to record view
                                          current term after applying                                                            SSR_INSTR_VW so that the SearchInit
                                          bundle #11                    Note: This happens only if the faculty has not defined   component peoplecode for
                                                                        the Term in the user preferences.                        SS_FACULTY.SSR_INSTR_A_VW and
                                                                                                                                 SS_FACULTY.SSR_INSTR_VW can be
                                                                                                                                 programmed to default to the current term.
          Faculty/Advisor     1721591001 SQL error while navigating     This error occurs is specific to DB2 database after      In the SQL definition for the view
          Self Service                    to Degree Progress report     applying CS Bundle #12. String Data Truncated SQL        SSR_REQ_HDR_VW, padded the select value
                                          from Self Service Faculty     error occurs when advisors try to navigate to Degree     for PNLGROUPNAME to 18 spaces instead of 1
                                          Center, Advisement            Progress report under Faculty Center - Advisement.       in the view.
                                                                        The error seems to have been introduced by the new
                                                                        field (PNLGRPNAME) added to the
                                                                        SSR_REQ_HDR_VW view.

                                                            df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                            Page 24
Product   Category    Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                                          Resolution Description
          Gradebook     1695580001 After Bundle #11 the             After applying bundle #11, seeing that there is              Modified the record peoplecode in
                                    Gradebook Icon is displaying peoplecode missing from INSTR_CLASS3                            DERIVED_SSS_FCT.SSR_PB_GO.FielChange
                                    on the Faculty Center even      page.activate that hides the Gradebook icon in the           to hide-unhide the gradebook icon if option is not
                                    when not checked on the         INSTR_CLASS_VW grid.                                         enabled on Installation table.
                                    installation table

          Gradebook     1726419001 Gradebook assignment             The average grade for each assignment category is            A sort statement was added to the Page Activate
                                    category calculations are       being calculated incorrectly causing the overall grades code for LAM_CLAS_GRADE_TOT to ensure
                                    incorrect.                      to be inflated. The sort order processing is corrupt.        the data in the Assignments rowset and in the
                                                                                                                                 Grades rowset are in the same order.

          Grading       1601811001 Convert-to grade no longer       Customer is entering grades for Law School grading           Modified Self Service Grade Roster by
                                    appears in Official Grade       scheme. They enter numeric grades which should be            adding/restricting: 1) Convert to Grade field 2)
                                    field after 8.9 CS Bundle #4.   converted to letter grades by the system. This is not        Grading Basis field 3) Meeting Pattern layout 4)
                                                                    occurring until after the grade roster is posted. Prior to   Class Info layout. Added Convert to Grade field
                                                                    Release 8.9 CS Bundle #4, the convert-to grade value in Admin Grade Roster. Modified Grade Roster
                                                                    was populated in the Official Grade field after tabbing      peoplecodes to accommodate the page changes.
                                                                    off the grade input field.

          Grading       1646677001 SR 8.9: Grade Roster and         The grade roster and enrollment component pages              Added a hidden field
                                    Enrollment Components           allow a user to enter and save or post a grade from          GRADE_RSTER_SRCH.EFFDT in
                                    allow invalid grades to be      any active effective-dated row of the grading basis          GRADE_ROSTER1 Page. Added peoplecode
                                    assigned and posted             table. On the Self Service grade roster, the prompt          edits in GRADE_ROSTER.GBL-
                                                                    lists the invalid grade, which can be selected and           GRADE_ROSTER.CRSE_GRADE_INPUT-
                                                                    posted.                                                      FieldEdit and
                                                                                                                                 FieldChange to properly handle grade validation
                                                                                                                                 within the effective dated rows.

                                                         df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                              Page 25
Product   Category      Incident ID    Reported Problem               Problem Description                                      Resolution Description
          Schedule of     1474487001 Instructor prompt returns        SCC_CUR_NAME_VW has replaced                             Modified view sql INSTR_ORG_VW,
          Classes                      multiple rows for the same     PERSONAL_DATA in 8.9 for INSTR_ORG_VW. This              INSTR_SUBJ_VW, INST_SUB_CRS_VW,
                                       Instructor                     view retrieves the currently effective Names record for INST_CMP_SUB_VW, INSTR_CRSE_VW,
                                                                      all the Name Types, hence returning more than one        INSTR_CAMPUS_VW, INST_CMP_CRS_VW
                                                                      row for each Instructor.                                 and INST_ALL_SEL_VW by using
                                                                                                                               SCC_CUR_NM_VW2 instead of

          Schedule of     1623921002 Faculty instructor name does When we assign a new faculty member to the                   Replaced SCC_PRI_NAME_VW.NAME with
          Classes                      not display in class meeting   schedule of classes their name will not show up on the HCR_PERSON_NM_I.NAME at pages
                                       when multiple effective        Schedule of classes if the effective date of their       CLASS_MTG_PATTERN and
                                       dated rows exist in primary    primary name is after the beginning of the term. For     CLASS_MTG_PAT_SCTN. Modified peoplecode
                                       name                           Example, an instructor - in her people data - her name CLASS_MTG_PAT.STRM.Saveedit
                                                                      has an effective row of 9/7/06. The fall semester        ,CLASS_INSTR_CRSE_ID.Rowinit and
                                                                      begins on 9/5/06. When we add her ID to the              CLASS_INSTR_CRSE_ID.Saveedit accordingly.
                                                                      Instructor Assignment - her name will not appear.
                                                                      Navigation to add instructors to a class: Course
                                                                      Maintenance>Schedule of Classes>Maintain Schedule
                                                                      of Classes

          Schedule of     1700280002 Dutch translation error in       When viewing Schedule of Classes, Meetings page in       Added new label Ids to all week day fields. For
          Classes                      Schedule of Classes,           Dutch, the labels for the days of the week are fully     field MON, added label id M2 with long name
                                       Meetings cause fields to be    spelled out instead of using abbreviations. The length   Mon and short name as ‘M’.Similiarly added new
                                       pushed of right side of page   of the labels is causing the page to be pushed to the    label Ids to fields TUES, WED, THURS,FRI,SAT
                                                                      right, causing other fields (Start/End Date) to be       and SUN. Also modified page
                                                                      hidden from view.                                        CLASS_MTG_PATTERN and
                                                                                                                               CLASS_MTG_PAT_SCTN to use the new label
                                                                                                                               for week days.

                                                         df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                           Page 26
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem             Problem Description                                        Resolution Description
          Schedule of          1707880001 PeopleCode Error occurs       Since the installation of Bundle 11, whenever a            Modified
          Classes                          when updating class          change is made to the class meeting pattern and            FUNCLIB_CS.CLASS_MTG_NBR.FieldFormula.s
                                           meeting pattern or exam in   exam, an error is received. The only way around this       chedule_campus_mtg to find the correct parent
                                           Class Schedule since         issue is to change the meeting pattern, save, change       rowset for the CAMPUS_MTG rowset.
                                           Bundle 11.                   the exam, and then save again. The error message
                                                                        is UpdateValue: Row 2 not found in scroll level 3.
                                                                        FUNCLIB_CS.CLASS_MTG_NBR Field Formula.
                                                                        Name: schedule_campus_meeting. The same error
                                                                        occurs when attempting to change a FacilityID value
                                                                        on the Exam page for a class section that already has
                                                                        a FacilityID value assigned.

          Student Advisors       40178003 Drop Down Search for Plans Navigation: GO, Manage Student Records, Track                 Modified the page STDNT_ADVISOR to add
                                           (ACAD_PLAN_VW) in            Student Careers, USE, Student Advisor. The drop            DERIVED_CS.PROG_STATUS to the page and
                                           Student Advisor Panel does   down search for student plans in the student advisor       added PeopleCode to set the values to 'A' during
                                           not use max effdt logic.     panel, which prompts off of the ACAD_PLAN_VW,              FieldDefault, Modified the view
                                                                        returns all plans with an effective date that is less than ACAD_PLAN_VW to correctly select
                                                                        or equal to the effdt on the Student Advisor the pane,     ACAD_PROG records based on the
                                                                        regardless of whether the plan is currently. It does not EFFDT/EFFSEQ logic and to add the
                                                                        use max effdt logic to return current, active rows only.   PROG_STATUS as a search key to allow the
                                                                        This same view returns multiple students on the class prompting to correctly select only the active rows
                                                                        roster.                                                    for the most effective-dated ACAD_PROG rows
                                                                                                                                   for a student. Also modified the Student
                                                                                                                                   Milestone pages STDNT_MLSTN_COPY and
                                                                                                                                   STUDENT_MILESTONE1 to use this same logic.

                                                             df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                         Page 27
Product   Category           Incident ID   Reported Problem             Problem Description                                      Resolution Description
          Student Advisors     1688322001 Student advisor page          The student advisor page allows selection of programs Modified the page STDNT_ADVISOR to add
                                           prompts inactive student     that are no longer active for the student. The program DERIVED_CS.PROG_STATUS to the page and
                                           programs                     prompt should display only the current program within    added PeopleCode to set the values to 'A' during
                                                                        a given student career number, otherwise the user is     FieldDefault, Modified the view
                                                                        able to assign advisors to programs that the student is ACAD_PROG_P_VW to add the
                                                                        no longer active within.                                 PROG_STATUS as a search key to allow the
                                                                                                                                 prompting to correctly select only the active rows
                                                                                                                                 for the most effective-dated ACAD_PROG rows
                                                                                                                                 for a student.
          Student              1568253002 Certain program actions on    If you attempt to inactive the career program/plan       In the Student Program/Plan component, if the
          Program/Plan                     student program/plan stack   stack when enrollment exists in a future term, you get   Program Action is set to COMP (Completion of
                                           should produce a warning     a warning message. You do not get this warning if        Program), WADM (Administrative Withdrawal) or
                                           message when Term            only term activation exists. This is causing issues      ADRV (Admission Revocation) or TRAN
                                           Activation exists            because the student can become enrolled in a term for (Transfer to Other Career), DISM (Dismissal) or
                                                                        which they are not active. A warning message will be     LEAV (Leave of Absence) or SPND
                                                                        added to the following actions when future term          (Suspension) or DISC (Discontinuation) or VDIS
                                                                        activation rows exist: DISC, DISM, COMP, LEAV,           (Voluntary Dismissal), a message will be issued
                                                                        SPND, TRAN, VDIS, WADM.                                  to the user if the student is already activated in
                                                                                                                                 any future term (based on the program record's
                                                                                                                                 effective date). This new control was
                                                                                                                                 implemented in the FieldEdit event for

                                                                                                                                 Note that the message as delivered will behave
                                                                                                                                 like a warning-- allowing the user to ignore the
                                                                                                                                 notification and save their changes. However, if
                                                                                                                                 your school considers this an error condition, all
                                                                                                                                 you have to do is change the severity of the
                                                                                                                                 message catalog entry (14600, 870) to 'Error'
                                                                                                                                 and the system will not allow this edit to be

                                                               df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                          Page 28
Product   Category       Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                                  Resolution Description
          Student Self     1587712001 Advisor Phone number             An Advisors Campus type phone number appears to      Because the Student Center Options page was
          Service                      appears on View My              student advisees on Student Self Service View My     designed to control the display of the data in the
                                       Advisors & Committee page       Advisors & Committee page even though the Student    Student Center page only, a new configuration
                                       even after selecting            Center has been set up to NOT show advisor phone     page is being delivered for the administration of
                                       checkbox to not display it to   number. It appears that this only happens with the   advisor phone numbers in other self-service
                                       advisees                        Campus phone type. This occurs in our vanilla        components. This page gives schools the option
                                                                       environment. The option to not show advisor phone    to show / hide advisor phone numbers, and if
                                                                       number should apply to any/all phone types.          'show' is selected, the choice to display either
                                                                                                                            the advisor's Preferred Phone or to specify a
                                                                                                                            Phone Type. It is accessible via Set Up SACR >
                                                                                                                            Common Definitions > Self Service > Student
                                                                                                                            Records (the third tab labeled 'Other') and its
                                                                                                                            settings are obeyed by the self-service pages
                                                                                                                            View My Advisors (for students) and Committee
                                                                                                                            Members (for students and advisors).

                                                                                                                            The Advisor section of the Student Center
                                                                                                                            Options page was also modified to make it
                                                                                                                            consistent with the new configuration page.

          Student Self     1653164001 View My Advisors committee The committee member role page accessed from the           The SQL in
          Service                      link page shows expired         committee hyperlink on a student's - View My Advisors SS_STDNT_ADVISR(GBL).DERIVED_AA2.DERI
                                       committee members               - displays committee members who are no longer       VED_LINK11.FieldChange was corrected to pick
                                                                       active This fix also needs to be applied to the      up only those members who are active based on
                                                                       committee link page (SS_ADV_COMM_MEMB1).             their Start / End Dates.

                                                          df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                          Page 29
Product   Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem                Problem Description                                     Resolution Description
          Student Self        1714832001 After applying Bundle #12,       Starting from the Student Center, Academics subpage Modified field properties for
          Service                         the Degree Progress link on     and clicking the Degree Progress link results in a      DERIVED_SSS_SCL.SS_DEG_PROG_LINK on
                                          the Student Center transfers search dialog Add a New Value tab requesting               page SSS_STDNTCTR_SR_SP to use
                                          user to a search page           "Component Name".      Hyperlink has a destination of   PeopleCode Command instead of an Internal
                                                                          Internal Link in App Designer instead of Peoplecode     Link. Modified the PeopleCode in the event for
                                                                          Command.                                                SS_AA_REPORT.GBL.SSR_REQ_HDR_VW.Se
                                                                                                                                  archInit to pre-populate the value of
                                                                                                                                  PNLGROUPNAME with the current component

          Student Self        1718338001 Delivered view based on          A change to the view SSS_ENRL_REQ_VW in                 A new user index ENRL_REQ_DETAIL (A) is
          Service                         ENRL_REQ_DETAIL                 Bundle 10 added a WHERE clause criteria in view         being delivered to improve the performance of
                                          causing performance issues      SQL definition with the field DROP_CLASS_IF_ENRL        SQLs that invoke view SSS_ENRL_REQ_VW.
                                                                          which may cause performance hits. Index on
                                                                          ENRL_REQ_DETAIL needs to be recreated: create
                                                                          index SYSADM.IDX$$_35310001 on

          Student Self        1722315001 SQL Errors in DB2 after          Students receive a SQL error when selecting the         The SqlExec in function Check_Date
          Service                         applying Bundle 12 - Weekly Weekly Calendar View link in Self Service. Same             (FUNCLIB_SR.WEEKLY_SCHEDULE.FieldForm
                                          Calendar View                   issue when user selects the Weekly Calendar radio       ula) had to be coded a different way to prevent
                                                                          button from My Class Schedule.                          the DB2 error from occurring.
          Term Activation     1721781001 Term Activation Errors when Receive error when trying to bring up new student (no        The RowInit code in
                                          searching for a student after   prior term activations) and operator does NOT have      STDNT_SESSION.ACADEMIC_LOAD is now
                                          applying Bundle 12              user default for setid defined. The navigation is       bypassed if
                                                                          Records and Enrollment > Student Term Information > STDNT_SESSION.SESSION_CODE is empty.
                                                                          Term Activate a Student. Error message indicates
                                                                          SetID not found for name='Institution', value=" with
                                                                          record 'ACAD_LOAD_TBL',tree (2,214)
                                                                          STDNT_SESSION.ACADEMIC_LOAD RowInit.

                                                            df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                           Page 30
Product   Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem               Problem Description                                        Resolution Description
          Term Activation     1722451001 SQL error on Term               A SQL error is generated when a Term Activation row        The RowInit code in
                                          Activation when inserting a    is inserted for a student on a DB2 database. The           STDNT_SESSION.ACADEMIC_LOAD is now
                                          new row in DB2 database        inserted row can be populated with a term and saved.       bypassed if
                                                                                                                                    STDNT_SESSION.SESSION_CODE is empty.

          Transcripts         1630748001 Transcript does not sort the    The problem is related to how the Transcript sorts an      Modified stored statements
                                          Career in the order of Seq     EMPLID with multiple Careers. Specifically the             SRPCTDRV_S_TTCARS in srpctdrv.dms and
                                          Nbr on the Transcript Type     Transcript will not always respect the Seq Nbr field of    SRPCGRDT_S_TTCARS in srpcgrdt.dms to use
                                          setup - Oracle Specific        the 'Careers' specified in the Transcript Type Setup as an ORDER BY clause on the
                                                                         outlined in PeopleBooks. Instead the EMPLID's              CAREER_SEQ_NBR to correctly order the
                                                                         Transcript displays the EMPLID's Careers in the order      careers in the proper order for processing.
                                                                         that the Careers are entered into the system on the
                                                                         Transcript Type Setup pages ignoring the sequence
                                                                         number. The workaround is to physically enter the
                                                                         Careers to the Transcript Type setup (submit to
                                                                         database) in the specific order you want them to
                                                                         appear on the Transcript. Note: The issue is Oracle
                                                                         specific and is not replicable in MSS.

          Transcripts         1667043001 Running transcript purge        If the Transcript Purge is run before the analysis         Modified the SQL in SQR srtrpurg.sqr procedure
                                          before Analysis Database       database (ADB) purge for the same date and                 Select-SA-Request-Hdr to only select the
                                          purge causes rows to be        transcript type, the header information is no longer       SA_REQUEST_HDR records if no record exist in
                                          missed.                        there for the ADB purge to use to locate the records,      TSCRPT_RPT_FMTS for the report request with
                                                                         causing 'orphan' rows in the ADB tables that can't be      a TSCRPT_RPT_FMT value of ANTB.
                                                                         deleted using delivered pages.
          Transcripts         1710540001 Assigned milestones appear PS_MLSTN_ATMPT table is not populated when a                    Added logic in SRPCTEXT.cbl paragraph JJ200-
                                          on transcript without status if milestone is assigned to a student. This table is being   NEW-MILESTONE to show the current status of
                                          there is no data in            used to print the milestone status on the student's        the milestone.
                                          PS_MLSTN_ATMPT table           transcript. However, if a change is made on the
                                                                         Milestone Attempt page, like, set the status to In
                                                                         Progress and change it back to Not Complete, then
                                                                         the status prints on the transcript.

                                                                df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                          Page 31
Product      Category          Incident ID    Reported Problem                   Problem Description                                         Resolution Description
             Transfer Credit      529276003 It is possible to copy transfer When a transfer model is posted into a term that                 To prevent duplicate posting of credits, the 'Copy
                                              units multiple times thus          hasn't been entered yet in term activation for a            TC Units' button will now be disabled as soon as
                                              inflating total transfer credits   student, it is possible to click the Copy TC Units button the user selects it. The code changed for this is
                                                                                 multiple times when term-activating the student for         in
                                                                                 that term and inflate total transfer credits. This occurs   DERIVED_TRCR.UPLOAD_TC_UNITS.FieldCha
                                                                                 if the user does not save right away and can cause          nge.
                                                                                 inaccurate data.
Student      Cashiering          1701602001 Cashier Receipts With Two            Under the SF/Cashiering/ Post Student Payments              Changed SFPQKPST.cbl to perform the check
Financials                                    Targets Fail After Applying        page that cashier's are not able to have more then one for duplicate receipt posting only once for
                                              CS Bundle #11                      target detail line without getting this error. " Error      receipts posted online. For receipts posted
                                                                                 Detected from Posting Program Call. No data posted.         through group posted, the check for duplicate
                                                                                 (14816,801)" A single target detail line has no             receipt posting is skipped.
                                                                                 problem processing.

             Cashiering          1710633002 Application number is not            When Cashiering is setup to use the "Group Post"            Change
                                              populated on GROUP_LINE            option, the posting of Cashiering Admission's               GROUP_LINE.ADM_APPL_NBR.SaveEdit to
                                              from Cashiering.                   Deposits do not process the same way as if the group        skip the edit for rows that have a receipt number.
                                                                                 was entered directly into a Group Post via the Online
                                                                                 Group post transaction. It appears some edits are
             Collections         1670143001 SF: Lowest                           The Lowest COLLECTION_ID will be deleted from               Deleted
                                              COLLECTION_ID deleted              COLLECTION_SF when adding a new                             COLLECTION_SF.COLLECTION_STATUS from
                                              from COLLECTION_SF                 COLLECTION_ID thru Student Financials >Collection           page CUST_CONV_COLL and added a sqlexec
                                              when adding                        Effort >Begin Customer Collection and thru Student          to get the Reason.
                                              COLLECTION_ID                      Financials >Collection Effort >Begin Corporate
                                                                                 Collection .
             Collections         1712481001 SFCOLLEC.SQR fails on                SFCOLLEC.sqr will fail to complete on Oracle                Added &name parameter to
                                              Oracle platform after bundle       databases. The errors indicate an issue with                PS_ITEM_LNDDT_VW EMPITEM AND
                                              11                                 EMPITEM on PS_ITEM_LNDDT_VW EMPITEM and                     PS_ITEM_LNDUORG_VW SQL statements in
                                                                                 ORGITEM on PS_ITEM_LNDUORG_VW ORGITEM.                      SFCOLLEC.SQR.

                                                                  df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                                 Page 32
Product   Category      Incident ID   Reported Problem                  Problem Description                                      Resolution Description
          Collections     1712849001 Update customer collection         When credit history is accessed thru the Update          Modified the SQL Statement of
                                      link to credit history displays   customer collections page (CRED_HIST_LST_SP)             CRED_HIST_VW4A and CRED_HIST_VW6A to
                                      incorrect amounts                 incorrect totals are displayed when multiple effective   join the AGING_TBL and select the latest active
                                                                        dated rows exist for the aging set. This will be true    row.
                                                                        even when the older rows are marked as inactive.
                                                                                                                                  FROM PS_CREDIT_HISTORY A
                                                                                                                                  , PS_AGING_CAT_TBL B
                                                                                                                                  , PS_AGING_TBL D
                                                                                                                                 WHERE A.EMPLID > ' '
                                                                                                                                  AND B.SETID = (
                                                                                                                                 SELECT C.SETID
                                                                                                                                  FROM PS_SET_CNTRL_REC C
                                                                                                                                  AND C.REC_GROUP_ID = 'AGING'
                                                                                                                                  AND C.RECNAME='AGING_CAT_TBL')
                                                                                                                                  AND B.SETID = D.SETID
                                                                                                                                  AND B.AGING_SET = D.AGING_SET
                                                                                                                                  AND B.EFFDT = D.EFFDT
                                                                                                                                  AND D.EFFDT = (
                                                                                                                                 SELECT MAX(D1.EFFDT)
                                                                                                                                  FROM PS_AGING_CAT_TBL D1
                                                                                                                                 WHERE D1.SETID = D.SETID
                                                                                                                                  AND D1.AGING_SET = D.AGING_SET
                                                                                                                                  AND D1.EFFDT <= %CurrentDateIn)
                                                                                                                                  AND D.EFF_STATUS = 'A'

                                                          df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                          Page 33
Product   Category         Incident ID    Reported Problem                 Problem Description                                       Resolution Description
          Credit History     1701995001 Credit history is getting          Rows with $0 due are being created.                       Modified COBOL source SFPCRHST by adding
                                          updated with zero rows.                                                                    a call to procedure BA140-GET-PRIOR-AMT in
                                                                                                                                     procedure CA100-PROCESS-ACCOUNTS. This
                                                                                                                                     is done to determine if a prior history row shows
                                                                                                                                     an account has an amount due (greater than
                                                                                                                                     zero) when there are no current updates to credit
                                                                                                                                     history for the account (0 amount due) before
                                                                                                                                     inserting the zero amount current due. Also
                                                                                                                                     modified procedure CA160-CALCULATE-AGING
                                                                                                                                     by adding an OR clause before the call CA165-
                                                                                                                                     ASSIGN-AGE-CATEGORY to zero out prior due

          DEST Reporting     1703005001 AUS Loan Type Field on the The Aus Loan Type field on the Liability Status page              Field : SSF_AUS_LOAN_TYPE made optional
                                          Liability Status page Should     should not be a mandatory field as a loan type is only
                                          Not Be Mandatory                 applicable to some of the Liability Status codes. It
                                                                           needs to be an optional field as per the ANZ v7.6
          HECS               1706983001 HECS Reconciliation does           The Batch HECS Reconciliation process does not            Modified COBOL program SFPBHECS.CBL to
                                          not process students in          defer HECS for students if there is a student in the      initialize the ERROR-WARN flag in EA400-
                                          batch if tuition unable to be    batch that has the tuition calculation required flag on   EMPLID-SELECTED section.
                                          calculate for one student        for a career and tuition is unable to be calculated
                                                                           (error return code for this student is 14811,41).
                                                                           Remaining students in the batch should be processed
                                                                           and returned.
          HECS               1710226001 HECS Discount waiver is not If a HECS up-front discount student (liability status on         Modified COBOL program SFPBHECS.CBL,
                                          invoked if tuition calc occurs   enrolment is 111 or 202) is enrolled in the term of       adding a new JA200-CALC-HECS-DIS-DEF
                                          via HECS Reconciliation          processing and tuition has not been calculated, the       section to call SFPCHECS.
                                          Process                          HECS Discount Waiver will not be invoked by the
                                                                           HECS Reconciliation process. The discount waiver is
                                                                           applicable if the census date on the class is outside
                                                                           the census date range on the HECS Rec run control.

                                                             df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                              Page 34
Product     Category          Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                                      Resolution Description
            PELS/FEE Help       1691678002 7.6 ANZ FEE-HELP process An incorrect term is being passed to S_HECS causing Modified SFPBFHLP.CBL and SFPBFHLP.DMS
                                            errors on                     a rollback in some situations.                           by removing procedure GA225-GET-LIABITITY.
            PELS/FEE Help       1707001001 FEE-HELP Process errors if     The FEE-HELP process is erroring where a student         Modified the code in sfpbfhlp.cbl in
                                            student has no enrolments in has enrolment records in ENRL_REQ_DETAIL but no           CA100,EA100,EA200 section and removed the
                                            STDNT_ENRL but rows in        records in STDNT_ENRL and no activity in ITEM_SF         code from FA075 section in sfpcfhlp.cbl and
                                            ENRL_REQ_DETAIL               for the term. This is prevent batch processing for all   dmS.

            Self Service -      1675906001 NLD students are unable to     NLD students cannot pay online (error returned is        Removed the check on self service to require
            Make A Payment                  pay online due to address     'must specify an address') because NLD country table     address1 and city. Also, if address1 is empty,
                                            line problem.                 set up does not allow for an Address1, but it is         address2 is moved to address1 for purposes of
                                                                          required by PS to recognize that the student has an      invoking the business interlink. If address2 is
                                                                          address. Set up does not allow adding an                 empty, address3 is used. If address3 is empty,
                                                                          ADDRESS1 line.                                           address4 is used when invoking the business

            Tax Reporting -     1727328002 2007 1098-Ts print with        Code was added to SF1098rp.sqr in 2006 to                1098-T Print program (sf1098rp.sqr) was
            1098T                           2005 1098-T format.           accommodate IRS form layout changes. The 2006            modified to correct 2006 hardcoding for form
                                                                          format should be used for 2007 as well. "When =          layout changes.
                                                                          2006" is hardcoded in 3 places.
Campus      3C Engine           1706112001 3CENGINE errors after          The 3C Engine process errors when run without an         Modified 3CENGINE.Main.M04 Step, App
Community                                   Bundle 11 application         Event ID:                                                Engine PeopleCode in which added a condition
                                            (Related report id:                                                                    for checking Blank Event ID and modify where
                                            1659445000)                   SQL error in Exec. (2,280)                               Clause
                                                                          01.Step01.OnExecute PCPC:943 Statement:2

                                                                          Process 145111 ABENDED at Step
                                                                          3CENGINE.COMM.Step01 (PeopleCode) -- RC = 8

                                                                          This issue is replicable on Oracle databases only.

                                                                  df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                        Page 35
Product   Category   Incident ID   Reported Problem           Problem Description                                         Resolution Description
          Events       1688330001 Entering an Event           When entering several meetings for one Attendee the         Modified the FieldEdit Record PeopleCode
                                   Attendance causes Data     system errors with Data conflict if you try to save after   CAMPUS_MTG_SEL.EVENT_MTG_NBR in
                                   conflict error             each entry of the meeting. It appears to switch the         which created a standalone rowset of the
                                                              attendee number to another attendee number who has MTG_SEL_VW1 record and thru this rowset
                                                              meetings recorded for the same event.                       checked the conditions for the number of
                                                                                                                          attendees reaching the maximum capacity.

          Names        1716001001 CCCUPDMN.SQC issue          After applying bundle 12 this still is an issue. We ran     Included a case insensitive comparison between
                                   when last name = suffix code into an issue where the ADAPSTCU.SQR failed when          $IN_last_name &N.NAME_SUFFIX in the
                                                              calling CCCUPDMN.SQC. The applicant being                   Get_Suffix procedure of the
                                                              processed has a last name of "MA" and no suffix.            CCCUPDNM.sqc.Included a variable
                                                              Our ps_name_suffix_tbl has a suffix of "MA" for             Same_suf_ln that checks that if Last Name and
                                                              Masters of Arts (a pretty common suffix). When the          Suffix are same then Suffix is not altered.
                                                              Get_Suffix routine is run, the code assumes that the
                                                              last name of "MA" is not a last name but a suffix. It
                                                              sets the last name to blank and inserts "MA" into the
                                                              suffix. This causes an error on a legitimate name and
                                                              suffix combination.

                                                      df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                          Page 36
Product   Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem           Problem Description                                      Resolution Description
          Organizations     1707516001 OUAC page error             When trying to view a an OUAC detail record, get the     Insert a scroll area in the
                                        (Organization Table OUAC   attached error. This is after applying bundles 4, 5, 6   EXT_ORG_TABLE_OUAC Page to include the
                                        page)                      and 7. We need this resolved as this will be moved       EXT_ORG_TBL.EXT_ORG_ID,
                                                                   into production by Monday.                               EXT_ORG_TBL.EFFDT,
                                                                                                                            EXT_ORG_TBL.DESCR fields and the SubPage
                                                                                                                            THREE_ORGC_BUTTONS which are all
                                                                                                                            currently at Level 0. In the Scroll Area Properties
                                                                                                                            need to uncheck all the boxes that are checked
                                                                                                                            under the Label Tab. Also modified the Final if
                                                                                                                            condition in the SavePreChange Record
                                                                                                                            PeopleCode of EXT_ORG_TBL.EXT_ORG_ID
                                                                                                                            in such a way that the %Component =
                                                                                                                            Component.ORGANIZATIONS check comes
                                                                                                                            first and then the
                                                                                                                            lue = "Y" check is done

          Personal Data     1681661001 Address Type field and      Address Type field and Phone Type field should only      Modified the peoplecode for the component
                                        Phone Type field on        be showing up when the same address as individual        (PostBuild) SCC_EMERG_CNTCT to hide the
                                        Emergency Contact page     and same phone as individual boxes are selected.         Address Type and Phone Type field when same
                                        are displaying when same   They do show up incorrectly however when a new row phone or same address is not selected. Added
                                        phone or same address is   is inserted.                                             the logic in the record-field (FieldChange and
                                        NOT selected                                                                        FieldEdit) peoplecode to show the warning
                                                                                                                            message when same address or same phone
                                                                                                                            checkbox is checked in the case when no
                                                                                                                            address or phone details exists for that particular

                                                         df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                         Page 37
Product   Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                                          Resolution Description
          Personal Data     1699031001 Business email address for     In HR the Business type email address is not to be           Modified Page Activate code of
                                        employees who are students available for update by the person in the self service          SS_CC_EMAIL_ADDR page to disable email
                                        should not be updateable.     component. The two affected components are                   address from update if student is employee or
                                                                      HR_EE_PERS_INFO and HR_EMAIL_ADDRESSES.                      contingent worker

                                                                      There are instances where an Employee is also a
                                                                      Student. If they have access to self service through
                                                                      the Student Center in Campus Community, they will
                                                                      be able to update Business E_ADDR_TYPE as this
                                                                      component (SS_CC_EMAIL_ADDR ) is not consistent
                                                                      with the HR delivered functionality and a potential data
                                                                      integrity issue for the HR application

          SEVIS             1686248002 Need to set last session flag SEVIS is enforcing the last session requirement. The          Modified CCSEVLIB.SQC to set the
                                        in F Compare when next        F Compare program should automatically turn on the           SEV_LAST_SESSION flag to 'Y' when the next
                                        session start after I20 end   last session flag when the next session start date is        session start date from
                                                                      after the I20 end date. We send several thousand             RUNCTL_CCCRMTRM.SEV_TERM_NEXT is
                                                                      registration alerts in fall and winter and it is a burden    greater than I20_FORM.TO_DATE - This only
                                                                      to turn on these flags manually. SEVIS will reject the       occurs for REG events.
                                                                      record if the last session start date is after the I20 end
                                                                      date. We would like the batch process to check the

          SEVIS             1686540002 The SEVIS Import process       The SEVIS download program (CCSEVDWN) should                 Modified CCSEVDWN.SQR to delete from
                                        does not handle record        delete the rows with an inactive status if the Education PS_SEV_MST_PGM when an error occurs
                                        failure of Education Level    Level Change event was rejected by SEVIS. It                 during an FUPCL event.
                                        Change event properly.        handles total batch rejections properly by setting the
                                                                      Master rows back to what they were but if only one
                                                                      record fails, the row with the inactive status remains
                                                                      blocking further alerts. A query is run to reset the
                                                                      rows manually.

                                                          df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                            Page 38
Product   Category   Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                                         Resolution Description
          SEVIS        1686672002 Education Level Change         The change of level event is rejected by SEVIS when         Modified assorted SEVIS objects to correctly
                                   event rejected because        the new level is 'Other' because the required               populate SEV_REV_REMARKS.
                                   education level remarks not   education level comments are not extracted properly
                                   included in xml file          into SEV_REV_REMARKS.
          SEVIS        1698235001 SEVIS Alerts processes do      The existence of a non-numeric value in the                 Modified CCSEVLIB.SQC to correctly edit the
                                   not validate US address       USAddress PostalCode or PostalRoutingCode fields in POSTAL code for the identified events.
                                   postal code for non-numeric   an xml file will cause the entire batch to be rejected by
                                   values                        SEVIS with an S0013 error - xml file does not comply
                                                                 with SEVIS schema.

                                                                 The Process SEVIS Alerts - FM and J processes
                                                                 should be modified to check for the existence of a non-
                                                                 numeric value in the US Postal Code. If a non-
                                                                 numeric value exists, and error should be given on
                                                                 Alerts that the postal code is invalid.

                                                                 The validation should be added to the following
                                                                 F/M Visa:
                                                                 Personal Info
                                                                 CPTEmployment - Add
                                                                 OPTEmployment - Add
                                                                 J Visa:
                                                                 CreateEV - Student US Address and SOA Address
                                                                 Site of Activity - Add
                                                                 Site of Activity - Edit

                                                      df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                          Page 39
Product   Category        Incident ID   Reported Problem              Problem Description                                   Resolution Description
          User Profiles     1701018001 User Profiles Management       When required number for special characters is 1 or   Modified the peoplecode for the record-field
          Load                          Process fails when using      greater on password controls the user profile         (FieldFormula) FUNCLIB_CS.CREATE_USERID
                                        required number of special    management process fails with the error. "Your        to remove the special character “~” that was
                                        character field on password   password does not contain 1 special characters.       causing the problem in random generation of
                                        controls                      (48,38)" messages in the message log after            password in the User Profiles Management
                                                                      completion of the process.                            process.

                                                         df08dfa8-e512-4185-9967-eb80f5a28d5a.xls                                                                          Page 40

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